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News Articles about Richard Hatch


Reality TV Magazine 1/10/11 Survivor: Winner Found Guilty of Probation Violations

Reality TV Hall of Shame 1/10/11 Court Rules Against Richard Hatch Again, Says He Still Hasn’t Paid Back Taxes

Boston Globe 12/15/10 'Survivor' Hatch in court in RI on tax allegation

Inside Pulse 2/18/10 Greatest Survivor Player Of All-Time: Contenders - Richard Hatch

Reality TV Fans 2/6/10 Surviving Survivor – Richard Hatch – First Bad Boy

People 1/11/10 Survivor’s Richard Hatch Says Russell Hantz ‘Went Too Far’

Reality TV World 10/27/09 Original 'Survivor' champ Richard Hatch says he's victim of "witch hunt"

Reality TV Magazine 10/17/09 Survivor: Richard Hatch Released From Prison

Reality TV World 10/16/09 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch completes prison sentence, released

WBRU 10/16/09 “Survivor” winner, Newport native Richard Hatch released from jail

E!Online 10/16/09 Richard Hatch Once Again Free to Spout Nonsense on Morning TV

Digital Spy 10/8/09 'Survivor' star 'jailed for nine more days'

Deseret News 9/28/09 'Survivor' winner appeals prison ruling

Washington Post 9/14/09 ACLU: 'Survivor' winner's jailtime was retaliatory

Access Hollywood 9/9/09 ACLU Calls For ‘Survivor’ Winner Richard Hatch’s Release From Jail

Deseret News 8/26/09 'Survivor' winner still in jail after hearing

Boston Globe 8/21/09 ACLU says 'Survivor' Hatch's jailing unfair

NY Post 8/20/09 Hatch Back in Jail

Reality TV Magazine 8/19/09 Survivor: Richard Hatch Is Back Behind Bars

E!Online 8/18/09 Richard Hatch: I'm Gay, Therefore I'm Imprisoned

TV Guide 8/18/09 Richard Hatch: I Was Sent to Jail Because I'm Gay

Access Hollywood 8/18/09 ‘Survivor’s’ Richard Hatch Taken Into Custody

Jam! 8/18/09 Hatch says jail time due to prejudice
NY Daily News 7/14/09 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch can't star in 10 anniversary show, says judge

Reality TV Magazine 7/14/09 Survivor: Producers Ask Richard Hatch To Return For Samoa
Reality News Online 7/14/09 ‘Survivor’ Will Feature Heroes & Villains Without Richard Hatch

BuddyTV 7/13/09 Richard Hatch Attempts to Join 20th Season 

Zap2It 7/13/09 Richard Hatch may return to 'Survivor'

Reality TV World 5/14/09 Original 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch moved to halfway house

NY Daily News 10/16/08 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch is a loser with Supreme Court 

NY Post 4/3/08 Too Much Info

Reality TV World 2/4/08 Original 'Survivor' Richard Hatch loses tax evasion conviction appeal

BBC 2/2/08 Survivor Hatch loses appeal case

E!Online 2/1/08 Appeals Court Buries the Hatch

Providence Eyewitness News 2/1/08 Survivor Winner Hatch's Tax Conviction Upheld by Appeals Court

Reality TV Hall of Shame 7/9/07 Hall of Shame Update: Richard Hatch Uses Scooter Libby Case to Again Claim Innocence

Reality TV World 7/5/07 Imprisoned 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch protests Scooter Libby

Boston Globe 7/3/07 Update on an Inmate

Toronto Star 3/25/07 In jail with a Survivor

Reality TV World 3/16/07 Original 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch an "innocent man in jail"

FOX News 3/16/07 'Survivor' Winner Richard Hatch Says Prison Life Is 'Horrendous'

Jam! 3/8/07 Hatch wants tax conviction overturned
Boston Globe 3/8/07 Hatch case to be heard in appeals court

E!Online 3/8/07 Survivor's Hatch Pushes for New Trial

Kalamazoo Gazette 3/4/07 Van Buren to auction `Survivor' winner's property

Celebrity Spider 1/31/07 Survivor Winner Richard Hatch Granted Appeal

Providence Journal 1/28/07 Appeals court agrees to hear from jailed Survivor star

Eyewitness News 1/27/07 Arguments set for appeal in Survivor tax case

Reality TV World 1/8/07 Prosecutors file brief opposing Richard Hatch's bid for new trial

Providence Journal 1/5/07 Prosecutors oppose Hatch’s bid for new trial

E!Online 1/5/07 Prosecutors: Hatch Should Stay Put

Jam! 1/5/07 'Survivor' winner Hatch tax evasion case continues

Boston Globe 12/17/06 He only played a villain on TV

Hartford Courant 12/12/06 Mr. Hatch's Taxing Antics

Reality News Online 12/8/06 Richard Hatch Appeals January Convictions, Claims Conspiracy

E!Online 12/8/06 Survivor Champ Hatches Appeal

NY Post 12/7/06 'Survivor' Winner Appeals Convictions

Jam! 8/10/06 Hatch not adjusting to life in jail

Edge Boston 8/8/06 September Deadline Set for Hatch Appeal

Court TV 8/2/06 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch sent to federal prison in West Virginia

Reality TV World 8/1/06 Convicted 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch moved to new prison

Celebrity Spider 7/25/06 Survivor Star Richard Hatch Sent to Oklahoma Prison

BBC 7/25/06 Survivor winner Hatch moves jail

Providence Journal 7/21/06 Survivor Hatch moved to federal prison in Oklahoma

Reality TV World 7/17/06 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch appearing nude in 'Gay Movie' film

TMZ 7/16/06 Richard Hatch in the (Not So) Buff Again

NY Daily News 7/16/06 Surviving TV easier than real life

Celebrity Spider 5/17/06 Survivor Winner Richard Hatch Sentenced to 51 Months in Jail

Reality News Online 5/17/06 Richard Hatch Sentenced to Over Four Years in Jail

Zap2It 5/17/06 'Survivor' Winner Hatch Sentenced

BBC 5/17/06 Jail for original Survivor winner 5/16/06 Harsh sentence for Hatch

Boston Globe 5/16/06 For Hatch, fame has been the real test of survival

Reality TV Hall of Shame 5/12/06 From Fame to Shame: ‘Survivor’ Winner Richard Hatch

Celebrity Spider 4/21/06 Survivor Richard Hatch Sentencing Delayed

CBS 4/20/06 Sentencing Delayed for 'Survivor' Winner

Celebrity Spider 4/12/06 Survivor Winner Richard Hatch Held in Protective Custody

Reality News Online 4/11/06 Richard Hatch Prefers Solitude in Prison

Toronto Star 2/2/06 Prison Survivor: Out-Run, Out-Hide and Out-Pray

WSOC 2/1/06 Host Feels Bad For Calling 'Survivor' Hatch 'Delusional' 1/27/06 Hatch's tax woes remain unsettled

Reality News Online 1/26/06 Richard Hatch: Guilty

Providence Journal 1/26/06 Fame offers no immunity to Survivor guilty of tax evasion

NY Daily News 1/26/06 Next test for 'Survivor' - jail

Unofficial Survivor Guide 1/25/06 Hatch found guilty on tax-evasion counts

BBC 1/25/06 Court convicts 'Survivor' winner 1/25/06 Hatch found guilty of tax evasion, ordered held

Zap2It 1/25/06 'Survivor' Winner Hatch Guilty of Tax Evasion

NY Daily News 1/25/06 Jury mulls whether to down Hatch

Reality TV World 1/24/06 Richard Hatch tax evasion trial jury begins deliberations 1/24/06 Hatch faces real-life tribe as jury mulls his fate

ABC News 1/24/06 Jury Begins Deliberating 'Survivor' Case

Reality News Online 1/24/06 Hatch Concludes His Testimony, Avoids Conspiracies but Defends Use of Charity Funds

USA Today 1/24/06 Lawyer alleges 'Survivor' Hatch cut deal

Reality News Online 1/23/06 Richard Hatch Trial Update: Prosecution Rests, Defense May Be Grasping at Straws

NY Times 1/22/06 A New Reality for First 'Survivor' Winner: Tax Evasion Trial

Providence Journal 1/21/06 Survivor's Hatch poised before real jury

NY Daily News 1/20/06 Lawyer: Hatch caught 'Survivor' contestants cheating

NY Post 1/20/06 Hatch Set To Take The Stand Today

Providence Journal 1/19/06 Accountant 'stunned' by Hatch's IRS filing

Providence Journal 1/18/06 Witness 'had no role' in Hatch's charity

Reality News Online 1/16/06 Second Day of Richard Hatch Trial Focused on Allegations of Misusing Charity Funds

NY Post 1/16/06 Feds Play Hatch-Up

Reality TV World 1/14/06 Richard Hatch trial hones in on improper use of charity donations 1/13/06 'Survivor' Trial Focuses On Charity Check

Reality News Online 1/13/06 Richard Hatch Trial Begins, Mark Burnett Testifies

The Boston Channel 1/12/06 Defense: 'Survivor' Winner Hatch Is 'World's Worst Bookkeeper' 1/12/06 Hatch trial expected to begin today 1/11/06 Jury selection under way in 'Survivor' tax case

NY Post 1/11/06 Hatch Fame Slows Trial

Reality News Online 1/11/06 Richard Hatch Jury Selection Begins

Reality TV World 1/10/06 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch's trial to begin jury selection

NY Post 1/6/06 Hatch In A Hole

Eyewitness News 1/5/06 Hatch appears in court for pre-trial hearing

Boston Globe 1/4/06 Judge limits testimony from accountant in "Survivor" tax trial

NY Post 1/3/06 $1M Mistake

Reality News Online 12/23/05 ‘Survivor’ Winner Richard Hatch Faces Court Setbacks

BBC 12/23/05 Survivor winner's trial date set 12/22/05 Richard Hatch loses on 3 motions

Providence Eyewitness News 12/22/05 Survivor winner faces tax trial next year

Eyewitness News 12/8/05 Request for IRS documents by Survivor winner is rejected

Reality News Online 9/21/05 Richard Hatch Pleads Not Guilty, Jeff Probst Calls Him “Delusional” 9/20/05 Defiant Hatch pleads innocent to tax fraud

Reality TV World 9/19/05 Original 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch pleads innocent to tax charges

ABC News 9/19/05 Hatch Pleads Innocent to Tax Evasion

Zap2It 9/19/05 'Survivor' Winner Hatch Pleads Innocent 9/9/05 'Survivor' star indicted on tax evasion

Zap2It 9/9/05 'Survivor' Winner Hatch Indicted on Tax Charges

Reality News Online 9/9/05 Original 'Survivor' Richard Hatch Indicted By Grand Jury

BBC 9/9/05 Survivor winner faces tax trial

USA Today 9/9/05 'Survivor' winner indicted on tax charges

Reality TV World 9/8/05 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch indicted on tax evasion charges

Smoking Gun 9/8/05 Richard Hatch Gets Hammered

Inside Pulse 7/21/05 The Eyes--- The Big Man From Borneo

Reality TV World 3/18/05 Original 'Survivor' winner Richard Hatch blames CBS for his tax problems

Celebrity Spider 3/12/05 Reality Contestants - How to Avoid a Richard Hatch Predicament

WPRI 3/11/05 Survivor winner Richard Hatch says he thought CBS would withhold taxes

Reality TV World 3/4/05 'Survivor: Pulau Tiga' winner Richard Hatch rejects tax-evasion plea bargain

NY Daily News 3/4/05 'Survivor' riles feds

The Advocate 3/4/05 Richard Hatch walks away from tax-fraud guilty plea 3/3/05 Hatch to face grand jury in tax-fraud case 2/2/05 People: Richard Hatch to appear on Family Feud 1/26/05 'Survivor' winner arraigned on tax fraud

Toronto Star 1/26/05 Survivor Hatch in court on tax evasion charges

Boston Globe 1/25/05 'Survivor' Winner Arraigned on Tax Evasion 1/25/05 Hatch released on $50,000 bond at tax-fraud arraignment

Providence Journal 1/24/05 Survivor winner rarely out of spotlight for long

Guardian 1/21/05 Survivor winner faces jail for tax evasion

KSAT 1/20/05 Host Wishes 'Survivor' Winner Best With Tax Troubles 1/20/05 'Survivor' winner fined

E!Online 1/18/05 No Tax Immunity for Survivor Hatch

Reality TV World 1/18/05 'Survivor' Richard Hatch charged for filing false income tax return

Reality News Online 1/18/05 ‘Survivor’ Winner Rich Hatch Agrees to Plead Guilty to Tax Evasion

Zap2It 1/18/05 'Survivor' Winner Hatch Has IRS Problems

Smoking Gun 1/18/05 Richard Hatch Hit With Tax Evasion Rap

Jam! 1/18/05 'Survivor' winner charged in tax case 11/19/04 Report shows man sentenced for enticement of Hatch's son 11/18/04 Hatch tells Dr. Phil predator exploiting son

Reality TV World 9/16/04 'Survivor: Vanuatu' to feature online talk show co-hosted by Richard Hatch

Zap2It 9/15/04 CBS Hatches Online 'Survivor' Talk Show 9/14/04 Survivor Live: The Internet Talk Show To Be Hosted By Richard Hatch

Reality TV Calendar 5/18/04 Survivor: Rupert Making Money & Poor Richard's Anatomy

NY Daily News 5/16/04 Up the Hatch (end of article)

Pawtucket Times 4/1/04 ‘Survivor’ Hatch testifies at gay-marriage hearing

Reality News Online 3/19/04 “I Just Love the Game of Survivor”: An Interview with Richard Hatch 3/19/04 Interview with All-Star Richard 3/9/04 Survivor's Hatch has buried treasure right in R.I

SurvivorUpdates 3/5/04 Sue and Rich on the Early Show - Transcript and Screen Caps

CBS 3/5/04 Hawk And Hatch: Getting Past It

Louisville Channel 3/5/04 'Survivor' Hatch Hopes To Marry Partner

Reality TV World 3/4/04 Jeff Probst admits error that led to Richard Hatch boot on 'Survivor: All-Stars'

Reality TV Hall of Fame 3/4/04 Did Richard's Loss on 'All-Stars' Tarnish His Legacy? 

Survivor Fire 3/3/04 The Pitch To Ditch Rich (A Poem ~ Not By Dr. Seuss)

Reality News Online 3/3/04 RNO Roundtable: The Richard/Sue Incident on ‘Survivor: All-Stars’

Survivor Fire 3/3/04 Hatch Dispatched 3/2/04 - Richard Hatch on 'Regis & Kelly' 3/2/04 Survivor Hatch faces challenge on tying knot

TV Guide 3/2/04 Gay Survivor's Nude Attitude 2/28/04 Ditched Hatch to get hitched

Dayton Daily News 2/27/04 Hatch's Plan Backfires

CBS2 2/27/04 Analysis of Episode 5: “Ladies and gentlemen, the king has left the island”

SurvivorUpdates 2/27/04 Richard Hatch speaks out on the CBS Early Show

Reality News Online 2/27/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Rich Lost 2/27/04 The tribe has spoken: R.I.'s Richard Hatch is ousted

Reality TV World 2/27/04 It's the fall of the king as Richard Hatch gets voted out of 'Survivor: All-Stars' 2/27/04 - All-Star Richard on 'The Early Show'

Calgary Sun 2/27/04 Hatch’s nude awakening

CBS 2/26/04 Bamboozled: Richard Hatch Voted Out

CBS 2/26/04 Richard Hatch 'Bamboozled' 2/26/04 Helen Glover: Tonight, one tribe will fade into history; Hatch looking strong

Reality TV Hall of Fame 2/26/04 The Model for Future Survivors: Richard Hatch

TV Week 2/24/04 Eye on 'Survivor'

Houston Voice 2/20/04 I’m down with Hatch

Seattle PI 2/19/04 'Survivor' Insider: Richard, now it's your turn to be booted

Edmonton Journal 2/19/04 The naked truth is, Hatch has good chance to survive 2/5/04 Richard Hatch is a naked target for the All-Stars

Herald-Palladium 2/4/04 Survivor" star must remove burned out house in Columbia Township

Dayton Daily News 1/31/04 Will Richard last as 'Survivor's self-centered savant? Not a chance

Chicago Sun-Times 1/30/04 Richard shows them some skin, shows them how it's done

Reality Reel 1/30/04 Survivor: All-Stars Review - Hatch Is Naked

Reality News Online 1/10/04 ‘Survivor: All-Stars’ Players Revealed 11/20/03 Hatch will scheme to survive -- again 7/28/03 Survivor Hatch to play in Newport operetta

Providence Journal 5/25/03 Life after Survivor -- where are they now?

Reality News Online 12/16/02 Survivor: Brian Heidik vs. Rich Hatch

Zap2It 7/5/02 Reality TV Stars Duke It Out on Dog Eat Dog

Advocate 5/23/02 Reality gays converge for Survivor party

CBS 5/20/02 The Winners Circle

St. Petersburg Times 1/12/02 Still surviving, but a little less fit

Zap2It 1/11/02 Reality Contestants Revel in the Perks of Fame

Zap2It 11/15/01 Original 'Survivor's' Compare With Africa

Zap2It 9/24/01 Hatch Found Guilty of Assaulting Ex

National Enquirer 9/4/01 Survivor Star's Shocking Secret Life

USA Today 8/23/01 Legal woes postpone Hatch's 'Date'

Zap2It 8/23/01 Hatch's 'Blind Date' Postponed

Zap2It 8/22/01 Hatch Explains (Away) Arrest

The Smoking Gun 8/22/01 Hatch Busted

Ananova 8/22/01 US Survivor winner is charged with assault

The Stingray 8/21/01 Survivor Winner Surrenders to Police

Zap2It 8/21/01 Hatch Arrest on Domestic Abuse Charges -- Again

Zap2It 8/16/01 Part of 'Survivor' Winner's Lawsuit Thrown Out

Zap2It 8/15/01 Richard Hatch Looks for Love on 'Blind Date'

Denver Business Journal 6/25/01 'Survivor' winner joins Boulder firm

Daily Camera 6/22/01 'Survivor' champ to teach in Boulder

Internet Wire 6/21/01 Richard Hatch Joins Boulder Outdoor Survival School Program

Reality News Online 6/18/01 Rich Hatch's Appearance with Son on Sally Clears Up Nothing

Zap2It 5/11/01 Original 'Survivors' Vote Off Richard Hatch

San Francisco Chronicle 5/3/01 First Seasons Survivor Cast Staying in the Spotlight

Zap2It 4/17/01 Hatch Gets Tossed On 'Weakest Link'

Zap2It 3/2/01 Rich to Kucha Tribe: 'Get Over It'

Zap2It 3/2/01 Richard Hatch: Case Dismissed

New Jersey Online 3/1/01 Judge dismisses Survivor winner's lawsuit against state

Forbes 2/27/01 2001 Most Powerful Celebrities

USA Today 2/19/01 Survivor Hatch presses for AIDS vaccine

Zap2It 2/9/01 'Survivor's' Hatch Lashes Out

Zap2It 2/8/01 NBC Orders 'Weakest Link' -- Without Hatch

Gist 1/26/01 Hatch to Offer Survivor 2 Commentary

Zap2It 1/24/01 Hatch Reports On New 'Survivor'

Milwaukee Journal 1/24/01 Hatch To Comment on New 'Survivor'

Seattle PI 1/13/01 Hatch may surface as game show host

Milwaukee Journal 1/11/01 Hatch of 'Survivor' May Have TV Job

TVinsite 1/10/01 Survivor star lands NBC pilot 12/30/00 Richard Hatch looks forward with one eye focused on reality

Gist TV 11/17/00 Will Richard Pop Up on Survivor II?

Write News 10/19/00 Survivor Millionaire Richard Hatch Subject of New Expose

Detroit Free Press 10/13/00 Fame brings 'Survivor' to Plymouth

Zap2It 10/1/00 Richard Says Greg Didn't Hit On Him

Zap2It 9/25/00 'Survivor' Winner Finds New Home For Book

Variety 9/24/00 Hatch tome will leap to Lyons Press

Topeka Journal 9/13/00 Just how long will the 'Survivor' cast members last on television?

Zap2It 9/6/00 'Survivor's Richard Appears On "LATE NIGHT"

Reality News Online 9/5/00 Survivor: The Hatch Rematch on Rosie!

CSMonitor 9/4/00 Taxes take a bite out of sole 'Survivor'

iconMontgomery Independent 9/1/00 Survivor Millionaire gives has-been actor nightmares

StarIQ 8/29/00 Aries Survivor

Zap2It 8/29/00 Charges Against 'Survivor's' Rich Dropped

Smoking Gun 8/28/00 Survivor Rich's Rhode Island Wars

Heraldnet 8/26/00 'Survivor' win may spell cash cow for cutthroat consultant

Gist TV 8/26/00 Survivor's Rich Bares All

Detroit Free Press 8/25/00 Rich's naked ambition earns him host of offers

This is London 8/25/00 Ruthless Rich is $1 million Survivor

New Jersey Online 8/25/00 Those who say he's a rat don't bother rich Rich

Business wire 8/24/00 Richard to Appear in Got Milk? Ad

Reality News Online 8/24/01 Why Richard Won

Zap2It 8/24/00 Richard And Sean, Sitting In A Tree...?

Auction Watch 8/24/00 'Survivor' Lives on at eBay

Zap2It 8/24/00 Richard Wins 'Survivor'

Halifax Herald 8/24/00 Hatch wins survivor contest

Union Leader 8/24/00 Devious Richard hatches $1m win

San Francisco Chronicle 8/23/00 Conniving Quartet of Survivors Claws Toward Pay Dirt

Zap2It 8/22/00 'Survivor' Castaways To Appear on 'Letterman'

Zap2It 8/21/00 'Survivor's' Richard: 'I'm Not Sorry'

Topeka Journal 8/19/00 Then there were four; 'Survivor' finale nears

Zap2It 8/18/00 Richard Lands New Job

Milwaukee Journal 8/7/00 And whatever happened to those rats?

Gist TV 7/29/00 Reeling In Richard

Zap2It 7/6/00 'Survivor's' Richard Sues State For False Arrest

Newsmax 7/5/00 'Survivor' Participant Suing Over Child Abuse Case
Extra TV 5/11/00 "Survivor" Contestant Charged With Child Abuse

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