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News Articles about ABC Networks Making the Band Show

Reality TV Magazine 8/20/08 Making The Band 4 Returns For A Second Season 

TMZ 4/3/08 Danity Kane - Toe Jammin' in Vegas

E! Online 3/26/08 Danity Kane: Making the Charts

Celebrity Spider 3/24/08 Making the Band 4's Day26 Set to Drop First Album March 25

CTV 2/27/08 'Making the Band' Aid

The State 2/25/08 "Making the Band" stars to appear

NY Daily News 2/8/08 A new pitch, still off pitch, on 'Making the Band'

Celebrity Spider 2/5/08 Diddy Names "Making the Band 4" Band "Day26"'

Buddy TV 1/30/08 'Making the Band 4' Season 2 Now Underway

Celebrity Spider 1/28/08 Making the Band returns With Three New Albums From the Series Stars

NY Post 1/28/08 Diddy Diddles 'Band' Brand

Miami Herald 1/28/08 Diddy discusses films, `Band'

NY Daily News 1/28/08 Combs gets new hook from 'Band'

Celebrity Spider 1/10/08 MTV Announces Return of Making the Band January 28

Miami Herald 12/11/07 Diddy brings his 'band' to Miami

Celebrity Spider 11/23/07 Making the Band Choreographer Won't Work With Diddy's Ego

Entertainment Weekly 8/27/07 Why Diddy Do That?

Reality TV Magazine 8/26/07 Diddy Selects Making The Band Winners

NY Daily News 8/24/07 Diddy's big departure from plan

Go Upstate 7/28/07 Big R&B dreams start with Diddy's reality show
Celebrity Spider 7/19/07 Warrant Issued for Making the Band Star

TMZ 7/16/07 Aubrey O'Day Backtracks on DK Dig

MTV 7/13/07 Danity Kane May Not Be Breaking Up, But Diddy's Girls Are Far From Friendly

TMZ 7/11/07 Is Aubrey Ditching Danity for the Dolls?

NY Daily News 6/14/07 Diddy giddy about 'Band' buzz

NY Daily News 5/19/07 Diddy named in chair scare

Virginian Pilot 4/1/07 Reality-show hopefuls line up for their chance to sing for a star

York Dispatch 3/23/07 Local singer vying for spot on reality show

Memphis Flyer 3/22/07 “Making the Band 4” is on Its Way to Memphis

NMC 3/21/07 Diddy Still Seeking Talent For "Making The Band 4"

MTV 2/8/07 'Making The Band 4' Hopefuls Vie To Be Diddy's New Cheesecake Men

TMZ 2/6/07 Danity Pain

WZZM 2/1/07 'Making the Band' casting in Detroit

Reality TV Links 1/20/07 Casting Call - Making the Band 4

NY Post 1/3/07 Open Try-Outs Set For New P.Diddy and Get-Rich-Quick Shows 

Courier Journal 10/23/06 In reality, Danity Kane is not worthy

MTV 10/13/06 Four Members Of Diddy's Danity Kane Involved In Ohio Car Crash

USA Today 8/31/06 Danity Kane opens big

FMBQ 8/30/06 Danity Kane Tops OutKast On Sales Chart

Celebrity Spider 8/24/06 Making the Band 3 Sensation Danity Kane Explodes at Retail

Entertainment Weekly 8/11/06 Kane and Able

Reality TV Calendar 8/4/06 Danity Kane's First "Showstopper" Episode 8 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 8/4/06 The Sound of One Band Clipping

Reality TV Calendar 8/2/06 You're Better Off, Aundrea: Episode 7 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 7/28/06 Backup Singers

SOHH 7/25/06 It's Taking Too Long To Make A Band

Reality TV Calendar 7/21/06 Pretty, Pretty Aubrey

Reality Shack 7/21/06 And This Is Why I Love Reality TV: Making The Band Work

Entertainment Weekly 7/21/06 Me Sing Pretty One Day

Reality TV Calendar 7/14/06 Making Music in Miami: Episode 5 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 7/14/06 Bear With Me

Reality TV Calendar 7/9/06 Surviving Hell Week: Episode 4 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 7/7/06 The Devil in Miss Jones

Reality TV Calendar 7/1/06 Timid As A Mouse: Episode 3 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 6/30/06 Working for Scales

Reality TV Calendar 6/23/06 Wardrobe Malfunctions: Episode 2 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 6/23/06 Performance Anxieties

Reality TV Calendar 6/16/06 Back Together Again: Episode 1 Recap

Digital Spy 6/15/06 P Diddy to create "the new Spice Girls"

Entertainment Weekly 6/15/06 Rock You Like a Hurricane

Press-Enterprise 12/7/05 Inland singer hopes she makes the cut on 'Band' finale

MSNBC 11/10/05 ‘Making The Band’ hits a flat note 10/17/05 - Wild in the Streets 10/14/05 - Making the Band 3: Second times a charm?

Celebrity Spider 10/13/05 Picky Combs Gives Making the Band 3 Judges a Tough Task 10/13/05 - Diddy tries yet again to strike gold

Detroit Free Press 10/6/05 Stardom awaits 2 Detroiters

Celebrity Spider 6/14/05 'P Diddy Rejected Vonzell on Making the Band 2

MegaStar 5/24/05 Diddy's reality check

TVRules 5/10/05 Making The Band 3 To Return Next Fall

Reality TV Links 5/8/07 Casting Call - Making the Band 3

Variety 5/5/05 'Band' gets a new gig

Zap2It 5/5/05 Diddy Vows Once Again to Make a Band

Celebrity Spider 3/29/05 Diddy Deems Making the Band More Entertaining than American Idol

MSNBC 3/2/05 P. Diddy ready to start ‘Making the Band’

TVRules 2/28/05 Making The Band 3: One Hour Premiere March 3

Post Gazette 1/26/05 TV Notes: Making the girl band

Digital Spy 1/25/05 P Diddy signs up for new 'Making The Band'

TVRules 1/25/05 Making The Band 3 Returns This March To MTV

Reality News Online 10/15/04 P Diddy To Make a New Band. and Maybe a Change 10/13/04 Making The Band 3 Casting

MTV 10/4/04 Try Out for 'Making the Band III'

Zap2It 9/15/04 Combs Combs Female Ranks For MTV's New 'Band'

TVRules 9/14/04 MTV's Making The Band Returns With An All New Girl Band

MSNBC 9/12/04 P. Diddy returns to ‘Making the Band’

Reality News Online 5/18/04 Making the Band 2, Season 3, Episode 10: Da Banned

Chart Attack 5/14/04 P. Diddy Un-Makes The Band

E!Online 5/14/04 Diddy Dissolves Da Band

Zap2It 5/14/04 P. Diddy Unmakes the Band

MTV 5/14/04 Dylan Disses Diddy, Says Da Band Are Still A Tight Crew

Reality News Online 5/3/04 Making the Band 2, Season 3, Episode 9: Rebel Without a Case

Reality News Online 4/26/04 Making the Band 2, Season 3, Episode 8: Why Him? He’s Juvenile!

Reality News Online 4/19/04 Making the Band 2, Season 3, Ep 7: I Love the Band, Especially Me

Reality News Online 4/12/04 Making the Band 2, Season 3, Ep 6: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Husband

Reality News Online 4/5/04 Making the Band 2, Season 3, Episode 5: Something About Chopper!

Reality News Online 3/30/04 Making the Band 2, Season 3, Episode 4: My Bandmates’ Keeper

Reality News Online 3/21/04 Making the Band 2, Season 3, Ep 3: It’s the Smoke That Stokes Stokes

Reality News Online 3/21/04 Making the Band 2, Season 3, Episode 2: Let Bygones Be Dylan

Reality News Online 3/6/04 Making the Band 2, Season 3, Episode 1: More Money, More Problems

Reality News Online 3/4/04 Making the Band 2: A Season Three Primer

USA Today 3/4/04 'Band 2': This time it's personal

Reality TV World 2/29/04 Third season of MTV's 'Making the Band 2' premiering March 4

TVRules 2/20/04 Third Season Of MTV's Making The Band 2 Premieres 3/4

Zap2It 2/20/04 'Band' Still Not Made, So MTV Show Continues

TV Barn 2/19/04 MTV PR: P. Diddy's boy toys are back

MTV 1/26/04 O-Town's Angel Ready To Spread His Wings With Solo LP 12/18/03 Diddy and MTV Prep Making The Band's Third Season

NY Daily News 12/18/03 MTV star may end up in da slammer

Zap2It 12/4/03 MTV Returns to 'Making the Band 2' 11/7/03 O-Town Call it Quits

Dallas Morning News 10/15/03 Da Band and Jagged Edge chart their own courses to success

Teen Music 10/14/03 Bad Boy's Da Band Has 2nd Place Debut

Reality TV World 10/14/03 Da Band 'Too Hot for TV' sells over 200,000 copies in debut week

Reality News Online 10/9/03 Making the Band 2: Diddy Delivers

Reality News Online 9/11/03 Making The Band 2 Finale: No More Drama... For Awhile

Reality News Online 9/4/03 Season 2, Episode 12: Pay Me Now or See You Later!

Reality News Online 8/28/03 Making the Band 2, Season 2, Episode 11: Dylan Rhymes with Gone

Orlando Weekly 8/22/03 Un-Making the Band

Reality News Online 8/21/03 Making the Band 2, Season 2, Episode 10: Same Ol’ Chopper! 8/20/03 And now, the surreal world

Reality News Online 8/14/03 Making the Band 2, Season 2, Episode 9: Dumb and Dumber

Reality News Online 8/7/03 Making the Band 2, Season 2, Episode 8: Mysterious Tactics

Reality News Online 7/31/03 Making the Band 2, Season 2, Episode 7: Put Your Mind Right!

Reality News Online 7/24/03 Making the Band 2, Season 2, Episode 6: Why Deny the Problem Child?

Reality News Online 7/17/03 Making the Band 2, Season 2, Episode 5: Discovering Sara

Reality News Online 7/10/03 Making the Band 2, Season 2, Episode 4: School o’ Hard Knocks 7/3/03 So they made the band, made the initiation, but do they make the grade?

Reality News Online 7/3/03 Making the Band 2, Season 2, Episode 3: If the Butler Can Do It… 6/26/03 - Big Brother P. Diddy, Sir!

Reality News Online 6/26/03 Making the Band 2, Season 2, Episode 2: This Ain’t the Backstreet Boys 6/24/03 Making the B*#@! 2—Part Deux

Reality News Online 6/19/03 Season 2, Episode 1: No Cheesecake ‘Til Brooklyn

Launch 6/9/03 P. Diddy To Launch New Season Of 'Making The Band'

Reality News Online 6/6/03 Making the Band 2, Season 2 Jumpoff: Band Practice

The Villager 4/10/03 MTV meets with residents about Charles St. filming

The Villager 4/3/03 MTV, P. Diddy in doghouse on Charles St.

Anderson Independent Mail 3/5/03 O-Town coming to Anderson

Teen Music 2/28/03 P Diddy Gets Second Season for Reality Show

Seattle Times 2/17/03 O-Town Lending Its Name to a Powerboat

Launch 2/17/03 'Making The Band II' Featuring P. Diddy To Return

BBC 2/17/03 Boy band guru faces website questions

TV Rules 2/13/03 Making The Band II Renewed 2/12/03 'Making the Band,' Hendrix & More

Zap2It 2/12/03 MTV Wants More of 'Making the Band' 1/23/03 O-Town - These Are The Days

The Smoking Gun 1/7/03 Making the Band

International Herald Tribune 12/27/02 The latest reality show, as P. Diddy sees it

Reality News Online 12/24/02 Making the Band 2, the Finale: Meet the Band!

Port Huron Times Herald 12/24/02 Sara's dream comes true: She will join P. Diddy's band

Detroit News 12/24/02 'O2' to prove O-Town's worth after TV show

NY Daily News 12/23/02 Talent search is a real P. Duddy

New York Times 12/23/02 Strive, Rookie Rappers; Only the Tough Survive

Reality News Online 12/17/02 Making the Band 2, Episode 9: The Beast Is Back

Reality News Online 12/10/02 Episode 8: Cuts, Permanent and Otherwise

Star-Telegram 12/8/02 Night of faded, dated pop fluff deserved a chilly reception

Reality News Online 12/4/02 Making the Band 2, Episode 7: The Rest of Your Life… and Death

Reality News Online 11/27/02 Making the Band 2, Episode 6: Devils Don’t Cry

Detroit News 11/25/02 They were almost with the 'Band'

Utica OD 11/23/02 Girl's wish to meet O-Town granted

Reality News Online 11/18/02 Making the Band 2, Episode 5: The Diddy Decision

Reality News Online 11/11/02 Episode 4: Determination in Mysterious Ways

Reality News Online 11/4/02 Making the Band 2, Catching Up to Episode 3

Extra TV 10/18/02 'Making The Band 2'

Times Herald 10/18/02 'Making the Band

New York Daily News 10/17/02 MTV is 'Making' a dramatic change

AV Press 10/3/02 High Desert Hollywood: Boy band serenades the AV

Daily Press 8/23/02 O-joy: She's gonna see O-Town

Detroit News 7/23/02 'Band' hopefuls strut their stuff

New York Daily News 7/18/02 Combs' MTV show a brush with fame

Hollywood Reporter 7/18/02 P. Diddy banding together with MTV for 'Band' sequel

Zap2It 7/17/02 Will P. Diddy Be The Next Simon?

Sky News 7/17/02 Rapper Signs Up For Reality TV

Clinton Courier 7/4/02 Cancer survivor gets her wish: photo session with pop group O-Town

Star Bulletin 6/7/02 Island boy finally in his LMNT

Television Without Pity 4/10/02 Becoming O-Town

VH1 4/3/02 New O-Town Album To Include Track From Nelly

Television Without Pity 4/1/02 But Do They Want a Song on the Album?

Television Without Pity 3/20/02 Meet the Beatless

Television Without Pity 3/12/02 Eine Kleine Bad Musick

Reality News Online 3/7/02 Making the Band, Season 3, Episode 7: Hollywood, Here Comes Ashley

Television Without Pity 3/5/02 Ashley, Baby, You're a Stah!

Reality News Online 2/28/02 Making the Band, Season 3, Episode 6: Fan-Girls

Television Without Pity 2/26/02 Theis Is a Whore

Reality News Online 2/21/02 Making the Band, Season 3, Episode 5: The Mommy Quiz

Television Without Pity 2/18/02 Four Out of Five Mothers Hate O-Town

Television Without Pity 2/11/02 Lame

Reality News Online 2/11/02 Making the Band, Season 3, Episode 4: Going to the Chapel…

Reality News Online 2/6/02 Making the Band, Season 3, Episode 3: Looking for Love

Television Without Pity 2/4/02 Trevor's Endeavor
Reality News Online 2/2/02 Making the Band, Season 3, Episode 2: Making the Singer

Mighty Big TV 1/27/02 O-Town Teaches Blowing, Sucking

Reality News Online 1/21/02 Making the Band, Season 3, Episode 1: Welcome Back, O-Town

Mighty Big TV 1/21/02 The Recap? It's Kicking Ass.

Launch 1/9/02 O-Town To Return For Season Three Of 'Making The Band'

Zap2It 12/6/01 Muniz, O-Town To Present at 'American Music Awards'

MTV 11/27/01 O-Town Release Live DVD, Video

Cincinnati Enquirer 11/9/01 ‘Making the Band’ member makes the grade

Milwaukee Journal 10/15/01 Spears/O-Town hit Milwaukee

Zap2It 10/10/01 O-Town Joins Britney Spears' Tour as "Making the Band Show" Moves to MTV

Zap2It 10/9/01 'Making the Band' Moves to MTV

Zap2It 9/7/01 MTV May Pick Up 'Making the Band'

Mighty Big TV 7/15/01 O-Revoir

Mighty  Big TV 7/13/01 Home, Where My Music Ain't Playin'

Salon 7/11/01 Liquid Dreams come true

Zap2It 7/10/01 O-Town Concert is in (Lip?) Synch

Mighty Big TV 7/9/01 Shrilli-tastic!

Mighty Big TV 7/9/01 Anyone Can Play Guitar 7/6/01 Stuck in a Rerun Rut?

Mighty Big TV 7/4/01 Fourth of July Reunion

Zap2It 7/3/01 The Season Finale

Mighty Big TV 7/1/01 Dan's Fifteen Minutes

Mighty Big TV 6/27/01 Girls Just Wanna Have None

Zap2It 6/26/01 O-Town Fires Pearlman

Mighty Big TV 6/25/01 Keep Away From Runaround Lou

Mighty Big TV 6/22/01 Stupid Boys

Mighty Big TV 6/21/01 Ashley's Tears, Ashley's Crack

Zap2It 6/18/01 O-Town Fans Wear Their Hearts on Sleeves, Skin

Zap2It 6/18/01 Ashley Faces The Cost Of Celebrity

Mighty Big TV 6/16/01 Mess With the Bull, You Get Humped

Mighty Big TV 6/16/01 Cry, Little Ashley

Mighty Big TV 6/14/01 Deadbeat Ponch Fights For Cultural Rights

Mighty Big TV 6/12/01 There's No "We" in "Jacob"

Zap2It 6/6/01 A Rocky Start For O-Town

Zap2It 6/6/01 O-Town Undergoes A Management Shakeup

Zap2It 6/4/01 O-Town Goes to the Prom

Zap2It 6/1/01 Trevor And Ashley Experience Romantic Troubles

Holland Sentinel 5/20/01 Boys from O-Town melt hearts and please fans

TeeVee 5/7/01 Say It Ain't So-Town: Making the Band is Cancelled

Zap2It 4/27/01 'Making the Band' Shelved Until Summer

Gist 4/27/01 Making the Band Goes on Hiatus

Mighty Big TV 4/24/01 A Very Unbelievable Episode

Zap2It 4/16/01 Erik Gets More Bad News

Mighty Big TV 4/16/01 Missed America

Zap2It 4/16/01 'Making the Band' Season Premiere Fizzles

Washington Post 4/13/01 O-Town: Making the Bland

Zap2It 4/9/01 TV Gal Drools Over Boy Bands

etc 3/9/01 Music, Wide Appeal Keep the Boy-Band Craze Going

Rolling Stone 2/23/01 O-Town Set for "Making" II

Mighty Big TV 12/06/00 O-Town: The Video

Zap2It 11/21/00 O-Town Unveils New Video On ABC

Mighty Big TV 10/14/01 O-Town Meets Miss America

Zap2It 9/21/00 O-Town Performs For 'Miss America'

Mighty Big TV 9/21/00 O-Town on All My Children

Mighty Big TV 9/8/00 This is The End

Mighty Big TV 9/1/00 The Crying Game

Mighty Big TV 8/25/00 Ich Bin Ein Ridiculous

Mighty Big TV 8/18/00 In Dan We Trust

Mighty Big TV 8/11/00 Dan in the Man Van?

Mighty Big TV 8/4/00 Lights... Camera... Extraction

Zap2It 8/2/00 Ikaika Leaves 'Making The Band'

Mighty Big TV 7/28/00 House of Boos

Mighty Big TV 7/21/00 Jacob and his Amazing Technicolor Ego

Mighty Big TV 7/14/00 Jammin' for Jailbait

Mighty Big TV 7/7/00 O-Town Doesn't Practice Anymore


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