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Hollywood Reporter 7/18/13 'American Idol' on the Charts: Phillip Phillips, Mandisa Notch New No. 1s

Hollywood Reporter 5/29/13 Avril Lavigne, 'American Idol's' Phillip Phillips to Perform at MuchMusic Video Awards

Hollywood Reporter 5/6/13 'American Idol': Phillip Phillips Cancels Rest of College Tour

Yahoo 5/6/13 Phillip Phillips Postpones Spring Tour Due to Ill Health

El Paso Inc 3/27/13 ‘American Idol’ Phillip Phillips on fame, touring with John Mayer

Billboard 3/23/13 Phillip Phillips 'Always Writing' for Next Album

USA Today 3/20/13 Phillip Phillips' 'Idol' return means big sales boost

Zap2It 3/15/13 'American Idol' interview: Phillip Phillips tells of his busy life post-'Idol'

Reality TV Fans 3/14/13 Bon Jovi and Phillip Phillips Perform Tonight on the American Idol Results Show

Hollywood Reporter 2/25/13 Phillip Phillips and Bon Jovi to Perform On 'American Idol'

MTV 2/21/13 'American Idol' Champ Phillip Phillips To Swing By The Next 'Nikki & Sara Live'

Billboard 2/20/13 Phillip Phillips Doesn't Watch 'American Idol'

Savannah Morning News 2/20/13 Phillip Phillips of 'American Idol' coming to Savannah

Hollywood Reporter 2/15/13 'American Idol' Phillip Phillips Releases 'Gone, Gone, Gone' Video Amid Family Drama

MyFox Atlanta 2/14/13 'Idol' winner Phillip Phillips' mother charged with DUI

TMZ 2/14/13 'American Idol' Winner Phillip Phillips' Mother Popped for DUI

Arkansas Online 2/3/13 American Idol winner to take stage at Harding

Hollywood Reporter 1/31/13 'American Idol' on the Charts: For Phillip Phillips, The No. 1 Hits Keep On Coming

Hollywood Reporter 1/9/13 Phillip Phillips Earns Gold, Will Perform On 'American Idol'

Reality TV Magazine 11/6/12 Phillip Phillips Responds To Rumors That He Shunned His Family

Reality TV Magazine 11/3/12 Phillip Phillips Shuns His Family Forcing Them To Sell Pawnshop

Reality TV Magazine 11/1/12 Phillip Phillips Debut Album: The World From The Side Of The Moon

Yahoo 11/1/12 Phillip Phillips’s ‘The World From The Side Of The Moon’: Exclusive Album Audio Preview

Zap2It 10/24/12 'American Idol' winner Phillip Phillips releases 'The World From the Side of the Moon' track listing

Zap2It 10/24/12 Phillip Phillips sings national anthem at World Series: What did you think of the 'AI' winner's performance?

Hollywood Reporter 10/10/12 'American Idol' Winner Phillip Phillips Performs for The Dalai Lama (Video)

Hollywood Reporter 10/2/12 'American Idol' Winner Phillip Phillips Covers Gnarls Barkley (Video)

Reality TV Magazine 8/24/12 Phillip Phillips To American Idol Judges: “Be A Little More Critical”

Hollywood Reporter 8/22/12 'American Idol's' Phillip Phillips Debuts Original Song (Video)

Zap2It 8/8/12 'American Idol' Phillip Phillips debuts 'Home' video on 'So You Think You Can Dance'

Reality TV Magazine 8/6/12 Phillip Phillips Keepin’ It Real With ‘Home’ Music Video

Hollywood Reporter 8/2/12 'American Idol' Winner Phillip Phillips Premieres 'Home' Video

Hollywood Reporter 8/2/12 'American Idol's' Phillip Phillips' 'Home' Sales Surge Thanks to Olympics

OK Magazine 7/11/12 'American Idol' Winner Phillip Phillips Sings "Home" at All Star Game

Reality TV Magazine 7/5/12 American Idol’s Phillip Phillips To Perform At MLB All-Star Game

People 7/1/12 Phillip Phillips Reveals Details of Year-Long Kidney Crisis

USA Today 6/29/12 Phillip Phillips: It's 'go, go, go' time

E!Online 6/27/12 American Idol's Phillip Phillips Pushing Himself to Get Healthy and Strong Again Post-Surgery

People 6/20/12 Phillip Phillips's Surgery Recovery Had Him 'Going Crazy'

MTV 6/20/12 Phillip Phillips 'Feeling Good' After Kidney Surgery

Reality TV Magazine 6/19/12 Phillip Phillips Is Back And He’s Performing At The White House

Hollywood Reporter 6/18/12 Songwriter Greg Holden Discusses the Success of Phillip Phillips' 'Home'

Washington Post 6/18/12 ‘American Idol’ winner Phillip Phillips will make his first post-show appearance in Washington

Digital Spy 6/18/12 'American Idol' Phillip Phillips returning to stage for July 4 gig

Reality TV Magazine 6/13/12 World’s Dumbest Criminals American Idol Style – Phillip Phillips’ Family Pawn Shop Burglarized

Reality TV Magazine 6/12/12 Phillip Phillips Home From The Hospital After Surgery And Ready To Get Back To Work

People 6/12/12 Phillip Phillips Is Out of the Hospital

E!Online 6/7/12 American Idol Winner Phillip Phillips' Kidney Surgery "Went Well"

Digital Spy 6/7/12 'American Idol' star Phillip Phillips has kidney stone surgery

MTV 6/5/12 Phillip Phillips To Kick Off 'American Idol' Tour After Postponing Surgery

E!Online 6/4/12 American Idol Winner Phillip Phillips Is Healthy Enough to Start Summer Tour on Time

Reality TV Magazine 5/31/12 American Idol’s Phillip Phillips Sets Record, Surgery Postponed

TV Guide 5/31/12 Phillip Phillips Makes Idol History with 278,000 Downloads of 'Home'

USA Today 5/30/12 Phillip Phillips puts up big 'Home' numbers

Hollywood Reporter 5/29/12 'American Idol' Tour Plans Unchanged Despite Phillip Phillips' Kidney Surgery

Digital Spy 5/29/12 'American Idol's Phillip Phillips surgery postponed

NY Daily News 5/26/12 'American Idol' winner Phillip Phillips to undergo kidney surgery Tuesday

TV Guide 5/26/12 Report: Idol Winner Phillip Phillips to Have Surgery Next Week

People 5/25/12 Phillip Phillips: Hope You Didn't Vote for Me Because I'm Cute

Reality TV Magazine 5/24/12 Phillip Phillips Wins American Idol, The Guy With A Guitar Run Continues

Reality TV Magazine 5/24/12 Phillip Phillips Shares His Thoughts On Winning AI, His Health Issues, And What His Future Holds

TV Guide 5/24/12 American Idol Winner Phillip Phillips: "I'm Just a Lucky Guy"

Entertainment Weekly 5/24/12 'American Idol': Phillip Phillips talks health issues, and why he's different from past winners -- Video

Zap2It 5/24/12 'American Idol' winner Phillip Phillips: 'It hasn't sunk in yet'

Zap2It 5/24/12 Steven Tyler says both Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez will be successful after 'American Idol'

People 5/24/12 Phillip Phillips Had Eight Operations During American Idol Run, His Father Says

US Magazine 5/24/12 Exclusive: Phillip Phillips: 25 Things You Don't Know About Me

Hollywood Reporter 5/24/12 'American Idol' Champ Phillip Phillips on 'Home': 'I Told Them It's Not My Single' (Video)

US Magazine 5/24/12 Jessica Sanchez: Phillip Phillips "Deserved" to Win Idol

USA Today 5/24/12 Phillip Phillips to have surgery 'soon'

NY Daily News 5/23/12 'American Idol' recap: Phillip Phillips captures title over Jessica Sanchez

E!Online 5/23/12 merican Idol Backstage Scoop: Phillip Phillips Calls Win "So Unreal"

Hollywood Reporter 5/23/12 'American Idol' Anoints Phillip Phillips Season 11 Winner

Wall Street Journal 5/23/12 Phillip Phillips Wins ‘American Idol’

BuddyTV 5/23/12 'American Idol' Finale Predictions: Why Phillip Phillips Will Win

Hollywood Reporter 5/23/12 'American Idol': Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone to Encore Gotye Duet on Summer Tour?

E!Online 5/23/12 American Idol Favorite Phillip Phillips to Undergo Kidney Surgery After Finale

MTV 5/23/12 Phillip Phillips Won't Take Credit For 'Home' At 'American Idol' Finale

Digital Spy 5/23/12 Jessica Simpson crossing fingers for 'American Idol's Phillip Phillips

US Magazine 5/23/12 American Idol: Phillip Phillips Delivers "Brilliant" Finale Performance

BuddyTV 5/22/12 'American Idol' Post-Finale Interviews: Jessica and Phillip On The End Of Their Journey

BuddyTV 5/22/12 'American Idol' Recap: Jessica Sanchez vs Phillip Phillips

Hollywood Reporter 5/21/12 'American Idol' Recap: Jessica Sanchez Battles Phillip Phillips for Season 11's Crown

MSNBC 5/22/12 Original song could give Phillip Phillips the 'American Idol' crown

E!Online 5/22/12 American Idol Recap: Who Was Better, Phillip or Jessica?

MTV 5/22/12 'American Idol' Is Phillip Phillips' To Lose

Hollywood Reporter 5/22/12 Top 4 Reasons Why Phillip Phillips Will Win 'American Idol' (And Why He Won't)

Zap2It 5/22/12 'American Idol': Phillip Phillips still needs surgery but doctors didn't tell him to quit

MTV 5/22/12 Phillip Phillips 'Excited' For 'American Idol' Finale

Zap2It 5/21/12 'American Idol' finale: Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez say 'whatever happens, happens'

Reality TV Magazine 5/19/12 Doctors Urge Phillip Phillips to Undergo Surgery. Will His Health Problems Force Fox to...

Hollywood Reporter 5/18/12 'American Idol' Finalist Phillip Phillips Requires Emergency Surgery: Doctors

TMZ 5/18/12 'American Idol' Phillip Phillips Needs Surgery ... Real Bad

Zap2It 5/18/12 'American Idol' finale: What will Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez sing?

Hollywood Reporter 5/18/12 'American Idol': Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler Assess the Final Two (Video)

MTV 5/17/12 'American Idol' Finale: Phillip Phillips Vs. Jessica Sanchez

Hollywood Reporter 5/17/12 'American Idol': Matchbox Twenty's Rob Thomas Weighs In On Phillip Phillips' 'Disease' Performance

TV Guide 5/17/12 Watercooler: Phillip Phillips is Twice as Nice on Idol

Hollywood Reporter 5/17/12 'American Idol's' Phillip Phillips on Having to Dress Up for the Finale, Being Compared to Springsteen

Zap2It 5/16/12 'American Idol': Phillip Phillips wraps up a trip to the finals on 'We've Got Tonight'

Newsday 5/16/12 Phillips Phillips redeems himself in 'American Idol' final round

Newsday 5/16/12 Phillip Phillips takes it too slow on 'American Idol'

Newsday 5/16/12 Phillip Phillips is Beggin' on 'American Idol'

Mercury News 5/16/12 'American Idol': The problem with Phillip Phillips

Hollywood Reporter 5/15/12 'American Idol' Final 3: Why Phillip Phillips Should Win

Digital Spy 5/15/12 American Idol: Jessica, Joshua, Phillip on hometown visits - pictures

Hollywood Reporter 5/10/12 'American Idol' Burning Questions: Who Said Phillip Phillips' Performance Was 'Rough?'...

Christian Science Monitor 5/10/12 American Idol: Phil Phillips sizzles with Damien Rice hit 'Volcano' (+video)

Zap2It 5/9/12 'American Idol': 'Volcano' gives Phillip Phillips a huge win

Newsday 5/9/12 Phillip Phillips finally erupts properly on 'American Idol'

Newsday 5/9/12 Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet an 'unexpected treat' on 'American Idol'

Newsday 5/9/12 Phillip Phillips told smiling key to his 'American Idol' success

Zap2It 5/9/12 'American Idol': Phillip Phillips admits 'I should've been in the bottom'

USA Today 5/8/12 Is Phillip Phillips the 'Idol' to beat?

Reality TV Calendar 5/4/12 Is Phillip The Most Polarizing Idol Contestant Ever? - Ranking The Top 4

E!Online 5/2/12 American Idol Backstage Scoop: Who's Defending Their Not-So-Single Status?

E!Online 5/2/12 American Idol Recap: Why Wouldn't Joshua Ledet Put His Arm Around Phillip Phillips?

Zap2It 5/2/12 'American Idol' Top 5: Phillip Phillips should be going home

Zap2It 5/2/12 'American Idol' Top 5 talk British Week and Hollie Cavanagh's heritage

Zap2It 4/27/12 Julianne Hough's 'American Idol' call-out 'so funny,' says Phillip Phillips

Zap2It 4/25/12 'American Idol': Phillip Phillips finally does Dave Matthews Band - what did you think?

Newsday 4/25/12 Phillip Phillips upstaged by Ryan Seacrest's girlfriend Julianne Hough on 'American Idol'

Newsday 4/25/12 Phillip Phillips scores big with 'Fat Bottomed Girls' on 'American Idol'

USA Today 4/18/12 Phillip Phillips: 'In the Midnight Hour'

USA Today 4/18/12 Phillip Phillips: 'U Got It Bad'

Zap2It 4/18/12 'American Idol' final Phillip Phillips says he stroked Colton Dixon's hair to make girls jealous

Zap2It 4/12/12 'American Idol': Alleged rivals Colton Dixon and Phillip Phillips weigh in on their so-called feud

USA Today 4/11/12 Phillip Phillips: 'Give a Little More'

Zap2It 4/6/12 'American Idol': Did Phillip Phillips disrespect Jimmy Iovine?

Zap2It 4/5/12 'American Idol' finalist Phillip Phillips on brother-in-law Ben Neil: 'My inspiration'

TV Guide 4/5/12 American Idol Backstage Report: Brotherly Love

Zap2It 4/4/12 'American Idol': Phillip Phillips' 'That's All' shows off his rocker best

USA Today 4/4/12 Phillip and Elise: 'Stop Dragging My Heart Around'

USA Today 4/4/12 Phillip Phillips: 'That's All'

AJC 4/3/12 ‘Idol’ finalist Phillip Phillips admits not being the best singer on the show, only started singing in public three years ago

WALB-TV 4/3/12 Idol contestant's dad quits to support son

USA Today 3/28/12 Phillip Phillips: 'Still Rainin''

Newsday 3/28/12 Phillip Phillips called 'gorgeous' by Stevie Nicks on 'American Idol'

USA Today 3/21/12 Phillip Phillips: 'Movin' Out'

TMZ 3/18/12 'Idol' Contestant Phillip Phillips - Hometown Scrimps to Send Family to Hollywood

TMZ 3/16/12 'Idol' Contestant -Bad Kidneys Won't Keep Me Off Show

Hollywood Reporter 3/15/12 Who's Funnier, Heejun Han or Will.I.Am? How Serious Was Phillip Phillips' Surgery?

Zap2It 3/14/12 'American Idol': Is Phillip Phillips 'Hard to Handle'?

Newsday 3/14/12 'American Idol' dances around Jermaine Jones issue, as recovered Phillip Phillips starts

USA Today 3/14/12 Phillip Phillips: 'Hard to Handle'

BuddyTV 3/8/12 'American Idol' Singer Phillip Phillips Rushed to Medical Facility for Treatment

Zap2It 3/8/12 'American Idol': Phillip Phillips back from hospital, will participate in Top 13 results show

TMZ 3/8/12 'Idol' Contestant Rushed to Doctor for 911 Medical Treatment

Access Hollywood 3/8/12 ‘American Idol’s’ Phillip Phillips & Heejun Han Laugh It Up Backstage

WALB-TV 3/8/12 Leesburg gives Phillips key to the city

E!Online 3/8/12 Curses! American Idol's Phil Phillips Rushed to the Hospital

USA Today 3/7/12 Phillip Phillips: 'Superstition'

BuddyTV 3/6/12 Vegas Oddsmakers Pick Phillip Phillips to Win 'American Idol'

Zap2It 3/6/12 'American Idol' Top 13: Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon discuss thrusting and Stevie Wonder

Hollywood Reporter 3/5/12 'American Idol' Race: Phillip Phillips Leads Top 13 Finalists on Twitter

WALB-TV 3/2/12 Phillip Phillips phenomenon grows

Fox31 3/2/12 Phillip Phillips makes 'American Idol' top 13

Zap2It 3/2/12 'American Idol': Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips and other finalists open up on hopes, fears and nerves

Zap2It 3/1/12 'American Idol' Top 13 revealed; Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder on tap for next week

Newsday 3/1/12 Frontrunner Jessica Sanchez, creative Phillip Phillips and powerhouse Hollie Cavanagh into 'American Idol' finals

Zap2It 2/28/12 'American Idol's' Phil Phillips: Pawn Shop is the new Paint Store

Newsday 2/28/12 Phillip Phillips sloooows Phil Collins down, Eben Franckewitz sings Adele on 'American Idol'

USA Today 2/28/12 Phillip Phillips: 'In the Air Tonight'

BuddyTV 2/22/12 'American Idol' Live Recap: Some of the Top 24 Revealed

WALB-TV 2/22/12 South Georgia American Idol hopeful moves on

USA Today 2/22/12 Phil Phillips, Colton Dixon, Brielle Von Hugel get the news

Zap2It 2/22/12 'American Idol': Meet the Top 24 (so far)

Entertainment Weekly 2/22/12 'American Idol': 14 of Top 24 singers announced

USA Today 2/15/12 Four singers who could be around for a while

Newsday 2/9/12 Mighty Heejun Han and Phillip Phillips join forces on 'American Idol'

Newsday 2/8/12 Phillip Phillips, Reed Grimm totter through on 'American Idol'

WFXL 2/6/12 Phillip Phillips joins Good Day for an exclusive broadcast interview


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