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Zap2It 2/22/10 2010 Winter Olympics USA vs. Canada hockey: NBC misses out

Vancouver Sun 2/19/10 Evgeni Plushenko fails to claim gold with "man skate"

USA Today 2/19/10 'Today' at the Olympics: NBC's early risers have fun

Zap2It 2/4/10 Olympics 2010: Meet Lindsey Vonn, alpine skiing
Xinhua 9/15/08 Internet magnifies influence of Olympics, Paralympics in China
The Canadian Press 9/11/08 2010 Olympics organizers say a third of tickets for each event for the public
Xinhua 9/11/08 Survey: China becomes global tourist attraction with Olympics impact
Vancouver Sun 9/10/08 2010 Olympics ticket schedule factbox
Guardian.co.uk 9/10/08 The Olympics party is over. Now China has to clean up
Zee News 9/9/08 Beijing Olympics: Ripples – II
Xinhua 9/9/08 Foreign leaders congratulate China on success of Beijing Olympics

The Mills Campanil 9/8/08 Women increase their presence at Olympics
Reuters.uk 9/8/08 Coe plays down 2012 Olympic stadium fears
Hollywood Reporter 9/5/08 4.7 bil people watched Beijing Olympics

Celebrity Spider 9/4/08 Jimmy Page Defends Olympics Performance
People 9/4/08 First Look: Oprah Hosts Phelps and Other Olympic Champs
Chicago Sun-Times 9/4/08 Oprah Winfrey hosts Olympians in Chicago
Trans World News 9/3/08 Michael Phelps to Donate $1 Million Bonus from Olympics to Charities
The Canadian Press 9/3/08 Jackie Chan says he's not upset about small role in Olympics
USA Today 9/3/08 Oprah offers a boost to Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid
Xinhua 9/2/08 Foreign leaders congratulate China on success of Beijing Olympics

Digital Spy 8/28/08 Olympics winner Phelps to host 'SNL'
Guardian.co.uk 8/26/08 Olympics win gold in US TV history
Spiegel Online 8/26/08 Olympics-size Delusions A Look Back at Beijing 2008
Adweek 8/25/08 NBC Enjoys Victory Lap at Olympics
San Jose Mercury News 8/25/08 Purdy: Olympics closed with a bang

Seattle Times 8/25/08 Olympic commercials: Some advertisers deserve gold, others not so much

Washington Post 8/25/08 Basking in The Glow
Milwaukee Journal 8/25/08 Beijing Olympics pull in highest numbers ever, NBC says
NY Post 8/25/08 Oprah's Olympic Sweep

USA Today 8/25/08 More Olympic trials await NBC in London

LA Times 8/25/08 Best & Worst of the Olympics

Hollywood Reporter 8/24/08 Beijing Games most-watched U.S. TV event

Chicago Sun-Times 8/24/08 The achievement of China

NY Times 8/24/08 On TV, Timing Is Everything at the Olympics
Hollywood Reporter 8/24/08 Beijing Olympics end with massive viewership
Celebrity Spider 8/23/08 Led Zeppelin Song Cut For Olympics 
Dallas Morning News 8/23/08 The Olympics are not the Super Bowl, especially where ads are concerned

NY Daily News 8/22/08 IOC says there is still no proof China's gymnasts were underage

NY Daily News 8/22/08 Beach volleyball dominates Olympics coverage
Wall Street Journal Blogs 8/21/08 NBC Targets Dubious Olympics TV Record
The Canadian Press 8/21/08 Jamaicans sweep, Americans stumble on track at Beijing Olympics
NY Post 8/21/08 Who Is Watching Olympics?

NY Times 8/21/08 In Beijing, No Making Heads or Tails of a New Building
Celebrity Spider 8/20/08 Nicole Kidman's Message Helps Sailors Win Olympic Gold 
Uncle Barky 8/20/08 NBC's Olympian ratings feats

LA Times 8/20/08 Best & Worst of the Olympics
LA Times 8/20/08 Olympic TiVo relay team nears the finish line

Milwaukee Journal 8/19/08 NBC including online viewers when counting Olympic audiences

Hollywood Reporter 8/19/08 ESPN throwing its hat in the rings

Xinhua 8/19/08 Chinese passion for Olympics continues with five days of competition to go
Xinhua 8/19/08 Interview: Scholar in U.S. says Beijing Olympics widen horizon of Americans
E! Online 8/19/08 Phelps Talks Gold Medals, Not Golden-Haired Girls

NY Post 8/19/08 What Now?

Celebrity Spider 8/18/08 Chariots of Fire Is Top Olympics Movie
Kansas City Star 8/18/08 Olympics so far: Is it live or is it CGI?
Extra 8/17/08 Phelps Makes it Eight
MSNBC 8/17/08 How about Michael Phelps as ‘The Bachelor’?
ESPN 8/18/08 A few events to help you avoid the post-Phelpsian meltdown

Kansas City Star 8/18/08 Olympics so far: Is it live or is it CGI?

LA Times 8/18/08 Americans sport a laid-back style in Beijing

MSNBC 8/17/08 Olympic interest likely to wane in second week

NY Times 8/17/08 A Surprise Winner at the Olympic Games in Beijing: NBC

NY Post 8/17/08 Stop Complaining About the Olympics

Rocky Mountain News 8/15/08 Watch Olympics on the Web
Slate 8/15/08 The Olympics Sap-o-Meter
Jam! 8/15/08 NBC has problems with 'Bay-zhing'

Courier Journal 8/15/08 It's corny, but could Olympics' appeal be idealistic?
AFP 8/15/08 Phenomenal Phelps rises again as athletics begins at Olympics
Yahoo 8/14/08 State-media story fuels questions on gymnast’s age

TMZ 8/14/08 Olympic Losers Pursue Topless Dancing
TMZ 8/14/08 Men's Gymnastics Team Goes Chippendales
Guardian.co.uk 8/14/08 Olympics: NBC hails multimedia 'phenomenon' in games coverage

Adweek 8/14/08 NBC Scores Olympics Gold With TAMi

Hollywood Reporter 8/14/08 NBC continues Olympic ad sales roll

People 8/14/08 David Beckham to Help Close Olympics
Washington Post 8/14/08 Live (Sort of) From Beijing, Real (Not) Fireworks

USA Today 8/14/08 There's a huge Olympics menu online, but service is spotty

Zap2It 8/14/08 OD-ing on the Olympics

Variety 8/14/08 The XXIX Summer Olympics

Seattle PI 8/14/08 Resistance to the Olympics is futile
Celebrity Spider 8/13/08 Jessica Alba Hooked on the Olympics 
Milwaukee Journal 8/13/08 ’08 Olympics draws most viewers since Atlanta in ’96

LA Times 8/13/08 NBC, like Phelps, in record pursuit at Olympics
Hollywood Reporter 8/13/08 Olympic stars struggle in showbiz

NY Times 8/13/08 Heavy Olympics Coverage Helps NBC Cable Ratings

Tampa Tribune 8/13/08 Newsworthy Cracks Coming To Light In The Great Wall Of Olympics Coverage

The Telegraph 8/12/08 Spanish basketball red-faced over slit-eyed Olympic photo
BBC 8/12/08 China Olympic ceremony star mimed
Washington Post 8/12/08 Olympics, NBC dogged by fakery accusations
Seattle PI 8/12/08 The Olympics TV ratings are world-record holders, too
Jam! 8/12/08 Olympics opener draws 1M Canuck viewers
AFP 8/12/08 Dalai Lama 'fully' supports the Olympics
The Canadian Press 8/12/08 You can skip Olympics coverage on TV - yeah, right, sure you can
Toronto Star 8/12/08 Some opening ceremony fireworks pre-recorded

Hollywood Reporter 8/11/08 Accusations of Olympics fakery
Reuters 8/11/08 Olympics-Family of murdered tourist thanks Beijing for support
LA Times 8/11/08 NBC's Olympics coverage boosts General Electric in China
Guardian.co.uk 8/11/08 Why China loves the Olympics
Entertainment Weekly 8/11/08 What to Watch: 22 Must-See Olympic TV Events
USA Today 8/11/08 NBC's Olympics coverage looks like a winner

Hollywood Reporter 8/9/08 TV Review: 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony

Variety 8/9/08 XXIX Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony
Washington Post 8/9/08 From China, a Spectacle Worthy of a Gold Medal
Zap2It 8/9/08 Olympics Opener Scores Ratings Win for Beijing and NBC
BBC 8/9/08 Olympic opening draws 5m viewers
Entertainment Weekly 8/9/08 The Best and Worst of the Olympics Opening Ceremony

Milwaukee Journal 8/8/08 Olympics’ opening ceremony offers stunning, HD-perfect images

Hollywood Reporter 8/8/08 'One world' tunes in for Olympics opener

Washington Post 8/8/08 Knocked Out of Olympics, Russell Deals With Disappointment
SF Chronicle 8/8/08 NBC shares big plans for exciting Olympics

InformationWeek 8/8/08 Staging The Green Olympics

Celebrity Spider 8/7/08 Sarah Brightman and Liu Huan To Sing Olympic Theme
Guardian.co.uk 8/7/08 Olympics: US network NBC plans 3,600 hours of Olympic coverage
Rediff News 8/7/08 'Chinese success in Olympics will be our success'
MSNBC 8/7/08 A viewer’s guide to Olympic events

Sky News 8/6/08 Olympics: Clampdown After Attack
Knox News 8/7/08 NBC pulls out stops for Olympics

BBC News 8/6/08 Haffield excited by Olympics bow

LA Times 8/6/08 Hundreds of websites still censored at Beijing Olympics

Tampa Tribune 8/6/08 Olympics Will Be Antidote To Economic Blues, Says Head Of NBC's 3,600 Hours Of Coverage

BBC 8/6/08 Olympic date for singer Brightman

Kansas City Star 8/5/08 The Games: A story of change for TV and for a nation

NPR 8/5/08 Beijing Olympics: 10 'Must Watch' Stories
Sky News 8/5/08 China: Terrorists Targeting Olympics

NY Times 8/5/08 Olympic Stadium With a Design to Remember
Xinhua 8/4/08 Kyodo News president: Beijing's preparations for Olympics outstanding, impressive
Voice of America 8/4/08 Air Pollution Still Troubles China Ahead of Olympics

LA Times 8/4/08 'Today's' Beijing Olympics coverage: The bar is raised
Orlando Sentinel 8/3/08 Prepare for 3,600 hours of Olympic coverage

LA Times 8/3/08 Olympics: The digital revolution takes the center ring

Xinhua 8/1/08 Sky turns blue for Beijing a week ahead of Olympics
Chicago Sun-Times 8/1/08 The face of the Olympics?
LA Times 7/31/08 Astronomical calculator kept track of ancient Olympics, study finds
Guardian.co.uk 7/31/08 China accuses US of trying to sabotage Olympics

Forbes 7/30/08 Oregon warns about Beijing Olympics tickets scam
Kansas City Star 7/30/08 Some Iraq athletes will go to Olympics
San Diego Union Tribune 7/29/08 Beijing says upcoming Olympics are sold out
Xinhua 7/29/08 Ukraine sends Olympic, European gymnastic champions to Beijing Olympics
San Diego Union Tribune 7/28/08 NBC sending small army to cover Beijing Olympics
Reuters 7/28/08 Olympics-Iraq banned from Beijing Games, says NOC chief
The Associated Press 7/23/08 Olympics broadcasting center evacuated
Xinhua 7/23/08 IOC official: Beijing Olympics to be inscribed in history
Kansas City Star 7/22/08 Beijing orders half its cars off roads to clear smog for Olympics
Los Angeles Times 7/21/08 TCA: Olympics will be live. Do you hear us? Live!
CBC.ca 7/21/08 Australian walk champion to miss Olympics
Telegraph.co.uk 7/21/08 Beijing Olympics 2008: Two dead in China bus bombs amid terror fears ahead of Games
Xinhua 7/18/08 Hong Kong holds last major drill ahead of Olympics
Hartford Courant 7/18/08 Wambach Breaks Leg, Out Of Olympics
New York Times 7/17/08 Morgan Hamm Is Cleared to Compete in the Olympics
Los Angeles Times 7/17/08 Wambach out of Olympics with broken leg
Ottawa Citizen 7/16/08 U.S. Track & Field roster announced for Olympics
MarketWatch 7/16/08 Boycott Beijing Olympics, China Expert Says
Sporting News 7/11/08 Your Dose of Depressing Olympics News
Xinhua 7/11/08 Veterans, freshmen blended in U.S. women's basketball team to Olympics
Reuters 7/10/08 China says foils "terrorists" targeting Olympics
Xinhua 7/10/08 U.S. NBC TV to air Beijing Olympic Games for 2,900 hours
Xinhua 7/9/08 China Focus: Yearning for Olympics yuan creates huge collector queues
Reuters 7/9/08 IOC hails Beijing "gold standard", China slams critics
Forbes 7/8/08 Get Into The Olympics--The Easy Way
Voice of America 7/8/08 China Promises Media Freedom, One Month Before Olympics
Salt Lake Tribune 7/8/08 Olympics: Politics not on podium for U.S.
The Associated Press 7/7/08 NBC to use Olympics to see how people use media
Canada.com 7/7/08 China dragging feet on human rights before Olympics: Report
Hindustan Times 7/3/08 We will not accept attempts to politicise Olympics: China
Boston Herald 7/3/08 1980’s boycott of Olympics hurt athletes
Xinhua 7/2/08 China has found eight positive cases ahead of Olympics
NPR 7/2/08 Mr. Phelps' Mission: Saving U.S. At The Olympics
AFP 7/1/08 Olympics triggering tragic Chinese crackdown: Congressman
The Associated Press 6/30/08 Hansen far off record but heading back to Olympics
CBC 6/27/08 Bulgaria pulls lifting team from Olympics
Telegraph.co.uk 6/27/08 Beijing Olympics 2008: Chinese swimmer banned following positive drugs test
The Associated Press 6/26/08 China says it is not politicizing the Olympics
Reuters 6/25/08 China's Hu says Olympics preparations in "final dash"
Times Online 6/25/08 China deploys missiles to protect Olympics
VOA News 6/25/08 China Worried About Illegal Drugs During Olympics
San Jose Mercury News 6/24/08 Fremont's Tan Olympics bound
CBC 6/24/08 Gatlin remains banned from Olympics
The Associated Press 6/23/08 Kemper makes third Olympics in triathlon
CNN International 6/23/08 Beijing: Cars come off roads for Olympics
Associated Press 6/20/08 Beijing sets restrictions on cars during Olympics
TransWorldNews 6/20/08 2008 Olympics, NBA Confirm Five Players for US Basketball Roster
CNN 6/19/08 China renames oddly named menu items for Olympics
Wall Street Journal Blogs 6/19/08 Darfur Activists Plan to Picket Olympics Sponsors
Detroit Free Press 6/18/08 Chauncey Billups won't play in Olympics
The Canadian Press 6/18/08 China pushing hard for clean doping image as Olympics approach
CNN 6/17/08 Banned swimmer accepts Olympics exclusion
Guardian.co.uk 6/17/08 Beijing Olympics 2008: Torch relay reaches Muslim west China
USA Today 6/15/08 Our view on the Beijing Olympics: As Games approach, Chinese renege on promised openness
CNN Molvie 6/16/08 Sohu gets webcasting rights for Olympics
Boston Globe 6/13/08 Guerette rows into Olympics
Telegraph.co.uk 6/13/08 Beijing Olympics: BBC to show protests
InfoWorld 6/12/08 Beijing prepares for 'High-tech Olympics'
Reuters 6/12/08 China fears domestic threat to Olympics: Interpol
The Australian 6/12/08 Beijing Olympics broadcasts at risk
Salt Lake Tribune 6/11/08 Gymnastics: Bijak will compete for Germany in Olympics
All Africa 6/10/08 Nigeria: Fasuba, Others Yet to Qualify for Olympics
The Guardian 6/10/08 China bans fireworks in Beijing ahead of Olympics
The Associated Press 6/9/08 Beijing bans fireworks during Olympics
The Associated Press 6/8/08 AP Exclusive: Networks, Olympics organizers clash
Associated Press 6/6/08 IOC to monitor betting during Beijing Olympics
Chicago Tribune 6/6/08 Passion for Olympics has no outlet
Globe and Mail 6/5/08 Foreigners find Beijing becomes a forbidden city before Olympics
The Times 6/5/08 Diplomacy to win Olympics: Tokyo
Associated Press 6/4/08 Olympics dominates scene at Tiananmen anniversary
Chicago Tribune 6/4/08 Chicago one of four finalists for 2016 Olympics
NDTV 6/3/08 China plans green Olympics
Globe and Mail 6/3/08 Pellerud to step down after Beijing Olympics
Wall Street Journal 6/2/08 Lost in Translation?
Sports Illustrated 6/2/08 Foreigners told to behave at Beijing Olympics - or else
Reuters 5/30/08 China warns people against Olympics scams
LA Times 5/30/08 China eager to show it can handle Olympics and crisis
IOL 5/29/08 Durban too sunny for Winter Olympics
New York Times 5/29/08 Terrorism and the Olympics
NME 5/28/08 Gorillaz team set for Beijing Olympics
CNN 5/28/08 Bar brawl swimmer loses Olympics appeal
CNN 5/21/08 Dalai Lama seeks Olympics invitation
The Press Association 5/21/08 Police warn over Olympics staffing
Sports Network 5/16/08 Amputee sprinter wins appeal; can try to qualify for Olympics
Wall Street Journal 5/16/08 Taste of the Olympics
USA Today 5/15/08 BMX stars and fans travel road through San Diego
China Daily 5/15/08 Empty seats unlikely in Beijing Olympics
CBC 5/14/08 Drug-free Olympics? Dream on
VOA News 5/14/08 US Coach, Star Runner Look Ahead to Beijing Olympics
Guardian 5/14/08 BBC to drop parliament TV for Olympics
Sky Sports 5/13/08 Messi given Olympics go-ahead
Northern Echo 5/12/08 BBC to provide giant TV screen for Olympics
Telegraph 5/11/08 'New' China basks in golden glow of Olympics
AFP 5/10/08 US senators ask Bush to visit Tibet during Olympics
Scotsman 5/9/08 Olympics present a chance to welcome China back into fold
MercuryNews 5/9/08 Killion: At Olympics, silence is not golden
Business Week 5/8/08 The Tech Behind the Beijing Olympics
USAToday 5/8/08 Rabbis' call to boycott Olympics prompts backlash
Associated Press 5/8/08 Beijing to heighten transportation security for Olympics
The Guardian 5/8/08 China says Beijing Olympics "basically" carbon neutral
CNN 5/8/08 Politically minded stars split on skipping Beijing Olympics
AFP 5/8/08 Pope underlines 'great importance' of Beijing Olympics
KansasCity.com 5/7/08 At Olympics, drug testers and athletes will square off over doping
The Star 5/7/08 2010 Olympics face the wrath of young natives, Fontaine warns

Guardian 5/7/08 China accuses Dalai Lama of ruining Olympics
KansasCity.com 5/7/08 At Olympics, drug testers and athletes will square off over doping
Associated Press 5/6/08 European athletes in asthma study at Beijing Olympics
Associated Press 5/6/08 Clothing and gestures will be scrutinized at Olympics
Time 5/5/08 WHO: Virus Won't Threaten Olympics
USA Today 5/5/08 Archers Johnson, Lorig headed back to Olympics
USA Today 5/5/08 South African amputee qualifies for Olympics
Seattle PI 5/1/08 Bush betrays humanitarian pledge by going to Beijing Olympics

Yahoo 5/2/08 Actress Mia Farrow slams Olympics sponsors

Economic Times 5/2/08 Japan PM says hoping to attend Olympics

Yahoo 5/1/08 New test to crack down on growth hormones ready for Olympics

Yahoo 5/1/08 Beijing introduces anti-smoking rules for Olympics

Kansas City Star 4/30/08 Olympic flame's Everest ascent is grand but so far a secret

Daily Telegraph 4/30/08 China ban Australia taking own food to Olympics

Sky News 4/30/08 China 'Cracks Down' Ahead Of Olympics

Guardian 4/30/08 Olympics 2012 chiefs willing to spend money like water, say MPs

USA Today 4/30/08 Olympic torch arrives in Hong Kong

GMA News 4/29/08 Countdown to politically charged Olympics reaches 100 days

Honolulu Advertiser 4/29/08 Olympics Vietnam tightens security for torch’s last international run

East London Advertiser 4/28/08 Microbes recruited to clean up 2012 Olympics act

Perth Now 4/29/08 Olympic torch arrives in Vietnam

NY Sun 4/28/08 China Should Host the Olympics Every Year

Christian Today 4/28/08 Olympics - Tutu urges leaders to miss Beijing opening

LA Times 4/28/08 No disruptions as Olympic torch is celebrated in North Korea

Boston Globe 4/28/08 3 human rights activists barred from Hong Kong

ABC Online 4/28/08 Olympic torch arrives in North Korea

Herald Sun 4/28/08 Olympic torch inflames more protests in Seoul

BBC 4/27/08 Scuffles at South Korea torch leg

The Guardian 4/27/08 Torch protesters denied entry to Hong Kong

Sydney Morning Herald 4/27/08 Japanese nationalists launch flares at torch

Time 4/26/08 Olympic Torch Hits Nagano Without Hitch

Detroit Free Press 4/26/08 Security tight as Japan braces for torch relay

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