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Reality News Online 9/15/04 The Next Great Champ, Episode 2: Heavy Hitter

El Paso Times 9/14/04 Local boxer featured on reality show

TVRules 9/14/04 The Next Great Champ: Episode 3 Preview 9/21

Journal Now 9/10/04 Boxing reality show 'Champ' lacks ratings punch in its first round 9/9/04 "The Next Great Champ" Premiere's At 5.2 Million Viewers

Reality TV World 9/9/04 Ratings: Fox's 'Next Great Champ' gets KO'd in premiere

Fans Of Reality TV 9/9/04 The Next Great Champ 9/7 recap: "Eleven Boxers and One Angry Egomaniac"

TVRules 9/9/04 The Next Great Champ: Week One Elimination 9/7

Zap2It 9/8/04 LA Times Seeks Results from Boxing Shows

Reality TV Calendar 9/8/04 The Eye Of The Tiger: Episode 1 Recap

ET Online 9/8/04 Searching for Oscar's 'Next Great Champ'

Reality News Online 9/8/04 The Next Great Champ, Episode 1: The Great White Blabbermouth

ABC 9/8/04 Boxing Reality Show Has Compelling Fight

Reuters 9/8/04 L.A. Times Gets in the Ring with TV Boxing Shows

Times Picayune 9/7/04 Do the fight thing
Chicago Sun Times 9/7/04 'Underdog' fighters set for Round One

NY Times 9/7/04 It Is a Reality Boxing Show, but the Real Fight Is Elsewhere

USA Today 9/6/04 'Champ' weighs in for Fox

Reality News Online 9/6/04 The Next Great Champ: The Men, The Myth, The Lawsuit, and The Preview

Zap2It 9/2/04 'Next Great Champ' Faces New Lawsuit

Reality TV World 9/2/04 Fox's 'The Next Great Champ' faces new lawsuit alleging idea theft

Hollywood Reporter 9/2/04 Toss another lawsuit into 'Champ's' ring

E!Online 9/1/04 De La Hoya in Legal Ring

Reality TV World 9/1/04 Fox's 'Next Great Champ' wins First Amendment court fight against NBC's 'Contender'

Zap2It 9/1/04 Burnett Throws in Towel on 'Contender' Court Fight

TVRules 8/30/04 The Next Great Champ: Episode 2 Preview September 14

TVRules 8/30/04 The Next Great Champ Premiere Moves To September 7

Zap2It 8/30/04 Judge Gives FOX's 'Champ' Another Round

Hollywood Reporter 8/28/04 Fox's 'Great Champ' still standing after judge's ruling 8/28/04 - Meet All The Fighters on 'The Next Great Champ'

Reality TV World 8/25/04 Fox moves 'The Next Great Champ' premiere to  9/7 as 'The Contender' producers sue

NY Daily News 8/24/04 Latest round a blow to Fox

E!Online 8/23/04 Fox, NBC: Grudge Match Continues

Hollywood Reporter 8/21/04 Fox's 'Champ' moves up; court date follows

Zap2It 8/21/04 FOX, Court Go Another Round in 'Champ' Dispute

The Trades 8/20/04 The Contender vs. The Next Great Champ, Round 1 8/20/04 - See More of 'The Next Great Champ'

Media Guardian 8/19/04 Round one over in reality TV boxing fight

E!Online 8/19/04 Round 2: "Champ" vs. "Contender"

Zap2It 8/19/04 Judge Refuses to Block Fox's 'Champ'

Hollywood Reporter 8/19/04 'Champ' back on Fox fight card

Washington Post 8/19/04 Fox's 'Great Champ' Still Standing

BBC 8/19/04 Judge refuses to halt boxing show

NY Daily News 8/19/04 One on chin for 'Champ'

Zap2It 8/18/04 'Contender' Team Takes the Fight to Fox's 'Champ'

Media Guardian 8/18/04 Reality rivals to slug it out in court

Hollywood Reporter 8/18/04 Judge could KO Fox series

BBC 8/18/04 Boxing TV rivals fight in court

E!Online 8/17/04 Burnett to Fox: Bring It On!

NY Times 8/17/04 Rival TV Boxing Shows Square Off in California Court 8/17/04 - Get To Know 'The Next Great Champ' Clips

Reality TV World 8/10/04 Fox's 'The Next Great Champ' to premiere September 10

TVRules 8/10/04 The Next Great Champ Premieres September 10

Dallas Morning News 8/10/04 Oak Cliff family returning as Fox rushes 2 reality series to air

Zap2It 8/9/04 Fox's 'Champ' Enters Ring in September

Reality TV World 7/21/04 Fox's 'The Next Great Champ' to now debut in September

Reality TV World 7/19/04 Oscar de la Hoya changes his story about the origins of 'Next Great Champ'

NY Daily News 7/16/04 Fox exec rejects 'copycat' claim

NY Times 7/14/04 Fox Boxing Reality Show Faces Scrutiny in California

USA Today 7/14/04 Fox boxing show could face a DQ

Hollywood Reporter 7/12/04 Zucker: Fox 'Champ' hits below belt

Reality TV World 7/10/04 FOX announces identities of 'The Next Great Champ' boxers

TVRules 7/3/04 FOX Releases Contestant List For 'Next Great Champ'

Zap2It 7/2/04 Fox Pugilism Program Picks Punchees

TV Barn 7/2/04 Finalists chosen for Fox's "Contender" knockoff

NY Daily News 6/29/04 NBC lands first blow in boxing bout

Mercury News 5/15/04 Fox looking for `The Next Great Champ' in Chicago

CNN 5/14/04 Finding boxing's "Kournikovas"

Chicago Tribune 5/13/04 2 challengers in reality-TV ring

Wichita Eagle 5/12/04 NBC, Fox trading punches over rival reality boxing shows

NY Times 5/10/04 Reality TV Hits (Further) Below the Belt

Reality TV World 5/6/04 Brawl between NBC's 'Contender' and Fox's 'Next Great Champ' heats up 5/4/04 Boxing steps into 'reality' ring

News Tribune 5/4/04 It's De La Hoya vs. Stallone in reality TV ring 4/21/04 Joe Hand Gym to host auditions for reality TV show

TV Barn 4/20/04 Because one boxing-related reality show isn't enough ... and because there's Fox ...

TVRules 4/19/04 Casting: The Next Great Champ 4/19/04 Oscar De La Hoya: TV personality!

E!Online 4/19/04 Round One: Stallone vs. De La Hoya

Zap2It 4/19/04 FOX Enters the Ring with De La Hoya

Hollywood Reporter 4/19/04 De La Hoya adds punch to Fox fare

USA Today 4/19/04 Fox to launch its own boxing reality TV series


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