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Chart Attack 10/30/03 Kelly Osbourne Wants To Write Some Hits

Extra TV 10/30/03 Sharon and Ozzy

MegaStar 10/30/03 Kelly calls in the help

Jam! 10/30/03 Kelly Osbourne hires Matrix team

MegaStar 10/28/03 Osbournes' Xmas single hell

Tufts Daily 10/28/03 Osbourne treated by Tufts doctor

Journal-World 10/27/03 Osbournes step into parental void

BBC 10/27/03 Osbournes team up for Christmas

Ananova 10/27/03 Ozzy and Kelly to bid for Christmas top slot

BBC 10/27/03 Ozzy Osbourne for Christmas No. 1?

E!Online 10/25/03 Ozzy: Case Dismissed

NMC 10/24/03 Jack Black Wants Osborne Gig

Fox News 10/23/03 Sharon Osbourne's Breast Molds in Auction

Reality TV World 10/20/03 Ozzy and Kelly film music video in bid to relaunch Kelly's "Changes"

Ananova 10/20/03 Ozzy says new treatment has cured his tremor

Teen Music 10/17/03 Ozzy Is Parkinson-free, But Cancels Tour

Reality TV World 10/17/03 Ozzy Osbourne cancels European tour, citing tremors 10/16/03 Ozzy keeps a low Boston profile

E!Online 10/15/03 Ozzy's Medical Woes

Chart Attack 10/15/03 Ozzy Osbourne Calls In Sick For European Tour

Ananova 10/15/03 Ozzy Osbourne cancels European tour to receive treatment

BBC 10/15/03 Ozzy Osbourne cancels European tour
BBC 10/15/03 Ozzy Osbourne cancels European tour

Teen Hollywood 10/13/03 Black Fights For Ozzy Film

Teen Music 10/12/03 Sharon Growls At Kelly's New Man

Teen Music 10/10/03 Kelly Osbourne Turns To Elton

Teen Hollywood 10/8/03 Ozzy And Kelly Osbourne To Duet

MegaStar 10/8/03 Ozzy never a free man

Teen Hollywood 10/7/03 Kelly Osbourne Not Watching Her Show 10/7/03 Infestation At Ozzy's

Teen Hollywood 10/6/03 The Osbournes Joined By A Rat 10/4/03 Kylie And Ozzy Get Homely

Teen Music 10/4/03 Hometown Honour For Ozzy Osbourne Rejected

Ananova 10/3/03 Jack smokes 20-a-day but daren't tell Ozzy

Teen Hollywood 10/2/03 Sharon Offers Affleck $1,000 For J.Lo's Ring

Ananova 10/1/03 Ozzy writing Broadway musical on life of Rasputin 9/30/03 Ozzy Osbourne Writing Broadway Musical 9/30/03 Sharon! Rocker-Reality Star Ozzy Osbourne Penning a Rasputin Musical

MTV 9/29/03 And The Tony Award Goes To ... Ozzy Osbourne?

MTV 9/25/03 Osbournes, Linkin Park Turn Out For Jack Black's 'School Of Rock'

MSNBC 9/23/03 Ellen vs. Sharon: The chat wars

Reality TV World 9/20/03 Sharon Osbourne talk show gets off to poor start with viewers and critics

Media Life 9/18/03 Not a bad start for 'Sharon,' really

Extra 9/17/03 Sharon Osbourne

Hollywood Reporter 9/17/03 Sharon Osbourne Show

Teen Hollywood 9/16/03 Osbourne Decorates Talk Show With Own Furniture

NY Daily News 9/16/03 Edge-less 'Sharon' dogs it

Media Life 9/15/03 Ho-hum, it's 'Sharon,' if anyone still cares

E!Online 9/15/03 Kelly Osbourne Finds "Sanctuary"

Deseret News 9/15/03 Sharon takes center stage

Teen Hollywood 9/13/03 Jack To Appear on Mom's Show

Teen Music 9/13/03 Shut Up! Kelly's Going Through Changes

Extra TV 9/12/03 Sharon Osbourne

Ananova 9/12/03 Kelly and Ozzy release details of duet

Reality TV World 9/12/03 Kelly Osbourne signs recording contract with UK's Sanctuary Records Group

Chart Attack 9/11/03 Kelly Osbourne Scores New Record Deal With Sanctuary

E!Online 9/11/03 Ozzy 'n' Sharon's Quick Split

Reality TV World 9/11/03 Sharon Osbourne claims to have left husband Ozzy over his substance abuse

BBC 9/11/03 Sharon Osbourne 'left Ozzy'

Ananova 9/10/03 Rehab pressures 'forced Ozzy marriage split'

BBC 9/1/03 Ozzy postpones UK dates after breaking foot

Reality TV World 9/1/03 Jack Osbourne gets his own British 'Union Jack' reality show

Ananova 9/1/03 Ozzy cancels UK dates after breaking foot

Media Guardian 8/29/03 Jack Osbourne scores C4 show

Houston Chronicle 8/29/03 Osbourne to give Brits a tour of L.A. in his own show

Ananova 8/29/03 Jack Osbourne to star in own TV show

Ananova 8/28/03 Extra UK date for Ozzy

Daily Record 8/27/03 Scots Gig For Rocker Ozzy

icLiverpool 8/22/03 Ozzy's son is dancing to a beat all of his own

E!Online 8/22/03 Mick, Ozzy Tours Visit Sickbay

Reality TV World 8/22/03 Kelly suffers food poisoning and gets pink diamond ring from Elton John

NY Times 8/21/03 No Osbourne at Ozzfest, but the Bands Play On

MegaStar 8/20/03 Kelly ill at Elton's gaff

Ananova 8/20/03 Meal with Elton gave Kelly Osbourne food poisoning

NY Daily News 8/20/03 Ozzy's metal shows fatigue

Arizona Republic 8/19/03 Ozzy singing? That's a stretch

Reality TV World 8/18/03 Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne 'perform' at Chicago Cubs baseball game

Zap2It 8/18/03 Jack Osbourne Ready for His Close-up

Television Without Pity 8/18/03 Ozz Well That Ends Well

Reality News Online 8/18/03 Season 2, Episode 20: Editing Is Your Friend

icBirmingham 8/16/03 Ozzy is backed by his boys 8/15/03 Ozzy reminds audience where it all began

Ananova 8/15/03 Jack to 'make acting debut'

Boston Herald 8/15/03 Ozzfest excites on two stages

Reality Reel 8/14/03 The Osbournes Season Finale

MSNBC 8/14/03 ‘The Osbournes’ goes to the dogs

Fans Of Reality TV 8/13/03 The Osbournes "WTF?" episode 20 recap

Rocky Mountain News 8/13/03 Sharon Osbourne a 'talker'

BBC 8/11/03 Kelly pulls out

Ananova 8/11/03 Kelly cancels Euro tour dates

Reality News Online 8/11/03 The Osbournes, Season 2, Episode 19: Bye Bye Babies

Reality TV World 8/10/03 Sharon Osbourne's new TV talk show suffers start-up problems

Television Without Pity 8/10/03 Bye Bye Babies

Launch 8/8/03 Sharon Osbourne Talk Show Off To Slow Start

Digital Spy 8/8/03 Kelly Osbourne to present 'TOTP'

Ananova 8/8/03 We live like the Osbournes, says survey

Teen Hollywood 8/7/03 Depp WantsTo Play Ozzy Osbourne

Chicago Sun-Times 8/7/03 Sharon has no appetite for Jenny's leftovers

Ananova 8/7/03 Manson banned from one Ozzfest tour venue

Fans Of Reality TV 8/6/03 Home Alone 2: Episode 19 Recap

Extra TV 8/5/03 Sharon Osbourne

Fox News 8/5/03 Sharon Osbourne's Talkfest: More Turmoil

Television Without Pity 8/4/03 Angler Management

Reality News Online 8/4/03 The Osbournes, Season 2, Episode 18: Angler Management

Fox News 7/31/03 Sharon Osbourne: Jenny Jones Reincarnated?

Fans Of Reality TV 7/31/03 The Osbournes "Go Fish" episode 18 recap

Daily Record 7/30/03 Ozzy's Fit.. To Drop

Detroit Free Press 7/30/03 Osbourne shops for specs in Birmingham

Deseret News 7/28/03 Osbournes to return for 20 more shows

Television Without Pity 7/27/03 A Little Ditty 'Bout Jack and Brieann

Reality TV World 7/25/03 Ozzy Osbourne tour manager dies during 'Ozzfest' tour

Ananova 7/25/03 Ozzy's tour manager found dead in hotel room

Detroit News 7/25/03 Ozzy worship caps off metal festival's first day

Reality News Online 7/25/03 TSeason 2, Episode 17: A Little Ditty about Jack and Brieanne

Fans of Reality TV 7/24/03 The Osbournes "LOVE" Episode 17 Recap

Detroit News 7/23/03 Ozzfest shows its metal

Washington Times 7/22/03 Ozzy declares his gubernatorial hopes

Chicago Daily Herald 7/22/03 Tried and true win over Ozzfest crowd

News Sentinel 7/22/03 Jack Osbourne paying for fame, neglect

Television Without Pity 7/19/03 Tennis Racket

National Enquirer 7/18/03 Sharon Osbourne To Host Talk Show

BBC 7/18/03 Coyote gets ugly with Ozzy's animals

The Scotsman 7/18/03 Ozzy takes on Ali G at the Emmys in battle of British

Reality News Online 7/17/03 The Osbournes, Season 2, Episode 16: Tennis Racket 7/16/03 Ozzy Wrestles Coyote

Fans of Reality TV 7/16/03 Episode 16, Love Thy Neighbor

Zap2It 7/16/03 Hero Ozzy saves pet from coyotes

TV Guide 7/16/03 Osbournes Sound Off on Jack 7/15/03 Sharon Osbourne Says No Cursing On Talk Show

Teen Hollywood 7/15/03 Jack Osbourne's Solo Dreams Dashed

St Petersburg Times 7/15/03 Is daytime ready for them?

Reality TV World 7/14/03 Ozzy Osbourne is a no-show at his own 'Ozzfest'

Seattle Times 7/14/03 Ozzy misses own party, but rest of lineup fills in thrashingly nicely

USA Today 7/14/03 Sharon Osbourne ready to talk

NY Daily News 7/14/03 An everyday woman

Reality News Online 7/14/03 Season 2, Episode 15: Mama, I’m Staying Home

Seattle PI 7/14/03 No Ozzy at Ozzfest, but no problem

Television Without Pity 7/13/03 Mama, I'm Staying Home

Digital Spy 7/12/03 Sharon Osbourne to host talk show

Extra TV 7/11/03 Sharon Osbourne

Arizona Republic 7/10/03 Why star$ bare soul$ for the fan$

Toronto Star 7/10/03 Ozzy loves sharing his life

Teen Hollywood 7/10/03 Sharon Osbourne Kicks Out Drug Dealers

Reality TV World 7/10/03 MTV renews 'The Osbournes' for 2004 season

BBC 7/10/03 Osbournes return for third series

BBC 7/10/03 Ozzy says show was bad for Jack

BBC 7/9/03 They're back... Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly and Jack

Ananova 7/9/03 MTV signs up the Osbournes for a new series

Fans of Reality TV 7/9/03 Ep. 15, Home Alone

Zap2It 7/8/03 MTV Wants More 'Osbournes'

E!Online 7/8/03 Osbournes Up for More "Osbournes"

Mercury News 7/8/03 `The Osbournes' to return on MTV; Aimee Osbourne makes acting debut

Teen Hollywood 7/5/03 Osbournes Keep It in the Family

Television Without Pity 7/5/03 Fists of Fury

Louisville Channel 7/5/03 Ozzy Blames Parenting For Son's Problems 7/3/03 Ozzfest still going strong

MegaStar 7/3/03 Friends like these

Ananova 7/3/03 Ozzy's son: Why I needed drugs clinic

Louisville Channel 7/3/03 Jack Osbourne Comes Clean About Rehab

E!Online 7/2/03 Jack Osbourne Comes Clean

Teen Hollywood 7/2/03 Kelly Osbourne Bags A New Man

Fans of Reality TV 7/2/03 Ep. 14, Sibling Rivalry

Ananova 7/2/03 Kelly Osbourne to star in 'Alice' remake

Reality News Online 7/2/03 The Osbournes, Season 2, Episode 14: Kelly’s Latest Hit

Television Without Pity 6/29/03 Run Ozzy Run

Reality TV World 6/26/03 Sharon Osbourne blames self for son Jack's substance abuse

Guardian 6/26/03 Kelly Osbourne

Reality News Online 6/26/03 The Osbournes, Season 2, Episode 13: Run, Ozzy, Run

Fans of Reality TV 6/25/03 Radio On: Episode 13 Recap

Zap2It 6/25/03 Rhona Mitra Joins 'Practice'; Other Osbourne Heads to MTV 6/25/03 Ozzy Has The Last Laugh

Ananova 6/24/03 Vasectomy proves child is not mine, says Ozzy

BBC 6/24/03 Kelly Osbourne loves to be hated

Irish Examiner 6/23/03 Osbournes wax away

Television Without Pity 6/23/03 Flea's A Crowd

Reality News Online 6/22/03 The Osbournes, Season 2, Episode 12: Flea’s a Crowd

Ananova 6/20/03 Ozzy invites Prince William to move in with the Osbournes

Fans of Reality TV 6/18/03 Episode 12: The Flea Circus

Teen Hollywood 6/15/03 The Osbournes End Feud - To Start Another

Teen Hollywood 6/14/03 Osbourne: My Ex-boyfriend Is 'Mean'

Television Without Pity 6/14/03 What A Boy Wants

Zap2It 6/13/03 'Osbournes' Premiere Takes a Dive

The Mirror 6/12/03 A Night On The Town With Kelly Osbourne

Fox News 6/12/03 Sharon Osbourne's Show Already a Target

Toronto Star 6/12/03 Ozzy live — the guy's ready to croak for fans

Reality News Online 6/12/03 The Osbournes, Season 3, Episode 1: What a Boy Needs

Fans of Reality TV 6/11/03 Episode 11, Kelly vs. Christina

Reality News Online 6/10/03 Gearing Up for Season Three of ‘The Osbournes’

USA Today 6/10/03 A lot richer and a bit more sober

NY Daily News 6/9/03 'Osbournes' Round 3 swears on our nerves 6/8/03 Aging Osbourne still outrageous, but not as intense

National Enquirer 6/4/03 The Great & Powerful Ozzy

Ananova 5/30/03 Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne team up for UK gigs

Ananova 5/30/03 Ozzy outstrips Tony in fatherhood poll

Teen Hollywood 5/29/03 Jack Osbourne Out Of Rehab

Teen Hollywood 5/23/03 Kelly Osbourne Speaks Out About Jack

Teen Hollywood 5/18/03 Ozzy Flies To Britain For DJ Son 5/15/03 Kelly Osbourne Has More To Say Than Just Shut Up

Ananova 5/14/03 Ozzy Osbourne at war with son over radio station

Teen Hollywood 5/10/03 Kelly Osbourne: I'm Not Like Everyone Else

Hollywood Reporter 5/10/03 Osbournes leaving Sony after 2 decades

Reality TV World 5/9/03 'The Osbournes' Ozzy and Kelly Osbourne to leave Sony Music

E!Online 5/9/03 Osbournes: Sayonara, Sony

MTV 5/8/03 Ozzy And Kelly Osbourne Parting Ways With Record Label

Ananova 5/8/03 Jack and Kelly Osbourne front Isle Of MTV gig

BBC 5/8/03 Osbourne to 'quit record label'

Ananova 5/8/03 Ozzy to leave Sony

Reality News Online 5/8/03 Catching Up on the Osbournes

MTV 5/7/03 Kelly Osbourne To Former Senator Bob Dole: 'You're A $%#@!' 5/7/03 You're All Right Jack!

Teen Music 5/5/03 Ozzy Pulls Plug For Son Jack

WISN 5/5/03 Bob Dole Blasts Ozzy Osbourne

Teen Television 5/2/03 Kelly Osbourne: Celebrities Beware

BBC 5/1/03 Osbourne stays in 'good spirits'

Ananova 4/30/03 Ozzy's son opens heart on rehab move

MegaStar 4/29/03 Jack the lad

Ananova 4/29/03 Wanted: Jack Osbourne lookalike

Netscape 4/25/03 Top Ten Reality Celebs - Kelly Osbourne

Teen Music 4/21/03 Ozzy Osbourne: Fitness Freak?

Halifax Herald 4/18/03 Osbournes have overstayed welcome

National Enquirer 4/17/03 Ozzy: No Rehab For Me

BBC 4/17/03 Agent's anger over Osbourne 'fight'

Edmonton Journal 4/16/03 Are Osbournes taking their cues from Dr. Phil?

Ananova 4/16/03 Sharon Osbourne 'feared broken jaw after brawl'

E!Online 4/14/03 Sharon Osbourne's Necklacegate

Ananova 4/14/03 Ozzy's Osbourne's son to DJ at Homelands

NY Daily News 4/12/03 Ozzy's wife, rival duke it out

Seattle PI 4/11/03 Cops Probe Alleged Sharon Osbourne Fight

Seattle PI 4/11/03 Kelly Osbourne is reveling in new stardom

Ananova 4/7/03 Kelly speaks of Robbie tour 'dream'

Ananova 4/7/03 Robbie Williams invites Kelly Osbourne on tour

Zap2It 4/2/03 Ozzy and Sharon Headed to the Big Screen

Washington Post 4/2/03 Kelly Osbourne: Lots of Noise, Lots of Fun

BBC 4/2/03 Sharon Osbourne 'free of cancer'

Ananova 4/2/03 Sharon Osbourne beats cancer

Ananova 4/2/03 Jack Osbourne wants own chat show

NY Times 4/2/03 Yes, Her Hair Is Blond, and Oh, Yes, She Sang

Ananova 4/1/03 Kelly Osbourne to perform at V Festival 3/31/03 Osbournes Ireland Bound

icBirmingham 3/31/03 The secret Osbourne

Ananova 3/28/03 MTV makes Kelly Osbourne 'sick'

NME 3/27/03 Kelly Osbourne Blasts MTV!

The Phoenix 3/27/03 Twisted sister

OC Register 3/27/03 'The Osbournes' shoot reel-life fishing episode

New Zealand Herald 3/27/03 Ozzy Osbourne: The Essential

Ananova 3/25/03 Osbourne brands Christina 'a pussy'

Detroit Free Press 3/21/03 Osbourne kid Kelly brings her pop-punk to St. Andrew's Hall

Detroit News 3/21/03 Kelly Osbourne uses new CD, tour to break out of MTV mold

Live Daily 3/18/03 Ozzy snags ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted 3/17/03 Kelly Osbourne Living It Up On The Road

Star Tribune 3/16/03 Kelly Osbourne takes a fling at the rock life

KC Star 3/14/03 You don't have to wade too deep into a "Kelly Osbourne" search.. 

Oregon Daily Emerald 3/13/03 'Osbournes' DVD wryly recalls future classic's first 10 episodes

Rocky Mountain News 3/12/03 Kelly Osbourne solo act flies into Gothic tonight

Ananova 3/11/03 Kelly Osbourne buys own home

The Wichita Eagle 3/10/03 The Beverly Weirdbillies

The Trades 3/8/03 "Osbournes, The: The First Season" Review

Milwaukee Channel 3/7/03 'Osbournes: Season One' 3/7/03 The Beverly Weirdbillies

Teen Music 3/6/03 Ozzy And Sharon Mad At Kelly's Ex

Ananova 3/6/03 Kelly Osbourne to perform in new crisps ad

Teen Hollywood 3/5/03 Kelly Osbourne: Out on her Own

Teen Hollywood 3/5/03 DVD Review: The Osbournes: The First Season

Pop Politics 3/4/03 The Family Hour

Newsday 3/4/03 Ozzy, With or Without Bleeps

Daily Bulletin 3/4/03 Kelly Osbourne reflects on TV show image

Jam! 3/3/03 All in the family

Beacon Journal 3/2/03 Osbournes DVD is truly vulgar fun

News OK 2/28/03 Kelly Osbourne deals with maturing before TV audience's eyes

Arizona Republic 2/28/03 Brace yourself for a bleeping Osbournes onslaught

Extra 2/27/03 'The Osbournes' 2/26/03 Ozzy May Hire Ex-Metallica Bassist

BBC 2/25/03 Osbournes roll into rich list

Ananova 2/25/03 Ozzy riding high in music's rich list

Launch 2/23/03 'The Osbournes'--Back Next Season?

Launch 2/21/03 Sharon Osbourne Says Corgan Good For OzzFest Catering

NY Times 2/20/03 The Osbournes Plan for Summer

Ananova 2/19/03 Kelly Osbourne angry over mother's flying ban

Reality News Online 2/19/03 Season 2 in Review: Awkward Moments at the Party

TV Guide 2/18/03 Weighty Issues for Kelly Osbourne

Launch 2/17/03 Osbournes Open House For OzzFest

New Zealand Herald 2/17/03 Heavy-metal fatigue in shock-rock land

Ananova 2/17/03 Manson and Disturbed set for Ozzfest 2/16/03 Historic Ozzy

Television Without Pity 2/15/03 My Big Fat Jewish Wedding

Ananova 2/14/03 Jack Osbourne brags about three-woman sex session

Guardian Unlimited 2/13/03 Osbournes help Viacom weather downturn in advertising

BBC 2/13/03 The Brats kick off later - but who's on the line-up?

Ananova 2/13/03 Kelly Osbourne pulls out of awards over terror fears

Ananova 2/13/03 Ozzy and Sharon named most romantic celebrity couple

TV Rules 2/12/03 Honeymoon Night - Take Two

Fans of Reality TV 2/12/03 Episode 10, Holy Matrimony, Ozzman!

Reality News Online 2/12/03 Episode 10: My Big Fat Jewish Wedding

NY Daily News 2/12/03 He gives Pepsi pause, refreshes bad-boy image

Hello! 2/11/03 Fan Changes Name To Ozzy After Coming Out Of Coma 

Chicago Sun-Times 2/11/03 MTV's pet show being neglected

BBC 2/10/03 Osbourne tackles teen angst

Sunday Herald 2/9/03 Daddy's little girl

Reality News Online 2/8/03 Episode 9: Guess Whose Birthday It Is

Television Without Pity 2/8/03 Viva Ozz-Vegas

Teen Music 2/7/03 Kelly Osbourne: Stop Judging Me

NY Times 2/6/03 Hip-Hop Impresario Urges Pepsi Boycott

Fans of Reality TV 2/6/03 Episode 9, It's my birthday, I'll whine if I want to!

Media Fiends 2/5/03 - 2.4.03 The Osbournes

TV Rules 2/5/03 Viva Ozz-Vegas - Episode Summary

BBC 2/4/03 Kelly Osbourne's Brat performance

Independent 2/4/03 Size-wise Kelly just won't Shut Up

Wilmington Star 2/3/03 Are viewers tired of Ozzy?

Teen Music 2/1/03 Ozzy Warns Kelly: I'll Put You In Rehab

Television Without Pity 2/1/03 Cleanliness Is Next To Ozzyness

Ananova 1/31/03 Kelly Osbourne to play first UK gig

Ananova 1/31/03 TV lapdance treat for Ozzy's son

Ananova 1/31/03 Kelly Osbourne to play first UK gig

Fans of Reality TV 1/29/03 Episode 8, Bark at the...Poop?

Media Fiends 1/29/03 - 1.28.03 The Osbournes

Reality News Online 1/29/03 Episode 8: Cleanliness Is Next to Ozzyness

USA Today 1/28/03 'The Osbournes' losing its buzz

Ananova 1/28/03 Ozzy Osbourne Pepsi advert goes online

Daily Review 1/28/03 Are television fans sick of the Osbournes?

Teen Hollywood 1/27/03 Kelly Osbourne: I Won't Do Fourth Season

Reality News Online 1/27/03 Season 2, Episode 7: It’s a Hard Knock Life

Teen Hollywood 1/26/03 Kelly Osbourne Breathing Scare

Television Without Pity 1/25/03 It's A Hard Knock Life

Teen Hollywood 1/23/03 Kelly Slams Britney and Aguilera

Fans of Reality TV 1/22/03 Episode 7, Meltdown

Ananova 1/22/03 Ozzy Osbourne gets shocks in Pepsi advert

Media Fiends 1/22/03 - 1.21.03 The Osbournes

Extra 1/21/03 Sharon Osbourne

Zap2It 1/21/03 Osbournes Featured in Super Bowl Ad

NY Daily News 1/21/03 Swears out his welcome

Teen Hollywood 1/19/03 The Osbournes Are Top Couple 1/19/03 Kelly Cried For Months

Teen Hollywood 1/19/03 Actress Walks Out On "vulgar" Osbournes

Television Without Pity 1/19/03 Meow Means No!!

Ananova 1/19/03 Kelly hoping for more positive year

Teen Music 1/17/03 Osbourne Sisters Locked In Bitter Feud

Fans of Reality TV 1/17/03 Episode 6, "Issues"

Media Fiends 1/15/03 - 1.14.03 The Osbournes

Reality News Online 1/15/03 Season 2, Episode 6: Meow Means No!!

Ananova 1/14/03 Kelly and Jack Osbourne sit on Justin and Britney's laps

Toronto Star 1/14/03 Bleepin' Osbournes live

Ananova 1/14/03 Ozzy Osbourne provides guest vocals for US band

Television Without Pity 1/11/03 Smells Like Teen Spirits

Globe and Mail 1/10/03 The Osbournes back for another season 1/10/03 Osbournes May Face Lawsuit

Teen Hollywood 1/10/03 Jack Osbourne Threatens Violence Over Anna Nicole

TVRules 1/8/2003 Grandpa Ozzy

MSNBC 1/8/03 Ellen, Sharon talk shows set for fall bows

Fans of Reality TV 1/8/02 Episode 5, "Bottom's Up!"

Media Fiends 1/8/03 - 1.7.03 The Osbournes

Reality News Online 1/8/03 Season 2, Episode 5: Smells Like Teen Spirits

Ananova 1/7/03 Ozzy and Sharon contact police over party 'thief'

Zap2It 1/7/03 Aimee Osbourne Joins 'Osbourne' Family for AMAs

New York Times 1/2/03 Ozzy, Sharon Osbourne Renew Wedding Vows

CNN 12/30/02 DJ Louis Osbourne shares dad's love of music

Zap2It 12/25/02 Martha Stewart, Osbournes Make Biography List

E!Online 12/23/02 Osbourne's Season's Greetings

Ananova 12/23/02 Sharon Osbourne to remark on Parker Bowles's chest

Teen Hollywood 12/23/02 Sharon's Private Shopping Spree

BBC 12/23/02 Osbourne set to rival Queen

Television Without Pity 12/21/02 Beauty and the Bert 12/20/02 Sharon, the real wizard of Ozzy

Ananova 12/20/02 Kylie 'to duet with Ozzy Osbourne'

Teen Hollywood 12/19/02 Osbournes Plan Xmas With Homeless

Reality News Online 12/18/02 Season 2, Episode 4: Beauty and the Bert

Fans of Reality TV 12/18/02 Episode 4 Recap, "Love is in the Air"

MegaStar 12/18/02 One careful Owen-er

Media Fiends 12/18/02 - 12/17/02 The Osbournes - Beauty & The Bert

Jam! 12/17/02 Take your own advice, Kelly

Ananova 12/17/02 Osbournes' noisy neighbour revealed

MTV 12/16/02 Osbournes For Pepsi Ad!

Herald-Tribune 12/16/02 'The Osbournes': Bad Comedy, Bad Taste

Reality News Online 12/16/02 Season 2, Episode 3: The Ozz Man and the Sea

Ananova 12/12/02 Ozzy and Simon Cowell in top five US entertainers

TVRules 12/11/02 Can't stop the tide!!

Television Without Pity 12/11/02 The Ozz Man And The Sea

Reality TV Fans 12/11/02 The Ozzys 2-Episode 3

Fans of Reality TV 12/11/02 Episode 3 Recap, "The Ozman and the Sea"

NME 12/9/02 Bourne Again!

TV Guide 12/9/02 Heavy Petting at Osbourne Book Bash

Ananova 12/9/02 The Osbournes to return in February

The Green Bay News-Chronicle 12/8/02 Unhip, uncool and no longer groovy

Northwest Indiana Times 12/7/02 They're back

Reality News Online 12/6/02 The Osbournes, Season 2, Episode 2: … Must Come Down

Media Life 12/5/02 Could Osbourne saga be sagging?

Media Life 12/5/02 'Osbournes,' once more with feeling

Zap2It 12/5/02 Sharon Osbourne Goes Toe-to-Toe with Queen

MegaStar 12/5/02 Osbournes' alternative Christmas

BBC 12/4/02 Sharon Osbourne goes head to head with the Queen

Fans of Reality TV 12/4/02 Episode 2 Recap, "The Other C-Word"

BBC 12/4/02 Osbourne offers festive message

Ananova 12/4/02 Sharon Osbourne to give Alternative Christmas Message

E!Online 12/3/02 Ozzy a Grandpa

Zap2It 12/3/02 Kelly Self Fullfills

Teen Hollywood 12/3/02 Ozzy + Sharon Name The Day

Mobile Register 12/3/02 Osbournes' posts MTV's record rating

Zap2It 12/2/02 Ozzy Makes Barbara Walters' List

Television Without Pity 12/1/02 What Goes Up

The Age 11/29/02 Ozzy's outburst, it was faked

Teen Hollywood 11/28/02 Kelly Wows At Debut Concert

Reality News Online 11/28/02 The Osbournes, Season 2, Episode 1: What Goes Up…

Fans of Reality TV 11/28/02 Episode 1 Recap, "The Osbournes Invade Washington"

Ananova 11/28/02 Ozzy Osbourne takes up knife-throwing

Independent 11/28/02 Reality is that scenes from show were staged, Osbournes admit

BBC 11/28/02 New Osbournes series is US hit

NY Daily News 11/28/02 As punk princess, Kelly is Oz-some

BBC 11/28/02 Jack and Kelly admit scenes were faked in The Osbournes

Zap2It 11/27/02 MTV's Osbournes Acting Real?

TVRules 11/27/02 They're Backkkk

Ananova 11/27/02 Osbournes TV show scenes were staged, say kids

Guardian 11/27/02 MTV staged key scenes of Osbournes, claim stars

Zap2It 11/27/02 'Osbournes' Still Ratings Gold for MTV

Ananova 11/27/02 Ozzy will be gnashing his teeth over poll

Media Fiends 11/26/02 - The Osbournes 2 – Season Premiere The McOsbournes Are Back

Tampa Bay Online 11/26/02 Those Lovable Osbournes Put Out The Welcome Mat Once Again

USA Today 11/26/02 Too much 'Osbournes' is creating a monster

Go Memphis 11/26/02 Sharon's struggle heightens voyeur factor of Osbournes

Detroit News 11/26/02 'The Osbournes' gives MTV second year of rock reality

Star Ledger 11/26/02 This Ozzfest isn't as much fun as it used to be

NY Times 11/26/02 The Osbournes Return, Still Weird and Warm

St. Petersburg Times 11/26/02 A rockin' new page in the 'Osbournes' family album

Washington Post 11/26/02 Make Room for Ozzy: The Modern Family Sitcom

Detroit Free Press 11/26/02 Osbournes return, expletives intact

Post Gazette 11/26/02 'Osbournes' off to another profane, funny season

MegaStar 11/26/02 Osbourne to run? 11/26/02 Osbournes aren't shy about exposure

Reality News Online 11/25/02 Catching Up with the Osbournes

Extra TV 11/25/02 'The Osbournes'

Deseret News 11/25/02 MTV's 'Osbournes' are back

Chicago Sun Times 11/25/02 'The Osbournes' a fractured fairy tale

San Francisco Chronicle 11/25/02 'The Osbournes' faces reality

NY Daily News 11/25/02 Ozzy & Sharon: It's all about love 11/25/02 `Osbournes' watchable despite grim element

CBS 11/25/02 'Osbournes' Assumes A Grim Edge

Oregonian 11/24/02 Leave it to Ozzy

Milwaukee Journal 11/24/02 All in the #@! family

Teen Hollywood 11/23/02 Kelly Upset Over Mom's Flash Dancing

NY Times 11/23/02 You Don't Know Jack

Houston Chronicle 11/22/02 'The Osbournes' make dizzy return

Extra TV 11/22/02 'The Osbournes'

Knox News 11/22/02 'Osbournes' are back & better than ever

USA Today 11/21/02 Uncovering the real Osbournes

Christianity Today 11/21/02 Christian Critics Split on Second Harry Potter

CNN 11/21/02 Is 'The Osbournes' too depressing for TV?

Knox News 11/21/02 "The Osbournes" back for more guilty pleasure

Ananova 11/19/02 Osbournes to shoot in UK

This is London 11/19/02 Osbournes to film in London

USA Today 11/18/02 Sharon talks up a talk show

Ananova 11/11/02 The Osbournes special tops Channel 4's Christmas schedule

Washington Post 11/9/02 Mama Osbourne, Hiding Out On Her Own Chat Show

Zap2It 11/8/02 Sharon Osbourne Signs Talk-Show Deal

Media Life 11/8/02 'Now, heeeere's . . . Sharon'

NY Daily News 11/8/02 'Osbournes' wife gets Oprah-style talk show

Ananova 11/8/02 Sharon Osbourne to become talk show host

Guardian 11/8/02 Osbourne scores her own show

Ananova 11/7/02 Ozzy Osbourne breaks down over Sharon's cancer

BBC 11/7/02 Sharon's illness takes its toll on Osbournes

Ananova 11/7/02 Kelly Osbourne to host Smash Hits Poll Winners Party

Teen Hollywood 11/6/02 Osbournes To Host American Music Awards

This is London 11/5/02 Ozzy is 'back on the bottle'

Teen Hollywood 11/5/02 Osbourne Uncomfortable With Fame

Ananova 11/5/02 Sharon Osbourne does U-turn on documentary

Zap2It 11/5/02 'Osbournes' Matriarch Backtracks, Says Show Will Stay

Chicago Sun Times 11/5/02 Sharon's crazy train of thought

TV Guide 11/5/02 Ozzy's Heir: Celebs "Freak Me Out!"

NY Daily News 11/5/02 Sharon: Year 2 is too tough

Hollywood Reporter 11/5/02 Osbourne says she regrets MTV show

BBC 11/5/02 Osbournes 'regret' TV show

E!Online 11/4/02 Quitting Time for "The Osbournes"?

Zap2It 11/4/02 'Osbournes' Finished After This Season, Sharon Says

Ananova 11/4/02 I regret letting cameras in, says Ozzy's wife

Zap2It 11/4/02 Osbournes Will Host AMAs for ABC

Post Gazette 10/31/02 'Osbournes' returns to MTV Nov. 26 for second season

E!Online 10/30/02 Ozzy at the Movies?

Zap2It 10/30/02 Osbournes Preparing an Ozzy Movie

Globe and Mail 10/30/02 The Osbournes return to MTV Canada

Ananova 10/30/02 Sharon Osbourne reveals plans for film about Ozzy

Hollywood Reporter 10/30/02 Osbournes bite into biopic

Zap2It 10/29/02 MTV Sets 'Osbournes' Premiere Date

E!Online 10/25/02 Ozzy: Back for Bleepin' Turkey
Zap2It 10/22/02 'Osbournes' Officially Returning to MTV

TV Guide 10/22/02 Preview: The Osbournes Part Deux

Ananova 10/21/02 Kelly Osbourne in trouble with Sydney police

Ananova 10/21/02 I can't remember what Queen said to me - Ozzy

MTV 10/18/02 Kelly Osbourne Says 'Shut Up' And Dance On Upcoming LP

Ananova 10/17/02 Channel 4 to show The Osbournes next month

Zap2It 10/7/02 MTV's 'Osbournes' Goes Global

MegaStar 9/27/02 Ozzy junior finds love

TV Guide 9/24/02 Osbourne Kids Crash HBO Emmy Bash!

Zap2It 9/23/02 Jack Osbourne Guest Stars on The WB's "Dawson's Creek"

Ananova 9/22/02 Ozzy is still rock's greatest hell-raiser - poll

Ananova 9/17/02 Kelly Osbourne gets help with album from big sister

This is London 9/16/02 Osbournes rocking the TV world

Extra TV 9/16/02 Sharon Osbourne

BBC 9/15/02 Ozzy's wife collects Emmy award

Ananova 9/15/02 The Osbournes win Emmy award

Zap2It 9/13/02 'Friday' Not 'Freaky' for Kelly Osbourne

Zap2It 9/12/02 Kelly Osbourne Exits 'Freaky Friday'

Houston Chronicle 9/12/02 Osbourne wants daughter to do as he says, not as he did

Cinescape 9/12/02 Kelly Osbourne ditches Freaky Friday

Ananova 9/12/02 Kelly Osbourne drops out of big screen debut

Zap2It 9/9/02 Osbourne Toys Cash In

New Zealand Herald 9/7/02 Ozzy's son a true spinner

New York Daily News 9/3/02 Ozzy's Sharon the love on her B-day 9/3/02 Ozzy plans party for Sharon's 50th

Ananova 8/30/02 I'm no diva, says Kelly Osbourne

Houston Chronicle 8/29/02 Is Ozzy's wife losing cancer fight?

Ananova 8/29/02 Ozzfest album to be released in September

USA Today 8/28/02 Dehydration sent Sharon Osbourne to hospital

Detroit News 8/26/02 For sale: The Osbournes, and everything with their likenesses

AskMen 8/24/02 Battle: Ozzy Osbourne vs. Anna Nicole Smith

E!Online 8/23/02 Ozzy: Fox News Misled Me

Zap2It 8/23/02 Ozzy Says He Was Duped by Fox News

Washington Post 8/23/02 The Ozzy Interview He Doesn't Want You to See

Hollywood Reporter 8/23/02 Osbourne in spat with Fox News

Extra TV 8/22/02 Ozzy Osbourne

Ananova 8/22/02 Ozzy Osbourne says he's 'falling apart' over wife's illness

Ananova 8/21/02 Kelly Osbourne to play G.A.Y club night

BBC 8/15/02 Ozzfest band's singer found dead

Zap2It 8/14/02 Osbournes Take In Friend Whose Mom Died of Cancer

E!Online 8/14/02 Osbournes "Adopt" Another Kid

BBC 8/14/02 Osbournes adopt bereaved boy

Ananova 8/14/02 Osbournes adopt daughters' friend after his mum's cancer death

This is London 8/13/02 Ozzy is city's choice for culture icon

BBC 8/12/02 Enfield 'denies' Ozzy copy claims

Ananova 8/12/02 Osbournes star to appear in Dawson's Creek

Independent 8/12/02 Ozzy Osbourne did not inspire my ageing rocker, says comic Enfield

Ananova 8/11/02 Ozzy threatens to sue Harry Enfield over new sitcom

Globe and Mail 8/9/02 MTV fights for ownership of Osbournes

Zap2It 8/8/02 Jack Osbourne Jumps Into 'Creek'

Detroit News 8/8/02 MTV family man Ozzy proves he still can rock

BBC 8/7/02 Ozzy faces second lawsuit

Zap2It 8/7/02 'Osbournes' Season 2: Everybody Sues Ozzy

Ananova 8/7/02 The Osbournes face second law suit

Hollywood Reporter 8/7/02 Osbournes facing second suit

Knox News 8/6/02 The story of O: Ozzy Osbourne through the ages

Ananova 8/6/02 Osbournes move to Malibu beach house to avoid prying fans

Knox News 8/6/02 Five great trips to the land of Ozz

San Francisco Chronicle 8/4/02 Tough to face reality in 'Osbournes' show

Zap2It 8/2/02 Kelly Osbourne Gets 'Freaky'

BBC 8/2/02 Wife orders Ozzy back on the road

Ananova 8/2/02 Sharon sends Ozzy back on the road

E!Online 8/1/02 Ozzy Back on Ozzfest

Zap2It 8/1/02 Ozzy Reverses Course, Returns to Tour

Ananova 8/1/02 Kelly Osbourne to star in remake of Disney classic

Zap2It 8/1/02 Kelly Osbourne Heads to the Big Screen

Ananova 7/31/02 Sharon Osbourne 'in good spirits' following chemotherapy

E!Online 7/29/02 Mama, Ozzy's Coming DVD

Zap2It 7/28/02 Ozzy Leaves Tour to Be with Ailing Wife

Ananova 7/27/02 Ozzy pulls out of Ozzfest to be with Sharon

E!Online 7/26/02 Ozzy Hit with Two Lawsuits

Zap2It 7/26/02 Producer Sues The Osbournes

BBC 7/26/02 The Osbournes 'stole programme idea'

Ananova 7/26/02 Sharon and Ozzy sued over TV show

Hollywood Reporter 7/26/02 Osbournes sued over show idea

This is London 7/26/02 Ozzy sued for 'cheating on royalties'

Detroit News 7/23/02 Kelly Osbourne is latest CosmoGIRL!

Star Ledger 7/22/02 Veteran rocker still rules land of Ozzfest

Ananova 7/21/02 Jack Osbourne is former TFI Friday star's 'honorary brother'

New York Daily News 7/21/02 Ozzy fans show metal at soggy N.J. fest

Zap2It 7/19/02 Jack Osbourne Hurt Diving From Pier

Ananova 7/19/02 Jack Osbourne injured while climbing building

Zap2It 7/19/02 Sharon Osbourne: Cancer Has Spread

BBC 7/19/02 New cancer fear for Osbourne

New York Daily News 7/18/02 Mrs. Osbourne wants talk show

Ananova 7/15/02 Ozzy says he would stop The Osbournes for his kids

NY Times 7/15/02 Ozzy Osbourne, Just Kidding

Digital Spy 7/14/02 Sharon Osbourne lined up for "Popstars"

Ananova 7/12/02 We swear a lot too, Camilla tells Ozzy's wife

Zap2It 7/11/02 Canada Gets 'The Osbournes' Un-Bleeped

BBC 7/10/02 Sharon Osbourne recovers after op

Ananova 7/10/02 Sharon Osbourne recovering from cancer surgery

E!Online 7/3/02 Sharon Osbourne Battling Cancer

BBC 7/3/02 Sharon Osbourne has cancer surgery

Ananova 7/3/02 Ozzy's wife expected to make full recovery after cancer op

Ananova 6/26/02 Kelly Osbourne takes up modelling

E!Online 6/26/02 Kelly Osbourne Going Solo

Ananova 6/26/02 Kelly Osbourne to begin work on debut album

USA Today 6/26/02 Osbourne can thank 'Papa' for fall album

Zap2It 6/25/02 Ozzy's Girl Sells Candie's

Reality News Online 6/24/02 Why Does Bill Cosby Hate 'The Osbournes'?

NY Times 6/23/02 Two Sides of Ozzy, Two Sets of Fans

Toronto Star 6/21/02 Cosby no fan of Osbournes show

Ananova 6/20/02 Bill Cosby doesn't get The Osbournes

Zap2It 6/19/02 Cosby Has Harsh Words for Ozzy

Ananova 6/19/02 The Osbournes website wins award

Toronto Star 6/17/02 Book says Osbourne tried to hang himself

Ananova 6/17/02 Ozzy Osbourne 'I nearly committed suicide'

Dallas Morning News 6/16/02 Ozzy knows best?

Ananova 6/14/02 Ozzy's a good dad says new survey

Ananova 6/13/02 Channel 4 to show first two series of The Osbournes

Globe and Mail 6/13/02 What's the big deal about potty-mouth Ozzy?

BBC 6/13/02 Channel 4 'wins UK Osbournes race'

Digital Spy 6/13/02 Channel 4 snaps up Osbournes

Globe and Mail 6/12/02 That bleeping Osbourne show

Toronto Star 6/12/02 CTV sets Osbournes free

Ananova 6/11/02 Ozzy to release live album

Ananova 6/11/02 Kelly Osbourne misses Jay Leno appearance

Bergen Record 6/10/02 Osbournes give rise to copycats

Ananova 6/10/02 No swearing from Osbournes talking dolls

Detroit News 6/10/02 Songs carry wit, wisdom of Ozzy into your home

Deseret News 6/7/02 'Osbournes' makes aging rebel rocker an object of pity

Ananova 6/6/02 The Osbournes to stay in Beverly Hills for new series

Chicago Sun Times 6/5/02 Everything's Osbourne

Ananova 6/4/02 Ozzy merchandise sales expected to reach £130m

Zap2It 6/4/02 Kelly Osbourne to Perform on "The Tonight Show" Concert Series

Extra TV 6/3/02 Ozzy in England

Ananova 6/3/02 Ozzy: I must behave or they'll send me to the Tower

Globe and Mail 6/3/02 Pomp, circumstance and Ozzy Osbourne

Ananova 6/1/02 Sharon Osbourne 'wanted to sign new MTV deal in blood'

LA Times 6/1/02 'The Osbournes' Conquers Britain

Zap2It 5/31/02 Sharon Osbourne Hosts The Queens Jubilee

Toronto Star 5/31/02 Ozzy to be on best behaviour for Lizzy

Independent 5/31/02 Osbournes claim $20m (and pet therapy) from MTV

E!Online 5/30/02 It's Official: "Osbournes" Coming Back

New York Times 5/30/02 Down to Raucous Wire, Osbournes in MTV Deal

Hollywood Reporter 5/30/02 Osbournes cash in at MTV

Ananova 5/30/02 Kelly Osbourne to perform at MTV Movie Awards

Zap2It 5/30/02 Kelly Osbourne to Make Musical Debut at MTV Movie Awards

BBC 5/29/02 Ozzy returns for second series

Ananova 5/29/02 MTV confirms second series of The Osbournes

Guardian 5/29/02 Ozzy's wife eyes UK chat show

Ananova 5/29/02 Sharon Osbourne 'plans TV career in UK'

BBC 5/27/02 Ozzy frozen out of Irish Ozzfest

Ananova 5/27/02 Ozzy misses Irish date

Independent 5/27/02 First night review: The Osbournes, MTV

Telegraph 5/24/02 The woman who tamed Ozzy

Ananova 5/24/02 Harry Enfield 'studies Ozzy Osbourne' for new role

Zap2It 5/23/02 Ozzy and Family Make Way Across the Pond

Guardian 5/22/02 Ozz is back in town

Zap2It 5/22/02 Tommy Lee Wants To Follow in Ozzy's Footsteps

Ananova 5/20/02 Ozzy's son doesn't find TV series very funny

New York Times 5/19/02 In Hollywood, Everyone Wants to Be Ozzy

Digital Spy 5/19/02 'Osbournes' UK premiere delayed

Independent 5/18/02 The Osbournes forced off air over contract row

Zap2It 5/17/02 'The Osbournes' Gets Delayed in U.K.

Louisville Channel 5/17/02 Osbournes Unveil Family Album Songs

Zap2It 5/16/02 'Osbournes' Finishes Strong for MTV

Reality News Online 5/16/02 The Osbournes, Episode 10: What's It All About ... Ozzy?

BBC 5/16/02 Osbournes UK debut pulled

Ananova 5/16/02 MTV postpones The Osbournes screening

Guardian 5/16/02 UK bidding war for Osbournes

Ananova 5/16/02 Kelly Osbourne's Madonna cover posted online

Reality News Online 5/15/02 The Osbournes, Episode 10: What's It All About. Ozzy?

Guardian 5/15/02 'It's just the way I am'

MTV 5/15/02 Osbournes Unveil F---ing Family Album

BBC 5/13/02 Ozzy to play for the Queen

Fox News 5/13/02 Celebs Jump on The Osbournes Bandwagon

Ananova 5/13/02 Ozzy and Ricky Martin set for jubilee concert

Plain Dealer 5/12/02 Osbournes different, not dysfunctional

Television Without Pity 5/11/02 The End Of The Innocence

Tee Vee 5/10/02 The Black Osbournes

Ananova 5/10/02 Dan Quayle praises Osbourne family values

St. Petersburg Times 5/10/02 If Osbourne can do it, why can't I?

Toronto Star 5/10/02 Murphy Brown critic Quayle values Ozzy

Ananova 5/10/02 Ozzy 'to appear in new Austin Powers film'

Cinescape 5/9/02 Ozzy set for Austin Powers

E!Online 5/9/02 Osbournes Get Booked

BBC 5/9/02 Book deal nets Osbournes $2m

Zap2It 5/9/02 Ozzy and Family Get Book Deal

Ananova 5/9/02 The Osbournes sign £2m book deal

Zap2It 5/902 'Osbournes' Once Again Atop Cable Ratings

New Zealand Herald 5/8/02 TV3 pitches for Ozzy

Reality TV Fans 5/8/02 The Osbournes - Season Finale: Dinner with Ozzy

Guardian 5/8/02 Rocker at odds with MTV over second series

Ananova 5/8/02 MTV 'still negotiating' second series of The Osbournes

Pioneer Press 5/8/02 The other Osbournes

Cnet 5/7/02 Ozzy's antics not enough for Web surfers

Houston Chronicle 5/7/02 'The Osbournes' up close

Knox News 5/7/02 Osbournes: 'We signed,' they say; 'No, we haven't

Extra TV 5/6/02 Ozzy at The White House

NY Times 5/6/02 MTV Deal for 'The Osbournes'

Globe and Mail 5/6/02 Osbourne deal: MTV tells a different story

Television Without Pity 5/5/02 Deck The Hells

BBC 5/5/02 Ozzy upstages Bush the comedian

Digital Spy 5/5/02 'Osbournes' to return to MTV

Dallas Morning News 5/4/02 Ozzy: Raucous rocker or dim dad?

Globe and Mail 5/4/02 TV producer just said no to Ozzy

Deseret News 5/4/02 'Osbournes' to return — maybe

Toronto Star 5/4/02 Celebrity mimicry has become just so ... becoming

E!Online 5/3/02 "Osbournes" Score $20 Million?

Zap2It 5/3/02 'Osbournes' Will Return to MTV, Sharon Says

Ananova 5/3/02 Rock wildman Ozzy signs reality TV deal

Reality News Online 5/3/02 The Osbournes, Episode 9: Good Gravy!

BBC 5/3/02 Ozzy set for second bite

Ananova 5/3/02 A new series of The Osbournes may be filmed in UK

Chicago Sun Times 5/2/02 On 'The Osbournes'

Detroit News 4/30/02 From Ozzie to Ozzy

Globe and Mail 4/30/02 Sitcoms meet reality TV in the land of Oz

Toronto Star 4/29/02 Osbourne family values makes for hilarious TV

Television Without Pity 4/28/02 You're Uninvited

CBS 4/28/02 'The Osbournes': Reality Gone Wild

Toronto Star 4/27/02 Time to run for cover: The Osbournes have arrived

Reality News Online 4/26/02 The Osbournes, Episode 8: Battle of the Titans

Knox News 4/26/02 Despite spats, Osbourne wouldn't change a thing

VH1 4/26/02 Kelly Osbourne's Ready For Her Closeup With 'Papa Don't Preach' Video

Zap2It 4/26/02 "48 Hours" Interviews Ozzy Osbourne's Neighbors

Pop Politics 4/25/02 We Are Family

Extra TV 4/25/02 'The Osbournes'

Zap2It 4/25/02 'Osbournes' Remains No. 1 in Cable Ratings

Ananova 4/25/02 The Osbournes shatters MTV viewing record

Crosswalk 4/24/02 Reality Bites More Than A Bat Head: MTV's "The Osbournes

BBC 4/24/02 The Osbournes set UK date

Hollywood Reporter 4/24/02 Ozzy providing MTV ratings bite

Ananova 4/24/02 MTV's The Osbournes coming to UK and Irish screens

Slate 4/24/02 Ozzy as Manager

Rolling Stone 4/23/02 Cover Story: The Osbournes

Seattle Times 4/22/02 Ozzy knows best?

Globe and Mail 4/22/02 Ozzy show takes MTV to dizzying heights

Milwaukee Journal 4/21/02 MTV's 'Osbournes' is changing face of TV

Independent 4/21/02 Channel 4 turns to 'orrible Ozzy as Ally McBeal loses her appeal

Rocky Mountain News 4/20/02 'The Osbournes' is train-wreck television

Seattle PI 4/20/02 'The Osbournes' setting records for MTV

Ananova 4/20/02 Ozzy Osbourne to guest star on Jonathan Ross

CSM 4/19/02 Ozzy and Ozzie: TV family guys, one tattooed

Cincinnati Enquirer 4/19/02 At Home with Ozzy 4/18/02 Making a big show of it

USA Today 4/18/02 'The Osbournes' popular in America's living rooms

Television Without Pity 4/18/02 Satan, Give Me Strength

Independent 4/18/02 At home with the Osbournes

Ananova 4/18/02 Cradle Of Filth cover Ozzy classic - and want him to provide vocals

Extra TV 4/17/02 Sharon Osbourne

Zap2It 4/17/02 MTV's 'Osbournes' Top Cable Ratings

BBC 4/17/02 Ozzy 'seeks second series deal'

Ananova 4/17/02 Ozzy seeks deal for second MTV series

Zap2It 4/16/02 Future of 'Osbournes' Sequel Is Cloudy
E!Online 4/16/02 Ozzy's Family Weighs Second Season

Launch 4/16/02 Osbournes Want A Raise

Washington Post 4/16/02 Make Room For Ozzy

Fox News 4/15/02 The Osbournes on The Osbournes: Part III

Detroit Free Press 4/14/02 Real family, really funny

The Australian 4/13/02 Ozzy back in the land of the living

Zap2It 4/13/02 Ozzy Osbourne Accepts his Star with Humility

Television Without Pity 4/13/02 Family Matters

Tom Paine 4/12/02 Culture Watch: Reality T.V. You Can Live With

CNN 4/12/02 Ozzy Osbourne, superstar -- again

Ananova 4/12/02 Ozzy gets star on Hollywood walk of fame

BBC 4/12/02 Ozzy earns Walk of Fame star

Ananova 4/12/02 Ozzy Osbourne sells his Nazi collection to Lemmy

Ananova 4/12/02 Hollywood honour for Black Sabbath legend Ozzy

Reality News Online 4/11/02 The Osbournes, Episode 6: "Sharon! Stop This Crazy Thing!

Extra 4/10/02 Ozzy Osbourne -- Ozzy breaks a leg

Fox News 4/10/02 The Osbournes on The Osbournes

Zap2It 4/10/02 Ozzy Gets His Props

Washington Post 4/10/02 Ozzy Does It: MTV's Hit Loud Family

St. Petersburg Times 4/10/02 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Extra 4/9/02 Ozzy Osbourne -- Star of the MTV show "The Osbournes"

Time 4/7/02 Ozzy Knows Best

Television Without Pity 4/5/02 Ozzy Go Boom

E!Online 4/5/02 "The Osbournes" Rule Cable

Zap2It 4/4/02 Online Guide to 'The Osbournes'

Go Memphis 4/4/02 Off-beat Osbournes cook up a kick-(bleep) kind of reality TV

Zap2It 4/4/02 Ozzy's Daughter Sings for 'Osbournes' Soundtrack

BBC 4/4/02 Ozzy Osbourne 'invited to White House'

Reality News Online 4/4/02 The Osbournes, Episode 5: Jolly Ol’ Saint Ozzy

Denver Post 4/4/02 MTV has hit in Ozzy

Metal Hammer 4/3/02 Ozzy Don't Preach

St. Petersburg Times 4/3/02 Side show

This is London 4/3/02 George Bush to sup with Ozzy

Ananova 4/3/02 Ozzy's teenage daughter covers Madonna classic for MTV soundtrack

Sacramento Bee 4/2/02 A visit with the Osbournes

MTV 4/2/02 Kelly Osbourne Collaborating With Incubus Members

NY Times 4/2/02 'The Osbournes': No Rest for Family Values on Black Sabbath

Zap2It 4/1/02 MTV Looks For Reality After 'Osbournes'

TV Guide 4/1/02 Osbournes: Really and Surreally Funny

Television Without Pity 3/29/02 Ozzy Gets Wood

Hollywood Reporter 3/29/02 'Osbournes' ratings still in the black

Reality News Online 3/28/02 The Osbournes, Episode 4: Hammy Music

Oregonian 3/26/02 'Osbournes' seem crazy-normal

Television Without Pity 3/22/02 T-R-(Wot The Bloody)-L?

Launch 3/22/02 Ozzy Surprised At Fame From 'The Osbournes'

USA Today 3/21/02 Family matters? Not in reality TV

Reality News Online 3/20/02 The Osbournes, Episode 3: For the Record

Post Crescent 3/17/02 Ozzy and harried: Dysfunctional family life has rarely been so (bleep) funny

Television Without Pity 3/16/02 No Bats Or Doves, But Everything Else

Reality News Online 3/13/02 The Osbournes, Episode 2: Who Let the Dogs In?

Reality News Online 3/10/02 The Osbournes, Episode 1: Meet the Family

Television Without Pity 3/9/02 The Osbournes

Sacramento Bee 3/7/02 Dad, can I borrow the corpses?

Virginia Pilot 3/5/02 Spend some family time with Ozzy

Contra Costa Times 3/5/02 Ozzy, Sharon and family fling open the front door

Knox News 3/5/02 Ozzy's teenagers most 'normal' part of MTV's reality show

San Francisco Chronicle 3/5/02 Ozzy's Real World

Ananova 3/5/02 Ozzy stars in TV documentary

NY Times 3/5/02 That Lovable Sitcom Dad Who Likes to Nibble Bats

Detroit News 3/5/02 MTV's bleeping, wacky show peeks in at Ozzy's family life

Washington Post 3/5/02 The Ozz-Been: MTV's Peek Show Misses the Bat

Detroit Free Press 3/5/02 Ozzy knows best

Post Gazette 3/5/02 Three witless shows make debuts tonight

Dallas Morning News 3/4/02 At home with the Batty Bunch

Time 3/4/02 Ozzy, Not Ozzie 3/4/02 MTV's answer to the Nelsons: Ozzy Osbourne and family

Seattle PI 3/4/02 Alan Smithee, Ozzy Osbourne -- are these guys for real?

Milwaukee Journal 3/3/02 Not Ozzie: Rock family on MTV

The Independent 2/22/02 Leave it to Ozzy!

BBC 2/18/02 MTV goes home with Ozzy Osbourne

Zap2It 2/18/02 MTV Follows the Day-to-day Life of Ozzy

Tiscali 2/18/02  Meet the Osbournes

The Star 2/17/02 Rocker Ozzy Osbourne plans reality TV show

Billboard 2/1/02 Osbourne's Life Not Reality For Viewers

Launch 1/24/02 The Osbournes Coming To MTV

NY Times 1/21/02 Ozzy Osbourne's Family, Unplugged

Billboard 1/17/02 MTV Invites Viewers Into Ozzy's Home

Ananova 1/16/02 American MTV to show Ozzy Osbourne 'sitcom'

CD Now 1/15/02 Ozzy Osbourne's TV Series, The Osbournes: 'Every Third Word Is A Bleep'

Metal Hammer 1/3/02 Meet The Osbournes!

Ananova 1/29/01 Ozzy's life is a sitcom - official


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