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Reality TV Magazine 6/27/12 Love In The Wild Recap: Jesse Searches For His Next Sure Thing

Zap2It 6/27/12 'Love in the Wild': Jesse wants Ali to 'open up in that more romantic way'

BuddyTV 6/26/12 'Love in the Wild' Recap: Jesse's On The Prowl

Reality TV Fans 6/26/12 The Couple’s Choice Ceremony Results In An Unexpected Elimination Tonight on Love In The Wild

People 6/26/12 Jenny McCarthy Is Comfortable Posing Nude as a Mom

Reality TV Magazine 6/25/12 Hot Mama Alert! Jenny McCarthy’s Playboy Cover At Almost 40

Zap2It 6/25/12 'Love in the Wild': Jesse and Ali fighting over coconuts

Reality TV Magazine 6/20/12 Love In The Wild Recap: It’s Getting Crowded In The Wild

Dallas Morning News 6/20/12 Formers Mavs dancer takes her chance at finding ‘Love in the Wild’

Zap2It 6/20/12 'Love in the Wild': Three original girls stay, three go home

BuddyTV 6/19/12 'Love in the Wild' Recap: Three's a Crowd in the Oasis

Reality TV Fans 6/19/12 The New Trios Struggle Through A Smoldering Bat Cave Tonight on Love In The Wild

Reality TV Fans 6/15/12 NBC Announces Six New Single Ladies to Pair Up With Existing Couples on Love in the Wild 6/14/12 More locals on ‘Love in the Wild'

Reality TV Magazine 6/13/12 Love In The Wild Recap: The Eliminator Takes Out The Timinator

Entertainment Weekly 6/13/12 'Love in the Wild': Latest romance-seekers are....

BuddyTV 6/12/12 'Love in the Wild' Recap: The Year of the Tim

Reality TV Magazine 6/12/12 Love In The Wild Sneak Peek: One Contestant’s Tearful Realization

Zap2It 6/12/12 'Love in the Wild': Least favorites get sent home, threesomes are back

Reality TV Fans 6/12/12 Couples Plunge Into Murky Waters Tonight on Love In The Wild

TV Guide 6/12/12 Love in the Wild's Jenny McCarthy: I Would Never Compete on the Show

Reality TV Magazine 6/6/12 Recap: Season 2 Premiere Features Jenny McCarthy, Double The Hotties With Bodies 6/6/12 Dublin High Grad Starred in NBC’s "Love in the Wild"

BuddyTV 6/5/12 'Love in the Wild' Season 2 Premiere Recap: Ladies' Choice

Zap2It 6/5/12 'Love in the Wild' premiere: The Devil's threeway

Reality TV Fans 6/5/12 Jenny McCarthy Hosts Tonight’s Season Premiere of Love In The Wild

Reality TV Magazine 6/5/12 Jenny McCarthy On Love In The Wild: Winning Couples Are Still Together

Zap2It 6/5/12 'Love in the Wild': Jenny McCarthy says the winning couples are still together

KARK 6/5/12 NLR Woman on NBC's "Love in the Wild"

Boston Herald 6/5/12 Newburyport native answers call of ‘Love in the Wild’

Fox News 6/5/12 QA: Jenny McCarthy on her new show, her new dude, and posing in the nude

Orlando Sentinel 5/31/12 Indian Harbour swimmer a natural on ‘Love in the Wild’

Reality TV Magazine 5/27/12 Love In The Wild: Catch A Sneak Peek Of Season Two

BuddyTV 5/23/12 Meet the Romance-Seekers Who Will Be Roughin' It on 'Love in the Wild' Season 2

Zap2It 5/22/12 'Love in the Wild' Season 2 contestants pictures - yowza 5/17/12 Locals look for 'Love in the Wild' 

Reality TV Fans 5/16/12 NBC Announces 14 New Singles Searching for Love on “Love in the Wild”

TV Guide 5/4/12 Exclusive: Meet the Contestants on Season 2 of NBC's Love In The Wild

Zap2It 5/4/12 'Love in the Wild': NBC announces 14 singles, 7 wildcards for Season 2

Reality TV Fans 3/18/12 NBC Announces Love in the Wild to Return Summer 2012

BuddyTV 2/16/12 Jenny McCarthy Signs on to Host 'Love in the Wild,' NBC's Best Worst Summer Reality Show

Entertainment Weekly 2/16/12 Jenny McCarthy to host season 2 of NBC's 'Love In The Wild'

Reality TV Fans 10/21/11 NBC Announces Season Two of “Love in the Wild”

Reality TV Fans 9/20/11 Casting Call – Love in the Wild Season 2

Arizona Republic 8/23/11 Former ASU golfer Steele DeWald tries reality television

Reality TV Magazine 8/19/11 Love In The Wild: Interview With Winners Mike and Samantha

Reality News Online 8/19/11 Love in the Wild Finale: I’m Through With Love, I’ll Never Fall Again

Zap2It 8/18/11 'Love in the Wild' recap: The Winners Question Mark?

BuddyTV 8/17/11 'Love in the Wild' Finale Recap: Happy Couples, Unhappy Campers and Worldtraveling Winners

Reality TV Magazine 8/17/11 Love In The Wild Recap: The Winning Couple Is…

Reality TV Fans 8/17/11 The Final Adventure Of The Season Leaves One Couple Standing Tonight On Love In The Wild

Reality News Online 8/15/11 Love in the Wild, Episode 7: Amor Salvaje to You, Sir

BuddyTV 8/10/11 'Love in the Wild' Week 6 Recap: The Most Dangerous (Newlywed) Game

Reality TV Magazine 8/10/11 Love In The Wild Recap: Final Three Couples

Zap2It 8/10/11 'Love in the Wild': Amor salvaje and 'The Newlywed Game'

Reality TV Fans 8/10/11 Couples Sink Or Swim Tonight On Love In The Wild

Reality News Online 8/5/11 Love in the Wild, Episode 6: Armadillos and Old Habits

BuddyTV 8/3/11 'Love in the Wild' Week 5 Recap: Everyone Changes Everything, Except Ben's Diaper

Reality TV Magazine 8/3/11 Love In The Wild Recap: Surprising Couple’s Choice Ceremony

Reality TV Fans 8/3/11 Couples Climb A Rope Ladder And Descend A Mudslide Tonight On Love In The Wild

Reality News Online 7/28/11 Love in the Wild, Episode 5: What a Jackass (Literally and Figuratively)

Reality TV Magazine 7/27/11 Love In The Wild Recap: Switch Up The Couples

Zap2It 7/27/11 'Love in the Wild': A medical emergency and a forced switched

Reality TV Fans 7/27/11 A Sudden Twist Changes The Game Tonight on Love In The Wild

Reality News Online 7/22/11 Love in the Wild, Episode 4: You Can Lead a Horse to Water…

Reality TV Magazine 7/21/11 Love In The Wild: Interview with Contestants Mike Spiro and Jessica Debolt

Sonoma Index-Tribune 7/21/11 Looking for love on reality TV

Zap2It 7/21/11 'Love in the Wild's' Darren McMullen teases next week's forced switcheroo

BuddyTV 7/20/11 'Love in the Wild' Recap: You Can Lead a Horse to Water, But You Can't Make Him Love You

Reality TV Magazine 7/20/11 Love In The Wild Recap: Couples Stick Together

Zap2It 7/20/11 'Love in the Wild': Topless massage and punching horses

Reality TV Fans 7/20/11 Couples Go Caving Tonight On Love In The Wild

Reality News Online 7/14/11 Love in the Wild, Episode 3: Snakes in the Grass

Zap2It 7/14/11 'Love in the Wild' recap: Snakes in the Grass

BuddyTV 7/13/11 'Love in the Wild' Week 3 Recap: Welcome to Snake Island (Hss, Hss!)

Reality TV Magazine 7/13/11 Love In The Wild Recap: Snakes and Sparks Fly

Zap2It 7/13/11 'Love in the Wild': The Steele curse sends Kym packing

Reality TV Fans 7/13/11 Teams Must Sort Through Snakes On A Plane Tonight On Love In The Wild

BuddyTV 7/11/11 Another Reason You Should Be Watching 'Love in the Wild': They're Going to 'Snake Island'!

Reality News Online 7/7/11 Love in the Wild, Episode 2: Bridge Over Troubled Jungle

Zap2It 7/7/11 'Love in the Wild': Ben is 'a wife beater with his words' - yep

BuddyTV 7/6/11 'Love in the Wild' Recap: Bats, Bridges and A Bimbo's Betrayal

Reality TV Magazine 7/6/11 Love In The Wild Recap: Tied Together Than Torn Apart

Reality TV Fans 7/6/11 Remaining Couples Navigate A Maze Of Swinging Bridges Tonight On Love In The Wild

Zap2It 7/6/11 'Love in the Wild' sneak peek: Derek's near-death experience

Reality News Online 6/30/11 Love in the Wild, Episode 1: First Impressions 6/30/11 'Love In the Wild' Recap – Like a Lesser Man's 'Bachelorette'

Zap2It 6/30/11 'Love in the Wild' recap: Midnight at the Oasis

BuddyTV 6/29/11 'Love in the Wild' Premiere Review: 'Love' Isn't Exactly the Word for It...

Reality TV Magazine 6/29/11 Love In The Wild Recap: The Adventure To Love Begins

Zap2It 6/29/11 'Love in the Wild' premiere: Couples Choice Ceremony is a more brutal Tribal Council

Reality TV Fans 6/29/11 Singles Search For Love In Croc-Infested Waters Tonight On The Series Premiere Of Love In The Wild

NY Daily News 6/29/11 'Love in the Wild' review: Young singles mingle together in Costa Rica, check into Heartbreak Hotel

Boston Herald 6/29/11 Quincy beauty searches for love where the ‘Wild’ things are

Hollywood Reporter 6/29/11 'Love In The Wild' Host Darren McMullen: 5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

Media Life 6/29/11 'Love in the Wild,' fun, despite it all

Post Gazette 6/29/11 'Survivor' meets 'Temptation Island' in 'Love in the Wild'

Los Angeles Daily News 6/29/11 SoCal residents are contestants on 'Love in the Wild' premiering tonight on NBC

Zap2It 6/29/11 'Love in the Wild': 'Could be wedding bells for more than one couple'

Uncle Barky 6/28/11 NBC'sLove in the Wild gives hapless beauties more legs up over just plain folk

Deseret News 6/28/11 TV premiere: 'Love in the Wild' has makings of a hit

Zap2It 6/28/11 'True Blood' recap: The Year of Magical Thinking

Kansas City Star 6/27/11 Darren McMullen is in 'Love' with hosting a TV show

Reality TV Magazine 6/23/11 Love in the Wild: Host Darren McMullen Interview

Reality TV Magazine 6/15/11 Love In The Wild: Check Out The New NBC Show

Reality TV Fans 5/27/11 NBC Moves Premiere of Adventure Dating Series “Love in the Wild” to Wednesday June 29

Reality TV Magazine 5/24/11 Love in the Wild: Sneak Peak At The New NBC Show

BuddyTV 4/25/11 NBC Takes 'Love in the Wild'

Reality TV Fans 4/17/11 NBC Announces New Series “Love in the Wild” to Premiere June 1

Hollywood Reporter 4/15/11 'Love in the Wild' Distances Itself From 'Bachelor,' 'Survivor'

TV Guide 3/30/11 Exclusive: NBC Imports Australian Host for Summer Reality Show Love in the Wild

Reality TV Magazine 11/15/10 Love in the Wild: New NBC Reality Show Combines Survival and Dating

Zap2It 11/15/10 'Love in the Wild' coming to NBC - 'MILF Island' far behind?

TV Guide 11/15/10 NBC Orders Survival-Style Dating Show

Hollywood Reporter 11/14/10 Jungle Fever: NBC Orders 'Wild' Dating Show


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