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News Articles about FOX Networks Murder in Small Town X


Zap2It 8/27/01 The Two-Hour Season Finale (9/4/01)

Reality News Online 8/26/01 Murder in Small Town X: Making a Case

Reality News Online 8/24/01 Murder in Small Town X: Credit Where Credit Is Due

Reality News Online 8/23/01 Murder in Small Town X, Episode 5: Bang, Bang, You’re Dead

The Trades 8/21/01 A Talk With One of the Creators of Small Town X -- Kinda

Reality News Online 8/19/01 Murder in Small Town X: Tale of the Tape

Reality News Online 8/16/01 Episode 4: Another Death, Another Two-Dollars

The Trades 8/14/01 More Like Blunder In Small Town X

Reality News Online 8/11/01 More Clues, More Questions, Fewer Answers

Reality News Online 8/10/01 Murder in Small Town X, Episode 3: Follow that Car!

Reality News Online 8/6/01 Opportunities Taken, Opportunities Lost

Detroit News 8/6/01 Ex-state cop follows a trail to Hollywood - and 'Murder'

Reality News Online 8/4/01 Murder in Small Town X: Opening Gambits

The Trades 8/1/01 Small Town X vs. The Standards

Reality News Online 8/1/01 Episode 2: Rule of the Alien Queen

Monroe News 7/31/01 Is area grad TV murderer?

Reality News Online 7/30/01 Murder in Small Town X, Episode 1: The Game is Afoot!

Reality News Online 7/26/01 Murder in Small Town X: Overview & Strategy

The Trades 7/26/01 Heck, why not... Black Cherry!

Gist 7/26/01 The Killing Game

Zap2It 7/26/01 FOX Reairs 'Murder' Premiere

TV Guide 7/24/01 View to a Kill

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/24/01 Surviving new reality show murder

San Francisco Chronicle 7/24/01 'Small Town X's' crime is murder of a good idea

USA Today 7/24/01 'Murder' is a decent way to kill time

News Journal 7/24/01 Parents proud of new reality show host

Detroit News 7/24/01 Reality murder series is a killer idea on Fox

Kansas City Star 7/23/01 Fox resorts to `Murder'

BBC 7/23/01 US reality TV turns deadly

St. Petersburg Times 7/23/01 Fake reality comes to reality TV

Central Maine 7/23/01 Fox television show revitalizes Eastport

Washington Post 7/22/01 End Game

Wichita Eagle 7/21/01 'Murder in Smalltown X' takes reality TV a step further

Reality News Online 7/21/01 Ten Contestants Will Vie to Solve a Murder in Small Town X

Milwaukee Journal 7/21/01 A hit and a miss in summer viewing

Zap2It 7/20/01 'Murder In Small Town X': 'Twin Peaks' Visits Reality

USA Today 7/19/01 Fox premieres a killer reality show

Post Gazette 7/19/01 'Murder in Small Town X' combines 'reality' TV with scripted mystery

Seattle PI 7/19/01 Reality shows getting weirder as voyeurs keep on watching

St. Petersburg Times 7/19/01 Reality intrudes on Fox's turnaround

Milwaukee Journal 7/19/01 Fox, WB ready to dole out more doses of reality

Washington Post 7/18/01 Masking Weak Schedule With More 'Reality'

Zap2It 7/18/01 FOX Finds More Fish in Reality Sea

Zap2It 7/13/01 Murder in Small Town X Premieres on Fox

Digital Spy 7/10/01 Small Town X: Suspects revealed

Digital Spy 6/27/01 Taco Bell to sponsor 'Murder in Small Town X'

Digital Spy 6/27/01 'Murder in Small Town X' to premiere July 17 on Fox

Zap2It 6/22/01 FOX Delays 'Murder'

Milwaukee Journal 6/18/01 'Mutant TV' slithers forth from bowels of 'reality'

Zap2It 6/5/01 'Murder' Comes To Town

Zap2It 6/4/01 FOX Announces Summer Schedule

TV Insite 6/1/01 Fox summer sked: mysterious, animated

Zap2It 3/22/01 Reality Programming Invades TV


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