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E!Online 12/20/13 Flashback! That time in 1989 when Eva Mendes asked Alyssa Milano for her autograph—See the Awesome Pic

E!Online 11/19/13 Alyssa Milano Calls Brittany Murphy Poisoning Report "Heartbreaking"

US Magazine 11/8/13 Alyssa Milano Shows Cleavage in Low-Cut Swimsuit on Romantic Hawaiian Vacation With Husband

Zap2It 11/7/13 'Project Runway All Stars' Alyssa Milano will not only out-Tweet you, she knows fashion too

Reality TV Magazine 10/30/13 Alyssa Milano Lost Sleep Over Project Runway All Stars Gig

Reality TV Magazine 10/30/13 Alyssa Milano And Kenley Collins Butt Heads At Project Runway All Stars Party

Zap2It 10/30/13 'Charmed': Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty are up for a movie

Hollywood Reporter 10/24/13 'Project Runway All Stars': Alyssa Milano Previews Season 3, 'Difficult' Judging Deliberations ...

Zap2It 10/24/13 Alyssa Milano talks 'Project Runway All Stars' Season 3: 'The emotion is really raw'

People 9/9/13 Alyssa Milano ‘Can’t Imagine’ Not Giving Milo a Sibling

Zap2It 9/9/13 'Mistresses' season finale: Alyssa Milano is 'just as torn as everybody else' on who Savannah belongs with

E!Online 9/6/13 Alyssa Milano Flaunts Cleavage in LBD, Explains Leaked Funny or Die "Sex Tape"

Entertainment Weekly 9/6/13 Alyssa Milano shares her favorite 'Melrose Place' memory (and it's pretty great)

Zap2It 9/5/13 'Mistresses' Alyssa Milano: The baby daddy will be revealed in the finale

Zap2It 9/5/13 Alyssa Milano joins 'Project Runway All Stars': 'It was amazing ... really fun job'

Reality TV Magazine 9/4/13 Alyssa Milano Stars In Very Educational Sex Tape

NY Daily News 6/25/13 Alyssa Milano goes braless on Maxim cover

E!Online 6/25/13 Alyssa Milano Strips Down for Maxim Cover

Zap2It 6/17/13 'Mistresses': Savi's pregnant - Alyssa Milano and Jason George weigh in on the father's identity

Yahoo 6/10/13 5 Reasons Alyssa Milano Is Perfect for 'Project Runway All Stars'

BuddyTV 6/3/13 'Mistresses' Star Alyssa Milano To Host 'Project Runway All Stars' Season 3

Entertainment Weekly 6/3/13 'Mistresses': Star Alyssa Milano talks about her seductive new role

People 6/3/13 Alyssa Milano: I Shut Down Production on My Show to Pump

Zap2It 6/3/13 'Mistresses': Alyssa Milano and friends weave tangled webs in ABC's summer soap

Hollywood Reporter 6/3/13 'Project Runway All Stars': Alyssa Milano to Host Third Season (Exclusive)

Examiner 5/26/13 'Mistresses' premiere photos and spoilers: Alyssa Milano talks series

People 5/8/13 Alyssa Milano Strips Down for Sex Scene in Mistresses

People 5/2/13 Alyssa Milano: Our Bodies Are Not Made for Bikinis

Entertainment Weekly 4/16/13 Alyssa Milano's new soap 'Mistresses' gets a poster

E!Online 2/11/13 Alyssa Milano's Dog Diesel Dies of Cancer: "Rest in Peace," Actress Tweets

People 2/11/13 Alyssa Milano's Dog Diesel Dies of Cancer

Zap2It 1/10/13 'Mistresses': Alyssa Milano returns to TV in ABC's sexy new soap

US Magazine 12/19/12 Alyssa Milano Turns 40: Inside Her Surprise Birthday Party

Hollywood Reporter 5/17/12 Alyssa Milano to Take Over NHL Twitter Account at Los Angeles Kings Game

Entertainment Weekly 3/22/12 Alyssa Milano to star in ABC's 'Mistresses'

Daily Mail 12/25/11 Alyssa Milano leads the celebrities sharing festive snaps on Twitter

Daily Mail 11/22/11 Game for a nap: Alyssa Milano takes sleepy baby Milo to his first live sporting event

TV Guide 10/14/11 Young Justice Recruits Brent Spiner and Alyssa Milano for the Injustice League

E!Online 9/28/11 Ridiculously Adorable Baby Alert! Alyssa Milano Debuts Little Man Milo

Us Magazine 9/28/11 Meet Alyssa Milano's Baby Son Milo Thomas

US Magazine 9/2/11 Alyssa Milano Explains Baby Son Milo Thomas' Name

Digital Spy 9/2/11 Alyssa Milano: 'My heart has tripled in size because of son Milo'

E!Online 8/31/11 Alyssa Milano Welcomes a Son! And the Charmed Little One's Name Is…

US Magazine 8/31/11 Alyssa Milano Gives Birth to Son Milo Thomas

Daily Mail 6/24/11 Alyssa Milano is the latest celebrity mother-to-be to indulge in the prenatal yoga craze

Daily Mail 5/30/11 Pregnant Alyssa Milano dances the night away with pop star Prince as she shows off her burgeoning baby bump

E!Online 5/20/11 Alyssa Milano: I'll Be More Pregnant Than Not in Next Few Years

US Magazine 3/15/11 Judith Light Wishes "Lots of Love" to Pregnant Alyssa Milano

Digital Spy 3/15/11 Alyssa Milano reveals sex of baby

People 3/14/11 Alyssa Milano Is Having a Boy

E! Online 3/9/11 Mom-to-Be Alyssa Milano's Best Advice Yet: "It's Really Hard to Kill A Baby"

Daily Mail 2/25/11 Alyssa Milano reveals her big baby bump just days after announcing first pregnancy

People 2/24/11 Alyssa Milano Revels in the ‘Whole Different World’ of Pregnancy

E!Online 2/22/11 Alyssa Milano Preggers

TV Guide 2/22/11 Alyssa Milano Expecting First Child

Ace Showbiz 12/27/10 Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alyssa Milano and More Serve Meals for the Homeless

Gather 12/8/10 Alyssa Milano Helps Rescue Dogs

El Paso Times 10/23/10 Alyssa Milano to appear at Fort Bliss mall festival

The Hill 9/22/10 Alyssa Milano Interview

Celeb Twitter News 8/15/10 Alyssa Milano Posts Sweet Tweet About Her Wedding Anniversary

CNN 7/15/10 Old Spice guy and Alyssa Milano get flirty on Twitter

CNN 7/15/10 Old Spice guy and Alyssa Milano get flirty on Twitter

Zap2It 6/17/10 Alyssa Milano, Harry Connick Jr. join Larry King for Gulf Coast telethon

Scripted TV Fans 5/4/10 Romantically Challenged – Interview With Alyssa Milano

Palm Beach Post 4/19/10 Alyssa Milano: My whole life has been one big romantic challenge

TV Guide 4/18/10 Alyssa Milano Tapped Into 15 Years of Bad Dates for Romantically Challenged

Zap2It 4/15/10 Alyssa Milano teaches 'dreamy' Jimmy Kimmel about Twitter

Scripted TV Fans 3/26/10 ABC Announces New Series “Romantically Challenged” Starring Alyssa Milano

Zap2It 3/26/10 'Romantically Challenged' Alyssa Milano gets a date

Monsters and Critics 3/11/10 Alyssa Milano devastated by news of Corey Haim`s death

UPI 2/3/10 Milano starts work on new ABC comedy

Scripted TV Fans 1/12/10 Behind the Scenes with Alyssa Milano - Castle

Scripted TV Fans 1/11/10 Alyssa Milano Guest Stars as Castle’s Ex-Girlfriend Tonight on “Castle”

E!Online 12/22/09 Alyssa Milano Hates Jersey Shore

Zap2It 12/21/09 'Jersey Shore': Alyssa Milano goes guidette

Entertainment Weekly 12/15/09 'Castle' first look: Alyssa Milano makes out with Nathan Fillion

Digital Spy 12/13/09 Alyssa Milano donates birthday to charity

Digital Spy 12/12/09 Alyssa Milano upset by 'Jersey Shore'

Zap2It 11/16/09 'Castle': E.P. Rob Bowman on Beckett & Alexis, Alyssa Milano, 'X-Files' & more

Zap2It 11/13/09 Alyssa Milano: Have fun stormin' da 'Castle'

Trash News 10/21/09 Touching Alyssa Milano

Access Hollywood 9/30/09 Alyssa Milano: I Am Not Pregnant!

People 8/15/09 Alyssa Milano Gets Married

E!Online 8/15/09 Alyssa Milano's Charming Wedding

NY Daily News 8/15/09 Alyssa Milano marries David Bugliari at wedding in New Jersey

Zap2It 8/4/09 ABC and Alyssa Milano are 'Romantically Challenged'

Digital Spy 8/4/09 Alyssa Milano's ABC pilot nears pickup

Celebrity Today 11/8/08 Hottie of the Week: Alyssa Milano

Celebrity Spider 7/15/08 Alyssa Milano Swears Off Baseball Players
Hollywood Reporter 4/25/08 Alyssa Milano circles ABC pilot

Zap2It 4/25/08 Pilots: ABC Lands Nathan Fillion, Alyssa Milano

Digital Spy 4/25/08 'Charmed' actress mulls new comedy role

Boston Herald 4/19/08 Milano takes on different kind of charm in thriller ‘Pathology’

Celebrity Spider 4/3/08 Alyssa Milano & Paris Hilton Guest Star Tonight on "My Name is Earl"

NY Post 3/15/08 Milano Cheese 3/15/08 Mom's in the mob: Milano makes it work 3/13/08 Milano taking a less charmed role in Wisegal

NY Daily News 3/8/08 Alyssa Milano is Lifetime's 'Wisegal'

Star Tribune 3/7/08 Television: She's the boss

Celebrity Spider 2/29/08 Alyssa Milano Dons Lettuce Dress for PETA

Celebrity Spider 1/4/08 Alyssa Milano and Giovani Ribisi Guest Star Next Week on "My Name is Earl"

TV Guide 10/18/07 Alyssa Milano Heats Things Up on My Name Is Earl

Daily Record 10/4/07 Alyssa Milano Finished With Sportsmen

People 10/2/07 Alyssa Milano Says She's Done Dating Athletes

Celebrity Spider 9/14/07 Alyssa Milano Lands Post-Season Baseball "Dream Job"

Celebrity Spider 9/12/07 Alyssa Milano and Michael Rapaport to Guest Star on "My Name is Earl"

Celebrity Robot 7/14/07 Alyssa Milano Still not Jaded, Still Charmed

Celebrity Robot 7/14/07 Hot Alyssa Milano and Her Less Than Hurtful Tats

Celebrity Spider 6/29/07 Alyssa Milano Turns Tropical Disease Network Ambassador

TMZ 6/28/07 Milano Fronts for Neglected Tropical Diseases

TMZ 6/10/07 Go for a Home Run with Alyssa

Celebrity Spider 4/13/07 Alyssa Milano Turns Baseball Passion Into Clothing Line

Hollywood Reporter 2/23/07 ABC taps Milano, Harmon

Zap2It 2/23/07 Milano Works Her Charms for ABC

Jam! 9/21/06 Milano signs on for ABC comedy

Celebrity Spider 1/2/06 Alyssa Milano Suffers Hair Removal Hell

Celebrity Spider 9/25/05 Alyssa Milano Fights Depression With Good Deeds

Celebrity Spider 9/20/05 Alyssa Milano Helps Hurricane Victims

Celebrity Spider 8/26/05 Another Pitcher For Alyssa Milano

Contact Music 11/26/04 Milano's Masturbation Dates

OSU Daily Barometer 10/18/04 Celebs stump for Kerry at OSU: Alyssa Milano

Greeley Tribune 10/17/04 Alyssa Milano stops at UNC to support Kerry, encourage voting 10/15/04 Alyssa Milano to stump in Oregon for Kerry

Contact Music 10/7/04 Alyssa's Proud of Revamped Home

PR Newswire 10/6/04 UNICEF Ambassador Alyssa Milano Launches Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

Teen TV 8/19/04 Hunky Nick Caught Kissing Alyssa

Daily Camera 6/27/04 Bachelor life prevails

WOKR 6/24/04 Alyssa Milano Splits From Baseball Boyfriend

CBS 3/16/04 For Marlins, spring training has Hollywood flair

Zap2It 10/27/03 Doherty, Milano Don't Care to Be 'Punk'd'

SF Examiner 9/5/03 Problem 'Child'

Teen Hollywood 8/1/03 Milano Finds Love With Charmed Co-star

National Enquirer 7/8/03 Alyssa Milano Charms Kid Rock

Zap2It 5/9/03 Drew Fuller Enjoys a 'Charmed' Life

Teen Hollywood 2/15/03 Timberlake Plays Cupid

Zap2It 2/14/03 Nothing Simple About 'Charmed' Birth

Louisville Channel 1/3/02 Alyssa Milano, Justin Timberlake Split Up

Teen Hollywood 12/28/02 Justin's My Man: Alyssa Milano

Sky News 12/16/02 Alyssa Moves On With Fred

Teen Hollywood 12/16/02 Justin Ditched By Alyssa

Teen Hollywood 11/11/02 An Upgrade For Timberlake

Hello 11/4/02 Justin Timberlake Celebrates Solo Debut With Alyssa Milano

Teen Hollywood 10/16/02 Justin Sensitive About Alyssa Questions

Zap2It 10/4/02 Milano, Stewart Make It to Elite Eight of Zap2it's Showdown

Zap2It 10/4/02 Milano, Stewart Make It to Elite Eight of Zap2it's Showdown

Teen Hollywood 9/11/02 Milano Supports Muslims

Extra TV 9/10/02 Couples News

SciFi Wire 9/5/02 Milano Gets Finny In Charmed

Teen Hollywood 9/3/02 Timberlake Romancing Alyssa Milano?

Zap2It 6/28/02 Alyssa Milano to Be "Revealed With Jules Asner" on E!

Teen Hollywood 5/21/02 Milano Very Much In Love

CNN 3/14/02 Alyssa Milano: 'Charmed'

Zap2It 7/12/01 Alyssa Milano Guest Stars On Spin City

Zap2It 6/26/01 ABC Presents Alyssa Milano In Goldrush

Zap2It 5/15/01 'Charmed' Gets Three More Years

Zap2It 2/16/01 Alyssa Milano Reprises Her Role On Spin City

Zap2It 12/12/00 'Charmed' Showrunner Lashes Out At The WB 1/23/00 Celebrity Battle: Alyssa Milano vs. Shannen Doherty vs. Holly Marie Combs

ExtraTV 3/30/99 Milano's Sex Appeal


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