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News Articles about MTV Networks Road Rules 11, Road Rules 12 and Road Rules 13 2/20/07: Carry Your Weight

TVRules 8/31/04 Road Rules: X-treme Episode 13 (8/30): The Road Rules Face-off, Part 1

Reality TV Calendar 8/31/04 Step Into The Past And Meet The Future: Ep 13 Recap

Reality Reel 8/28/04 " Road Rules: Xtreme: Episode 11: Blind Tango "

Reality News Online 8/25/04 Road Rules X-treme, Episode 12: It's Angela's Party, and She'll Cry If She Wants To

TVRules 8/24/04 Road Rules: X-treme Episode 12 (8/16): Don't Sweat It

Reality TV Calendar 8/24/04 Collecting Sweat, Really! Ep 12 Recap

TVRules 8/18/04 Road Rules: X-treme Episode 11 (8/16): The New Girl

Reality News Online 8/17/04 Road Rules X-Treme, Episode 11: Worst Castmate Ever

Reality TV Calendar 8/17/04 Let's get it on! Ep 11 Recap

Reality Reel 8/13/04 Road Rules: Xtreme Episode 10: Don’t Fall!

Reality Reel 8/12/04 Road Rules: Xtreme: Episode 9: Lean on Me

Reality TV Calendar 8/10/04 Don't Fall To Pieces: Ep 10 Recap

TVRules 8/10/04 Road Rules: X-treme Episode 10 Summary (8/9): 'Ibis'

Reality News Online 8/10/04 Road Rules X-treme, Episode 10: Goodbye... Nice to Know You

Reality News Online 8/10/04 Road Rules X-treme, Episode 9: The New Kina

Reality Reel 8/9/04 Road Rules: Xtreme: Episode 8: Leap of Faith

TVRules 8/3/04 Road Rules: X-treme Episode 8 (8/2): On the Line

Reality TV Calendar 8/3/04 Communicate Or Go Home: Episode 9 Recap

Reality Reel 8/2/04 Road Rules: X-treme: Episode 7: Go Fetch!

TVRules 7/28/04 Road Rules: X-treme Episode 7 (7/26): Take a Dive

Reality News Online 7/28/04 Road Rules X-treme, Episode 8: Diamonds Are a Girl's Worst Friend

Reality TV Calendar 7/27/04 Leap of Faith Ep 8 Recap 7/27/04 -7/26: Let's Draw Our Names From A Hat... Um, No

Reality Reel 7/21/04 Road Rules: Xtreme: Episode 6: Goodbye Danny!

Reality Reel 7/21/04 Road Rules: Xtreme: Episode 5: What happened to the RV?

Reality Reel 7/21/04 Road Rules: Xtreme: Episode 4: Don’t Have A Cow!

TVRules 7/21/04 Road Rules: X-treme Episode 6 (7/19): Four Dogs and a New Roadie

Reality News Online 7/20/04 Road Rules X-treme, Episode 7: The New Guy

Reality TV Calendar 7/20/04 Is Your Bite Worse Than Your Bark? Ep 7 Recap 7/20/04 - 7/19: From One Gay to the Next!

Reality News Online 7/14/04 Road Rules X-treme, Episode 6: The Tribe Has Spoken

TVRules 7/13/04 Road Rules: X-treme Episode 5 (7/12): Goodbye

Reality TV Calendar 7/13/04 Another One Bites The Dust: Ep 6 Recap

Reality News Online 7/13/04 Road Rules X-Treme, Episode 5: The Bell Tolls for the R.V. 7/13/04 - 7/12/04: Say GoodBye to Danny 7/8/04 - Planes, RVs and Head Phones!

Reality TV Calendar 7/6/04 EARMUFFS! - Episode 5 Recap

TVRules 7/6/04 Road Rules: X-treme Episode 5 (7/5): Crash

Daily Herald 7/3/04 Suburban student gets dose of reality

TVRules 6/29/04 Road Rules: X-treme Episode 4 (6/28): Eat up

Reality News Online 6/29/04 Road Rules X-treme, Episode 4: Moooore Brains, Please

Reality TV Calendar 6/29/04 Road Rules Recap: Don't Have A Cow

Reality Reel 6/29/04 Road Rules: XTREME: Episode 3: The Hardest Mission So Far

Reality News Online 6/22/04 Road Rules X-treme, Episode 3: Call Hugh Hefner!

TVRules 6/22/04 Road Rules: X-treme Episode 3 (6/21): Strike a Pose

Reality Reel 6/20/04 Road Rules: XTREME: Episode 2: Problems on the RV

Reality News Online 6/16/04 Road Rules X-treme, Episode 2: Far from Heaven

Reality Reel 6/15/04 Road Rules: XTREME: Episode 1: Meet the Roadies!

TVRules 6/15/04 Road Rules: Extreme Episode 2 (6/14): Drunken Rappel

Reality TV Calendar 6/15/04 Road Rules: Derrick Comes Around 6/15/04 - Gay and Straight become friends!

Wausau Daily Herald 6/10/04 MTV reality stars to visit Schofield bar 6/8/04 Road Rules 13: Xtreme: Episode 1 Summary 6/7 Hot Stuff

Reality TV Calendar 6/8/04 Road Rules Xtreme Premiere Recap

Reality News Online 6/8/04 Road Rules X-treme, Episode 1: Recycled… to the EXTREME!

Reality TV World 6/7/04 MTV's thirteenth 'Road Rules' season goes to X-Treme's beginning June 7 6/7/04 - Road Rules X-TREME Characters

TVRules 5/30/04 Road Rules X-Treme Premieres June 7

Zap2It 5/25/04 'Road Rules' Takes It to the 'X-Treme'

Reality TV World 2/28/04 'Road Rules 13' to take place in Chile and Argentina, premiere in May

TVRules 2/26/04 Road Rules Season 13 Set For Brazil/Chile

TVRules 10/7/03 Road Rules Picked Up For Season 13

Reality Reel 8/20/03 Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi?

Reality News Online 8/18/03 Episode 12: The Dumb Leading the Dumber 8/15/03 Reality Bites

Reality TV World 8/13/03 Road Rules: South Pacific - Episode 12 summary

Reality Reel 8/12/03 Lost in the Wilderness

TVRules 8/12/03 Road Rules South Pacific - 4 More Missions

Reality Reel 8/7/03 They Sent The Wrong One Home

Reality News Online 8/7/03 Road Rules: South Pacific, Episode 11: One of You Is Going Home

Reality TV World 8/6/03 Road Rules South Pacific - Episode 11 summary

Reality News Online 8/5/03 Road Rules: South Pacific, Episode 10: A Slippery Slope

Reality Reel 7/30/03 Losing sucks, big time.

TVRules 7/29/03 Road Rules South Pacific - Ice Rules

Reality Reel 7/29/03 Ol' Fat**s Loses A Mission

Reality News Online 7/28/03 Road Rules: South Pacific, Episode 9: Diving Into Division 7/23/03 The Many Faces of Donell

Reality Reel Media 7/22/03 Fat man takes a swim.

Reality News Online 7/21/03 Road Rules: South Pacific, Episode 8: Falling from Grace

TVRules 7/8/03 Road Rules South Pacific - The Fallout

Reality Reel 7/8/03 Episode 7 - Hit the road Abe

Reality News Online 7/8/03 Road Rules Episode 6: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

Reality Reel 7/1/03 Episode 6 - In the Flesh

Reality News Online 6/27/03 Road Rules: South Pacific, Episode 5: 1,297 Steps to My Stroke

TV Rules 6/24/03 Road Rules South Pacific - Extreme Mission

Reality News Online 6/24/03 Episode 4: How Many Fijian Potions Does It Take to Make a Jerk?

Reality Reel 6/23/03 Episode 5 - Fat people friendly?

TV Rules 6/18/03 Road Rules South Pacific - The Other Side of Donell

Reality News Online 6/17/03 Road Rules: South Pacific, Episode 3: Warrior Battles

Milwaukee Journal 6/14/03 'Reality' survivors want more of the fame

Reality Reel 6/13/03 South Pacific Episode 3: "Abe is my little b*tch" -Donell

Reality TV World 6/12/03 Donell Langham of 'RR: South Pacific' facing domestic violence charges

Zap2It 6/11/03 'Road Rules' Contestant Has Rap Sheet

The Smoking Gun 6/11/03 Road Rules 12 - Donnell Langham

TV Rules 6/10/03 Road Rules South Pacific - Only the Strong Survive

Reality News Online 6/9/03 Road Rules: South Pacific, Episode 2: A Grave Situation

Bozeman Daily Chronicle 6/6/03 Life little changed for local star of MTV's 'Road Rules'

TV Rules 6/3/03 Road Rules South Pacific - Buried Alive

Reality News Online 5/30/03 Road Rules: South Pacific, Episode 1: The First Mission

NY Post 5/29/03 Playmate Pose Just One For The 'Road'

Reality News Online 5/27/03 Arguing, Backstabbing & Eliminating Through the South Pacific

TV Rules 5/27/03 Road Rules South Pacific - A Smaller RV

Bryan College Station Eagle 5/24/03 A&M student casted for MTV's Road Rules

Tampa Bay Online 5/23/03 Thrill Seeker Gets Wild Ride On `Rules'

Media Fiends 9/10/02 9/9 Road Rules XI Skunk Poo Facial

Reality News Online 9/4/02 Road Rules Changes Not for the Better

Media Fiends 8/20/02 Road Rules XI - Episode 10 So Long Sarah

Television Without Pity 8/18/02 Que Sarah Sarah

Reality News Online 8/15/02 Road Rules 11, Episode 10: Surfing for Sarah

Media Fiends 8/12/02 Road Rules XI - Episode 9

Reality News Online 8/12/02 Road Rules 11, Episode 9: Jumping and Grooving

Television Without Pity 8/11/02 He Was A Gay Stripper, Sunday Driver Yeah

Media Fiends 8/6/02 Road Rules XI - Episode 8 I'm.Coming.Out

ET Online 8/6/02 On the Road Again...

Television Without Pity 8/4/02 When The Hell Is Sarah Going To Leave?

Reality News Online 8/1/02 Road Rules 11, Episode 8: Let’s Get Naked!

Media Fiends 7/30/02 Road Rules XI - Episode 7

Television Without Pity 7/29/02 Cameltoe

Reality News Online 7/26/02 Episode 7: The Ghost of Road Rules Past

Media Fiends 7/25/02 Road Rules XI - Episode 6

Television Without Pity 7/21/02 Sarah Sucks

Reality News Online 7/17/02 Road Rules 11, Episode 6: Food Fight!

Television Without Pity 7/14/02 Half Stepping

Reality News Online 7/11/02 Road Rules 11, Episode 5: Stepping Up

Reality News Online 7/9/02 Road Rules 11, Episode 4: The Return of Boot Camp

Reality News Online 7/8/02 Road Rules 11, Episode 3: Road Rolls

Television Without Pity 7/7/02 Sarah Falls...Twice

Television Without Pity 6/28/02 Roll Your Own

Television Without Pity 6/24/02 This One Goes To Eleven

Reality News Online 6/22/02 Road Rules 11, Episodes 1-2: College Daze


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