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Reality Reel 9/14/03 Break it down. What should and shouldn't be on Reality Central

AZ Reporter 9/2/03 New 24/7 Cable Television Network Set to Launch 7/25/03 Oh, Joy! 24/7 Reality TV!

TV Rules 7/3/03 Where Are They Now? What's Up With Tina Wesson?

The Black Table 5/28/03 Meet Reality Central

Post Gazette 5/26/03 How did we ever get real before reality TV?

SF Examiner 5/8/03 Reality checks

Providence Journal 5/1/03 Former contestants are major players behind Reality Central

Salt Lake Tribune 4/30/03 Reality TV Getting Own Channel -- and That's OK by Me

Deseret News 4/30/03 Can reality channel be a real success?

Beacon Journal 4/30/03 Reality Central heading our way

Toronto Star 4/30/03 Idea: Let's have a camera follow Mel

The Scotsman 4/29/03 Big Brother concept gets bigger with 24-hour channel

Toronto Star 4/29/03 U.S. cable channel plans all reality, all the time

Media Life 4/28/03 Time for an all-reality network? Yup.

E!Online 4/28/03 Reality Working Overtime

Elites TV 4/28/03 Reality Central 24/7 Reality Cable Network, Set To Launch

Dallas Morning News 4/28/03 New network gets grip on reality

Ad Age 4/28/03 'Reality Central' Cable Network Readies Launch

Reality News Online 4/28/03 Former ĎARí Participants Announce New 24/7 Reality TV Cable Channel

Hollywood Reporter 4/28/03 Reality Central gets real as a 24/7 cable channel

Business Week 4/28/03 All Reality TV, All the Time

Zap2It 4/28/03 Reality Central Responds to TV's Reality Dearth

Ananova 4/28/03 Reality TV gets its own US channel

New York Daily News 4/28/03 'Round-the-clock reality

Cable World 4/28/03 E!-Style Reality Central Makes Play for Operators

USA Today 4/27/03 Get ready for Reality Central


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