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Reality TV Magazine 8/7/07 On The Lot Results – Zach Lipovsky Eliminated

Zap2It 8/7/07 A man wakes up in a dress 'On the Lot'

Reality News Online 8/2/07 On The Lot, July 31: Road Rules

TV Robot 8/1/07 Final Five Cut to Chase

Entertainment Weekly 8/1/07 The Road to Hell

Reality TV Magazine 7/31/07 On The Lot Results – Andrew Hunt Eliminated

RealityWanted.net 7/31/07 Interview with Adam Stein, Will Bigham, and Sam Friedlander of FOXs On The Lot

Zap2It 7/31/07 Week Nine of 'On the Lot'

Inside Pulse 7/27/07 In Hindsight: On The Lot - Episode 12

Reality News Online 7/27/07 On the Lot, July 24: It’s a Little Bit Funny

TV Robot 7/26/07 LOL on the Lot

Reality TV World 7/25/07 'On the Lot' eliminates Kenny Luby and Mateen Kemet, reveals Top 6

Entertainment Weekly 7/25/07 Laughing Stock

BuddyTV 7/24/07 On the Lot: Top 6 Recap

RealityWanted.net 7/24/07 Interview with FOX's On The Lot contestant Jason Epperson

RealityWanted.net 7/24/07 Interview with FOX's - On The Lot - contestant Will Bingham

RealityWanted.net 7/24/07 Interview with FOX's On The Lot contestant Sam Friedlander

Zap2It 7/24/07 Week Eight of 'On the Lot'

nwitimes.com 7/21/07 Dyer man has eyes on Hollywood

Inside Pulse 7/20/07 In Hindsight: On The Lot - Episode 11

TV Robot 7/19/07 Lights, Camera, Action Action Action

Reality News Online 7/19/07 On the Lot, July 17: Bang! Pow! Wam

Reality TV World 7/18/07 Hilary Graham and Shalini Kantayya eliminated from Fox's 'On the Lot'

RealityWanted.com 7/18/07 On The Lot - Episode 9 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 7/18/07 Trite and True

Reality TV Magazine 7/17/07 On The Lot Results - Shalini Kantayya and Hilary Graham Eliminated

Inside Pulse 7/16/07 Random Reality - Interview with Shira-Lee Shalit of On the Lot

Celebrity Spider 7/14/07 Antoine Fuqua and Brad Silberling to Guest Judge "On the Lot"

RealityWanted.com 7/11/07 Interview with FOXs On The Lot contestant Kenny Luby

RealityWanted.com 7/11/07 Interview With Will Bingham of FOXs On The Lot

Reality News Online 7/11/07 On the Lot, July 9: Leave Your Message at the Beep

TV Robot 7/10/07 Magical Mystery Tour on the Lot

Reality TV World 7/10/07 Shira-Lee Shalit the eighth finalist eliminated from Fox's 'On the Lot'

Reality TV Magazine 7/9/07 On The Lot Results – Shira Lee Shalit Eliminated

Reality Shack 7/6/07 On The Lot Commentary, July 3rd - The Hills Have ... Ankle Biters?

Reality TV World 7/5/07 David May the seventh finalist eliminated from Fox's 'On the Lot'

Reality News Online 7/5/07 On the Lot, July 3: Fish Nor Fowl

Reality News Online 7/5/07 On the Lot, June 26: Hijinks and Kerplinks

IGN 7/5/07 On the Lot "12 Cut to 11 & 11 Directors Compete" Review

TV Robot 7/4/07 Should not have Gone to the Cock-a-doody Car!

Entertainment Weekly 7/4/07 Night of the Living Dead

Film.com 7/3/07 On the Lot Has Gone Off Track

Hollywood Reporter 6/29/07 Reality series 'Lot' not ready for primetime

Reality TV World 6/27/07 Jessica Brillhart sixth finalist eliminated from Fox's 'On the Lot'

Inside Pulse 6/27/07 In Hindsight: On The Lot - Episode 8

Reality Shack 6/27/07 On The Lot Commentary, June 26th - Tickle Me Nerve Endings

Entertainment Weekly 6/27/07 New, but Not Improved

iF Magazine 6/27/07 Review: 'On the Lot' - Season One - Episode 107

Reality TV Magazine 6/26/07 On The Lot Results – Jessica Brillhart Eliminated

Celebrity Spider 6/26/07 Directors Mark Waters & Eli Roth to Serve as Guest Judges "On the Lot"

RealityWanted.net 6/26/07 Interview with Hillary Graham Of FOX’s “On The Lot”

RealityWanted.net 6/26/07 Interview with David May Of FOX’s - On The Lot

RealityWanted.net 6/25/07 Interview With Adam Stein Of FOX’s - On The Lot

Reality Shack 6/20/07 On The Lot Commentary, June 19th - The Trees Have More Than Sap to Worry About

TV Robot 6/20/07 On the Lot with Wes Craven: More Blood, Less Sap

Reality TV World 6/20/07 Marty Martin the fifth finalist eliminated from Fox's 'On the Lot'

Always Reality Television 6/20/07 The Trees Have Eyes, On The Lot Recap 6/19

Reality News Online 6/20/07 On the Lot, June 19: Don’t You Steal My Sunshine

Entertainment Weekly 6/20/07 Girl's Night Out

Reality TV Magazine 6/19/07 On The Lot Results – Marty Martin Eliminated

Post Gazette 6/19/07 TV Preview: Area native hopes to avoid directors' cut in Fox film competition

Celebrity Spider 6/16/07 Director Wes Craven to Guest Judge for "On the Lot" Tuesday June 19

TV Robot 6/14/07 Separating the Boys from the Egos

Reality TV World 6/13/07 Horror legend Wes Craven to serve as 'On the Lot's next guest judge

Reality TV World 6/13/07 Trever James the fourth finalist eliminated from Fox's 'On the Lot'

Reality News Online 6/13/07 On the Lot, June 12: Making a Beeline

Entertainment Weekly 6/13/07 Submissions, Impossible

Great Falls Tribune 6/13/07 Viewers of reality series 'On The Lot' eliminate Great Falls native Trever James

Always Reality Television 6/12/07 Cupid, The Devil and Slut Mom, On The Lot Recap 6/13

Reality TV Magazine 6/12/07 On The Lot Results – Trever James Eliminated

Celebrity Spider 6/8/07 The Devil Wears Prada Director David Frankel Appears Tuesday "On the Lot"

Reality TV Calendar 6/7/07 Lights, Camera, Flush The Fish! Episode 5 Recap

Reality Shack 6/6/07 Rehashing Plot on the Lot - On the Lot Commentary, June 5th

Reality News Online 6/6/07 On The Lot, June 5: A Shell of Its Former Self

Always Reality Television 6/6/07 Pipe Breakers and Singing Bakers, On The Lot 6/5 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 6/6/07 Be Unkind, Rewind

TV Robot 6/5/07 On the Lot 5: Funny is Money, Ergo Shalini is Rich

Reality TV Magazine 6/5/07 On The Lot – Five Filmmakers Show Their Movies

Reality TV World 6/5/07 Fox reveals 'On the Lot' guest judges, new format for next few weeks

Entertainment Weekly 6/5/07 'On the Lot': Fox Yells 'Cut!'

Daily Aztec 6/4/07 TV Review: Sound. Rolling. Marker. Action

Cyber Screenwriter 6/3/07 LA Film School Grad A Remaining Finalists on Spielberg Reality TV Series

Reality TV World 6/1/07 Fox cuts 'On the Lot' to one episode a week due to poor ratings

Reality News Online 5/31/07 On The Lot, May 29: Box Office Results

York Dispatch 5/31/07 Dallastown grad calls the shots in reality TV series 'On the Lot'

Star Telegram 5/31/07 Area director cut from reality show

Westender 5/31/07 Reality TV is as lame as ever, but let’s root for the local

Fans of Reality TV 5/30/07 Three Tank at Box Office in Weekday Shocker

Reality TV World 5/30/07 'On the Lot' cuts first three aspiring filmmakers, reveals Top 15

Reality TV Calendar 5/30/07 Lights, Camera, Go Home! Episode 4 Recap

Reality News Online 5/30/07 On the Lot, May 28: Film Premiere

Reality TV Calendar 5/30/07 Lights, Camera, Go Home! Episode 4 Recap

Fans Of Reality T.V. 5/30/07 On the Lot 5-28 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 5/30/07 They didn't kill Kenny

Wild Bluff Media 5/29/07 On the Lot: Box Office Results Show Recap - Top 18

Always Reality Television 5/29/07 What the? - 5/29 Recap

TV Robot 5/29/07 Best of the Lot

Reality TV Calendar 5/29/07 Lights, Camera, Cue The Puking Aliens! Episode 3 Recap

Always Reality Television 5/29/07 On The Lot Recap

Entertainment Weekly 5/29/07 Bodily Dysfunctions

Media Life 5/29/07 For Fox's 'On the Lot,' it's off the map

TV Robot 5/28/07 Sex and Sensibility…and Funny Flatulence

Star Telegram 5/28/07 Local filmmaker makes the cut

Variety 5/27/07 On the Lot: The Shorts

Fans Of Reality T.V. 5/26/07 Recap: A Dirty Dozen Runs Out Of Time

Celebrity Spider 5/25/07 Carrie Fisher and Garry Marshall Confirmed as Judges for "On the Lot"

Reality TV Calendar 5/25/07 Lights, Camera, Do It Again! Episode 2 Recap

Reality News Online 5/25/07 On the Lot, May 24: Time Out

TVFunSpot 5/25/07 Recapping the Lot, 50 Semifinalist with 1 Big Dream

Hollywood Reporter 5/25/07 On the Lot

Entertainment Weekly 5/25/07 A Lot to Ask

Zap2It 5/25/07 'On the Lot' Sets Host and Judges

TV Robot 5/24/07 On the Lot Already Bringing a Lot of Ego Issues

Reality News Online 5/24/07 On the Lot, May 22: Pitch Your Logline & Sell Yourself!

Reality TV Calendar 5/24/07 Lights, Camera, Pitch! Episode 1 Recap

TV Robot 5/24/07 On the Lot an Awesome TV Offering

Boston Globe 5/24/07 Spielberg adds star power but little inspiration to 'On the Lot'

Fans Of Reality T.V. 5/23/07 Recap: Project Greenbacks

Reality TV Calendar 5/23/07 Pieces Of Art Or Pure Garbage

Great Falls Tribune 5/23/07 Great Falls native still alive on Fox reality show

NY Magazine 5/23/07 ‘On the Lot’: Synergalistic

Washington Post 5/23/07 Fox's 'On the Lot': Hollywood, Get Me Rewrite

Celebrity Spider 5/22/07 Preview Clip for Tonight's Episode of "On the Lot"

Celebrity Spider 5/22/07 Special Preview of On the Lot Continues Thursday on FOX

Reality TV Magazine 5/22/07 On The Lot Makes The First Series Of Cuts

Reality TV Magazine 5/22/07 On The Lot Makes The First Series Of Cuts

OC Register 5/22/07 An O.C. filmmaker is 'On the Lot'

Entertainment Weekly 5/22/07 Survivor Greenlight

News Democrat 5/22/07 Highland filmmaker awaits word

Charlotte Sun Herald 5/22/07 CHS alumna chosen as On the Lot movie-making semi-finalist

Zap2It 5/22/07 Celluloid Dreams Can Come True 'On the Lot'

Deseret News 5/22/07 So, you wanna be a director?

Press & Sun Bulletin 5/22/07 Owego native a reality TV semifinalist

TV Guide 5/22/07 On the Lot: Inside TV's Hottest New Reality Series

Cleveland Plain Dealer 5/22/07 You can make a movie out of the newest reality show

Newsday 5/22/07 Making the directors' cut

Detroit Free Press 5/22/07 Local man competes in filmmaking reality show

NY Daily News 5/22/07 NYC director hopes to improve his 'Lot'

Metro 5/22/07 On The Lot seeks talent

ET Online 5/21/07 Mark Burnett Goes 'On the Lot'

Toledo Blade 5/21/07 Perrysburg grad makes reality TV semifinals

Hollywood Reporter 5/21/07 Ford, Verizon on the 'Lot'

The Province 5/20/07 Search for the next great director

York Daily Record 5/20/07 Dallastown grad goes 'On the Lot'

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/20/07 Villa Hills native on Spielberg reality show

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 5/20/07 "On the Lot" takes "Idol" approach

Denver Post 5/19/07 "On The Lot" pans for talent

Jam! 5/18/07 Spielberg TV gig thrills Canuck

Globe and Mail 5/18/07 This season, who wants to be a filmmaker?

Celebrity Spider 5/16/07 Special Preview of On the Lot to Air May 22 on FOX

Miami Herald 5/16/07 'On the Lot' is reality TV for YouTube generation

Celebrity Spider 5/15/07 On the Lot Semifinalist Announced

Great Falls Tribune 5/15/07 Local director a semifinalist on Fox reality television show

Knox News 5/15/07 On deck for reality TV: 'On The Lot'

Jam! 5/15/07 3 Canucks in race for 'On the Lot'

NY Daily News 5/15/07 'Lot' at stake for filmmakers

Edmonton Journal 5/13/07 Will the next Spielberg be discovered On the Lot?

Celebrity Spider 4/26/07 Judges Announced for New Fox Series "On the Lot"

Zap2It 4/25/07 Judges Cast Their 'Lot' for FOX

Variety 4/24/07 Spielberg pulls 4 vets onto 'Lot'

Digital Spy 3/23/07 Spielberg's 'Lot' gets 'Idol' launchpad

Hornet 3/21/07 Local Filmmaker Competes to be 'On the Lot'

Celebrity Spider 3/20/07 On the Lot to Debut on FOX Thursday May 22

NY Post 3/19/07 Golden Pass to Reel World 

Jam! 3/11/07 Spielberg wannabes pin their cinematic hopes on new reality show 'On The Lot'

Wilmington Morning Star 3/9/07 Local wants to get his shot to make a movie 'On the Lot'
Celebrity Spider 2/23/07 FOX Announces Premiere of "On the Lot" May 16

Jam! 2/23/07 Reality TV show from Steven Spielberg to air in May

World Screen 2/8/07 Canada’s CTV Takes New Mark Burnett Reality Series

Globe and Mail 2/7/07 Burnett and Spielberg casting their Lot

The Campus Press 1/24/07 "On the Lot" takes reality TV one step farther

TV Robot 1/18/07 On the Lot Should be Hot

Jam! 1/16/07 'On The Lot' calling Canadian filmmakers

Reality TV Links 1/15/07 Casting Call - Burnett and Spielberg Call on Canadians for "On the Lot"

Jam! 1/15/07 Burnett and Spielberg call on Canadians for new reality series coming to TV

Newsweek 12/17/06 Hollywood: Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett

Herald Bulletin 11/12/06 Local director submits indie film to reality TV show

Reality TV Links 10/12/06 Casting Call - On the Lot

Reality Reel 10/11/06 On The Lot Comes To FOX Next Spring

Reality TV Links 5/18/06 Casting Call - On the Lot

Celebrity Spider 4/7/06 Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg Announce New FOX Show "On the Lot"

Hollywood Reporter 4/7/06 Spielberg has a 'Lot' on plate with reality TV

NY Times 4/7/06 Shifting Arenas, Spielberg Joins Effort to Make Reality TV Series

BBC 4/7/06 Spielberg to make TV talent show

This is London 4/7/06 Spielberg to launch 'film idol'

TVNZ 4/7/06 Spielberg turns hand to reality TV

Zap2It 2/6/06 Spielberg-Burnett Project Greenlit


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