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Seattle PI 9/8/05 At least Fox's 'Reunion' has a great concept going for it

NY Times 9/8/05 Old Friends and Homicide, a Year an Episode

Washington Post 9/8/05 Breakfast Clubbed

Courier Journal 9/8/05 Mysterious series 'Reunion' is a blend of 'The O.C.' and '24'

Mobile Register 9/8/05 'Reunion' debuts on Fox

Oregonian 9/8/05 'Reunion' needs to focus on the story, not characters

San Francisco Chronicle 9/8/05 'Reunion's' good looks, retro charm may be irresistible

TV Guide 9/8/05 New O.C. Neighbor Has Killer Concept

Rocky Mountain News 9/8/05 Mystery builds in 'Reunion'

South Florida 9/8/05 Reunion packs a year in one-hour episode

Boston Globe 9/8/05 Seems like old, bland times: 'Reunion' goes into the past in a shallow way

Detroit News 9/8/05 Go ahead and skip this 'Reunion'

Chicago Sun Times 9/8/05 Make plans to skip crass 'Reunion'

HeraldNet 9/8/05 'The O.C.' returns, followed by new 'Reunion'

Seattle Times 9/8/05 Plodding plot, ersatz everything make for awkward "Reunion

Hartford Courant 9/8/05 New Fox Show `Reunion' Looks A Lot Like `The O.C.'

Deseret News 9/7/05 Plan to attend 'Reunion'

Milwaukee Journal 9/7/05 'Reunion' lives a year at a time

USA Today 9/7/05 'Reunion' groups old friends

NY Daily News 9/7/05 Time will tell with 'Reunion'

NY Post 9/7/05 First Fall 4-Star

USA Today 9/7/05 Uncool state of the 'Reunion'

Zap2It 9/5/05 FOX Hosts a Troubling 'Reunion'

Orlando Sentinel 9/4/05 A whodunit with sporadic appeal

Knox News 8/31/05 'Reunion' premiere invites you back for more

Knox News 8/30/05 'Reunion' has intriguing concept, but is strangely uninvolving

AJC 7/30/05 Fox: 'Prison Break,' 'Reunion' let plots unfold over season

Celebrity Spider 7/14/05 The OC and Reunion to Premiere September 8th


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