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Fans of Reality TV 8/27/09 Recap: How to Lose a Guy in Sixty Seconds

Reality News Online 8/26/09 More to Love, Episode 5: Three to Tango

People 8/26/09 More to Love: Luke Tells Kristian He’s Not the Guy For Her

Reality TV Magazine 8/25/09 More To Love: Episode Five 8/25/09 More To Love: Episode 5 Recap

Zap2It 8/25/09 'More to Love': Sister Kristian, oh your time has come

Reality TV Fans 8/25/09 Luke Decides Which Bachelorette Gets One on One Time Tonight on More to Love 8/25/09 More to Love: Good Wife or Bad Wife?

Reality TV Fans 8/21/09 More to Love - Luke talks about his experience 8/20/09 - More to Love: Let’s Dance

Reality TV Calendar 8/19/09 Good Wife Bad Wife, Belly Dancers And 3 Kids?

Reality News Online 8/19/09 More to Love, Episode 4: Good Wife, Bad Wife, Sad Wife, Mad Wife 8/18/09 More To Love: Episode 4 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 8/18/09 More To Love: Episode Four

Zap2It 8/18/09 'More to Love': Melissa and Lauren are sent home

Reality TV Fans 8/18/09 Luke Takes the Ladies to a Luxury Spa Tonight on More to Love

Fans of Reality TV 8/13/09 Recap: Just Like Carrie, Only With More Crying

BuddyTV 8/12/09 Four More Girls Leave 'More to Love'

Reality TV Calendar 8/12/09 "I Want To Eat Him Like A Pork Chop!"

Reality News Online 8/12/09 More to Love, Episode 3: Raining on Prom Night

People 8/12/09 More to Love: Luke’s Virgin Queen

Reality TV Magazine 8/11/09 More To Love: Episode Three 8/11/09 More To Love: Episode 3 Recap

Zap2It 8/11/09 'More to Love' goes to the prom

Reality TV Fans 8/11/09 Luke Invites the Women to Prom Tonight on More to Love

Fans of Reality TV 8/6/09 Recap: Brought to You by Kleenex

Reality TV Calendar 8/5/09 Don't Forget To Leave A Creepy Note

Reality News Online 8/5/09 More to Love, Episode 2: Rules of Engagement 8/4/09 More To Love: Episode 2 Recap

Zap2It 8/4/09 'More to Love': Lauren is the Dave of this show

Reality TV Fans 8/4/09 Luke Has His First Series of Dates Tonight on More to Love

Fans of Reality TV 7/30/09 Recap: Super Size Me, Sweetie

BuddyTV 7/29/09 Mixed Reviews for 'More to Love'

Reality TV Calendar 7/29/09 Tacky But Heart Warming - Episode 1 Recap

Reality News Online 7/29/09 More to Love, Episode 1: Cool Hand Luke

Variety 7/29/09 Modest ratings bow for Fox's 'Love'

Reality TV Magazine 7/28/09 More to Love: Season Premiere 7/28/09 More To Love: Episode 1 Recap

Reality TV Fans 7/28/09 More to Love Premieres Tonight on FOX

TV Guide 7/28/09 More to Love Host: You Will "Definitely" Be Loving Luke

Media Life 7/28/09 'More to Love,' not worth the weight

Uncle Barky 7/27/09 More to Love -- less than meets the eye

NY Post 7/27/09 Big Night

Zap2It 7/27/09 'More to Love' is more of the same

Variety 7/27/09 More to Love Review
NY Daily News 7/27/09 FOX reality show 'More to Love' weighed down by sad confessions from plus-size participants

People 7/26/09 Meet the Star of More to Love

Extra 7/15/09 Even 'More to Love' Raw

Digital Spy 6/28/09 Fox unveils 'More To Love' bachelor

Reality TV Calendar 6/25/09 The Husky Hunk and The Full Figured Ladies of "More To Love"

Reality TV Fans 6/20/09 More to Love - Who’s Looking for Love?

Reality TV Calendar 6/19/09 Video Preview And All About The Show

Reality TV Fans 6/11/09 Supermodel Emme to Host More to Love on FOX This Summer

Reality TV Fans 4/6/09 More to Love Announces Open Casting Calls; Premiere Date Set for July 28

Reality TV Fans 3/30/09 Fox Announces New Plus Sized Dating Series “More to Love”

Reality TV Fans 3/30/09 Casting Call - Curvy Beautiful Women 21-32 for New Dating Show “More to Love”

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