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News Articles about Lightning and Lightning Strikes 


KHOU 8/31/07 Pasadena woman struck by lightning released from hospital

KOLO 8/31/07 Lightning Strikes Sparks Home

Arizona Republic 8/31/07 Man survives lightning strike

KPNX-12 8/31/07 Man struck by lightning shares his story

Daily News 8/31/07 Lightning bolt causes fire; home a total loss

Detroit News 8/30/07 Lightning strikes National Weather Service building

All Africa 8/30/07 Striking Back - Lightning in the Developing World

USA Today 8/30/07 Student killed by lightning strike on soccer field

Port Arthur News 8/29/07 Man killed by lightning bolt strike at Motiva dock

Yahoo! News 8/29/07 Teacher, Student Struck By Lightning

Americus Times Recorder 8/29/07 Four horses killed by lightning

Times Union 8/29/07 Lightning changed her life in a flash

EE Times 8/29/07 Ball lightning's frightening . . . but finally explained

London Free Press 8/29/07 Lightning strike damages arena

Post Star 8/28/07 Woman survives lightning strike

Goshen News 8/28/07 Lightning destroys telephone system

Gazette Extra 8/28/07 Lightning kills man in latest storms

CBS 46 8/28/07 Four Quarterhorses Killed By Lightning

Yahoo! News 8/27/07 Golfer Struck, Killed By Lightning At Madison Golf Course

All Africa 8/27/07 Lightning Kills One, 5 Injured in Kamuli

Billings Gazette 8/27/07 Same lightning storm started Black Cat and Jock Lakes wildfires

AJC 8/26/07 15-year-old killed by lightning strike

Boston Globe 8/26/07 Lightning strike kills Baxter camper

Union Tribune 8/26/07 Lightning strike ignites brush fire in Lakeside 8/26/07 Colorado 2nd Only To Florida In Lightning Deaths

WPTV 8/26/07 Lightning Dangers and Protection

WJZ 8/26/07 Young Woman Struck By Lightning In C&O Canal

WXIA-TV 8/26/07 Lightning Strikes In Weekend Storms

Indy Star 8/25/07 Lightning strikes Noblesville High School

Savannah Morning News 8/25/07 Lightning strike sets Rincon home ablaze

Birmingham News 8/25/07 Fire guts Mtn. Book home hit by lightning

Orlando Sentinel 8/25/07 Lightning extends school day for hundreds of Ocoee pupils 8/24/07 Storm fuels lightning hits at church, condo, trees

Fond du Lac Reporter 8/23/07 Bees get new home after lightning knocks down tree

City News 8/23/07 Lightning Strike Spells Stunning End To Century-Old Tree

KCTV 7/23/07 Lightning Strikes House, Starts Fire In Bed

Arizona Republic 8/23/07 NAU student who survived lightning strike is back

MLive 8/23/07 Lightning hits church steeple

Charlotte Observer 8/23/07 Lightning sparks blaze; firefighter hurt

USA Today 8/22/07 Latest on lightning fatalities

ABC 8/22/07 Lightning strike kills 3 on flooded street

CBC 8/22/07 Man struck by lightning dies

Tallahassee Democrat 8/22/07 Lightning strikes endanger homes

Arizona Daily Sun 8/21/07 Lightning-caused fire still burning on North Rim

NJ Star Ledger 8/20/07 Matron of honor killed by lightning

KWWL 8/20/07 Lightning Destroys Church Cross

Edmonton Journal 8/19/07 Lightning strike delays CFL game

Edmonton Journal 8/19/07 Lightning can zap you indoors

Star Ledger 8/18/07 Lightning kills woman, sends man to hospital

NY Post 8/18/07 Lightning kills N.J. woman

Prince George Citizen 8/17/07 Lightning strikes too many to count

Sun Journal 8/17/07 Lightning strikes man

NBC 8/17/07 Lightning Strikes Knock Out Prison's Electric Locks For 15 Days

Perth Now 8/17/07 Lightning strike warning for Olympics

CNN 8/16/07 Lightning kills 499 in China this year

Aspen Times 8/16/07 Hiker survives Mt. Elbert lightning bolt

Daily Press 8/16/07 Woman saved from lightning by flip-flops

Belfast Telegraph 8/16/07 Terror as plane hit by lightning

Rocky Mountain News 8/16/07 Lightning no joke around Parker

York Dispatch 8/15/07 Lightning kills 3 horses

KTAR 8/15/07 Lightning Rods Can Help Protect Homes in Storms

CNN 8/14/07 Lightning kills five at funeral in China

Sun Sentinel 8/14/07 Landscaper killed by lightning while working in Parkland

Salem News 8/14/07 Shock wave from lightning strike floors workers

NBC 10 8/14/07 Lightning Strikes Woman, House

Arizona Daily Star 8/14/07 Illegal entrant struck by lightning

Miami Herald 8/13/07 Surge protection vital in lightning season

New Zealand Herald 8/13/07 Lightning forces families from homes

Florida Daily News 8/12/07 Man has close call with lightning strike

Denver Post 8/12/07 Lightning hits Monument homes

9&10 News 8/12/07 Lightning Starts Fire at Shanty Creek Resort

Daily Sun 8/12/07 Fire blamed on lightning strike

Tallahassee Democrat 8/12/07 Lightning sparks four house fires

WTOC 8/11/07 Lightning Strikes House

Sofia News Agency 8/11/07 Lightning Sets on Fire Sofia's Forensic Medicine Building

Florida Daily News 8/10/07 Lightning strikes hit as many as nine buildings

Hillsdale Daily News 8/9/07 College trainer struck by lightning

Seacoast Online 8/9/07 Lightning strikes: 'I thought we had been bombed'

Columbus Ledger Enquirer 8/9/07 Lightning strikes impact 3 schools

Pittsburgh Tribune Review 8/9/07 Plum home razed in fire caused by lightning strike

Mobile Register 8/8/07 Lightning strike fatal to logger

Seacoast Online 8/8/07 Victim describes lightning strike incident

Japan Today 8/8/07 Lightning kills man in Hokkaido, boy in Iwate

Foster's Online 8/7/07 York plumber zapped by lightning while working on house

WCAX 8/7/07 Lightning cracks stone steeple in Brattleboro

UNLV Rebel Yell 8/6/07 Discovering lightning

Thanh Nien News 8/6/07 Lightning kills mother and son

Sun Sentinel 8/6/07 Man says he was struck by lightning as storms move into Broward

Sun Sentinel 8/6/07 Lightning survivors in S. Florida say injuries can linger for years

Newindpress 8/6/07 Lightning kills seven

Edmonton Sun 8/5/07 Golf club makes perfect lightning rod

Rapid City Journal 8/5/07 Lightning fires flare up Sunday

Fox News 8/4/07 Water Alert After Lightning Hits Plant

Hindustan Times 8/4/07 Lightning kills ten in Orissa

Globe and Mail 8/4/07 Golfer hit by lightning is in critical condition

China Daily 8/4/07 Lightning, thunder hit Beijing

KRGV 8/4/07 Lightning Strikes Building

Terre Haute Tribune Star 8/4/07 Lightning strike sets off warehouse fire

Daily Times 8/4/07 Lightning strike causes foam to coat Alcoa Highway

Nashua Telegraph 8/4/07 Surge protection vital in lightning season

Patriot-News 8/3/07 Lightning strike blamed for 2 fires in same house 8/3/07 Powerful Storms Bring Lightning, Hail

Syracuse Post Standard 8/3/07 Lightning strike ignites West Edmeston fire 8/3/07 Woman hit by lightning, wedding tent blown away in storm

BBC 8/2/07 China lightning kills record 141

Valley Independent 8/2/07 Local church hit by lightning

Explorer 8/1/07 Expert revels in lightning's unpredictability

Daytona Beach News Journal 8/1/07 Lightning causes damage, sends man to hospital

Daily Champion 8/1/07 Nigeria: Borno - Lightning Kills 3 Persons, 16 Cows

Reader's Digest 8/1/07 When lightning strikes a golfer, who is at fault?

The Hindu 7/31/07 Two children killed in lightning strike

The Ledger 7/31/07 Use Common Sense to Avoid Encounters With Lightning

Boston Globe 7/31/07 Couple awakened when lightning hits house

Denver Post 7/31/07 Lightning victim a genuine adventurer

WXII 7/31/07 Lightning Strands Chair Lift Riders

Winnipeg Sun 7/30/07 Lightning strikes add 7 more forest fires

WWAY 7/30/07 Lightning cuts power to traffic signals

Wilmington Star 7/30/07 Couple's cat missing following lightning fire

USA Today 7/30/07 Lightning strike injures group of Boy Scouts in New Mexico

York Dispatch 7/30/07 Man OK after second lightning strike

CBC 7/30/07 Lightning blamed for caribou deaths

Herald News 7/30/07 Lightning strike sends diners scrambling

CNN 7/29/07 Lightning kills five climbers

Rutland Herald 7/29/07 Lightning ignites Bennington buildings

Yahoo! News 7/28/07 Woman Hospitalized After Lightning Strike

WESH 7/28/07 Firefighters, Heat-Sensor Gun Stop Lightning-Caused Fire

ABC11 7/28/07 Lightning Blamed for Multi-Million Dollar House Fire

Rocky Mountain News 7/28/07 Man killed by lightning

Gaming Today 7/28/07 Teenager Struck By Lightning While Playing Mortal Kombat

Daily Telegram 7/28/07 Lightning strike damages 911 dispatch center

Palm Beach Post 7/27/07 Lightning sparks boat fire, knocks down tree in Martin

Central Florida News 7/26/07 Beware Deadly Beach Lightning

Times of India 7/26/07 Five killed, one injured by lightning in Rajasthan

Billings Gazette 7/26/07 Lightning hits 1,700 times in 7 hours

Caller Times 7/26/07 Southwest flight struck by lightning on way to CC

Daily News Tanzania 7/26/07 Lightning kills doctor talking on cell phone

Houston Chronicle 7/25/07 Lightning kills man at Lost Maples State Natural Area

Cape Breton Post 7/25/07 Anglers have to respect the danger of lightning

Weatherford Democrat 7/25/07 Firefighter downed by lightning

Miami Herald 7/24/07 5 things you didn't know about lightning

First Coast News 7/24/07 Landmark Mansion Sustains Damages from Lightning Strike

USA Today 7/23/07 Lightning kills diver off Florida coast

WXII 7/23/07 Lightning Hits Tree At Reidsville Home

Sun Chronicle 7/22/07 Lightning teaches lesson

Sun-Sentinel 7/22/07 Diver killed by lightning strike off Deerfield coast

Medfield Press 7/22/07 Lightning strikes down 1930s flagpole

Herald-Tribune 7/22/07 As storm pounds region, lightning is cited in blaze at furniture plant

Norfolk Eastern Daily Press 7/22/07 Lightning strike family's thanks

Newindpress 7/22/07 Lightning claims one

The Ledger 7/21/07 Lightning Strikes Hospitalize Three

First Coast News 7/21/07 Two Hit by Lightning in Tampa

AJC 7/21/07 Rescue crew revives roofer hit by lightning

Gainesville Sun 7/21/07 Florida is nation's lightning capital

Commercial Dispatch 7/21/07 Lightning blamed in house fire 7/21/07 Lightning Sends a Powerful Surge Through An Orange County House

The Denver Channel 7/21/07 40 Acre Fire Caused By Lightning

China Daily 7/21/07 Lightning kills 40 in NW Pakistan

Channel 4 News 7/20/07 50 killed by lightning and storms

Chicago Tribune 7/20/07 Lightning fires hit Joliet

Columbia Daily Tribune 7/20/07 Lightning sparks studio fire

WPDE 7/20/07 Hotel hit by lightning

Sun-Herald 7/20/07 Tampa shopper felled by lightning strike

Naples Daily News 7/20/07 Lightning blamed for Marco boat fire

Press Citizen 7/19/07 Lightning strike destroys Schwab barn

Chicago Tribune 7/19/07 Lightning fire destroys Joliet house, damages 2 others 7/19/07 Lightning strikes spark wildfires, force evacuations

Union Tribune 7/18/07 Lightning-caused blazes stretch firefighting resources in West

Seattle PI 7/18/07 Lightning hits SEA to Missoula plane; no injuries

WXII 7/17/07 Surry County Boy OK After Lightning Strike

Albert Lea Tribune 7/17/07 Clarks Grove elevator hit by lightning, bursts

KIRO 7/17/07 Lightning-Caused Wildfire Grows In North-Central WA

GMZ News 7/16/07 Lightning strike kills boy, 8, in Pangasinan

WBZ TV 7/16/07 Lightning Strikes Pregnant Woman, Others In N.H.

St. George Daily Spectrum 7/16/07 Lightning sparks Zion fire

NBC 7/16/07 Man struck by lightning lives to tell about it

BBC 7/15/07 Family woken by lightning strike

The Oregonian 7/15/07 Lightning starts 212 more wildfires

Idaho Statesman 7/15/07 Lightning ignites 4 fires in Boise forest

Seattle Times 7/14/07 Lightning causes minor damage, heightens danger of forest fires 7/14/07 Lightning storms spark 200-plus wildfires

CNN 7/14/07 Firefighters battle lightning-caused blazes as another storm looms 7/14/07 Lightning gives firefighter a shock

WXIA-TV 7/14/07 Lightning Sparks House Fires

Opinion250 News 7/14/07 Lightning Sparks Dozens Of New Fires

InformationWeek 7/13/07 iPod Worsens Man's Injuries In Lightning Strike

Seattle Times 7/13/07 Lightning damages Kirkland home

Journal News 7/12/07 Lightning in Patterson knocks down intern, scares fox

CBC 7/12/07 Lightning strike felt as if 'his whole body had exploded'

Globe and Mail 7/12/07 Youth seriously hurt in lightning strike

USA Today 7/12/07 Lightning ignites oil refinery storage tank

PC World 7/12/07 Shocking! IPod Plus Lightning Equals Trouble

Newsday 7/11/07 iPod: MP3 player or lightning risk?

Deepika Global 7/10/07 Three killed in lightning

Northwest County Journal 7/10/07 Lightning kills local man

Nevada Appeal 7/10/07 Lightning strikes down old firehouse
Iosco News 7/10/07 Canoeists struck by lightning

Fosters Online 7/10/07 Lightning strike destroys shed in Portsmouth

WPTZ 7/10/07 Lightning Zaps Wheelchair With Man In It

Cincinnati Enquirer 7/10/07 Lightning zaps house

St Louis Post Dispatch 7/10/07 Man walking to work is killed by lightning

WJHG 7/9/07 Girl Has Close Call With Lightning

CBS 7/9/07 Religious Book Seller Struck By Lightning

KARE 7/9/07 Lightning strikes St. Paul home, no one injured

Press Connects 7/8/07 Where should you be when lightning strikes?

Orlando Sentinel 7/8/07 Lightning strike causes fire

Mercury News 7/8/07 Lightning sparks wildfires, forces evacuations in West

Miami Herald 7/8/07 Lightning in Northwest Miami-Dade sends person to hospital

KCAX 7/707 Lightning strikes barn, home

KTVZ 7/7/07 Lightning touches off small fires in Central Oregon

Newsday 7/6/07 Puppy dies in lightning fire after waking owner

Kansas City Star 7/6/07 Lightning knocks out power in germ lab

Las Vegas Sun 7/6/07 Lightning touches off fires north, south of Reno

Salt Lake Tribune 7/6/07 Utah firefighters rush to lightning-sparked blazes in Cache, SW Utah

Penn Live 7/6/07 Lightning zaps man, destroys home

WTVY 7/6/07 Coffee County Man Struck by Lightning
Cincinnati Post 7/5/07 Inmates sue over lightning injuries

Bloomberg 7/5/07 NASA Delays Launch of Science Probe Amid Lightning Forecast

Courier-Journal 7/5/07 Lightning zaps weather service radar

KCTV5 News 7/5/07 Lightning Strikes Church Steeple 7/5/07 Lightning Destroys So. Fla. Home

Globe and Mail 7/4/07 Rubber cleats help teen survive lightning

BBC 7/4/07 Mother and girl hit by lightning

BBC 7/3/07 Two schoolgirls hit by lightning

WDSU 7/2/07 2 Houma Men Struck By Lightning While Fishing

First Coast News 7/2/07 First Coast Man Killed By Lightning

Daily News 7/2/07 Lightning strikes destroy two North Okaloosa homes 7/2/07 Lightning-caused wildfire burning in eastern Arizona 7/2/07 Police Identify Lightning Strike Victim 7/2/07 Protect Yourself From Lightning

Deseret News 7/1/07 Take precautions to stay safe when lightning is near

WKYC-TV 7/1/07 Lightning is good for the lawn

Helena Independent Record 7/1/07 Lightning keeps fire crews at the ready

China Economic Net 7/1/07 11 killed by lightning strikes in June in southwest China province

TCPalm 6/30/07 Lightning blamed for fire at Tiger Woods' beach house on Jupiter Island

Salt Lake Tribune 6/30/07 Golf: Lightning halts U.S. Open

UPI 6/30/07 Meeting joins lightning strike survivors

WBBH 6/30/07 Lightning strikes cause 3 separate fires, Saturday 6/30/07 Lightning destroys home, puts woman in hospital

Sierra Vista Herald 6/30/07 Lightning sparks several wildfires

Helena Independent Record 6/30/07 Lightning sparks blaze in home, 3 wildfires

NY Times 6/29/07 It Was Lightning, Con Ed Says, That Caused the Lights to Go Out

Miami Herald 6/29/07 Avoid lightning at all costs

News Herald 6/29/07 Lightning strike zaps power at water plant

Nogales International 6/29/07 Lightning-caused fire being fought east of Patagonia

News Journal 6/29/07 Lightning sparks Eglin fire

Baltimore Sun 6/28/07 Three workers hurt in lightning strike

Washington Post 6/28/07 Girl, 16, Dies After She Is Struck by Lightning

WMUR 6/28/07 Lightning Strikes Van, Shatters Windshield

Decatur Daily 6/28/07 Lightning strikes at Alabama coal mine; 6 workers injured

Express Times 6/28/07 Lightning starts fire at church

Troy Record 6/28/07 Troy teen killed by lightning

Indy Star 6/27/07 Lightning strikes hotel, homes in Fishers

Canoe 6/26/07 Dogs die chained to lightning-hit trees

The Hindu 6/26/07 Lightning, rains claims 91 lives in Nasik division

USA Today 6/26/07 Lightning kills 37 people over 3 days in eastern China

Chronicle Herald 6/26/07 Woman says lightning struck when she was finishing lunch

Naples Daily News 6/26/07 Lightning fire shuts down eastbound lanes near I-75 toll plaza

Hindustan Times 6/25/07 Lightning kills six in Sonebhadra

Access North Georgia 6/25/07 Forsyth County man killed by lightning

Herald Citizen 6/25/07 Festival-goer killed by lightning

CBC 6/25/07 Grandpa's lesson backfires when lightning strikes home

Gainesville Times 6/25/07 Odds of getting struck by lightning may be better than you think

TampaBays10 6/25/07 Worker struck by lightning

Central Florida News 13 6/24/07 Lightning Sparks House Fire

Rapid City Journal 6/24/07 Deputy sheriff's car hit by lightning

News-Leader 6/24/07 Five injured in nearby lightning strike

Rapid City Journal 6/24/07 Lightning sparks multiple fires throughout Hills

Gulf News 6/24/07 16 camels killed by lightning

CTV 6/23/07 Dad survives lightning bolt with just a few scrapes

Post-Bulletin 6/23/07 Lightning strikes two horses near Ostrander

Nashua Telegraph 6/23/07 Lightning sparks fire in bedroom

Miami Herald 6/22/07 Lightning kills man beneath cloudless sky
NBC 10 6/22/07 Parents Of Teen Struck By Lightning Speak

Sun Sentinel 6/21/07 Florida blazes trail as lightning-strike capital

News Wise 6/21/07 Lightning Strikes Deadliest in Summer

Sun Sentinel 6/21/07 Landscaper killed by lightning in Pinecrest

Evening Sun 6/21/07 Lightning strike kills man

Bucks County Courier Times 6/21/07 Lightning leads to hotel evacuation

New Kerala 6/20/07 Lightning-related incidents claim 21 lives

Bedford Bulletin 6/20/07 Woman, zapped by lightning, lives to tell about it

York Dispatch 6/20/07 Fairview Twp. man dies after lightning strike

Times Reporter 6/20/07 Lightning hits house, car - Women trapped inside car at I-77 rest stop

CF News 6/20/07 Questions On Lightning Safety After Man Struck

WTOV 6/20/07 Man Struck By Lightning, Suffers Broken Hip

Western Mail 6/20/07 Trains chaos as lightning strikes

SomaliNet 6/20/07 Thailand: 3 killed, 10 injured during sudden lightning

Times Herald Record 6/19/07 Two men, injured by lightning, rescue 13-year-old boy

Times & Democrat 6/19/07 Orangeburg County hit 160 times by lightning in 15 minutes

Orlando Sentinel 6/19/07 Man struck by lightning during cell phone call

WKYC 6/19/07 Road worker struck by lightning 6/18/07 One killed, six injured in lightning strike

Columbus Dispatch 6/18/07 Lightning starts fire at retirement community in Dayton

Emerald Coast 6/18/07 Lightning sparks two house fires

Times Herald Record 6/17/07 Lightning injures four motorcyclists

Star Ledger 6/17/07 Harrison man hit by lightning in Essex park

Globe and Mail 6/17/07 Lightning kills Alberta man, unborn baby

India News 6/16/07 Lightning kills 8 in Pakistan

Kathimerini 6/16/07 Lightning kills sheep but farmers not hurt

WIS 6/15/07 Midlands teen struck by lightning

Worcester News 6/15/07 Charles and Camilla in lucky lightning escape

USA Today 6/15/07 33 Finnish soldiers injured by lightning during night exercise

BBC 6/15/07 Lightning brings down power lines

Sydney Morning Herald 6/15/07 Lightning sparks factory blaze

WRCB 6/14/07 Lightning Kills Cattle

Philadelphia Enquirer 6/14/07 Cherry Hill teen critical after lightning strike

Khaleej Times 6/14/07 15 killed in lightning strikes in eastern India

Calcutta Telegraph 6/14/07 Lightning kills students

JG-TC Online 6/13/07 Protect your family from lightning strikes

New Kerala 6/13/07 Eight killed as heavy rains lash south Bengal

USA Today 6/13/07 Cherry Hill teen in critical condition after lightning strike

Union Leader 6/13/07 Rindge man survives lightning hit

11 News 6/13/07 Lightning Survivor Lives to Tell

KXAN 6/13/07 Lightning zaps, lifts Dallas runway

Union Leader 6/12/07 Lightning bolt strikes man in driveway

NBC 12 6/12/07 Lightning destroys house in Hanover

Live Science 6/12/07 Video Reveals 'Sprite' Lightning Secrets

Orlando Sentinel 6/12/07 Lightning triggers 3-acre fire
WFTV 6/12/07 Lightning Sparks House Fire In Oviedo

USA Today 6/11/07 Teen fishing with brother felled by lightning

Japan Times 6/11/07 Lightning strikes during hiking trip, injuring 6 students

BBC 6/11/07 Homes lose power after lightning

Daily News 6/11/07 Lightning kills three Mwanza

Mountain Press 6/10/07 Lightning-strike survivors gather for convention

El Paso Times 6/10/07 Lightning-sparked fire destroys Sparks home

Raleigh Chronicle 6/10/07 Lightning Rolls Through Triangle

Morganton News Herald 6/10/07 Lightning sparks fires in Gorge

Lynchburg News and Advance 6/9/07 Gladys teenager killed by lightning strike

Times-Tribune 6/9/07 Safety tips on lightning

Lancaster Newspapers 6/9/07 Lightning strikes Pequea Twp. home

Lowestoft Journal 6/9/07 Lightning strikes Gulliver 6/9/07 Lightning Strikes Cause School Fire, Gas Tank Explosions

Daily Record 6/9/07 Fork In The Road 

Red Cross 6/8/07 It’s Tornado, Lightning, and Flood Season, Too

Albany Times Union 6/8/07 Lightning victims out of hospital

Stuff 6/8/07 Lightning hits Wellington-Sydney flight

Cincinnati Post 6/8/07 House fires blamed on lightning

Lex 18 6/8/07 Lightning Hurts 2; Storms Cause Damage

Grand Haven Tribune 6/8/07 GHT woman jolted by lightning strike Thursday

Pittsburgh Morning Sun 6/8/07 Lightning causes structure fire

Newindpress 6/8/07 IIT student, brother, father killed in lightning strike on farm

Albany Times Union 6/7/07 When lightning strikes a family member

Daily Telegraph 6/7/07 Three in hospital after airport lightning strike

Litchfield County Times 6/7/07 Bantam Man Still Standing After a Lightning Encounter

BBC 6/6/07 Lightning victim 'kept breathing'

Springfield News Sun 6/5/07 Dad, kids struck by lightning in Troy 'fine,' says mom

Capital 9 News 6/5/07 Teens hospitalized after lightning strike

KKTV 6/4/07 Lightning Strikes Springs House

FOX 12 6/4/07 Lightning Splinters Tree, Causes Home Damage

CBS 6/4/07 Lightning Strike Sets Two Townhouses On Fire

BBC 6/4/07 Lightning victim recovering well

Union Leader 6/3/07 Lightning strikes church steeple during Mass

Cape Cod Times 6/3/07 Cottage fire blamed on lightning strike

Mail Tribune 6/3/07 Lightning storm knocks out power in Eagle Point

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/3/07 Lightning storm causes damage, fire

Portsmouth Herald News 6/3/07 Lightning strikes in Seacoast towns

KOAA 6/2/07 Man struck by lightning in the Springs 6/2/07 Lightning Strikes Father, Son, Daughter At Troy Strawberry Festival

Times of India 6/2/07 Lightning claims 11 lives in Marathwada region of Maharashtra

South Bend Tribune 6/2/07 Lightning destroys tree, damages car

Reno Gazette Journal 6/2/07 Lightning strikes cause wildfires through area

Daily Express 6/1/07 Suspected thieves are struck dead by lightning

Manchester Evening News 6/1/07 Boy hit by lightning

NBC5 6/1/07 Gary Teen Recovering From Massive Lightning Burns

icCoventry 6/1/07 Lightning strikes man

BBC 6/1/07 Lucky man survives lightning hit

News 3 6/1/07 Man Struck By Lightning In Bantam

Daily Jeffersonian 6/1/07 Lightning strikes oil well

Fort Frances Times 5/31/07 Local teen killed by lightning

China Economic Net 5/31/07 Another fatal lightning strike in Chongqing

Star Ledger 5/31/07 When Lightning Strikes

NBC5 5/31/07 Lightning Strike Sends Chimney Into Home

The Hindu 5/31/07 Lightning and mobile phones

KOTV 5/30/07 Firefighters Make A Tricky Rescue After Man Is Hit By Lightning

Air Force Link 5/29/07 Lightning strikes, fatalities peak during 101 Critical Days of Summer

News 9 5/29/07 Lightning strikes twice in Fort Collins

NBC 5 Chicago 5/29/07 Teen Leaning On Tree Struck By Lightning

WALA 5/29/07 Lightning Danger

USA Today 5/28/07 Lightning strikes JetBlue plane with 140 passengers going to JFK

Capital Journal 5/28/07 Truth and myth about lightning

Press & Sun-Bulletin 5/28/07 Lightning strike causes home damage

KalingaTimes 5/28/07 Six killed in lightning in Orissa district

Fox 28 5/27/07 Lightning Sparks Two House Fires Just Minutes Apart

Gary Post Tribune 5/27/07 Lightning strikes Gary teenager

Chicago Tribune 5/27/07 Storms, lightning cause 2 small fires, flooding

The Hindu 5/27/07 Lightning kills two persons 5/27/07 Boy hit by lightning seems OK, firefighter says

Daily Mail 5/27/07 The mobile phone that stops you being struck by lightning

ABC Online 5/26/07 Mudslides, lightning strikes kill 43 in China

Washington Times 5/26/07 Lightning kills 7 children at China school

USA Today 5/25/07 Centuries-old wooden lightning bolts found in Mexican volcanic lake

NZ Herald 5/24/07 Lightning bolt kills five children in Cameroon

The Hindu 5/24/07 Lightning kills four children

China Daily 5/23/07 Lightning kills 7 in southwest China village

Cherokee Sentinel 5/23/07 Facts and falsehoods about lightning

FOX News 5/22/07 Springs Man Survives Lightning Strike, Still Recovering

New Straits Times 5/21/07 Woman, maid struck by lightning

Rocky Mountain News 5/21/07 Bolt strikes Cabrini Shrine; Sacred Heart statue armless

Rapid City Journal 5/20/07 Lightning lights fires in the Hills

Helena Independent Record 5/20/07 Helena man killed by lightning

CBS4 5/19/07 Man Struck And Killed By Lightning In Miramar

The Hindu 5/19/07 Lightning claims three lives in Bihar

The Forum 5/19/07 Lightning cause of late night Fargo fire

Kantipur Report 5/18/07 Two struck dead by lightning in Sindhupalchowk

Arizona Daily Sun 5/18/07 Firefighters chase down lightning-started blazes

Daily Press 5/17/07 Lightning damages plant

Nashua Telegraph 5/17/07 Lightning strike travels into Nashua homes

Daily Mail 5/17/07 The Empire Strike Building

Practical Boat Owner 5/17/07 Mobile phones could predict lightning strikes 5/17/07 Lightning strikes school

CBS 5/17/07 On TV: Lightning Safety Tips

WHDH 5/17/07 Lightning strike believed to be cause of fire

USA Today 5/16/07 Nearly shocking video

WVEC 5/16/07 Boy struck by lightning shows signs of improvement, inspires others

Dallas Morning News 5/16/07 Lightning danger not always evident

KVUE 5/16/07 Lightning rods could protect your home

WHIO 5/16/07 Lightning Strike Sparks Fire At Tipp City House

WFAA 5/15/07 Lightning strike caught on tape

Sun Herald 5/15/07 Lightning kills five goats

FOX News 5/15/07 Lightning bolt sparks apartment fire, displacing 4 families

KREM 5/14/07 Lightning strike knocks power out at Spokane Int'l Airport

Houstonist 5/14/07 4 men struck by lightning

News 12 5/14/07 Local Father and Son in Their Own Words, After Being Struck by Lightning

Daily Star 5/14/07 Farmer `fine’ after being hit by lightning

Press Register 5/14/07 Lightning strikes 3 Belforest houses

Central Florida News 13 5/13/07 Lightning Sparks Brush Fires

Mobile Register 5/13/07 Lightning ignites warehouse blaze

CBS 4 5/13/07 Lightning To Blame For Plantation Apartment Fire

St. Petersburg Times 5/13/07 Lightning, wind concern firefighters

Mobile Register 5/13/07 Lightning starts Belforest fires

WAVY-TV 5/12/07 Local teen survives close brush with lightning 5/12/07 Lightning strikes damage houses

Greeley Tribune 5/12/07 Lightning is dangerous -- take precautions in summer

Caledonian Record 5/12/07 Lightning Blaze Takes Barn, Horses, Puppies, And A Calf

WTVC 5/11/07 Father And Son Struck By Lightning

CBS 11 5/11/07 Jacksboro Man Survives Direct Lightning Strike

Star Telegram 5/11/07 Lightning strikes man mowing yard

Boston Globe 5/11/07 Lightning starts fire that destroyed Windham home

Insurance Journal 5/11/07 U.S. Officials: Lightning Likely Cause of Deadly W. Va. Sago Mine Blast

WXYZ 5/10/07 Lightning Hits Commerce Lake House

Financial Mirror 5/10/07 Cyprus Airways plane safe after struck by lightning

WFAA 5/9/07 North Texans rush to buy lightning rods

Yahoo! News 5/9/07 Lightning caused deadly Sago mine accident

Detroit News 5/9/07 Lightning blamed for two Metro Detroit house fires

Arab News 5/8/07 Lightning Strikes Down Picnicker

The Statesman 5/8/07 Lightning kills four persons

The Rising Nepal 5/7/07 Lightning kills two in Kavre

Star News Online 5/7/07 Lightning, wind worsen wildfires

Yahoo! News India 5/7/07 Lightning kills three children in Indonesia

Florida Today 5/7/07 Lightning likely spark of Cocoa mall fire

CBS4 5/6/07 Lightning Damages Denver Apartment Building

Herald-Tribune 5/6/07 Lightning strikes fuel brushfires in region

Nepal News 5/6/07 Student killed, over 20 injured as lightning strikes Sindhupalchowk school 5/5/07 United Flight Hit By Lightning

Clarion Ledger 5/5/07 Bolt of lightning blamed for fire destroying Baptist church

Union Tribune 5/4/07 5 elephants killed by lightning in east India

Daily Progress 5/4/07 Lightning hits near Tomato Bowl

MyFox Houston 5/4/07 Lightning Sets Fire to Bellaire Home

WLKY 5/4/07 Lightning Kills Man On Mower

News 8 5/3/07 Lightning kills woman in Waco

Kashmir Observer 5/3/07 5 Kids Hurt by Lightning

Sun Sentinel 5/3/07 Lightning ignites 600-acre wildfire in Loxahatchee wildlife refuge

Dallas Morning News 5/2/07 Lightning strike kills fisherman

Chatham Daily News 5/2/07 Storm was a shocker; Phone line delivers lightning

Macomb Daily 5/2/07 Courthouse evacuated after lightning starts fire

Lake County News Sun 5/1/07 If lightning's around, be sure you aren't

WMTW 5/1/07 Lightning Strike Startles Waterboro Family

KXAN 4/30/07 Lightning Strikes Homes Around North Austin 4/30/07 Noxious Lightning

Chicago Tribune 4/30/07 Lightning strikes Streamwood home

El Paso Times 4/29/07 Lightning, rainstorm knock out electricity

Arizona Daily Star 4/28/07 Lightning sparks brush fire in Santa Rita Mountains

CNN 4/28/07 Lightning sparks blast, fire at oil refinery

Plain Dealer 4/28/07 Lightning started fatal fire Friday

Virginian Pilot 4/27/07 Chesapeake boy struck by lightning as storms sock region

Trenton Times 4/27/07 Lightning damages Hopewell Twp. home; flooding expected in region

KDKA 4/27/07 Emsworth Home Struck By Lightning, Owner Says

Courier-Journal 4/27/07 Lightning starts clubhouse fire in Jefferson 4/27/07 Lightning Strike Damages Emsworth Home

San Antonio Express News 4/26/07 Lightning fire destroys church

KTBS 4/25/07 101-year-old man dies in fire caused by lightning

KHOU 4/25/07 Richmond Police Department struck by lightning

Tyler Morning Telegraph 4/25/07 Lightning Sparks $300,000 House Fire, 2 Others Overnight

News 24 4/24/07 Lightning causes 30 fires

KSFY 4/24/07 Sunday Afternoon Lightning Knocks Out Local Radio Stations

KDKA 4/23/07 Tree Slams Into O’Hara Home After Lightning Strike

SABC News 4/22/07 Eight in hospital following lightning incident

Journal News 4/18/07 Plane carrying 3 from White Plains reported lightning just before fatal crash

India Times 4/18/07 Lightning kills eight in TN village

Florida Today 4/16/07 Lightning knocks out Fla. wave runner

Belleville News Democrat 4/16/07 Lightning rods lost popularity with the times

WLBT-TV 4/14/07 Lightning Strikes Energy Facility

The Star 4/13/07 Padi farmer struck by lightning

Springdale Morning News 4/13/07 Lightning Knocks Out Power To 7,200 Fayetteville Customers 4/13/07 Lightning strikes keep firefighters busy

News & Star 4/13/07 Lightning hit nearly killed me

Yahoo! News 4/12/07 Lightning Strike Causes Woman's Television To Explode

KLTV 4/12/07 "Weird Weather Woman" Sees Three Trees Struck By Lightning

Shreveport Times 4/11/07 Oil tank catches fire after lightning strike
Marshall News Messenger 4/11/07 Lightning strike cause of fire in county

The Herald 4/10/07 Zimbabwe: Lightning Kills 4 Family Members

The Register 4/6/07 Lightning blasts off three floors of building

Journal Gazette 4/6/07 Lightning sparks blaze at rural Cumberland home

NST 4/6/07 Lightning strikes angler fishing at Sungai Bernam

Jackson Sun 4/5/07 Lightning strikes meter, sparking fire at home

Muskegon Chronicle 4/5/07 Lakeside business hit by lightning

Atmore Advance 4/4/07 Lightning sparks fire

KHQA 4/3/07 Preventing lightning strikes

LJ World 4/3/07 Lightning strikes home near KU campus

NBC 5 4/3/07 Lightning Blamed For Condo Blaze

Commercial Appeal 4/3/07 Lightning destroys top of Hart's home

WAFB 4/2/07 Car Struck by Lightning While Traveling Down I-49 4/1/07 Lightning Blamed For 4 Metro Building Fires

Borneo Bulletin 4/1/07 Lightning kills two

The Reporter 4/1/07 Lightning strikes Fond du Lac house 3/31/07 Lightning Sparks Fire At Center Mall

Chicago Sun Times 3/30/07 Lightning kills Carbondale student at track meet 3/30/07 Second worker struck by lightning dead

Radio Iowa News 3/30/07 Lightning strike ignites gas line

TNA 3/30/07 2 die from lightning as summer storms hit upper Thailand

Roanoke Times 3/29/07 House fire blamed on lightning bolt hitting roof

EurekAlert 3/28/07 Scientists find that lightning is good indicator of volcanic activity 3/28/07 Investigators looking at lightning accident

WTHR 3/28/07 Lightning causes house fire in Perry Township

Newswatch 50 3/27/07 Man survives lightning strike

News 10 3/27/07 Does homeowners insurance cover lightning fires?

Daily Commercial News 3/27/07 Worker struck by lightning on roof

KCRG 3/26/07 Alford's plane hit by lightning Thursday night

Antaro News 3/25/07 Flash, floods, lightning kill 21 in Yemen

Flint Journal 3/26/07 Lightning strikes barn

The Times of Zambia 3/24/07 Lightning Strikes 4 Dead

London Free Press 3/24/07 Roofers hit by lightning

CBS 3/24/07 Alford's plane struck by lightning during flight to New Mexico

Di-ve News 3/23/07 Lightning hits passenger plane

Indy Star 3/23/07 Church fire blamed on lightning

Tucson Citizen 3/23/07 Lightning turns out lights on East Side

CNews 3/22/07 Lightning strike kills worker in Parry Sound

Click On Detroit 3/22/07 Apt. Building Struck By Lightning

City News 3/22/07 Lightning Knocks Out Power To Huge Sections Of Vaughan & Richmond Hill

Yahoo 3/21/07 Lightning kills 4 in Cambodia, destroys more than 300 houses

NY Times 3/20/07 Lightning and Climate Change

WTHR 3/19/07 Lightning hits Geist home

Herald Star 3/16/07 Getting lightning enlightenment

Miami Herald 3/16/07 Lightning sets fire at business

IOL 3/16/07 Teen killed by lightning

Herald Press 3/15/07 Lightning blamed for costly shed fire

Register Herald 3/14/07 Lightning hits Lewisburg house

Marshall News Messenger 3/14/07 Lightning strikes hit homes during storm

ABC 3/14/07 Lightning hits Clear Lake home, nearly causing explosion

SABC 3/14/07 Two learners killed by lightning in Limpopo

Stuff 3/14/07 Power cuts black out thousands of Wgtn homes

Jax News 3/13/07 Lightning smog measured for first time

KXAN 3/13/07 Lightning Strikes Propane Tank, Fueling Fire

IRNA 3/13/07 33 die of lightning, rainstorm in North India

SABC News 3/12/07 Five killed in Eastern Cape lightning

Times of India 3/12/07 Four killed by lightning in Varanasi

Sun Sentinel 3/12/07 Nine lightning strike predictors set for installation at Boca parks

KOTV 3/9/07 House Fire Sparked By Lightning Strike

News 8 Austin 3/9/07 Ligntning survivors recall their shocking experiences

CI Proud 3/9/07 Lightning Safety
KXAN 3/8/07 Beautiful Yet Deadly, Lightning Always A Threat

Sun Star 3/6/07 Scientists: Lightning good indicator of volcano eruptions

Sydney Morning Herald 3/5/07 Awesome display of nature's power, but little rain

Northern Territory News 3/5/07 Lightning hits two as storms return to belt Sydney

Herald Sun 3/5/07 Lightning starts six fires

Sydney Morning Herald 3/5/07 The night it rained lightning bolts

SABC News 3/4/07 Four in hospital as lightning strikes in EC

Adrian Daily Telegram 3/3/07 Lightning blamed for fire

Western Australia Post Newspapers 3/3/07 Lightning hits schools: students evacuated

The Chieftain 3/1/07 Lightning strike causes transformer fire, outage at school

Ilford Recorder 3/1/07 Lightning strike killed mum

11 Alive 3/1/07 Lightning Sparks Fire, Two Escape

BBC 3/1/07 Home badly damaged by lightning

The Hindu 3/1/07 13 wounded in lightning strike 2/28/07 Man hit by lightning in severe storms

BBC 2/28/07 Home badly damaged by lightning

Post Bulletin 2/26/07 Lightning hits wind turbine, starts fire 2/26/07 Perth in dark after lightning strikes

Access North Georgia 2/22/07 Severe Weather Awareness Week: Lightning 2/22/07 Lightning strikes spark five new bushfires

Live Science 2/22/07 Lightning Strikes from the Mouths of Volcanoes

Sydney Morning Herald 2/20/07 Lightning killed paraglider

ABC Regional Online 2/17/07 Lightning sparks more fires in Vic's Yarra Valley

Townsville Bulletin 2/17/07 Lightning ignites blazes in northeast Victoria 2/16/07 Lightning strikes start 80 fires

Times Picayune 2/15/07 Lightning causes busy signals in emergency radios

ABC 2/15/07 Lightning strike leaves residents in the dark

Inside Bay Area 2/14/07  Lightning topples 100-foot redwood

The Australian 2/14/07 Lightning sparks new bushfires 2/14/07 Man struck by lightning

Bay News 9 2/13/07 Landscaper struck by lightning

My FOX Tampa 2/13/07 Worker struck by lightning in Pinellas

FOX 10 2/13/07 Lightning strike blamed for fire at new Fairhope Library

IOL 2/12/07 Six in hospital after lightning strike

Pensacola News Journal 2/12/07 Hazardous Weather Week: Lightning tips

Valley Morning Star 2/11/07 Lightning during early morning storm strikes Harlingen home

Hindustan Times 2/10/07 Lightning claims 7 in State

News 24 2/10/07 6 injured in lightning strike

IOL 2/9/07 Six hurt in lightning strike

Star Telegram 2/8/07 Impact of deadly lightning strike lingers

Northern Territory News 2/7/07 Lightning bolt shock to family

Calcutta Telegraph 2/6/07 Hi-tech shield from lightning

St. Albans Observer 2/6/07 Lightning delays rail travelers 2/2/07 Struck down by lightning

Leamington Online 2/1/07 Accidental verdict on man hit by lightning

Discovery News 1/31/07 Lightning Glass Yields Climate Clues

Nation Online 1/31/07 Lightning kills one in Mzimba

News24 South Africa 1/31/07 Girl tells of lightning strike

All Africa 1/30/07 Namibia: Girl Struck Dead By Lightning in Oshikoto Region

Tenerife News 1/30/07 Lightning sparks La Palma fire

West Australian 1/28/07 Lightning fire destroys house

Leamington Observer 1/26/07 Lightning death mother pays tribute to son

Glasgow Daily Record 1/24/07 Fishing village zapped by lightning bolt

Dispatch 1/23/07 Lightning strikes hut, woman killed

Houston Chronicle 1/23/07 Scientists hope sensors will improve strike predictions

Independent Online 1/22/07 One killed in lightning strike

iAfrica 1/22/07 Lightning kills one, hurts 16

National Geographic 1/22/07 Ball Lightning Mystery Solved? Electrical Phenomenon Created in Lab

ABC Online 1/21/07 Lightning strike causes stage four water restrictions

BBC 1/21/07 Disabled home struck by lightning

The Age 1/19/07 Rain is welcome, but not lightning

EE Rimes 1/19/07 Ball lightning explained?

New Straits Times 1/19/07 University student killed by lightning in freak incident

London Free Press 1/17/07 Two hours, 572 flashes of lightning

The Australian 1/16/07 Lightning strikes start fresh fires

Northern Rivers Echo 1/11/07 Lightning strikes twice

The Australian 1/14/07 Lightning strikes hamper fire efforts

Herald Dispatch 1/11/07 Ohio man recovers from lightning strike

Go Express 1/11/07 A heavenly killer strikes

New Scientist 1/10/07 Lightning balls created in the lab

Journal Newspapers 1/9/07 When lightning strikes: Mill Creek man's life is changed instantly by a powerful bolt

The Herald Online 1/8/07 Lightning strike fire kills five children in hut

Scripps News 1/5/07 Thunder and lightning lead to heavier snow, study finds

Esquimalt News 1/5/07 Lightning strike victim cashes big lottery win

Littlehampton Today 1/4/07 Lightning strikes Rustington house

Border Mail 1/2/07 Hail, lightning put on a show in the capital

ABC Online 1/1/07 Family survives freak lightning accident at camping ground

The Age 1/1/07 Lightning sparks new fires


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