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Reality TV Fans 9/15/10 Man vs. Wild – Preview Clip of Tonight’s Extreme Desert Episode

Reality TV Fans 9/8/10 Man vs. Wild – Preview for Fan vs. Wild Special – Worms for Breakfast

TV Guide 9/1/10 Bear Grylls' Wild Survival Tips

Herald Sun 8/23/10 Bear Grylls 'afraid' of crocodiles and the Australian Outback

Reality TV Fans 8/18/10 Preview for Tonight’s Episode of Man vs. Wild – Northern Australia

Reality TV Fans 7/21/10 Bear Grylls and Man vs Wild Return to Discovery with All New Episodes August 11

Herald Sun 5/12/10 Bear Grylls to tackle island off Australia's northern coast

Reality TV Fans 3/16/10 Join Bear Grylls on a Special Episode of Man vs Wild

Reality TV Fans 3/15/10 Man vs Wild Star Bear Grylls to Star in New Series “Worst Case Scenario”

TMZ 2/26/10 Bear Grylls -- I Just Fell Through a 30 Foot Roof

Express Night Out 2/22/10 'Man vs. Wild' and 'Survivorman' on DVD

Reality TV Fans 2/19/10 Man vs. Wild Trailer – North Africa

Reality TV Fans 2/5/10 Man vs. Wild Trailer – Shooting Survival

Reality TV Fans 2/2/10 Man vs. Wild Trailer – Urban Survivor 1/27/10 Man Vs. Wild Season 4: Episode 12 Recap

Reality TV Fans 1/22/10 Man vs. Wild – Trailer – Guatemala

Reality TV Fans 1/15/10 Man vs. Wild – Big Sky Country Trailer 1/13/10 Man Vs. Wild Season 4: Episode 10 Recap

Reality TV Fans 1/7/10 Man vs. Wild – China Trailer
Entertainment Weekly 1/5/10 'Man vs. Wild' returns with Bear giving himself an enema

Charisma Mag 10/23/09 'Man vs. Wild' Star Talks Faith at Florida Prison

Reality TV Fans 9/8/09 Man vs. Wild Sneak Peek - Alaska

Reality TV Fans 8/31/09 Preview of Man vs. Wild - Texas Premieres Wednesday

Jam! 6/23/09 Lost boy uses TV show to survive

Entertainment Weekly 6/18/09 Bear Grylls eats rat, wears a tux, and answers your questions

Reality TV Fans 6/1/09 Men vs Wild Special Clips With Will Ferrell and Bear Grylls

ITN 5/19/09 Bear grapples with Chief Scout role

Reality TV Fans 4/15/09 Bear Grylls and Will Ferrell to Star in Special Episode of Man vs Wild

Reality TV World 12/10/08 Injured 'Man vs. Wild' star Bear Grylls finally airlifted to safety

Reality TV World 12/7/08 'Man vs. Wild' star Bear Grylls injured in Antarctica expedition
South Coast Today 5/2/08 British danger hunter survives more of 'Wild'

Times Online 4/12/08 Bear Grylls discusses his new Channel 4 series Born Survivor

Deseret News 11/9/07 He has help

USA Today 11/9/07 'Wild' man Bear Grylls keeps his cool

NY Daily News 11/7/07 Chastened Bear Grylls back with more 'Man vs. Wild'

NY Daily News 10/16/07 Baring truth about 'Man vs. Wild' hard for Bear Grylls

Deseret News 10/1/07 Man uses reality TV skills to survive

NY Post 9/30/07 Not So 'Wild' After All

Hollywood Reporter 9/26/07 Man vs. Wild

Reality TV World 9/25/07 Discovery re-edits fake 'Man vs. Wild' segments, adds disclaimer

Daily Mail 7/29/07 'Grizzly attack' on survival show was man in fancy-dress bear costume

Hollywood Reporter 7/28/07 'Man vs. Wild' now truth vs. deception

BBC 7/24/07 Grylls series 'to be transparent'

Hollywood Reporter 7/24/07 Discovery's 'Wild' storm: Authenticity questioned

BBC 7/23/07 Survival show faces 'fake' claim

The Sun 7/23/07 Has Grylls lost his Bear-ings?

Daily Mail 7/22/07 How Bear Grylls the Born Survivor roughed it - in hotels

Times Online 7/22/07 TV 'survival king' stayed in hotels

Nashua Telegraph 7/19/07 It’s fun to watch ‘Wild’ beat up on ‘Man’

Mount Everest 7/19/07 Outfitter on Bear Grylls Everest claims: "The permit was not to fly over Everest and this did not happen"

MSNBC 7/19/07 Man vs. nature shows capture imagination

Orlando Sentinel 7/14/07 Bear Grylls of "Man vs Wild": "I'm not a sex symbol"

LA Times 7/13/07 The New Season: He's just a teddy 'Bear'

Mount Everest 7/11/07 Pilots doubt Bear Grylls’ Everest para-motor flight claims

The Day 7/6/07 I Love Bear Grylls
Plain Dealer 7/1/07 The wild bunch

Post Gazette 6/28/07 TV Preview: Bear Grylls is the Man -- 'Man vs. Wild,' that is

NY Post 6/21/07 Bear Hunting

Orlando Sentinel 6/15/07 Discovery's "Man Vs. Wild" gives dramatic lessons on how to survive in the Everglades

Seattle PI 6/15/07 Dude TV: "Man vs. Wild" and "Ice Road Truckers"

USA Today 6/14/07 'Man vs. Wild' host Grylls lives to tell about it


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