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Zap2It 10/22/13 Own a piece of 'Nikita': The CW's spy series is selling props, wardrobe to the public

Zap2It 10/4/13 'Nikita' Season 4: Final 6 episodes get premiere date

Examiner 10/3/13 Final 'Nikita' set photos and new Alex spoilers for season four

Zap2It 10/1/13 'Nikita' Season 4 scoop: More Alex and Owen (or Sam?) scenes in the final 6 episodes

Zap2It 9/27/13 Eva Longoria, 'Nikita' showrunner teaming up for CW legal drama

Examiner 9/18/13 'Nikita': Series finale and more about season 4 teased

Zap2It 9/18/13 'Nikita' Season 4 scoop: When will Nikita rejoin the team? Plus, the series finale title revealed

Zap2It 8/20/13 'Nikita' casts Judd Nelson in major undercover role for final season

Examiner 8/15/13 'Nikita' season 4: Maggie Q teases what's ahead for the series

Zap2It 7/30/13 'Nikita' ending, 'Beauty and the Beast' changes and more from the CW president

BuddyTV 7/23/13 San Diego Comic-Con 2013 Photos: 'Nikita'

Examiner 7/22/13 'Nikita' cast photos and spoilers: A huge season 4 is coming

Zap2It 7/19/13 'Nikita' Season 4 farewell previewed at Comic-Con 2013

Zap2It 7/19/13 Comic-Con 2013: Maggie Q on 'Nikita' Season 4 pickup

Examiner 7/18/13 'Nikita' 4.01 photo and spoilers: Nikita is on the run

Examiner 7/1/13 'Nikita' season 4 spoilers: First premiere details released

Examiner 5/20/13 'Nikita' season 4 spoilers: Maggie Q and Craig Silverstein tease the end

Zap2It 5/16/13 'Nikita' Season 4 gets 6-episode goodbye run on The CW

Hollywood Reporter 5/16/13 CW Schedule: 'Originals,' 'Supernatural' on Tuesdays; 'Nikita' Final Run Set for Midseason

Examiner 5/13/13 'Nikita' finale photos and sneak peek: Nikita leaves Michael behind

Examiner 5/10/13 'Nikita' 3.21 sneak peek and spoilers: Nikita fights back again

Zap2It 5/9/13 'Nikita' Season 4 and 'The Carrie Diaries' Season 2 picked up by The CW -- but for how many episodes?

Examiner 5/3/13 'Nikita' 3.21 photos and spoilers: Amanda has new help

Zap2It 4/26/13 'Nikita' Season 4 renewal: Will the show return for a final, shortened season?

Examiner 4/21/13 'Nikita' 3.19 photos and spoilers: Dillon Casey talks about his exit

Examiner 4/18/13 'Nikita' spoilers: New details tease major loss for 'Broken Home'

Examiner 4/16/13 'Nikita' 3.18 sneak peek and spoilers: Nikita will be very bugged

Examiner 4/12/13 'Nikita' 3.18 photos and spoilers: Division will get locked down

Examiner 4/10/13 'Nikita' 3.17 photos and spoilers: Lyndsy Fonseca teases what's next

Examiner 4/9/13 'Nikita' 3.17 sneak peek and spoilers: Amanda is in control

Examiner 3/27/13 'Nikita' 3.15 sneak peek and spoilers: Nikita is in a dressy fight

Examiner 3/8/13 'Nikita' 3.15 photos and spoilers: Alex goes against Nikita

Examiner 3/5/13 'Nikita' 3.13 photos: Amanda and Nikita must work together

Hollywood Reporter 3/1/13 'Nikita's' Dillon Casey: Sean Is Forced to 'Make the Best of a Bad Situation'

Examiner 2/25/13 'Nikita' 3.12 sneak peek and spoilers: Ari finds Nikita first

Examiner 2/15/13 'Nikita' 3.12 photos and spoilers: More coming from Amanda

Examiner 2/9/13 'Nikita' 3.11 photos and spoilers: Maggie Q teases Amanda's next move

Examiner 2/7/13 'Nikita' sneak peek and spoilers: Owen will make Sean angry

Examiner 2/2/13 'Nikita' 3.10 photos and spoilers: Devon Sawa teases what's next

Zap2It 2/1/13 'Nikita' interview: Devon Sawa shares spoilers on what's coming up for Owen

TV Guide 1/31/13 Video: How Well Does Maggie Q Know Her Nikita Costars?

Examiner 1/26/13 'Nikita' 3.09 photos and spoilers: Expect more Mikita tension

TV Guide 1/24/13 Nikita's Maggie Q on the "Mikita" Relationship: People Need to Get Ready for a Rough Ride

Examiner 1/19/13 'Nikita' 3.08 photos and spoilers: Shane West talks about changes

E!Online 1/17/13 Nikita's Lyndsy Fonseca Getting a Divorce

Examiner 1/14/13 'Nikita' 3.07 photos and spoilers: Amanda goes after Michael

TV Guide 1/13/13 Nikita's Lyndsy Fonseca Files for Divorce

Examiner 12/28/12 'Nikita' season 3 spoilers: Big trouble ahead for Michael

Examiner 12/5/12 'Nikita' sneak peek and spoilers: More from Owen and Nikita coming

Examiner 12/3/12 'Nikita' season 3 spoilers: Devon Sawa on what's next for Owen

Zap2It 11/21/12 'Nikita' first look: Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice Guy, guest-stars

Examiner 11/19/12 'Nikita' 3.06 photos and spoilers: Amanda will be around more

Examiner 11/12/12 'Nikita' 3.05 sneak peek and spoilers: An underground mission

BuddyTV 11/9/12 'Nikita' Recap: Nikita, Meet Your New Nemesis

Examiner 11/8/12 'Nikita' 3.04 sneak peek and spoilers: Taking down Owen

TV Guide 11/8/12 Nikita's Melinda Clarke Reveals Amanda's Owen-Torturing Past and Killer New 'Do

Zap2It 11/8/12 'Nikita' returning to original Friday time slot

BuddyTV 11/2/12 'Nikita' Recap: Division's Latest Mission Challenges Nikita's Belief

TV Guide 11/1/12 Nikita's Lyndsy Fonseca: Alex Will Begin a Downward Spiral

Examiner 10/29/12 'Nikita' 3.05 photos and spoilers: Protecting in secret

BuddyTV 10/26/12 'Nikita' Recap: Would Nikita Make a Good Mother?

Examiner 10/24/12 'Nikita' 3.04 photos and spoilers: Amanda and Owen are back

Examiner 10/21/12 'Nikita' season 3 spoilers: Wedding talk and more on Alex and Sean

BuddyTV 10/19/12 'Nikita' Premiere Recap: Nikita and Michael Make a Decision About Their Future

Zap2It 10/19/12 'Nikita' Season 3 premiere: What to expect from the new Division

TV Guide 10/18/12 Nikita Season 3 Scoop: The Dirty Thirty, a "Mikita" Shower Scene and More

Zap2It 10/16/12 'Nikita' Season 3 spoilers and pictures for '3.0,' 'Innocence' and 'True Believer'

Examiner 10/15/12 'Nikita' 3.03 photos and spoilers: A struggle and danger for Alex

Examiner 10/10/12 'Nikita' 3.02 photos and spoilers: Changes for Michael and Nikita

Examiner 9/28/12 'Nikita' 3.01 photos and spoilers: A new Division

BuddyTV 9/27/12 'Nikita' Season 3 Premiere Photos: The New Division

Examiner 8/26/12 'Nikita' season 3 spoilers: Alex and a new beginning

Examiner 8/10/12 'Nikita' season 3 spoilers: A new foe is coming

Examiner 7/29/12 'Nikita' season 3 spoilers: Shane West on what's next for Michael

Examiner 7/24/12 'Nikita' season 3 spoilers: On the hunt for another rogue agent

Examiner 7/18/12 'Nikita' season 3 spoilers: Owen and Amanda's returns

Examiner 7/13/12 'Nikita' cast photos and season 3 spoilers: Maggie Q teases trouble

TV Guide 7/13/12 Comic-Con Nikita Scoop: Devon Sawa Returns, Alcatraz's Jeffrey Pierce Causes Trouble

Zap2It 7/12/12 'Nikita' Season 3 scoop from Comic-Con 2012: A Nikita-Michael shower scene? Plus more

Zap2It 7/12/12 'Nikita' Season 3 ups the Owen: Devon Sawa promoted to series regular

Examiner 7/10/12 'Nikita' season 3 spoilers: More premiere details released

Examiner 7/5/12 'Nikita' season 3 premiere spoilers: Deadly rogue agent arrives

Examiner 6/19/12 New posters for 'Nikita,' 'Hart of Dixie,' Supernatural' and more

Zap2It 5/21/12 Maggie Q talks 'Nikita' Season 3 and her No Kill LA initiative to save pets from untimely death

Gather 5/20/12 'Nikita' Spoilers: Looking Ahead to Season 3

BuddyTV 5/18/12 'Nikita' Finale: A Tribute To Xander Berkeley

BuddyTV 5/18/12 'Nikita' Recap: Who survived the Division Showdown?

BuddyTV 5/18/12 'Nikita' Finale: Shane West's 10 Best Career Moments

Gather 5/18/12 'Nikita' Spoilers: Shane West Teases Deadly Finale

Examiner 5/17/12 'Nikita' 'Homecoming' sneak peek: Two will die and Amanda returns

TV Guide 5/17/12 Nikita Finale: Maggie Q Teases a Death, a "Mikita" Moment and More

Digital Spy 5/17/12 'Nikita' star Noah Bean made series regular for third season

Zap2It 5/15/12 'Nikita' Season finale 'Homecoming' has Nikita back at Division

Zap2It 5/12/12 'Nikita' 'Crossbow': That Birkhoff kiss

BuddyTV 5/11/12 The CW Orders Final 'Gossip Girl' Season, Renews 'Nikita' and 'Dixie,' Cancels 'Ringer' and 'Secret Circle'

Examiner 5/11/12 'Nikita' season 2 finale photos: Returning to Division

Zap2It 5/11/12 'Nikita': Maggie Q on what's coming in 'Crossbow' and the season finale

Zap2It 5/7/12 'Nikita' 'Crossbow': 'I'm not running anymore'

BuddyTV 5/4/12 'Nikita' Recap: Things That Make Your Heart Stop

Zap2It 5/4/12 'Nikita' 'Drop Dead': Alex and Sean get closer

Examiner 5/1/12 'Nikita' 2.21 'Dead Drop' photos and spoilers: CIA connections

Zap2It 4/28/12 'Nikita' 'Shadow Walker': Birkhoff kills for love

BuddyTV 4/27/12 'Nikita' Recap: Money and Payback Go Hand-In-Hand

Entertainment Weekly 4/27/12 Maggie Q on last week's intense episode, bonding with Birkoff, and the upcoming 'brutal' fight..

Zap2It 4/25/12 'Nikita' 'Shadow Walker' preview: Money don't come easy

BuddyTV 4/20/12 'Nikita' Recap: Beating the Monsters

Hollywood Reporter 4/20/12 'Nikita': 'Wrath' Is Maggie Q's 'Best Performance of the Season,' Says Writer

Examiner 4/17/12 'Nikita' 2.19 and 'Supernatural' 7.19 photos and spoilers

Zap2It 3/31/12 'Nikita': Cameron Daddo to play the President

BuddyTV 3/30/12 'Nikita' Recap: Power Shifts All Around

TV Guide 3/30/12 A Day Out With Nikita's Shane West

Examiner 3/25/12 'Nikita' 2.18 'Power' photos and spoilers

BuddyTV 3/23/12 'Nikita' Recap: Deaths and Resurrections, Reunions and Goodbyes

TV Guide 3/22/12 Nikita's Maggie Q: What Cassandra's Return Means for "Mikita"

TV Guide 3/19/12 Cheers & Jeers: Nikita — Suddenly, Seymour

Zap2It 3/19/12 'Nikita': Amanda's got a gun! New photos from 'Power'

BuddyTV 3/16/12 'Nikita' Recap: One Gained, One Lost

Zap2It 3/16/12 'Nikita': Devon Sawa's Owen won't return

Zap2It 3/16/12 'Nikita': Maggie Q on Mikita, Season 3 and the Amanda showdown

Examiner 3/14/12 'Nikita' 2.16 'Doublecross' and 2.17 'Arising' photos

Examiner 3/5/12 New 'Nikita' cast photos and spoilers: Series on the bubble

Scripted TV Fans 2/22/12 Nikita 2/17/12 “Origins” Episode Recap

BuddyTV 2/17/12 'Nikita' Recap: The Origins of Evil

Examiner 2/14/12 'Nikita' 2.15 'Origins' photos and sneak peek: Taking down Division

BuddyTV 2/10/12 'Nikita' Recap: Old Friends Reunited

Examiner 2/10/12 'Nikita' 2.14 'Rogue' sneak peek: A blast from the past

Zap2It 2/10/12 'Nikita' preview: A powerful look at the past in 'Rogue'

TV Guide 2/2/12 Nikita's Melinda Clarke: Control of Division Is Up for Grabs

Examiner 2/1/12 'Nikita' 2.13 'Clean Sweep' sneak peek, 2.14 'Rogue' photos

Examiner 1/22/12 'Nikita' episode 2.13 'Clean Sweep' photos and spoilers

Hollywood Reporter 1/13/12 'Nikita': Shane West Reveals Why Owen-Nikita Pairing Is 'Disgusting'

BuddyTV 1/12/12 Exclusive Interview: Dillon Casey Talks Loyalty and Romance on 'Nikita'

TV Guide 1/12/12 Nikita Boss on Why Sean Pierce is Naked and Other Spy Jinks

Examiner 1/8/12 'Nikita' episode 2.12 'Sanctuary' photos and spoilers

Examiner 1/6/12 'Supernatural' 7.11 and 'Nikita' 2.11 sneak peeks released

Zap2It 1/6/12 'Nikita' is back with 'Pale Fire'

Digital Spy 1/5/12 'Fame' star Erica Gimpel joins 'Nikita'

Examiner 1/3/12 'Nikita' episode 2.11 'Pale Fire' photos and spoilers

TV Guide 12/5/11 Nikita Scoop: "Naked" Sean Pierce, Broken Fingers and a Clean Sweep

BuddyTV 12/2/11 'Nikita' Recap: Turncoat

TV Guide 12/2/11 Nikita's Maggie Q on Why Owen Is Cooking Breakfast and Hope for "Mikita" Fans

Access Hollywood 12/2/11 Ouch! Maggie Q Shows Off ‘Nikita’ Injuries

Examiner 11/30/11 'Nikita' episode 2.10 'Guardians' sneak peek and spoilers

Zap2It 11/28/11 'Nikita': Owen could throw a wrench in the works

Examiner 11/23/11 'Nikita' episode 2.10 'Guardians' photos and spoilers

Zap2It 11/21/11 'Nikita' preview: Alex is on a rampage

BuddyTV 11/18/11 'Nikita' Recap: Man Down

Examiner 11/18/11 'Supernatural' episode 7.09, 'Nikita' episode 2.09 - preview

Entertainment Weekly 11/18/11 'Nikita' actor Dillon Casey on tonight's episode: Sean 'can't be controlled' by Amanda

Examiner 11/13/11 'Nikita' episode 2.09 'Fair Trade' photos and spoilers

BuddyTV 11/11/11 'Nikita' Recap: Chaos, Cassandra and Choices

Examiner 11/11/11 'Supernatural' episode 7.08, 'Nikita' episode 2.08 - preview

Examiner 11/6/11 'Nikita' episode 2.08 'London Calling' photos and spoilers

BuddyTV 11/4/11 'Nikita' Recap: Death and Deception

Scripted TV Fans 11/4/11 Nikita And Michael Scramble To Break An Endangered Informant Out Of Prison Tonight on Nikita

Examiner 11/4/11 'Supernatural' 7.07 'The Mentalists', 'Nikita' 2.07 'Clawback' – preview

Examiner 11/2/11 Maggie Q and Shane West 'Nikita' set photos, 'Clawback' sneak peek

Zap2It 11/1/11 'Nikita': Will Ryan make it out of prison?

Examiner 10/30/11 'Nikita': Episode 2.07 'Clawback' photos and preview

BuddyTV 10/28/11 'Nikita' Recap: Daddy Issues

Scripted TV Fans 10/28/11 Birkoff Stumbles Upon Nikita’s Birth Certificate, Enabling Her To Find Her Father, Tonight On Nikita

Digital Spy 10/28/11 '24' star Sarah Clarke lands 'Nikita' role

TV Guide 10/27/11 Video: Shane West Teases Nikita's Daddy Issues and Michael's Last Name

Examiner 10/22/11 'Nikita' episode 2.06 '343 Walnut Lane' photos and spoilers

BuddyTV 10/21/11 'Nikita' Recap: Through the Looking Glass

Scripted TV Fans 10/21/11 Alex And Sean Become Tangled In Amanda’s Web Of Lies Tonight On Nikita

Hollywood Reporter 10/21/11 'Nikita' Star Shane West Teases Upcoming Rifts, Past Conflicts & ...

TV Guide 10/20/11 Video: Nikita's Shane West on Trouble in "Mikita" Paradise

Examiner 10/16/11 'Nikita' episode 2.05 'Looking Glass' photos and preview

Examiner 10/8/11 'Nikita': Episode 2.04 'Partners' photos and preview

BuddyTV 10/7/11 'Nikita' Recap: Best of 'Knightfall'

Scripted TV Fans 10/7/11 Nikita Learns That An International Terrorist Is Now Working For Division Tonight On Nikita

BuddyTV 9/30/11 'Nikita' Recap: Best of 'Falling Ash'

Examiner 9/30/11 'Supernatural' episode 7.02, 'Nikita' episode 2.02 preview

Hollywood Reporter 9/30/11 'Nikita' Star Maggie Q Talks New Team Dynamics, Strained Relationships and 'Sexy' Additions

TV Guide 9/29/11 Video: Nikita's Devon Sawa: Owen Won't Get in the Way of "Mikita"

Zap2It 9/29/11 'Nikita': Devon Sawa returns as Owen for a 'jaw-dropper' and another dose of the Regimen

Examiner 9/26/11 'Nikita' 2.03 'Knightfall' photos and 2.02 preview released

BuddyTV 9/23/11 'Nikita' Recap: Best of 'Game Change'

Scripted TV Fans 9/23/11 Nikita & Michael Prepare To Use The Black Box Tonight On The Season Premiere Of Nikita

Examiner 9/21/11 Nikita' 2.02 'Falling Ash' and cast photos, 2.01 sneak peek released

LA Times 9/21/11 Devon Sawa discusses 'Nikita' and ... Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Hollywood Reporter 9/19/11 'Nikita': Lyndsy Fonseca, Aaron Stanford on What Awaits Their Characters in Season 2 (Videos)

TV Guide 9/16/11 The Complete Nikita Season 2 Report: "Mikita" on the Run, Solo Alex and Powerful Amanda

Digital Spy 9/16/11 'Nikita' Maggie Q interview: 'Season two will top last year'

Digital Spy 9/13/11 'Nikita' exec: 'Season two will explore back-stories'

Examiner 9/11/11 'Nikita' season 2 premiere photos, new spoilers released

TV Guide 9/9/11 Nikita Scoop: David Keith to Guest-Star As... Nikita's Dad?

Zap2It 9/8/11 'Supernatural' angel heads to 'Nikita': Julie McNiven's sleeper assassin wakes up

Examiner 8/31/11 'Nikita' season 2 set photo with Shane West, latest spoilers

TV Guide 8/30/11 Nikita Exclusive: Meet Michael's Blast From His Division Past

Digital Spy 8/19/11 'Nikita' exec teases season two flashbacks

Digital Spy 8/19/11 'Bones' Katheryn Winnick lands 'Nikita' role

Examiner 8/16/11 Nikita' season 2 spoilers: A tough road ahead for Nikita and Michael

Examiner 8/16/11 Nikita' season 2 spoilers: A tough road ahead for Nikita and Michael

Examiner 8/10/11 'Nikita' season 2 spoilers: Flashbacks will reveal Nikita's shocking origins

TV Guide 8/7/11 Keck's Exclusive: Flashbacks Ahead for Walking Dead, Nikita, and NCIS: Los Angeles

Hollywood Reporter 8/3/11 CW Orders More Episodes of 'Gossip Girl,' 'Nikita,' Two More Returning Series

Scripted TV Fans 7/26/11 Comic-Con 2011: Nikita Interview

Examiner 7/25/11 Cast portraits for 'Covert Affairs,' 'Nikita,' 'Dexter,' 'Fringe,' more

Examiner 7/23/11 New previews: 'Vampire Diaries', 'Nikita', 'Secret Circle', and 'Ringer'

Hollywood Reporter 7/16/11 Comic-Con 2011: 'Nikita' Showrunner Craig Silverstein (Q&A)

TV Guide 7/15/11 Nikita Casts Vampire Diaries Alum As Alex's Love Interest, Nikita's Foe

TV Guide 7/15/11 Nikita Casts Vampire Diaries Alum As Alex's Love Interest, Nikita's Foe

Examiner 6/18/11 'Nikita' spoilers: Maggie Q reveals season 2 twists

Gather 6/9/11 'Nikita' Season 2 Spoilers: Is Happily Ever After in the Cards?

Gather 5/28/11 'Nikita' Spoilers: Maggie Q and Shane West Tease 'Explosive' Season 2

Examiner 5/19/11 'Nikita': First season 2 spoilers revealed: Alex will be on the hunt

Scripted TV Fans 5/18/11 Nikita 5/12/11 “Pandora” Episode Recap

Gather 5/18/11 'Nikita' Returning for Season 2 with Maggie Q and Shane West

Zap2It 5/17/11 'Hellcats' canceled, 'Nikita' Season 2 picked up by The CW

TV Guide 5/17/11 The CW Renews One Tree Hill and Nikita, Cancels Hellcats

Scripted TV Fans 5/12/11 Percy Moves To Take Over The CIA While Alex Goes Rogue Tonight On The Nikita Season Finale

Examiner 5/12/11 'Nikita': Lyndsy Fonseca teases season finale death

Gather 5/12/11 'Nikita' Season Finale Preview: Mikita Lives On - Alex Is Dangerous

TV Guide 5/12/11 Nikita's Lyndsy Fonseca: Yes, Someone Dies in the Finale

E!Online 5/12/11 Lyndsy Fonseca Spills Nikita Finale Scoop and Plans a "Badass" Season Two

Gather 5/9/11 'Nikita': Lyndsy Fonseca Talks about Alex and Season Two

Scripted TV Fans 5/5/11 Nikita Saves The Last Living Cryptographer On Percy’s Hit List Tonight on Nikita

Gather 5/5/11 'Nikita': Melinda Clarke Teases Finale Death and Season 2

Examiner 5/5/11 'Nikita': Percy will be even darker as season finishes out

Zap2It 5/4/11 'Nikita's' Melinda Clarke reveals 'somebody dies in the finale'

Gather 5/1/11 'Nikita' Spoilers: Shane West Talks about Season Ending Cliffhanger

Scripted TV Fans 4/28/11 Nikita Gets A Glimpse Of Life Without Division Tonight On Nikita

Zap2It 4/28/11 'Nikita's' Shane West on 'Mikita's' future: 'It's not going to be easy-peasy'

TV Guide 4/27/11 Nikita's Shane West: The Mikita Honeymoon Isn't Over ... Yet

Scripted TV Fans 4/21/11 Alex Must Choose Between Saving A Mission Or Saving Herself Tonight On Nikita

Scripted TV Fans 4/14/11 Nikita Intervenes When Owen Wants To Release The Contents Of Percy’s Black Box Tonight On Nikita

Gather 4/14/11 'Nikita' Preview : 'Into The Dark' Brings Mikita and Owen's Return

Scripted TV Fans 4/13/11 Nikita 4/7/11 “Covenant” Episode Recap

Gather 4/10/11 'Nikita' : Creator Plans For Next Two Seasons - Will Series Return?

TV Guide 4/8/11 Melinda Clarke's One-Two Punch on Nikita and CSI

Scripted TV Fans 4/7/11 Michael Confronts Nikita With An Ultimatum Tonight On Nikita

Gather 4/7/11 'Nikita' Preview for 'Covenants' - What Will Michael Do?

Digital Spy 4/7/11 'Nikita' exec teases Rich Sommer role

Gather 4/4/11'Nikita' Star Maggie Q Talks Season 2: Get Ready for the Big Comeback

E!Online 4/4/11 Spoiler Chat: Is Everything About to Change on Nikita?

Gather 3/29/11 'Nikita' Spoilers: Mikita Relationship On Tap For Season 2?

Gather 3/25/11 'Nikita' Spoilers: Looking Ahead to the Finale and Season 2

Digital Spy 3/25/11 Nikita exec 'optimistic about renewal'

TV Guide 3/16/11 Rich Sommer to Guest-Star on Nikita

Gather 3/13/11 'Nikita' Spoilers: Melinda Clarke Dishes – Michael Gets Close to His Former Agent

Examiner 3/11/11 'Nikita' star Maggie Q dishes: It will be 'a different show'

Digital Spy 3/9/11 Maggie Q: 'Nikita is going to change'

Examiner 3/1/11 'Grey's Anatomy' & 'Nikita' news: Maggie Q and Sarah Drew dish on what's next

Zap2It 2/25/11 'Nikita' recap: Future Imperfect

Scripted TV Fans 2/24/11 Amanda Interrogates A Sedated Alex Tonight On Nikita

Digital Spy 2/24/11 'Nikita' star: 'Buzz is good for renewal'

Examiner 2/23/11 'Nikita' episode 16 sneak peek: Nikita and Nathan meet

Entertainment Weekly 2/23/11 'Nikita' co-star on second season chances: 'We have pretty intense and loyal fans' 

Zap2It 2/18/11 'Nikita' recap: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Examiner 2/21/11 'Nikita' preview for 'Echoes': Amanda wants inside Alex's mind

Scripted TV Fans 2/17/11 Alex’s Past Catches Up To Her Tonight On Nikita

Digital Spy 2/11/11 'Nikita' star: 'Second season is likely'

Digital Spy 2/11/11 West: 'Nikita and Michael get closer'

Scripted TV Fans 2/10/11 Nikita Must Resume Her Undercover Persona For A Mission Tonight On Nikita

TV Guide 2/9/11 Are Nikita's Alex and Nathan Doomed? Shane West Says Love and Black Ops Don't Mix

Zap2It 2/4/11'Nikita' recap: Love and Other Royal Pains

Zap2It 2/4/11 'Nikita's' Coup De Grace: This isn't a fairy tale

Scripted TV Fans 2/3/11 Trusting The Wrong Person Could Get Nikita Killed Tonight On Nikita

USA Today 1/29/11 Shane West is the right man for the job on 'Nikita'

Zap2It 1/28/11 'Nikita': Alex gets a Kia, a kill chip and a new love interest

Scripted TV Fans 1/27/11 Nikita Helps Alex Adjust To Life As An Agent Tonight On Nikita

Zap2It 1/26/11 'Nikita's' Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca talk possible Nikita/Michael/Alex love triangle

Digital Spy 1/26/11 Maggie Q 'doesn't care about old Nikita'

Digital Spy 1/26/11 'Nikita' star teases Birkhoff arc

Examiner 1/24/11 'Nikita' Free preview: Alex steps up to agent status

TV Guide 1/21/11 Nikita Scoop: Will Alex Betray Nikita?

Zap2It 12/9/10 'Nikita': Thom dies a senseless Division death

Scripted TV Fans 12/9/10 Nikita Helps Alex With Her First Mission, To Kill A Crime Boss, Tonight On Nikita

Zap2It 12/9/10 'Nikita': 12 things to expect from 'All the Way'

Scripted TV Fans 12/8/10 Nikita 12/2/10 “Dark Matter” Episode Recap

Gather 12/7/10 Nikita All The Way Preview: Division Mole Is Compromised - Will Alex Be Found Out?

Scripted TV Fans 12/2/10 Nikita And Owen Are Captured By The CIA Tonight On Nikita

Gather 11/27/10 Nikita Dark Matter Preview: Nikita's Captured By The CIA - Devon Sawa Returns

Scripted TV Fans 11/11/10 Nikita And Michael Team Up To Kill A Terrorist Tonight On Nikita

Zap2It 11/11/10 'Nikita': Shane West on Michael's past, potential romances

Gather 11/9/10 Nikita One Way Preview Puts Two Foes On The Same Side

Zap2It 11/5/10 'Nikita' recap: Spy Games

Scripted TV Fans 11/4/10 Nikita Exposes A Senator’s Sex Scandal Tonight On Nikita

Gather 11/1/10 Nikita Phoenix Preview Forces Alex To Show How She Feels

Zap2It 10/28/10 'Nikita' recap: The Expendables

Scripted TV Fans 10/28/10 Nikita Learns That A Recruit Has Been Activated To Carry Out A Suicide Mission Tonight On Nikita

Scripted TV Fans 10/25/10 The CW Gives Fill Season Orders to “Hellcats”, “Nikita” and “One Tree Hill”

Scripted TV Fans 10/23/10 Nikita 10/7/10 “The Guardian” Episode Recap

Scripted TV Fans 10/21/10 Nikita Discovers Who Killed Her Fiancé Tonight on Nikita

E!Online 10/21/10 Can Romance Ever Really Blossom on Nikita?

Digital Spy 10/20/10 Noah Bean signs up for 'Nikita' role

Deseret News 10/19/10 Lyndsy Fonseca shakes things up on CW's 'Nikita'

Scripted TV Fans 10/18/10 Nikita: Shane West Interview

Scripted TV Fans 10/17/10 Nikita: Lyndsy Fonseca Interview

Scripted TV Fans 10/16/10 Nikita: Maggie Q Interview

TV Guide 10/11/10 New York Comic Con: V, Vampire Diaries and Nikita Take Manhattan

Zap2It 10/8/10 'Nikita' recap: Man Troubles

Zap2It 10/7/10 'Nikita' peek: Devon Sawa kicks Maggie Q's butt

E! Online 10/7/10 Nikita: Hollywood Funnyguy Is Going to Get His Ass Kicked by Maggie Q

Gather 10/4/10 Nikita & Supernatural Sneak Peeks and Previews

Zap2It 10/1/10 'Nikita' recap: If at First You Don't Succeed, Try Triad Again

Entertainment Weekly 10/1/10 'Nikita' recap: Totally Nuts

Scripted TV Fans 9/30/10 Nikita Revisits Her Past as a Nanny Tonight on “Nikita”

Entertainment Weekly 9/24/10 'Nikita' recap: News Kid in Town

E!Online 9/24/10 Nikita: Oh No, Poison Gas! Quick, Take Off Your Bra

Scripted TV Fans 9/23/10 Nikita is Injured While Getting Out of a Tight Situation Tonight on “Nikita”

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