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KAIT 4/14/08 ABC and Oprah's Big Give in Region 8

Argus Leader 4/14/08 Oprah's Big Give Dakota

KETV.com 4/14/08 Oprah's Big Give Helps Special-Needs Children In Omaha

NY Post 4/13/08 Rock On

Deseret News 4/13/08 Home makeover thrills Orem's Thill family

Daily Herald 4/12/08 Orem family gets surprise home makeover

ABC4 4/12/08 "Big Give" family returns to hundreds of visitors, new home

Morning Call 4/12/08 'Big Give' is no small wonder for family

Roanoke Times 4/12/08 Roanoke's 'O'-mazing moment

TV Guide 4/11/08 Malaak Compton-Rock on Judging Oprah's Big Give

ABC4 4/11/08 Work wrapping up at "Oprah's Big GIve" Utah home

WCPO 4/11/08 Local Church To Be Featured On Oprah

Indiana's NewsCenter 4/11/08 Mayor answers skeptics about Oprah's Big Give contribution

Indiana's NewsCenter 4/10/08 Oprah's Crew Coming to FW

Tribune-Review 4/8/08 If 'Big Give' sparks off-camera giving, it will have made a difference

Celebrity Spider 4/7/08 Contestants Are Sent Home Next Week on "Oprah's Big Give"

Reality News Online 4/7/08 Oprah’s Big Give, Episode 6: “I’m Going To Pray Really, Really Hard For You”

Monroe Street Journal 4/7/08 An MBA on Oprah's Big Give

Celebrity Spider 4/6/08 Contestants Feel Pressure to Fulfill Last Wishes Tonight on Oprah's Big Give

Quad Cities Online 4/6/08 Big Give giving books

Projo.com 4/5/08 Oprah to give big to R.I. native and her family

MyWestTexas.com 4/5/08 Oprah's Big Give to send funds to West Texas, locals working to match donation

KSPR 3/27/08 Seven Schools Accept Oprah's Big Give Challenge

KPCnews.com 3/27/08 City, New Haven, trail groups come together for Oprah's Big Give event April 12

Scripps News 3/26/08 'Big Give' brought a big change to former contestant's life

KTKA.com 3/26/08 Oprah's Big Give recipient is pampered

Reality News Online 3/25/08 Oprah's Big Give, Episode 4: "You Can't Just Think Big – You Have To Deliver Big"

Daily Item of Lynn 3/25/08 Judge dismisses Saugus woman's suit against Oprah

ABC13.com 3/25/08 Clothes help make the woman

The New Yorker 3/24/08 Oprah’s World

Celebrity Spider 3/23/08 Contestants Must Give Away 100,000 in 24 Hours Tonight on "Oprah's Big Give"

KTKA.com 3/23/08 Oprah's Big Give recipient looks forward to hosting Easter holidays

Malaysia Sun 3/22/08 Aniston to make special appearance on Oprah's Big Give finale

Celebrity Spider 3/20/08 Oprah Winfrey "Confident" of Victory in Big Give Legal Battle

NY Daily News 3/19/08 Her 'Big Give' suit says Oprah Winfrey is a big taker

Reality News Online 3/17/08 Oprah’s Big Give, Episode 3: “That’s How It Goes, That’s How It Flows, That’s How It Rolls”

KHOU 3/17/08 La Marque school gets playground from Oprah's 'Big Give'

Argus Leader 3/17/08 Oprah's Big Give goes local

KTBS 3/17/08 Shreveport native competes in Oprah's Big Give

Celebrity Spider 3/16/08 Andre Agassi and Tony Hawk Appear Tonight on "Oprah's Big Give"

KSFY 3/16/08 Oprah's Big Give Dakota

Houston Chronicle 3/16/08 Oprah's Big Give in Houston

Macon Telegraph 3/15/08 'Oprah's Big Give,' TV station donate $10K to museum

Breathcast.com 3/15/08 Robbie Seay Band's 'New Day' To Be Featured On 'Oprah's Big Give'

Houston Chronicle 3/14/08 Oprah's Big Give, Newlyweds give a nod to Houston, Missouri City

WSBtv.com 3/14/08 Oprah's Big Give Helps Set Up Scholarship Fund For Homeless Georgia Youth

AfterElton.com 3/11/08 Interview With Nate Berkus of "Oprah's Big Give"

Rocky Mountain News 3/11/08 Oprah's gift wave buoys good causes

Reality News Online 3/10/08 Oprah’s Big Give, Episode 2: Fast & Furious

Indiana News Center 3/10/08 Oprah's "Big Give" Local Project Pays it Forward

9News 3/10/08 Local hospital gets help from 'Big Give'

Media Life 3/10/08 Sinking: 'Oprah's Big Give' takes back

Celebrity Spider 3/9/08 Preview for Tonight's Episode of "Oprah's Big Give"

Denver Post 3/9/08 O, hush: Denver edition of "Big Give" a big secret

Chicago Tribune 3/9/08 Berkus' big hope: People will give

Ottawa Citizen 3/8/08 Oprah's help is on the way

LocalNews8.com 3/7/08 Oprah's Big Give and Local News 8 Help Local Students

Bangor Daily News 3/7/08 'Oprah's Big Give' inspiring television

Orlando Sentinel 3/6/08 Oprah's Big Give sparks donations to kids program in Orlando

Chicago Sun Times 3/4/08 'I'm not lazy,' first ousted contestant states

National Post 3/4/08 Not so big a winner

Minnesota Daily 3/4/08 'Big Give' has big problems

Reality News Online 3/3/08 Oprah’s Big Give, Episode 1: "Get A Boob Job, Get Botox, or Turn Your Life Around"

MSNBC 3/3/08 Lessons learned from ‘Oprah’s Big Give’

Media Life 3/3/08 'Oprah's Big Give' gives back big time

The Tyee 3/3/08 Thanks, Oprah

Showbiz Spy 3/3/08 Jamie Oliver teams up with Oprah Winfrey

Celebrity Spider 3/2/08 "Oprah's Big Give" Premieres Tonight on ABC

Cleveland Plain Dealer 3/2/08 'Oprah's Big Give' adds idealism to reality TV

Post-Dispatch 3/2/08 Obviously it's Oprah's world (The rest of us are just living in it)

Knox News 3/2/08 Oprah Winfrey gives back in 'Big' way

Orlando Sentinel 3/2/08 Oprah's 'Big Give' seems destined to succeed

Zap2It 3/2/08 Oprah Winfrey Keeps On Giving

Charlotte Observer 3/2/08 'Oprah's Big Give' keeps on giving zzz's

Baltimore Sun 3/2/08 One reality show with a message to embrace

Philly.com 3/2/08 Three shows premiere tonight

NY Post 3/2/08 'O', Happy Day

Chicago Sun-Times 3/2/08 Will philanthropy fly as a reality TV show?

Globe and Mail 3/1/08 Oprah's turning kindness into cold, hard cash

Toledo Blade 3/1/08 Pathos on parade 'Oprah's Big Give' may help others, but it's manipulative

Boston Globe 3/1/08 Oprah's reality show turns giving into a competition

Washington Post 3/1/08 That 'Big Give' Feeling: Warm, Fuzzy & Familiar

NY Times 3/1/08 New Role for Oprah: Playing Fairy Godmother on Reality TV

Newsday 3/1/08 Goodwill is spread on 'Oprah's Big Give'

Sierra Vista Herald 3/1/08 Former Miss SV one of 10 on Oprah Winfrey’s new show

LA Times 3/1/08 In 'Oprah's Big Give,' charity is the winner

LA.com 3/1/08 'Oprah's Big Give' is big in heart, short on drama
Uncle Barky 2/29/08 New series review: Oprah's Big Give (ABC)

Chicago Tribune 2/29/08 'Oprah's Big Give' raises big questions

Contra Costa Times 2/29/08 'Oprah's Big Give' blessed with a big heart

Kansas City Star 2/29/08 Chiefs player Tony Gonzalez is a judge on ‘Oprah’s Big Give’

NY Post 2/29/08 'Give' O Damn

Denver Post 2/29/08 "Big Give" is reality TV with a heart

Sacramento Bee 2/29/08 'Oprah's Big Give' keeps on giving zzz's

Courier Journal 2/29/08 'Oprah's Big Give' has the talk-show host's golden touch

TV Guide 2/29/08 Nate Berkus Designs a New Role on Big Give

Deseret News 2/29/08 Charity as competition

NY Daily News 2/29/08 Oprah's 'Give' hard to take

New Zealand Herald 2/29/08 Oprah seeks sainthood with phony reality show

Celebrity Spider 2/28/08 ABC Announces "Oprah's Big Give" Affiliate Million Dollar Giveaway

Hollywood Reporter 2/28/08 Oprah's Big Give

Tampa Tribune 2/28/08 Players Must 'Give Big Or Go Home' In New Oprah Giveaway Reality Series

Buffalo News 2/28/08 With Oprah on board, help is on the way

Sun Sentinel 2/28/08 What gives? New series 'Oprah's Big Give'

USA Today 2/28/08 'Oprah's Big Give' puts good works in a bad light

Post Gazette 2/28/08 Oprah gives reality TV a positive spin

Philly.com 2/28/08 Imagine there's no Oprah ... with 'Big Give,' it's easy if you try

Rocky Mountain News 2/28/08 Giving and getting

Variety 2/27/08 Review: Oprah's Big Give

Celebrity Spider 2/25/08 Oprah Winfrey Signs Up Chef Jamie Oliver for "Oprah's Big Give"

Reality TV Magazine 2/21/08 Oprah's Big Give is Not Just About Money

NY Post 2/20/08 Oprah is 'Big' on this guy

TV Guide 2/18/08 Exclusive: Host Nate Berkus Gives His Take on Oprah's Big Givers

Celebrity Spider 2/12/08 ABC Announces the March 2 Premiere of "Oprah's Big Give"

UPI 1/26/08 Celebrities joining Winfrey's new series

Daily Skiff 1/23/08 Oprah's reality TV could give hope to those in need

Celebrity Spider 1/4/08 ABC Announces Host Nate Berkus and Premiere Date March 2 for Oprah's Big Give

Zap2It 1/3/08 'Oprah's Big Give' Assembles Team

NY Post 1/3/08 'Oprah' Names 'Givers'

Celebrity Spider 5/16/07 ABC Announces New Fall Reality Series "Oprah's Big Give"

Variety 3/27/07 Oprah gets real with 'Race' creators

E!Online 3/26/07 Oprah's Amazing Partnership


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