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News Articles about USA Networks Nashville Star

Reality TV Tickets 8/18/08 Nashville Star 2008 Tour Dates Announced
Reality TV World 8/14/08 'Nashville Star' champ Melissa Lawson making 'Grand Ole Opry' debut

BuddyTV 8/13/08 'Nashville Star' Finalist to Perform at Colebrook Township's Annual Homecoming Celebration

Dallas Morning News 8/11/08 Melissa Lawson, everywoman and 'Nashville Star' winner, is the real deal
Reality TV World 8/8/08 'Nashville Star' judge Jewel weds 'Celebrity Bull Riding's Ty Murray
Washington Post 8/8/08 Jewel marries rodeo star in Bahamas 8/8/08 Local "Nashville Star" Contestants Talk About Future Plans
Daily Reporter 8/7/08 The exit interviews: 'Star' finalists talk reality after the reality show

Reality TV World 8/6/08 Gabe Garcia: Melissa Lawson deserved to be 'Nashville Star' champ

Reality TV World 8/6/08 Shawn Mayer talks about her 'Nashville Star' finalist experience
Entertainment Weekly 8/6/08 Melissa Lawson on her 'Idol' past, Katie Cook's cleavage, and that songwriting controversy
Reality TV World 8/5/08 'Nashville Star' champ Melissa Lawson: I expected Gabe Garcia to win
Reality TV Magazine 8/5/08: Nashville Star Winner Is Melissa Lawson
Reality TV World 8/5/08 Melissa Lawson defeats Gabe Garcia and wins 'Nashville Star'

RealityTVRules 8/5/08 Nashville Star Finale

Reality News Online 8/5/08 Nashville Star 6 Finale: The End Is Here

Uncle Barky 8/5/08 Gotta move on: Nashville Star winner Melissa Lawson not much longer for Texas

Uncle Barky 8/5/08 Two from North Texas prevail in back-to-back finales of NBC's American Gladiators and Nashville Star

Idolhead Ed 8/5/08 He Said, She’s missing: Nashville, We have a winner
Entertainment Weekly 8/5/08
'Nashville Star' recap: Melissa Lawson's first single doesn't suck
ET Online 8/5/08 Melissa Lawson Talks Winning 'Nashville Star'
New York Times 8/5/08 ‘Nashville Star,’ Once a Cable Series, Thrives on Broadcast

Dallas Morning News 8/5/08 North Texans Melissa Lawson, Ally Davidson victorious on 'Nashville Star,' 'Gladiators'

E! Online 8/5/08 A Big, Warm Howdy to the Newest Nashville Star

Rocky Mountain News 8/5/08 Melissa Lawson wins NBC's `Nashville Star'
Reality TV World 8/4/08 John Rich: 'Nashville Star' title between Gabe Garcia, Melissa Lawson

Reality TV Magazine 8/4/08: Billy Ray Cyrus To Perform On Nashville Star Finale
Zap2It 8/4/08
Finalewatch: 'Nashville Star'

Dallas News 8/4/08 Chances are good that a Texan will radiate as 'Nashville Star' winner
Star-Telegram 8/4/08 'Nashville Star' front-runner doesn't fit Nashville's mold

Jam! 8/4/08 Nashville gets a new Star

Dallas Morning News 8/4/08 Chances are good that a Texan will radiate as 'Nashville Star' winner
Dallas News 8/1/08 'Nashville Star' singer Melissa Lawson gets hand from Dallas trainer

Reality TV World 7/30/08 Coffey Anderson talks about 'Nashville Star' and his future plans
Monsters & Critics 7/30/08 NBC 'Nashville Star' exit interview with Coffey 7/29/08 - Nashville Star 6 - Episode 8 - Homecoming
Reality TV World 7/29/08 'Nashville Star' eliminates Coffey Anderson, reveals Top 3 finalists
Reality TV Magazine 7/29/08: Nashville Star Results: Coffey Eliminated
Reality News Online 7/29/08 Nashville Star 6, July 28: Last Chance Saloon
RealityTVRules 7/28/08 Nashville Star: Summary 7/28/08
Idolhead Ed 7/28/08 He Said, She Said: The final four pick up steam. Well, 3 do
Zap2It 7/28/08 The final four go home on 'Nashville Star'
Reality TV World 7/23/08 Ashlee Hewitt talks about her 'Nashville Star' experience 7/23/08 - Nashville Star 6 - Episode 7 - Original Song Night
Reality TV World 7/22/08 'Nashville Star' eliminates Ashlee Hewitt, reveals Top 4 finalists
Idolhead Ed 7/22/08 He Said, She Said: Original music is the best kind
Entertainment Weekly 7/22/08 'Nashville Star' recap: Best original song night ever?
Star Tribune 7/22/08 Minnesotan's 'Nashville Star' swan song is a naughty one
BuddyTV 7/21/08 Nashville Star 6: Top 5 Performances Recap
Reality TV Magazine 7/22/08: Is John Rich Ruining Or Saving Nashville Star?
Reality TV Tickets 7/22/08 Nashville Star Host and Judge Jewel Announces Tour Dates With Brad Paisley
Reality News Online 7/22/08 Nashville Star 6, July 21: Make It Your Own
RealityTVRules 7/21/08 Nashville Star: Original Song Night 7/21/08
Reality TV Tickets 7/21/08 Nashville Star’s Miranda Lambert Tour Dates Announced
Daily Reporter 7/18/08 Close call on 'Nashville Star' 7/16/08 - Nashville Star 6 - Episode 6 - Love Songs
Reality TV Magazine 7/15/08: Nashville Star Results: Laura And Sophie Eliminated
Reality News Online 7/15/08 Nashville Star 6, July 14: All You Need is Love Songs
Idolhead Ed 7/15/08 He Said, She Said: The eyes have it. The eye rolls don’t

BuddyTV 7/11/08 Exclusive Interview: Laura and Sophie, Contestants on 'Nashville Star'
TV Squad 7/11/08 Is Nashville Star censoring lyrics?
BuddyTV 7/9/08 Exclusive Interview: Jeffrey Steele, Judge on 'Nashville Star'
The Trades 7/9/08 A Dose of Reality: Nashville Star 6: The Top 8 Get a Double Elimination Shocker
Crookston Daily Times 7/9/08 After 'Nashville Star,' Gilbert seeks a return to normalcy
BuddyTV 7/8/08 Nashville Star 6: Pearl Heart and Tommy Discuss Their Eliminations
RealityTVRules 7/8/08 Nashville Star Summary: 7/7/08
Reality TV Magazine 7/8/08: Nashville Star Results: Tommy Stanley And Pearl Heart Eliminated
Reality News Online 7/8/08 Nashville Star 6, July 7: Bye Bye 7/8/08 - Nashville Star 6 - Episode 6 - Double Elimination

BuddyTV 7/7/08 Nashville Star 6: Top 7 Performances Recap
Idolhead Ed 7/7/08 He Sad, She Said: Two go and Oh NO!
Zap2It 7/7/08 'Nashville Star': Double trouble
Reality TV World 7/3/08 Alyson Gilbert talks about her 'Nashville Star' sixth season journey

Monsters & Critics 7/2/08 NBC's Nashville Star says goodbye to Alyson Gilbert, Interview 7/2/06 - Nashville Star 6 - Episode 4 - Family Night
The Deadbolt 7/2/08 Country Memories with Ex-Nashville Star Alyson Gilbert
BuddyTV 7/1/08 Nashville Star: You Got Your Pop in My Country
Reality TV World 7/1/08 Alyson Gilbert becomes the fourth finalist cut from 'Nashville Star'

Reality News Online 7/1/08 Nashville Star 6, June 30: There’s No Place Like Home
Idolhead Ed 7/1/08 Two songs don’t make a right
Reality TV Magazine 7/1/08: Nashville Star Results: Alyson Gilbert Eliminated
Tennessean 7/1/08 'Nashville Star' viewers love, hate new season on NBC

BuddyTV 6/30/08 Nashville Star 6: Top 9 Performances Recap
Zap2It 6/30/08 'Nashville Star': Two-for-one

Country Weekly 6/27/08 Blake Guests on Nashville Star 6/26/08 Nashville Star: NBC Is Ruining A Perfectly Good Show
Enterprise News 6/26/08 ‘Nashville Star’ is no replacement for ‘AI’
The Deadbolt 6/25/08 Nashville Star: Catching Up with Country Cast-Off Justin Gaston
TMZ 6/25/08 Pussycat Dolls & "Nashville Star" Don't Clique 6/25/08 - Nashville Star 6 - Episode 3 - Pop Goes Country
Reality TV Magazine 6/25/08: American Idol Finalists And Nashville Star Host To Take Part In Country Sings Disney Collection
BuddyTV 6/24/08 Nashville Star 6: Ranking the Top 9
Reality TV World 6/24/08 Justin Gaston becomes the third finalist cut from 'Nashville Star'
Reality News Online 6/24/08 Nashville Star 6, June 23: Something Stupid
RealityTVRules 6/24/08 Nashville Star Summary: 6/23/08

Reality TV Magazine 6/24/08: Nashville Star Results: Justin Gaston Voted Off
Idolhead Ed 6/24/08 He Said, She Said: Pop goes the…..Country.
The Trades 6/24/08 A Dose of Reality: Nashville Star 6: The Top 10 Put a Country Spin on Pop

Jackson Sun 6/24/08 'Nashville Star' keeps Jackson connection
Tennessean 6/23/08 Katie Cook brings live experience to 'Nashville Star'
BuddyTV 6/23/08 Nashville Star 6: Top 10 Performances Recap
Zap2It 6/23/08 Pop goes 'Nashville Star'

Reality News Online 6/23/08 Nashville Star 6, June 16: Better Late Than Never
Monsters and Critics 6/20/08 NBC’s Nashville Star, Interview with Third Town

Reality TV World 6/19/08 Ousted 'Nashville Star' group Third Town bashes judge John Ric

Idolator 6/19/08 Pussycat Dolls To Act Vaguely Like Southern Belles For An Evening
BuddyTV 6/18/08 Nashville Star 6: Voting for the Pretty Faces 06/18/08 - Nashville Star 6 - Episode 2 - The Mentoring Begins

The Trades 6/17/08 A Dose of Reality: Nashville Star, Week 2: The Top 11 Face the First Live Elimination
Reality TV World 6/17/08 Third Town becomes the second finalist cut from 'Nashville Star'

Idolhead Ed 6/17/08 He Said, She Said: Top 11 Country crooners sing….odd song choices.
RealityTVRules 6/17/08 Nashville Star Summary: 6/16/08
Reality TV Magazine 6/17/08: Nashville Star Results: Third Town Voted Off
Media Life 6/17/08 NBC's 'Nashville Star' in a ratings slide
Entertainment Weekly 6/17/08 'Nashville Star': Is John Rich out of control?

BuddyTV 6/16/08 Nashville Star 6: Top 11 Performances Recap
Zap2It 6/16/08 Improvement all around on 'Nashville Star'
Reality TV Magazine 6/13/08: Trace Adkins To Appear On Nashville Star
BuddyTV 6/11/08 Nashville Star 6: Ranking the Top 11
Reality TV World 6/11/08 'Nashville Star' singer Charley Jenkins: I shouldn't have been ousted
Deseret News 6/11/08 'Nashville' judges too critical, Utahn says

Reality News Online 6/11/08 Nashville Star 6, June 9: Kickin’ It Off Country Style
Monsters & Critics 6/11/08 'Nashville Star' Charley Jenkins exit interview
CMT 6/10/08 Billy Ray Cyrus Wishes He'd Had Nashville Star Back Then
ETOnline 6/10/08 'Nashville Star''s Charley Rates 'Idol' Judges 6/10/08 - Nashville Star 6 - Episode 1 - Meet the Top 12
Reality TV World 6/10/08 Charley Jenkins becomes the first finalist cut from 'Nashville Star'

The Trades 6/10/2008 A Dose of Reality: Nashville Star 6: The Top 12 Make the Move to NBC
Zap2It 6/9/08 Premierewatch: 'Nashville Star'

Associated Content 6/9/08 A Review of the Season 6 Premiere of Nashville Star

Idolhead Ed 6/10/08 Nashville Star moves to primetime. Top 12 perform to mixed results
Reality TV Magazine 6/10/08: Nashville Star Results: First Finalist Eliminated
BuddyTV 6/9/08 Nashville Star: Season 6 Premiere Recap
Reality TV World 6/9/08 'Nashville Star' sixth-season hopeful ousted before competition starts
Reality TV Magazine 6/9/08 Nashville Star Results: First Finalist Eliminated

Boston Herald 6/9/08 ‘Nashville Star’ host Cyrus says judging young talent would achy break his heart
Nashville Star 6/9/08 Review: 'Nashville Star' on NBC
Detroit Free Press 6/9/08 New 'Nashville Star' holds promise
Reality TV Magazine 6/6/08: CMT Launches Nashville Star Themed Weekend
Knox News 6/6/08 'Star' wants to avoid 'Idol' mistakes
ETOnline 6/6/08 'Nashville Star' Honors an American Hero
Jam! 6/6/08 Jewel turns country princess

Zap2It 6/5/08 Meet the 'Nashville Star' Finalists
Reality TV World 6/5/08 NBC reveals identities of 'Nashville Star' Top 12 sixth-season finalists
Celebrity Spider 6/4/08 Nashville Star: Special Guest Taylor Swift Next Week On NBC
Review Online 6/4/08 Singer, managed by St. Clair trustee, a ‘Nashville Star’
BuddyTV 6/3/08 Nashville Star: Season 6 Preview 6/3/08 Singer Rich: 'Idol' approach is fake
Baltimore Sun 6/3/08 It's clear that Nashville is the place for Jewel
NY Daily News 5/27/08 'Nashville Star': The original 'American Idol'?
Tennessean 5/27/08 'Nashville Star' judges offer advice to contestants
Reuters 5/26/08 CMT to rebroadcast "Nashville Star"
Reality TV World 5/23/08 Billy Ray Cyrus, 'Nashville Star' producer talk about sixth season
TV Grapevine 5/21/08 Nashville Star: Billy Ray Cyrus Dishes The Details
BuddyTV 5/19/08 'Nashville Star' Back with Sixth Season June 9, This Time on Network TV
BizJournals 5/9/08 Airport's $150M concession expansion includes Nashville Star
Shelby Star 5/8/08 Local girl hopes for Nashville fame
Knox News 5/7/08 Morrow: ET singer eyes NBC's 'Star'-dom

Reality TV World 5/5/08 'Nashville Star' judge John Rich blasts 'American Idol,' Paula Adbul
Cinema Blend 5/3/08 Nashville Star Judge Disapproves Of Paula's Behavior

E!Online 4/25/08 Miranda Lambert Accuser Winds Up in Jail

Kings County Record 4/22/08 Auditioning for big show in Nashville

Granite Bay Press Tribune 4/19/08 Auburn Agent Attends NBC's "Nashville Star" auditions

Pilot Online 4/13/08 Military performers try out for a spot on 'Nashville Star'

Daily Press 4/13/08 USS Iwo Jima hosts tryouts for 'Nashville Star' in Norfolk

South Coast Today 4/13/08 Jewel to judge next 'Nashville Star'

Ventura County Star 4/6/08 Seabee instructor gets a 'Nashville Star' casting call

Gazette Enterprise 4/1/08 Local musician aiming for Nashville

Daily News Journal 3/24/08 Hopefuls wait hours for shot to be a 'Star'

GAC 3/24/08 John Rich Keyed Up Over "Nashville Star"

Rome News-Tribune 3/14/08 Scott Thompson gets 'Nashville Star' callback

Reality TV World 3/13/08 John Rich to serve as 'Nashville Star' sixth-season judge and mentor

Country Standard Time 3/12/08 John Rich judges Nashville Star

Hollywood Reporter 3/12/08 'Nashville' to strike it Rich

The Examiner 3/11/08 Local singer is regional finalist on 'Nashville Star'

KPVI 3/10/08 Pocatello Man Competing for "Nashville Star"

Visalia Times Delta 3/7/08 Visalia woman pursues 'Nashville Star'-dom

County Press 3/5/08 Twins preparing for Nashville 'Star'dom

Celebrity Spider 2/28/08 Billy Ray Cyrus to Host "Nashville Star" 

Twin Cities 2/21/08 Miranda Lambert enters country music's elite

Times Picayune 2/20/08 Before moving to NBC, 'Nashville Star' holds auditions in Metairie
Orange County Register 2/19/08 Country-music reality show holds auditions at Seal Beach base

Pensacola News Journal 2/18/08 Whiting Field to conduct local competition for 'Nashville Star'

Beloit Daily News 2/15/08 Beloit man auditions for Nashville Star TV show 2/9/08 Nashville Star Tryouts In Pittsburgh
Reality TV Links 2/7/08 Casting Call - Nashville Star

Daily Gleaner 2/7/08 Canyon hasn't forgotten his roots

Milwaukee Journal 2/7/08 'Nashville Star' looking beyond the obvious for the next hopefuls

Munster Times 2/5/08 Jam with Jamrose

Celebrity Spider 1/17/08 NBC Announces Summer Pick Up of Nashville Star, Season 2 of American Gladiators

Zap2It 1/17/08 'Nashville Star' Migrates to NBC

Times Daily 12/31/07 Hacker voted Newsmaker of the Year for 'Nashville Star' win

Courier Press 12/9/07 'Nashville Star' runner-up will play at Grand Ole Opry

Franklin County Times 11/6/07 Nashville Star surprises crowd

Union Tribune 11/5/07 Jewel signs with Nashville record label

San Antonio Express News 11/3/07 'Nashville Star' runner-up makes good on promise of love

Dallas Morning News 10/15/07 Lindale's rising star Miranda Lambert gives voice to no-nonsense self-determination

Ann Arbor News 10/12/07 Buddy Jewell's country success path took 20 years

Post Bulletin 10/9/07 'Nashville Star' winner comes to town

Journal Enterprise 9/26/07 Erika Jo wows crowd at Clay Days

News Herald 8/19/07 Lambert becoming 'Nashville Star' without show win

Rolla Daily News 8/19/07 Local man makes plans for trip for CMT audition

Leader Times 8/15/07 Priester will audition for 'Nashville Star'

Edmonton Journal 8/5/07 Downhome cowboy charms the crowd

Jam! 8/4/07 George Canyon ridin' into Camrose

Fayetteville Observer 8/4/07 ‘Nashville Stars’ stay true to country roots

Fayetteville Observer 8/3/07 Hot Country Nights: Nashville Star Tour comes to the Crown

Decatur Daily 7/26/07 'Nashville Star' winner in concert Friday at Princess

Up & Coming Magazine 7/24/07 Wishing on a Nashville Star

Reality TV World 7/13/07 Miranda Lambert prayed she wouldn't win 'Nashville Star's first season

Dothan Eagle 7/12/07 Nashville Star Tour parks Friday in Dothan

Post Tribune 7/10/07 'Nashville Star' finalist Jamrose lends TV appeal to diverse two-day event

Henderson Gleaner 6/28/07 Success of 'contemporary traditional' sound keeps Chris Young on the move

NMC 6/28/07 Miranda Lambert's Album Gets Okay From Fans

People 6/2/07 Miranda Lambert Shares Her Diet Diary

Great American Country 5/23/07 Will Blake Shelton Return to "Nashville Star"?

Washington Post 5/15/07 Texas Wrangler

LA Times 5/14/07 Just mad for her fury

Beacon Journal 5/6/07 Miranda Lambert's blond rage

Western Courier 5/4/07 Reaching past the 'Star' 5/4/07 Miranda Lambert - "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" CD Review

LA City Beat 5/3/07 She’s Packin’

St. Petersburg Times 5/1/07 Crazy beautiful

San Antonio Express 5/1/07 Milestones piling up for singer

Houston Chronicle 5/1/07 Miranda Lambert succeeds despite lack of radio support

Detroit News 5/1/07 Miranda Lambert's 'Crazy' is wild, fun

NY Times 4/29/07 Mess With This Texan, You’ll Pay in a Song

Dallas Morning News 4/29/07 On Her Own- Country Music: Miranda Lambert succeeds on talent and grit

The Hub 4/24/07 Free show at Meijer has 'Nashville Star' winner

Appleton Post Crescent 4/24/07 "Nasvhille Star" tour coming to Leach

Celebrity Spider 4/16/07 Nashville Star 2007 Tour Dates Announced

Songwriter Universe 4/16/07 Miranda Lambert Talks About Her Upcoming New Album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, And Her Songwriting

GAC 4/2/07 Angela Hacker Shares Spotlight with Brother

Decatur Daily 4/1/07 Country music meets Princess

Press Enterprise 3/21/07 Miranda Lambert uses contests as springboard to singing success

Times Daily 3/10/07 Life after 'Star' 3/8/07 Nashville 4 winner fulfilling lifelong dream

Toledo Blade 3/8/07 Aiming for country gold

Toledo Blade 3/7/07 'Nashville Star' winner hopes to sing with her brother

Celebrity Spider 3/6/07 Nashville Star Celebrates Record Ratings for Season Five 3/4/07 Nashville Star 5 - Week 8 - The Finale

Reality News Online 3/2/07 Nashville Star 5 Finale: Forever’s As Far As I’ll Go

Reality Shack 3/2/07 It's a Family Affair - Nashville Star 5, Finale

Reality TV Magazine 3/2/07 Nashville Star Winner Is Angela Hacker

Reality TV World 3/2/07 Angela Hacker crowned the winner of USA's 'Nashville Star 5' 3/2/07 Nashville Star Final: 3/1 Show Summary

The Advocate 3/2/07 BR singer places third on ‘Nashville Star’

Tennessean 3/2/07 Sister becomes newest 'Nashville Star' in sibling showdown

Tuscaloosa News 3/2/07 Singer from Shoals wins 'Nashville Star’ title

Dallas Morning News 3/2/07 Sibling rivalry stars on 'Star'

Associated Content 3/1/07 Angela Hacker Wins Nashville Star Season 5

TV Guide 3/1/07 Nashville Star's Top Three Saddle Up for the Finale!

NY Times 2/25/07 Idol’-ish, but So Far Without an Underwood 2/24/07 Nashville Star 5 Rankings - Week 7 2/24/07 Nashville Star 5 - Week 7 - It All Comes Down To This 2/23/07 Nashville Star: 2/22/07 Show Summary

Reality News Online 2/23/07 Nashville Star 5, Episode 7: Close Enough to Perfect

Reality Shack 2/23/07 Vote or DIE - Nashville Star 5, Episode 7

NMC 2/23/07 Shelton To Show Nashville Star Hopefuls How It's Done

Times Daily 2/23/07 Two of a kind

Reality TV Magazine 2/22/07 Nashville Star 5 Reveals The Final Three

WKRN 2/22/07 "Latest "Nashville Star" Contestant Booted"

Tuscaloosa News 2/21/07 Shoals supports hometown 'Nashville Star’ finalists

NBC 15 2/20/07 Shoals rallies round its Nashville stars

News 19 2/17/07 Hackers Enjoy "Nashville Star" Homecoming Celebration

Go Memphis 2/16/07 Shelton's 'Star' turn 2/17/07 Nashville Star 5 Rankings - Week 6 2/17/07 Nashville Star 5 - Week 6 - Fight Night

Reality Shack 2/16/07 Sonic Tostitos XM Chevy Star - Nashville Star 5, Episode 6

RealityTVRules 2/17/07 Nashville Star: Show Summary 2/16/07

Reality News Online 2/16/07 Nashville Star 5, Episode 6: Take Me Down

Reality TV Magazine 2/16/07 Nashville Star Results – Whitney Duncan Eliminated

Reality Shack 2/9/07 Original Songs with a Twist--Nashville Star 5, Episode 5

Reality TV World 2/9/07 USA's 'Nashville Star 5' throws out voting results, sends no one home

Reality News Online 2/9/07 Nashville Star 5, Episode 5: Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

Knox News 2/4/07 Can't take the 'Texas' out of Miranda Lambert 2/3/07 Nashville Star 5 - Week 4 - You Don't Know How Good You Are 2/3/07 Nashville Star 5 Rankings - Week 4

Reality Shack 2/2/07 Picking Songs and Playing Favorites--Nashville Star 5, Episode 4

Reality News Online 2/2/07 Nashville Star 5, Episode 4: Reckless

Reality TV Magazine 2/2/07 Nashville Star Results – Meg Allison Eliminated

Jackson Sun 2/2/07 Whitney makes the cut again on 'Nashville Star'

NY Times 2/1/07 A Nashville Near-Star, Downsizing for a Night

Franklin County Times 1/29/07 Local siblings enjoy chance to perform on Nashville Star 1/27/07 Nashville Star 5 Rankings - Week 3 1/27/07 Nashville Star 5 - Week 3 - Jewel Gives the Finalists Advice

Reality News Online 1/27/07 Nashville Star 5, Episode 3: Face to Face 1/27/07 Nashville Star starts with decent performances

Reality Shack 1/26/07 Will Jewel Ever Stop Talking? - Nashville Star 5, Episode 3

Reality TV Magazine 1/25/07 Nashville Star Results – Kacey Musgraves Eliminated

Chicago Tribune 1/25/07 `Yankee' makes it to final 7 on 'Nashville Star'

Juice 1/23/07 Joshua Stevens goes strong into week three of 'Nashville Star'

Chicago Sun-Times 1/23/07 A few bumps for Evanston singer on the road to Nashville stardom 1/20/07 Nashville Star 5 Rankings - Episode 2 1/20/07 Nashville Star 5 - Episode 2 - Sibling Rivalry Makes a Really Good Show

RealityTVRules 1/19/07 Nashville Star 5: Episode Two Summary 1/18/07

Reality News Online 1/19/07 Nashville Star 5, Episode 2: Feels So Right

Reality Shack 1/18/07 About Face! Dismissed! - Nashville Star Season 5, Episode 2

Nashville Business Journal 1/15/07 Adobe signs 'Nashville Star' winner

Access North Georgia 1/15/07 Jefferson man competing on Nashville Star 1/14/07 Nashville Star 5 Rankings - Episode 1 1/14/07 Nashville Star 5 - Episode 1 - Meet the Finalists

Reality TV World 1/12/07 Miranda Lambert to kick off 'Nashville Star 5's guest performances

RealityTVRules 1/12/07 Nashville Star Season Premier: 1/11/07 Summary

Reality News Online 1/12/07 Nashville Star 5, Episode 1: I'm in a Hurry and Don't Know Why

Reality TV Magazine 1/11/07 Nashville Star Results - Two Finalists Eliminated

Mobile Register 1/11/07 'Nashville Star' rises tonight

TV Guide 1/11/07 Will Jewel Give Nashville Star Some Added Sparkle?

Hartford Courant 1/11/07 `Nashville Star' Returns On USA Network

East Valley Tribune 1/11/07 Tempe’s Rickiejoleen aims laserlike ambition at 'Nashville Star’

WHNT 1/11/07 Muscle Shoals Brother and Sister Compete on "Nashville Star"

Toledo Blade 1/10/07 Alabama siblings are among 10 'Nashville Star' finalists

Jackson Sun 1/10/07 Scotts Hill native appears on 'Nashville Star' Thursday

Columbus Dispatch 1/9/07 New ‘Nashville Star’ host dabbled in reality before

San Antonio Express News 1/9/07 'Nashville Star' lives up to its name

New York Daily News 1/9/07 Jewel to sparkle as host of 'Star' search

Des Moines Register 1/8/07 Iowa farm boy competes on 'Nashville Star'

NY Daily News 1/8/07 Jewel to sparkle as host of 'Star' search

LA Times 1/7/07 'Nashville Star' cultivates country

The Enquirer 1/6/07 Jewel going a bit country

LA Times 1/6/07 'Nashville Star' cultivates country

CanMag 1/4/07 Jewel on Nashville Star

KLTV 12/31/06 Proud Of East Texas: Kacey Musgraves

KATC 12/27/06 La. man to appear on 'Nashville Star'

Worcester Telegram 12/26/06 Singer could be next country idol

TMZ 12/24/06 Tennessee Talkin'

KLTV 12/24/06 East Texas Music Instructor Sends Three Students To Nashville Star Competition

Payson Roundup 12/19/06 Teen to appear on 'Nashville Star'

Celebrity Spider 12/13/06 Ten Finalists for Season Five of Nashville Star Announced

Jackson Sun 12/13/06 Scotts Hill native one of Nashville Star's 10 finalists

Zap2It 12/13/06 Extended 'Nashville Star' Introduces New Hopefuls

Celebrity Spider 11/30/06 Former Nashville Star Winner Buddy Jewell Cancels Tour Due to Broken Wrist

Country Weekly 11/20/06 Nashville Star partners with Warner Bros.

Murfreesboro Daily News Journal 11/14/06 Young joins Murphry for a cable singalong

Digital Spy 11/11/06 'Nashville Star' winner to get Warner contract

Southeast Sun 11/8/06 ‘Nashville Star’ winner performs in New Brockton

Southeast Sun 11/6/06 'Nashville Star' winner to perform free concert in New Brockton

About 11/4/06 Nashville Star Regionals: Day Three at The Stage

About 11/3/06 Nashville Star Regionals: Day Two at The Stage

CMT 11/3/06 Randy Owen, Blake Shelton to Judge Nashville Star

The Tennessean 11/2/06 Nashville Star's in their eyes

Celebrity Spider 10/30/06 Jewel to Host Nashville Star and be a Guest Judge on American Idol

Enterprise Ledger 10/29/06 Nashville Star winner to perform in New Brockton

Frederick News Post 10/26/06 Young singer shoots for Nashville Star

Jam! 10/26/06 Strong only Cdn in 'Nashville Star' regional finals

The Equinox 10/24/06 'Nashville Star' winner off to promising start

First Coast News 10/18/06 Country Singer Chris Young Appears on Good Morning Jacksonville

VOA 10/16/06 Record Debut for 'Nashville Star' Chris Young

Murfreesboro Daily News Journal 10/13/06 Hopefuls happy even if 'Star' tryout didn't shine

Star Gazette 10/13/06 'Nashville Star' experience helps Lambert land record deal

WKRN 10/12/06 Thousands Audition For 'Nashville Star'

Murfreesboro Daily News Journal 10/11/06 Want to be a 'Star'? Young says, be yourself

Lexington Herald Leader 10/3/06 Music Review: Young a "Nashville Star"

Dallas Morning News 10/2/06 Young talent

NY Post 9/29/06 Taste of 'Nashville' in New York

OC Register 9/28/06 'Nashville Star' finalists making the rounds

NY Daily News 9/28/06 Jewel set to sparkle in 'Nashville'

Reality TV World 9/27/06 Jewel to co-host USA Network's fifth 'Nashville Star' edition

Zap2It 9/27/06 Jewel Takes a Shine to 'Nashville Star'

Siftings Herald 9/22/06 Jody Evans Headlines St. Jude Benefit in Bismarck

Union Tribune 9/22/06 Nashville Star Tour

Arizona Star 9/21/06 'Nashville Star' TV competition leads to collaborative tour

Ventura County Reporter 9/21/06 Country idols

Calgary Sun 9/18/06 Grand Canyon tour hits town

Salt Lake Tribune 9/14/06 Texas roots let singer branch out her way

NW Indiana Times 9/8/06 Another 'Nashville Star'

Celebrity Spider 10/1/06 Anna Nicole Smith's Mother Urges Actress to Get in Touch

Sidelines Online 8/30/06 "Nashville Star" stops at MTSU for Week of Welcome

Daily News Journal 8/30/06 Contest winners hang out with star

WKRN 8/29/06 "Nashville Stars Headline Murfreesboro Show"

Daily News Journal 8/28/06 Tracing a 'Nashville Star's' career

Kansas City Star 8/28/06 ‘Nashville Star’ scout expects to see talent

KLTV 8/27/06 ETMC receives donation from Nashville Star finalist Casey Rivers

Daily Herald 8/18/06 Nashville Star winner on Opry this weekend

Celebrity Spider 8/14/06 Sonic Named Exclusive Presenting Partner of USA Network's "Nashville Star"

Reality TV Links 8/9/06 Casting Call - Nashville Star

NWI Times 8/9/06 Jon Biter, husband of Nicole Jamrose, accused of being in Nashville instead of at deposition

Huntsville Times 8/2/06 'Nashville Star's' show rescheduled

KLTV 7/17/06 ETMC receives donation from Nashville Star finalist Casey Rivers

Celebrity Spider 7/14/06 Nashville Star Returns for It's Fifth Season

Reality TV World 7/11/06 Former 'Nashville Star 3' host LeAnn Rimes has surgery for leg injury

Daily News 7/11/06 Canyon pit stop doesn't disappoint

NMC 7/5/06 Miranda Lambert, The Illustrated Girl

Daily News 7/4/06 Country music star Canyon touring after new CD

Pollstar 6/30/06 Stars Over Nashville (tickets here)

Herald Journal 6/25/06 Don't try to pin a title on this Nashville star

NMC 6/22/06 Chris Young Makes Opry Debut 6/15/06 Top Talent From Nashville Star Join Together To Fight Lupus

WKRN 6/9/06 "Nashville Star Makes Festival Debut"

Daily News Journal 6/8/06 'Star' swinging for his fans

Linton Daily Citizen 6/6/06 Clark proud of Justin David

Celebrity Spider 6/2/06 Nashville Star Live Tour Dates Announced

Celebrity Spider 6/2/06 Nashville Star to Shine Over CMA Music Festival

Macon Telegraph 6/2/06 Chili Cook-Off sizzles with a 'Nashville Star'

KLTV 5/30/06 ETMC receives donation from Nashville Star finalist Casey Rivers

Yahoo 5/26/06 Miranda Lambert grows up on the road

Express-News 5/26/06 Lambert says Strait just a regular guy

WFAA 5/25/06 Controlled burn for Lambert's career

Olean Times Herald 5/23/06 Bradner to host concert by ‘Nashville Star’ finalists

KLTV 5/20/06 Nashville Star Casey Rivers Returns Home

Grand Rapids Press 5/14/06 'Nashville Star' finalist riding the wave

Celebrity Spider 5/6/06 Chris Young Named Winner of Nashville Star 5/6/06 Nashville Star 4 - Episode 8 - The Grand Finale

Reality Shack 5/5/06 Cry Me A Rivers – Nashville Star 4, Finale

Country Home 5/5/06 Interview with Chris Young

Toledo Blade 5/5/06 Chris Young gets his shot at stardom

Reality News Online 5/4/06 Nashville Star 4 Finale: A Winner Is You

Celebrity Spider 5/3/06 Chris Young is a Nashville Star

The Trades 5/3/06 Nashville Star - Episode 4.08: Finale

Reality TV Magazine 5/3/06 The Nashville Star Winner Is Chris Young, As If There Was Any Doubt

TV Rules 5/3/06 Nashville Star Finale Show Summary: 5/2/06

Robertson County Times 5/3/06 A 'Nashville Star' is born in 'Boro

Dallas Morning News 5/3/06 Chris Young easily wins 'Nashville Star'

Gary Post Tribune 5/3/06 Lady sings the blues

Milwaukee Journal 5/3/06 Chris Young Is Latest 'Nashville Star'

Munster Times 5/3/06 Jamrose still a star in the region

Courier-Journal 5/2/06 Boilermaker among 'Nashville Star' final three 5/2/06 Jamrose to learn 'Star' status

Robertson County Times 5/2/06 Odds favor Chris Young to be next 'Nashville Star'

Indy Star 4/30/06 'Nashville Star' contestant cut, but benefit's a success

Daily News Journal 4/30/06 Chris hits it big at the GEC

Celebrity Spider 4/28/06 Superstars Big & Rich Return for Season Finale of Nashville Star

Gary Post Tribune 4/28/06 Jamrose to play at Star Plaza Theatre 4/27/06 Nashville Star 4 Rankings - Week 7

Reality News Online 4/27/06 Nashville Star 4, Episode 7: Like a Good Neighbor 4/27/06 Nashville Star 4 - Episode 7 - We Reveal the Final Three

Gary Post Tribune 4/26/06 Jamrose in finals as country music looks for shining star

The Trades 4/25/06 Nashville Star - Episode 4.07: Charity Concert Night

Reality TV Magazine 4/25/06 Nashville Star Shocker: Matt Mason Eliminated

TV Rules 4/25/06 Nashville Star Show Summary: 4/25/06

Post-Tribune 4/25/06 Hoosier talents rise to top of Nashville country favorites

Munster Times 4/25/06 Last woman standing

Entertainment Weekly 4/21/06 Been There, Sung That

Leaf Chronicle 4/21/06 Rivers & Spires catches Nashville star

Gary Post Tribune 4/21/06 Country favorite at home in Dyer

Albuquerque Tribune 4/21/06 Hobbs singer gets boot

Indy Star 4/21/06 'Nashville Star' brings out Shelby Co. fans

Daily News Journal 4/21/06 Star for a day

Munster Times 4/21/06 'It feels good to be back home'

Celebrity Spider 4/20/06 Ashley Judd and Hank Williams Jr. to Appear Next Week on Nashville Star 4/20/06 Nashville Star 4 - Episode 6 - The Competition Heats Up 4/20/06 Nashville Star 4 Rankings - Week 6

RealityShack 4/20/06 Baskin Robbins: More Than Just Vanilla - Nashville Star 4, Episode 6

Reality News Online 4/20/06 Nashville Star 4, Episode 6: A Trace of Marmalade

Daily News Journal 4/20/06 Still alive on 'Nashville Star,' Young plays here today

Rikks Revues 4/20/06 America says goodbye to Jared Ashley. Much to the disappointment of his fans. Episode 6

KLTV 4/20/06 Nashville Star Casey Rivers Comes Home

Reality TV Magazine 4/19/06 Nashville Star: Jared Ashley Eliminated, Chris Young Still Going To Win

The Trades 4/19/06 Nashville Star - Episode 4.06: Four on the Floor, and One on the Road 4/19/06 Nashville Star Season 4 - Week 6

KLTV Texas 4/19/06 Nashville Star Casey Rivers Moves On

Gary Post Tribune 4/19/06 Jamrose moves into 'Nashville’ final four

TV Rules 4/18/06 Nashville Star Show Summary: 4/18/06

NWI Times 4/18/06 Make an Indiana girl the next Nashville star

Knox News 4/18/06 This year, the men reign on 'Idol,' 'Star'

NWI Times 4/18/06 Portage musician aims for 'Star'dom

KLTV 4/14/06 Nashville Star Casey Rivers Is Coming Home

Celebrity Spider 4/13/06 Trace Adkins & Patti Labelle to Appear on Nashville Star April 18th  

Indy Star 4/13/06 Local Red Cross to get boost from 'Nashville Star' contestant

Reality Shack 4/13/06 Yodel-a-who, Yodel-a-ha, Yodel-a-Goodbye - Nashville Star 4, Episode 5 4/13/06 Nashville Star 4 Rankings - Week 5 4/13/06 Nashville Star 4 - Episode 5 - Original Songs

Daily News Journal 4/13/06 Young's star rising after 'Lonely' attracts votes

Reality News Online 4/12/06 Nashville Star 4, Episode 5: Original Sin

Reality TV Magazine 4/12/06 Nashville Star: Chris Young Shines, Kristen McNamara Eliminated
NW Times 4/12/06 Jamrose in 'Star' Party of Five

The Trades 4/11/06 Nashville Star - Episode 4.05: Original Song Night

TV Rules 4/11/06 Nashville Star: Original Song Night Summary: 4/11/06

The Indy Channel 4/11/06 Hoosier Hopes To Become 'Nashville Star'

Indy Star 4/10/06 Hoosier native still singing on 'Nashville Star' TV show

NW Times 4/10/06 Jamrose will play for hometown fans 4/6/06 Nashville Star 4  Episode 4 - Mama Judd Tells it Like it is 4/6/06 Nashville Star 4 Rankings - Week 4

Reality Shack 4/6/06 Looks Aren’t Everything - Nashville Star 4, Episode 4

Reality News Online 4/6/06 Nashville Star 4, Episode 4: Take That, American Idol

The Trades 4/5/06 Nashville Star - Episode 4.04: Mama Lays Down the Law

Reality TV Magazine 4/5/06 Nashville Star Results: Melanie Torres Eliminated

The Trades 4/5/06 Nashville Star - Episode 4.04: Mama Lays Down the Law

Nashville City Paper 4/5/06 Gaylord Opryland hosts ‘Nashville Star’ fan appreciation night

TV Rules 4/4/06 Nashville Star 4: Results/Summary 4/4/06

NMC 4/3/06 Sara Evans To Nashville Star

Tennessean 3/31/06 In my book, Monique's definitely a Nashville star

Celebrity Spider 3/30/06 Naomi and Wynonna Judd to Appear on Nashville Star April 4th 3/30/06 - Nashville Star 4 - Episode 3 - Wynonna Gives Advice 3/30/06 - Nashville Star 4 - Episode 3 Ranking

Reality Shack 3/30/06 Next Stop Broadway - Nashville Star 4, Episode 3

The Trades 3/29/06 Nashville Star - Episode 4.03: Seven and the Gambler

Reality TV Magazine 3/29/06 Eliminated Nashville Star Contestant Tells Fans They Should Have Called More

News Journal 3/29/06 Viewers boot Kilgore resident off 'Nashville Star' 3/29/06 Nashville Star Season 4 - Week 3

Impact Wrestling News 3/29/06 Recap Of John Cena On USA Network's Nashville Star

Reality News Online 3/28/06 Nashville Star 4, Episode 2: Another One Bites the Dust

Times of Northwest Indiana 3/28/06 'Star' shines with NWI talent

Democrat-Gazette 3/26/06 Nashville Star limps along without Arkansas talent

Dayton Daily News 3/24/06 'Nashville Star' tops 'Idol' for real-deal drama 3/23/06 - Nashville Star 4 - Episode 2 - Redneck Revolution

Reality News Online 3/23/06 Nashville Star 4, Episode 1: A New Season Begins

Daily News Journal 3/23/06 Young still standing after first votes 3/23/06 - Nashville Star 4 - Rankings - Week 2

Munster Times 3/22/06 Local singer's 'Star' rising

NWI Times 3/22/06 Local singer's 'Star' rising

The Trades 3/21/06 Nashville Star - Episode 4.02 - Viva la Revolution!

Reality TV Magazine 3/21/06 Shy Blakeman Kicked Off Nashville Star

TV Rules 3/21/06 Nashville Star 4: Results/Summary 3/21/06

Celebrity Spider 3/21/06 Nashville Star Announces Celebrity Lineup For Season Four

Country Weekly 3/21/06 Gretchen Guests on Nashville Star Tonight

Daily News Journal 3/16/06 Chris Young is 'Boro's star for sure

Mercury News 3/16/06 Fremont's Jewels Hanson voted off `Nashville Star' 3/16/06 Nashville Star 4 Rankings - Week 1

Nashville Scene 3/16/06 Star Struck

NMC 3/15/06 Wynonna On Co-Hosting Nashville Star 3/15/06 Nashville Star 4 - Episode 1 - Meet the Top 10 Finalists

Reality Shack 3/15/06 Don’t Sell Your Harley Just Yet - Nashville Star 4, Episode 1

The Trades 3/15/06 Nashville Star - Episode 4.01 - Fourth Verse, Same as the First

Reality TV Magazine 3/15/06 Nashville Star 4 Is The Season Viewers Have Been Waiting To See

Nashville Scene 3/15/06 Star Struck

Country Weekly 3/15/06 Nashville Star Down to Nine

Mercury News 3/15/06 Judges pull the plug on Fremont's Jewels Hanson on "Nashville Star"

TV Rules 3/14/06 Nashville Star Season 4 Premier: 3/14/06

Celebrity Spider 3/14/06 Nashville Star Expanded Website Launched For Season 4 Premiere

AJC 3/14/06 'Nashville Star' evolving into a nationwide draw

Dallas Morning News 3/14/06 Idol envy

Reality News Online 3/14/06 Nashville Star 4: A Preview 3/14/06 Nashville Star Season 4 Premiere Show

Oxford Press 3/14/06 'Nashville Star' evolving into a nationwide draw

Times Union 3/14/06 'Nashville' makes stars of its own

Multi Channel News 3/14/06 USA Spruces Up Nashville Star Site

Tennessean 3/13/06 'Nashville Star' gets a makeover 3/8/06 Nashville Star 4 Top 10 Finalist Bios

Reality Reel 3/5/06 Big & Rich Slated To Kick Off Nashville Star March 14th

Henderson Gleaner 2/26/06 Erika Jo: As a child she sang at area fairs and festivals, but ...

NWI Times 2/20/06 South calls for local 'Star'

Celebrity Spider 2/14/06 Gretchen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy to Appear on Nashville Star

SB Sun 2/14/06 Rancho Cucamonga singer chosen for 'Nashville Star'

KLTV 2/10/06 East Texan Heads To Nashville To Sing On National TV

Celebrity Spider 2/3/06 Final Ten Contestants Announced for Season Four of Nashville Star

Daily News Journal 2/3/06 'Boro native a contestant on 'Nashville Star'

Woodlands Villager 2/2/06 Shelby Mullins to Participate in the Nashville Star Search

Munster Times 2/2/06 Schererville singer a star 1/28/06 Kerosene-fueled Lambert touring with Strait 1/19/06 Rising star joins Strait

Canon City Daily Record 1/16/06 Fans pour in to see country musician

Celebrity Spider 1/13/06 Multi-Platinum Superstars Big & Rich Slated to Kick Off Nashville Star

Des Moines Register 1/12/06 Turning up the heat

Daily News Journal 1/12/06 'Boro star shines in Nashville

Munster Times 1/5/06 Schererville musician hopes to be 'Star'

American Chronicle 1/3/06 New Artist Spotlight: Erika Jo 1/2/06 Lita’s Rising Star


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