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IGN 3/5/08 New Amsterdam: "Pilot" Review

Zap2It 3/5/08 'American Idol' Boosts 'New Amsterdam' Tuesday

Buffalo News 3/4/08 Only Henderson knows detective’s love story on 'New Amsterdam'

Plain Dealer 3/4/08 Fox's 'New Amsterdam' needs time to settle with modern TV audience

Louisville Courier Journal 3/4/08 Fox hopes 'New Amsterdam' will cast a spell on audience

Orlando Sentinel 3/4/08 Fox's 'New Amsterdam' is flash without substance

Media Life 3/4/08 'New Amsterdam,' Manhattan muddle

Boston Globe 3/4/08 Intriguing police drama stars a man out of time

TV Guide 3/4/08 New Amsterdam Preview: Romance Meets Contemporary Cop Drama

Deseret Morning News 3/4/08 'Amsterdam' is ambitious

Daytona Beach News Journal 3/4/08 Is "New Amsterdam" worth watching?

South Coast Today 3/4/08 On 'New Amsterdam,' detective cheats death

ET Canada 3/4/08 New Amsterdam a new take on detective shows

Washington Post 3/4/08 Quirky 'Amsterdam' Could Be Long-Lived 3/4/08 TV Review: 'New Amsterdam'

Daily Herald 3/4/08 Fox's 'New Amsterdam' deserves touch of immortality

Detroit News 3/4/08 'Amsterdam' nearly believable drama

Sun Sentinel 3/4/08 New Amsterdam: A new show to die for?

NY Times 3/4/08 To Be Eternally Young, Single and in Manhattan

Post Gazette 3/4/08 TV Preview: 'New Amsterdam' detective almost didn't see the light of day

LA Times 3/4/08 Review: 'New Amsterdam'

Toronto Star 3/4/08 New Amsterdam: Night of the living dead 3/4/08 'Amsterdam' a long-lived love story 3/4/08 Far-fetched only if it flops

Detroit Free Press 3/4/08 Very native New Yorker has been around for centuries

Jam! 3/4/08 'New Amsterdam' has charm

Knox News 3/4/08 'Amsterdam' makes time for brooding

Uncle Barky 3/3/08 New series review: New Amsterdam (Fox)

Inside Bay Area 3/4/08 Old cop at the heart of 'New Amsterdam'

Chicago Sun Times 3/3/08 It's a cop show, it's a love story — and this guy's, what, a vampire?

Mercury News 3/3/08 New on Fox: An immortal detective's quest for love

San Francisco Chronicle 3/3/08 Review: 'New Amsterdam' shoots blanks

Chicago Tribune 3/3/08 Is 'American Idol' making Fox lazy? Case in point - 'New Amsterdam'

Chicago Sun Times 3/3/08 Immortality, anyone?

Seattle PI 3/2/08 'New Amsterdam's' hero is immortal; Fox hopes he's beloved

Post Gazette 3/2/08 Tuned In: Mortally mundane

Home News Tribune 3/2/08 Check out "New Amsterdam'; skip "Unhitched"

Milwaukee Journal 3/1/08 Immortal life is less happy than it seems

Celebrity Spider 2/29/08 Preview Clips for "New Amsterdam"

South Bend Tribune 2/29/08 'New Amsterdam' worth the wait

Union Tribune 2/29/08 Detective who can't die creates lively character for quirky 'New Amsterdam'

Jam! 2/28/08 Getting 'New Amsterdam' ready for air

Celebrity Spider 2/27/08 Preview for Next Weeks Season Premiere of "New Amsterdam"

Denver Post 2/25/08 "Amsterdam" hero has a secret - he's 400 years old

SyFy Portal 1/3/08 'New Amsterdam' Finds Spot On Fox Schedule

Suburbarazzi 8/20/07 Why is FOX shelving ‘New Amsterdam’?

Detroit News 8/8/07 'New Amsterdam' may die an early death

Zap2It 8/3/07 FOX Shuffles Fall Schedule, Shelves 'Amsterdam'

Celebrity Spider 5/17/07 FOX Announces New Fall Series "New Amsterdam"


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