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Gather 4/11/11 'White Collar' Star Tim Dekay Visits 'Law & Order: Los Angeles'

NY Daily News 4/11/11 'Law & Order: Los Angeles,' Alana de la Garza, Terrence Howard fail to keep up with New York cops

TV Guide 4/11/11 Roush Review: A LOLA Makeover

TV Guide 4/10/11 Video: Law & Order: LA Braces for a Cop Killing and a New Detective

TV Guide 4/10/11 Video: White Collar's Tim DeKay Goes to "Extreme Measures" for Law & Order: LA

Digital Spy 4/8/11 'L&O: LA' exec praises revamped series

Digital Spy 4/7/11 'L&O: LA' exec defends Skeet Ulrich axe

Hollywood Reporter 4/6/11 Dick Wolf: Robert Greenblatt Pushed for 'Law & Order: LA' Revamp

TV Guide 4/3/11 Law & Order: LA: Pressure is High as Relaunch Goes Back to Basics

Zap2It 3/18/11 'Law & Order: LA': Someone's gonna die

Entertainment Weekly 3/18/11 'Law & Order: LA' shooting episode inspired by murder of Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen

Scripted TV Fans 3/7/11 Law & Order: Los Angeles Returns to NBC Monday, April 11

TV Guide 1/28/11 Alana De La Garza Joins Law & Order: Los Angeles

LA Times 1/18/11 'Law & Order: Los Angeles' takes a break from NBC

TV Guide 1/18/11 NBC Benches Law & Order: Los Angeles Following Cast Shake-Up

LA Times 1/12/11 Alfred Molina gets a new beat and becomes a cop on 'Law & Order: LA'

LA Times 1/12/11 Skeet Ulrich and Megan Boone to leave 'Law & Order: Los Angeles'

LA Times 12/2/10 'Law and Order: Los Angeles' recap: The object of my objection

Scripted TV Fans 12/1/10 A Pro Golfers Murder Is Linked To A Married Man Tonight On Law & Order: Los Angeles

Zap2It 12/1/10 'Law & Order: Los Angeles': Ripped from (last year's) headlines

TV Guide 12/1/10 Video: Law & Order: Los Angeles Rips From Tiger Woods' Scandal

LA Times 11/18/10 'Law and Order: Los Angeles': Like 'CSI' but better

Scripted TV Fans 11/17/10 The Investigation of a Maintenance Worker’s Murder Takes a Twist Tonight on Law & Order: LA

TV Guide 11/17/10 Video: Law & Order: Los Angeles Crew Finds Real Gun on the Set

LA Times 11/11/10 'Law and Order: Los Angeles': equal-opportunity killing

Scripted TV Fans 11/10/10 The Detectives Investigate The Murder Of An Oil Rig Worker Tonight On Law & Order: Los Angeles

TV Guide 11/8/10 Exclusive: Law & Order: LA Nabs Breaking Bad's Dean Norris

Scripted TV Fans 11/3/10 The Detectives Investigate a Hit and Run of a Pregnant Woman Tonight on Law & Order: Los Angeles

Zap2It 10/28/10 The big bang theory of 'Law & Order: Los Angeles'

Scripted TV Fans 10/26/10 Law & Order: Los Angeles Behind the Scenes

TV Guide 10/20/10 Check Out Terrence Howard’s Law & Order: Los Angeles Outtakes

Scripted TV Fans 10/18/10 NBC Orders Full Season Pickups for “The Event”, “Law & Order: Los Angeles” and “Outsourced”

LA Times 10/14/10 'Law and Order: Los Angeles' recap: Everything but the kitchen sink

Scripted TV Fans 10/13/10 The Detectives Investigate the Murder of a Pro Surfer Tonight on “Law & Order: Los Angeles”

Zap2It 10/12/10 'Law & Order: Los Angeles' stars learn how to slap the cuffs on

LA Times 10/7/10 'Law and Order: Los Angeles' recap: Redemption through Charles Manson

Scripted TV Fans 10/6/10 A Murderous Cult Member is Stabbed to Death Tonight on “Law & Order: Los Angeles”

TV Guide 10/6/10 Cheers & Jeers: Terrence Howard Lays Down the Law

TV Guide 10/6/10 Dick Wolf Previews Upcoming Law & Order: Los Angeles Cases

Digital Spy 10/6/10 Dick Wolf defends 'L&O: LA' premiere

TV Guide 10/6/10 Terrence Howard Draws from Nelson Mandela, Thurgood Marshall for Law & Order: Los Angeles

Zap2It 10/5/10 'Law & Order: Los Angeles': Suits, boots and blood on the beach

TV Guide 10/5/10 Law & Order: Los Angeles' Terrence Howard Says Character Is Show's "Moral Compass"

NY Post 10/3/10 Law & Order (goes Hollywood)

LA Times 9/30/10 'Law and Order,' Los Angeles' recap: swimming in the shallow end

BuddyTV 9/29/10 'Law and Order: Los Angeles' Review: New City, Same Attitude

Scripted TV Fans 9/29/10 A Group of Thieves Target the Homes of Young Hollywood Tonight on “Law & Order: Los Angeles”

Uncle Barky 9/29/10 New Season: Law & Order: Los Angeles impressively wades into Hollywood cesspool

USA Today 9/29/10 'Law & Order: Los Angeles' is well worth a visit

E!Online 9/29/10 Fall TV Preview: Law & Order: Los Angeles Is the Quality You Get When You Make a Copy of a Copy

Post Gazette 9/29/10 TV reviews: New 'Law & Order' shows retain shades of original

TV Guide 9/29/10 Meet the New Law & Order: Los Angeles DDA

Media Life 9/29/10 'Law & Order: Los Angeles,' ca-ching

NY Post 9/29/10 ‘Order’ sunny side up

TV Guide 9/29/10 Exclusive: What's Next for NCIS: Los Angeles' Nate?

LA Times 9/29/10 Bringing 'Law & Order' to Los Angeles

TV Guide 9/29/10 Law & Order in Review: A Classic Transported to L.A. and U.K.

NY Daily News 9/29/10 Los Angeles setting is the flaw in new 'Law & Order' spinoff

TV Guide 9/29/10 Law & Order: Los Angeles Carries the Torch to the Other Coast

Scripted TV Fans 9/28/10 NBC Announces Interactive Mosaic for Law & Order: Los Angeles

Toronto Star 9/28/10 Law & Order moves from coast to coast

Deseret News 9/28/10 'Law & Order' stumbles to Los Angeles

Entertainment Weekly 9/24/10 'Law & Order: Los Angeles': News from the set

LA Times 9/10/10 "Law & Order: Los Angeles" proceeds without Wanda De Jesus

TV Guide 8/17/10 Teri Polo Cast in Law & Order: Los Angeles

Digital Spy 8/16/10 'L&O: LA' exec reveals character details

TV Guide 8/4/10 Keck's Exclusives: Law & Order: Los Angeles Goes Hollywood For First Case

NY Post 8/1/10 Law & Order gets a tan, keeps soundtrack

Scripted TV Fans 7/31/10 Terrence Howard and Corey Stoll Join Cast of “Law & Order: Los Angeles”

LA Times 7/31/10 Regina Hall and Wanda De Jesus complete cast of 'Law & Order: Los Angeles'

E!Online 7/30/10 Crime Wave Sweeps NBC's Fall Lineup In Undercovers, Chase, Outlaw & LOLA

TV Guide 7/30/10 Law & Order: Los Angeles Adds Terrence Howard

LA Times 7/30/10 TCA Press Tour: 'Law & Order' creator Dick Wolf looks to the future

TV Guide 7/30/10 Get to Know the Law & Order: Los Angeles Characters

LA Times 7/29/10 Corey Stoll joins 'Law & Order: Los Angeles'

TV Guide 7/24/10 Alfred Molina Signs on to Law & Order: Los Angeles
LA Times 7/7/10 Skeet Ulrich brought in by 'Law & Order: Los Angeles'

TV Guide 7/7/10 Skeet Ulrich Joins Law & Order: Los Angeles

Scripted TV Fans 5/14/10 NBC Announces New Law & Order Los Angeles and End of Original Law & Order Series


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