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News Articles about Bravo Networks Queer Eye for the Straight Guy


The Age 12/31/03 Noticed anything queer?

Windy City Times 12/31/03 Queer Eye’s Kyan Douglas at Chicago House Benefit 

The Spoof 12/25/03 Queer Eye For That Saddam Guy

The Age 12/31/03 Noticed anything queer?

Windy City Times 12/31/03 Queer Eye’s Kyan Douglas at Chicago House Benefit 

The Spoof 12/25/03 Queer Eye For That Saddam Guy

Borowitz 12/23/03 Queer Eye Spokesman Questions Ridge's Choice of Orange

Orlando Sentinel 12/18/03 To the Fab 5: I'm in the market for a makeover

SMH 12/18/03 Queer eye on a tyrant

Ananova 12/18/03 Kylie to star in gay US makeover show

Digital Spy 12/18/03 Minogue to appear on 'Queer Eye'

The Sun 12/18/03 Queerly Minogue

News.com.au 12/18/03 Queer eye for Kylie

Fans Of Reality TV 12/17/03 QEFTSG 12/16/03 A Remembrance of Battles Won

Salt Lake Tribune 12/17/03 'Queer Eye,' 'Trading Spaces' suffer from network overkill

Media Life 12/16/03 Sing along with 'Queer Eye'

Chicago Tribune 12/16/03 `Queer Eye Holiday' returns to its past

Extra 12/16/03 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy'

Hollywood Reporter 12/16/03 Piracy, 'Queer' on AFI timeline

Dallas Business Journal 12/15/03 Pier 1 signs Queer Eye's Filicia as new spokesman

Star Telegram 12/15/03 Pier 1 ads to feature star of 'Queer Eye'

Digital Spy 12/14/03 Bravo to premiere 'Queer Eye' music video

TVRules 12/13/03 A Very Queer Eye Holiday Preview

TVRules 12/13/03 Queer Eye Music Video Revealed

Washington Blade 12/12/03 Sold on ‘Queer Eye’

Star Telegram 12/12/03 Queer Eye for the Hobbit Guy

Houston Voice 12/12/03 ‘Queer Eye’ for mainstream ads

Teen Hollywood 12/12/03 J.Lo's Ex Gets Romance Advice From Queer Eye Guy

TV Barn 12/12/03 Bravo PR: "Making of the Queer Eye Music Video"

Fans Of Reality TV 12/10/03 QEFTSG 12/9/03 From Camp Leguene to Campy Guy

RealityTvTalk.com 12/10/03 Episode 4 Meet Mr. Military Man

The Advocate 12/9/03 O'Donnell funds Queer Eye room at GLBT high school

The Advocate 12/9/03 GLAAD Award nominees include Angels, Queer Eye

Buffalo News 12/7/03 Queer Eye for the Wine-drinking Straight Guy

Chicago Sun-Times 12/4/03 'Queer Eye' star best for sales: survey

Zap2It 12/4/03 Survey Finds 'Queer Eye' Affects Shopping

RealityTvTalk.com 12/3/03 Episode 2 To Shed the Toupee or Not to Shed that is the Question

Fans Of Reality TV 12/2/03 QEFTSG 12/02/03 Puttin' Style and Funk Into The Punk.

SMH 12/2/03 John Attridge slices up the Queer Eye angle on 'lifestyle TV'.

Zap2It 12/1/03 First British 'Queer Eye' Shut

Detroit News 12/1/03 'Queer Eye' releases soundtrack album

Defy Magazine 11/28/03 Queer Eye Gets Ears

Fans Of Reality TV 11/26/03 QEFTSG 11/25/03 Wiggin' out with Richard!

RealityTvTalk.com 11/26/03 QE Recap Episode 1 Meet the Mountain Man

Nonpariel Online 11/26/03 'Queer Eye' bridges the gap

Defy Magazine 11/24/03 Queer Eye Gets Ears

Ad Age 11/24/03 Pier 1 Drops Kirstie Alley For 'Queer Eye' Star

Billboard 11/24/03 Elton, Basement Jaxx Wink 'Queer Eye'

Zap2It 11/22/03 'Queer Eye's' Carson Puts Pen to Paper

Digital Spy 11/21/03 'Queer Eye' five win 'Biggest Gay Hero' award

NY Times 11/21/03 The Queer Brain Behind `Queer Eye'

Reality TV World 11/19/03 New 'QE' episode draws strong ratings as run of new episodes begins

TV Barn 11/19/03 Bravo PR: We're No. 1

Digital Spy 11/19/03 ViaDigital to produce UK 'Queer Eye'

Chicago Sun-Times 11/18/03 Ladies, if home's less than fab, call off the 'Queer' guys

Chicago Tribune 11/18/03 Between the slices

Times Picayune 11/18/03 Holiday 'Queer Eye' planned

St Petersburg Times 11/18/03 Fab news: 'Queer Eye' is back

Fans Of Reality TV 11/18/03 QEFTSG 11/18 Episode 113 The Model Morphed Mountain Man

Reality TV World 11/18/03 'QE' plans parody show, while launching U.K. version and calming fans

Star Ledger 11/18/03 'Queer Eye' meets a Jersey guy

Knox News 11/18/03 'Queer Eye' expands, and takes its show on the road

Extra 11/18/03 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy'

Deseret News 11/18/03 Bravo focuses on more 'Queer Eye'

Star Ledger 11/18/03 5 tips for the Fab 5: 'Queer Eye' is in need of a little 'tszujing'

Chicago Sun-Times 11/17/03 Memorized 'Queer Eye'? New batch is ready

Zap2It 11/15/03 'Queer Eye' Reloaded

Canada.com 11/15/03 Is metrosexual the evolution of man?

Dallas Morning News 11/14/03 Have a holly, jolly makeover

TVRules 11/13/03 Straight Plan For The Gay Man Coming To Comedy Central

Digital Spy 11/12/03 Comedy Central to air 'Queer Eye' spoof

Hollywood Reporter 11/11/03 Comedy Central goes 'Straight' for 'Gay' satire

Zap2It 11/11/03 Dueling 'Queer Eye' Parodies for Bravo, Comedy Central

Philly.com 11/11/03 In a 'Queer Eye' switcheroo, the eyes will be 'Straight'

E!Online 11/10/03 "Queer Eye" Gets Straight Dose

Guardian 11/7/03 Fine and dandy

The Age 11/6/03 Casting a queer eye back

The Olympian 11/5/03 Life takes a culinary turn for Allen of 'Queer Eye'

The Age 11/5/03 Hunt on for Aussie Queer Eyes

Reality TV World 11/3/03 2nd-season 'Queer Eye' contract calls for 'repurposing' from Bravo to NBC

E!Online 10/31/03 "Queer Eye" Spies Pay Hike

Zap2It 10/31/03 Fab Five Finalize Finances with Bravo

Hollywood Reporter 10/31/03 'Queer Eye' guys, NBC do contract makeover

Reality TV World 10/30/03 Bravo to begin airing new 'Queer Eye' episodes starting 11/16

NY Post 10/30/03 Scouting Out A New 'Queer' Cast

Reality TV World 10/29/03 Bravo's 'Queer Eye" seeks product placement, while critics wince

TVRules 10/29/03 Queer Eye Returns

Digital Spy 10/29/03 Bravo picks up more 'Queer Eye'

Zap2It 10/29/03 'Queer Eye' Reopens in November

News.com.au 10/28/03 Queer make-over for Aussies

Knox News 10/23/03 'Queer Eye' won't work on a YOM

Gay.com.uk 10/22/03 Queer Eye for Pepsi?

The Advocate 10/21/03 Endorsements, spin-off in the works for Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Ad Week 10/20/03 David Collins

NY Daily News 10/20/03 'Queer' quintet eyes the ad pie

News.com.au 10/20/03 Watch out, straight guys

The Exponent 10/16/03 Purdue grad Ted Allen makes it big on TV series

Reality TV World 10/16/03 "Fab Five" from 'Queer Eye' get major pay hike but struggle with new fame

Press Enterprise 10/15/03 Opening eyes

Reality TV World 10/14/03 'Queer Eye's "All Things" theme song remix to be released as a single

NewYorkMetro.com 10/14/03 Drama Dept.: Queer Guy Meets The Press

Newsday 10/13/03 Making Style Stick

New Zealand Herald 10/13/03 Tedious gay style police setting slobs straight

Star Telegram 10/10/03 Everywhere you look, it's 'Queer Eye'

Digital Spy 10/10/03 'Queer Eye' gets UK start date

Detroit News 10/9/03 Big 3 slowly test gay market

TVRules 10/7/03 Queer Eye Casting Search

Media Life 10/1/03 Sudden dropoff for 'Queer Eye'

Reality TV World 9/30/03 'Queer Eye' begins winnowing process for second season

Chicago Tribune 9/30/03 Will `Lesbian Eye' be next? It's unlikely anytime soon

Ad Age 9/29/03 Queer Eye For The Rich Guys

RealityTVTalk 9/29/03 Queer Eye for the Straight Guy: Alan Corey – CheapsKatie

TV Week 9/29/03 Fab Five's Fortunes Rise

NY Daily News 9/29/03 'Queer Eye' looking for more

North Bergen Reporter 9/28/03 'Queer eye' on the Jersey City guy

Reality TV World 9/26/03 NBC negotiates for more episodes and second season of 'Queer Eye'

E!Online 9/26/03 "Queer Eye" Spies More Eps

Zap2It 9/26/03 'Queer Eye' Ready for Renewal

Hollywood Reporter 9/26/03 'Queer Eye,' Bravo near fab renewal

Hollywood Reporter 9/25/03 'Nip' soars; 'Queer' snores

Fans Of Reality TV 9/25/03 QEFTSG 9/23: The tightwad, social misfit challenge

News.com.au 9/25/03 Gay team to the rescue

Philly.com 9/24/03 The 'Queer Eye' guys are taking a stand for pay pride

NY Post 9/24/03 Should we be preparing for the commitment ceremony?

Reality TV World 9/23/03 Queer Eye - Episode 10 summary

Chicago Business 9/20/03 'Queer Eye' transforms local writer

TV Week 9/18/03 Fab Five Do the Emmys

TVRules 9/18/03 Queer Eye Fab 5 Joins Access Hollywood For The Red Carpet

Fans Of Reality TV 9/16/03 QEFTSG:The 9/16 show-The Giant Sized Redo!

TVRules 9/16/03 Tonight On QE For The Straight Guy 9/16

Star Ledger 9/14/03 Clueless straight guys vie for the 'Fab 5's' sharp eye

Boston Herald 9/14/03 Fashion disaster is a sight for 'Queer Eye'

News.com.au 9/12/03 Gay men get hands on slobs

E!Online 9/12/03 "Queer Eye," Crap Pay

The Smoking Gun 9/11/03 Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

The Advocate 9/10/03 Montana group targets Queer Eye

Gay.com.uk 9/10/03 "Queer Eye" sparks US protests

Reality TV World 9/9/03 NBC licenses Australian rights to Bravo's 'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy'

Zap2It 9/9/03 'Queer Eye' Sets Out to Conquer the World

Hollywood Reporter 9/9/03 'Queer': Fab 5 go global

Reuters 9/5/03 'Queer Eye,' 'Boy Meets Boy' Set Bravo Records

Mercury News 9/5/03 'Queer Eye' quintet risks overexposure

Reality TV World 9/5/03 'Queer Eye' explodes Bravo ratings record for third straight week

Reality TV World 9/5/03 Queer Eye - Episode 9 summary

Zap2It 9/4/03 'Queer Eye' Taken to Court

E!Online 9/4/03 Former Fabber Sues "Queer Eye"

NY Post 9/4/03 Pride And Groom

Reality TV World 9/3/03 Original "Fab Five" member sues 'Queer Eye' for breach of contract

Fans Of Reality TV 9/3/03 QEFTSG 9/2 episode: I've got music, You don't have rhythm

TVRules 9/3/03 QE: 9/02/03 Episode Summary

TVRules 9/3/03 QE: 8/26/03 Episode Summary

CNN 9/2/03 'Queer Eye' phenomenon opening minds

ET Online 9/2/03 Reboot! Bravo's Fab Five Tackle a Techie

Chicago Sun-Times 8/29/03 Powell takes no offense in Bravo's 'Queer Eye'

Seattle PI 8/29/03 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' book due in 2004

Reality TV World 8/29/03 Queer Eye - Episode 8 summary

NMC 8/28/03 Queer Eye Takes on NMC eCharters

Reality TV World 8/28/03 "Fab Five" from 'Queer Eye' receive $1 million book advance

TV Week 8/28/03 'Queer Eye' Book Announced

BBC 8/28/03 Queer Eye success grows

Fans Of Reality TV 8/27/03 8/26 show recap: That is NOT BonJovi hair!!!

PJ Star 8/27/03 'Queer Eye' can't set this slob straight

Washington Post 8/26/03 Synergy Is in Style for Bravo's 'Queer Eye'

Reality TV World 8/26/03 Does 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' pander to gay stereotypes?

Reality Reel 8/26/03 "Guns don't kill people, bad fashion does!"

Borowitz 8/26/03 Ashcroft Agrees to Queer Eye Makeover

NY Times 8/26/03 Synergy Is in Style for Bravo's 'Queer Eye'

Reality TV World 8/26/03 Queer Eye - Episode 7 summary

Reality TV World 8/26/03 NBC rebroadcast of 'Queer Eye' draws 8 million viewers, ...

Salt Lake Tribune 8/25/03 'Queer Eye' scores by turning out genuinely endearing makeovers

Fans Of Reality TV 8/22/03 QEFTSG Recap 8/20 show

Reality TV World 8/22/03 'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy' continues to set Bravo ratings records

Washington Post 8/22/03 Perhaps CBS Has Its Eye on Some Of These Shows

NY Daily News 8/22/03 PA: Cop didn't queer job by going on gay cable hit

Detroit Free Press 8/22/03 America tunes in to gays

Extra 8/21/03 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy'

E!Online 8/21/03 "Queer Eye" Cop Dodges Bullet

Reality TV World 8/21/03 'Fab Five' from Bravo's 'Queer Eye' to appear on NBC sitcom

Washington Post 8/21/03 Cop's Appearance on 'Queer Eye' Questioned

Mercury News 8/21/03 Gays Gaining Fairer Share of Not Just Exposure But Popularity

Hollywood Reporter 8/21/03 'Queer' ratings set new records

Rocky Mountain News 8/21/03 'Queer' doesn't alter reality

TVRules 8/20/03 QE: 8/19/03 Episode Summary: An Arresting Development

Extra TV 8/20/03 'Queer Eye For the Straight Guy'

Zap2It 8/20/03 'Queer Eye' Guys Jumping Shark to 'Miami'

Hollywood Reporter 8/20/03 'Queer Eye' guys heading to 'Miami'

Philly.com 8/19/03 Gay TV comes out, but who's proud?

NBCMV 8/19/03 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' Airs on NBC Thursday, August 21

Reality TV World 8/19/03 NBC to air 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' episode on August 21

Star News 8/19/03 Fab 5 food guy

Reality TV World 8/19/03 Retailers see 'Queer Eye' as marketing opportunity, provide free goods

Reality TV World 8/18/03 Queer Eye For The Straight Eye - Episode 6 summary

Post Standard 8/18/03 Bravo needs to get 'Queer' facts straight

Time 8/18/03 Queer Eye, Straight Plugs

NYMetro.com 8/18/03 The Buysexual Agenda

Reality Reel 8/16/03 "That's not a sweater...thats back!!"

SCN 8/15/03 Bonanza or bust? It depends on who signs your checks

TVRules 8/14/03 QE Summary 8/12/03: Production Guy Proves To Be Good Sport

Reality TV World 8/14/03 NBC to edit "body fluid jokes" out of 'QE' episode after affiliates balk

USA Today 8/14/03 Overexposure can sour sweet 'Eye'

Toronto Star 8/14/03 Buy-sexual TV getting ridiculous

Post Gazette 8/14/03 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' a surprise summer hit

Seattle PI 8/14/03 Gays embraced -- with conditions

Hartford Courant 8/14/03 `Queer Eye' Stretches Out To One Hour On NBC

Fans Of Reality TV 8/12/03 QEFTSG 8/12 episode: Andrew Lane, Troglodyte Impossible

Reality TV World 8/11/03 'Queer Eye' Fab Five to appear on 'Buchanan and Press' on 8/12

Media Guardian 8/11/03 Gay team flings TV closet door wide open

Reality TV World 8/10/03 NBC licenses UK and Scandinavia rights to 'Queer Eye'

NY Times 8/10/03 Queer Guy With a Slob's Eye

Digital Spy 8/9/03 'Queer Eye' comes to Britain

Digital Spy 8/8/03 'Queer Eye' gets full hour on network TV

Zap2It 8/8/03 'Queer Eye' Will Gaze on British, Scandinavian Guys

Detroit News 8/8/03 'Queer Eye' shows gay man's knack for style

CNN 8/7/03 'Queer Eye' hosts: Key to show 'tough love'

Reality TV World 8/7/03 NBC upgrades 'Queer Eye' cross-promotion with Jay Leno

TVRules 8/7/03 QE Summary 8/5/03: A Soloist In Need of a Tune Up

Reality Reel 8/7/03 "This bedroom is a dis-ashtray"

Reality Reel 8/7/03 Fab 5 Return to Prime-Time and Visit Late Night

MediaFiends.com 8/6/03 - Straight Vinnie

TVRules 8/5/03 QE: August 5 Preview

TVRules 8/5/03 QE: The Fab Five Return To NBC

USA Today 8/5/03 Gay taste? Here's straight talk

Chicago Sun-Times 8/5/03 'Queer' guy eyes celebs

NY Daily News 8/5/03 The bod squad meets Jay Leno

Mobile Register 8/5/03 Queer Eye' a hit for cable's Bravo

ET Online 8/5/03 'Queer Eye' Spruces Up Summer TV

TV Week 8/4/03 Getting a Piece of the 'Eye'

NBCMV 8/4/03 The 'Fab Five' Are Back on NBC on Thursday, August 14

Reality TV World 8/4/03 Jay Leno to be made 'better' by Bravo's 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy'

Zap2It 8/4/03 Something's 'Queer' with Jay Leno

Detroit Free Press 8/4/03 'Queer Eye' offers a fabulous twist on the makeover format

NY Daily News 8/4/03 Dire 'Straight' guys seek makeovers

MSNBC 8/4/03 Queen for a Day

Bergen Record 8/3/03 They were otherwise engaged

Contra Costa Times 8/2/03 Makeover TV sells us dreams

MediaFiends.com 7/31/03 - Hubba Hubba Hetero

Reality TV World 7/31/03 'Queer Eye" ratings soar on Bravo; NBC considers more rebroadcasts

Hollywood Reporter 7/31/03 Bravo's gay power couple

NY Daily News 7/31/03 Makeover show moves 'Straight' up the charts

TVRules 7/30/03 Queer Eye: He's a little bit country summary July 29

Globe and Mail 7/30/03 Gay reality TV's black-and-white views

Reality Reel 7/30/03 Yes Keh Si'rem Kezi

Reality TV World 7/29/03 'Boy Meets Boy' and 'Queer Eye' targeting female viewers, not gays

E!Online 7/29/03 "Queer Eye" Sees Ratings

Rocky Mountain News 7/29/03 'Queer' straight entertainment

BBC 7/29/03 Meeting the 'metrosexual' man

NY Times 7/29/03 Gay-Themed TV Gains a Wider Audience
Hollywood Reporter 7/28/03 Bravo targets 2 demos with gay shows

TVRules 7/27/03 Move Over Carpenters/Designers/Surgeons, There Is A New Makeover Show!

Hollywood Reporter 7/26/03 NBC's 'Queer' ends up behind CBS' 'CSI' rerun Thurs.

TVRules 7/25/03 QE: He's a Little Bit Country Preview July 29

NBCMV 7/25/03 Update: 'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy'

TVRules 7/25/03 Make Room For Lisa Recap

Go Memphis 7/25/03 Queer Eye's a TV winner with its funny, helpful Fab Five

Reality TV World 7/25/03 NBC airing of 'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy' draws 6.7m viewers

Reality Reel 7/25/03 Kirstie Alley Meets Judy Garland

Boston Globe 7/24/03 Casting call for 'Queer Eye' blurred reality for one man

Boston Globe 7/24/03 Gay watch

MediaFiends.com 7/24/03 Straight Tom

NY Times 7/24/03 NBC Joins In to Help Hapless Heterosexuals

USA Today 7/24/03 Bravo's 'Queer Eye' gets fitted for prime-time NBC

NY Daily News 7/24/03 NBC's 'Queer' plan: Cutting 'Eye' in half

TVRules 7/22/03 Queer Eye: Make Room For Lisa Preview 7/22

TVRules 7/22/03 Queer Eye A Hit On Bravo, Comes To NBC

Bergen Record 7/21/03 Five guys with flair to spare

E!Online 7/21/03 "Queer Eye" Spies NBC Slot

Zap2It 7/21/03 'Queer Eye' Gets Shot on NBC

LA Times 7/21/03 'Queer Eye' looks for wider audience

Reality TV World 7/20/03 NBC to air version of Bravo's 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' premiere

Hollywood Reporter 7/19/03 NBC gives 'Queer' a primetime shot

NBCMV 7/18/03 NBC Broadcasts Episode of Bravo's New Hit 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy'

Tallahassee Democrat 7/18/03 Gay ambassadors of style spruce up reality television

Media Life 7/17/03 'Queer Eye' goes straight to the top

Hollywood Reporter 7/17/03 'Queer' fashions Bravo records

Zap2It 7/17/03 It's Clear Viewers Like 'Queer,' Get Used to It

NY Daily News 7/17/03 Gay ideal is gaining on TV & in the streets

MediaFiends.com 7/16/03 Five Gay Guys and a Butch

Reality Reel 7/16/03 How to Change a Guy in 1 Day

TBO 7/16/03 5 Characters In Search Of A Slob

Toronto Star 7/16/03 Guys will be gays on 2 reality shows

TVRules 7/16/03 Queer Eye For The Straight Guy Premiere

Kansas City Star 7/15/03 `Queer Eye' is a scream

Washington Post 7/15/03 Bravo's 'Queer Eye' Heads Straight for the Stereotypes

Extra TV 7/15/03 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy'

Star Ledger 7/15/03 Helping straight guys everywhere to be more fabulous

Seattle PI 7/15/03 'Queer Eye For the Straight Guy' offers witty fashion advice

Miami Herald 7/14/03 Gays are in the majority on two new reality TV shows

Deseret News 7/14/03 'Queer Eye' is nice surprise

Boston Globe 7/13/03 A South End stroll helped open a 'Queer Eye'

Boston Globe 7/13/03 Queened for a day

NY Times 7/13/03 Queen for a Day: My Gay Makeover

CNN 7/12/03 New show eyes straight guys


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