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News Journal 10/21/03 Don't overlook 'Miss Match'

Knox News 10/19/03 O'Neal gets fresh start at 62

NBCMV 10/18/03 More Momentum For 'Miss Match'

Television Without Pity 10/15/03 Something Nervy

Jam! 10/12/03 Alicia Silverstone selective about her roles

NBCMV 10/11/03 In Its New Slot, 'Miss Match' Jumps 25 Percent Over Last Week

Television Without Pity 10/9/03 Who's Your Daddy?

Knox News 10/8/03 Alicia Silverstone on new TV show, the stage and Batgirl

Zap2It 10/8/03 NBC Shuffles Fridays to Save 'Miss Match'

Hollywood Reporter 10/8/03 'Match' game: NBC shuffles Friday sked

Television Without Pity 10/2/03 Miss Match Pilot

Go Memphis 9/30/03 Miss Match, Joan win us over, some of you as well

E!Online 9/30/03 Silverstone Show Smited by God

Teen Hollywood 9/29/03 Alicia Tours With Punks

NBCMV 9/27/03 NBC Gets Solid Friday Starts From 'Miss Match,' ...

Teen Hollywood 9/27/03 Love Among the Lawsuits: Alicia's New Series

Media Life 9/26/03 'Miss Match,' calling all girls

Boston Globe 9/26/03 Silverstone's charm gives `Miss Match' its heart

NY Times 9/26/03 Matches Unmade, Then Made Again

Knox News 9/26/03 'Miss Match' an odd pairing of love, divorce

Detroit Free Press 9/26/03 Silverstone makes a love connection

TV Guide 9/26/03 Alicia Silverstone: Miss Familiarity?

USA Today 9/26/03 Tonight's the night for Alicia, Joe, Kelly & Faith

Star Ledger 9/26/03 'Joan' is inspired; 'Miss Match' falls short

Projo.com 9/25/03 Silverstone hopes Miss Match will connect

Boston Herald 9/25/03 Silverstone finds new show is the perfect `Match'

Deseret News 9/25/03 'Miss' is surprisingly sweet

Hollywood Reporter 9/25/03 Miss Match

Boston Herald 9/25/03 Sexually crude `Coupling' can't compete with marvelous `Miss Match'

NY Daily News 9/25/03 Appealing 'Miss' but weak 'Match'

Zap2It 9/23/03 Silverstone Clues in to 'Miss Match'

Seattle PI 9/19/03 'Miss Match' hits the bull's-eye

Zap2It 9/18/03 Game, Set, 'Match' for Silverstone

Sioux City Journal 9/18/03 Silverstone finds gold in television series

Wichita Eagle 9/7/03 Making the world happy, one match at a time

ET Online 9/1/03 Alicia Silverstone Turns NBC 'Fox'

ET Online 8/22/03 Ryan's Met His 'Match'

ET Online 8/15/03 Miss Match - Friday 8:00 p.m.

Detroit News 7/24/03 Matchmaker Inspires New Fall TV Show

USA Today 7/17/03 'Miss Match' takes Star in different direction

Philly.com 7/7/03 In pitching TV show, real 'Miss Match' hardly clueless

Extra TV 7/1/03 NBC's Fall Lineup

Extra TV 6/27/03 'Mismatch'

NY Daily News 6/25/03 Matchmaker, matchmaker...


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