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Reality TV Fans 1/4/12 MTV Announces Hit Series “Punk’d” to Return With All New Season on March 19

Reality TV Magazine 1/3/12 Khloe Kardashian Among the First Celebs Getting Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher

Daily Mail 1/2/12 Punk'd! Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne target Khloe Kardashian in a Very naughty prank

US Magazine 1/1/12 Video: Sneak Peek! Khloe Kardashian Gets Punk'd By Miley Cyrus

Hollywood Reporter 12/31/11 MTV Announces 'Punk'd' Premiere Date, Reveals Celebrity Hosts

Zap2It 12/19/11 MTV's 'Punk'd' is back, officially

Hollywood Reporter 12/19/11 It's Official: MTV to Revive 'Punk'd' With Producer Ashton Kutcher

Digital Spy 12/19/11 Ashton Kutcher's 'Punk'd' returning to MTV with new host

Reality TV Magazine 8/31/11 Justin Bieber In The Return Of Punk’d: Taylor Swift His First Victim

NY Post 8/29/11 ‘Punk’d’ returns Justin time

Zap2It 8/27/11 'Punk'd': Justin Bieber gets Taylor Swift in first new episode

BuddyTV 10/5/10 Justin Bieber to Get His 'Punk'd' on for MTV

NY Daily News 10/5/10 Justin Bieber is 'Punk'd' host after MTV revives Ashton Kutcher's prank show: report

Access Hollywood 10/5/10 Bieber: MTV’s New ‘Punk’d’ Host? 

Reality TV Magazine 1/5/09 True Beauty: Judge Nole Marin Says Show Is Love Child Of Top Model And Punk'd
Boston.com 5/6/08 Ashton Kutcher's punk ban

Television Week 4/13/08 ‘Punk’d’ Sold Across U.S.

Jam! 6/16/07 Furtado Punk'd on season finale

Reality TV World 3/27/07 MTV to premiere 'Punk'd's entire eight episode final season on April 7

Celebrity Spider 3/27/07 Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd is Junked

Zap2It 3/27/07 Kutcher Finished 'Punk'-ing

USA Today 3/27/07 MTV's 'Punk'd' kicks off last season

Celebrity Spider 2/3/07 Justin Timberlake High During Punk'd Prank

Celebrity Spider 9/29/06 Ashton Kutcher Planned Elaborate Prank on American Idol's Ryan Seacrest

Celebrity Spider 9/14/06 Zach Braff Busted Beating Up Teen on Punk'd

Celebrity Spider 5/8/06 Nicollette Sheridan Punk'd During Restaurant Proposal

elebrity Spider 5/1/06 Hugh Jackman Horrified by Punk'd Prank

Celebrity Spider 4/11/06 Ashton Kutcher Proud of Explosive Prank on Hugh Jackman

Celebrity Spider 4/5/06 Kate Beckinsale Punk'd by Ex-Boyfriend

NMC 12/16/05 Fall Out Boy Get Punk'd

Celebrity Spider 11/1/05 Bernie Mac Refuses to Accept He's Been Punk'd

Celebrity Spider 10/4/05 Ellen DeGeneres Refuses to be Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher

NY Daily News 9/28/05 For better or worse, E-mails claim wedding was 'Punk'd'

The Sun 9/16/05 Cowell Punk'd by 'police'

Zap2It 8/25/05 'Punky' and 'Punk'd' Partner Produce Poet

Celebrity Spider 8/22/05 Ashton Kutcher Blocks The Game Inside Moat to Escape Violence on Punk'd

Sky News 8/22/05 Avril Lavigne: Punk'd

Celebrity Spider 8/16/05 Ashton Kutcher Makes Avril Lavigne Cry on Punk'd

Celebrity Spider 8/16/05 Ashton Kutcher Catches Defiant Shaquille O'Neal on Punk'd

Reality TV Magazine 8/15/05 Punk'd – Ashton Kutcher Punks Shaq

Celebrity Spider 8/9/05 Ashton Kutcher Dirties Ja Rule's Clean SUV on Punk'd

Celebrity Spider 7/26/05 Jesse McCartney Punks Akon

Celebrity Spider 7/26/05 Egg Attack Prompts Ashton Kutcher to Punk Benjamin McKenzie

Celebrity Spider 7/11/05 Jesse McCartney Caught Up in Biker Gang Prank on Punk'd

Courier-Journal 7/9/05 Louisvillian gets 'Punk'd'

Dot Music 6/29/05 The Game is 'Punk'd'

Celebrity Spider 6/28/05 The Game Gets Violent Over Punk'd Prank

Celebrity Spider 6/25/05 Simon Cowell Punk'd By Ashton Kutcher

Celebrity Spider 6/13/05 Lil' Jon Blows MTV Punk'd Prank

Digital Spy 5/19/05 Ashton wanted to 'Punk' dead pope

Celebrity Spider 5/12/05 Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest Set Up Simon Cowell to Get Punk'd

NY Daily News 4/27/05 Suspending belief Vartan was 'Punk'd'

Celebrity Spider 4/26/05 Ashlee Simpson Wails as She's Accused of Ruining Artwork on Punk'd

Celebrity Spider 4/25/05 Ashton Kutcher Recalls Gun Incident in Punk'd  

Celebrity Spider 4/21/05 Ashton Kutcher's Dashed Punk'd Hopes for Pope

Celebrity Spider 4/20/05 Ashton Kutcher Promises Not to Punk Brittany Murphy

Celebrity Spider 4/19/05 Flirty Waiter Sparks Restaurant Chaos for Nicole Richie on Punk'd

Celebrity Spider 4/15/05 Ashton Kutcher "I Did Punk Vartan"  

Celebrity Spider 4/14/05 Ashton Kutcher Caught Up in Secret Service Punk'd Prank

Celebrity Spider 4/12/05 Joss Stone in Babysitting Nightmare on Punk'd

Reality TV World 4/8/05 'Alias' star Michael Vartan denies being 'Punk'd'

Celebrity Spider 4/7/05 Vartan: I Was Not Punkd

Celebrity Spider 4/5/05 Omarion Pranks Houston on Punk'd

Celebrity Spider 4/4/05 Penelope Cruz Fears Being Punk'd By Salma Hayek  

Celebrity Spider 4/1/05 Ashton Kutcher's Punk'd Prank Leaves Vartan Unimpressed

Sky News 3/23/05 Brad: Don't Cross Clooney  

Celebrity Spider 3/22/05 Brad Pitt Warns Ashton Kutcher "Don't Punk George Clooney"

Celebrity Spider 3/22/05 Furious Braff Threatens Youngster With Jail on Punk'd

Celebrity Spider 3/21/05 Ashton Kutcher: Demi & The Girls Can't be Punk'd  

Sky News 3/15/05 Kirsten: Cops & Porn Prank

Celebrity Spider 3/14/05 Ashton Kutcher Gets Revenge on Kirsten Dunst After Love Snub

Contact Music 3/8/05 Hayek Gets Punk'd by Dirty Toilet Trick

Dallas Morning News 3/8/05 Nowitzki gets 'Punk'd' on MTV

Digital Spy 3/7/05 Jesse pulls prank on 'Housewife' co-star

Contact Music 3/6/05 Desperate Prank Leaves Eva In Trouble

SF Chronicle 3/4/05 Punk Yourself With This 'Punk'd' Quiz

Contact Music 2/8/05 Peet Fears She'll Be Punk'd By Kutcher

Teen Hollywood 9/29/04 Kutcher Punks Again

Coming Soon 9/28/04 Three More Seasons of Punk'd

Digital Spy 9/28/04 'Punk'd' staying on MTV

Teen Hollywood 7/16/04 Halle Berry's Punk'd Fury

Winnipeg Sun 6/6/04 Pumped over Punk'd

Teen Television 6/1/04 Brandy Sobs As Punk'd Prank Goes Too Far

Ananova 5/19/04 Jennifer gets Punk'd

Teen Hollywood 5/18/04 Love Hewitt's Pitt Disappointment

Times of India 5/9/04 The joke's on Ashton Kutcher!

Teen Hollywood 5/7/04 Another Of Ashton's Punk'd Pranks Goes Wrong

NMC 5/5/04 Black Eyed Peas Aren't Punk'd

National Enquirer 5/3/04 Black Eyed Peas Resist Being 'Punk'd'

Media Life 4/28/04 'Punk'd' again: Big #s for returning show

Teen Hollywood 4/23/04 Perry Falls For Punk'd Prank
TV Week 4/5/04 Once 'Punk'd,' Twice Shy

Digital Spy 4/3/04 'Punk'd' back for third season

Teen Hollywood 4/2/04 Kutcher Punks Punk'd Fans

NY Daily News 4/2/04 'Punk'd' again! Kutcher's back

Coming Soon 4/1/04 Punk'd Star Pinkston Will Slay the Bully

Zap2It 4/1/04 'Punk'd' Prankster Faces 'Bully'

Celebrity Justice 3/31/04 Embarrassing Star Photos on Stolen Computer

Teen Hollywood 3/3/04 Ashton Punk'd

AJC 1/15/04 Kutcher Ain't Kiddin' About 'Punk'd!'

The Spoof 1/10/04 President Bush Punk'd By Ashton Kutcher

Teen Hollywood 1/9/04 Kutcher Set To Continue With Punk'd?

Teen Hollywood 1/1/04 Leonardo Dicaprio Furious With Ashton

NMC 12/24/03 Beyonce Helps Kutcher Say Bye Bye

Media Life 12/18/03 Without Kutcher, MTV's gotta feel punk'd

Zap2It 12/17/03 Pinkston: Post-'Punk'd'

BBC 12/16/03 Beyonce gets Punk'd

Teen Music 12/15/03 Beyonce Targeted as Kutcher Ends Punk'd In Style

Hollywood Reporter 12/15/03 Kutcher, MTV have last laugh

Zap2It 12/12/03 Kutcher May Be All 'Punk'd' Out (Or Maybe Not)

Hollywood Reporter 12/12/03 Kutcher pulls plug on MTV series 'Punk'd'

Salon 12/12/03 Ashton Kutcher pulls plug on "Punk'd"

Teen Music 12/6/03 Outkast Punk'd By Kutcher

BBC 12/5/03 OutKast get Punk'd

Teen Hollywood 12/4/03 Duff Reveals Theory On Why She Was Punk'd By Kutcher

Coming Soon 11/25/03 Punk'd Stars Shepard & Shearer Pitch Comedy

Hollywood Reporter 11/25/03 'Punk'd' pair set at Searchlight

Zap2It 11/24/03 'Sunday Stew' Stays on MTV's Front Burner

BBC 11/14/03 Berry hoaxed by MTV's prank show

Zap2It 11/14/03 Halle Berry 'Punk'd' at 'Gothika' Premiere

Teen Hollywood 11/14/03 Berry Gets Punk'd By Kutcher

Sky.com 11/14/03 Halle In Security Dust-Up

Ananova 11/14/03 Halle Berry falls victim to stunt at film premiere

Teen Hollywood 10/28/03 Kutcher's Punk'd Show Goes Too Far

Zap2It 10/27/03 Doherty, Milano Don't Care to Be 'Punk'd'

Teen Hollywood 10/27/03 Duff Gets Punk'd By Ashton

USA Today 10/23/03 On MTV's Sunday menu: Crazed comedy

Zap2It 10/22/03 'Punk'd' Performer Prolongs MTV Pact

Times of India 10/16/03 Timberlake trips Kutcher on boob tube!

Denver Post 10/16/03 Ashton, is that you?

Teen Hollywood 10/14/03 Timberlake Punks Ashton on SNL

FOX News 10/13/03 MTV's New Show 'Punks' Average Joes

WXXA 10/13/03 Timberlake Punks Ashton

Globe and Mail 9/29/03 Celebrity culture sinks to new low with Punk'd


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