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Monterey County Herald 12/9/07 Idols, Worship

Christian Post 11/27/07 'Idols' Mark Christmas on Gospel Music Channel

Longview Daily News 11/24/07 Gospel great, 'Idol' contestant coming to Longview

Christianity Today 11/15/07 Idol's Worshiper

TMZ 10/18/07 Mandisa Gets Some "Respect" -- But Not from Simon

Cross Rhythms 9/30/07 Mandisa: The American Idol singing star fighting food addiction in the public eye

Town Hall 9/20/07 Mandisa learns to trust God through fame

Canadian Christianity 9/5/07 Beyond American Idol: Mandisa’s Beauty one of the year’s best 8/10/07 'I Still Pray for Simon Cowell'

Stars and Stripes 8/5/07 ‘Idol’ finalist Mandisa delivers ‘True Beauty’ in her debut disc

The-Trades 8/1/07 Music Review: Mandisa, "True Beauty"

Christian Examiner 8/1/07 Mandisa Debuts Book & CD

NBC 8/1/07 American Idol Alum Mandisa's Debut True Beauty Gets Rave Reviews

Forbes 7/31/07 American Idol Alum Mandisa's Debut True Beauty Hits Today Amid Rave Reviews and Appearances

MSNBC 7/30/07 'Idol' Finalist Gives Advice To Contestant Hopefuls

CBS 6/2/07 Second Cup Café: Mandisa

Extra 6/1/07 Mandisa's Secret Addiction Revealed

Christian Today 5/5/07 American Idol Favourite Mandisa to Release Christian Album

Christianity Today 4/25/07 Former American Idol Contestant Mandisa Graces GMA Stage

CMSpin 4/33/07 Mandisa’s First Single Out 5/22; Debut Album Coming 7/31

CCM 2/28/07 American Idol alum Mandisa to release debut album, book 2/16/07 ‘American Idol’ finalist in concert at local church 1/28/07 Idol Alum Mandisa To Release Debut Album and Book 

WKRN Nashville 12/15/06 American Idol Gets New Deal

Times Reporter 9/2/06 I knew you when ... – T-R writer recalls teaching ‘American Idol’ finalist 7/25/05 Future looks up for Mandisa, show

Sun Herald 4/14/06 Mandissa confused by loss on Idol

Fans of Reality TV 4/13/06 American Idol Interview With Mandisa Hundley 4/11/06 The real reason Mandisa was kicked off American Idol

Buffalo News 4/11/06 'Idol' contestant upset by gay reports 4/10/06 - Mandisa on 'Live with Regis & Kelly'

Bergen Record 4/10/06 Talking to: Mandisa

Jam! 4/10/06 Idol's Mandisa given the booty 4/8/06 Mandisa: Can’t cry hard enough

Foxes On Idol 4/7/06 American Idol 5: Was Mandisa’s Exit the “Shocking Result” of the Season?

Jam! 4/7/06 Ousted 'Idol' says she’s not done entertaining

Reality TV Magazine 4/7/06 Why Was Mandisa Eliminated From American Idol?

CBS 4/7/06 Mandisa Says She's Not a Gay 'Advocate'

TMZ 4/7/06 Mandisa's Fashion Faux Pas

Celebrity Spider 4/6/06 Mandisa is Eliminated From American Idol, Next Week - Queen

Celebrity Spider 4/6/06 American Idol April 5th “Shocked”

MSNBC 4/6/06 Readers don't understand Mandisa’s ‘Idol’ snub

Reality TV Calendar 4/6/06 Did Personal Beliefs And Song Choice Doom Mandisa?

Foxes On Idol 4/6/06 American Idol 5: Why Mandisa Lost 4/6/06 Mandisa on 'Fox Thing in the Morning'

Entertainment Weekly 4/6/06 Exit Interview

TMZ 4/6/06 Backstage Buzz: Mandisa's Anti-Gay Affiliation May Have Done Her In

Zap2It 4/6/06 Mandisa Won't Look Back

Toledo Blade 4/6/06 Mandisa sang country; country said, 'Bye'

Columbus Dispatch 4/6/06 Mandisa sent packing

Extra 4/6/06 Mandisa Gets the Boot

Metro 4/6/06 Country trips up Idol hopeful

NY Post 4/6/06 "Girth" Gals Gone

Entertainment Weekly 4/6/06 Taking the Twain Home

Reality TV Magazine 4/5/06 American Idol Results: Mandisa Going Home

Zap2It 4/5/06 The Night the Lights Went Out on Mandisa

Zap2It 4/5/06 Mandisa Booted from 'American Idol' 4/5/06 Surprise cut on 'Idol:' Mandisa

Post Crescent 4/5/06 Mandisa eliminated from 'Idol'; eight remain

Reality TV Magazine 3/29/06 American Idol Sacrilege: Did Paula & Ryan Offend Mandisa?

Reality TV Magazine 3/29/06 More American Idol Phone Number Madness, Wrong Number For Mandisa

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 3/28/06 Marginality & Condemnation of Mandisa-Contemporary Racialization of overweight people

National Ledger 3/25/06 LA Deejay: Would Mandisa Be an 'American Idol' Finalist if White?

TMZ 3/21/06 Mandisa's Plus-Sized Shopping Spree

MSNBC 3/8/06 Mandisa more than ‘Every Woman’ in field

ChristianExaminer 3/2/06 American Idol's Mandisa, now in contest's final 20, makes her faith in Christ known

BP News 2/24/06 Mandisa, a fan favorite, advances to next round of ‘American Idol’

Robertson County Times 2/21/06 Simon isn't the only one impressed with her auditions

WDC Media News 2/21/06 American Idol’s Mandisa, now in contest’s final 24, makes her faith in Christ known

Tennessean 2/19/06 Nashville lands another 'American Idol' finalist

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Top 24 American Idol Semifinalists Revealed

Reality TV Magazine 1/21/06 Mandisa Hundley, A Gospel Singer On American Idol 5


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