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News about Jennifer Lopez  


Irish Examiner 6/30/04 Rap trio to slam J.Lo in song

Irish Examiner 6/29/04 J.Lo wants Anthony to bulk up

New Kerala 6/28/04 Jennifer Lopez conquers the Russians!

Times of India 6/27/04 JLo's sexy new lingerie range

Teen Music 6/27/04 J.Lo Record Bosses In A Fix Over 'New' Song

The Sun 6/26/04 J-Lo cut and sexy

Extra 6/25/04 J.Lo In Stereo? Look Again

Launch 6/25/04 J.Lo's bootleg boost

Irish Examiner 6/23/04 Lopez film delayed as pregnancy rumours continue

Launch 6/23/04 J.Lo's wedding wager

NY Daily News 6/23/04 Olympian demands torched J.Lo gig

Access Hollywood 6/22/04 Online Bookie Bets Anthony, Lopez Won't Last

Times of India 6/22/04 J.Lo's threats to friends

Irish Examiner 6/21/04 Lopez denies Mottola will be new manager

Teen Music 6/21/04 Lopez Cheers On Anthony

Irish Examiner 6/21/04 Anthony's sons kept out of J-Lo loop

Irish Examiner 6/20/04 Lopez slams diva 'myth'

Teen Hollywood 6/19/04 Lopez Backs Out Of Olympic Event

Irish Examiner 6/18/04 Super-bride Lopez keen on superhero role

PRNewswire 6/17/04 Statement Is Being Issued on Behalf of Jennifer Lopez... 6/17/04 'Make Me Wonder'

USA Today 6/17/04 The media have insatiable appetite for J. Lo

Washington Post 6/16/04 Lopez Set to Reunite with Mottola

MSNBC 6/16/04 Magazine has issues with J.Lo

BBC 6/16/04 J-Lo's hubby keeps schtum

Teen Music 6/16/04 Marc Anthony "Fliips" for J.Lo

Teen Music 6/15/04 J.Lo Plans A Second Marc Anthony Duet

Teen Music 6/15/04 Did J.Lo Disappoint Russian Orphans?

Times of India 6/15/04 JLo turns producer for hubby 6/15/04 Has J.Lo's Hubby Flipped?

The Sun 6/15/04 New hubby buys J-Lo £13,000 flip-flops

Ananova 6/15/04 Ben describes 'calm' at hearing about J-Lo

Ananova 6/15/04 J-Lo given 13K flip-flops by new husband

Irish Examiner 6/14/04 Bennifer celebrity bubble bursts, says Forbes

Teen Hollywood 6/14/04 J.Lo Won't Co-Star with New Hubby

Times of India 6/13/04 The curse of Jennifer Lopez

Ananova 6/13/04 J-Lo's new husband 'a cheat'

The State 6/11/04 5 things about ‘serial bride’ J.Lo

Fox 23 6/11/04 J.Lo's Perfumes Continue

BBC 6/10/04 Mystery deepens over J-Lo wedding

CBS 6/10/04 Marc Anthony Talks Of Wedding

This Is London 6/10/04 J.Lo's wedding could be illegal 6/10/04 Quickie Nuptials 'Invalid'

Ananova 6/10/04 Cris Judd's dads criticises J-Lo

Stuff 6/10/04 Rumours swirl about Lopez pregnancy

Defy 6/9/04 J.Lo Chains Another

Times of India 6/9/04 Newly-wed Lopez expecting baby

Teen Music 6/9/04 J.Lo Slammed by Ex-father-in-law 6/9/04 J.Lo's 'Hubby' Keeps Mum

Daily Record 6/9/04 J-Lo 'Pregnant' 6/9/04 Why rush to wed? So baby wouldn't show

USA Today 6/9/04 Anthony's evasiveness is at odds with ring of truth

BBC 6/9/04 J-Lo's husband tight-lipped about wedding

NY Daily News 6/9/04 Marc's denials ringing false

Borowitz 6/8/04 J. Lo’s Marriage Enters Crucial Day Four

Extra 6/8/04 Rumor Control: The J.Lowdown

Ananova 6/8/04 J-Lo pregnant?

BBC 6/8/04 Singer snubs Lopez wedding query

CBS 6/8/04 J.Lo's Wedding: The Details

This Is London 6/8/04 Is J.Lo pregnant?

NY Times 6/8/04 Anthony Won't Confirm Marriage to J.Lo

USA Today 6/8/04 J. Lo's wedding hid in plain sight

Extra 6/7/04 Jennifer and Marc Marry in Surprise Wedding

Rolling Stone 6/7/04 J.Lo, Marc Anthony Marry

Zap2It 6/7/04 P.Diddy, Judd React to J.Lo Marriage

Anorak 6/7/04 J-Lo Day

Teen Music 6/7/04 J.Lo's shock wedding

This Is London 6/7/04 J-Lo bags hubby No.3

Launch 6/7/04 Lopez "marries"

USA Today 6/7/04 Jenny has been around the block a few times

BBC 6/7/04 Third time lucky for J-Lo?

USA Today 6/7/04 Will third time be the charm for Jennifer Lopez?

NY Daily News 6/7/04 Shock at J.Lo's stealth wedding

Daily Record 6/7/04 J-Lo's Secret I Do

Teen Music 6/6/04 J.Lo Weds Again?

NY Times 6/6/04 Reports: J.Lo Marries Singer Marc Anthony

Zap2It 6/6/04 J.Lo Marries Marc Anthony in L.A.

BBC 6/6/04 Jennifer Lopez 'marries singer'

Ananova 6/6/04 J-Lo married?

NY Daily News 6/6/04 J.Lo weds hubby #3 6/6/04 Jennifer Ties The Knot

Ananova 6/3/04 Bennifer premiere fails to attract celebs

Zap2It 6/2/04 Marc Anthony Makes Room for J.Lo

Teen Music 6/2/04 Puff is a Go Between

NY Daily News 6/2/04 Yo, J.Lo! Marc's a free man

Teen Music 5/31/04 Diddy Reunites J.Lo And Affleck?

Sky News 5/29/04 J. Lo Snubs Her Old Flame 

Ananova 5/29/04 J-Lo's new man files for quickie divorce

BBC 5/28/04 TV channel hails Lopez film flop

Fashion Gates 5/24/04 Designer J. Lo Conquers Moscow

Ananova 5/21/04 J-Lo makes way for Cruise

Teen Hollywood 5/20/04 J.Lo Avoids Box Office Battle With Cruise

Borowitz 5/18/04 Wedding Bells for J. Lo, Smarty Jones

Teen Hollywood 5/17/04 J.Lo And Paltrow Eye Box Office And Oscar Battle

Fox News 5/16/04 J-Lo, Gwyneth to Do Box-Office Battle

Ananova 5/14/04 J-Lo denies she's engaged

Teen Music 5/11/04 J.Lo Engaged Again?

This Is London 5/11/04 J.Lo engaged again?

Ananova 5/11/04 J-Lo 'sports new ring'

USA Today 5/11/04 New ring for J. Lo? No comment

Teen Music 5/9/04 J.-Lo's Ex Gives Break-up Tips

Coming Soon 5/4/04 Lopez & Fonda on the Monster-in-Law Set

USA Today 5/4/04 Two stars team up for 'Monster-in-Law'

The Sun 5/4/04 Lo, behold the top bot

Defy Magazine 5/1/04 J. Lo Painted Scarlett

Teen Music 4/29/04 J.Lo Says It With Flowers

Teen Hollywood 4/24/04 J.Lo Makes Fun Of Herself

Extra TV 4/23/04 J.Lo In Stereo? Look Again

Teen Hollywood 4/23/04 J.Lo Keeps Showing Her Secret New Man Off - In Public

Teen Hollywood 4/22/04 Lopez Still Wearing Affleck Engagement Ring

USA Today 4/21/04 Anthony, Lopez seen here, there

Teen Hollywood 4/20/04 Lopez And Anthony Smooch At Premiere

Ananova 4/20/04 J-Lo and new man in film premiere snog

NY Daily News 4/20/04 J.Lo & Marc making it more public

Hello 4/19/04 Jennifer Lopez attends new beau's movie premiere

Teen Music 4/18/04 J.Lo' Shrinks

Times of India 4/16/04 Now, a male J-Lo!

Ananova 4/15/04 Lopez regrets calling herself J-Lo

NY Daily News 4/14/04 J.Lo swears it well during interview

Ananova 4/14/04 Man undergoes plastic surgery to look like J-Lo

This Is London 4/13/04 Man's J-Lo plastic surgery

Teen Hollywood 4/12/04 Lopez Loses Weight On Prized Asset

Times of India 4/9/04 No takers for J Lo's acting skills!

Times of India 4/8/04 J Lo runs away from Ben Affleck

Teen Hollywood 4/8/04 Lopez Flees Affleck

Teen Hollywood 4/7/04 J.Lo's Mom Wins $2.4 Million On Slot Machine

This Is London 4/7/04 J-Lo's mum hits £1.4m jackpot

BBC 4/7/04 Lopez's mum hits casino jackpot

NY Daily News 4/7/04 Feel lucky like Lopez

Zap2It 4/6/04 J.Lo's Mom Hits Atlantic City Jackpot

Extra 4/6/04 Lucky 'Lupe's Bet Pays Off

BBC 4/6/04 J Lo's mum scoops $2m slot machine jackpot!

NY Daily News 4/6/04 Jackpot for J.Lo mom!

Ananova 4/6/04 J-Lo's mum hits casino jackpot

Zap2It 4/5/04 Vartan Stuck Between J.Lo and a 'Monster'

Teen Hollywood 4/3/04 J.Lo's Gun Protection

Defy 4/2/04 JLo Moves to Miami

Digital Spy 4/2/04 J-Lo to appear in 'W&G' season finale

Extra 4/2/04 J-Lo Lingerie: Making Fashion Hot

NBCMV 4/1/04 Jennifer Lopez Makes First Episodic Appearance on 'Will & Grace' on April 29

Times of India 3/31/04 J Lo dumps diva demeanour

Teen Music 3/31/04 J.Lo Reinvents Herself

Boston Globe 3/31/04 Liv Tyler watched 'Bennifer' unfold

Teen Hollywood 3/27/04 Affleck's Dancing Woes With J.Lo Now Over

Ananova 3/26/04 Ben can't get J-Lo off his mind

NY Daily News 3/21/04 Surviving J.Lo

Teen Hollywood 3/18/04 Affleck: Ring Is J.Lo's Forever

Zap2It 3/17/04 Saying Good-bye to Ben and Jen Again

This Is London 3/17/04 Ben: J.Lo can keep ring

Ananova 3/17/04 J-Lo can keep ring, says Ben

Jam! 3/17/04 Bennifer mourned

Ananova 3/16/04 Actor told J-Lo to put her clothes back on

Teen Hollywood 3/12/04 Affleck Admits J.Lo 'Mistake'

Ananova 3/12/04 J Lo almost steals the show

USA Today 3/11/04 'Jersey,' but no J. Lo

Coming Soon 3/10/04 Kidman and Lopez to Play American Darlings

BBC 3/10/04 J-Lo no-show for Bennifer premiere

Zap2It 3/10/04 J-LO Inks with Fox TV and Regency

NY Times 3/10/04 Jennifer Lopez in TV Pact with Fox

Ananova 3/10/04 Kidman and Lopez get in the swing

Times of India 3/8/04 J.Lo's butt is now history! 3/8/04 J.Lo Turns Up The Heat

Ananova 3/8/04 J-Lo 'sues bodging builders'

Teen Hollywood 3/7/04 J.Lo Sneaks Anthony For A Mile High Ride

Hollywood Reporter 3/5/04 Ben's 'Jersey' girl is Raquel not Jen

The Mirror 3/5/04 J-Lo and Ben's Big Screen Wedding Axed

This Is London 3/5/04 J.Lo sues 'cowboy' builders

Sun Sentinel 3/4/04 J.Lo learns of first husband's planned kiss-and-tell book

BBC 3/1/04 Bennifer 'triumphs' at the Razzies

Teen Hollywood 3/1/04 Gigli Sweeps Razzies

This Is London 3/1/04 J-Lo turkey gobbles up

Zap2It 2/29/04 'Gigli' Wins Six Razzies, Surprised?

BBC 2/29/04 Lopez flop sweeps Razzie awards

Ananova 2/29/04 Gigli gathers crop of Golden Raspberries

Teen Hollywood 2/27/04 J.Lo And Affleck's Film Wedding Edited

This Is London 2/27/04 Bennifer are Razzie faves

Ananova 2/27/04 Ben and Jen lead the way at the Razzies

Zap2It 2/26/04 Benifer Wedding Scene Left in Cutting Room

CBS 2/26/04 Another Bennifer Wedding Axed

Boston Globe 2/26/04 The wedding that wasn't 2/26/04 Art Imitating Life?

Ananova 2/26/04 J-Lo and Ben's wedding off - again

Teen Hollywood 2/25/04 Judd Gets Back In Touch With J.Lo

Anorak 2/20/04 A High-Steaks Gamble

Irish Examiner 2/19/04 J-Lo denies new love with old flame

Zap2It 2/19/04 Ben and J.Lo's 'Jersey Girl' Gets New Date

Extra 2/19/04 Valentine's Day Romance Sealed with A Kiss 2/19/04 Tara: Bottoms Up To J.Lo

Teen Hollywood 2/18/04 Lopez And Anthony's Romantic Valentine's?

Troy Record 2/18/04 Affleck: The Media Broke Up J.Lo Engagement

NY Daily News 2/18/04 J. Love? Lopez's Valentine was salsa ex - mag

NY Daily News 2/17/04 J.Lo, Britney fuel mag sales

Teen Hollywood 2/14/04 Diddy's Valentines Diamonds For J.Lo

The Age 2/13/04 Is Lopez in love? 2/13/04 P.Diddy Wants J.Lo Back

Teen Music 2/12/04 J.Lo's Exes Enjoy Grammy Bash Together

NY Daily News 2/12/04 Marc hangs with J.Lo

Teen Music 2/10/04 Puff's Prayer

Teen Hollywood 2/9/04 Lopez And Affleck's Casino Fight

Teen Hollywood 2/7/04 Lopez Role 'scaled Down' In New Film

Teen Hollywood 2/6/04 J.Lo Blasts Stress With Power Yoga

Teen Hollywood 2/5/04 Diddy Gets Acting Tips Off J.Lo

Times of India 2/5/04 J Lo seeks cosmic guru for finding love!

This Is London 2/3/04 J.Lo begged for Ben's ring

Teen Hollywood 2/2/04 Affleck Stunned By J.Lo's Break-up Announcement 2/2/04 Jen Flings Ben's Bling

Teen Hollywood 1/31/04 Star Magazine's J.Lo Story 'False'

National Enquirer 1/31/04 Who's Next For Ben? Could It Be Britney?

Hello 1/30/04 'I'm broken-hearted' admits Jen after split from Ben

Times of India 1/30/04 Jen may not be broken-hearted over Ben

BBC 1/30/04 J-Lo's perfume - "It's yummy!"

This Is London 1/30/04 J-Lo sends back the Rolls

Ananova 1/30/04 Lopez says Affleck split has left her 'broken-hearted'

USA Today 1/29/04 Lopez discusses split — maybe

Ananova 1/29/04 Mariah denies J-Lo duet plans

NY Daily News 1/29/04 J.Lo's feeling all broken up

Extra 1/28/04 Jennifer Lopez

Extra 1/27/04 Jen and Ben

Teen Hollywood 1/27/04 Lopez Not Promoting Jersey Girl With Affleck

BBC 1/26/04 Bennifer in running for worst film

Zap2It 1/26/04 Affleck and Lopez Receive More 'Razzing'

BBC 1/26/04 Lopez's Razzie list caps bad year

BBC 1/26/04 Lopez in running for worst film

Ananova 1/26/04 J-Lo and Ben nominated as worst on screen lovers

NY Daily News 1/26/04 Solo J.Lo a stunner in hit & miss parade

Times of India 1/25/04 J Lo role played down in Jersey Girl

Teen Hollywood 1/25/04 Affleck's Partying Blamed For Split

This is London 1/23/04 'Bennifer' wedding is off

Hello 1/23/04 Ben and Jen Go Their Separate Ways 1/23/04 J-Lo, Ben engagement off

MSNBC 1/23/04 Ben and Jen: Their so-called private lives

Fox News 1/23/04 J-Lo and Ben, the Legacy They Leave

CBS 1/23/04 'Bennifer' No More

USA Today 1/23/04 Ben and Jen split for good

BBC 1/23/04 Bennifer have broken up 1/23/04 Ben And Jen Split Again

Ananova 1/23/04 Jen and Ben split for good

BBC 1/23/04 Lopez and Affleck split confirmed

NY Daily News 1/23/04 The End-ifer

Zap2It 1/22/04 J. Lo and Ben Romance Over

Extra 1/22/04 Ben and Jen Split

NBC13 1/22/04 J. Lo Added To List Of Globe Presenters

NBC13 1/22/04 Report: J.Lo, Affleck Break Off Engagement

Teen Hollywood 1/19/04 J.Lo and "Barbarella" in New Film

NY Daily News 1/17/04 Bennifer rock solid

Teen Music 1/16/04 Combs Plays Down Lopez Reports

Coming Soon 1/16/04 Jane Fonda Officially Opposite J.Lo in Monster

Ananova 1/16/04 J Lo vs J Fo in new comedy

Fox News 1/15/04 J-Lo's Bodyguard Accused of Stealing Camera Chip

NY Daily News 1/15/04 J.Lo just an ol' friend, Diddy insists

Teen Hollywood 1/14/04 J.Lo's Valentines Bash - Without Ben

Extra 1/14/04 Jennifer Lopez and P. Diddy

NY Daily News 1/14/04 What are J.Lo & Diddy doing?

This Is London 1/13/04 Ben and J-Lo: still no date

Ananova 1/12/04 Still no date for Lopez wedding, says Affleck

NY Daily News 1/12/04 Diva duet?

Teen Hollywood 1/8/04 Ben And Jennifer Visit Las Vegas Chapel

BBC 1/6/04 Ben and Jen on Ben and Jen

Teen Hollywood 1/5/04 Affleck: J.Lo And I Are Cool With Love Scenes

Teen Hollywood 1/2/04 J.Lo Tops 'Entertainment Tonight' Hot List

Teen Hollywood 1/1/04 Affleck Hints At New Year's Eve Wedding

NY Daily News 12/31/03 Ben & Jen nup to something?

NBC13 12/31/03 Betting On Affleck, J. Lo Becomes New Sport In London

Detroit News 12/31/03 J.Lo Tops'Entertainment Tonight' Hot List

Zap2It 12/30/03 J. Lo Tops Aniston, Affleck

BBC 12/29/03 Odds offered on Lopez to divorce

This Is London 12/22/03 'We'll marry when fuss dies down'

USA Today 12/22/03 Ben, Jen stay cool, collected

Teen Hollywood 12/20/03 Ben Without Jen At Film Premiere 12/20/03 J.Lo Upstages Affleck

Ananova 12/20/03 J-Lo outshines Affleck at his premiere

This Is London 12/19/03 J-Lo drama at Ben's premiere

USA Today 12/19/03 A year of Bennifer ends, a new one looms

Teen Music 12/18/03 J.Lo Makes A Political Statement

NY Daily News 12/18/03 Wild about Jen

Teen Hollywood 12/17/03 J.Lo And Ben's Christmas Tree Jaunt

BBC 12/17/03 Ben keeps quiet about J-Lo wedding

NY Times 12/17/03 J.Lo Seeks to Get Out the Vote

Ananova 12/17/03 Ben Affleck on 'ups and downs' with J-Lo

Teen Hollywood 12/16/03 Kidman Covets J.Lo's Body 12/16/03 'We're Still Together'

Ananova 12/15/03 Kidman wants boobs and a bum like J-Lo's

NY Daily News 12/13/03 Still in J.Love, Ben tells Stern

Teen Hollywood 12/12/03 Jackie Collins Predicts Doom For Jen And Ben

This is London 12/11/03 J-Lo dropped by Vuitton 12/10/03 Affleck woe on J-lo

Forbes 12/8/03 The Sweet Smell of a Settlement

Ananova 12/8/03 Affleck says J-Lo relationship is hurting his career 12/5/03 Exposure Angered Fans

Ananova 12/5/03 Ben Affleck says sex is 10 minutes and nothing fancy!

Teen Music 12/2/03 Beyonce: I'm No J.Lo

SMH 11/28/03 Lopez dumped by Louis Vuitton

Teen Hollywood 11/25/03 Did J.Lo Ditch Ben Over E-mails?

Teen Hollywood 11/24/03 Are Ben + J.Lo Set For Xmas Wedding? 11/23/03 J.Lo Wedding Bells At Last

Daily Record 11/22/03 J-Lo's Glow

Chart Attack 11/18/03 Jennifer Lopez Sued By Real-Life Flashdancer

NY Daily News 11/17/03 Good fit for J.Lo success

NMC 11/14/03 Is It Real, or Is It Jennifer?

Zap2It 11/14/03 J.Lo Sued for 'I'm Glad' Video

NMC 11/14/03 Feelin' So Good, and Looking Good Too

Teen Hollywood 11/14/03 Ben And Jen Clash Over Wedding Number 2 11/14/03 J. Lo Goes Big Down Under

BBC 11/14/03 Get into J-Lo's pants Zap2It 11/13/03 J.Lo Makes Her Panties Public

Teen Hollywood 11/13/03 J.Lo Launches Large Lingerie Line

Fox News 11/13/03 J-Lo Announces Line of Lingerie

Ananova 11/13/03 J-Lo to sell her own sexy lingerie

NY Daily News 11/13/03 Big B.Lo-up amid new wedding plans

Ananova 11/5/03 J-Lo and Gere to star in new dance film

Teen Hollywood 11/4/03 J.Lo's New Smell

Teen Hollywood 11/3/03 Jennifer Lopez Goes Back To The Block

BBC 11/3/03 J-Lo launches 'sophisticated' perfume

WXXA 11/2/03 J.lo Books Out Hotel For Mtv Awards

NMC 10/31/03 J. Lo Makes Pit Stop for NY Mayor

Ananova 10/31/03 Madonna blames J-Lo and Ben

Teen Hollywood 10/29/03 Judd: 'Fame Didn't Drive Me And J.Lo Apart'

NY Daily News 10/29/03 Now it's Bloom-ifer

USA Today 10/29/03 Bennifer wedding buzz is back

First Coast News 10/27/03 Celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck visit local mall 10/23/03 Ben And Jen Set To Elope

BBC 10/22/03 Bennifer wedding on?

Ananova 10/22/03 Ben and J-Lo 'planning secret wedding'

NY Daily News 10/22/03 Is a B.Lo-the-radar wedding planned?

Teen Hollywood 10/21/03 J.Lo Promises Personal Appearances On Talk Show

Extra 10/21/03 Rumor Control

Hollywood Reporter 10/21/03 Lopez sisters team up with UDT for strip

NY Daily News 10/21/03 J.Lo & sis' talk show starts next fall

NY Daily News 10/21/03 Jen wagers on Ben not losing control

WTOV 10/20/03 J. Lo, Redford Impress Young Co-Star

Zap2It 10/20/03 J-Lo Signs to Produce Talk Show

Teen Hollywood 10/15/03 Affleck + J.Lo Split Over Baseball

Teen Music 10/14/03 J.Lo Bounces Back With Video Collection

BBC 10/14/03 Jason Biggs on Bennifer

Launch 10/13/03 Ben And Jennifer Downplayed In 'Jersey Girl' Ads

BBC 10/13/03 Ben Affleck talks about J-Lo on TV

Teen Hollywood 10/12/03 Ben and Jen Not in Background for Jersey Girl 10/11/03 Ben and Jen attend ALCS Game 3 10/10/03 Jen And Ben Under Wraps

Teen Hollywood 10/9/03 Report: Ben And Jen Left Our Of Jersey Girl Ads

Canada Newswire 10/6/03 In the eye of the storm she is Still Jennifer Lopez 10/6/03 J.Lo And George Top Poll 10/4/03 Wedding 'Going Ahead'

Teen Hollywood 10/3/03 J.Lo Dishes Up A Treat

Teen Hollywood 10/3/03 Sharon Offers Affleck $1,000 For J.Lo's Ring 10/1/03 Ben And Jen Film Is Flop

BBC 10/1/03 Bennifer movie pulled from cinemas

Zap2It 9/26/03 Lopez And Affleck 'Working Things Out'

BBC 9/26/03 Gigli's bad omen

Zap2It 9/26/03 Lopez And Affleck 'Working Things Out'

BBC 9/26/03 Gigli's bad omen

BBC 9/24/03 Lopez and Affleck back in public

Zap2It 9/23/03 Ben and Jen Spotted at the Courthouse

Fox News 9/23/03 J-Lo No Diva On Set, Says Famed Director

NY Daily News 9/23/03 Ben & J.Lo court wedding rumors

Washington Post 9/22/03 J. Lo and Co., Slapping The Suitors They Beckon

Teen Hollywood 9/22/03 Affleck And Lopez: A Miserable Weekend

BBC 9/19/03 Bennifer latest and Gwynnie marriage rumours

Zap2It 9/18/03 Affleck: Was He Born to Run?

Teen Hollywood 9/18/03 Affleck's Mother To Blame For Axed Wedding?

Teen Hollywood 9/18/03 Affleck Takes Dogs From J.Lo 9/18/03 Mum Blamed For Split

Extra TV 9/16/03 Jen and Ben: Rumor Control

Borowitz 9/16/03 Unemployment Plunges as J.Lo Rehires Posse

NY Daily News 9/16/03 Ben gambles on Jen not staying angry

National Enquirer 9/15/03 J.Lo's Ex on Ben's Stripper Scandal: She Had It Coming to Her

CNN 9/15/03 Sources: Affleck, Lopez split up

Daily Record 9/15/03 J-Lo and Ben: Snaps From the Big Day 9/15/03 Ben's Big Day Gamble

NY Daily News 9/15/03 Ex's dad gives the Lo.down on Jen

BBC 9/15/03 Rumours fly over Lopez 'break-up'

NY Daily News 9/15/03 Bennifer not over, chum sez

USA Today 9/15/03 Report: Ben and Jen splitsville on wedding day

Teen Hollywood 9/14/03 Affleck Spotted With Mystery Brunette On Wedding Weekend

CBS 9/14/03 Bye Bye Bennifer

NY Daily News 9/14/03 J.Doh! They're through

Teen Hollywood 9/13/03 Ben & Jen Dine Out After Wedding Disaster 9/13/03 Ben Says: 'I Won't'

NY Daily News 9/13/03 A new Lo: Jen's sis axed

Borowitz 9/12/03 More Troops Needed to Force J. Lo to Marry Ben

Hello! 9/12/03 Speculation Over Jen and Ben's Postponement Grows

Teen Hollywood 9/12/03 J.Lo Psychic Visit

Extra TV 9/12/03 Ben and Jen: Rumor Control

NMC 9/12/03 Did They Or Didn't They

Hello! 9/12/03 A Match Made in Hollywood 

MegaStar 9/12/03 JuJu NoNo for J-Lo

USA Today 9/12/03 Bennifer watch is back on as couple dine at The Ivy

BBC 9/12/03 Did psychic stop Bennifer wedding?

NY Daily News 9/12/03 B.Lo nuptials off, not B.Lo nuzzling

Teen Hollywood 9/11/03 Ben And Jen Scrap Wedding Plans

Fox News 9/11/03 Ben and J-Lo: Already Married?

BBC 9/11/03 'Bennifer' wedding off

NY Daily News 9/11/03 Now it's J-No

BBC 9/11/03 J-Lo and Affleck postpone wedding

Extra TV 9/10/03 Ben and Jen Postpone Their Wedding

Zap2It 9/10/03 J.Lo and Ben Nuptials Postponed

NY Daily News 9/10/03 J.Lo doing a documentary about Cuba
Teen Hollywood 9/9/03 J.Lo's Cheating Payoff

Extra TV 9/9/03 Ben and Jen Wedding Plans 9/8/03 J.Lo OK On Ben Strip Trip

USA Today 9/8/03 Wedding planner prepares for hers

ABC News 9/8/03 Blushing Bride?

Teen Hollywood 9/8/03 J.Lo Dismisses Ben's Strip Club Outrage

NY Daily News 9/8/03 Photogs are off Ben & Jen's guest list

Teen Hollywood 9/5/03 J.Lo Hires Wedding Planner To Find Mole 9/5/03 J-Lo, Affleck to marry next week: reports

National Enquirer 9/4/03 Ben Cancels Bachelor Party After J.Lo Throws A Fit

CBS 9/4/03 A Peek At J. Lo's Wedding Plans

Teen Hollywood 9/4/03 Ben And Jen Will Spend Wedding On Pacific Coast

Teen Hollywood 9/4/03 Why Did J.Lo Really Back Out of VMA's?

USA Today 9/4/03 Report: Lopez, Affleck to marry next week

Teen Hollywood 9/3/03 J.Lo And Ben Wedding Date Set

Zap2It 9/3/03 J. Lo and Ben May Tie Knot Soon

NY Daily News 9/3/03 J.Lo and Ben say when

NMC 9/2/03 J.Lo and Justin Best Dressed

Sky News 8/30/03 Jen and Ben Tie the Knot?

Teen Hollywood 8/28/03 J. Lo And Ben: See You in September for Vows

BBC 8/28/03 Will Chris Rock leave Bennifer alone?

USA Today 8/26/03 Affleck-Lopez wedding still has a ring to it

Teen Hollywood 8/26/03 Ben Says: Jen and I Aren't Like Madonna and Sean

WTEV 8/26/03 J.Lo Pulls Out of Performance with Britney & Madonna

NY Daily News 8/25/03 Ben's ring throws 'em a curve

National Enquirer 8/22/03 J.Lo Forgives Ben -- The Wedding Is Back On!

Chicago Sun-Times 8/22/03 J. Lo and Ben: See you in September for vows

Teen Hollywood 8/22/03 Britney's J.Lo Pose

The Age 8/22/03 Lopez reaches deal with director

Teen Hollywood 8/21/03 Britney, Jennifer + Madonna Form A Supergroup? 8/21/03 J.Lo And Ben Set A Date

Teen Hollywood 8/19/03 Clooney And J.Lo Have Hollywood's Best Butts

Teen Hollywood 8/19/03 J.Lo Turns To Diddy

Teen Hollywood 8/19/03 Jersey Girl Director Defends J.Lo Against 'misquoted' Article

USA Today 8/18/03 J. Lo in arms of birthday beau

Teen Hollywood 8/18/03 Ben Affleck Not Allowed Home To J.Lo

ollywood 8/13/03 Lopez Considering Marriage Decision

Borowitz 8/13/03 J. Lo Out, Nemo In For Affleck's New Film 8/13/03 No Stag Night For Affleck

BBC 8/13/03 Radio runs Gigli 'survival' contest

Teen Hollywood 8/12/03 Lopez Asks Vera Wang To Design Wedding Dress

Zap2It 8/12/03 "I Survived Gigli" T-shirts Mark End of Turkey Time

BBC 8/12/03 Ben Affleck reveals all 8/12/03 J.Lo wants her wedding gown by Aug. 24

Ananova 8/12/03 Affleck says Gigli just wasn't good enough

Chicago Sun-Times 8/8/03 The late show with Ben and J. Lo 8/8/03 New J.Lo And Ben Twist

Hollywood Reporter 8/8/03 Jen & Ben-style hype poses new marketing challenge

Contra Costa Times 8/8/03 Word is out about 'Gigli': It is really, truly, 'rigli bad'

Hollywood Reporter 8/8/03 Lopez returning to Endeavor camp

NY Daily News 8/8/03 J.Lo to call at City Hall in Sept.

National Enquirer 8/7/03 'Ben Cheated With Me' -- Affleck's Lover Tells All

BBC 8/7/03 TV battle for J-Lo and Britney?

MegaStar 8/7/03 J-Lo talks the talk

Teen Hollywood 8/6/03 J.Lo and Ben Look Forward to Next Film

Beacon Journal 8/6/03 J.Lo, Britney take rivalry to TV 8/6/03 Jen And Ben: Is It Over?

USA Today 8/6/03 Gossipy tongues wag over Ben, J.Lo

BBC 8/6/03 J-Lo and Ben deny split

NY Daily News 8/6/03 J.Lo ready to talk

Teen Hollywood 8/5/03 Did Ben Lie About Night on the Town?

Teen Hollywood 8/5/03 Have J.Lo And Affleck Split?

NY Daily News 8/5/03 Jen & Ben still ticking after taking a licking

NY Daily News 8/5/03 'Gigli' is panned & canned

Zap2It 8/4/03 'Gigli' Co-Star Coming to Television

MegaStar 8/4/03 Not Gigli-ing now

Borowitz 8/4/03 J. Lo and Ben Flee Angry US

Forbes 8/4/03 Gigli Could Make Them Forget Armageddon

NY Times 8/4/03 J. Lo and Affleck Finally Get Some Privacy

USA Today 8/4/03 Reviews are sour, but 'Gigli' fans like the eye candy

BBC 8/4/03 Lopez and Affleck movie bombs

NY Daily News 8/4/03 'Wedding' tops, 'Gigli' flops

NY Daily News 8/3/03 'Gigli' leaves 'em giggling 8/2/03 'Gigli' won't harm its smitten stars, but it could really ruin your day

National Enquirer 8/1/03 Ben Cheats On J.Lo

Seattle Times 8/1/03 Ben and Jen's romantic comedy is passionless and devoid of humor

CNN 8/1/03 Review: 'Gigli' is really, really bad

NY Times 8/1/03 An Offer of Love He Can't Refuse

USA Today 8/1/03 'Gigli': It's hard to pronounce, and harder to fathom

The Trades 8/1/03 "Gigli" Review

Teen Hollywood 7/31/03 Movie Review: Gigli

Boston Channel 7/31/03 J. Lo, Britney Make Best, Worst Dressed Lists

BBC 7/31/03 J-Lo and Affleck dodge wedding queries

NY Daily News 7/31/03 Hitting a new Lo

CBS 7/31/03 J.Lo On Life After 'Gigli'

NY Daily News 7/31/03 Sis has some shock radio for J.Lo

National Enquirer 7/30/03 Ben cheats on J.Lo …

Salon 7/30/03 "Gigli"

Teen Hollywood 7/30/03 J.Lo And Affleck: We Will Never Work Together Again

Extra TV 7/30/03 Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck

NY Daily News 7/30/03 Affleck rep sez tab hits B.Lo the belt

USA Today 7/29/03 J. Lo glows at 'Gigli' premiere

Teen Hollywood 7/29/03 Gigli Stars Stand Alone At Hollywood Premiere

NMC 7/28/03 Film Halts J. Lo From Fans

Extra TV 7/28/03 'Gigli' Premiere

BBC 7/28/03 Ben and J-Lo at Gigli premiere

NY Daily News 7/28/03 The couples curse

Teen Hollywood 7/27/03 Gigli Blasted By Critics

MTV 7/25/03 Jennifer Lopez Puts Off Touring, Puts On New Fragrance

Teen Hollywood 7/25/03 J.Lo Launches Second Perfume

CBS 7/25/03 Ben On 'Gigli,' J.Lo And Wedding

Borowitz Report 7/24/03 No Longer Jenny from the Block, J.Lo Conceeds

Ananova 7/24/03 Critics say new J-Lo film is 'total disaster' 7/24/03 J.Lo Flick Given Flak

NMC 7/23/03 Still Not Sick Of Jen And Ben

NY Daily News 7/23/03 Ben-Jen try to get it straight

Extra TV 7/21/03 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Teen Hollywood 7/21/03 Green-eyed J.Lo?

BBC 7/21/03 Ben and J-Lo spill on the wedding - sort of

Teen Hollywood 7/20/03 J.Lo's Small Entourage

NY Daily News 7/19/03 J.Lo's hot house

NMC 7/18/03 J.Lo Has 'Faith'

Hello! 7/18/03 J-Lo Has Her Assets Airbrushed For 'Gigli' Poster 7/17/03 Ben's In Charge Says J.Lo

Teen Hollywood 7/17/03 Lopez Plans Tell-all Autobiography

Teen Hollywood 7/16/03 Paparazzi Okay At Ben And Jen's Wedding

BBC 7/16/03 Ben and J-Lo get gushy on TV

USA Today 7/16/03 Jen and Ben get 'Gigli' with it for the press

Teen Hollywood 7/15/03 J.Lo's Trainer Praises Her Fighting Fit Spirit

Launch 7/14/03 Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, And Godsmack Rock 'Now 13'

Zap2It 7/14/03 J. Lo Linked to Murder Scene

NY Times 7/14/03 When Jenny Dumped Benny

NY Daily News 7/14/03 Music-stars-turned-starlets show mixed record

Teen Hollywood 7/12/03 J.Lo Jewels Found At Murder Scene 7/10/03 J.Lo Tops Bling Bling Poll

Teen Hollywood 7/8/03 Lopez 'Explodes' At Affleck

Teen Hollywood 7/7/03 Ben & Jen Secret Marriage Rumors Debunked

Zap2It 7/6/03 J. Lo and Affleck Wedding Rumors Prove False

BBC 7/4/03 J-Lo manager vows to 'dish the dirt'

Daily Record 7/3/03 Some Like It Hot

Teen Hollywood 7/3/03 Lopez Shocks Designer With Niceness

NY Daily News 7/3/03 J.Lo raps ex-rep

Extra TV 7/1/03 Jennifer Lopez

Teen Hollywood 7/1/03 J.Lo Sobs About Tooth Pain

Teen Hollywood 6/27/03 Lopez' Ex-husbands Have Drinks Together 6/27/03 Divining the future with J.Lo on my morning commute

Teen Hollywood 6/24/03 Ben and Jen in Breakup Poll 6/19/03 I Don't Like My Bum - J.Lo

WISC 6/18/03 Spears, J. Lo. Up For Teen Choice Awards

Newsweek 6/16/03 Cleanup Woman

USA Today 6/12/03 J.Lo puts heads on the block

Teen Hollywood 6/10/03 J.Lo To Battle Evil In-law In Film

Hollywood Reporter 6/9/03 Lopez weds New Line's 'Monster' 6/4/03 Glad To See You Too, Jen

Teen Hollywood 6/4/03 J.Lo The Acting Coach 6/1/03 J.Lo Too Expensive For F1

Teen Hollywood 5/31/03 Lopez Pregnancy Reports Squashed

Teen Hollywood 5/29/03 J.Lo Publicist Fired Over Diva Ways?

Teen Hollywood 5/27/03 J.Lo Eyes London For Wedding

WXXA 5/26/03 J.Lo Blasts "Unfaithful" P Diddy

Irish Examiner 5/26/03 Lopez takes diva attitude to ballpark

Teen Hollywood 5/22/03 'J. Lo' Booty Call In Times Square

USA Today 5/22/03 Singer J. Lo's arsenal immortalized in wax

Zap2It 5/19/03 J.Lo Shanks Shankman on 'Carmen' Says Lawsuit

Teen Hollywood 5/16/03 J.Lo Goes Back To Her Roots

NY Daily News 5/15/03 Jenny's in the programming block for Telemundo

Zap2It 5/14/03 J-Lo Signs Development Deal with Telemundo
Teen Hollywood 5/13/03 J.Lo Schedule Ko's Wedding Plans

Teen Hollywood 5/8/03 J.Lo's Papal Tantrum

Teen Hollywood 5/6/03 Lopez Lawsuit Paves Way For Movie Role

Pawtucket Times 5/5/03 Bullpen could ruin Ben’s romance

Irish Examiner 5/5/03 Smith knew nothing about 'Bennifer'

Teen Hollywood 4/29/03 Lopez Signs For Austin Powers 4?

MegaStar 4/29/03 J-Lo's marriage lines

Teen Hollywood 4/29/03 J.Lo Upbringing A Lie?

WOKR 4/28/03 J. Lo and Ben Register at...Target?

Zap2It 4/28/03 British TV Documentary Watching J-Lo's Back

Teen Hollywood 4/28/03 J.Lo's Pre-nup Demands

Vancouver Sun 4/27/03 City falls in love with Lopez

NY Times 4/27/03 When Love Hurts (a Movie): Affairs to Forget

Forbes 4/25/03 Ben & Jen Buy

Ananova 4/25/03 J-Lo documentary reveals singer's real upbringing

Lafayette Hill Journal 4/24/03 J.Lo For Powers

Teen Hollywood 4/22/03 Affleck Has To Book Time With J.Lo

Chicago Sun-Times 4/22/03 'Glow' lawsuit raises questions about J. Lo's business scents

Teen Hollywood 4/19/03 J.Lo's Paris Match-up Upsets America

Teen Hollywood 4/19/03 J.Lo Is On Southpark

BBC 4/17/03 J-Lo must wait for Craig David

Zap2It 4/7/03 Ben And J.Lo Secure Casting Dream

The Iowa Channel 4/7/03 Iowa Town Involved In New Jennifer Lopez Movie

Teen Music 4/6/03 J.Lo Hits Back

Teen Music 4/5/03 J.Lo Stays Quiet On War

Zap2It 4/5/03 'Maid' Cleans Up at the Video Stores

Teen Music 4/4/03 J.Lo Goes Back For A Flashdance

Teen Hollywood 4/4/03 Director Denies Jersey Girl Reshoots

Teen Hollywood 4/2/03 J.Lo And Ben Go Home For Heat

Extra 4/1/03 Jennifer Lopez

British Vogue 3/31/03 Lopez Love

Daily Record 3/31/03 J-Lo Turns on Charm to Deal With Cops

Teen Hollywood 3/28/03 J.Lo Snubs Old "Living Color" cast-mate

NMC 3/26/03 She's A Maniac 3/25/03 J. Lo Is Jenny From The Past In Clip For 'I'm Glad'

Teen Hollywood 3/25/03 Affleck And J.Lo To Head South?

Teen Hollywood 3/22/03 Judd: Seeing J.Lo With Affleck 'sucks'

Zap2It 3/17/03 Miramax Asks Lopez, 'Shall We Dance?'

Zap2It 3/13/03 J. Lo in Talks To 'Dance' With Gere

Teen Hollywood 3/13/03 J.Lo Eyes Gere Project

BBC 3/10/03 Lopez's Maid is 'global hit'

Teen Hollywood 3/7/03 J-Lo to Launch Hot Clothing Line in Europe

NMC 3/7/03 J.Lo's Still Got Urban eTrack

NMC 3/5/03 Jen And Ben Wedding Site?

Teen Hollywood 3/3/03 J-Lo Keeps Affleck Wedding A Secret

Media Guardian 3/3/03 High times for J-Lo

NMC 2/28/03 J. Lo's Got The Urban eTrack 2/28/03 J.Lo Takes Limos To Lunch

BBC 2/28/03 J-Lo's tailor made movie...

Teen Hollywood 2/27/03 Jennifer Lopez Identifies With 'Maid'

BBC 2/27/03 J-Lo's rare UK appearance

Teen Hollywood 2/23/03 J.Lo, Ben And His Best Friend's Girl

Teen Hollywood 2/23/03 Is J.Lo Jealous of Ben's New Co-star?

Launch Yahoo 2/21/03 J. Lo And Dru Hill Added To 'Soul Train' Music Awards Lineup 2/20/03 J.Lo's Eyebrow Care

Teen Hollywood 2/19/03 Lopez Moves Closer To Affleck

NY Daily News 2/18/03 LL Cool-ed until J.Lo heated up his sales 2/17/03 Couple To Wed In Summer

Zap2It 2/17/03 J.Lo Joins Affleck for Family Funeral

Teen Hollywood 2/14/03 Kids Think J.Lo's Ok

Teen Hollywood 2/13/03 Affleck In It For The Long Haul

This Is London 2/10/03 Practice run for Ben and J-Lo

BBC 2/5/03 Ben Affleck teased over J-Lo

Salon 2/4/03 J.Lo ain't no ho

Zap2It 2/3/03 New Line Gambles on 'Double or Nothing' for J.Lo

BBC 2/3/03 Ben: No quick wedding for J-Lo

Extra TV 2/3/03 Jennifer Lopez

Empire Online 2/3/03 Lethal Lopez

Teen Hollywood 2/2/03 J.Lo's Wedding May Be Years Away

Teen Hollywood 1/30/03 Jen And Ben's Bust-up Threatens Film

Teen Hollywood 1/24/03 J.Lo Gives Britney Dating Advice

Zap2It 1/20/03 Affleck and Lopez Escape Injury

Zap2It 1/8/03 J. Lo In Talks for 'Unfinished Life'

Hollywood Reporter 1/8/03 Rev, Miramax are 'Life' partners; Lopez eyes part

Teen Hollywood 1/7/03 Las Vegas Home For Jen + Ben?

Teen Hollywood 1/7/03 J.Lo Denies Valentine's Wedding

This Is London 1/6/03 J-Lo wedding is off

GQ Magazine UK 1/6/03 Gwynnie's Lo-Blow

Toronto Star 1/5/03 Lopez denies she'll wed Affleck on Valentine's Day

Teen Hollywood 1/5/03 J.Lo Heart-broken To Watch Ben Die On Screen

Newsweek 1/2/03 U.S. Warns J. Lo

Teen Hollywood 1/1/03 Ben's A Smart Gem

Extra 1/1/03 Lopez Wedding Dress

Teen Hollywood 12/29/02 Carey Slams Lopez

The Trentonian 12/27/02 Wedding Growls: Potential J.Lo rift gives Ben lovers hope

Ledger-Enquirer 12/27/02 Four Pete's sake! J-Lo's world is getting bizarre

Teen Hollywood 12/23/02 J.Lo Wants Ben To Live Forever

Teen Hollywood 12/20/02 J.Lo Postpones the Wedding 12/17/02 J.Lo Beats Britney On Web

Hollywood Reporter 12/16/02 'Maid' dusts off top spot

BBC 12/16/02 J-Lo beats Star Trek to top spot

USA Today 12/16/02 J. Lo has it 'Maid,' edges out 'Star Trek'

Hollywood Reporter 12/16/02 'Maid' tops 'Trek' at weekend boxoffice

NY Daily News 12/15/02 J.Lo 'Maid' cleans up

Teen Hollywood 12/15/02 Ben and Jen's Working Holiday

The Denver Post 12/15/02 Lopez's'Maid' Cleans Up at Box Office

Teen Hollywood 12/14/02 Lopez Loses It

Teen Hollywood 12/13/02 Lopez Tires Of J.Lo

Salon 12/13/02 "Maid in Manhattan"

Teen Hollywood 12/13/02 J.Lo: No Getting Jiggy with Co-Stars

NY Times 12/13/02 Puttin' Down Mop, Puttin' On the Ritz

NY Daily News 12/13/02 J.Lo cleans up nice in Cinderella story

USA Today 12/13/02 'Maid in Manhattan' is just a little too tidy

Toronto Star 12/13/02 Latest J.Lo star vehicle turns into a pumpkin

The Beacon Journal 12/12/02 High times for J.Lo

BBC 12/12/02 J-Lo keeps it real - again...

Detroit News 12/12/02 The lowdown on J. Lo

CBS News 12/11/02 Jennifer Lopez: This Is Me

BBC 12/10/02 J-Lo: Made in Manhattan?

Extra TV 12/10/02 'Maid in Manhattan'

USA Today 12/9/02 J. Lo and Fiennes (Ray-Fi) 'Maid' for each other

USA Today 12/9/02 J. Lo, Ben make first appearance as fiancés

Extra TV 12/9/02 'Maid in Manhattan'

Teen Hollywood 12/9/02 J.Lo And Ben Want a Family

NY Times 12/9/02 Keeping J. Lo in Spotlight Has Risks as Well as Rewards

Teen Hollywood 12/8/02 J.Lo's Newfound Respect For Maids

Boston Herald 12/8/02 Jennifer Lopez talks about her man, Ben Affleck

Teen Hollywood 12/7/02 Affleck Complaints

NY Times 12/7/02 J Lopez: Homegirl, Working Woman, Empire Builder

Teen Hollywood 12/6/02 J.Lo Stays Low-fat

Extra TV 12/6/02 Jennifer Lopez

NY Daily News 12/5/02 J.Lo and behold

Extra TV 12/3/02 Lopez and Affleck in Vegas

Teen Hollywood 12/2/02 What Will J-Lo Wear Down the Aisle?

BBC 12/2/02 Lopez and Affleck go digital

Teen Hollywood 12/2/02 J.Lo Sacks Hair Stylist

Guardian 11/29/02 Jennifer Lopez: This Is Me...Then

Teen Hollywood 11/28/02 J.Lo's Ex Warns Affleck

Teen Hollywood 11/25/02 Ben Affleck Will Help Sell J-Lo's Aftershave

USA Today 11/25/02 J.Lo tells us she's in love with her guy and feels fine

Extra TV 11/25/02 Jennifer Lopez

Teen Hollywood 11/24/02 Wild Ben and Jen Game

Extra TV 11/22/02 Jennifer Lopez

BBC 11/22/02 J-Lo had Enough of filming?

Hello 11/22/02 Jennifer Lopez Heats Up Wintry Set of Her Latest Video

Teen Hollywood 11/21/02 J.Lo Turns To Technology

Teen Hollywood 11/15/02 Ben's Romantic Proposal

Teen Hollywood 11/14/02 Lopez's Pampered Pooches

NY Daily News 11/13/02 J.Lo really works that high profile

BBC 11/13/02 P Diddy sends J-Lo wedding blessing

Extra TV 11/12/02 Jennifer Lopez in GQ

Extra TV 11/11/02 Lopez and Affleck Are Engaged

NY Daily News 11/11/02 Yes! J.Lo's the object of Ben's Affleck-tions

BBC 11/11/02 -Lo and Ben Affleck to marry...

USA Today 11/11/02 J. Lo in love, and ready for marriage No. 3

BBC 11/10/02 J-Lo confirms Affleck engagement

Extra TV 11/5/02 Are wedding bells ringing for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck?

BBC 11/5/02 Ben & J-Lo - yes or no?

NY Times 11/3/02 Jennifer Lopez: Homegirl, Working Woman, Empire Builder

Teen Hollywood 10/30/02 J.Lo Has Family On The Mind

Teen Hollywood 10/28/02 J.Lo Explains Herself

BBC 10/25/02 No messing with J-Lo

Hollywood Reporter 10/25/02 Lopez on move with Endeavor

Teen Hollywood 10/17/02 J.Lo Shows Off Her Sparkler

Sky News 10/16/02 J-Lo Steals The Show

Teen Hollywood 10/11/02 Lopez in Management Trouble

Hollywood Reporter 10/9/02 Lopez, ICM split; star not meeting with new agents

Teen Hollywood 10/4/02 J.Lo Tired of Baby News Reports

Teen Hollywood 10/3/02 J.Lo Pitches in For Photo Shoot

VH1 9/27/02 J. Lo Sets Release Date For LP After Song Leaks Out

Sky News 9/26/02 Lesbian Romp For J-Lo

Teen Hollywood 9/24/02 J.Lo's Dress Distress

Zap2It 9/17/02 J-Lo Pregnant with Affleck's Child, Brits Report

Sky News 9/8/02 J-Lo Set For Baby Bid

Trentonian 9/4/02 J. Lo interacts with 'Jersey Girl' fans

New York Daily News 8/28/02 NBC, J.Lo base sitcom on la vida Lopez

Zap2It 8/21/02 Brad Pitt and JLo Top InStyle's Sexy Poll

Zap2It 8/12/02 Jennifer Lopez Becomes a 'Dirty Girl'

The Star 8/2/02 Affleck and Lopez a romantic item: magazines

BBC 7/26/02 J-Lo files for divorce

Extra TV 7/21/02 Jennifer Lopez's Divorce

New York Daily News 7/21/02 J. Lo and Cris split their differences

Zap2It 7/19/02 Smith Hoping to Star Opposite JLo in 'A Star Is Born' Remake

New York Daily News 7/18/02 Lo and behold, the sister

Zap2It 6/25/02 J Lo's Pet Salsa Project Gets a Co-star

CNN 6/18/02 J. Lo goes it alone

Observer 6/16/02 J-Lo dumped her man for £1m. We should be so lucky...

Extra TV 6/12/02 Jennifer Lopez' Divorce

Extra TV 6/11/02 Jennifer Lopez

BBC 6/11/02 P Diddy denies J-Lo 'reunion'

Toronto Star 6/9/02 J.Lo goes solo again

Zap2It 6/7/02 J Lo and Judd Reportedly Split

Louisville Channel 6/7/02 Jennifer Lopez Splits With Hubby No. 2

Zap2It 6/5/02 J.Lo Plays Therapist to Superheroes

Salon 5/24/02 "Enough"

Zap2It 5/23/02 Combs Willing to Work With J Lo

Extra TV 5/22/02 'Enough' Premiere

Extra TV 5/21/02 Jennifer Lopez

Hello 5/7/02 Jennifer Lopez To Heat Up The Big Screen As Carmen

Zap2It 5/6/02 J Lo to Produce and Star in 'Carmen'

Extra TV 4/29/02 Jennifer Lopez Fashions

Extra TV 4/23/02 Jennifer Lopez

MTV 4/23/02 Jennifer Lopez, Nas Stay Around The Way For 'Alright' Video

Daily Record 4/17/02 J-Lo Sticks it To 'Em

USA Today 4/14/02 J. Lo's meal ticket

Hollywood Reporter 4/11/02 Col makes bet on Lopez star power

Daily Record 4/8/02 My Name's J-Lo and I'm From Govan

Zap2It 3/19/02 Jennifer Lopez to Offer a Whiff of J.Lo

Hello 3/8/02 J. Lo Heads Dazzling Turnout at Showest Awards in Las Vegas

Zap2It 2/28/02 Ralph Fiennes Enters Jennifer Lopez' 'Chamber'

Zap2It 2/15/02 Jennifer Lopez Named ShoWest Female Star of the Year

Zap2It 2/13/02 Jennifer Lopez to Make Fifth Oscar Appearance

Zap2It 2/15/02 Jennifer Lopez Named ShoWest Female Star of the Year

Zap2It 2/13/02 Jennifer Lopez to Make Fifth Oscar Appearance

Zap2It 2/1/02 Jennifer Lopez and Brad Pitt Named Sexiest Stars on Earth

Spotted on the Set of Gigli

Fox News 12/26/01 JLo Lower Than Expected in Year End Survey

Net Music Countdown 12/21/01 J.Lo Mixes it Up

Zap2It 12/4/01 MTV Presents Jennifer Lopez and Kid Rock in Concert for U.S. Troops

Hello!12/3/01 Jennifer Lopez Claims I'm No Diva

This is London 11/23/01 TOTP fans make grab for J-Lo

St. Petersburg Times 11/21/01 J.Lo leads TV's pop star invasion

Hello Magazine 11/21/01 Jennifer Lopez Arrives in Europe

Detroit Free Press 11/20/01 Lopez's music charms a fan-filled stadium

USA Today 11/19/01 J. Lo is 'Real' in 4 movies, an album, clothing line

Milwaukee Journal 11/19/01 At long last, J. Lo hits the stage

San Francisco Chronicle 11/17/01 Teen idol, J.Lo prepare lavish TV performances

Zap2It 11/14/01 J Lo Concert was 'Risky' Move, Says Lopez

Zap2It 11/7/01 NBC Presents "Jennifer Lopez In Concert" from Puerto Rico

Zap2It 10/31/01 Christopher Walken in for Some 'Gigli' J.Lo

IGN 10/31/01 Celeb of the Day: Jennifer Lopez

IGN 10/31/01 J.Lo Gettin' Gigli with It

Salon 10/30/01 Now that's Lo

Zap2It 10/30/01 Jennifer Lopez Gets 'Gigli' with Ben Affleck

Milwaukee Journal 10/30/01 Report: Lopez to Get $12M for Film

Zap2It 10/22/01 NBC Presents Jennifer Lopez in Concert

Digital Spy 10/17/01 Jennifer Lopez concert to air on NBC

Launch 10/12/01 'Jennifer Lopez In Concert' To Air In November

Zap2It 10/3/01 'Joy Luck Club' Helmer May Direct J.Lo's 'Chambermaid'

BBC 10/1/01 J-Lo marries in secret

Zap2It 9/30/01 J.Lo Weds Dancer Over the Weekend

Zap2It 9/28/01 J.Lo May Tie the Knot this Weekend

BBC 9/28/01 Lopez 'ready for wedding'

Milwaukee Journal 9/24/01 Lopez Returns to Roots for Concert

Milwaukee Journal 9/19/01 Lopez to Perform in Puerto Rico

Tallahassee Democrat 9/10/01 The use of N-word reveals a generation gap

Zap2It 8/28/01 J Lo Joins Latin Grammy Awards

Zap2It 8/15/01 J Lo, Spears Added to MTV's VMA Awards

HK-imail 8/15/01 J.Lo `planning' September wedding

Salon 8/9/01 Clothes a no-go for J-Lo

Zap2It 7/27/01 Jennifer Lopez to Slip Into 'Chambermaid'

Salon 7/19/01 The war against J-Lo

USA Today 7/16/01 J. Lo: Not racist and not pregnant

Fox News 7/11/01 -Lo Is No Milli Vanilli, Says Backup Singer

CD Now 6/11/01 Jennifer Lopez To Wed Dancer Boyfriend?

USA Today 5/21/01 Family keeps 'sexiest' J. Lo modest

Milwaukee Journal 5/14/01 Jennifer Lopez Signs NBC Deal
TV Insite 5/13/01 Jennifer Lopez to make music with NBC

USA Today 5/11/01 Bronze beauties — sans the sun

Milwaukee Journal 5/7/01 Puffy Talks About J.Lo Relationship

Zap2It 4/16/01 Today Show Summer Concert Series To Include Jennifer Lopez

BBC 4/3/01 Lopez drops Kahlo project

San Francisco Chronicle 3/26/01 Lopez, others choose stunning couture looks

The Onion 3/14/01 No Jennifer Lopez News Today

Milwaukee Journal 3/5/01 Lopez Signs Clothing Line Deal

BBC 2/28/01 Lopez stays out of witness box

BBC 2/27/01 Lopez may testify at Puffy trial

BBC 2/14/01 Puffy and Lopez split

Milwaukee Journal 2/12/01 Jennifer Lopez Appears on 'SNL'

USA Today 2/12/01 Puffy, Jennifer Lopez are both in fashion

BBC 2/5/01 Lopez holds lead at US cinema

BBC 2/1/01 Lopez topples Fab Four

Milwaukee Journal 1/31/01 Jennifer Lopez Tops Movies, Records

Virginia Pilot 1/31/01 Is Jennifer Lopez a modern Audrey Hepburn?

BBC 1/31/01 Lopez to present Oscar

ABC News 1/28/01 Wedding Scores a Touchdown

Salon 1/26/01 "The Wedding Planner"

Pilot Online 1/26/01 Lopez tones it down in ''Wedding Planner''

Milwaukee Journal 1/25/01 'J-Lo' doesn't stay far from 'On the 6'

Salon 1/23/01 Puffy uses flower power

Milwaukee Journal 1/22/01 Lopez Getting on With Her Career

Milwaukee Journal 1/21/01 Jennifer Lopez Releasing New Album

Zap2It 1/21/01 McDermott May Play Bad Guy Opposite Lopez

Milwaukee Journal 1/14/01 Lopez Says Album Aimed At the Hips

CD Now 1/12/01 Jennifer Lopez To Present At Golden Globe Awards

Milwaukee Journal 1/6/01 Jennifer Lopez finds fame, fortune just a little 'weird'

Teen Hollywood 1/3/01 Lopez Copes With Success

Zap2It 12/6/00 Lopez, Martin Added To AMA Lineup

The Guardian 9/13/00 Jennifer Lopez

BBC 9/11/00 Lopez dazzles at premiere

BBC 8/21/00 The Cell captures moviegoers

Salon 8/17/00 Jennifer Lopez does unibrow chic

Salon 7/26/00 Jennifer Lopez: Fussbudget? 1/10/00 Madonna vs Jennifer Lopez

BBC 12/28/99 Lopez and Puff Daddy shooting charge

BBC 12/7/99 Lopez: I'm no billion dollar babe

ExtraTV 10/12/00 Jennifer Lopez's Little Sister

ExtraTV 7/28/99 Jennifer Lopez Goes 'Out Of Sight'

Salon 6/10/99 Baby got back, but can Jennifer Lopez sing?

ExtraTV 6/2/99 The Early Jennifer Lopez


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