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Celebrity Spider 4/24/06 Adam Levine Confronts Nick Lackey Over Jessica Simpson Rumors

Celebrity Spider 4/24/06 Vanessa Minnillo Denies Nick Lachey Romance

Celebrity Spider 4/21/06 Nick Lachey Reveals Painful Split Secrets in New Video

Celebrity Spider 4/20/06 Nick Lachey Still Not Over Jessica Simpson

Celebrity Spider 4/20/06 Nick Lachey Unsure if Jessica Simpson Cheated

Celebrity Spider 4/20/06 Jessica Simpson Wearing Her Wedding Band Again

Celebrity Spider 4/19/06 Nick Lachey: "Jessica Simpson Decided Marriage Was Over"

Celebrity Spider 3/11/06 Jessica Simpson's Mother Praises Divorce Decision

Celebrity Spider 3/2/06 Jessica Simpson Was Terrified to Leave Marriage

Celebrity Spider 2/21/06 Jessica Simpson Followed "Dumb" Newlyweds Script

Celebrity Spider 2/18/06 Nick Lachey Demands Cash From Jessica Simpson

Celebrity Spider 2/17/06 Nick Lachey Moving On and Moving House

Celebrity Spider 2/17/06 Nick Lachey's New Flame: "I Don't Feel Comfortable Dating a Married Man"

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Nick Lachey Pokes Fun at His Break Up With Jessica Simpson

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Jessica Simpson and Adam Levine Had Fling in 2004

Reality TV World 2/1/06 'Newlyweds' star Nick Lachey co-founds new teen Internet site

Celebrity Spider 1/11/06 Malcolm in the Middle Star Buys Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's Home

Zap2It 1/11/06 'Malcolm' Actor Buys 'Newlyweds' Home

Celebrity Spider 1/9/06 Nick Lachey Blames "Irrational" Jessica Simpson

Celebrity Spider 1/9/06 Nick Lachey: "My Sensitivity Contributed to Jessica Simpson Split"

Celebrity Spider 1/9/06 Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson Sell Newlyweds Home

Celebrity Spider 12/23/05 Jessica Simpson Rethinking Divorce Plans

Celebrity Spider 12/20/05 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's Last Supper

Celebrity Spider 12/17/05 Jessica Simpson to Star Divorce Battle Today

Reality TV World 12/16/05 'Newlyweds' star Jessica Simpson files for divorce from Nick Lachey

Bergen Record 12/5/05 Nick and Jessica's broken record
Star Telegram 12/4/05 Requiem for the Newlyweds

Celebrity Spider 12/1/05 Student: "I'm Not the Reason Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson Split"

Extra 11/29/05 'Newlyweds' Split Could Cost Jessica Simpson Millions

Extra 11/28/05 Woman Claims She Had a Fling with Lachey

Reality TV World 11/28/05 Newly separated Nick Lachey to star in new The WB newlywed sitcom

Metro 11/28/05 Satirists find humor in Nick and Jessica split

Toronto Star 11/25/05 TV's newlyweds in ruins

Celebrity Spider 11/24/05 Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson Officially Split

Reality TV Magazine 11/24/05 Was Jessica & Nick's Break-up A Publicity Stunt Or Revenge On Celebrity Journalist?

Zap2It 11/24/05 Nick and Jessica Finally Call It Quits

CBS 11/24/05 Newlyweds No Longer

Reality TV World 11/21/05 'Newlyweds' Jessica Simpson to star in 'Employee of the Month' film

Celebrity Spider 11/2/05 Marriage Speculation Drove Jessica Simpson to Therapy

Reality TV World 11/1/05 'Newlyweds' star Jessica Simpson wins In Touch's 'Best Cleavage' poll

Celebrity Spider 10/31/05 Reese Witherspoon Says She Was Misquoted On Jessica Simpson

Celebrity Spider 10/25/05 Jessica Simpson's Dad Blasts Nick Lachey Split Reports

Celebrity Spider 10/21/05 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's Trip to Italy to Save Marriage

Celebrity Spider 10/14/05 Even More Allegations Nick Lachey is Cheating on Jessica Simpson

Celebrity Spider 10/7/05 Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson Fighting Cheating Reports

Celebrity Spider 10/5/05 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Split Reports Resurface

Reality TV World 10/5/05 'Newlyweds' stars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey deny split report

Zap2It 10/5/05 Nick and Jessica Separation Reports 'Not True'

Celebrity Spider 10/1/05 Wildfires Force Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson Out of Homes

Celebrity Spider 9/20/05 Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson Plan Benefit Show

Celebrity Spider 9/15/05 Jessica Simpson Thrilled to Escape Nick Lachey's Sports Talk

Celebrity Spider 9/2/05 Jessica Simpson Offers Support to Celebrity Couple Over Marriage Rumors

Celebrity Spider 9/1/05 Nick Lachey to Become a Reporter

Celebrity Spider 8/31/05 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Mark 9/11 Anniversary

NY Daily News 8/31/05 Jess & Nick now do 'The Newly-mads'

Celebrity Spider 8/26/05 Jessica Simpson Rubbishes Anorexic Rumors

Celebrity Spider 8/23/05 Nick and Jessica's Thunderbolt Wedding Night
Celebrity Spider 8/18/05 Jessica Simpson Sought as Las Vegas Performer

Celebrity Spider 8/15/05 Jessica Simpson Wants to Save the World Before Having Kids

Reality TV World 8/14/05 'Newlyweds' stars Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey say no to more reality shows

Digital Spy 8/14/05 Jessica rules out more 'Newlyweds'

Celebrity Spider 8/12/05 Jessica Simpson Starts Diary

Celebrity Spider 8/10/05 Nick Lachey Pimps Jessica Simpson's Ride

Celebrity Spider 8/9/05 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Plan to Adopt

Celebrity Spider 8/8/05 Nick Lachey Confronts Jessica Simpson Over Tabloid Report

Reality TV World 8/5/05 'Newlyweds' star Jessica Simpson breaks into movies with Daisy Duke role

Celebrity Spider 8/4/05 Nick Lachey Feared Jessica Simpson Was in Toronto Plane Crash

Sky News 8/4/05 The Golden Couple are OK

Celebrity Spider 8/3/05 Jessica Simpson: "Newlyweds Made Me"

Celebrity Spider 8/3/05 Nick Lachey Speaks Out on Live TV About Split Reports

Celebrity Spider 8/2/05 Jessica Simpson Urges Britney Spears to Quit Reality Show

Celebrity Spider 8/2/05 Jessica Simpson: Gossip is Our Fault"

Celebrity Spider 7/30/05 Eminem to be Jessica Simpson's and Nick Lachey's Neighbor

Celebrity Spider 7/21/05 Jessica Simpson's Dad Slams Marriage Meltdown Reports

Celebrity Spider 7/15/05 Jessica Simpson Plans to Adopt - Again

Reality TV World 7/15/05 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey appear together, deny affair rumor

Celebrity Spider 7/14/05 Jessica Simpson Helps Less Fortunate Children

Celebrity Spider 7/9/05 Jessica Simpson Says I Love You With Botox

Celebrity Spider 7/1/05 Christian Group Slams Jessica Simpson

Cinema Spider 6/29/05 Soundtrack for The Dukes of Hazzard Movie to Include Jessica Simpson Hit

Reality TV World 6/28/05 'Newlyweds' star Jessica Simpson said to have most desirable hair

Celebrity Spider 6/21/05 Nick and Jessica's Tour of Duty to Air July 4th on ABC

Celebrity Spider 6/9/05 Jack White: Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson Deserve Bad Press

Reality TV World 6/9/05 'Newlyweds' star Jessica Simpson launching her own clothing brand

Celebrity Spider 6/1/05 Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Considered Renewing Wedding Vows 5/31/05 Review of 'Newlyweds' Seasons 2 & 3 DVD

Teen TV 5/30/05 Newlyweds Season 2 and 3 on DVD

Celebrity Spider 5/26/05 Jessica Simpson Shoots Racy Video

Celebrity Spider 5/26/05 E! Online Apologizes to Jessica Simpson

Reality TV World 5/25/05 'Newlyweds' star Jessica Simpson lashes out at retracted divorce report

Celebrity Spider 5/25/05 Jessica Simpson Slams Divorce Reports

Celebrity Spider 5/23/05 Lindsay Lohan Mocks Jessica Simpson's Long Held Virginity

Celebrity Spider 5/11/05 Jessica Simpson's Butt All Her Own

Celebrity Spider 5/11/05 ABC Announces Nick and Jessica's Tour of Duty Special Event

Celebrity Spider 5/5/05 Jessica Simpson Slams Dunst Fling Reports

Reality Reel 5/4/05 Nick & Jessica's Tour Of Duty Special To Air May 23rd

Undercover 4/28/05 The Simpsons Are Moving

Celebrity Spider 4/27/05 Nick and Jessica Buy Sin City Home

Celebrity Spider 4/25/05 Nick and Jessica Off on Tour  

Celebrity Spider 4/18/05 Jessica Simpson Glad to Be Typecast

Celebrity Spider 4/14/05 Fed Up Jessica Simpson Speaks Out Again about Marriage  

Celebrity Spider 4/12/05 Nick Lachey: "When Will the Rumors End?"

Reality Reel 4/10/05 Newlyweds: The Finale: Moving Out?

Digital Spy 4/7/05 Lachey "frustrated" by marriage rumours

Celebrity Spider 4/4/05 Jessica Simpson Mocks Buffalo Faux Pas

Reality News Online 4/1/05 Newlyweds, Season 3 Finale: Sorry for the Clip Show

Cincinnati Post 3/30/05 Nick and Jessica show really ending

Reality Reel 3/30/05 Newlyweds: Happy Valentines Day In Newlywedville

Reality News Online 3/24/05 Newlyweds Season 3, Episode 9: Valentine's Day Massacre

Reality News Online 3/18/05 Newlyweds, Season 3, Episode 8: Alone Time

Reality Reel 3/13/05 Newlyweds: Expensive Guy Trip To Cabo

Reality News Online 3/11/05 Newlyweds, Season 3, Episode 7: Catch of the Day

Contact Music 3/8/05 Simpson and Lachey Return to Music 3/7/05 - This season makes me want to Cry

Reality Reel 3/7/05 Newlyweds: Nick Builds A Studio, And The Crew Heads To The Orange Bowl

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/5/05 Nick and Jessica on sexy couple list

Reality News Online 3/4/05 Newlyweds, Season 3, Episode 5: I Married a Psycho

Reality Reel 2/27/05 Newlyweds: Ringing In The New Year With Friends, In Miami

Reality News Online 2/24/05 Newlyweds, Season 3, Episode 5: Worst Resort Ever

Reality TV World 2/23/05 'Newlyweds' star Jessica Simpson recovering from stomach virus

Reality Reel 2/19/05 Newlyweds: Nick Goes To NY, Jessica Goes To Film Dukes Of Hazard

Reality News Online 2/18/05 Newlyweds, Season 3, Episode 4: The Great Christmas Tree Caper

Teen Hollywood 2/16/05 Newlyweds Clear Things Up

Reality TV World 2/16/05 Dispute delays 'Newlyweds' star Jessica Simpson's fitness video

Reality News Online 2/16/05 Newlyweds Season 3, Episode 3: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Living Room

Reality News Online 2/15/05 Newlyweds, Season 3, Episode 2: Root Canals are Forever

Reality Reel 2/12/05 Newlyweds: Episode 3: Daisy's Poop, It's Everywhere! It's Everywhere!

Reality Reel 2/12/05 Newlyweds: Episode 2: Jessica Gets A Root Canal

Reality TV World 2/11/05 'Newlyweds' Jessica Simpson denies splitting with hubby Nick Lachey

Post-Dispatch 2/10/05 Jessica and Nick still a couple

Teen Hollywood 2/5/05 Newlyweds Toothy Episode

Contact Music 2/4/05 Jessica's Root Canal Hell Caught On Reality Show 2/3/05 - 2.2.05 Newlyweds

Reality Reel 1/29/05 Newlyweds: Episode 1: Celebrating Two Years Of Wedded Bliss

WCNC 1/27/04 'Newlyweds' from the eyes of a newlywed

Reality TV World 1/25/05 MTV's new 'Newlyweds' and 'Ashlee Simpson' seasons premiering January 26

Reality News Online 1/25/05 In With the Newlyweds: A Third Season Preview
Cincinnati Post 1/24/05 Last reality blast for Nick, Jessica

TVRules 1/18/05 Newlyweds & The Ashlee Simpson Show Premiere Wed, January 26

Contact Music 1/11/05 Newlyweds Sympathise With Pitt And Aniston

Reality TV World 1/6/05 'Newlyweds' Jessica Simpson sues retailer for improper image use

Contact Music 1/5/05 Simpson And Lachey's Restaurant Mess 12/22/04 Nick & Jess lead Xmas TV

Post Dispatch 12/13/04 They're too beautiful, too lovey-dovey

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/13/04 DVD captures Jessica moments

NY Daily News 12/9/04 Let's cast away 'Nick' & 'Gilligan' 12/9/04 Jessica's Christmas jeer

Digital Spy 12/7/04 MTV orders more 'Newlyweds', 'Ashlee'

Ananova 12/7/04 Jessica agrees to more Newlyweds

Chicago Sun Times 12/6/04 Married bliss?

Zap2It 12/3/04 MTV Stays Wedded to Simpson Sibs, Lachey

USA Today 12/1/04 Sugar-coated 'Christmas'

Contact Music 11/30/04 Nick + Jessica Explain Themselves To The Family

Media Life 11/29/04 Jessica & Nick, around the Yule log

Teen Hollywood 10/17/04 Simpson And Lachey Join The Cabbage Patch Clan

Contact Music 10/14/04 Lachey Plans Romantic Anniversary

Teen Hollywood 10/4/04 Britney for 'Newlyweds' 9/26/04 Are Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey Splitting? 9/13/04 Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan of Jessica Simpson!

Cincinnati Enquirer 9/10/04 Nick and Jessica will be 'Newlyweds' once again

Teen Music 8/31/04 Jessica + Nick Ok Britney's Newlyweds Dreams 8/30/04 Jessica Simpson wants to be a 'newlywed' one more time!

Reality Reel 8/25/04 Newlyweds: The Season Finale And The Kick Off For Jessica’s Tour

NMC 8/23/04 Reality TV for Britney Spears?

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/20/04 Couple relives romantic night

Teen Hollywood 8/20/04 Britney + Kevin: The New Newlyweds?

Launch 8/19/04 Britney for 'Newlyweds'? 8/19/04 Britney's Reality Wedding

BBC 8/19/04 Britney to star as herself?

Ananova 8/19/04 Britney's TV wedding

Reality TV World 8/18/04 Report: Britney Spears and fiance "in talks" to take over MTV's 'Newlyweds' series

Reality Reel 8/16/04 Newlyweds: Grassing A Lot & The Workers From Hell

Reality Reel 8/9/04 Newlyweds: Surf’s Up And Jessica’s Doing Her Thing

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/6/04 Nick worries about sharks while Jessica sells Desserts

Reality Reel 8/6/04 Newlyweds: The Mystery Animal Poop And The Kentucky Derby

RealityReel 8/6/04 Newlyweds: Quality Time Between Nick And His Father-in-law

Digital Spy 7/31/04 'Newlyweds' star to appear on 'Charmed'

Teen Hollywood 7/31/04 The WB Plays The Newlywed Game 7/29/04 - 7/28/04: Where Does This Go?... Um It's a Snorkel

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/23/04 Jessica's sports betting success befuddles Nick

MegaStar 7/23/04 Jess a PR stunt

Reality Reel 7/22/04 Newlyweds: Are Nick And Jessica Ready For A Baby?

Teen Music 7/22/04 Nick And Jessica Go Back To The Beginning 7/22/04 - 7/21/04: Take Off That Silly Ass Hat

Big News Network 7/19/04 Jessica Simpson wants to end reality series

Reality TV World 7/19/04 Jessica Simpson says MTV's 'Newlyweds' to end after three seasons

Times Dispatch 7/16/04 Jessica and Nick to start a family? 7/15/04 Jealousy Between Two Simpson Sisters 7/15/04 Jessica Simpson and a Baby... Not A Good Idea

Access Hollywood 7/14/04 Nick & Jessica's New Bundle Of Joy?

Reality Reel 7/13/04 Newlyweds: Jessica Gets Eye Surgery - It Would Suck To Be Blind

Teen Hollywood 7/10/04 Jessica Simpson Is A Genius, Says Her Mother

Media Life 7/8/04 Jessica and Ashlee, perfect together

Reality Reel 7/4/04 Newlyweds: Everyone Wants To See Nick And Jessica

Big News Network 7/3/04 Jessica and Nick disappoint fans

Teen Music 6/30/04 Jessica Simpson confession

Reality Reel 6/29/04 Newlyweds: Three’s Company 6/27/04 She's a newlywed and proud of it

Reality TV Calendar 6/24/04 Newlyweds: Casey, Getting Happy, Ugly Dogs & Strawberry Shortcake

Teen Music 6/21/04 Jessica admits she was Britney wannabe

Sydney Morning Herald 6/21/04 Putting on the ditz

Reality Reel 6/20/04 Newlyweds: Pig Racing And Apartment Searching - Fun Fun

Hollywood Reporter 6/18/04 'Sex' wanes thanks to 'Newlyweds'

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/18/04 'Newlyweds' end up with a roommate

Reality TV World 6/15/04 Third season of MTV's 'Newlyweds' to begin Wednesday, June 16 6/14/04 Marriage came in 2 minutes for Jessica Simpson!

Teen Hollywood 6/13/04 Newlyweds' Two-minute Love Test

Orlando Sentinel 6/11/04 Ditzy world

Teen Hollywood 6/8/04 Newlyweds Stars Make It Onto Body List

Zap2It 6/3/04 MTV Doubles Up on Simpson Family

New Zealand Herald 6/3/04 Stars' stupidity makes Newlyweds a hit 6/3/04 Jessica Simpson is tired of being a 'Newlywed' !

MegaStar 6/3/04 Jess another day

Stuff 6/2/04 House-training a spoilt rich kid

Teen Hollywood 6/2/04 Simpson Looking Forward To 'Newlywed' Break

TVRules 5/11/04 Jessica Simpson Reality Tour Coming This Summer 5/6/04 Nick Lachey Reflects On His Cincinnati Roots 4/26/04 Lachey and Jessica say no to 1 million dollar book offer!

MegaStar 4/26/04 Simpson brought to book

Teen Hollywood 4/25/04 Nick And Jessica Shun Book Offer

Teen Hollywood 4/14/04 Simpson, Jackson Draw Top Weekend Ratings

Zap2It 4/13/04 More 'Nick & Jessica' in Demand on ABC

Hollywood Reporter 4/13/04 'Nick and Jessica' gives ABC rare 18-49 demo win

NY Daily News 4/13/04 More dates for a hot couple

NY Daily News 4/13/04 That '70s variety show anew

Washington Post 4/12/04 The Nick & Jessica Hour, 60 Minutes Too Long

TVRules 4/11/04 The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour Airs Tonight 4/11
Beacon Journal 4/11/04 Tonight: `Nick & Jessica Variety Hour'

MTV 4/9/04 Nick, Jessica Change Their Mind, Will Do Sonny & Cher Song

Extra 4/9/04 Love in the Public Eye

Chicago Sun-Times 4/9/04 Miss Sonny and Cher? You've got this, babe

Reality Reel 4/8/04 A Trip To The Slopes For Newlyweds Nick and Jessica

Reality Reel 4/8/04 Newlywed’s Valentine’s Day Finale

MegaStar 4/8/04 Crackers for Baracus

Teen Music 3/30/04 Jessica Simpson Gets Her Own Sitcom

Teen Music 3/30/04 Lachey Lands Tv Acting Role

Zap2It 3/29/04 McCarthy Is UPN's 'Bad Girl,' Lachey Woos 'Hot Mom'

Television Without Pity 3/28/04 Jessica Makes An Effort

Reality Reel 3/24/04 The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour!

Teen Music 3/24/04 Lachey, Simpson to Star in Variety Show

Reality TV World 3/23/04 ABC to air 'The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour' special on April 11

TVRules 3/23/04 The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour Comes To ABC

Zap2It 3/22/04 Simpson, Lachey Party with Puppets on ABC

MTV 3/22/04 Mr. T, Jewel To Appear On 'Nick & Jessica Variety Hour'

Billboard 3/22/04 Lachey, Simpson To Host Variety Special

Television Without Pity 3/21/04 Ski-Don't

Television Without Pity 3/13/04 Wassup, Dog

Foxes On Idol 3/12/04 Idol Chartwatch, March 12: Newlywed Hits It Big

Digital Spy 3/11/04 Viewers lose interest in 'Newlyweds'

Reality Reel 3/8/04 Christmas Time In Newlywed World

Reality Reel 3/8/04 Jessica Pregnant? She Is Checking The Rumors
Teen Music 3/8/04 Nick Makes Political Plans

Television Without Pity 3/6/04 Dessert

MegaStar 3/4/04 None in the oven

Television Without Pity 2/28/04 Just The Beginning

Seattle PI 2/28/04 It keeps happening for Jessica and Nick

Reality Reel 2/24/04 Thanksgiving and Jessica Speaking French - Sort Of

Reality Reel 2/24/04 On Tour and Looking For A Duet

MTV 2/23/04 Nick, Jessica Offering Camera-Free Relationship Advice

Television Without Pity 2/21/04 Take My Breath Away

NY Daily News 2/21/04 Mayor 'Newlywed'?

Teen Hollywood 2/18/04 Will Jessica's Fame Kill Marriage to Nick?

Extra 2/17/03 Career Differences Causing 'Newlywed' Tension?

Television Without Pity 2/14/04 Nick-el Back

Reality TV World 2/13/04 ABC picks up Jessica Simpson's sitcom pilot

Reality News Online 2/13/04 Newlyweds, Season 2, Episode 4: Fickle Fame

Reality News Online 2/13/04 Newlyweds, Episode 3: The Princess and the Forklift Operator

MTV 2/12/04 Jessica Simpson Plans Breathtaking In This Skin Re-Release

Television Without Pity 2/8/04 As The Crow Flies

Reality Reel 2/6/04 Jessica Knows How To Spend Money

Reality Reel 2/6/04 Nick's 30th Birthday Bash

Television Without Pity 2/1/04 Kept Man

Reality News Online 1/29/04 Newlyweds, Season 2, Episode 2: Too Much Information

Reality Reel 1/28/04 Newlywed Nick Signs Acting Deal With ABC

Reality TV World 01/28/04 'Newlyweds' Nick Lachey follows wife Jessica in signing ABC deal

Seattle PI 1/28/04 It keeps happening for Jessica and Nick

Zap2It 1/27/04 Lachey Joins His Wife at ABC

Hollywood Reporter 1/27/04 Lachey seals ABC acting deal

Television Without Pity 1/26/04 Brat Worst

Reality Reel 1/26/04 Not Enough Sex, And A Day At Octoberfest

Digital Spy 1/25/04 New 'Newlyweds' scores for MTV US

Dallas Morning News 1/24/04 What's ahead for the lovebirds?

Reality TV World 1/23/04 'Newlyweds' season premiere opens strong, draws 4.7 million viewers

Zap2It 1/23/04 'Todd TV' Tanks as Viewers Need 'Newlyweds'

Hollywood Reporter 1/23/04 'Newlyweds' beats 'Todd'

Reality News Online 1/22/04 Newlyweds, Season 2, Episode 1: Nick and Jessica’s First Anniversary

Extra 1/21/04 'Newlyweds'

USA Today 1/21/04 Nick and Jess settle in

Boston Globe 1/20/04 Honeymoon's over for 'Newlyweds'

Reality News Online 1/19/04 Newlyweds and ‘Til Death Do Us Part Preview:...

NY Daily News 1/16/04 ABC grooms star couple

NBCMV 1/15/04 Nick & Jessica To Perform at the NBC..Golden Globes Post-Party

MTV 1/14/03 Nick Lachey Likely To Start Kissing Jessica Simpson's Tummy More

TBO 1/14/04 Success Of `Newlyweds' Begets The `Carmen & Dave' Show On MTV

TVRules 1/10/04 Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica Season 2 Begins Jan 21

Reality TV World 1/8/04 MTV's new 'Newlyweds' season to kick off on January 21

Detroit News 1/7/04 Simpson Not in a Rush to Have a Baby

Contra Costa Times 1/2/04 Lachey's solo debut is lukewarm at best

Dallas Morning News 12/26/03 Lachey has balladeer's soul

Teen Music 12/19/03 Jessica Simpson Slams Rolling Stone

MTV 12/18/03 Jessica And Nick Plan Duets Album, Say No To Sonny And Cher

Zap2It 12/10/03 Jessica, Nick and Dick Rock the New Year

Chart Attack 12/5/03 The Osbournes Are Joined By Jessica Simpson For A Cup Of Holiday Cheer

Denver Post 12/5/03 Simpson: curious star in crossover universe

CBS 11/25/03 Solo Projects Of 'Newlyweds'

Extra 11/25/03 Nick and Jessica

Chicago Tribune 11/17/03 Turning dim into dollars

Fox News 11/15/03 Nick Lachey Speaks About Love, Life, and His New Album

St Petersburg Times 11/15/03 Jessica Simpson, grounded in reality

Business Wire 11/13/03 Jessica and Nick `Shoot for The Stars' with Sony Ericsson...

Teen Music 11/13/03 Jessica's Sexy Treat For Husband Nick

Extra 11/11/03 Jessica Simpson

Boston Globe 11/11/03 Lachey's sugary `SoulO' can't rise above 98 Degrees

Chart Attack 11/10/03 Jessica Simpson, Where Has Your Love Gone? To The Television!

Washington Post 11/8/03 ABC Inks Sitcom Deal With Jessica Simpson

Reality TV World 11/8/03 'Newlyweds' Jessica Simpson signs scripted sitcom deal with ABC

Teen Music 11/7/03 Simpson And Lachey's Romantic Anniversary

Zap2It 11/7/03 ABC Laughs with Jessica Simpson

MegaStar 10/30/03 Simp's word is her blonde

Reality TV World 10/30/03 Is feminism dead? Jessica Simpson cashes in with marketing deals

MTV 10/29/03 Jessica Simpson Thinks Dumb-Blonde Jokes Are Funny

Reality TV World 10/29/03 Jessica Simpson's sister Ashlee filming her own MTV reality TV show pilot

Dallas Morning News 10/29/03 Jessica Simpson to sing and sign in Dallas

Reality Reel 10/28/03 A Romantic Finale For Two

Zap2It 10/28/03 Another Simpson Signs with MTV

Tribune-Review 10/28/03 The enigma that is Jessica Simpson

Launch 10/27/03 'Newlyweds' Nick And Jessica Celebrate First Anniversary

Dallas Morning News 10/27/03 Jessica Simpson comes home for show

Press of Atlantic City 10/27/03 Simpson shines in short concert

TeeVee 10/24/03 "Newlyweds": A Show About Cats, For Cats

Teen Music 10/23/03 9/11 Brought Nick & Jessica Back Together

Reality TV World 10/22/03 Jessica Simpson looks to exploit "dunce" image from MTV's 'Newlyweds'

Reality News Online 10/22/03 Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, Episode 9: Fooling Jessica

USA Today 10/21/03 Simpson visits Chicken of the Sea execs over tuna confusion

Reality TV World 10/21/03 Jessica Simpson gets an education on Chicken Of The Sea

Zap2It 10/21/03 Tuna Canner Sets Jessica Simpson Straight

MTV 10/21/03 Jessica Simpson Solves Age-Old Mystery: Chicken Of The Sea Is Tuna

Seattle Times 10/21/03 Jessica Simpson: Is she a dumb blonde, or does she just play one on TV?

Teen Music 10/21/03 Jessica Simpson Heads To Harvard

Times Picayune 10/17/03 Tulane student gets his 15 minutes

Coming Soon 10/15/03 Jessica Simpson Dreams of Jeannie?

Reality News Online 10/15/03 Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, Episode 8: Hummers and Buzzers

Borowitz Report 10/14/03 Jessica Simpson Outed as CIA Agent

Chicago Sun-Times 10/14/03 MTV's 'Newlyweds' makes real star of Jessica Simpson

MSNBC 10/13/03 Raised by a pack of French poodles

Reality Reel 10/12/03 Hairy Butts and Not So Good Music Videos

Reality TV World 10/10/03 MTV renews critically-praised 'Newlyweds' for an additional 6 ep season

Reality News Online 10/9/03 Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, Episode 7: Sex, Love, and Videotape

Contra Costa Times 10/8/03 'Newlyweds' exposes the fraud of a modern celebrity marriage

TVRules 10/7/03 Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica Returning

MegaStar 10/7/03 Keep it Simpson

NY Daily News 10/7/03 MTV keeps 'Newlyweds'

Zap2It 10/6/03 MTV Renews Vow to 'Newlyweds'

USA Today 10/6/03 Out of the mouths of babes

Reality Reel 10/4/03 Time To Decorate for These Newlyweds 10/3/03 What's love got to do with it?

Reality News Online 10/2/03 Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, Episode 6: Decorate Me Home

NY Daily News 9/30/03 On TV, Jessica's a hit, but her CD's a flop

Detroit Free Press 9/30/03 Jessica Simpson I.Q. quiz

Reality Reel 9/28/03 9/23 on Newlyweds, A Recap: Strip Clubs and Drunks on the Beach

Media Life 9/24/03 Sometimes it pays to remain a virgin

Reality News Online 9/24/03 Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, Episode 5: Together Apart

National Enquirer 9/23/03 'Newlyweds' Hubby Is A Cheapskate

Reality News Online 9/17/03 Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, Episode 4: Hey-Ho, Way To Go, Ohio

Washington Post 9/10/03 The Honeymoon Is Over

Reality Reel 9/10/03 The Playboy Mansion and Nick LaGay?

Reality News Online 9/10/03 Newlyweds: Nick And Jessica, Episode 3: Bunnies Are

Salon 9/9/03 Can this marriage be saved?

Toronto Star 9/7/03 Pop goes the lastest reality TV show

Reality Reel 9/6/03 Episode 3: Ticks man, ticks!

Reality News Online 9/3/03 Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, Episode 3: Do Bears Eat Pop Stars?

The Oregonian 8/29/03 How Jessica Simpson got her smooth back

Reality Reel 8/28/03 T-R-U-S-T Just a Little Bit

Reality News Online 8/27/03 Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, Episode 2 – No Touching!

Deseret News 8/26/03 'Newlyweds' try to get real

Reality News Online 8/21/03 Episode 1 – The Princess and the Skinflint

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/19/03 It's Nick & Jessica's show

MSNBC 8/19/03 Jessica Simpson reveals new ‘Skin’

Dallas Morning News 8/19/03 Jessica Simpson charmingly clueless on 'Newlyweds'

NY Daily News 8/19/03 This Simpson's the dumbest yet

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NY Daily News 8/18/03 Pop's reality couple

Chicago Sun-Times 8/18/03 MTV's reality version of the princess bride

Press of Atlantic City 8/18/03 Newlywed pop stars

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Launch 8/12/03 Jessica Simpson To Perform On 'Miss Teen USA'

E!Online 10/28/02 Jessica, Nick Do It


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