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Ottawa Citizen 7/21/04 Ex-Ottawa constable dreams of ring glory, TV stardom

Futon Critic 7/21/04 NBC Cuts 'Next Action Star' Run Short

TVRules 7/21/04 Next Action Star: Episode 7 'Watery Grave' Summary

Reality TV World 7/19/04 Next Action Star - Episode 6 summary

Reality News Online 7/16/04 Next Action Star, Episode 7: Days of Their Lives

Crazy4RealityTV 7/15/04 Next Action Star: Jared's Song

Reality TV Calendar 7/15/04 Jared Does Melisande & Goes To Church: Episode 7 Recap

Reality TV Hall of Shame 7/15/04 Viviana Knows Best – Just Ask Her: Next Action Star’s Viviana Londono

TVRules 7/13/04 Next Action Star: Episode 8 Preview 7/21

News Press 7/10/04 TV host has local roots

Fans Of Reality TV 7/9/04 Next Action Star 7/07/04 Recap: The Bartender vs. The Bouncer

Reality News Online 7/8/04 Next Action Star, Episode 6: Vanity, Thy Name is Jared

TVRules 7/8/04 Next Action Star Episode 6 “The Captives” – July 7, 2004 – One Big Fight

Reality TV Calendar 7/8/04 Hot Denise and Manly Catfights: Ep 6 Recap

TVRules 7/6/04 Next Action Star: Episode 7 Preview 7/14

TVRules 7/6/04 Next Action Star: Episode 6 Preview 7/7

Reality TV World 7/5/04 Next Action Star - Episode 4 summary

USA Today 7/2/04 'Next Action Star' heats up firework safety awareness

Fans Of Reality TV 7/2/04 Recap 6/30/04: Nothing Wrong with a Little Bump & Grind?

Reality News Online 7/2/04 Next Action Star, Episode 5: Fear and Loving in Los Angeles

TVRules 7/2/04 Next Action Star Episode 5 “Leap of Faith” – June 30, 2004 – Taking the Plunge

Crazy4RealityTV 7/1/04 Explosives - of a Different Sort on Next Action Star

Reality TV Calendar 7/1/04 Next Action Star: Skimpy Undies & High Falling, Ep 5 Recap

Fans of Reality TV 6/30/04 Attack of the Exotic Bird!

Reality TV World 6/30/04 NBC moves 'Next Action Star' to Wednesdays

TVRules 6/30/04 Next Action Star: Episode 4 "Special Ops" Summary 6/29/04 Hurricane Vivianna

Reality TV Calendar 6/30/04 Next Action Star: Star Quality or Insanity?

Crazy4RealityTV 6/30/04 Save the Drama, Latina Mama: Next Action Star Update

Reality News Online 6/30/04 Next Action Star, Episode 4: Action Star Bootcamp

Zap2It 6/29/04 NBC Juggles Tuesday, Wednesday Reality Options

Reality TV World 6/28/04 Next Action Star - Episode 3 summary

Chicago Sun-Times 6/28/04 Reality check for the next action star

TVRules 6/28/04 Next Action Star: Episode 5, June 30 Preview

Fans of Reality TV 6/24/04 Make-Overs and Making Out (6/22 recap)

TVRules 6/23/04 Next Action Star: Episode 3: 6/22/04 'Bring on the Drama'

Reality News Online 6/23/04 Next Action Star, Episode 3: Help! My Spouse Is Dying!

Crazy4RealityTV 6/23/04 Disasters and Disses: Next Action Star – Episode 3

TVRules 6/23/04 Next Action Star: 6/22 Elimination

Reality TV Calendar 6/23/04 Next Action Star: Not Shy & No Shame, Ep 3 Recap

Reality TV World 6/22/04 Ratings: NBC's 'Next Action Star' fails to shine in debut

Washington Post 6/22/04 Former GMU Wrestler Aims To Be a 'Star'

TVRules 6/21/04 Next Action Star: Episode 4, June 29 Preview

Reality TV World 6/18/04 Next Action Star - Episode 2 summary

Fans Of Reality TV 6/18/04 The Next Action Star 6/15/04 Recap: Sturm und Drang

Reality TV World 6/18/04 Next Action Star - Episode 1 summary

Reality News Online 6/17/04 Next Action Star, Episode 3: "Welcome to Hollywood"

TVRules 6/16/04 Next Action Star-Episode One: The First Cut

TVRules 6/16/04 Next Action Star To Repeat On GSN

Reality TV Calendar 6/16/04 Next Action Star: Running, Shooting, Eliminating

Reality News Online 6/16/04 Next Action Star: The Auditions

Digital Spy 6/15/04 'Next Action Star' to re-air on GSN

Reality TV Calendar 6/15/04 The Next Action Star: Auditions Auditions Auditions

NY Times 6/15/04 Arnold's Busy; Can Anyone Here Flex and Shoot?

TV Week 6/14/04 GSN Acquires 'Action Star' Rights

Dallas Morning News 6/14/04 Review: Action-hero search doesn't deliver much kick

Post Gazette 6/14/04 Reviews of 'North Shore,' 'Next Action Star,' Extreme Dodgeball'

USA Today 6/14/04 'Action Star': Reality TV screen test

NY Daily News 6/14/04 Reality TV: Role 'em!

SB Sun 6/13/04 They could be action heroes, just for a day

Zap2It 6/13/04 Silver Goes for Gold on 'Next Action Star'

Hollywood Reporter 6/14/04 Next Action Star 6/9/04 These aspiring thespians compete to hear 'Action!' 6/8/04 Next Action Star: Casting Special Preview 6/14

Hollywood Reporter 6/1/04 Ford, NetZero get top-billing in NBC's 'Next Action Star'

Desert Sun 5/10/04 New reality show born in valley

Reality TV World 4/5/04 NBC's 'Next Action Star' action movie star search to premiere June 15

TVRules 4/3/04 The Next Action Star Added To NBC Summer Lineup

Digital Spy 8/4/03 Sky picks up Hollywood reality show

Teen Hollywood 4/12/03 Dicaprio's Harsh Reality

NBCMV 2/27/03 'Next Action Star' Open Casting Call in LA on March 3

Zap2It 1/30/03 NBC Begins Search for 'Action Star'

NBCMV 1/29/03 NBC, Silver Pictures TV & GRB Launch Search For The 'Next Action Star'

Ananova 9/12/02 Matrix producer to launch new Reality TV show


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