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Toledo Blade 7/10/09 ‘NYC Prep’ walks in fashionable shoes of‘Gossip Girl’

NY Daily News 7/8/09 'NYC Prep' episode 3: When does PC get a spinoff?

NY Post 7/8/09 I Like "NYC Prep," So What? Who Cares?

NY Daily News 7/8/09 From reality TV infamy to ... college? Future may not be bright for teen stars of Bravo's 'NYC Prep'

Zap2It 7/7/09 'NYC Prep': Christmas in July
Reality TV Fans 7/7/09 It’s Winter Break Tonight on NYC Prep

Entertainment Weekly 6/30/09 'NYC Prep': What is the worst reality-TV show now on the air?

LA Times 6/30/09 'NYC Prep': Love is a battlefield

Zap2It 6/30/09 'NYC Prep': The games teens play

Reality TV Fans 6/30/09 Preview for Tonight’s Episode of NYC Prep

NY Daily News 6/24/09 'NYC Prep' is like sooo high school

Zap2It 6/24/09 Can we talk about 'NYC Prep'?

Zap2It 6/23/09 'NYC Prep': Premiere

Reality TV Fans 6/23/09 NYC Prep Premieres Tonight on Bravo

USA Today 6/22/09 'Gossip Girl,' 'NYC Prep': Privileged to meet you

NY Daily News 6/22/09 NYC Prep: Series is rich in plain old teen angst

NY Daily News 6/22/09 The real stars of NYC Prep: No, they don't come from wealthy families - they simply work very hard

LA Times 6/21/09 No Dan or Serena on 'NYC Prep'

NY Post 6/19/09 Spoiled Rotten

NY Post 6/17/09 School: TV 'Prep' Girl Has No Class

Reality TV Fans 5/28/09 A First Look at NYC Prep

Reality TV Fans 4/9/09 Bravo Announces New Series “NYC Prep” to Premiere June 16

NY Mag 4/9/09 Bravo Takes Gossip Girl–Knockoff Reality Show a Step Too Far

Entertainment Weekly 4/9/09 'New York Prep': Who's prepped for the Real Housechildren of New York?

Buddy TV 2/16/09 Bravo to Air 'Gossip Girl' Reality Series

B&C 2/12/09 Bravo Sets Manhattan Prep School Docudrama


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