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News Articles about VH1 Networks Liza and David


Extra 12/28/04 Minnelli's Bizarre Health Scare

Sky News 12/28/04 Liza Minnelli's Bed Fall

Digital Spy 12/28/04 Liza Minnelli hospitalised

Zap2It 12/28/04 Minnelli Bumps Head Getting Out of Bed

BBC 12/28/04 Minnelli treated after bed fall

USA Today 12/28/04 Liza Minnelli hospitalized

NY Daily News 12/28/04 Liza rushed to ER after fall from bed - cops

Access Hollywood 12/27/04 Report: Liza Minnelli Hospitalized

E!Online 12/27/04 Report: Liza Hospitalized

Access Hollywood 12/27/04 Liza Gets 'Arrested,' Again

NY Daily News 12/18/04 Liza to bodyguard: Zip it!

NY Daily News 12/16/04 Judge cloaks Liza details in secrecy

Contact Music 12/8/04 Minnelli Fights to Move Mum Out

Contact Music 12/6/04 Gest: No Work for 18 Months After Minnelli Beatings

CBS 11/24/04 Ozzy And Liza To Share Spotlight

Contact Music 11/23/04 Gest Plans Big Memphis Party

This is London 11/17/04 Life's no cabaret for accused Liza

USA Today 11/17/04 Minnelli says forces are joining against her

Contact Music 11/17/04 Minnelli Counter sues Assistant

Daily Record 11/12/04 Minnelli Made Me Have Sex With Her 11/12/04 Suit: Minnelli forced bodyguard to have sex

Zap2It 11/11/04 Ex-Bodyguard Sues Minnelli for Harassment

This Is London 11/11/04 Liza bodyguard 'forced to have sex'

Ananova 11/11/04 Liza Minnelli faces sex claim

BBC 11/11/04 Minnelli faces sex claim in court

NY Daily News 11/11/04 Forced to have sex, bodyguard sez 11/10/04 Bodyguard Says Minnelli Made Him Have Sex

E!Online 11/10/04 Liza Strikes Back

NBC13 11/10/04 Liza Minnelli Responds To Beating Claim By Bodyguard

Contact Music 11/10/04 Minnelli Sues Ex-Bodyguard

BBC 11/10/04 Singer Minnelli sues ex-bodyguard

NY Daily News 11/10/04 Liza hits ex-employee with 250G lawsuit

Contact Music 11/4/04 Minnelli 'Incoherent' At Outkast Party

NY Daily News 10/28/04 Lawsuit vs. Liza not a public offering - judge

Contact Music 10/17/04 Collins Knew Minnelli Marriage Was Doomed

Celebrity Justice 10/12/04 Inside the Gest v. Minnelli Case

Contact Music 10/4/04 Minnelli Was Always Non-Violent Says Ex-Employee

Daily Record 10/2/04 New Liza Beating Claim

E!Online 10/1/04 Liza Sued by Injured Assistant

NY Daily News 10/1/04 Liza aide is singing a lawsuit

Seattle Times 8/23/04 Liza sheds problems for star performance

Extra 7/13/04 Gest Fears For Friend Jackson

BBC 5/25/04 Lawyer leaves Gest divorce case

CBS 5/25/04 Another Breakup For Liza's Ex

NY Daily News 3/30/04 Minnelli's testimony is unreel

Times of India 3/21/04 Sister Act: Reunion after 2 years

Ananova 3/13/04 Liza 'forced to wear fur'

Ananova 3/12/04 Minnelli banned from contacting sister

Ananova 3/12/04 Minnelli tempted by reality TV divorce

This Is London 3/11/04 Minnelli TV divorce show...almost!

Extra 3/11/04 Minnelli v. Gest: Must-Sue TV

NY Daily News 3/11/04 Liza & Gest eyed doing splits on TV

NY Daily News 2/25/04 Liza's hubby popping pills

NY Daily News 2/20/04 Liza's ex told to get head check

Houston Chronicle 2/20/04 Minnelli's ex reportedly engaged to Diana Ross

MegaStar 2/19/04 We'd never have Gest

E!Online 2/10/04 Ratings: David Sticks It to Liza

TV Barn 2/9/04 "Celeb Justice" digs up old David Gest suit

Celebrity Justice 2/9/04 David Gest Flip-Flops on Claims of Permanent Injury

This is London 2/6/04 Gest: look what Liza did

Extra 2/5/04 David Gest

Beacon Journal 2/4/04 Liza's ex reveals

E!Online 2/3/04 Gest Blames "Enquirer" for Breakup

CBS 2/3/04 Liza Breakup Blamed On Tabloid

Ananova 2/3/04 National Enquirer 'caused Minnelli marriage break-up'

BBC 1/23/04 Minnelli rejects pre-trial taping

NY Daily News 1/23/04 Liza scotches testifying on tape

E!Online 1/22/04 Liza Beats Down Video Request

Fox News 1/22/04 Liza's Not Ready for Her Close Up

MegaStar 1/22/04 Off the Gest list

BBC 1/13/04 Dealer denies Minnelli accusation

This is London 1/9/04 Minnelli has blood illness

Extra 1/8/04 Liza Minnelli

E!Online 1/8/04 Liza and David Stick with Prenup

Toronto Star 1/8/04 Ugly accusations keep flying in Gest-Minnelli split

Hollywood Reporter 1/8/04 Minnelli arrives at divorce court

BBC 1/8/04 Minnelli says husband is 'hiding'

Ananova 1/8/04 Minnelli lawyer claims Gest is 'hiding in Hawaii'

NY Daily News 1/8/04 Ex says Liza lied about 'condition'

Globe and Mail 1/8/04 Liza Minnelli says Gest is 'hiding' in Hawaii

Celebrity Justice 1/7/04 Liza Minnelli in Court

News OK 1/7/04 Liza Minnelli Arrives at Divorce Court

BBC 12/10/03 Minnelli to appear in US sitcom

CBS 12/9/03 Liza Loving Life On Small Screen

NY Daily News 11/21/03 Liza's funny - no joke

USA Today 11/20/03 Minnelli's charm is arresting

NY Daily News 11/21/03 Liza's funny - no joke

USA Today 11/20/03 Minnelli's charm is arresting

BBC 11/18/03 Minnelli 'counter-suing' husband

NY Daily News 11/18/03 Liza slaps ex with suit

Ananova 11/18/03 Minnelli accuses husband of theft

Hello 11/7/03 Liza Moving on After Spilt

Toronto Star 10/31/03 Don't picket fence her in

Borowitz 10/24/03 Liza Minnelli Seeks Larger Role in War on Terror

E!Online 10/23/03 Divorce Four Liza 10/23/03 Divorce Getting Nasty

BBC 10/23/03 Liza Minnelli to divorce David Gest

Celebrity Justice 10/23/03 Liza Minnelli Files For Divorce

USA Today 10/23/03 Gest and Minnelli pull no punches

BBC 10/23/03 Liza to divorce but denies abuse

Ananova 10/23/03 Liza Minnelli files for divorce

NY Daily News 10/23/03 Liza fights back!

Extra 10/22/03 David Gest Sues Liza Minnelli

E!Online 10/22/03 Lawsuit Claims Liza Battered David

BBC 10/22/03 Liza and David's tantrums and tiaras 10/22/03 Minnelli sued by estranged husband

MegaStar 10/22/03 Spoken in Gest

BBC 10/22/03 Gest sues Minnelli over 'abuse'

Ananova 10/22/03 Liza Minnelli sued for beating husband

BBC 10/22/03 Gest sues Minnelli over 'abuse'

Jam! 10/22/03 Gest suing Minnelli for $10 million

NY Daily News 10/22/03 Estranged hubby: Liza beat me!

USA Today 10/21/03 David Gest, alleging assault, sues Liza Minnelli for $10 million

NY Daily News 10/16/03 Another turn in the limelight

Zap2It 9/29/03 Minnelli Gets 'Arrested' for FOX

Hollywood Reporter 9/29/03 Fox's 'Arrested' collars Minnelli for rare TV gig

NY Times 9/28/03 Fox's 'Arrested' Collars Minnelli for Rare TV Gig

E!Online 9/22/03 "Liza and David" Lawsuits Dropped

Zap2It 9/20/03 VH1, Gest Settle Suits Over 'Liza and David'

Ananova 8/5/03 Liza love split forces play rewrite

BBC 8/5/03 Minnelli cabaret upstaged by split 8/2/03 Liza: 'I Still Care'

Globe and Mail 8/2/03 Ditching Svengali: What is Liza thinking? 8/1/03 Liza's fudge for the blues

BBC 7/29/03 Minnelli has 'no plans to divorce'

BBC 7/26/03 Minnelli splits from husband

Ananova 7/26/03 Minnelli splits from husband

Zap2It 7/26/03 Liza Approves of Jackman Playing Her Ex in Musical

NY Daily News 7/26/03 Now it's Liza with an ex!

Ananova 5/28/03 Liza Minnelli performs from hospital bed

BBC 5/28/03 Minnelli performs from hospital

E!Online 5/27/03 Patient Liza's Show Goes On

Ananova 5/27/03 ITV scraps Liza Minnelli documentary

Detroit News 5/26/03 Minelli Plans on Concert Despite Injury

Detroit News 5/26/03 Liza Minnelli Breaks Kneecap

BBC 3/21/03 Minnelli goes back into rehab

E!Online 3/20/03 Liza's Rehab Checkup

Extra 3/19/03 Tough Week for Liza and David

BBC 3/11/03 Lawyers walk out on Minnelli

Ananova 3/5/03 Liza Minnelli plans huge anniversary party

Miami Herald 2/20/03 Liza's back -- live on stage in the spotlight she craves

BBC 1/31/03 Liza Minnelli gets International Hero award...

Hello Magazine 1/23/03 Liza To Top Wedding With Lavish Anniversary Bash

Live Daily 1/15/03 Liza Minnelli's back on the performing trail

Extra TV 12/20/02 Liza Minelli

The Smoking Gun 12/18/02 Liza-VH1 Lawsuit Becomes Reality

USA Today 12/17/02 Liza Minnelli, husband sue VH1

Zap2It 12/17/02 Minnelli, Husband Sue VH1 Over Scrapped Series

E!Online 12/17/02 Liza Looking for Payback

Time 12/2/02 The Love That Dares to Speak

Zap2It 11/22/02 Minnelli Hires Lawyer to Battle VH1

E!Online 11/22/02 Liza with a Lawsuit?

New Haven Register 11/22/02 Liza, hubby hire Skakel lawyer over loss of show

Extra TV 11/21/02 Liza and David

TV Barn 11/21/02 Liza: Ray Charles flap sank our reality show

Guardian 11/7/02 Minnelli hits out over reality show

Washington Post 11/1/02 Liza, No Videotape: VH1 Axes Reality Show

Hollywood Reporter 10/31/02 Unwanted Gest: VH1 axes 'Liza' due to lack of 'access'

USA Today 10/30/02 The VH1 party is over for Liza and David

Extra 10/30/02 Liza's Show Cancelled

Zap2It 10/30/02 VH1 Scraps 'Liza and David'

BBC 10/30/02 Minnelli reality show 'axed'

Zap2It 10/14/02 VH1 Looks at 'Liza and David's Wedding'

Ananova 10/1/02 Liza Minnelli 'to adopt three more children'

Extra TV 10/1/02 Liza Minelli

Ananova 9/4/02 Liza Minnelli and her husband to adopt daughter

E!Online 9/3/02 Liza, Hubby...and Child

Post Gazette 7/29/02 VH1 stages a cabaret at Liza Minnelli's home

Seattle PI 7/27/02 Ozzy & Family, meet 'Liza & David'

Detroit News 7/27/02 'Liza and David' plan a special dinner party

USA Today 7/26/02 We're invited to Liza's place

Extra TV 7/26/02 'Liza and David'

BBC 7/26/02 Minnelli confirms reality show

New York Daily News 7/26/02 Be the Gests' guest

Globe and Mail 7/18/02 Liza with a TV?

Guardian 7/16/02 First Ozzy, now Liza: singer set to open Gest house to the world

BBC 7/16/02 Minnelli plans reality TV show


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