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News Articles about PlayStation 3


Digital Spy 1/13/11 PSP 2 'available as soon as October'

Digital Spy 12/14/10 'Mass Effect 2' demo for PS3 next week

Digital Spy 12/3/10 Sony releases TV with built-in PS2 console

Digital Spy 11/30/10 PlayStation Move sells 4.1m units worldwide

Digital Spy 11/25/10 PlayStation Phone for December reveal?
Digital Spy 10/27/10 PlayStation Phone details 'appear online'

Digital Spy 4/6/10 'Just Cause 2' remains PS3 number one

CNet 2/5/10 Sony still losing on every PlayStation 3 it sells

Digital Spy 11/23/09 Sony boss predicts PS3 sales to top 13m

Digital Spy 9/22/09 Sony plans PS2 push on PSN

Digital Spy 9/7/09 Sony PS3 Slim sales increase 1000%

Digital Spy 8/19/09 Sony: 'PS2 compatibility is off the table'

Digital Spy 8/12/09 PS3 shortages point to slim console

Digital Spy 8/12/09 'Doom' creator: 'PS4 will hit market first'

Digital Spy 8/2/09 PlayStation 2 outsells PS3, PSP

Digital Spy 8/1/09 PS3 production costs down by 70%

Digital Spy 7/8/09 No full games-on-demand for PS3

Digital Spy 7/4/09 Tecmo Koei backs PS3 price cut

Digital Spy 7/1/09 PS3 Slim 'in production'

Digital Spy 6/30/09 Analyst: 'PS3 to surpass Xbox 360 by 2015'

Digital Spy 6/29/09 PlayStation Home essential for PS3 games

NY Daily News 6/16/09 'InFamous' electrifies Playstation 3 video gamers
Digital Spy 6/15/09 PlayStations pose prison security risk

SirLinksalotShop 5/28/09 New "Greatest Hits" Titles for Playstation 3 Available June 16

Dallas Morning News 12/20/08 PlayStation 3 console sales lag behind the competition

SirLinksalotShop 12/19/08 Guitar Hero World Tour Playstation/XBox Game to Feature Superstar Performers

Digital Spy 11/15/08 PlayStation 3 keypad released next month
Digital Spy 11/3/08 Japanese PS3 sales at all-time low

Digital Spy 10/30/08 PS2 to be open platform in Europe

Digital Spy 10/7/08 'FIFA 09' debuts at top of PS3 chart
Digital Spy 9/29/08 Xbox 360 outsells PS3 in Japan

Digital Spy 9/29/08 Thousands of PS3 games stolen in heist
Digital Spy 9/18/08 PS3's 'Life' officially launches

Digital Spy 9/16/08 'Mercenaries 2' remains PS3 number one
Digital Spy 9/5/08 Microsoft: 'Xbox 360 will outsell PS3'
Digital Spy 9/3/08 Sony announces new PS3 wireless headset

Digital Spy 9/1/08 PS3 news and weather service 'delayed'
Digital Spy 9/1/08 PS3 bundles will not be released in UK
Toronto Star 8/30/08 PlayStation ratchets up the action

Digital Spy 8/29/08 Sony: 'PS3 will never make us a profit'

Digital Spy 8/29/08 Two new PS3 bundles unveiled
Digital Spy 8/28/08 Sony: 'More free PS3 services planned'

Digital Spy 8/26/08 Sony: 'Games more important than PS3 price'
Digital Spy 8/21/08 Leipzig: New 160GB PS3 out in October

Digital Spy 8/21/08 Leipzig: Sony unveils free PS3 music videos

Digital Spy 8/20/08 PS3 'BioShock' release date confirmed

Digital Spy 8/19/08 'Beijing 2008' lands PS3 top spot
Digital Spy 8/19/08 PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 'out by 2011'
Digital Spy 8/18/08 Sony: 'No PS3 price cut at Leipzig'
Digital Spy 8/14/08 Sony confirms PS3 Freeview PlayTV price
Digital Spy 8/12/08 Sony: 'PS2 will be ahead of Wii in 2011' 8/1/08 Bare Knuckles: Sony's PlayStation 3 clearly found its place
Digital Spy 7/30/08 Sony PS3 sales surge ahead
MarketWatch 7/18/08 PlayStation 3 gets boost from 'Metal Gear' 7/18/08 Sony's Playstation 3 Regains 1st Place Over Xbox
Digital Spy 7/17/08 PS3 Home to enjoy joint US and UK launch
PSX Extreme 7/11/08 Half-Life 2: Episode 3 Set For PS3
AFP 7/11/08 Sony says to put virtual ads in PlayStation 3 games
Sky News 7/1/08 Change On Way For PlayStation
The Daily Telegraph 7/1/08 Thugs steal disabled boy's PlayStation 3
Xinhua 6/27/08 Playstation 3 a $3.3 bln loser for Sony
IDG 6/27/08 Sony announces PlayStation 3 movie download service
Gamasutra 6/24/08 Metal Gear Undisturbed At Top Of UK Charts
G4 TV 6/24/08 PlayStation 3 Cost Sony $3.3 Billion
Rolling Stone 6/19/08 Gadget Envy: Sony PlayStation 3 Metal Gear Solid 4 Bundle
Spong 6/19/08 PlayStation 3 Owners Average Over 44 Years Old
Network World 6/17/08 Google coming to PlayStation Portable 6/17/08 Sony PlayStation 3 struggles to find support in games console war India 6/13/08 Metal Gear Solid 4 Launched for PS3
Next Generation 6/13/08 Analyst: PS3 to Outpace 360 in June
Wired 6/5/08 PlayStation 3 Red Alert 3 'Put On Hold'
Ad Week 6/5/08 In-Game Ads Head to PlayStation 3
I4U News 6/3/08 New Sony Playstation Eye Bundle for PS3
Belfast Telegraph 6/3/08 Playstation 3 ‘uses five times more energy than a fridge’
Gamezine 5/30/08 PS3 on 'life support' during troubled launch
Game Reviews 5/30/08 BioShock Coming to PS3 This November
VNUNet 5/16/08 PlayStation 2 outselling PlayStation 3
SoCalTech 5/13/08 DivX Ports To Playstation 3

Crave 5/13/08 Six reasons you shouldn't use the PS3 as your Blu-ray player
Bloomberg 5/13/08 IBM PlayStation 3 Chips Power Business Supercomputers
TGDaily 5/9/08 Playstation 3 nabs 40% of Grand Theft Auto IV
New Zealand Herald 5/9/08 A glimpse into PlayStation 3's future
GameSlave 5/7/08 PlayStation 3 Now Leads Xbox 360 in Europe
CEPro 5/6/08 10 Reasons the PlayStation 3 Should Be Your Blu-ray Player
STL Today 5/6/08 Rock Band expansion pack coming for PlayStation 2, Wii
Total Video Games 5/6/08 TVG reports on the events of Sony's PlayStation Day in London
Miami Herald 5/1/08 Was teenager tortured over PlayStation?

Total Video Games 5/1/08 Father Of PlayStation Finds a New Job News

DailyTech 4/30/08 PlayStation 3 Cooling System Evolves Lighter, More Efficient

PC Advisor 4/29/08 Sony launches Bronze PlayStation Portable pack

Digital Spy 4/25/08 Analyst: 'GTA IV will sell more on PS3'

Digital Spy 4/23/08 Sony confirms official 'GTA IV' PS3 pack

USA Today 4/22/08 Sony again delays 'Home' for PlayStation 3

LA Times 4/22/08 Sony to launch online video service for PlayStation 3

Digital Spy 4/22/08 PS3 film service 'in negotiations'

Toronto Star 4/19/08 Get ready to feel Blu, PS3 owners

PS3 News 4/18/08 Sony Explains Sluggish PS3 Sales For March

CNN Money 4/17/08 Microsoft Xbox Sales Beat Sony PlayStation 3 In March

Digital Spy 4/17/08 PSP golf game boasts 16-player online mode

Bloomberg 4/17/08 Nintendo's Wii Keeps Lead in U.S Game Console Sales

Digital Spy 4/16/08 Official PS3 iPlayer is announced

Digital Spy 4/14/08 BBC iPlayer now available on PS3

Digital Spy 4/12/08 PlayStation Store revamp 'next Tuesday'

IGN 4/10/08 MGS4 PS3 Coming to America

Digital Spy 4/10/08 BBC: 'Wii beat Xbox and PS3 to iPlayer'

Digital Spy 4/10/08 'GTA IV' PS3 bundle is confirmed

Digital Spy 4/8/08 PS3 to offer downloadable movies in 2008

Dallas Morning News 4/8/08 Disc debuts: Dualshock 3 controller for PlayStation 3

Digital Spy 4/5/08 Analyst: 'Wii will dominate X360 and PS3'

Digital Spy 4/2/08 Xbox 360: '1m ahead of PS3 in the UK'

PC World 3/31/08 A Whole New PlayStation Store for PS3

Digital Spy 3/31/08 Xbox 360 and PS3 sales 'neck and neck'

MarketWatch 3/28/08 After slow start, PlayStation 3 may see big year

Digital Spy 3/25/08 PS3 firmware update available today

Charlotte Observer 3/24/08 PlayStation 3 builds momentum

WRAL 3/24/08 Sony Expands PlayStation Capabilities

Digital Spy 3/21/08 'Interactive movie' service unveiled for PS3

Digital Spy 3/19/08 PS3 manufacturer to build Xbox 360

Digital Spy 3/12/08 Analyst: '360 cut may force PS3 price drop'

Daily Tech 3/11/08 50 Percent of PlayStation 3 Owners Use Online Service

Strategy Page 3/9/08 Weaponizing PlayStation

Digital Spy 3/5/08 'Big change' to PS Network next month

Digital Spy 3/4/08 PS3 in-game communication announced

Digital Spy 3/3/08 Analyst: 'Wii owners want a PS3'

Hollywood Reporter 2/29/08 Wii powers past PS3 in Japan

Digital Spy 2/28/08 PS3 'Gran Turismo 5' bundle confirmed

Sydney Morning Herald 2/26/08 PlayStation tackles big questions

Digital Spy 2/26/08 Future PS3 titles to include in-game ads

Digital Spy 2/26/08 PS3's PlayTV 'will aid illegal piracy'

BBC 2/25/08 PlayStation veteran stepping down

MTV Multi Player 2/25/08 Phil Harrison Leaving Sony

Financial Post 2/21/08 Can PlayStation 3 retake gaming crown?

IGN 2/20/08 Insider At GDC 2008: Are Developers Making The Most Of The PS3?

IGN 2/19/08 How did PlayStation do last month in Japan?

MSNBC 2/15/08 Is 2008 the year of the PlayStation 3?

Digital Spy 2/15/08 PlayStation 3 'freeview' details revealed

IGN 2/14/08 Nyko Zero PS3 Controller Review

Digital Spy 2/13/08 PS3 outsells Xbox 360 as UK sales top 1m

Digital Spy 2/13/08 PS3 backwards compatibility to return?

Digital Spy 2/11/08 Cheaper PS3 chip raises price cut hopes

Digital Spy 2/8/08 Capello bans England from PlayStation

Orlando Sentinel 2/5/08 2 arrested in death over PlayStation

Daily Tech 2/5/08 Sony Still Considering Different PlayStation 3 SKU Options

Mac World 2/5/08 Sony announces budget PS3 games, silver PS3

Digital Spy 1/30/08 Sony to announce PS3 price drop?

Cnet 1/29/08 Cracking open the PlayStation 2

Digital Spy 1/29/08 Sony: 'No plans for 120GB PS3 in UK'

IGN 1/29/08 XCM XFPS RateUp Launched for PlayStation

IGN 1/22/08 FCC Leaks White PS3 for America

Bloomberg 1/22/08 Sony PlayStation 3 Europe Sales Climb on Price Cut

Digital Spy 1/22/08 Launch of white PlayStation 3 revealed

Digital Spy 1/22/08 Sony announces record UK PS3 sales

Digital Spy 1/18/08 Sony flooded with PS3 'SingStar' complaints

TG Daily 1/15/08 PC games playable on Playstation 3

Digital Spy 1/14/08 Download allows PC games to be played on PS3

Hollywood Reporter 1/11/08 Sony puts eggs in 40GB version of PS3

Digital Spy 1/9/08 Sat-nav unveiled for Portable PlayStation

IGN 1/8/08 PlayStation Portable to Offer Skype

Digital Spy 1/8/08 PSP Blu-ray could end UMD format

Digital Spy 1/7/08 Free voice calls confirmed for PSP Slim

Star Tribune 1/7/08 Sony sells 1.2 million PlayStation 3 machines in North America over holidays

Digital Spy 1/5/08 Digital Spy's Top PS3 games of 2008

Birmingham News 12/31/07 PlayStation 3 gets system update

CES 12/30/07 Sony Playstation 3 accessories

Laptop Logic 12/29/07 Nintendo DS Passes Sony Playstation 2 in Overall Japanese Sales

Macnn 12/24/07 iPhone PlayStation emulator goes public

Digital Spy 12/20/07 Leonardo DiCaprio to star in PS3 exclusive?

Digital Spy 12/19/07 PSP now able to play PSOne games

PC World 12/18/07 Playstation 3 Adds Blu-ray Profile 1.1 Support

Digital Spy 12/18/07 DS breaks PS2 UK sales record

Financial Times 12/14/07 US sales of PlayStation 3 leap by 300%

LA Times 12/12/07 Sony to link PS3 to other electronics

Digital Spy 12/12/07 Sony: 'Real price of PS3 is £614.98'

Digital Spy 12/12/07 Sony: 'PS3 sells 200,000 a week in Europe'

Bloomberg 12/11/07 Sony to Build PlayStation 3 Network to Increase Sales

Mobile Magazine 12/11/07 PlayStation Games Emulated On Apple iPhone

IGN 12/11/07 Nyko Announces PlayStation 3 Charge Base 2

Economic Times 12/5/07 Playstation 3: All work, all play

MTV 12/4/07 PSP Goes iPod

Digital Spy 12/4/07 Sony: 'PS3 failed to meet expectations'

ABC News 12/1/07 PlayStation 3 sales zoom after price cut

UPI 12/1/07 PlayStation 3 top game system in Japan

Digital Spy 11/30/07 Codemasters unveil new PS3 and Xbox racer

Digital Spy 11/29/07 Activision: PS3 will be £100 in two years

Digital Spy 11/28/07 Sony promises to double PSP battery life

Sydney Morning Herald 11/27/07 PlayStation a hacker's dream

Spong 11/27/07 Father Of Sony PlayStation Gets Lifetime Award

Yahoo! 11/27/07 Sony's PlayStation 3 Posts Sales Jump

San Jose Mercury News 11/27/07 Things to consider before buying the newest PlayStation 3

This is London 11/26/07 Playstation culture is killing the English game, insists Hammers hero Green

Trusted Reviews 11/26/07 PSP Slim & Lite Hits One Million Sales

Digital Spy 11/22/07 PS3 'doing as well' as the PS2, says Sony

Digital Spy 11/21/07 New Portable PlayStation store launched

Cleveland Plain Dealer 11/20/07 Sony cuts PlayStation 3's game development fees

PC World 11/19/07 PlayStation 3 celebrates first birthday

Games Radar 11/19/07 Pimp your PS3 with 10 brilliant themes

Sun Sentinel 11/18/07 PlayStation 3 camera watches, listens while you play 11/13/07 White 40GB PlayStation 3 arrives in Japan

Digital Spy 11/8/07 PS3 firmware update available today

Japan News Review 11/7/07 Sony releases limited edition deep red Playstation Portable

Gearlog 11/6/07 16-Year-Old's Playstation Privileges Revoked, Puts Hit on Parents

Yahoo! 11/6/07 Sony to launch new PlayStation 2 model in Japan

Chicago Daily Herald 11/5/07 If lightning strikes, drop the PlayStation

Hollywood Reporter 11/3/07 Wii outsells PS3 by wide margin in Japan

Digital Spy 11/2/07 New compact PlayStation 2 unveiled

Guardian 10/29/07 PlayStation 2 reaches ripe old age of seven

Daily Tech 10/29/07 Sony Boasts 120 Million PlayStation 2s Sold Over Seven Years

Digital Spy 10/26/07 PS3 to allow PC games to run on it

BBC 10/24/07 BBC Top Gear goes virtual on PS3

RTE 10/22/07 Sony launches US PlayStation 3 offensive

NY Times 10/19/07 Sony to Sell Its PlayStation Chip-Making Unit

CRN 10/19/07 Sony PS3 Price Cuts Intrigue Home Theatre Owners

Digital Spy 10/19/07 Gamers race to buy 60Gb PlayStation 3

Digital Spy 10/19/07 PS3 backwards compatibility "unimportant"

San Francisco Chronicle 10/18/07 Sony showing off new PlayStation with more memory

IGN 10/18/07 Pelican PlayStation 3 Charge Station

Digital Spy 10/18/07 E-tailer cuts price of PS3

Gaming Today 10/16/07 Playstation Eye Games and Release Date

MCV 10/15/07 Stringer: PlayStation network to “spread beyond consoles”

Digital Spy 10/16/07 PS3 sales surge by 178 per cent

Washington Post 10/11/07 Review: PlayStation Portable's Revamp

Digital Spy 10/11/07 Costly PS3 sees Capcom switch to Wii

Digital Spy 10/9/07 Publishers favouring Wii over PS3

The State 10/9/07 Sony cuts PlayStation 3 prices in Japan

Digital Spy 10/8/07 PS3 gamers feel cheated, admits Sony

Bloomberg 10/8/07 Sony Creates In-Game Advertising Unit for PlayStation

Digital Spy 10/8/07 40Gb PlayStation 3 is confirmed

Hollywood Reporter 10/8/07 Sony to put cheaper PS3 in play in U.S. next month

Toronto Star 10/6/07 Already have a PSP? You won't need new one

Digital Spy 10/4/07 Trade asks Sony to cut price of PS2

Digital Spy 10/3/07 PS3 UK price cut may be imminent

EuroGamer 10/2/07 Future to publish official US PlayStation magazine

Reuters 10/1/07 Wii Japan sales overwhelm PS3

Gamasutra 10/1/07 Pachter: 40Gb PlayStation 3 To Debut By Holidays?

Games Radar 10/1/07 PS2 does motion-sensitive gaming 9/28/07 Sony registers new Playstation 3 model with the FCC

CBS 9/27/07 Mouse Controller Available For PS3

Spong 9/25/07 Does This Label Mean a New PlayStation 3?

Digital Spy 9/25/07 PS2: A best-seller for two to three years

Digital Spy 9/24/07 PSP sales rocket following relaunch

The Australian 9/22/07 Sony plans to highlight Blu-ray in PlayStation 3 sales campaign

IGN 9/21/07 PlayStation 3 Eye Priced and Dated

Daily Tech 9/21/07 Sony Makes Japanese PlayStation Store Accessible by PC

Hollywood Reporter 9/21/07 Sony says it should hit PS3 target

BBC 9/20/07 2008 debut for PlayStation 3 Home

Digital Spy 9/19/07 PS3 to sell more games than Wii?

Digital Spy 9/18/07 Recharge the PS3 controller via USB port

CBS 9/17/07 UMBC, IBM Partner On PlayStation Processor 9/14/07 Could a $399 pricepoint save the Playstation 3? Not likely

Hollywood Reporter 9/13/07 Game getting tough between PS3 and Xbox

Daily Tech 9/10/07 Report: PlayStation 3 to Drop to $399 With 40GB Model

Digital Spy 9/7/07 Sony confirms new PS3 Starter Pack 9/7/07 Review: Singstar 90s

Digital Spy 9/5/07 Sony releases PS3 firmware update

Yahoo! News 9/4/07 Wii Outsells Sony PS3 Three to One

Digital Spy 8/31/07 Sony to launch ceramic white PS2 console

SF Gate 8/29/07 PlayStation 2 sports new look, keeps going

PC World 8/27/07 Old Faithful: PlayStation 2 Still Dominates PS3, Xbox 360

Digital Spy 8/24/07 Woolworths selling cut-price PS3 package

Game Spot 8/21/07 Atari Classics Evolve onto PSP

Kansas City Star 8/19/07 PlayStation 2 still rules video game market 8/17/07 Sony expanding Playstation recycling program

Digital Spy 8/17/07 Motion-sensing PS2 add-ons planned

Digital Spy 8/15/07 'Madden 08' is "sluggish" on PS3

Spong 8/14/07 The PlayStation 3 Is Indestructible

Digital Spy 8/10/07 Asda calls on Sony to cut PS3 price

Life Style Extra 8/8/07 Violent Playstation 3 Ad Banned

PC World 8/6/07 Sony Announces Availability of 80GB PlayStation 3

MTV 8/6/07 Sony Exec Talks New PSP's Upgrades, GPS Attachment, NYC Appeal And More

Digital Spy 8/3/07 Blu-ray is a great PS3 addition, says Sony

Digital Spy 8/2/07 PS3 to become fully-functional TV recorder

Digital Spy 8/1/07 PS3 is good value, claims Eidos US boss

Information Week 7/31/07 Company Sues Sony, Wants PlayStation 3s 'Impounded And Destroyed'
Scoop 7/31/07 Sony Announces Playstation®3 Starter Pack

Digital Spy 7/30/07 Sony signs exclusive Rockstar franchise

BBC 7/24/07 PlayStation 3 sales boost in US

Digital Spy 7/24/07 'WipeOut 2097' to relaunch PS3 Store

Kerching 7/23/07 £44,000 eBay Surprise For Playstation Fan

Digital Spy 7/20/07 Freeview TV planned for PS3

Digital Spy 7/20/07 Slimline PSP available early September

NZ Herald 7/19/07 The pricey but pretty clever PlayStation 3

FOX News 7/17/07 Sony Marks 60-Gigabyte PlayStation 3 for Death

Scientific American 7/17/07 Sony to launch cheaper PlayStation Portable

Digital Spy 7/17/07 PS3 'Starter Pack' alternative launched

Digital Spy 7/17/07 PS3 is failing, says Xbox 360 boss

Daily Record 7/14/07 No Price Cuts For PS Fans 

NY Times 7/14/07 Can Sony Revitalize Its Games? Yes, Maybe

Digital Spy 7/13/07 E3: Sony unveils new PS3 'Starter Pack'

Hollywood Reporter 7/12/07 Sony touts slimmer PSP at E3

MTV 7/12/07 Sony At E3: Chewbacca Helps Announce Revised PSP, PS3 Ready To Counter-Attack 'Halo'

BBC 7/10/07 Man robbed of Playstation console

Salon 7/9/07 Playstation 3: Do you care it's $100 cheaper?

Orlando Sentinel 7/9/07 PlayStation 3 price cut today, 80 GB version soon

Digital Spy 7/6/07 Sony to cut PS3 price later this month?

Digital Spy 7/5/07 Blu-ray soars thanks to PS3, says Sony

MTV 7/5/07 PlayStation 3 Is Good For Something: Blasting Asteroids In 'Super Stardust HD'

Digital Spy 7/2/07 PS3 top in Australia, second in Japan

Digital Spy 7/2/07 Press enjoy criticising PS3, says Ted Price

E Commerce Times 6/25/07 PSP Upgrade Puts Pedal to the Metal

Digital Spy 6/25/07 Mouse controls arrive for PlayStation 3

Bloomberg 6/22/07 Sony to Boost PlayStation 3 Game Lineup by March 2008

Digital Spy 6/21/07 PS3 to outsell Wii and 360, says SD

Digital Spy 6/20/07 PS3 rumble controller in development?

Chicago Sun-Times 6/19/07 Ken Kutaragi, father of Sony PlayStation, steps down

PC Advisor 6/18/07 Sony discusses PS3 price cut

Digital Spy 6/16/07 Sony boss to 'refine' PS3 price

Digital Trends 6/15/07 Playstation 3 Price Cut A Possibility

PC Advisor 6/13/07 Official PlayStation blog targets PS3 fans
Slashdot 6/11/07 Sony Launches Official PlayStation Blog

PC Advisors 6/11/07 Sony announces two new PlayStation 3 games

Digital Spy 6/10/07 Church may sue Sony over PS3 game

Digital Spy 6/8/07 PS3 hits one million in PAL regions 6/8/07 Sony's U.S. video-game unit cuts jobs as PlayStation 3 struggles against competition

Fox News 6/6/07 Nintendo's Wii Outsells Sony's PlayStation 3 Five-to-One in Japan

Digital Spy 6/4/07 PS3 sales 'exceeding expectations'

My Broadband 6/1/07 Playstation 3 Advertisement too violent

Spong 6/1/07 No PlayStation 3 Price Cuts - Official

PC World 5/31/07 PlayStation 3 as Business Tool?

Digital Spy 5/24/07 PS3 to offer HD upscaling from today

Spong 5/21/07 PlayStation 3 Sales Spike Following Sony Gamers’ Day

Digital Spy 5/21/07 Sony announces 80GB PlayStation 3

NY Times 5/18/07 In Game of Games, Wii Outshoots PlayStation

Technology News 5/17/07 PlayStation 3 drags heavily on Sony profits

Digital Spy 5/16/07 "PS3 price cut this summer" says analyst

LA Times 5/14/07 In consoles, the game isn't going Sony's way 5/11/07 PlayStation dispute leaves 1 man dead, 2 injured

NY Daily News 5/8/07 There goes the neighborhood

Scotsman 5/6/07 'Games over' as PlayStation hits the floor in school gyms

Digital Spy 5/2/07 Sony reveals plans for PlayStation 4

Yahoo! News 4/29/07 Playstation may have caused real life drama

Digital Spy 4/28/07 GAME refuses to stock 'Oblivion' on PS3

Media Guardian 4/27/07 Game over for creator of Sony PlayStation 4/32/07 Sony PlayStation Network reaches 1.3 million users

Washington Post 4/20/07 Sony reviewing PlayStation 3 pricing

Digital Spy 4/19/07 PlayStation 3 system update now available

BBC 4/18/07 PlayStation creator to cut jobs

Digital Spy 4/17/07 PlayStation 3 with larger hard drive to launch?

Digital Media Wire 4/13/07 Sony to Discontinue 20GB PlayStation 3, Focus on 60GB Model

Washington Post 4/9/07 Shops Drop 20GB PlayStation 3

Digital Spy 4/6/07 WH Smith announces PlayStation 3 price cut

Wandsworth Guardian 4/6/07 Man robbed for ‘must have’ Playstation

Tech 2 4/5/07 Sony's PlayStation 3 in Race Against Time

Digital Spy 4/4/07 Sony drops price of Portable PlayStation

Eurogamer 4/2/07 PlayStation 3 banned from clink(News)

Washington Post 3/30/07 Sony planning 80GB version of PlayStation 3

ITV 3/28/07 PlayStation3 banned from jails

Game Info Wire 3/28/07 Datel Unveils New Playstation 3 Accessories

Entertainmentwise 3/28/07 Playstation 3 UK Launch Breaks All Records

Digital Spy 3/27/07 Latest charts dominated by PS3

Games Industry 3/26/07 Not all territories will get PlayStation Store, says Sony

Daily Record 3/24/07 Videogame Fans Come Out To Play 

Digital Spy 3/23/07 PlayStation 3 launch line-up 3/23/07 PS3 fans soak up $20m sale

BBC 3/23/07 Man kills friend over PlayStation

BBC 3/23/07 Woman attacked for Playstation 3

Yahoo! News 3/23/07 Gamers finally grab ahold of Playstation 3 consoles

Guardian Unlimited 3/23/07 PlayStation 3 gets off to a feeble start in Australia, media exposed

Digital Spy 3/23/07 PS3 selling faster than Xbox 360 in US

New Zealand Herald 3/23/07 It's here at last - the $1200 toy

Digital Spy 3/21/07 Upgrade enables PS3 to run PS2 games

USA Today 3/20/07 Sony, Microsoft battle for control of your living room

Manchester Evening News 3/19/07 Midnight rush for PlayStation 3

icWales 3/19/07 Console wars set to erupt as new PlayStation appears

Ananova 3/19/07 Sony Gets Set For Game Console War

MTV 3/15/07 Is That PS3 Gonna Help Cure Cancer? Actually, It Could ...

Cnet 3/15/07 PS3 power requested for research project

MTV 3/12/07 Multiplayer: Is It Really A Game? Sony Exec Answers PS3 Home Questions

Stuff 3/12/07 Sony unveils virtual PlayStation world

Glasgow Daily Record 3/12/07 PS....We're Furious

USA Today 3/9/07 Sony to cut costs for European PlayStation 3 by removing chip

Media Guardian 3/8/07 PS3 makes ad play via video-on-demand

MTV 3/7/07 Sony Unveils Big PS3 Secret: Gamers Get To Go 'Home'

NY Times 3/7/07 Sony to Add Online Bells and Whistles for PlayStation 3

Post Gazette 3/5/07 Sony removes PlayStation 3 backward compatibility for Europe

New Zealand Herald 3/5/07 NZ gets PlayStation 2.5 while Americans get real deal

Guardian 3/1/07 PlayStation 3 loses all Emotion in Europe

Hollywood Reporter 3/1/07 Sony hoping to 'catch up' with its PS3s

Daily News 2/26/06 Central Oregon buyers lost on PlayStation 3 gamble

Telegraph 2/25/07 Playstation fans look back in anger

Digital Spy 2/23/07 PlayStation 3 UK specification announced

Sydney Morning Herald 2/16/07 Harvey Norman removes 'fake' PlayStation

Guardian 2/15/07 PlayStation 3 disaster -- Sony to outsource Cell

Halifax Today 2/12/07 PlayStation makes £1 go a long way

Personal Computer World 2/9/07 Review: Sony Playstation 3 console

Globe and mail 2/5/07 How a PlayStation speculator misread the market and lost

PC World 2/5/07 PlayStation 2 outsells PlayStation 3 in Japan

News Gazette 2/4/07 IBM taps local researchers to turn PlayStation 3 chip to science

Dallas Morning News 2/3/07 Review: PlayStation 3 remote control

The Register 1/29/07 Sony to slash PS3 price by 25%

GameSpot 1/29/07 Bloomberg: Sony profits could fall 50 percent

The Australian 1/29/07 PlayStation hard to sell

Gulf Daily News 1/27/07 PlayStation 3 to go on sale in Mideast in March

Sydney Morning Herald 1/25/07 Local PlayStation launch in March

Guardian 1/25/07 In rip-off Britain, PlayStation 3 will cost $835

Digital Trends 1/22/07 Orb Pumps Media to the PlayStation 3

Pensacola News Journal 1/22/07 PlayStation 3 easy to find now that Wii is top seller

Infoworld 1/19/07 PlayStation 3 has worst week of sales since launch

Contra Costa Times 1/19/07 PlayStation 3: Pricey letdown

Hollywood Reporter 1/18/07 Sony insists it's on schedule for PS3 shipments

Popular Mechanics 1/17/07 The Mystery of the Blinking PlayStation 3: Tech Clinic Investigates

Red Orbit 1/14/07 Older PlayStation Outsells Newcomers

USA Today 1/11/07 PlayStation 3 likely missed sales target

Bloomberg 1/8/07 Sony Meets Goal for Shipping 1 Million PlayStation 3s

Sioux City Journal 1/6/07 PlayStation profit goes to the dog

Honolulu Advertiser 12/31/06 Big Island man attacked with baseball bat over Playstation 3

Charlotte Observer 12/24/06 Trade a baby for PlayStation 3?

MTV 12/18/06 PlayStation Exec Talks Shaky '06, Reveals Plans For New Gaming Feature

Yahoo 12/18/06 Woman Attacked At Home For Playstation 3

LA Daily News 12/17/06 PlayStation 3 arrives loaded with promise

Extreme Tech 12/15/06 PlayStation 3 Losers Need to Get a Life

Gwinnett Daily Post 12/15/06 It might be best to wait to buy PlayStation 3 next year

Chicago Sun Times 12/14/06 Sony gives green light to PlayStation 3 sets

Kiplinger 12/14/06 Sony Keeps PlayStation 3 Shipment Target

Charlotte Observer 12/11/06 Former N.C. sheriff's deputy charged in death of teen during raid

Playstatic 12/11/06 Playstation 3 issues resolved

Digit Magazine 12/11/06 Blu-ray drive annoys PlayStation 3 buyers

Chicago Tribune 12/8/06 Sony PlayStation 3 misses sales target

Washington Post 12/7/06 Blu-ray DVD drive no bonus for some PS3 buyers

San Francisco Chronicle 12/4/06 Suspect in PlayStation 3 Robbery Killed

PC World 12/3/06 Review: Sony PlayStation 3

The Register 12/1/06 Sony management shuffle dooms PlayStation 4?

Boston Globe 12/1/06 Third suspect charged in PlayStation shooting

Daily Tech 12/3/06 Man Shot for PlayStation 3 Tells Story

PC World 12/1/06 PlayStation 3 Sales Drop Sharply On Low Supply

LA Times 12/1/06 Sony replaces president of PlayStation unit

Hollywood Reporter 12/1/06 A new level for the father of PlayStation

Jam! 11/29/06 PS3 back in stock for Christmas

Seattle Times 11/27/06 PlayStation 3 shipments short
DDT Online 11/27/06 PlayStation entertainment

Reading Eagle 11/27/06 Burglary puts quick end to PlayStation 3 fun

Independent 11/26/06 Will PlayStation 3 be the new Betamax?

Hollywood Reporter 11/21/06 Exasperated dad's son game for new PlayStation 3

Entertainment Weekly 11/20/06 System Check

Chicago Tribune 11/20/06 PlayStation 3 is pricey and hot -- but is it worth it?

PC World 11/20/06 PlayStation 3 High-Def Tools Are MIA

USA Today 11/20/06 Tiny springs let Wii and PlayStation 3 controllers sense motion

Fox News 11/20/06 Review: Sony PlayStation 3 Worth the Wait -- and Price

NY Times 11/20/06 A weekend full of quality time with PlayStation 3

LA Times 11/18/06 PlayStation sales take demand to the next level

CBS 11/17/06 PlayStation 3 Vs. Nintendo's Wii

CBS 11/17/06 Gamer Shot In Line For PlayStation 3

NBC 11/17/06 My Free Time: PS3 Is Here

NY Daily News 11/17/06 Thugs rob people in Playstation 3 waiting line

Globe and Mail 11/17/06 This game is all about making quick cash

Yahoo News 11/17/06 PlayStation 3 sells on eBay for 15,100 dollars

NBC 11/16/06 Gamers Camp Out Nationwide For PlayStation 3

Toronto Star 11/16/06 EBay puts limits on PlayStation 3 sales

CBS 11/15/06 PlayStation 3 Not Fetching Much Online

BBC 11/14/06 Game glitches for PlayStation 3

Dallas Morning News 11/14/06 Is PS3 the charm?

USA Today 11/14/06 PS3 hits glitches, limited supply 11/14/06 PS3 tragics warned to wait

BBC 11/13/06 PlayStation 3 hits 'grey market'

Fox News 11/13/06 PlayStation 3 Already Nearly Sold Out in Japan

BBC 11/11/06 PlayStation 3 sells out at launch

Marketwatch 11/11/06 PlayStation 3 debuts in Japan

NY Times 11/11/06 PlayStation 3 on Rescue Mission

BBC 11/10/06 A fan's view: Sony PlayStation 3

Guardian 11/10/06 PlayStation 3 launches in Japan

BBC 11/10/06 PlayStation 3 launch due in Japan

Access Hollywood 11/9/06 Playstation 3 Launch Brings Out Stars, Britney Reaction

Jam! 11/9/06 PS3 doesn't disappoint

BBC 11/9/06 Game on for console conflict

Chicago Sun Times 11/6/06 Playstation 3 gets thumbs up

The Independent 11/6/06 Make or break for Sony as PlayStation 3 finally launches

San Francisco Chronicle 11/3/06 Video games reach next level Sony ready to release revolutionary, powerful PlayStation 3

Yahoo! News 11/3/06 PlayStation 3 to hit Hong Kong, Taiwan on Nov. 17

Star Bulletin 11/3/06 Sony to offer preview of PlayStation 3 at Ala Moana

ABC 10/31/06 Sony Warns Of PlayStation 3 Pre-order Scams

CrunchGear 10/30/06 Sony Announces Silver PlayStation 2

Yahoo News 10/30/06 Sony CEO Downplays PlayStation Delays

I4U News 10/27/06 More Sony Playstation Network Details

Columbia Daily Tribune 10/26/06 First PlayStation: It’s what losing virginity must be like

ABC 10/23/06 PlayStation 3: $600 for a Video Game Machine?

MacWorld 10/23/06 The PlayStation 3: 24 things you need to know

Games Industry 10/23/06 Livingstone questions Sony's European launch strategy

Basque News 10/23/06 Playstation 3 dominates "Digital Live" convention in New York

NY Times 10/22/06 A New System Is Now a Waiting Game

Cnet 10/20/06 PlayStation 3 shines in prelaunch test

CNN 10/20/06 Sony outlines online plans for PlayStation 3

Hollywood Reporter 10/20/06 Sony changes forecast on PS3 woes

PC Advisor 10/15/06 Chilling out with PlayStation 3

Kotaku 10/15/06 American PlayStation 3 Commercial: "The Wait"

Fox News 10/13/06 Japanese Game Publisher: PlayStation 3 Will Win Console War

E-Commerce Times 10/11/06 Stores Begin Accepting PlayStation 3 Pre-Orders

PC Advisor 10/9/06 PlayStation chip set for mobile phones

Kotaku 10/8/06 PlayStation 3 Billboards Surface

The Mercury 10/6/06 Phoenixville woman assaulted with PlayStation

Sydney Morning Herald 10/4/06 Sony Shares Fall on Playstation Concerns

PS3 News 10/1/06 PlayStation 3 price cut: 'I'd bet on springtime'

IT World 9/28/06 PlayStation 3 games to cost around $60

PC World 9/25/06 Gamers Applaud PlayStation 3

PC World 9/25/06 Sony names dates for PlayStation 3 titles

Yahoo News 9/25/06 Despite Sony's woes, PlayStation still has its fans

Financial Express 9/24/06 PlayStation's serious side: Fighting disease

BBC 9/22/06 Sony cuts price of PlayStation 3

CNN 9/18/06 PlayStation's serious side: Fighting disease

NZ Herald 9/17/06 Sony rains on its own Playstation 3 parade

NY Daily News 9/15/06 Nintendo's Wii taking on Playstation

Business Times 9/15/06 Delay gives Santa fewer Sony PlayStation3 consoles this Christmas

Yahoo News 9/13/06 Video-game news: Playstation 3 trouble

Infomatics 9/11/06 Hacker threat to Sony PlayStation Portable 9/8/06 Santa won't deliver Sony's PS3

Detroit News 9/7/06 Sony postpones release of PlayStation 3 in Europe

Media Guardian 9/6/06 Ad campaign shelved after PlayStation delay

IT World 8/31/06 Sony launches official PlayStation 3 site in Japan

Computer Active 8/29/06 Playstation 3 aids search for Alzheimer cure

BBC 8/26/06 PlayStation 3 tackles world ills

Cnet 8/24/06 Sony will be short of PlayStation 3s, analyst predicts

Total PlayStation 8/23/06 The Sounds and Faces of American Idol

MTV 8/23/06 Think You're The Next 'Idol'? New Video Game Lets Simon, Randy Be The Judges

TMZ 8/22/06 P!nk's Got Game 8/22/06 Xbox tries to gazump PS3

Games Asylum 8/21/06 PinkStation 2

The Inquirer 8/21/06 Sony Playstation 3 manufacturing not yet started

Personal Computer World 8/18/06 Sony PlayStation 3 predicted to win console war

Detroit News 8/11/06 Hopes for PlayStation 3 may fall short

T3 8/4/06 PlayStation 4 to drop discs?

Scoop 7/31/06 Playstation 3 Website Launched

Network World 7/31/06 PlayStation 3 packs a punch for scientists

IGN 7/28/06 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Daily Herald 7/23/06 Hit or miss? PlayStation 3 buzz subdued

Post Gazette 7/19/06 Sony's big hopes for PlayStation 3 may fall short

Mobile Digest 7/10/06 Sony's PlayStation 3 will also play PS1 and PS2 titles

LA Times 7/10/06 Sony Patent Will Limit PlayStation Abilities

Mac Rumors 7/7/06 Stray Apple Logo Appears on PlayStation 3 site

IGN 6/29/06 PlayStation Title Invasion to PSP?

Sydney Morning Herald 6/26/06 Retailers take first orders for PS3

BBC 6/16/06 Sony's PlayStation 3 goes on sale

New Zealand Herald 6/5/06 What's it got in its PlayStation, my precious?

The Age 5/19/06 PlayStation opponents suddenly come to life

News Tribune 5/16/06 Xbox 360 could win round against Sony PlayStation 3

Seattle PI 5/12/06 The facts on PlayStation 3 -- straight from Sony America's president

Slate 5/11/06 Love Thy PlayStation, Love Thyself

CNN 5/11/06 PlayStation 3 boss defends high price

BBC 5/11/06 Sony defends PlayStation 3 models

New Zealand Herald 5/10/06 Sony to launch PS3 at US$499

Daily Record 5/10/06 It's Game On As Sony Unveils Playstation 3 

Media Guardian 5/10/06 Powerful but expensive: it's PlayStation 3

Newsday 5/8/06 Gamers gear up for peek at new Playstation

Orlando Sentinel 5/8/06 Sony Has Much Riding on Console

San Diego Tribune 5/8/06 Sony to Divulge PlayStation 3 Details

Cnet 5/5/06 PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2: mystery and history

ARNNet 4/28/06 Sony expects a hot start for the PlayStation 3

Celebrity Spider 4/25/06 Elisha Cuthbert Thrilled With Playstation 24 Game

News Factor 4/7/06 PlayStation 3 Pricing Remains a Mystery

The Inquirer 4/7/06 Sony insists Playstation 3 will be cheap

MTV 4/7/06 PlayStation 2 sparks street violence

MTV 4/6/06 Pricey PlayStation 3 Could Set You Back Two PS2s

This is Local 4/2/06 PlayStation robbers put boy, 12, in hospital

Detroit News 3/24/06 Xbox 360 consoles rush in to fill PlayStation 3 void

LJ World 3/24/06 PlayStation 3 ready to go head-to-head

CNN 3/22/06 Sony reveals PlayStation 3 online plans

Coming Soon 3/15/06 PlayStation 3 Launching in November

Jam! 3/15/06 PS3 gets November worldwide release

T3 3/13/06 Possible PS3 release details this Wednesday

Yahoo 2/27/06 New Sony PlayStation to break the bank

IGN 2/27/06 Sony Expands PlayStation Spot

CNN 2/23/06 PlayStation 3 delay? Don't panic!

Guardian 2/21/06 Complex technology leaves PlayStation 3 hanging

New Zealand Herald 2/21/06 Sony falls on tip of PlayStation 3 delay

Business Week 2/9/06 This PlayStation May Play Too Much

Mercury News 2/6/06 Ken Kutaragi Talks About Everything Except The PlayStation 3 Launch Date

Denver Post 2/6/06 PlayStation waiting in wings to pick up Xbox demand

eFinland 1/31/06 Finland: 70,000 PlayStation 2 consoles sold in 2005

CNN 1/30/06 Xbox vs. PlayStation: Playing Hard to Get

CNET 1/23/06 Forecast: Up to 7 million PlayStation 3s to ship soon 1/17/06 Delay predicted for PlayStation 3 release 1/13/06 Doctor Bans Boy From Playstation To Stop Head Twitching

CNN 1/11/06 PlayStation 3 price - $500?

Joystiq 1/9/06 A developer's look at the PlayStation 3

USA Today 1/5/06 Looking forward to it: PlayStation 3

Miami Herald 12/29/05 PlayStation ads, disguised as graffiti, ignite controversy

Shanghai Daily 12/27/05 Samsung seeks US$1.8b supply chips for PlayStation

Malta Independent 12/27/05 PlayStation 2 available at Burger King

Computer Active 12/21/05 Sony PlayStation Portable

Reuters 12/18/05 Sony on track to double videogame player sales

Yahoo 12/16/05 Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine Gives Away 100 Essential PlayStation Games to Celebrate 100th Issue

WWMT 12/3/05 In Stores: Intec Sound System for Playstation Portable

News Factor 12/1/05 Attack of the PlayStation Hackers

Virgin 12/1/05 PlayStation 2 hits the 100 million mark

Australian 11/29/05 PlayStation portal keeps staff mean, lean

Yahoo 11/28/05 Sony To Put Parental Controls in PlayStation 3

CNN 11/21/05 Should you wait for the PS3?

Yahoo 11/21/05 TiVo to allow iPod, Playstation downloads

CBS 11/21/05 More TV For iPods & PlayStation

Mercury News 11/2/05 Review: We Love Katamari For The PlayStation 2

Yahoo 10/11/05 Number 1 Online PlayStation(R)2 Franchise, SOCOM 3: U.S. Navy Seals releases 10/11 to stores nationwide

Yahoo 10/7/05 Sony Loses PlayStation Copyright Case in Australia

Hollywood Reporter 10/1/05 Sony's PlayStation console wins Emmy

Hindustan Times 9/30/05 Sony revokes advert for PlayStation game console

BBC 9/30/05 Emmy for Sony PlayStation 3D work

Daily Record 9/29/05 PSP Kids In Seizures Warning

Decatur Daily 9/27/05 Remote-control warfare: How PlayStation 2 saves U.S. lives

Hollywood Reporter 9/14/05 Sony recalls PlayStation 2 power adaptor

CNN 9/1/05 Europe finally gets new PlayStation

Yahoo 9/1/05 British fans flock to midnight launch of Sony's PSP

IGN 8/31/05 Only One Version of PS3?

Stuff 8/23/05 Retro classics Playstation bound

Pulse 8/22/05 PlayStation's sci-fi first-person shooter games make trigger fingers bleed

Thread 8/4/05 Playstation2 Gets Stunning New Look: Smaller, Slimmer and Network Ready

Team XBox 7/29/05 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Game Goes Platinum

Guardian 7/25/05 Sony sets sights on PlayStation 3

Cinescape 7/22/05 Sony Announces Game Developer Tools for PS3

Daily Record 7/15/05 Your PS2 Is Good For You

New Zealand Herald 7/15/05 God of war (PS2)

Mainichi Daily News 7/7/05 Nintendo DS beats PlayStation 2 in June sales

The Independent 7/4/05 Analysis Playstation: Games for all fingers and thumbs

News & Star 7/3/05 Tekken 5 – PlayStation 2

Endgaget 6/30/05 Sony’s gonna lose $100 on each PlayStation 3?

Cinema Spider 6/28/05 Fantastic Four Video Game Premieres at Retail Stores Nationwide

Cinema Spider 6/24/05 Mad Catz' Batman Begins Video Game Accessories Now Available

BBC 6/23/05 Girl probes 'PlayStation thumb'

Hardwire Zone 6/13/05 Playstation 3 Maybe Pre-installed with Linux

Game Infowire 6/6/05 Playstation 2 Reaches Cumulative Worldwide Shipment Of 90 Million Units

Exponent Online 5/20/05 Sony reveals plan for PlayStation 3

Cinescape 5/18/05 PS3 Headed for Spring 2006 Release

Media Guardian 5/18/05 Sony unveils PlayStation 3

MTV 5/17/05 PlayStation 3 Will Let You See The Spit Fly Like Never Before

Metro 5/16/05 Sony to launch PlayStation 3 in 2006

Zap2It 5/2/05 ABC Puts Content on PSP, ASAP

Edmonton Sun 4/21/05 PlayStation held hostage

Bradenton Herald 4/8/05 What to play on PlayStation Portable

ABC News 4/8/05 Web Surf, Watch Video on the Sony PSP

MSNBC 4/5/05 Why Sony PlayStation guru was passed over

Yahoo News 4/5/05 Rise of the Kasai(TM), Delivers Innovative Tandem-Based Fighting, Storytelling and Artistry, at its Best

USA Today 3/28/05 Sony told to halt US PlayStation sales, pay $90M

National Post 3/28/05 Sony ordered to pay US$90.7 million in PlayStation patent case

USA Today 3/24/05 PlayStation Portable makes midnight debut

Newsday 3/23/05 Sony PSP to Be Released at Midnight

ABC News 3/17/05 Sony PSP

USA Today 3/17/05 Sony ready to roll with the new game in town

NY Times 3/17/05 Sony Gears Up for U.S. PlayStation Portable Launch

Detroit Free Press 3/9/05 PlayStation handheld isn't just playing games

Contact Music 2/25/05 Ace Combat: Squadron Leader

Guardian 2/20/05 Playstation slims down to fight iPod

Mercury News 2/19/05 First PlayStation Portable games impress

POAC 2/18/05 In my PlayStation 2 version of the Daytona 500, Dale Earnhardt Jr. comes up short

Stuff 2/8/05 Sony's 'supercomputer' to make debut

Jam! 2/305 PlayStation Portable gets March release date
EE Times 1/21/05 Sony to boost Playstation production

Hollywood Reporter 1/21/05 Sony flashing on new PlayStation

Game Infowire 1/17/05 Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Playstation 2 Review

Monterrey Herald 1/16/05 PlayStation Portable offers hand-held fun

Reuters 1/14/05 U.S. Video Game Sales Rose 8 Pct in 2004-Analysts

Daily Record 1/13/05 Playstation Uni

CNET 1/13/05 Amazon sets delivery date for PSP

The Scotsman 1/12/05 PS2 shortage 'costs Game tens of millions'

Charlotte Observer 12/27/04 PlayStation on the go

ABC Action News 12/17/04 Want a Playstation before Christmas? Prepare to pay

PC Magazine 12/16/04 The Top Game Consoles Compared

PR Newswire 12/15/04 MLB(TM) 2006 Announced for PlayStation(R) 2

NY Times 12/13/04 PlayStation 2 Shortage Frustrates More Than Buyers

WBAL 12/13/04 Holiday Customers Find Shortage Of PlayStation 2

NY Times 12/12/04 Sony PSP Draws Crowds and Lines on First Day

Times Online 12/9/04 Merry Christmas, your PlayStation 2 is stuck in Suez

Scotsman 12/8/04 Game over in race for PS2s at Christmas

Seattle PI 12/8/04 Russian planes rush PlayStations to Europe

BBC 12/6/04 Retailers cash in on PlayStation

ZDNet 12/3/04 PlayStation 3 chip to debut in IBM desktop

Independent 12/3/04 PlayStation 2 shortages plague Game Group

WRGB 12/1/04 Playstation 2 Warning

Hollywood Reporter 12/1/04 PlayStation's super chip previewed by developers

BBC 11/29/04 First look at PlayStation 3 chip

NY Times 11/29/04 Chip Developed With PlayStation in Mind

Hindustan Times 11/28/04 Nintendo, Sony game for gaming war

Daily Record 11/28/04 Happy 10th Birthday Sony Boy

Game Industry 11/17/04 Sony announces final launch line-up for PlayStation Portable

IGN 11/15/04 PlayStation 2 Preferred System This Holiday

PR Newswire 11/15/04 PlayStation DualPlay New Year's Eve Events to Feature Tiesto and Paul van Dyk

New Zealand Herald 11/11/04 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PlayStation 2)

BBC 11/4/04 Slimmer PlayStation triple sales

Yahoo 11/1/04 Sony Computer Entertainment America Announces Availability of New, Slimmer, PlayStation(R)2

MSNBC 10/31/04 Sony: Small Gamer, Small Price

New Zealand Herald 10/28/04 X-Men Legends (PlayStation 2/Xbox)

Sydney Morning Herald 10/28/04 The rise and rise of PlayStation 2 10/22/04 Astro Boy aces Game Boy but trips on PlayStation 2

Limerick Post 10/10/04 Concern over Playstation passion

The Mirror 10/7/04 Playstation on Drivers Dashboard

Korea Herald 10/4/04 Mounts attack on Sony's Playstation 2 in a turf war on Asia's key gaming battlefields

Game Infowire 10/3/04 LMA Manager 2005 Ships For Playstation 2 And Xbox On October 22nd

New Zealand Herald 9/16/04 DJ: Decks and FX (PlayStation 2)

Game Infowire 9/2/04 Atari Brings Duel Masters To PlayStation 2

Sohh 9/2/04 Hip-Hop All Stars Grace Playstation Magazine Covers

Game Infowire 9/2/04 TOCA Race Driver 2 gets its PlayStation 2 engine turbocharged

Clarksville Leaf Chronicle 8/26/04 Burglars snatch PlayStation 2

Globe and Mail 8/25/04 Amazon lists PlayStation 3

Indianapolis Star 8/20/04 PlayStation 2 game should light your fire

Forbes 8/11/04 Sony to use PlayStation 2 chip in flat-panel TVs - report

Gamespot 8/6/04 Madden NFL 2005 Review for PlayStation 2 at GameSpot

TMC Net 8/2/04 Eidos Announces Championship Manager 5 for Playstation 2

Game Infowire 7/29/04 Catwoman Ships For Playstation 2

BBC 7/22/04 UK bans PlayStation 'chipping'

The State 7/16/04 Latest PlayStation due by March 2005

New Zealand Herald 7/13/04 PlayStation 3 to be shown off in May

BBC 7/12/04 New PlayStation set for May debut

Forbes 7/12/04 Sony to Unveil New PlayStation in May

Business Wire 7/8/04 EA Set to Unleash Oddworld Stranger on the PlayStation 2 in Spring 05

Game Infowire 7/2/04 First Pro Evolution Soccer 4 Details And Playstation 2 Screenshots

NMC 6/30/04 Jay-Z - Playstation 2 Event

New Zealand Herald 6/24/04 Shrek 2 (PlayStation 2/Xbox)

Seattle Times 6/18/04 Gaming: Sony's PlayStation Portable could be the next big thing

New Zealand Herald 6/17/04 Euro 2004 (PlayStation 2/Xbox)

Post Standard 6/15/04 Nintendo takes on PlayStation 2

PRNewswire 6/15/04 PlayStation(R)2 Supports the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network...

Daily Review 6/15/04 Price drop boosts PlayStation 2 sales 6/11/04 Smashing New Game

Seattle PI 6/10/04 A new Nintendo game console in works to catch rival Sony

Australian IT 6/8/04 Plenty to please on PlayStation 2

Cinescape 6/3/04 PS2 owners get special edition of Madden NFL 2005

New Zealand Herald 5/27/04 Singstar (PS 2)

BBC 5/20/04 Napster launches legal service

Ananova 5/20/04 Napster launched legal download service

Game Infowire 5/26/04 New Playstation 2 Screenshots: DRIV3R

Daily Times 5/24/04 Playstation hits 100 million mark

IGN 5/21/04 PlayStation 2 Best of E3 2004 Awards

NZ Herald 5/20/04 Transformers (PS2)

Game Infowire 5/20/04 Cowboy Bebop Action Adventure Ships this Fall On PlayStation 2

NZ Herald 5/14/04 PlayStation Portable will start in red says Sony

NY Times 5/12/04 Sony Cuts PlayStation 2 Price to Compete With Nintendo

Cinescape 5/11/04 PS2 price slashed by Sony

SF Chronicle 5/11/04 Sony to cut price of PlayStation 2

The Guardian 5/6/04 Sony eyes video call market

Business Wire 5/4/04 Rockstar Games' Red Dead Revolver for PlayStation 2 and Xbox in Stores Now

NY Times 4/29/04 Playing Catch-Up on the Console

This Is London 4/27/04 PlayStation's Christmas cracker

IGN 4/21/04 PlayStation 2 Better Than Sex?

New Zealand Herald 4/15/04 Socom II: US Navy Seals (PS2, no rating available)

Guardian 4/11/04 Game on as Hollywood logs on to the PlayStation generation

Journal Times 4/9/04 Debatable: PlayStation 2 or Xbox?

Charlotte Observer 4/6/04 PlayStation 2 reinvention pays off

Business Wire 4/5/04 Atari ships new backyard baseball PS2 game starring Yankee Alex Rodriguez

IHT 3/26/04 Sony extends PlayStation 2 sales life to 2010

Forbes 3/23/04 Sony releases hard drive for PlayStation 2

Today's Sunbeam 3/20/04 Oldmans youth finds herself in PlayStation game

Sydney Morning Herald 3/19/04 PlayStation to release game on Athens Olympics

New Zealand Herald 3/18/04 MX Unleashed (PS2/Xbox)

Cinescape 3/17/04 The truth is out there for PS2

New Zealand Herald 3/16/04 Star Trek: Shattered Universe (PS2 and Xbox) and R-Type Final (PS2) 3/15/04 PlayStation®2 online gaming is about to hit NZ

NY Times 3/14/04 A Kurosawa Epic Turned Video Game

Cinescape 3/12/04 Seven Samurai software for your PS2

New Zealand Herald 3/11/04 Rainbow Six 3 (PS2/Xbox)

New Zealand Herald 3/4/04 Maximo vs the Army of Zin (PS2)

WBAY 2/27/04 U.W. to Receive Royalties for PlayStation 2

New Zealand Herald 2/26/04 Kill. Switch (PS2)

BBC 2/26/04 Sony delays Playstation release

Sun-Sentinel 2/26/04 Sony Delays Launch of PlayStation Portable

New Zealand Herald 2/19/04 Mafia (PlayStation 2/Xbox)

Chicago Tribune 2/14/04 Games hostilities on the horizon

WCNC 1/29/04 Super Bowl: Playstation 2 predicts Panthers win

New Zealand Herald 1/29/04 Ghosthunter (PlayStation 2)

New Zealand Herald 1/22/04 Max Payne 2 (PS2/Xbox) 1/21/04 Chipping PlayStations isn't illegal, says Italian court

Globe and Mail 1/16/04 PlayStation 2 passes sales milestone

Business Wire 1/8/04 Nyko Introduces Wireless Air Flo Controller for PlayStation 2

Beavers On Idol 1/6/04 American Idol: The Playstation 2 Video Game Review


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