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TV Robot 7/20/07 Sorry but Pirate Master Sucks!

Reality Check By Gina 7/19/07 A Reality Check With ... Jupiter Mendoza (interview)

Reality News Online 7/19/07 “You Really Don’t Have Friends on the Ship” – An Interview with Pirate Master’s Jupiter

Inside Pulse 7/19/07 Random Reality - Josh Clinton Interviews Jupiter Mendoza of Pirate Master

Reality TV World 7/18/07 Elicia 'Jupiter' Mendoza the eighth 'Pirate Master' contestant cut adrift

Inside Pulse 7/18/07 Richly Deserved: Pirate Master Episode 1-8

Reality Shack 7/18/07 Pirate Master, Episode 8 - A Near Mutiny

Reality TV Calendar 7/18/07 Ranking The Top 8

Reality TV Calendar 7/18/07 Ladies Night At Pirate Court: Episode 8 Recap

Reality News Online 7/18/07 Pirate Master, Episode 7: Black and White

Entertainment Weekly 7/18/07 Ghost Ship

Zap2It 7/18/07 'Pirate Master': In love with your ghost

Reality TV Magazine 7/17/07 Pirate Master Results – Jupiter Mendoza Cut Adrift

Wild Bluff Media 7/17/07 Pirate Master Recap - (Episode 8) 7/17/07

Wild Bluff Media 7/17/07 Pirate Master Episode 8 Preview - Return of the Castaways

TV Guide 7/17/07 Pirate Master's Joe Don Still Has a Ghost of a Chance

Inside Pulse 7/13/07 Random Reality - Interview with Joe Don Morton of Pirate Master

Reality News Online 7/13/07 “I’m Not Used to Being Around People Lying and Backstabbing” – An Interview with Joe Don

Celebrity Spider 7/12/07 Pirates Cut Adrift Return Next Week on "Pirate Master"

Reality News Online 7/12/07 Pirate Master, Episode 7: The Warrior

Reality Shack 7/11/07 Pirate Master, Episode 7 - The Warrior Versus The Father

Reality TV Calendar 7/11/07 A Deal With The Devil: Episode 7 Recap

Reality TV World 7/11/07 Joe Don 'J.D.' Norton the seventh contestant cut adrift on 'Pirate Master'

Reality TV Calendar 7/11/07 Ranking The Top

Entertainment Weekly 7/11/07 Skullduggery and Crossbones

Buddy TV 7/10/07 Pirate Master: Episode 7 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 7/10/07 Pirate Master Results – Joe Don Morton Cut Adrift

Reality Check By Gina 7/10/07 Pirate Master: No Ballots For Mutiny

Wild Bluff Media 7/10/07 Pirate Master Recap - (Episode 7) 7/10/07

Always Reality Television 7/10/07 Set the Mighty and Just Cut Adrift, Episode 7

Celebrity Spider 7/10/07 Preview for Tonight's Episode of "Pirate Master"

Celebrity Spider 7/9/07 And the Triad Stumbles Along: Pirate Master Episode VI

OnSurvivor 7/8/07 The Four Woman Vote

Fans Of Reality T.V. 7/7/07 Recap: Damn it Feels Good to be a Pirate

Reality Shack 7/7/07 Pirate Master, Episode 6 - Rise of the Tremendous Trio

Reality TV World 7/6/07 Jocelyn 'Joy' McElveen the sixth contestant cut adrift on 'Pirate Master'

Always Reality Television 7/6/07 Weakness is Set Adrift, Episode 6

Reality Check By Gina 7/6/07 A Reality Check With ... Joy McElveen (interview)

Reality Check By Gina 7/6/07 Pirate Master: It's A Man's World

Reality News Online 7/6/07 “I Never Stopped” – An Interview with Pirate Master’s Joy

Reality News Online 7/6/07 Pirate Master, Episode 6: Girls Against Boys

Reality TV Calendar 7/6/07 Ranking The Top 10

Reality TV Calendar 7/6/07 No Joy On The Picton Castle: Episode 6 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 7/6/07 High and Matey

Republican & Herald 7/6/07 9 more to go

WLTX.com 7/6/07 Latest South Carolinian On Reality Show Heads Home

Wild Bluff Media 7/5/07 Pirate Master Recap - Episode 6: Rise of the Triad

Reality TV Magazine 7/5/07 Pirate Master Results – Joy McElveen Cut Adrift

Zap2It 7/5/07 'Pirate Master': Three against the world

Wild Bluff Media 7/5/07 Pirate Master Preview - (Episode 6) Cap'n Azmyth Returns

CTV 7/4/07 'Pirate Master' host loves a sense of adventure

Celebrity Spider 7/3/07 Jay Continues to Manipulate the Game Thursday on "Pirate Master"

Reality News Online 7/3/07 “All of Us Want Everybody Gone” – An Interview with Pirate Master’s Sean

Reality Check By Gina 7/2/07 A Reality Check With ... Sean Twomey (interview)

Reality TV World 7/2/07 Sean Twomey fifth buccaneer wannabe cut adrift on 'Pirate Master'

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/30/07 Recap: Don't Hate the Playa, Hate the Game

Reality Shack 6/29/07 Pirate Master, Episode 5 - Plots and Counter Plots

Reality Check By Gina 6/29/07 Pirate Master: The Return Of Azmyth (recap)

Reality TV Calendar 6/29/07 Ranking The Top 11

Reality TV Calendar 6/29/07 Loose Lips Sink Ships: Episode 5 Recap

Reality News Online 6/29/07 Pirate Master, Episode 5: Spyglass

Entertainment Weekly 6/29/07 Kiss Off the Cook

Reality TV Magazine 6/28/07 Pirate Master Results – Sean Twomey Set Adrift

Wild Bluff Media 6/28/07 Pirate Master Recap - (Episode 5) 6/28/07

Wild Bluff Media 6/28/07 Pirate Master Preview - (Episode 5) Long Live King Louie

TV Guide 6/28/07 Pirate Master Attorney Pleads Her Case

Celebrity Spider 6/27/07 Nessa is Desperate for a Royal Pardon Tomorrow on "Pirate Master"

Reality News Online 6/27/07 Pirate Master: Four Weeks In, Plenty of Questions

Celebrity Spider 6/26/07 Pirate Master: Who's Looking Good after Episodes III & IV? Episodes III and IV

Reality News Online 6/26/07 “Joe Don Had the Pardon and I Didn’t” – An Interview with Pirate Master’s Cheryl

Reality Check By Gina 6/25/07 A Reality Check With ... Cheryl Kosewicz (interview)

Wild Bluff Media 6/25/07 Pirate Master's Hidden Treasure: The Island of Dominica

Reality News Online 6/25/07 Pirate Master, Episode 4: Pardon Me

On Survivor 6/24/07 Angry Management

Reality TV Calendar 6/24/07 Strategy Commentary: The Magic Number

Reality Shack 6/23/07 Pirate Master, Episode 4 - The Wrath of Cap'n Louie

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/23/07 Recap: Gettin' Some Booty

Reality TV World 6/22/07 Cheryl Kosewicz fourth buccaneer wannabe cut adrift on 'Pirate Master'

Always Reality Television 6/22/2007 I Beg Your Pardon, Episode 4

Reality TV Calendar 6/22/07 Captain Louie's Lust For Revenge: Episode 4 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 6/22/07 Ranking The Top 12

Media Life 6/22/07 Quicker pulse for CBS's 'Pirate Master'

Jam! 6/22/07 Immunity saves 'Pirate Master'

Entertainment Weekly 6/22/07 Parrrghdon Me

Reality TV Magazine 6/21/07 Pirate Master Results – Cheryl Kosewicz Set Adrift

Wild Bluff Media 6/21/07 Pirate Master Recap - (Episode 4) The Royal Pardon Revealed

Reality Check By Gina 6/21/07 Pirate Master: Revenge Is The Name Of The Game

Wild Bluff Media 6/21/07 Pirate Master Preview - Episode 4 - More 007 Azmyth?

Wild Bluff Media 6/20/07 Pirate Master: Ranking the Remaining Crew - Week 4

Herald Sun 6/20/07 Cameron's life of brine

The Age 6/20/07 TV pirates all at sea

Reality News Online 6/18/07 “Yeah, I Had a Bad Attitude” – An Interview with Pirate Master’s Alexis

Wild Bluff Media 6/18/07 Pirate Master's Pirate Ship: The Picton Castle

Reality TV Calendar 6/17/07 Ranking The Top 13

On Survivor 6/16/07 "Back Dooring" the Black Crew

Fans of Reality TV 6/16/07 The Pirates are Turning English?

Reality Shack 6/15/07 Pirate Master, Episode 3 - A Changing of the Guard

Always Reality Television 6/15/07 Is That An Accent?, Episode 3

Reality TV World 6/15/07 Alexis Shubin third buccaneer wannabe cut adrift on 'Pirate Master'

Reality Check By Gina 6/15/07 A Reality Check With ... Alexis Shubin

Reality News Online 6/15/07 Pirate Master, Episode 3: Positions of Authority

Reality TV Calendar 6/15/07 Pirates in Bikinis: Episode 3 Recap

Jam! 6/15/07 'Pirate Master' unveils twist

Entertainment Weekly 6/15/07 Accentuate the Positive

Reality Check By Gina 6/14/07 An End To The Reign Of Terror

Wild Bluff Media 6/14/07 Pirate Master Recap - (Episode 3) 6/14/07

Reality TV Magazine 6/14/07 Pirate Master Results - Alexis Shubin Set Adrift

Zap2It 6/14/07 'Pirate Master': It's not easy being Alexis

Hometown Life 6/14/07 Local pirate sails the high seas

Wild Bluff Media 6/14/07 Pirate Master Preview - (Episode 3) - The Fall of JD?

Celebrity Spider 6/12/07 Pirate Master Episode Two Thoughts

Always Reality Television 6/12/07 The Nigerian Nightmare's Worst Nightmare, Episode 2

Reality News Online 6/11/07 “Playing in the NFL Is a Lot Easier” – An Interview with Pirate Master’s Christian

Daily Times 6/11/07 Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me

Fans of Reality TV 6/10/07 Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Dumb

WTOP 6/10/07 Hoopers Island man among contestants on "Pirate Master"

Reality Check By Gina 6/9/07 An Interview With Christian Okoye

Celebrity Spider 6/9/07 The Underdog Crew is Determined to Get a New Captain Next on Pirate Master

TV Robot 6/9/07 That Captain about to be Spoyked on tha Daggah

Reality Shack 6/9/07 The Captain Hires a Snitch - Pirate Master, Episode 2

Reality TV World 6/8/07 Christian Okoye second buccaneer cut adrift on CBS' 'Pirate Master'

Reality TV Calendar 6/8/07 Ranking The Top 14

Reality TV Calendar 6/8/07 Injuries, Bribes And Booty: Episode 2 Recap

Wild Bluff Media 6/8/07 Pirate Master - Episode 2 Recap

Reality News Online 6/8/07 Pirate Master, Episode 2: Why Did It Have To Be Snakes?

Entertainment Weekly 6/8/07 Salvage Operation

Jam! 6/8/07 'Pirate Master' a nightmare for Okoye

Film.com 6/8/07 Yo Ho Hum: Pirate Master Needs to Kick It Into a Higher Gear

Reality Check By Gina 6/7/07 Pirates, Guns, & Money (recap)

Reality TV Magazine 6/7/07 Pirate Master Results – Christian Okoye Cut Adrift

Wild Bluff Media 6/7/07 Pirate Master Preview - (Week 2)

Zap2It 6/7/07 'Pirate Master': Why'd it have to be snakes?

Reality News Online 6/6/07 Pirate Master Web Clips, Episode 1: Joe Don Takes Command… Seriously

Baltimore Sun 6/6/07 A seeworthy pirate

Celebrity Spider 6/5/07 Pirate Master Not Off to an Amazing Start

Celebrity Spider 6/5/07 Captain J.D. and Officers Become Drunk With Power Thursday on "Pirate Master"

Reality News Online 6/5/07 Pirate Master: Questions About The Series Premiere

TV Robot 6/4/07 Ahoy There, Greedy

Reality News Online 6/4/07 “A Series of Rhetorical Failures” – An Interview with Pirate Master’s John

Inside Pulse 6/3/07 Random Reality - Josh Clinton Interviews John Lakness of Pirate Master

RealityTVRules.net 6/3/07 Pirate Master-Ep. 1 Summary: You're So Vain

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/3/07 Recap: I Like My Pirates With A Side Of Cheese

Variety 6/3/07 CBS' 'Pirate' in rough seas

Reality Shack 6/2/07 Ye Scurvy Recap - Pirate Master, Premiere

Inside Pulse 6/1/07 Richly Deserved: Pirate Master - Episode 1-1

Reality TV Calendar 6/1/07 Shake Your Booty

Reality Check By Gina 6/1/07 An Interview With John Lakness

Always Reality Television 6/1/07 We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Compasses, Episode 1

Reality TV Calendar 6/1/07 Ranking The Top 15

BuddyTV 6/1/07 Pirate Master: A cavalcade of enjoyable silliness

Reality TV World 6/1/07 CBS' 'Pirate Master' cuts buccaneer wannabe John Lakness adrift

BuddyTV 6/1/07 Pirate Master – Episode 1 recap

Reality News Online 6/1/07 Pirate Master, Episode 1: True North

Reality TV Calendar 6/1/07 Mutiny On The Picton Castle: Episode 1 Recap

If Magazine 6/1/07 Review: 'The Pirate Master' - Season One - Pilot

Variety 6/1/07 CBS' 'Pirate' starts slowly

Jam! 6/1/07 'Pirate Master' makes lame debut

Entertainment Weekly 6/1/07 Booty Vicious

Media Life 6/1/07 Lighter winds for CBS's 'Pirate Master'

Wild Bluff Media 5/31/07 Pirate Master Recap - 5/31/07 (Episode 1)

Reality TV Magazine 5/31/07 Pirate Master Results - John Lakness Set Adrift

Reality Check By Gina 5/31/07 The Voyage Of The Scientist/Exotic Dancer

Wild Bluff Media 5/31/07 Pirate Master Preview - 5/31/07 (Week 1)

Reality News Online 5/31/07 Pirate Master: Who Will Capture The Prize… or At Least Our Interest?

Toronto Star 5/31/07 Arrrrr, it's a hard life on TV

NY Daily News 5/31/07 'Pirate Master' offers a new thing of booty

Cleveland Plain Dealer 5/31/07 Scallywag crew hoists sail on CBS Pirate' reality voyage

TV Guide 5/31/07 Ahoy! Pirate Master's Hunky Host Reveals the Game's Booty-ful Secrets

Reno Gazette Journal 5/31/07 2 residents hope to be top 'Pirate'

Arizona Republic 5/31/07 'Pirate' still feels pull of Scottsdale

CTV 5/31/07 'Pirate Master' brings a fantasy adventure to reality TV

Reality News Online 5/30/07 Pirate Master: The TV Guide Channel Preview

USA Today 5/30/07 Burnett sets sail with a TV 'Pirate'

Morning Call 5/30/07 Tamaqua mom raises the black flag on new reality show

Newsday 5/30/07 New reality: Pirates of the prime time

Metro New York 5/30/07 Ships Ahoy

The State 5/30/07 S.C. woman vies to be ‘Pirate Master’

After Ellen 5/30/07 Interview With Jupiter Mendoza of "Pirate Master"

Daily Telegraph 5/30/07 Pirate Master Daddo sets sail

Fans Of Reality T.V. 5/29/07 Interview with Host Cameron Daddo: This is Not Survivor

Reality Check By Gina 5/29/07 Preview: Pirate Master

ET Online 5/29/07 Arrr! 'Pirate Master' Takes to the High Seas

LA Times 5/28/07 Mapping a reality TV quest

Buddy TV 5/27/07 Pirate Master Host - Descended from Pirates?

Arizona Republic 5/27/07 Ahoy, matey: 5 reasons to watch more pirates

NY Post 5/27/07 Booty Call

Standard Speaker 5/26/07 Tamaqua woman one of 16 cast members in CBS’ ‘Pirate Master’

Times News 5/25/07 Ahoy, matey!!

Midland Daily News 5/25/07 Tall Ship Celebration veteran vessel to appear on CBS

Reality TV World 5/24/07 Host Cameron Daddo dishes on 'Pirate Master's adventure and cast

Reality News Online 5/24/07 ‘Pirate Master’ Host Cameron Daddo Discusses the Show and Contestants

Long Island Press 5/24/07 A pirate’s life for me

Miami Herald 5/23/07 Avast ye mateys: The rules for being a pirate

The Sun 5/12/07 Meet the motley Pirate crew

Wild Bluff Media 5/11/07 Pirate Master Preview: CBS’s Latest Reality TV Show

Kansas City Star 5/6/07 Shiver me timbers, Okoye on the high seas

Chronicle Herald 5/5/07 Digging for gold aboard Picton Castle

Reality News Online 5/4/07 Pirate Master, Preview - A Pirate's Life For Me

Republican & Herald 5/4/07 Tamaqua native hunts for treasure

ET Online 5/4/07 Arrr! Mark Burnett Premieres 'Pirate Master'

Celebrity Spider 5/3/07 Contestants Announced for "Pirate Master"

Reality TV Calendar 5/3/07 Meet The Pirates

WLTX 5/3/07 West Columbia Woman Appears On Next CBS Reality Show

Zap2It 5/2/07 Former NFL Star Leads CBS' 'Pirate' Cast

TV Guide 5/1/07 Exclusive! A First Look at CBS' Pirate Master Cast

Celebrity Spider 4/20/07 CBS Announces "Pirate Master" Reality Series to Premiere May 31

Celebrity Spider 4/20/07 Cameron Daddo Announced as Host of "Pirate Master" Reality Series

Jam! 4/20/07 'Pirate Master' to mirror 'Survivor'

Salt Lake Tribune 4/20/07 Burnett's latest will bring buccaneers to the boob tube

West Australian 4/19/07 Daddo to host pirate reality show

Zap2It 4/18/07 Booty Call: CBS' 'Pirate' Sets Sail in May

TV Guide 4/18/07 Guide Exclusive: A First Look at CBS' Pirate Master

ET Online 4/18/07 Arrr! Mark Burnett Premieres 'Pirate Master'

Coming Soon 4/18/07 CBS Announces Burnett's Pirate Master

Jam! 2/8/07 'Pirates' reality show set to sail

Trivial TV 1/22/07 Pirate Master

WTVF 11/20/06 Pirate Reality Show Holds Casting Call

Orlando Sentinel 11/20/06 Do you want to be a pirate?

Coming Soon 11/6/06 CBS & Burnett Creating Pirate Reality Series

Reality TV World 11/6/06 CBS orders new Mark Burnett pirate-themed reality elimination show

Media Week 11/6/06 CBS, Burnett Sail Pirate Reality Series


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