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News Articles about FOX Networks Married by America


Post Crescent 4/15/03 Waupaca native leaves bride at altar

Television Without Pity 4/14/03 Love With the Proper Stripper

Zap2It 4/14/03 'Married' Finalists Await America's Answer

Wilmington Star 4/12/03 'Married' man has area ties

Arizona Republic 4/12/03 'Married' reality on TV a far cry from our reality, experts say

Las Vegas Mercury 4/10/03 Squealing harlots!

Reality News Online 4/9/03 Married by America, Episode 7: Disaster Preparations

Reality TV Talk 4/9/03 Married by America "2 Couples Do Temptation Island"

Fans of Reality TV 4/8/03 "Does Your Face Hurt When You Kiss That?"

TV Rules 4/8/03 Married By America 4/7 Summary

Television Without Pity 4/7/03 The Squirm Turns

Detroit News 4/7/03 Pop culture falls for marriage myths

National Post 4/4/03 A lesson in how to tick off the in-laws

Zap2It 4/4/03 It's Decision Time on the 2-Hr Finale of "Married by America"

Reality News Online 4/2/03 Married by America, Episode 6: A Family Affair

Reality TV Talk 4/1/03 "3 Couples Meet the Monkey Folks"

Fans of Reality TV 4/1/03 Married By America: Episode 6 Recap

TV Rules 4/1/03 Married by America - Meet the in-laws

Television Without Pity 3/30/03 Sex and the Single Hurl

Reality News Online 3/26/03 Episode 5: That’s What Friends Are For

Fans of Reality TV 3/25/03 Married By America Episode 5 Recap

Daily Freeman 3/25/03 Savona warms up on 'Married by America'

TV Rules 3/25/03 Married by America - Moving on Up.... Villa Style

Television Without Pity 3/24/03 Once More Into the Bleach

The Dispatch 3/24/03 Winery hosts camera crews

TV Guide 3/20/03 Married by America? No Way!

Reality News Online 3/19/03 Married by America, Episode 4: The First Elimination

York Daily Record 3/19/03 Central Pa. native gets ‘real’ on TV

Fans Of Reality TV 3/18/03 Married By America Ep. 4, Perfect Strangers

TV Rules 3/18/03 Married by America - The Morning After

Daily Freeman 3/17/03 Friendship won't get in way of TV marriage

Television Without Pity 3/16/03 Engaged, Schmengaged

Zap2It 3/13/03 The 5 Engaged Couples Get Acquainted on "Married by America"

Media Life 3/13/03 'Married by America,' fee fi faux Fox fun

Zap2It 3/12/03 FOX Affiliate Yanks 'Married by America'

South Coast Today 3/12/03  Still single, 'Married' hopeful has no regrets

Daily Freeman 3/12/03 Local native meets his intended -- on national TV

Media Fiends 3/11/03 'Married By America' May Now Be Watchable!

Fans of Reality TV 3/11/03 Married By America: Episode Three Recap

Reality News Online 3/11/03 Episode 3: Engagements All Around

Reality TV Hall of Shame 3/11/03 Even Vegas Weddings Mean You’re Married 

Post Crescent 3/11/03 Former Waupaca man gets a date through TV

TV Rules 3/11/03 Married by America - How Low will Fox Go?

Daily Freeman 3/10/03 Savona meets choice for his spouse tonight

Television Without Pity 3/9/03 French Hiss

Southcoast Today 3/8/03 Freetown native in the hunt to be 'Married by America'

Reality News Online 3/7/03 ‘Married by America’ Participant Already Married!

TV Rules 3/6/03 Married By America-Already Married?

E!Online 3/6/03 Fox's Married "Married" Player

Reality News Online 3/6/03 Married By America, Ep 2: Get On With It!

Zap2It 3/6/03 'Married' Suitor Already Hitched

Fans of Reality TV 3/6/03 Married by America: Episode Two Recap

TV Rules 3/6/03 Married by America - Last Call

Television Without Pity 3/5/03 Love For Sale

The Oregonian 3/5/03 Holy wedlock! Court is now in session

National Post 3/5/03 Why are we married to romance?

TV Rules 3/5/03 Married by America - You Make the Call!

USA Today 3/5/03 Bossy 'Married by America' isn't engaging; it's irritating

NY Daily News 3/5/03 Spurned by America 3/4/03 Who wants to be married by America?

Fans of Reality TV 3/4/03 Ep 1: Help, I'm beautiful, but can't get married!

Reality News Online 3/4/03 Episode 1: The Interview Competition

York Dispatch 3/4/03 Cupid trails Adams man

Arizona Republic 3/3/03 'Married' yet another low in reality TV

Honolulu Advertiser 3/3/03 'Til ratings do us part on Fox TV

The Smoking Gun 3/3/03 Memo for Contestants on Married by America

Knox News 3/3/03 'Joe' creator now planning network nuptials

Star Ledger 3/3/03 Playing with matches

NY Daily News 3/3/03 Now, viewers put 1 and 1 together

USA Today 3/3/03 Addicted to love: Viewers stick it out with TV couples

Detroit Free Press 3/3/03 Fox offers promises, proposals, propositions

Zap2It 3/1/03 'Married' Producer Discusses His Latest 'Social Experiment'

Extra 2/28/03 'Married By America'

Zap2It 2/23/03 Viewers Arrange a Marriage on FOX's "Married by America" 

Charlotte Observer 2/22/03 Poor mothers set to play `Married By America'

FOX12 2/10/03 Married by America 2/5/03 Fox's 'Married by America' Criticized

Milwaukee Journal 12/18/02 Another 'reality' show visits Milwaukee

Deseret News 11/14/02 Fox is getting back in wedding business

Zap2It 11/11/02 FOX Gets into Arranged-Marriage Business

E!Online 10/31/02 Fox Arranging Marriages. Really.


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