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Scripted TV Fans 5/21/10 Allison’s Brain Tumor Resurfaces Tonight on the Season Finale of “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 5/14/10 A Pig May be the Key to a Finding a Missing Animal Rights Activist Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 5/7/10 Ariel Begins to Time in Her Life and Has to Figure Out How to Get it Back Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 4/30/10 Allison’s New Burglar Alarm May by Communicating With Marie Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 4/9/10 Allison Must Protect The Girl From Her Dreams as the Two Part “Medium” Concludes Tonight

Scripted TV Fans 4/2/10 Allison and Her Daughters Dream of the Same Mysterious Girl Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 4/1/10 Medium – Behind the Scenes with Sheri Knight

Scripted TV Fans 3/31/10 TV Briefly: Medium Cast

Scripted TV Fans 3/30/10 TV Briefly: Medium

Scripted TV Fans 3/16/10 Medium – Behind The Scenes with Jake Weber

Scripted TV Fans 3/12/10 Allison and Joe’s Wedding is Revisited Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 3/5/10 After Allison is Mugged She Takes Defense Classes Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 3/4/10 Medium – Behind The Scenes with Patricia Arquette

Scripted TV Fans 2/5/10 Medium - Behind the Scenes with Sofia Vassilieva

Scripted TV Fans 2/5/10 Allison Sees the Face of One Man in the Faces of Other People Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 1/29/10 Allison Wonders if Girl From Her Dreams Killed Her Own Parents Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 1/27/10 Medium Preview Clip - Psych

Scripted TV Fans 1/15/10 The Anniversary of his Daughter’s Death Re-opens Old Wounds for Devalos Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 1/14/10 Medium - Behind The Scenes of ‘Dear Dad’

Scripted TV Fans 1/11/10 Medium Preview Clip - Dear Dad…

Scripted TV Fans 1/8/10 A Ghost Contacts Allison to Prove He Wasn’t a Serial Killer Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 1/5/10 Medium - An Everlasting Love

Scripted TV Fans 12/4/09 Allison’s Vision Could Lead Her to the Source of a Possible Terror Attack Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 12/3/09 Medium - Then…And Again Episode Sneak Peek

Scripted TV Fans 11/20/09 Allison’s Sunglasses May Reveal People’s Life Expectancies Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 11/17/09 Medium - The Future’s So Bright

Scripted TV Fans 11/13/09 Allison Suspects Ariel’s New Boyfriend of Murder Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 11/6/09 Allison’s Rental Car Has a Unusual Radio Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 11/5/09 Medium - 11/6/09 Episode Sneak Peek

Scripted TV Fans 10/31/09 Medium - Impressions of Allison Dubois

Scripted TV Fans 10/30/09 Allison’s Dreams Lead Her Into “Night of the Living Dead” Tonight on “Medium”

Post Gazette 10/29/09 On the tube: 'Medium' goes 'Night of the Living Dead'

Deseret News 10/29/09 'Medium' delves into 'Night of the Living Dead'

Scripted TV Fans 10/27/09 Medium - 10/30/09 Episode Sneak Peek

Scripted TV Fans 10/23/09 Allison Investigates the Kidnapping of an Infant Tonight on “Medium”

Scripted TV Fans 10/22/09 Medium - Baby Fever Episode Sneak Peek

Scripted TV Fans 10/16/09 Allison’s Visions of Strange Symbols May Lead to a Serial Killer Tonight on Medium

Scripted TV Fans 10/9/09 Allison’s Friend Dies Suddenly and She Suspects a Hospital Staffer Tonight on Medium

Scripted TV Fans 10/6/09 Medium - The Real Allison Dubois

Scripted TV Fans 10/2/09 Allison Suspects That Ariel May be Possessed Tonight on Medium

Scripted TV Fans 9/29/09 Medium - Who’s That Girl

Scripted TV Fans 9/27/09 Medium - Everything You Need to Know About Medium

Scripted TV Fans 9/25/09 Medium Premiere Sneak Peek

Scripted TV Fans 9/25/09 Medium Returns for Season Six Tonight on CBS

Zap2It 9/25/09 'Medium' finally gets the respect it deserves

Scripted TV Fans 9/18/09 Medium - Season 6 Sneak Peek

Scripted TV Fans 8/28/09 Medium - Jake Weber and Patricia Arquette Interview

Jam! 8/9/09 CBS awakens 'Medium'

LA Times 8/3/09 TCA Press Tour: ‘Medium’ says goodbye to NBC and hello to CBS

Zap2It 8/3/09 'Medium' meets 'Night of the Living Dead'

Scripted TV Fans 7/22/09 Medium: New Fall 2009 Preview

TMZ 7/9/09 Arquette Calls Off Divorce from 'Hung' Actor

Digital Spy 7/9/09 Patricia Arquette calls off divorce

Scripted TV Fans 7/3/09 Medium - Welcome to the CBS Family

Scripted TV Fans 5/31/09 Patricia Arquette Reflects on the Season Finale of Medium

Scripted TV Fans 5/26/09 Allison Dreams She Losses Her Family on Next Week’s Season Finale of Medium

Scripted TV Fans 5/20/09 Medium Cancelled on NBC, Picked Up by CBS

Scripted TV Fans 5/19/09 Allison Meets A Psychic Bank Teller Next Week on Medium

Scripted TV Fans 5/12/09 Angelica Huston Returns in Next Week’s Episode of Medium

Scripted TV Fans 5/5/09 Allison is in Over Her Head at Her New Job Next Week on Medium

Scripted TV Fans 5/5/09 Allison’s Spirit Takes Residence in Mans Body Next Week on Hour Two of Medium

Cinema Spider 4/28/09 Allison Leaves the DA's Office to for Corporate Work Next Week on "Medium"

Cinema Spider 4/21/09 Allison's Stalker Continues to Torment Her Next Week on "Medium"
Cinema Spider 4/14/09 Allison's Dream About Her Stalker Comes to Life Next Week on "Medium"

Cinema Spider 4/7/09 Allison Wakes to Find Herself Five Years in the Past Next Week on "Medium"
Cinema Spider 3/31/09 Allison Investigates The Case of a Mother Gone Missing Next Week on "Medium"

Cinema Spider 3/24/09 Allison Becomes a Human Lie Detector Next Week on "Medium"
Cinema Spider 3/17/09 Allison is Visited by the Ghost of Agent Cooper Next Week on "Medium"

Cinema Spider 3/3/09 Allison Dreams That an Apocalypse is Coming Next Week on "Medium"
Cinema Spider 2/24/09 Devalos Asks Allison to Find a Friends Daughter Next Week on "Medium"

Cinema Spider 2/17/09 Allison Believes She May Have Killed a Man Next Week on "Medium"
Cinema Spider 2/10/09 Allison's Strange Behavior Leads to an Explosive Discovery Next Week on Medium

Cinema Spider 2/4/09 Alison Tries to Find a Ghost Who Witnessed a Murder Next Week on "Medium"

Cinema Spider 1/28/09 Medium Returns Monday on NBC

EW 11/18/08 Bruno (a.k.a.) Sasha Baron Cohen Disrupts 'Medium'

Jam! TV 11/18/08 Borat Star Crashes NBC Drama Medium

Chicago Sun-Times 11/18/08 'Borat' Star Cons His Way On To 'Medium' Shoot
Digital Spy 10/16/08 'Medium' back sooner than expected
Zap2It 8/28/08 Blythe Danner Channels 'Medium' Role
El Paso Times 5/12/08 DuBois' domestic life a 'Medium' draw
MovieWeb 5/9/08 Kelly Preston and Jake Weber Talk Medium
South Coast Today 5/5/08 Patricia Arquette sees 'Medium' as a gift

Canadian Press 5/1/08 Patricia Arquette gets into the spirit on NBC's 'Medium'

Celebrity Spider 4/29/08 Allison Has Visions of Charming Hit Man Next Week on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 4/28/08 Allison's Visions Reveal Her New Car's Horrific Past Tonight on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 4/21/08 Allison Struggles to Connect Several "Accidental" Deaths Tonight on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 4/14/08 Kelly Preston Guest Stars Tonight on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 4/7/08 Rosanna Arquette Guest Stars Tonight on "Medium"

TV Guide 4/7/08 Preview: Rosanna Arquette Guest-stars on Medium

Jam! 4/6/08 'Medium' a family affair

Toronto Star 4/5/08 Medium becomes a family affair for Arquette sisters

Digital Spy 4/3/08 New seasons for 'Medium', 'Jungle', more

Digital Spy 4/2/08 Arquette fears for 'Medium' future

Celebrity Spider 3/31/08 Allison's Pursuit of the Kidnappers Comes to a Shocking End Tonight on Medium

Zap2It 3/25/08 Kelly Preston Envisions 'Medium' Role

Celebrity Spider 3/24/08 Kelly Preston to Guest Star on 4 Episodes of "Medium" Beginning April 14

Celebrity Spider 3/24/08 Allison's Visions Reveal Cynthia's Terrible Secret Tonight on "Medium"

The Lantern 3/24/08 Arquette sisters star in episode of 'Medium'

Digital Spy 3/18/08 Rosanna Arquette to star in 'Medium'

Celebrity Spider 3/17/08 Allison Juggles Two Difficult Cases on Tonight's Part II of "Medium"

Desert Sun 3/13/08 Medium with large ability

Staten Island Live 3/11/08 'Medium': Rare find on TV

Celebrity Spider 3/10/08 Allison's Mother in Law Comes to Visit Tonight on "Medium"

LA Times 3/8/08 Patricia Arquette, star of 'Medium' on NBC

USA Today 3/6/08 Rosanna Arquette to guest-star on sister Patricia's 'Medium'

Celebrity Spider 3/4/08 Patricia Arquette's Accident Causes Chaos on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 3/3/08 Allison's Vision Implicate Devalos' Friend Tonight on "Medium"

Washington Post 3/2/08 Seeing the Dead: It's Quite a Life

Daily Herald 2/28/08 Seeing the dead: It's quite a life

Celebrity Spider 2/19/08 Allison Accepts an Offer From a Long Time Adversary Next Week on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 2/18/08 Allison Loses Her Hearing When a Deaf Girl is Kidnapped Tonight on "Medium"

Zap2It 2/18/08 'Medium' Gives Fans the Silent Treatment

TV Guide 2/18/08 Anjelica Huston Explains Her Return to Medium

Celebrity Spider 2/13/08 NBC Announces Return of The Office, Medium, 30 Rock, My Name is Earl & Others

Celebrity Spider 1/21/08 Joe Needs Allison's Psychic Help to Get a Job Tonight on "Medium"

Buddy TV 1/21/08 Patricia Arquette on What Lies Ahead for 'Medium'

NBC 1/21/08 'The Real Medium' Learns Lessons In Life From Deceased

Star Pulse 1/16/08 'Medium' Should Quit Violating The 'Show Not Tell' Rule

Celebrity Spider 1/14/08 Allison is Distressed by a Terrible Family Prediction Tonight on "Medium"

NY Post 1/14/08 She Believes

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 1/7/08 Breakfast With ... Patricia Arquette

Zap2It 1/7/08 Premierewatch '08: 'Medium'

Celebrity Spider 1/7/08 Anjelica Huston Guest Stars on Tonight's Season Premiere of "Medium"

Deseret News 1/7/08 Big changes are in store for 'Medium'

NY Daily News 1/7/08 'Medium's' future is looking interesting

Courier Journal 1/7/08 'Medium' is better than watching another rerun on NBC

CTV 1/7/08 No ghosts on the set of 'Medium' says Arquette

Home News Tribune 1/7/08 "Medium" gets off to gripping start 1/7/08 Major changes on 'Medium'

Seattle PI 1/6/08 It's not cool, but that's what makes 'Medium' so special

Buddy TV 1/2/08 Huston Says Arquette is a "Luminous Presence," Talks About 'Medium'

BuddyTV 12/26/07 Patricia Arquette found it "thrilling" to work with Anjelica Huston

Celebrity Spider 12/7/07 NBC Announces Season Four of "Medium" to Return January 7

New Zealand Herald 11/8/07 Medium Allison Dubois in NZ

Courier News 10/7/07 Psychic behind TV drama hopes to dispell 'weirdness'

Kane County Chronicle 10/4/07 Allison DuBois’ special gifts inspired TV’s ‘Medium’

TV Guide 9/26/07 Real-life Medium Allison DuBois Shares Secrets to a Happy Life

Zap2It 8/14/07 Huston's Raring For 'Medium' Role

Celebrity Spider 7/17/07 Patricia Arquette Falls Ill to Creep Medium Role

New Zealand Herald 6/24/07 Patricia Arquette's rare talent

Buddy TV 6/20/07 Medium's Joe DuBois - The Cornerstone Cracks

Second Sight TV 6/4/07 Season Three Summary

Second Sight TV 6/4/07 Season Two Summary

Second Sight TV 6/4/07 Season One Summary

Celebrity Spider 5/24/07 Someone Rejects Allison's Attempts to Solve His Murder Next Week on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 5/10/07 Alison's Psychic Powers Are Revealed to the Public Next Week on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 5/8/07 NBC Announces Fourth Season of "Medium"

Zap2It 5/7/07 NBC Foresees 'Medium' Renewal

Coming Soon 5/7/07 Medium Gets an Early Renewal

Celebrity Spider 5/3/07 Jason Priestly & Howie Mandel Guest Star Next Week on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 4/26/07 Jason Priestley Guest Stars Next Week on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 4/24/07 Joe Returns to the Office After the Shooting Tomorrow on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 4/17/07 Allison Believes She is a Completely Different Person Tomorrow on "Medium"

TV Guide 4/11/07 Family Tied: Tonight's Medium Is Big on Arquettes

Zap2It 4/10/07 A Good Omen for 'Medium'

Hollywood Reporter 4/10/07 NBC foresees a 'Medium' pickup

Celebrity Spider 4/5/07 Allison's Brother Helps Solve a Murder Next Week on "Medium"

Extra 4/4/07 A Happy ‘Medium:’ David and Patricia Arquette Team Up On-Set

Celebrity Spider 3/29/07 Joe is Trapped in a Hostage Situation Next Week on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 3/25/07 Preview for This Week's Episode of Medium 3/14/07 'Raines' doesn't measure up to 'Medium'

TV Guide 3/7/07 Frasier's Peri Gilpin Is Sized Up as Medium's Mom

Celebrity Spider 3/5/07 Allison Wakes Up as Her Teenage Self Wednesday on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 2/23/07 A Psychic Serial Killer Escapes From Prison Next Week on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 2/15/07 Allison Confronts a Mother's Worst Nightmare Next Week on "Medium"

Best Syndication 2/15/07 Oprah interviews Psychics - John Edwards and the real Medium behind the TV Show

Celebrity Spider 2/14/07 Cupid's Arrow Strikes Medium With Corinne Bailey Song Tonight

Celebrity Spider 2/13/07 David Arquette Planning to Direct Upcoming Episode of Medium

Celebrity Spider 2/8/07 Allison Questions Her True Identity Next Week on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 2/1/07 Texas Ranger Push Asks Alison for Help Next Week on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 1/25/07 A Demonic Doll Spooks Allison Next Week on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 1/14/07 Allison Has a Vision of a Boy in a Well This Week on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 1/4/07 Allison is Troubled by Visions of a Boy in a Well Next Week on "Medium"

Chicago Tribune 12/15/06 `Medium' remembers that it's a marriage

Celebrity Spider 12/14/06 Allison Relives the Same Day in Her Dreams Next Week on "Medium"

Jam! 12/12/06 'Medium' channels paranormal psychic visions with very normal working marriage

Celebrity Spider 12/7/06 Alison's Visions Create Conflict With an FBI Profiler Next Week on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 11/30/06 Alison's Gift for Joe May be Linked to a Future Murder Next Week on "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 11/23/06 An Old Nemesis Returns Next Week on "Medium"

NY Post 11/19/06 Psychic Hotline

Celebrity Spider 11/17/06 Allison Relieves the Same Day in Her Dreams Next Week on "Medium"

Zap2It 11/15/06 'Medium' Keeps It Real 11/15/06 'Day Break' debuts, 'Medium' returns

Celebrity Spider 11/1/06 Medium Actress Relied on Dating Intuition

Celebrity Spider 10/30/06 Preview for The Two Hour Premiere of "Medium" on NBC

USA Today 10/30/06 'Medium' girls' Horror Night out

Celebrity Spider 10/25/06 Thomas Jane Joins Wife Patricia Arquette on "Medium" Show

Digital Spy 10/25/06 'Medium' to get two-hour season premiere

LA Daily News 10/24/06 Arquette had a feeling 'Medium' would be back

Deseret News 10/18/06 'Medium' rescheduled 10/16/06 'Medium' makes it back, to air in November

Celebrity Spider 8/21/06 Patricia Arquette's Filming Fears

Celebrity Spider 8/21/06 Patricia Arquette Chose Waitressing Over Screen Nudity

Celebrity Spider 8/17/06 Patricia Arquette Stunned by Medium Weight Loss Request

Malaysia Star 8/16/06 A medium to watch 8/9/06 Medium flair

Journal Now 7/16/06 Medium says her paranormal abilities run in the family

Deseret News 6/30/06 Remain calm

TMZ 6/26/06 Patricia Arquette Weds

Sacramento Been 6/19/06 The medium has a message

Beacon Journal 6/9/06 `Medium' above other crime series with star Arquette

East Valley Tribune 5/17/06 Medium Allison DuBois keeps things short and sweet during book signing

Chicagoist 5/10/06 Rare Medium, Well Done

Rocky Mountain News 5/8/06 Grammer angel for ratings

Zap2It 5/8/06 Grammer Channels Death on 'Medium'

Celebrity Spider 5/2/06 Kelsey Grammer Guest Stars on Medium

Jam! 4/28/06 NBC renews Medium, Crossing Jordan and Las Vegas for next season

Mobile Register 4/25/06 Large drama on 'Medium'

Digital Spy 4/21/06 Sci Fi rolls out 'Medium' ad campaign

Beacon Journal 4/17/06 `Medium' casting may surprise viewers

Celebrity Spider 4/11/06 Molly Ringwald Set to Guest Star on NBC's "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 4/11/06 Allison is on the Trail of a Serial Killer on the Next Episode of "Medium"

Zap2It 4/11/06 'Medium' Looks Pretty in Pink

Celebrity Spider 3/12/06 Allison Dreams Her Brother is a Bank Robber on the Next "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 2/21/06 Allison is Asked to Find the Missing Brother of the D.A. on the next "Medium"

Chicago Sun-Times 1/15/06 Skeptical Arquette infuses role with believability

Celebrity Spider 1/10/06 Patricia Arquette Can't Decide on Wedding Plans

Celebrity Spider 1/3/06 Psychopathic Doctor Returns on the Next Episode of "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 1/2/06 Patricia Arquette Keeps it in the Family

Arizona Republic 12/28/05 Medium enjoys huge year

Celebrity Spider 12/23/05 Allison Helps Detective Scanlon Solve His Sisters Murder on the Next "Medium"

Celebrity Spider 12/6/05 Medium December 12th Episode Preview

World Net Daily 12/6/50 NBC's 'Medium' pushes decency limit

Celebrity Spider 12/2/05 Medium December 5th Episode Preview

Houstonian Online 11/30/05 NBC drama combines spirituality, supernatural elements

Zap2It 11/23/05 Lifetime Pays Large Price for 'Medium'

Celebrity Spider 11/21/05 Patricia Arquette Impresses Tom Jane With Medium 3-D Show

Entertainment Weekly 11/21/05 'Medium' sees lucrative reruns

AJC 11/21/05 'Medium' goes retro with 3-D episode

NY Times 11/21/05 Sony Has NBC Ask, 'Mom, What's a Geisha?'

Herald Net 11/21/05 3D cliche does something for 'Medium'

Entertainment Weekly 11/21/05 'Medium' sees lucrative reruns 11/21/05 See 'Medium' in a new dimension

Chicago Tribune 11/21/05 `Medium' casts a spell, even with the gimmicks

Rocky Mountain Telegram 11/21/05 'Medium' goes retro with 3-D episode

TV Week 11/21/05 Lifetime Gets Basic Cable, Syndie Rights to 'Medium'

St Petersburg Times 11/21/05 'Medium' channels another dimension

USA Today 11/21/05 The mother in the 'Medium'

Mobile Register 11/21/05 'Medium' goes large in 3-D

Plain Dealer 11/20/05 NBC hopes 3-D episode spirits Medium' to new heights

Calgary Sun 11/19/05 Visionary Medium

Celebrity Spider 11/18/05 Medium 3-D Episode to be Introduced by Twilight Zone Host Rod Serling

WJXX 11/18/05 Interview: Medium's Partricia Arquette

Zap2It 11/18/05 'Medium' Takes on an Extra Dimension

CTV 11/16/05 Medium in 3D thanks to Montreal company Sensio

Hollywood Reporter 11/15/05 'Medium' stunt predicts future

Web Devil 11/3/05 Dimensional: Psychic Sleuth

Jam! 11/1/05 Spooky series 'Medium' goes 3-D

Edmonton Sun 10/17/05 Real wife inspiration

Jam! 10/15/05 'Medium' scares up ratings 10/10/05 Psychic suspense level drops to 'Medium'

Jewish Exponent 10/6/05 'Medium' Cool … and Trailing Sparks

Kansas City Star 10/3/05 Rod Serling would have been proud of ‘Medium’

Denver Post 10/3/05 "Medium" big on the soft sell

Bergen Record 10/3/05 Talking to: Patricia Arquette

Celebrity Spider 9/22/05 Medium Goes 3-D on November 21st

Celebrity Spider 9/22/05 Patricia Arquette Goes 3-D for Spooky Medium Episode

Get Out 9/22/05 Allison DuBois' ability to talk to dead people is taking her on the ride of her life

Hollywood Reporter 9/19/05 'Medium,' 'Raymond' surprise

Celebrity Spider 9/16/05 Patricia Arquette Doesn't Want Emmy Prize

CourtTV 9/15/05 Q & A with Allison DuBois of "Medium"

The Herald 9/14/05 The psychic who prompted a mass superstition

Newsday 8/22/05 Weber finds a happy 'Medium'

Dallas Morning News 7/31/05 In need of a lift from the ladies

Detroit News 7/26/05 Jake Weber relishes role in NBC's 'Medium' 6/1/05 DuBois' happy medium

Zap2It 5/22/05 'Medium' Builds to a Cliffhanger

WJXX 5/5/05 Interview: Alison Dubois and Glenn Gordon Carol of NBC's Medium 5/5/05 Arquette's no stranger in new 'Medium'

LA Daily News 4/28/05 'Medium' star ready to clean up

East Valley Tribune 4/22/05 Allison DuBois' ability to talk to dead people is taking her on the ride of her life

Sydney Morning Herald 4/13/05 Destined to succeed

Media Life 3/29/05 Slow fade for NBC hopeful 'Medium'

New Zealand Herald 3/29/05 'Medium' off to a ho hum start

JokersUpdates 3/24/05 He Married a Mind Reader

Knox News 3/16/05 Local viewers take to 'Lost,' 'Medium'

Hollywood Reporter 3/16/05 NBC more than 'Medium' in Mon. ratings 3/13/05 Strongly sensing good vibes for 'Medium'

JokersUpdates 3/9/05 Medium - Freaks and Geeks

JokersUpdates 3/3/05 Medium - I Dream Dead People: The Gift of the Curse?

KVBC 3/1/05 How Real Is NBC's New Hit Television Drama, Medium?

Journal Now 2/21/05 Happy Medium: Inspiration for NBC hit knew it would succeed

Style Weekly 2/16/05 NBC’s “Medium” makes network TV watchable.

Knox News 2/15/05 A look at the medium who inspired 'Medium'

NBCMV 2/15/05 Update: 'Medium' Continues To Rattle Its Monday Rivals 2/14/05 NBC Show 'Medium' Hits Close To Home For Houston Woman 2/14/05 Kirk goes behind the scenes of "Medium"

Daily Trojan 2/14/05 Watching 'Medium' with a mission

Calgary Sun 2/7/05 Medium a big hit

Dallas Morning News 2/6/05 'Medium' is large

Metro 2/1/05 Reliving cult of the cowbell

NBCMV 2/1/05 Medium is Living Large on Mondays

Contact Music 1/31/05 Arquette's Show Gets A Second Season

NY Daily News 1/31/05 NBC offers 'Medium' show of support

Hollywood Reporter 1/29/05 NBC still psyched over 'Medium'

NBCMV 1/28/05 NBC Maximizes ‘Medium’ As Hit Drama Will Return For A Second Year....

Zap2It 1/28/05 'Medium' Gets Rare Early Renewal

NBCMV 1/25/05 "Medium" Ratings Are Other-Worldly

Contra Costa Times 1/24/05 'Medium' has turned out to be a large hit for NBC

Entertainment Weekly 1/24/05 TV Review - Medium

Tampa Bay Online 1/17/05 `Medium' Gets Sizable Ratings, But Show's Spookiness Needs Large Boost

Arizona Daily Star 1/17/05 Varied readings on Arizona psychic

Contact Music 1/17/05 Arquette Learns to Believe in Psychics After Eerie Reading

Daily Progress 1/17/05 UVa research mirrors television's 'Medium'

NY Daily News 1/15/05 'Medium' just knew

News-Journal 1/11/05 Arquette enjoys role as psychic housewife

NBCMV 1/11/05 Update: 'Medium' Ratings Stay Hot

Mobile Register 1/10/05 'Medium' gets supersized

Contact Music 1/6/05 Arquette's TV Drama A Big Hit

Sun Herald 1/6/05 Seeing a new role on TV

NBCMV 1/4/05 Update: 'Medium' Ratings Extra Large

Zap2It 1/4/05 NBC Ratings Cooking On 'Medium' Heat

Contact Music 1/4/05 Arquette Convinced Psychics Can Help 1/3/05 Medium is on message

Boston Globe 1/3/05 'Medium' has big flaw: no suspense

NY Times 1/3/05 When DNA Fails to Crack a Case, Call a Psychic Friend

Deseret News 1/3/05 'Medium' is well done

SF Chronicle 1/3/05 It doesn't take a sixth sense to figure out weakness of 'Medium'

USA Today 1/3/05 Death is already at the door of this new crime drama

Washington Post 1/3/05 NBC's 'Medium': Rare and Well Done

Chicago Sun-Times 1/3/05 More dead on the rise

Mobile Register 1/3/05 'Medium' goes large on NBC

Detroit Free Press 1/3/05 'Medium' hopes to channel success

Seattle PI 1/3/05 Midseason offering 'Medium' is just that; 'Committed' is a crime

Rocky Mountain News 1/3/05 'Medium' not all that rare

Hartford Courant 1/3/05 True-Life Character Inspires `Medium' 1/3/05 Now, mediums join the crime solvers

Arizona Republic 1/3/05 Tele-visions from Valley

Chicago Tribune 1/3/05 `Medium's' premiere is original, but only fair to middling in quality 1/3/05 Now, mediums join the crime solvers

Tribune-Review 1/2/05 NBC has high hopes for 'Medium'

Orlando Sentinel 1/2/05 Future looks promising for 'Medium'

Post Gazette 1/2/05 'Medium' an enjoyable trip into the paranormal

USA Today 1/2/05 The real thing sees herself on the screen

Oregonian 1/2/05 Heavy-handed 'Medium' is haunted with possibility

San Francisco Chronicle 12/27/04 Patricia Arquette plays real-life psychic in new NBC series 'Medium'

Nashville City Paper 12/15/04 Arquette headlines NBC's latest 'high concept' show


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