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NY Post 5/28/11 DeWyze thing to do?

Hollywood Reporter 5/27/11 Lee DeWyze on Nigel Lythgoe Trophy Controversy: 'I Didn't Want Them to Throw Me a Bone' 

AJC 5/27/11 Nigel Lythgoe sort of, um, forgot about Lee DeWyze

Hollywood Reporter 5/26/11 'American Idol': Lee DeWyze, Nigel Lythgoe Feud Heats Up

TV Guide 5/26/11 Nigel Lythgoe "So Upset" That Lee DeWyze Refused to Present Idol Trophy

All Voices 5/26/11 Lee DeWyze punished for refusal to present trophy to American Idol winner McCreery

Digital Spy 4/27/11 Lee DeWyze announces headlining tour

Reality TV Magazine 3/24/11 American Idol: Lee DeWyze’s Thoughts On This Season’s Contestants

Hollywood Reporter 3/23/11 Lee DeWyze Speaks Candidly About Life After 'Idol'

Reality TV Magazine 3/17/11 American Idol: Lee DeWyze Excited To Return To Idol Stage

Zap2It 3/17/11 'American Idol': Lee DeWyze returns to sing 'Beautiful Like You'

Zap2It 12/22/10 Crystal Bowersox's 'Farmer's Daughter' tops Lee DeWyze's first-week album sales

Zap2It 12/15/10 'American Idol': Crystal Bowersox on way to outselling Lee DeWyze; David Archuleta not ready for relationship

Digital Spy 12/8/10 Lee DeWyze 'approves of new Idol judges'

Gather 11/9/10 Lee Dewyze Leaks Live It Up

Gather 11/2/10 American Idol 2011 Promos Feature Lee Dewyze And Carrie Underwood

MTV 10/14/10 'American Idol' Champ Lee DeWyze Releases First Single

Zap2It 10/13/10 'American Idol' Lee DeWyze: 'Sweet Serendipity' hits the airwaves

Gather 10/10/10 Lee Dewyze Post American Idol Album Title Out & First Single Set To Hit

Zap2It 10/7/10 'American Idol': Lee DeWyze's album drops in November

Gather 8/19/10 'American Idol' - Winner Lee Dewyze Album Release Date is Set

Digital Spy 8/16/10 Lee DeWyze 'can't wait to unveil album'

MTV 8/14/10 'American Idol' Champ Lee DeWyze Draws Cheers At L.A. Show

E!Online 7/16/10 American Idol's Lee DeWyze Dabbling in the Art of...Polka?

Reality TV Magazine 7/14/10 American Idol: Lee Dewyze Blames Fame For His Single Status

Digital Spy 7/13/10 'Idol' Lee DeWyze 'too busy for romance'

Digital Spy 7/13/10 Lee DeWyze: 'Idol feels like years ago'

People 7/12/10 Stardom Keeps Idol‘s Lee DeWyze Single — For Now

Reality TV Magazine 7/5/10 American Idol: Kris Allen Offers Advice To Lee Dewyze

MTV 7/2/10 Kris Allen Offers Post-'American Idol' Advice To Lee DeWyze

Gather 6/26/10 American Idol 2010 - Lee Dewyze Promotes Idol Tour - Rocket Man On Leno [Video]

Zap2It 6/20/10 'American Idol': Chat live with Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze, Didi Benami and Casey James

Zap2It 6/17/10 'American Idol': Lee Dewyze and Andrew Garcia root for the Lakers

Reality TV Fans 6/15/10 American Idol: Lee DeWyze Interview

Reality TV Fans 6/10/10 David Letterman – American Idol Winner Lee Dewyze

Gather 6/9/10 American Idol 2010 - Lee Dewyze Visits Jimmy Fallon - Joins The Twitter Craze

Reality TV Magazine 6/8/10 American Idol: Kara DioGuardi Dishes On Simon Cowell, Crystal Bowersox, & Lee Dewyze

Gather 6/8/10 American Idol 2010 - Pre-Idol Lee Dewyze Song Available Online For Free Download

Digital Spy 6/8/10 'Idol' DeWyze: 'Life's been non-stop'

Gather 6/7/10 American Idol 2010 - Lee Dewyze Performs The National Anthem At The 2010 NBA Finals Game 2

Gather.com 6/4/10 American Idol Winner Lee Dewyze to Sing National Anthem at NBA Finals

Gather 6/4/10 American Idol 2010 - Lee Dewyze Set To Perform At NBA Finals On Sunday, Talks To MTV About New Record 

Digital Spy 6/4/10 DioGuardi: 'DeWyze genuinely nice guy'

MTV 6/4/10 'American Idol' Winner Lee DeWyze To Sing At NBA Finals On Sunday

Digital Spy 6/4/10 'Idol' DeWyze: 'Kris Allen is cool guy'

Digital Spy 6/4/10 'Idol' DeWyze 'has crush on Joss Stone'

Gather 6/3/10 American Idol 2010 - Crystal Bowersox And Lee Dewyze Stop At The Today Show

MTV 6/3/10 'American Idol' Season Nine: Neither Lee, Crystal Nor Casey Thought They'd Win

MTV 6/3/10 Lee DeWyze 'Can't Complain' About 'Beautiful Day' Debut Sales

Gather 6/2/10 American Idol 2010 - The Idols Perform in NYC for M&M's - Crystal Bowersox And Lee Dewyze Duet

Zap2It 6/2/10 'American Idol's' Kara DioGuardi on Crystal vs. Lee -- 'consistent' vs. 'growth'

MTV 6/2/10 Lee DeWyze Says There's Still 'A Lot To Prove' On His New Album

US Magazine 6/2/10 Video: Lee DeWyze: "It's Going to Be Intense" Touring and Recording Album

Zap2It 6/2/10 'American Idol': Lee DeWyze, Crystal Bowersox can't crack Billboard top 10

USA Today 6/2/10 'Idol' winner DeWyze and No. 2 Bowersox lag in sales

Gather 6/1/10 American Idol 2010 - Lee Dewyze Takes Beautiful Day To Regis & Kelly - Stops At Disney

Zap2It 6/1/10 'American Idol' Lee DeWyze sang in the paint shop 'all the time'

Zap2It 5/31/10 'American Idol' Lee DeWyze spends Memorial Day at Disney

TMZ 5/31/10 Lee DeWyze -- The Marilyn Manson Phase

Zap2It 5/31/10 'American Idol' Lee DeWyze covers 'Beautiful People' -- listen

Reality TV Magazine 5/30/10 American Idol: Crystal Bowersox ‘Hoped’ Lee Dewyze Would Win

Zap2It 5/30/10 'American Idol' Lee DeWyze to appear at Disney World on Memorial Day

Gather 5/29/10 American Idol 2010 - Harvey Levin Slams Winner Lee Dewyze

Gather 5/28/10 Crystal Bowersox And Lee Dewyze Sit Down With Ellen Degeneres And Sign Record Deals

USA Today 5/28/10 'Idol' winner Lee DeWyze: 'I'm free to do what I want now'

Zap2It 5/28/10 'American Idol' Lee DeWyze's hometown visit 'was the most surreal experience'

MTV 5/28/10 Lee DeWyze Admits 'American Idol' Theme Weeks Were 'Frustrating'

E!Online 5/28/10 Are Idol's Lee and Crystal Making Sweet Music Together Already?!

Zap2It 5/28/10 'American Idol': Lee DeWyze, Crystal Bowersox sign record deals

Zap2It 5/28/10 'American Idol's' Crystal Bowersox: 'I love Lee, he's super-talented'

Daily Mail 5/28/10 Lee DeWyze embraces his new pop star lifestyle as he celebrates victory

BuddyTV 5/27/10 'American Idol': Lee Dewyze's Season in Review

Reality TV Fans 5/27/10 Lee Dewyze is Crowned the Season 9 American Idol

Foxes On Idol 5/27/10 American Idol 9: Why Lee Won

Reality TV Magazine 5/27/10 American Idol: Lee Dewyze Win

Idolhead Ed 5/27/10 Was Lee De Wise choice?

Zap2It 5/27/10 'American Idol' Lee DeWyze: Crystal Bowersox 'is amazing and I love her to death'

MTV 5/27/10 'American Idol' Winner Lee DeWyze's Friends: 'This Is Only The Beginning'

US Magazine 5/27/10 Lee DeWyze Got "One Hour" of Sleep After Winning Idol

People 5/27/10 Lee DeWyze On Winning Idol: ‘This Is Insane!’

LA Times 5/27/10 Lee DeWyze on his 'Idol' win

People 5/27/10 Crystal Bowersox Told Lee DeWyze ‘I Hope You Win’ American Idol

Entertainment Weekly 5/27/10 Lee DeWyze on the 'American Idol' finale: 'I feel that a weight's been lifted off my shoulders'

BuddyTV 5/26/10 Lee vs. Crystal: Week-by-Week Comparisons

BuddyTV 5/26/10 John vs. Abbey: Crystal Mops the Floor with Lee, But Does It Matter?

BuddyTV 5/26/10 Lee Dewyze or Crystal Bowersox: Who Will Win 'American Idol'?

Gather.com 5/26/10 American Idol Finale - Will America Go With Commercial or Unusual, Lee Dewyze or Crystal Bowersox?

People 5/26/10 Lee DeWyze Defends Himself Against Idol Judges’ Critiques

Zap2It 5/26/10 'American Idol' Lee DeWyze: Listen to 'Beautiful Day,' his first single

LA Times 5/26/10 Buzzmeter: 'Idol' experts give Crystal a slight edge over Lee for Season 9 win

NY Daily News 5/26/10 'American Idol' finale 2010: Crystal Bowersox's 'Up to the Mountain' may have Lee DeWyze beat

LA Times 5/26/10 Crystal and Lee, stubborn spirits for the win

Gather 5/25/10 American Idol 2010 - Lee Dewyze American Idol Finale Performances

Reality TV Fans 5/25/10 Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze Compete Tonight for the American Idol Crown

NY Daily News 5/25/10 Why are we still watching Fox's 'American Idol' and the reason Lee DeWyze will win season 9

Gather 5/24/10 American Idol 2010 - Crystal Bowersox & Lee Dewyze Visit Ellen Degeneres ....

Zap2It 5/24/10 'American Idol's' Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze talk competition, advice

Gather 5/23/10 American Idol 2010 - Crystal Bowersox & Lee Dewyze Sing For Dodgers - Kara Dioguardi Gets Her Own Show

Reality TV Calendar 5/20/10 Will It Be Crystal Or Lee? - Ranking The Final 2 - Commentary and Rankings

Gather.com 5/20/10 Casey James Voted Out; Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox American Idol 2010 Final 2 (videos)

TMZ 5/20/10 Lee DeWyze -- The Odds Are in His Favor

MTV 5/20/10 Lee DeWyze's Hometown Ecstatic About His 'American Idol' Finale Bid

USA Today 5/20/10 Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze dish on judges' picks, why viewers should vote for them

BuddyTV 5/19/10 Why Lee Dewyze Will (and Should) Win 'American Idol'

Reality TV Magazine 5/19/10 American Idol: Blake Lewis Thinks Lee Dewyze Is Being ‘Set Up’ To Win

Gather 5/19/10 American Idol 2010 - Lee Dewyze Hallelujah & Simple Man Performances

MTV 5/19/10 Lee DeWyze's Friends Reveal 'American Idol' Finalist's Improv Skills

NY Daily News 5/19/10 Hallelujah! Lee DeWyze brings 'American Idol' back to life with help from Leonard Cohen

MTV 5/19/10 Lee DeWyze's Early Albums: A Boy And His Guitar Grow Up

Gather.com 5/18/10 American Idol – Lee Dewyze Wins Round 1 With Simple Man and Round 2 With Hallelujah

Reality TV Magazine 5/17/10 American Idol: Lee Dewyze’s Emotional Chicago Visit

Reality TV Tickets 5/15/10 American Idols Live Tour Dates and Ticket Sale Announced

People 5/15/10 Lee DeWyze Tears up During Hometown Chicago Visit

LA Times 5/13/10 Is Lee DeWyze's advance to the Final 3 payback for Chris Daughtry's early dismissal?

Irish Central 5/13/10 Irish American Lee DeWyze is in the top three on 'American Idol'

Gather.com 5/11/10 American Idol – Did Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze Earn Final 2 With Falling Slowly?

Gather 5/11/10 American Idol 2010 - Crystal Bowersox & Lee Dewyze Are Falling Slowly

Digital Spy 5/10/10 Lee DeWyze: 'Idol finalists all friends'

Access Hollywood 5/5/10 Lee DeWyze Emerges As New Frontrunner On ‘American Idol’

People 5/5/10 Lee DeWyze Is Leader of the Rat Pack on Idol

NY Post 4/29/10 Inked 'Idols' - Michael, Siobhan, Lee & Crystal bond with tats

NY Post 4/19/10 Oddsmakers say Idol finale will be Crystal v. Lee

Associated Content 4/7/10 'American Idol' Season 9 Top 9- Lee DeWyze Sings "Hey Jude"....With Bagpipes

USA Today 4/5/10 Idol Meter: Lee DeWyze, Aaron Kelly and Andrew Garcia

Gather.com 4/3/10 American Idol 9 – Will Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyze Make It to Final Four?

Gather.com 3/31/10 American Idol 9 – Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox Find Their Moments With Usher (videos)

Zap2It 3/31/10 'American Idol' Top 10: Michael Lynche, Lee Dewyze join Crystal Bowersox as frontrunners

Daily Herald 3/25/10 Mt. Prospect native DeWyze makes 'Idol' top 10

Daily Herald 3/23/10 Local 'Idol' finalist DeWyze got his start pushing porridge

Buddy TV 3/19/10 American Idol: Lee Dewyze's Untold Tragedy

Journal Online 3/19/10 'Idol' DeWyze Lives To Sing Again

USA Today 3/16/10 Lee DeWyze will never be your 'Beast of Burden'

Inland So Cal 3/16/10 Lee DeWyze is solid, but no 'moment'

Chicago Sun Times 3/16/10 Local talent Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze in 'Idol' spin

Zap2It 3/15/10 'American Idol's' Lee Dewyze: 'I dabble on the piano'
MTV 3/12/10 Lee Dewyze Profile: What Are The Rocker's 'Idol' Chances?

Daily Herald 3/11/10 'Idol's' DeWyze lives to sing another day

USA Today 3/10/10 You won't believe your eyes, when you hear Lee DeWyze's 'Fireflies'

Journal Online 3/5/10 'Idol' DeWyze Looks Back On Local High School Days

WRAL 3/4/10 'Idol' contestant Dweyze wins me over

People 3/3/10 American Idol Idol: Lee DeWyze and Alex Lambert Step It Up

LA Times 3/3/10 Hinder singer on Lee DeWyze: 'A front-runner with a great voice'

Gather.com 2/25/10 American Idol 9 – Casey James and Lee Dewyze Taking Different Paths

USA Today 2/25/10 Siobhan Magnus, Lee DeWyze raise their social-network status

USA Today 2/24/10 Lee DeWyze pits Simon against Kara and Randy

Inland SoCal 2/24/10 Idol: Lee Dewyze chases cars

USA Today 2/24/10 Lee DeWyze: 'Ready to do this for the rest of my life'


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