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Reality TV Magazine 8/31/09 Project Runway: Daniel Vosovic Has Big Plans For His Winning Design

Fans of Reality TV 8/29/09 Recap: Pregnancy Risks

BuddyTV 8/28/09 'Project Runway' Star Chris March Sues Beyonce's Designers

RealityShack 8/28/09 Project Runway, Aug. 27 – Mama Needs New Clothes

Reality TV Calendar 8/28/09 A Visit To Cuckooland - Episode 2 Recap

Reality News Online 8/28/09 Project Runway 6, Episode 2: Take Your Mama Out

Seacoast Online 8/28/09 Top Chef Recap Week 2

People 8/28/09 Project Runway: The Mother of All Challenges 8/27/09 Project Runway Season 6: Episode 2 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 8/27/09 Models of the Runway: The Designers Shake Things Up

Reality TV Magazine 8/27/09 Project Runway: The Designers Create A Pregnant Look

SofaChip 8/27/09 Season Six of Project Runway Has Stylish Drama (Three Overlooked Dresses!)

AJC 8/27/09 Project Runway: Chicken or egg?

Zap2It 8/27/09 'Project Runway' Rebecca Romijn needs a dress!

Entertainment Weekly 8/26/09 'Project Runway' Style: 17 Hot Designs (and 7 Hot Messes) 8/24/09 Project Runway Season 6: Exclusive Interview with Ari Fish

Zap2It 8/24/09 'Project Runway,' 'America's Top Model,' 'Make Me a Supermodel' worlds collide

RealityShack 8/23/09 Project Runway, Aug. 20 - All-Star Challenge

Fans of Reality TV 8/22/09 Recap : It's Back!

Reality TV Fans 8/21/09 Beyond Reality - Project Runway 6 - 8/20/09

Reality TV Fans 8/21/09 Daniel Vosovic Named Winner of Lifetime’s ‘Project Runway All Star Challenge’

Reality TV Fans 8/21/09 Ratings Report: Project Runway Opens to Record Ratings on Lifetime

Reality TV Calendar 8/21/09 Season 6 Kicks Off And Lifetime Makes It Work - Episode 1 Recap

Reality News Online 8/21/09 Project Runway 6, Episode 1: I’m So L.A.

Reality News Online 8/21/09 Project Runway: All Star Challenge – Twice in a Lifetime

Chicago Tribune 8/21/09 The first 'Project Runway' challenge: What Tim Gunn thought, and what did you think?

USA Today 8/21/09 'Runway' veteran Daniel Vosovic takes all-star prize

LA Times 8/21/09 'Project Runway': Chatting with All-Star winner Daniel Vosovic

AJC 8/21/09 Project Runway: Intro to the red carpet

TV Guide 8/21/09 Runway All-Star Winner Daniel: Competition Was Like "Déjá Vu"

People 8/21/09 Project Runway All-Stars: Daniel & Korto Talk About Their Showdown

Entertainment Weekly 8/21/09 'Project Runway' recap: La La Land

RealityShack 8/20/09 Project Runway 6, Aug. 23 – Welcome to L.A 8/20/09 Project Runway: All Star Challenge Recap

Zap2It 8/20/09 Premiere: 'Project Runway' Lindsay Lohan and nudity

BuddyTV 8/20/09 'Project Runway 6' and 'Models of the Runway' Premiere Preview 8/20/09 Project Runway Season 6: Episode 1 Recap

Zap2It 8/20/09 Premiere: 'Project Runway' Lindsay Lohan and nudity

E!Online 8/20/09 They're Sew In: Top 9 Project Runway Challenges

Boston Globe 8/20/09 Change of scenery looks good for ‘Runway’

USA Today 8/20/09 Klum: Few alterations needed to make 'Runway' fit

Media Life 8/20/09 'Project Runway,' a comfortable fit, still

Chicago Sun Times 8/20/09 Bronzeville native Coleman seeks to 'create a fantasy' with his designs

Chicago Tribune 8/19/09 Rejoice, 'Project Runway' is finally back

Zap2It 8/19/09 'Project Runway': Network change is about the only alteration 8/18/09 Project Runway Season 6 Debuts This Thursday, August 20, on Lifetime

Chicago Tribune 8/18/09 When Tim Gunn met Michelle Obama and other 'Project Runway' dish

NY Daily News 8/18/09 Is Nicole Kidman 'fierce' enough for 'Project Runway'? Actress to guest star on 'All-Star' special

People 8/18/09 Project Runway on Nicole Kidman: She’s In

Detroit News 8/18/09 'Project Runway's' new catwalk

Zap2It 8/17/09 Can 'Project Runway' Make It Work on Lifetime?

NY Post 8/16/09 'Project Runway: All-Star Challenge'

NY Daily News 8/16/09 'Project' revamp: Leaving its edgy Bravo home, will 'Runway' be the letdown of a Lifetime?

NY Post 8/16/09 'Project' Freeway

Reality TV Magazine 8/11/09 Christian Siriano Launches Makeup Collection For Victoria Secret

LA Times 8/9/09 Talking with Heidi Klum

Reality TV Fans 8/6/09 Lifetime Announces Project Runway Partnership With Marie Claire Magazine

E!Online 8/6/09 Project Runway: Lindsay Lohan Is a Perfect Match
Reality TV Fans 8/4/09 Lifetime Announces L’Oreal and Garnier Sponsorship of Project Runway
NY Daily News 7/23/09 Lifetime to precede 'Project Runway' return with 'All-Star Challenge' in hopes of nabbing viewers

Reality TV Fans 7/22/09 Lifetime Announces August 20 Two Hour Special Project Runway: All Star Challenge

AJC 7/22/09 Atlantan Mychael Knight joining “Project Runway: All Star Challenge” August 20

Entertainment Weekly 7/22/09 Lifetime to air 'Project Runway' All-Star Challenge
People 7/22/09 See Who’s Competing on Project Runway: All-Star Challenge

NY Daily News 7/21/09 Project Runway winner Christian Siriano and Starbucks collaborate on holiday collection

Reality TV Fans 7/20/09 Casting Call - Project Runway

Zap2It 7/18/09 'Project Runway 6' trailer: The designers speak

LA Times 7/17/09 'Project Runway': First look at Season 6 on Lifetime

Dallas Morning News 7/17/09 Fashion Flash: 'Project Runway' returns with a Dallas-Fort Worth spin

Entertainment Weekly 7/16/09 'Project Runway' and spoons: A new meet-the-designers video

Reality TV Fans 7/15/09 Lifetime Announces New Project Runway Companion Series Model of the Runway

Reality TV Fans 7/14/09 Lifetime Digital Launches ‘Project Runway’ Show Site on

NY Post 7/14/09 New Design

BuddyTV 7/10/09 Project Runway 6: Meet the Designers

NY Daily News 7/9/09 'Project Runway' announces lineup of contestants; set for Lifetime debut in August

Chicago Tribune 7/9/09 You wanted this sew much: Info on 'Project Runway' contestants

E!Online 7/8/09 Project Runway's Cast of a Lifetime

NY Daily News 7/7/09 'Project Runway's' Leanne Marshall unveils looks from her new eco-friendly clothing line for Bluefly

Reality TV World 5/11/09 'Project Runway' host Heidi Klum and husband Seal expecting a girl 

Reality TV Fans 4/21/09 Project Runway to Premiere August 20 on Lifetime Television

Reality TV World 4/20/09 Tim Gunn: 'Project Runway 6' to feature "shocker," alleged cheating

Reality TV World 4/17/09 Tim Gunn: Lifetime's 'Project Runway' delay due to 'The Fashion Show'

Reality TV World 4/16/09 Report: 'Project Runway' host Heidi Klum pregnant with fourth child

Reality TV Fans 4/16/09 Casting Call - Project Runway

Reality TV Magazine 4/6/09 Project Runway: Season Six Will Air Afterall

NY Observer 4/2/09 What does Lifetime Mean for the Fate of Project Runway?

Reality TV Magazine 3/20/09 Project Runway: Season 5 Contestant Charged With Assault

Reality TV World 3/19/09 Former 'Runway' finalist Kenley Collins arrested for assaulting fiance
Reality TV Magazine 3/16/09 Heidi Klum Will Grow Old Gracefully
Reality TV Magazine 3/11/09 Project Runway: Heidi Klum Becomes An American Citizen

Reality TV Magazine 2/24/09 Project Runway: Heidi Klum Always Best Dressed

Reality TV World 2/23/09 'Project Runway' finale models spill details of sixth-season finalists
Reality TV World 2/20/09 'Project Runway' films sixth-season finale at New York Fashion Week
Reality TV Magazine 2/19/09 Project Runway: Tim Gunn Tries To Explain How Fashion Week Will Work
Reality TV Magazine 2/16/09 Top 10 Project Runway Finalists: Where Are They Now?

Reality TV World 2/11/09 'Runway's Tim Gunn to co-host ABC's Oscars red carpet coverage
Reality TV World 2/9/09 'Project Runway' sixth-season finale to feature decoys, tighter security

Reality TV Magazine 2/02/09 Project Runway Still Tied Up In Court

Reality TV Tickets 12/17/08 Project Runway Finale Plus Meet Heidi Klum Tickets Up for Auction
Bosh 12/17/08 Heidi Klum wants Britney Spears to be a judge on 'Project Runway'.

Reality TV Magazine 12/9/08 Project Runway Winner Christian Siriano To Put The "Fierce" in Payless ShoeSource
Reality TV World 12/8/08 Ex-'Project Runway' producers working on new fashion publicity series

NY Daily News 12/3/08 'Project Runway' winner Christian Siriano inks deal with Payless ShoeSource 11/26/08 Local 'Project Runway' Winner Talks About Future

M.Live 11/26/08 Daniel Vosovic--Project Runway Alum and Former Lowell Resident--To Promote 'Fashion Inside Out'
FreeTimes 11/26/08 Project Runway Winner Hits Columbia
The Lantern 11/25/08 'Project Runway' Star Debuts Clothing Line
TV Guide 11/20/08 Will Legal Delay 'Project Runway'?

The Hollywood Reporter 11/20/08 Lifetime Joins 'Runway' Row
NY Post 11/20/08 Madonna's 'Runway' Rip-Off 11/20/08 'Project Runway' Should Become 'Project Litigation'
Canadian Reuters 11/19/08 Counter Suit Filed Over 'Project Runway' Rights
New York Times 11/19/08 Legal Tangles of 'Project Runway' Keep It Frozen on the Catwalk
BuddyTV 11/17/08 Project Runway: 'Eleven Minutes' Is All It Takes For Jay McCarroll
BuddyTV 11/16/08 Project Runway: Jack Mackenroth Lives Positive

Entertainment Weekly 11/14/08 'Project Runway': Tim Gunn teases season 6 11/14/08 Tim Gunn: Kenley Was Even Worse!
Reality TV Magazine 11/12/08 Project Runway Producers Sue NBC Universal
Charleston City Paper 11/12/08 Local Designers After 'Project Runway' Bid
Wall Street Journal 11/10/08 'Project Runway' Designer Brings Living Positive By Design

BlackBook 11/7/08 Project Runway Alums Dress Up Michelle Obama
The Daily Beast 11/7/08 The Ball Gown Challenge

Detroit News 11/6/08 'Project Runway' Winner Tries To Make It Big In The Real World Of Fashion
Washington Post 11/6/08 Fitting Conclusion: Rami Kashou's 'Project' Success
Detroit News 11/6/08
'Project Runway' winner tries to make it big in the real world of fashion
BuddyTV 11/5/08 Project Runway: Heidi Klum Keeps Busy With Sexy Ads
Reality TV Magazine 11/4/08 The Fashion Show Reality Series Will Take The Place Of Project Runway On Bravo
Multichannel 11/4/08 NBCU Wants 'Runway' Suit To Revert To N.Y. Court

BeanStocked 11/4/08 Project Runway's Elisa Jimenez: More Than 'The Girl Who Spits On Clothes'
The Associate Press 10/31/08 Bravo Finds More To Fashion That 'Project Runway'
Express Night Out 10/31/08 Beyond The Runway: Reality Darling Daniel V.
Examiner 10/31/08 Daniel Vosovic--Fashion Inside Out
South Bend Tribune 10/31/08 Bravo Plans For More Fashion, Reality Programming
The Columbus Dispatch 10/30/08 After 'Runway'
The Columbus Dispatch 10/30/08 Kelli Martin Husting To Keep Up With Bustling Boutique
The Columbus Dispatch 10/30/08 Terri Stevens Boasts Recognized Face & Two Labels
Washington Post 10/30/08 Designing For Your Dreams

Gay Wired 10/30/08 'Project Runway' Torn Apart At The Seams
BuddyTV 10/29/08 Project Runway: Bravo Accused Of Sabatoge
MSNBC 10/29/08 A fan laments uncertainty of ‘Project Runway’
St. Louis Dispatch 10/29/08 Did Bravo Deliberately Damage 'Project Runway?'
Celebrity Spider 10/28/08 Project Runway Bosses File Counter-Suit
Reality TV World 10/28/08 'Project Runway' producers counter-sue NBCU over fifth season
Hollywood Reporter 10/28/08 Weinsteins strike back at Bravo over 'Runway'

E! Online 10/28/08 Project Runway Sews Up A Saboteur
New York Daily News 10/28/08 Now The Weinstein Co. Is Suing Over 'Project Runway'
Drapers 10/28/08 Project Runway Designer Dolls
Celebrity Spider 10/27/08 Heidi Klum's Reality Show Replaced By Former Network
Reality TV Magazine 10/27/08 Heidi Klum Makes Her First Pumpkin Pie
NY Post 10/27/08
'Runway' Copycat Confirmed
San Diego Union Tribune 10/27/08 Fifteen Minutes With Christian Siriano

NY Post 10/27/08 Can Kenley From 'Project Runway' Make It As A Designer?
TV Squad 10/27/08 Does NBC Have A Project Runway Replacement In The Works?

MN Daily News 10/27/08 Project Runway Falls Over, Stabs Self With 8-inch Heel

Hollyscoop 10/24/08 Bravo To Clone Project Runway?
Jossip 10/24/08 NBC Halt's 'Project Runway's' Move To Buy Time for Their Copycat Series
Portland Mercury News 10/24/08 Portland's Own Leanne Marshall on Winning 'Project Runway'
BuddyTV 10/23/08 Project Runway: Winners Update
Celebrity Spider 10/23/08 Heidi Klum Worried About Reality Show
RealityShack  10/23/08  Project Runway 5, Finale Recap
NY Post 10/23/08 'Runway' Alterations
Monsters & Crtics 10/23/08 Heidi Klum Talk 'Project Runway', Fate, and Cows
The Advocate 10/23/08 Former 'Project Runway' Winner Turns Heads With Fall '08 Collection
Fashion Ireland 10/23/08 Bravo Has Project Runway Replacement Up Its Sleeve
TV Guide 10/22/08 Runway's Hemmy Awards: Best Kors Critique, Tim-Ism, & More
BuddyTV 10/21/08 'Project Runway' Tied Up In Court
BlogCritics Magazine 10/21/08 TV Review: Project Runway Sews Up the Loose Ends
Wall Street Journal 10/21/08
Lunchtime Snap: Will Fans Stay Tuned for the New Project Runway?
The Cut 10/21/08 Lifetime Enters The 'Project Runway' Lawsuit, Delays Air Date Further
The Good 5cent Cigar 10/21/08 
Craftsmanship trumps cattiness in 'Project Runway' season five finale
EURWeb 10/21/08 Korto Momolu Talks 'Project Runway' Stint
Broadcasting & Cable 10/20/08 NBCU Fighting For 'Project Runway'
KAPP TV 10/20/08 'Project Runway' Contestant Blayne Walsh Comes Home
NY Post 10/20/08 Lifetime Fights For 'Runway'
Zap2it 10/20/08 Lifetime Makes Federal Case Out of 'Project Runway'
Houston Chronicle 10/20/08 Chloe Dao's Expanding Her Empire
BuddyTV 10/19/08 Exlusive Interview: Kenley Collins of 'Project Runway'
BuddyTV 10/17/08 Exclusive Interview: Korto Momolu, Runner-Up of 'Project Runway' 5

BuddyTV 10/17/08 BuddyTV's Top 10 Male Fashion Icons
Reality TV Fans 10/17/08 Ratings Report: Seven Million Watch Project Runway Finale
BuddyTV 10/16/08 Exclusive Interview: Leanne Marshall, Winner of 'Project Runway' Season 5
BuddyTV 10/16/08 Project Runway 5: Finale Chic or Freak

BuddyTV 10/16/08 'Project Runway' Season 5: Finale Recap
TV Robot 10/16/08 Project Runway Season 5 Winner - Leanne Marshall
Reality TV Fans 10/16/08 Beyond Reality - Project Runway 5 - 10/15/08
Reality TV Calendar 1016/08 Talent And Spirit Take The Season
Reality TV Calendar 10/16/08 The All Female Final Three And The Winner
Reality News Online 10/16/08 Project Runway 5 Finale: Petals Marshall in Nature Wonderland
Fans of Reality TV 10/16/08 Recap: Waving Goodbye to Bravo
Reality TV Magazine 10/16/08 Project Runway Got It Right With The Season 5 Winner
Entertainment Weekly 10/16/08 'Project Runway': Let's Hear it for the Girls
Union Tribune 10/16/08 Project Runway: Finale, Pt. 2
NY Post 10/16/08 Kiss My Class
USA Today 10/16/08
Leanne's the last one left standing on 'Runway'
Zap2It 10/16/08 Finalewatch: 'Project Runway'

LA Times 10/16/08 'Project Runway': 5 seasons of fabulous
NY Daily News 10/16/08 Design competition 'Project Runway' pins Leanne Marshall as winner
Los Angeles Times 10/16/08 'Project Runway' finale: The party report
Entertainment Weekly 10/16/08 'Project Runway' Q&A: Leanne Marshall
E! Online 10/16/08 Booty Call for Project Runway's Korto Momolu
TV Guide 10/16/08 Video: Runway Runner-Up Korto Talks Kenley and Canada
Zap2It 10/15/08
'Project Runway 5': Kenley, Leanne and Korto's finale collections
Entertainment Weekly 10/15/08 The Real Loser in Tonight's Debates: 'Project Runway'

NY Post 10/15/08 Tim Gunn Measures Up 'Runway' Showdown
Entertainment Weekly 10/15/08 'Project Runway': Who will win? Who should win?
TV Guide 10/15/08 Video: Go Inside Project Runway's Bryant Park Fashion Week
BuddyTV 10/14/08 Project Runway 5: Finale Predictions

BuddyTV 10/14/08 Project Runway: Why Leanne Marshall Should Win
BuddyTV 10/13/08 Project Runway 5: Meet the Designer - Leanne Marshall
BuddyTV 10/13/08 Project Runway: Why Korto Momolu Should Win
Reality Shack 10/13/08 Project Runway 5, Finale, Part One
Seattle PI 10/13/08 'Project Runway' belongs to Leanne Marshall of Portland
Examiner 10/13/08 Project Runway Season 5: The most boring season ever.
Reality TV Magazine 10/10/08 Project Runway's Sixth Season May Be Delayed Until Next Summer
BuddyTV 10/9/08 Exclusive Interview: Jerell Scott of 'Project Runway'
BuddyTV 10/9/08 Project Runway: Episode 5.13 Chic or Freak?
Celebrity Spider 10/9/08 Eva Longoria To Judge Heidi Klum's Project Runway
Union Tribune 10/9/08 Project Runway: Finale, Pt. 1
TV Robot 10/9/08 Project Runway Final 3
Reality TV Calendar 10/9/08 Two Words For Miss Kenley: Grow Up!
Reality TV Calendar 10/9/08 Down To The Final 3 - Here's The Rankings
Reality TV Fans 10/9/08 Beyond Reality - Project Runway 5 Racap - 10/8/08
Fans of Reality TV 10/9/08 Recap: Always a Bridesmaid
Reality News Online 10/9/08 Project Runway 5, Episode 13: Wedding Bell Blues
Reality TV Magazine 10/9/08 Project Runway Has Their Final Three And Probably Not Who You Expect
Reality TV Magazine 10/9/08 Project Runway 5 Finale To Air In Two Parts
Union Tribune 10/9/08 Project Runway: Finale, Pt. 1
BuddyTV 10/8/08 Project Runway 5: "Finale, Part 1" Recap
Reality TV Fans 10/8/08 The Final Elimination Before Fashion Week Tonight on Project Runway
Zap2It 10/8/08 'Project Runway' Time to make it work
Reality TV World 10/7/08 Report: 'Project Runway's next season may be delayed until summer

Reality News Online 10/2/08 Project Runway 5, Episode 12 Unbuttoned: Go Getter?  Go Get Her!
Celebrity Spider 10/2/08 Heidi Klum Cleared Of 'Poaching' Project Runway Idea
Reality TV Fans 10/2/08 Beyond Reality - Project Runway 5 - 10/01/08
Reality TV Magazine 10/2/08 Project Runway Gets Organic As The Designers Seek A Spot At Bryant Park
Fans of Reality TV 10/2/08 Recap: Déjà Vu
Entertainment Weekly 10/2/08
'Project Runway': Garden Variety Designs
Union Tribune 10/2/08 Project Runway: Nature Calls
Newsday 10/2/08 5/12 Nature Calls, No One Answers

BuddyTV 10/1/08 Project Runway: Episode 5.12 Recap
E! Online 10/1/08 Project Runway: They Said What?
Zap2It 10/1/08 'Project Runway' Everybody Cries
LA Times 10/1/08 'Project Runway': And then there were . . . four?
NY Daily News 10/1/08 New York judge throws out copycat lawsuit against Heidi Klum and 'Project Runway'
BuddyTV 9/30/08 Project Runway: Episode 5.12 Predictions
Reality News Online 9/30/08 Project Runway 5, Episode 11 Unbuttoned: Hip Hop Please Stop

NY Post 9/30/08 'Runway' May End Up On NBC
BuddyTV 9/29/08 Court Order Delays New Season of 'Project Runway'

BuddyTV 9/29/08 Project Runway 5: Meet the Designer - Suede

Celebrity Spider 9/29/08 Heidi Klum's Project Runway In Trouble
RealityShack  9/29/08  Project Runway 5, Episode 11 - Making Music, Runway Style
NY Daily News 9/29/08 'Project Runway's new 'Lifetime' hits snag

RealityShack 9/28/08 Project Runway 5, Episode 10 - Working It
RealityShack 9/28/08 Project Runway 5, Episode 9 - What's Your Sign?
NY Post 9/27/08 Judge Grounds 'Runway'
NY Daily News 9/27/08 'Project Runway' move to Lifetime stopped by court injunction
Zap2It 9/26/08
'Project Runway' Prohibited From Moving to Lifetime
Reality TV Magazine 9/26/08 Heidi Klum Shows Off Her Emmy Injury
Reality TV Fans 9/26/08 Beyond Reality - Project Runway 5 - 9/25/08

Entertainment Weekly 9/26/08 'Project Runway': Court Ruling Blocks Move to Lifetime
NY Times 9/26/08 ‘Project Runway’ Move to Lifetime Is Blocked
LA Times 9/26/08 Judge blocks move of "Project Runway" to Lifetime
BuddyTV 9/25/08 Project Runway: Episode 5.11 Chic or Freak?
Reality TV Calendar 9/25/08 Korto As A Country Girl?
Reality TV Calendar 9/25/08 Predicting The Winner - Let's Play Musical Chairs
Fans of Reality TV 9/25/08 Recap: Musically Challenged
Reality News Online 9/25/08 Project Runway 5, Episode 11: A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Rock and Roll
Reality TV Magazine 9/25/08 Project Runway Looks To The Finals As One Goes Home
Reality TV Magazine 9/25/08 Win $1,000 With A Project Runway Viewing Party
Entertainment Weekly 9/25/08 'Project Runway': Facing the Music
Union Tribune 9/25/08 Project Runway: Rock N' Runway
BuddyTV 9/24/08 Project Runway: Episode 5.11 Recap
Newsday 9/24/08 Project Runway 5/11: Make the music with your clothes
LA Times 9/24/08 'Project Runway': Facetious and sarcastic
Zap2It 9/24/08 'Project Runway' Does anyone remember laughter?
Reality TV Fans 9/24/08 LL Cool J. Guest Judges Tonight on Project Runway
BuddyTV 9/23/08 Project Runway: Episode 5.11 Predictions
BuddyTV 9/22/08 Project Runway 5: Meet the Designer - Joe Faris
NY Post 9/22/08 'Runway' Finds Its Villain
Celebrity Spider 9/20/08 Lindsay Lohan To Judge Fashion Show 
Inside Pulse 9/19/08 Channel Unknown: Project Runway - Episode 5-10
BuddyTV 9/18/08 Project Runway: Episode 5.10 Chic or Freak?
BuddyTV 9/18/08 Exclusive Interview: Joe Faris of 'Project Runway'
Reality TV Calendar 9/18/08 A Drab Cliche Just Won't Do
Reality TV Calendar 9/18/08 The Mother Of All Challenges
Reality TV Fans 9/18/08 Beyond Reality - Project Runway 5 Recap 9/17/08
Reality TV Magazine 9/18/08 Project Runway Loses One Designer In A Mother/Daughter Challenge
Fans of Reality TV 9/18/08 Recap: Workin’ for a Livin’
Reality News Online 9/18/08 Project Runway 5, Episode 10: Mothers, Lock Up Your Daughters
Entertainment Weekly 9/18/08 'Project Runway': Working Girls
Union Tribune 9/18/08
Project Runway: Risky Business
New York Post 9/18/08 An Open Letter to Kenley
E! Online 9/17/08 Project Runway: You Be the Judge
LA Times 9/17/08 'Project Runway': Double the trouble
Zap2It 9/17/08 'Project Runway' Gradual gradients
Detroit Free Press 9/17/08
Troy dad Joe Faris booted off 'Project Runway'
Star-Telegram 9/17/08 Fashion Week shows offer a sneak peek into the "Project Runway" finale
Detroit Free Press 9/17/08 'Runway' hopeful from Troy thrilled with NYC
BuddyTV 9/16/08 Project Runway: Episode 5.10 Predictions
BuddyTV 9/16/08 Project Runway 5: Meet the Designer - Terri Stevens
Reality TV Magazine 9/16/08 Project Runway Designers Showcase Their Collections
Entertainment Weekly 9/16/08 'Project Runway': Learn the Lingo!
BuddyTV 9/15/08 Project Runway: My Day At The Season 5 Finale
BuddyTV 9/15/08 Project Runway: Episode 5.9 Chic or Freak?
amNewYork 9/15/08 Spoiler: Apparent Project Runway finale spotted filming in NYC
Seattle Times 9/15/08
Portland designer draws praise as "Project Runway" field narrows
BuddyTV 9/14/08 Project Runway: J-Lo a No Show At Finale
Entertainment Weekly 9/13/08 'Project Runway' finale (+ spoilers)!
Reality TV Magazine 9/12/08 Project Runway Celebrity Judge For Season 5 Finale: Jennifer Lopez
Reality TV World 9/12/08 'Project Runway' films runway finale, Tim Gunn subs as judge for J-Lo
Reality TV Magazine 9/12/08 Christian Siriano and The Hills Star Lauren Conrad Will Have Designs On The 60th Emmy Awards
Reality TV World 9/12/08 'Project Runway 4' winner Christian Siriano shows at Fashion Week
Entertainment Weekly 9/12/08
Jennifer Lopez bows out of 'Project Runway'
Seattle Times 9/12/08
"Runway" designer brewing up next plan
NY Daily News 9/12/08
Leanne makes a sweeping statement at 'Project Runway' showdown
Newsday 9/12/08 Christian Siriano Spring 2009 collection
Seattle PI 9/12/08
Blayne Walsh crashes on 'Project Runway'
Dallas Morning News 9/12/08 'Project Runway' winner shows at Fashion Week
BuddyTV 9/11/08 Exclusive Interview: Blayne Walsh of 'Project Runway'
Reality TV Calendar 9/11/08 Getting Run Over By Your Own Bus
Reality TV Calendar 9/11/08 Korto Continues To Dominate - Photo Scoreboard And Rankings
Fans of Reality TV 9/11/08 Recap: The Ghosts of Seasons Past and Present
Reality TV Fans 9/11/08 Beyond Reality - Project Runway 5 Recap 9/10/08
Reality TV Magazine 9/11/08 Project Runway Loses Two Designers
Reality News Online 9/11/08 Project Runway 5, Episode 9: A Fashion Joke
Zap2It 9/11/08 Lifetime Holds Back 'Project Runway'
Entertainment Weekly 9/11/08 'Project Runway' Exit Q&A: Blayne Walsh
Entertainment Weekly 9/11/08 'Project Runway' Exit Q&A: Terri Stevens
Union Tribune 9/11/08
Project Runway: What's Your Sign?
Entertainment Weekly 9/11/08 'Project Runway': Written in the Stars
Zap2It 9/10/08
'Project Runway' I want avant
Reality News Online 9/10/08 Project Runway 5, Episode 8 Unbuttoned: The Spy Who Dressed Me
X17 Online 9/10/08 Jennifer Lopez To Be The Guest Judge On Project Runway Finale?!
BuddyTV 9/9/08 Project Runway: Episode 5.9 Predictions
Celebrity Spider 9/9/08 Jennifer Lopez To Judge Project Runway Final?
NY Post 9/9/08 Reality Walkoff

BuddyTV 9/8/08 'Project Runway' Season Premiere Moved to January
BuddyTV 9/8/08 Project Runway 5: Meet the Designer - Stella Zotis
Reality TV Calendar 9/8/08 Designing For A Legend
Reality TV Calendar 9/8/08 The Top 8
Reality TV Magazine 9/8/08 Sixth Season Of Project Runway Not Until January 2009
Jam! 9/8/08 'Project Runway' winner set for Emmys
RealityShack 9/5/08 Project Runway 5, Episode 7 - Of Fashion Legends and Film Spies
Seattle PI 9/5/08
Blayne Walsh: Our guy on 'Project Runway' is b-licious
Entertainment Weekly 9/5/08 Exclusive: Season 6 of 'Project Runway' pushed to January
BuddyTV 9/4/08 Exclusive Interview: Stella Zotis of 'Project Runway'
BuddyTV 9/4/08 Project Runway: Episode 5.8 Chic or Freak?
Reality TV Fans 9/4/08 Beyond Reality - Project Runway 5 Recap 9/3/08
Reality TV Magazine 9/4/08 Project Runway Does Diane von Furstenberg in High Style
Reality News Online 9/4/08
Project Runway 5, Episode 8: Cry Me a River

Entertainment Weekly 9/4/08 'Project Runway': An Affair to Remember
BuddyTV 9/3/08 Project Runway: Episode 5.8 "Double O Fashion" Recap
Zap2It 9/3/08 'Project Runway' Fashion legend

BuddyTV 9/2/08 Project Runway: Episode 5.8 Predictions
Reality News Online 9/2/08 Project Runway 5 Episode 7 Unbuttoned: To Thine Own Self Be True
RealityShack 9/1/08 Project Runway 5, Episode 7 – I Had To Stuff Her Underwear With Muslin
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Reality TV World 3/6/06 Bravo renews its 'Project Runway' reality show for a third season

Zap2It 3/6/06 Bravo Stays on the 'Runway'

Reality News Online 3/6/06 Project Runway 2 Finale, Part 1: Unlucky 13

Reality Shack 3/4/06 And This Is Why I Love Reality TV: Project Runway's Big Gun

Fans of Reality TV 3/2/06 3/1 Finale Part 1 Recap Twist and Shout

Reality Shack 3/2/06 A New Wrinkle - Project Runway 2, Finale Part 1

Reality TV Calendar 3/2/06 A Baker's Dozen: Finale Part 1 Recap 3/2/06 - The Cult of Personality

OU Daily 2/28/06 'Runway' in Review

Television Without Pity 2/28/06 Reunion

Reality News Online 2/28/06 Project Jay - A Documentary: His Life After Project Runway

People 2/28/06 Project Runway's Tim Gunn

Fans of Reality TV 2/26/06 Project Runway Let's Get Drunk and Run With Scissors

Reality News Online 2/27/06 Project Runway 2, Episode 12: The Reunion Show 2/27/06 Project Runway’s Big Gunn: Part Two 2/27/06 Project Runway’s Big Gunn

Detroit Free Press 2/27/06 Michigan's Daniel Vosovic is the genial, nice-guy finalist on Bravo's hit reality series, 'Project Runway'

Seattle PI 2/27/06 Seattle viewers will be front and center for 'Project Runway' finale

Fans of Reality TV 2/24/06 Project Jay Captain Blobular's Adventures in Fashion

Reality TV Calendar 2/23/06 Season One Winner Project Jay Special Recap

Celebrity Spider 2/23/06 Bravo Launches on iTunes With Project Runway

Reality TV Calendar 2/23/06 Catching Up And Confrontations: Episode 12 Recap

Reality Shack 2/23/06 Sew Mean! - Project Runway 2, Reunion Special

Reality News Online 2/22/06 Who's In and Who's Out: Project Runway 2, Episode 11 2/22/06 'Runway' winner Jay, keeping it real

Salt Lake Tribune 2/22/06 'Project Runway' winner tries to make it in the real world

Hollywood Reporter 2/22/06 Project Jay

Time Out New York 2/22/06 Clothes combat

NY Times 2/22/06 Fashion's Reality Star Faces the Real Thing

Television Without Pity 2/21/06 What's Your Line

Chicago Tribune 2/21/06 Jay McCarroll's got a 'Project'

Fans of Reality TV 2/19/06 Project Runway - Interview with Kara Janx

Reality News Online 2/20/06 Project Runway 2, Episode 11: And Then There Were Three 2/19/06 Fab Four become a Bore

Courier Post 2/19/06 'Project Jay' offers intimate update on 'Runway' star

Fans of Reality TV 2/17/06 Project Runway Bad Boys Like Goldfish

Reality Shack 2/17/06 Hanging on By a Thread - Project Runway 2, Episode 11

Reality TV Calendar 2/16/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Feb. 16th

Reality TV Calendar 2/16/06 Line Dancing To Olympus Fashion Week: Feb. 15th Recap

Sun Sentinel. 2/16/06 Runway finale: Oh, the drama!

Milwaukee Journal 2/16/06 Jay just 'gigunda' as high-style superstar 2/15/06 Reality TV makes former Lowell resident a style star

Reality News Online 2/15/06 Who's In and Who's Out: Project Runway 2, Episode 10

Star Ledger 2/15/06 Walking the walk

Reality News Online 2/13/06 Project Runway 2, Episode 10: Project Runway Meets The Swan

Chicago Tribune 2/13/06 `Project Runway' faces glare of New York

Television Without Pity 2/13/06 Makeover

Baltimore Sun 2/12/06 Off the 'Runway' and down to earth

Reuters 2/10/06 TV's "Project Runway" wraps at Fashion Week show

Reality TV Calendar 2/10/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Feb. 10th

Jam! 2/10/06 'Project Runway' on the real catwalk

Fans of Reality TV 2/9/06 2/8 Recap The Devil Wore Madras

Reality Shack 2/9/06 5 Get a Makeover and 1 Gets the Boot - Project Runway 2, Episode 10 2/9/06 - Who Needs the Grammy's when You've Got Heidi?

Reality News Online 2/9/06 Who's IN and Who's Out? Project Runway 2, Episode 9

Reality TV Calendar 2/9/06 Made Up and Shot Down: Feb. 8th Recap

The Echo 2/9/06 'Runway' makes viewers burst at the seams

Brown and White 2/8/06 Project Runway: Allentown woman designs on reality TV 2/8/06 Talking about Santino, 'Sex,' & 'Mother'

Television Without Pity 2/7/06 Flower Power

Celebrity Spider 2/6/06 Project Runway Extended to Include Reunion Special and Two Week Finale

Reality News Online 2/6/06 Project Runway 2, Episode 9: What Happened To The Flowers?

Fans of Reality TV 2/5/06 Project Runway: The FORT's Interview With Andrae Gonzalo

Celebrity Spider 2/3/06 Project Runway Redesigns the Ratings With 2.3 Million Viewers

Reality Shack 2/2/06 Designers Forced to Have a 'Field' Day - Project Runway 2, Episode 9

Fans of Reality TV 2/2/06 2/1 Recap Mow Me, Rake Me, Trim My Blades 2/2/06 - Tim, kiss your LOBSTER goodbye!

Reality TV Calendar 2/2/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Feb. 2nd

Reality News Online 2/1/06 Who’s In and Who’s Out: Project Runway 2, Episode 8

Celebrity Spider 1/31/06 Bravo Launches Project Runway and Queer Eye Ring Tones and Wallpaper

San Diego Tribune 1/31/06 'Runway's' reality is cut from a different cloth

Reality News Online 1/30/06 Project Runway 2, Episode 8: Here Comes Da Ja… Ja… Jay Judge

Television Without Pity 1/30/06 Inspiration

Fans of Reality TV 1/28/06 Project Runway Karma's A Bitch

Reality Shack 1/26/06 You Reap What You Sew - Project Runway 2, Episode 8 1/26/06 - Hey! You stole my Model!! (stomping foot)

Reality TV Calendar 1/26/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Jan. 26th

Reality News Online 1/25/06 Who’s In and Who’s Out: Project Runway 2, Episode 7

Fans of Reality TV 1/24/06 Rootie Tootie Fresh & Fruity!

Television Without Pity 1/24/06 On Thin Ice

Reality News Online 1/23/06 Project Runway 2, Episode 7: Give Me A Wild Turkey on Ice

Celebrity Spider 1/21/06 Project Runway Breaks Series Ratings Record

Always Reality Television 1/20/05 Project Runway, Ep. 6: It's Like Night And Day... Banana Republic Challenge

GW Hatchet 1/19/06 GW alumna sews until she's cut from Bravo's latest hit

Reality Shack 1/19/06 Go Figure? - Project Runway 2, Episode 7 1/19/06 By The Hair On His Chinnie-Chin-Chin

Reality TV Calendar 1/19/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Jan. 19th

Reality News Online 1/17/06 Who’s In and Who’s Out: Project Runway 2, Episode 6

Reality News Online 1/16/06 Project Runway 2, Episode 6: All Day And All Of The Night

Television Without Pity 1/16/06 Window Shopping

Fans of Reality TV 1/13/06 1/11 Recap How to Win Friends and Influence Bananas 1/13/06 - G'bye Dud and Dudder!

Reality Shack 1/12/06 Who Has the Most Banana Appeal? - Project Runway 2, Episode 6

Reality News Online 1/12/06 Project Jay - The Premiere, Finally!

Reality TV Calendar 1/12/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Jan. 12th

Journal Now 1/11/06 Dressed for Success

Reality News Online 1/10/06 Who’s In and Who’s Out: Project Runway 2, Episode 5

Click 2 Houston 1/10/06 Houstonian Struts Stuff In 'Project Runway'

Reality News Online 1/9/06 Project Runway 2, Episode 5: We're Having A Party

Metro 1/9/06 First Project Runway haunts new season

Jam! 1/8/06 Austin Scarlett on the runway

Fans of Reality TV 1/7/06 Project Runway: Recap of Episode 5

Television Without Pity 1/6/06 Social Scene

Reality TV Calendar 1/6/06 Make Her Something Pretty: Episode 5 Recap

Reality Shack 1/5/06 Darling Nicky - Project Runway 2, Episode 5

Celebrity Spider 1/5/06 Project Runway Special "Project Jay" to Air February 22 on Bravo

Reality TV Calendar 1/5/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Jan. 5th

Reality TV Calendar 12/30/05 Daniel Franco Was Robbed

Reality TV Calendar 12/29/05 Coming Together, Falling Apart: Episode 4 Recap

Reality News Online 12/29/05 Who's In and Who's Out: Project Runway 2, Episode 4

Express Times 12/29/05 Bravo to local fashion designer

Television Without Pity 12/27/05 Team Lingerie

Dominican Today 12/27/05 Designing woman walks runway

Fans of Reality TV 12/26/05 Out of Chaos Comes Beauty

Reality News Online 12/26/05 Project Runway 2, Episode 4: Lederhosen and Lace

Houston Business Journal 12/26/05 Designing woman walks runway

Reality TV Calendar 12/22/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Dec. 22nd

Reality Shack 12/22/05 Can You Bare It? - Project Runway 2, Episode 4

Reality News Online 12/21/05 Who’s In and Who’s Out: Project Runway 2, Episode 3

Television Without Pity 12/20/05 All Dolled Up

Reality News Online 12/19/05 Project Runway 2, Episode 3: Barbie Hits the Runway

Reality TV Calendar 12/18/05 Toying with Talent: Episode 3 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 12/18/05 Revamp and Replay: Episode 2 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 12/18/05 Only Time Will Tell: Episode 1 Recap

Fans of Reality TV 12/17/05 Project Runway: Primpin' My Wackety Wack Hoochie Doll

The Trades 12/16/05 Project Runway - The Complete First Season 12/16/05 Project Runway's Back! I'm as giddy as a school-girl

Reality TV Calendar 12/15/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Dec. 15th

Reality Shack 12/15/05 All Dolled Up - Project Runway 2, Episode 3

Reality TV Calendar 12/14/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of Dec. 14th

Television Without Pity 12/14/05 Clothes Off Your Back

Reality News Online 12/14/05 Who’s In and Who’s Out: Project Runway 2, Episode 2

Reality News Online 12/14/05 Who's In and Who's Out: Project Runway 2, Episode 1

Reality News Online 12/13/05 What’s In and what’s Out: Important Lessons for ‘Project Runway’ Designers

Seattle PI 12/13/05 'Project Runway' is appealing by design

Reality News Online 12/12/05 Project Runway 2, Episode 2: You Are What You Wear

Reality News Online 12/12/05 Project Runway 2, Episode 1: Who Are You?

Television Without Pity 12/12/05 Clothes Off Your Back

MSNBC 12/11/05 ‘Runway’ wears its second season well

Celebrity Spider 12/10/05 Season Two of Project Runway Peaks at More Than One Million Viewers

Fans of Reality TV 12/10/05 12/7 Part Two Recap With All This Crying, I Hope Nothing Shrinks

Fans of Reality TV 12/10/05 12/7 Part One Recap 96 Yards of Muslin, One Gorgeous Dress

Washington Post 12/9/05 Baggage on the 'Runway'

Reality Shack 12/8/05 How Far Would You Go For Fashion? - Project Runway 2, Episode 2

Reality Shack 12/8/05 The First Cut is the Deepest - Project Runway 2, Premiere

Celebrity Spider 12/7/05 Project Runway Sued Again

Reality TV Calendar 12/7/05 Let The Cutting Begin!

USA Today 12/7/05 Bravo for 'Project Runway'

Boston Globe 12/7/05 'Project Runway' returns in style with a colorful cast

Hartford Courant 12/7/05 'Project Runway,' Only Cable Reality Show Worth Watching, Returns

Television Without Pity 12/7/05 Fashion Week

Reality News Online 12/6/05 Project Runway 2 – Is Project Runway A Knock-Off? Plus, More Designer and Model Info

NY Times 12/6/05 Another Catwalk for Fashion Series

Television Without Pity 12/6/05 Reunion Show

Heraldnet 12/5/05 Fashion reality TV show focuses on real talent

The Charlotte Observer 12/2/05 Revel in `Runway,' root for local gal

Entertainment Weekly 12/2/05 Sew Catty!

MSNBC 12/1/05 Fashion reality show returns to the ‘Runway’

Media Week 12/1/05 Elle Debuts Project Runway Mag

Celebrity Spider 11/24/05 Heidi Klum Sued Over Project Runway Rights

Mercury News 11/23/05 Man sues over Bravo show 'Project Runway'

Television Without Pity 11/23/05 Making A Splash

Television Without Pity 11/19/05 Collaboration

Reality News Online 11/17/05 Project Runway 2 – The Premiere, the Designers, and the Scoops

Television Without Pity 11/10/05 Commercial Appeal

Television Without Pity 11/7/05 Vision

Television Without Pity 11/4/05 Innovation

Celebrity Spider 11/3/05 Project Runway to Premiere With Back to Back Episodes December 7th

Celebrity Spider 10/11/05 Bravo Announces New Season of Project Runway
Celebrity Spider 10/11/05 Official Sponsors Announced for Project Runway

Reality TV World 10/4/05 Bravo reveals 'Project Runway 2' cast info, series to premiere December 7

Reality TV World 10/3/05 Bravo's 'Project Runway 2' to premiere December 7

Zap2It 10/3/05 Bravo Returns to 'Runway' in December

Celebrity Spider 9/16/05 Heidi Klum to Wear Project Runway Winner's Creation

Reality News Online 9/14/05 Project Runway Tidbits, Gossip, and News

Variety 7/17/05 Fremantle builds worldwide 'Runway'

Celebrity Spider 7/16/05 Bravo Follows Project Runway Winner With Documentary "Project Jay"

Jam! 6/26/05 Heidi Klum's top man

Jam! 6/19/05 McCarroll dishes on the designer dirt

Celebrity Spider 6/7/05 Heidi Klum Slams Flow Row Accusations

Celebrity Spider 5/31/05 Elizabeth Hurley, Elle MacPherson Battle for UK Project Runway

MSNBC 5/27/05 ‘Project Runway’ will return in fall

Celebrity Spider 5/11/05 Heidi Klum and Seal are Man and Wife

Reality TV World 5/11/05 'Project Runway' hostess Heidi Klum marries singer Seal in Mexico

Maine Today 5/5/05 A good idea from reality TV. Really 4/30/05 'Runway' winner was designed to succeed

NY Daily News 4/14/05 Designer rants get pretty ugly

Reality TV World 4/12/05 Bravo announces 'Project Runway 2' casting calls, series likely to premiere in late 2005

Zap2It 4/7/05 Casting Begins for 'Runway,' 'Hunters'

Press Release 4/6/05 Casting Call - Project Runway

Celebrity Spider 3/21/05 Bravo and Miramax Television to Launch a Second Season of Project Runway

Reality TV World 3/21/05 Bravo orders 'Project Runway 2', series to air later this year

Zap2It 3/21/05 Bravo Heads Back to the 'Runway'

Reality TV World 3/2/05 Project Runway - Finale episode summary

Reality News Online 3/2/05 Project Runway: Lay Off of Wendy Pepper

Reality News Online 2/28/05 Project Runway, Episode 11: Grand Finale - And the Winner Is!

News Sentinel 2/28/05 Talent gives 'Runway' touch of reality

NY Daily News 2/27/05 Reality Bites

Fans of Reality TV 2/25/05 Finale, Part Two - The Sandal Scandal

Fans of Reality TV 2/25/05 Finale, Part One - Stressed Out Souls 2/25/05 Smalltown designer wins big on ' Project Runway' 2/24/05 2/24: Goodbye, Project Runway! You were FAB!

Boston Globe 2/24/05 'Project Runway' comes in for a predictable landing

Reality TV World 2/24/05 Jay McCarroll wins first 'Project Runway', but popular series' future uncertain

NBCUMV 2/24/05 Over 2 Million Viewers Tuned In To Watch Jay McCarroll Win Bravo's Hit Series "Project Runway" Contest

Charlotte Observer 2/24/05 Talent gives `Runway' touch of reality 2/24/05 Pa.'s Jay sews up a 'Runway' win

Asbury Park Press 2/23/05 Rutgers graduate among the finalists in "Project Runway" competition

NY Daily News 2/23/05 Clawing their way to the top

Media Week 2/21/05 Bravo's Project Runway in Limbo

Reality News Online 2/21/05 Project Runway, A Special Episode 10: The Designers Return

Post Dispatch 2/20/05 'Project Runway' gets reality honors

Newsweek 2/20/05 Catwalks and Catfights 2/19/05 Dish, Swish and a British Snit-Fit!

Fans of Reality TV 2/18/05 Designing While Intoxicated on Project Drunkway

Reality TV Calendar 2/17/05 Runway Marathon Promises To Win You Over!

Boston Globe 2/17/05 'Project Runway' is true to form

Chicago Tribune 2/16/05 'Project Runway' is in style

Plain Dealer 2/16/05 'Runway' takes off as reality hit for Bravo

NY Times 2/16/05 Hemlines on the Stand: A Design-Off for Fashion Glory

The Advocate 2/14/05 Austin-tatious

TV Week 2/14/05 'Project' Funway

Reality News Online 2/14/05 Project Runway, Episode 9: The Final Runway

The Union 2/10/05 Area woman's son eliminated on reality show

Fans of Reality TV 2/10/05 Drama Trumps Talent 2/10/05 - 2/9: How the Grammy's ruined the final three!

Salon 2/9/05 Hot couture

Times Herald-Record 2/7/05 Backstage at the 'Runway'

Reality News Online 2/6/05 Project Runway: Episode 8 - You've Got Mail

Sign On San Diego 2/5/05 'Project Runway' takes off at New York Fashion Week

NY Daily News 2/5/05 'Runway's' next fashion victim

Charlotte Observer 2/4/05 Designer slips in 'Project Runway'

NBCMV 2/4/05 Bravo's 'Project Runway' A Runaway Hit As Ratings Continue To Break Network Records

Fans of Reality TV 2/4/05 Oh Austin, It Had To Be You 2/3/05 - 2/2: Let's Go Postal!

NBCMV 2/2/05 Bravo's 'Project Runway' Extended With A Special Episode And A Two-Hour Finale 2/2/05 'Project Runway' a boost for Phila. U. grad

Reality News Online 1/30/05 Project Runway, Episode 7: Guess Whose Design Looks Like Cat Vomit?

Dallas Morning News 1/27/05 'Project Runway's' drama queen

Fans of Reality TV 1/27/05 In the Future, Hazmat is Sexy

Slate 1/25/05 Absolutely Fabulous

Reality News Online 1/24/05 Project Runway, Episode 6: Splish, Splash

Fans Of Reality TV 1/21/05 Project Runway Episode 1/19/05 - Not-So-Adult Swim

Fans of Reality TV 1/18/05 The Wedding Bell Blues...and Greens...and Fuschias....

Reality News Online 1/17/05 Project Runway, Episode 5: Wedding Stress 1/13/05 - 1/12: BRAVO's Project Runway--Bridezilla!

Reality News Online 1/12/05 Project Runway, Episode 4: Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Reality TV World 1/11/05 Bravo's 'Project Runway' hits ratings highs with fourth episode

Reality News Online 1/11/05 Project Runway Episode 3: Banana Republicans

Fans of Reality TV 1/7/05 The Case of the Purloined Pattern Piece

Reality News Online 1/6/05 Project Runway Episode 2: Green with Envy

Reality News Online 1/6/05 Project Runway, Episode 1: Supermarket Sweep

Post Gazette 12/12/04 'Project Runway' is a labor of love for Heidi Klum, aspiring designers

Guardian 12/11/04 Runway success

Fans Of Reality TV 12/9/04 Project Runway: It's Just To Dye For

People 12/7/04 Heidi Klum: Reality TV Mogul?

The Union 12/4/04 Chance to shine - Local woman's son competing in Bravo's new reality TV show

Washington Post 12/3/04 'Project Runway': From Produce Aisle To Banana Republic

Fans Of Reality TV 12/2/04 I'm Too Sexy For My Tin Foil

Village Voice 12/2/04 Bravo's Project Runway

Boston Globe 12/1/04 'Project Runway' is a fabulous take on reality TV

NY Daily News 12/1/04 For this contest, life's a stitch

Hartford Courant 12/1/04 Good Start For Cheshire Fashion Designer On Reality Show

Advocate 12/1/04 Bravo premieres Project Runway on December 1

Miami Herald 11/30/04 Heidi's reality on the runway

Zap2It 11/28/04 New Designers Hit 'Project Runway'

Knox News 11/24/04 Reality TV turns its attention to fashion designers

Reality TV World 11/23/04 Bravo's Heidi Klum-hosted 'Project Runway' fashion design competition to premiere December 1

Contact Music 9/2/04 Klum Lands TV Show

Baltimore Sun 7/1/04 Reality TV meets fashion design in new Bravo show planned for fall

Fashion Gates 5/27/04 Cotton, Inc., and L'Oreal to Sponsor “Project Runway” 5/24/04 Banana Republic Sponsors New Reality TV Show


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