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WXYZ 6/11/07 Michigan's 'Idol' Star Honored at State Capitol

Flint Journal 6/10/07 We celebrate LaKisha for all she gave us

Houston Chronicle 6/10/07 A sweet homecoming 6/10/07 'Thank you, Flint!' Idol star's family, fans give warm welcome

Flint Journal 6/9/07 LaKisha through the years 6/9/07 Home again: Flint's Idol awaits hometown celebration, then life after the show 6/9/07 Photos: Fans excited to meet LaKisha Jones at dealership

Grand Rapids Press 6/9/07 ACT-SO to serenade 'Idol' 6/9/07 Local restaurant entertains famous customer 6/9/07 Michigan's 'Idol' returns to Flint

Flint Journal 6/8/07 Atwood also on display for LaKisha's homecoming 6/8/07 Fans excited about their singer's big day

WLNS 6/2/07 Michigan's 'Idol' star will be honored in Lansing, Flint 6/1/07 Atwood Stadium to host LaKisha on June 9

MLive 5/30/07 Fox station focuses on LaKisha's Houston ties

Detroit Free Press 5/28/07 "American Idol' LaKisha Jones visits Flint hometown 5/27/07 LaKisha's long way home 5/27/07 Flint gets new airport - LaKisha Jones International Airport 5/26/07 Lakisha, more of Idol cast, get on Larry King

Detroit News 5/25/07 'American Idol's' Lakisha Jones in Flint on Sunday

Flint Journal 5/24/07 Pair from Flint reunite with Jones at 'Idol' finale

Detroit News 5/22/07 Almost-'Idol' LaKisha Jones plans Flint visit

TMZ 5/16/07 Lohan to LaKisha: I Had Your Back

MLive 5/16/07 LaKisha Jones still tops on American Idol

Baltimore Sun 5/15/07 Lakisha opens up about pre-'Idol' hardships

MLive 5/14/07 'LaKissha' on 'Regis & Kelly'

MLive 5/14/07 LaKisha's EW exit interview

MLive 5/14/07 A vision in green and black

MLive 5/14/07 LaKisha's Bee Gees struggles

Fans Of Reality T.V. 5/13/07 Interview with LaKisha Jones: Down Goes Diva #1

Annapolis Capital 5/13/07 Local 'Idol': No plans to return to county

Reality TV Magazine 5/12/07 American Idol: Lakisha Jones Calls Simon Cowell A Good Kisser

Reality TV Magazine 5/12/07 American Idol Finalist Lakisha Jones Talks About Sanjaya Malakar

LauraBelle 5/12/07 LaKisha Jones - Stayin' Alive Longer Than Expected

Reality TV Magazine 5/12/07 American Idol Finalist Lakisha Jones Done In By The Dry Cleaners

Flint Journal 5/12/07 Did LaKisha make the grade?

Celebrity Spider 5/11/07 LaKisha Eliminated From American Idol; Next Week Final 3 Sing 3 Songs Each

Wild Bluff Media 5/11/07 American Idol: How Kiki Got Kicked to the Curb

LA Times 5/11/07 LaKisha Jones commands the spotlight to the very end 5/11/07 World stardom inevitably within LaKisha's grasp

E!Online 5/11/07 LaKisha, Sanjaya: Hometown Idols

Flint Journal 5/11/07 LaKisha, Graves spoof ad in Leno appearance

Baltimore Sun 5/11/07 Jones sings about future

Detroit News 5/11/07 LaKisha regrets song choices

Newsday 5/11/07 Kiki's kiss 'n' tell about 'Idol' journey 5/11/07 LaKisha's Flint homecoming on hold

ET Online 5/11/07 Fallen 'Idol' LaKisha Speaks Out!

Chicago Tribune 5/11/07 Jones judges Cowell's kiss 5/11/07 LaKisha far from idle day after loss

Entertainment Weekly 5/11/07 Kiss and Tell

Detroit Free Press 5/11/07 What's next for LaKisha?

Detroit Free Press 5/11/07 Catch the Flint 'Idol'

Detroit Free Press 5/11/07 LaKisha's journey

Celebrity Spider 5/10/07 American Idol Results - The Final Trio

Reality TV World 5/10/07 Ousted 'American Idol' finalist Lakisha Jones: "I knew on Tuesday"

TV Robot 5/10/07 Tribute to a Favorite Fallen Idol, Lakisha Jones

Foxes On Idol 5/10/07 American Idol 6: Why LaKisha Lost

MTV 5/10/07 LaKisha Gushes About 'Little Brother' Sanjaya; Rates Simon Cowell's Kiss

Detroit Free Press 5/10/07 LaKisha talks the future following 'Idol' exit

MLive 5/10/07 No Fox fanfare, but city to honor LaKisha

Detroit News 5/10/07 Flint fave Kiki couldn't stay alive on 'Idol'

MTV 5/10/07 'American Idol' Kisses LaKisha Jones Goodbye

Detroit News 5/10/07 LaKisha Jones chats with Jay Leno tonight about 'Idol'

Star Ledger 5/10/07 LaKisha is sent packing on 'Idol'

MSNBC 5/10/07 LaKisha sent packing on ‘American Idol’

NY Post 5/10/07 Teary 'Idol' Loser 

Detroit Free Press 5/10/07 Early expectations may have doomed Jones' 'Idol' hopes

Jam! 5/10/07 LaKisha eliminated from 'Idol'

Detroit Free Press 5/10/07 Post-'Idol' success

Mlive 5/10/07 LaKisha's look said it all

Reality TV Magazine 5/9/07 American Idol Results – Lakisha Jones Eliminated

Idol Thoughts 5/9/07 American Idol Producer Says Last Night's Genre Didn't Suit LaKisha

Lansing State Journal 5/9/07 American Idol' contestant Jones impresses Barry Gibb

Flint Journal 5/9/07 Hometown crowd sticks with LaKisha

Detroit News 5/9/07 'No kiss' for Flint's LaKisha

MTV 5/9/07 LaKisha: 'American Idol' Hopeful's Hometown Is Banking On Her

Detroit Free Press 5/9/07 LaKisha could be facing the big kiss-off

Chicago Sun Times 5/9/07 LaKisha might not be stayin' alive

My Fox Birmingham 5/9/07 American Idol Lakisha Interview

Flint Journal 5/8/07 Can LaKisha keep 'Stayin' Alive'?

Flint Journal 5/8/07 LaKisha to perform here if she makes 'Idol' cut

Detroit Free Press 5/8/07 Has LaKisha's luck run out on 'American Idol'?

Flint Journal 5/8/07 LaKisha hype hits sour note 5/5/07 Bring it home, LaKisha - If she makes the cut, expect Flint's 'Idol' to be in Flint

Flint Journal 5/3/07 KiKi's on to 'Idol' Fab Four

Detroit Free Press 5/3/07 LaKisha in 'Idol' Final Four: Flint rejoices in star's success

Detroit Free Press 5/2/07 Flint crowd erupts after news of Lakisha's 'Idol' survival
MLive 5/2/07 LaKisha's in the Top 4

Livingston Daily 5/2/07 LaKisha rises to challenge with a comeback on ‘Idol’

Flint Journal 5/2/07 LaKisha hits the hot notes, and in style

Detroit News 5/2/07 LaKisha gives it her all and wins over Simon

Detroit Free Press 5/2/07 LaKisha rises to challenge with a comeback on 'Idol'

MLive 5/1/07 LaKisha fans to troll neighborhoods for 'Idol' votes

Baltimore Sun 5/1/07 Jones' fans are hopefully devoted to vote

Flint Journal 5/1/07 LaKisha needs rebound ... right now

MLive 4/30/07 Coach: LaKisha realized 2 Idol songs too late

Flint Journal 4/27/07 McBride praises another big voice: LaKisha's

Flint Journal 4/27/07 What's Next? 4/26/07 LaKisha fans celebrate her survival on American Idol

Detroit Free Press 4/25/07 LaKisha criticized again on 'Idol' fund-raiser show

Detroit News 4/25/07 Will 'Idol' voters 'Believe' in LaKisha?

Mlive 4/24/07 LaKisha needs to stop following the Idols - Flint panel

Detroit News 4/24/07 LaKisha's last chance?

Flint Journal 4/24/07 LaKisha's achievements have given Flint a ray of hope, reason to party

Detroit Free Press 4/24/07 LaKisha needs a change of song and attitude 4/20/07 Main attraction- For new 'Idol' fans, it's all about LaKisha

Detroit Free Press 4/18/07 American Idol: Country not a good style for LaKisha

WOOD 4/18/07 Jones gets scare, but advances to "American Idol" final 6

Lansing State Journal 4/18/07 'Idol' judges disappointed in Jones' song choice

Flint Journal 4/18/07 LaKisha shares thoughts on faith, song competitions

Flint Journal 4/17/07 Flint mayor adds to LaKisha prize pot

MLive 4/17/07 McBride tells ET she's a Jones fan

MLive 4/17/07 LaKisha's obsession with dresses

WLNS 4/16/07 'Idol' judges disappointed in Jones' song choice

Flint Journal 4/16/07 Chambers now home to rally for Flint's Idol, LaKisha Jones

MLive 4/15/07 LaKisha, other show hopefuls are in full gear every day of contest

Flint Journal 4/13/07 Texan is daddy of LaKisha's child -- tabloid

Flint Journal 4/13/07 Far-flung family has special ties to LaKisha

ABC 12 4/13/07 LaKisha to receive a new Buick

MLive 4/12/07 Gossip magazine says it's ID'd father of LaKisha's baby

WXYZ 4/11/07 Flint's "Idol" Contestant Jones Survives Cut to Final 7

Detroit Free Press 4/11/07 LaKisha falters, but Sanjaya not bad?

MLive 4/10/07 Two `Idol' judges cool toward saucy performance by Flint's Jones

The Hub 4/10/07 LaKisha watch: Latin sound may prove tough for Jones tonight

Flint Journal 4/10/07 Rolling Stone ranks LaKisha as top 'Idol' contestant

Flint Journal 4/10/07 The tale of 2 LaKisha Joneses

MLive 4/4/07 LaKisha in danger tonight?

Detroit News 4/4/07 LaKisha sings up a storm on 'Idol'

Flint Journal 4/4/07 LaKisha gets praise from 'Idol' producer

Detroit Free Press 4/4/07 LaKisha ignores advice but wins praise

MLive 4/3/07 LaKisha Jones closes American Idol

TMZ 4/3/07 Idol LaKisha is Charmed

Detroit Free Press 4/1/07 The LaKisha look: 'Idol' singer becoming style icon for plus-size young women

Flint Journal 4/1/07 LaKisha, other 'Idol' finalists profiled by People magazine

WHNS 3/28/07 Flint's LaKisha Jones will sing another week

Detroit Free Press 3/28/07 LaKisha Jones is fly in tribute to Summer

MLive 3/27/07 Maryland banking friends to join LaKisha tonight

USA Today 3/27/07 Don looks at LaKisha

Flint Journal 3/27/07 Flint arts council wants LaKisha to help

Baltimore Sun 3/27/07 Some are no longer singing Lakisha's praises

NY Post 3/25/07 'Idol' Powerhouse 3/25/07 For most, 'LaKisha each day is the best medicine' 3/24/07 NASCAR wants Jones

Flint Journal 3/24/07 Diamonds are for never

Detroit Free Press 3/22/07 American Idol: LaKisha Jones makes final 10

MLive 3/21/07 Flint native survives latest 'Idol' elimination

MLive 3/22/07 LaKisha coming to a city near you

Detroit Free Press 3/22/07 LaKisha Jones makes final 10

MLive 3/20/07 Flint native jeered by 2 'Idol' judges, applauded by fans

TMZ 3/20/07 Diamonds Are Lakisha's Best Friend

Flint Journal 3/20/07 'Hollywood' crew coming to profile LaKisha, Flint

Detroit Free Press 3/20/07 Jones' jewels outshine her vocals on 'Idol'

Baltimore Sun 3/20/07 Will Lakisha find success after 'Idol'?

Flint Journal 3/20/07 LaKisha Jones more than 'special' at Flint restaurant

MLive 3/20/07 Flint designer makes two gowns for area 'Idol'

Flint Journal 3/18/07 Flint editor asks: Too much LaKisha?

Flint Journal 3/17/07 LaKisha parties lined up

TMZ 3/16/07 The "American Idol" Odd Couple

Flint Journal 3/16/07 Will British week be LaKisha's cup of tea?

Flint Journal 3/15/07 LaKisha rocks Seger household

ABC 3/15/07 Maryland tries to stake claim in LaKisha Jones

MLive 3/14/07 Flint's LaKisha Jones marches forward on "Idol"

Extra 3/14/07 Lakisha & Melinda: 'American Idol's' Dueling Divas?

Flint Journal 3/14/07 America watches LaKisha -- then Flint gets spotlight

Detroit News 3/14/07 Jones doesn't let down Motown

Detroit Free Press 3/14/07 Flint's Jones wows 'Idol' judges, fans

MLive 3/13/07 LaKisha gets blessed

MLive 3/11/07 'The girl is a star' - What LaKisha's loved ones always knew, now the world shares

Livingston Daily 3/11/07 Flint to honor hometown 'Idol' singer

MLive 3/10/07 Michigan governor 'LaKisha-maniac,' wants big party for LaKisha

Flint Journal 3/10/07 Gov. on bandwagon

Detroit Free Press 3/9/07 LaKisha makes the cut on 'American Idol'

Detroit Free Press 3/8/07 LaKisha Jones? No sweat

Flint Journal 3/8/07 Queen Lakisha

Flint Journal 3/8/07 Jones takes style advice to top, too

Detroit News 3/8/07 Flint's LaKisha impresses

Detroit Free Press 3/7/07 LaKisha Jones delivers another sterling performance on 'American Idol'

MLive 3/7/07 LaKisha finally looks as good as she sounds

MLive 3/7/07 'Lady Queen LaKisha' has something, say her Flint fans

Flint Journal 3/7/07 Next idol? Some Flint singers hope to follow ex-choir member, Lakisha Jones

Detroit Free Press 3/7/07 'Idol' contestant brings hope to depressed hometown

Baltimore Sun 3/7/07 Ways Lakisha can be a style 'Idol'

Flint Journal 3/6/07 LaKisha's high school choir fights for survival

NY Post 3/2/07 Soul 'Idol'

Flint Journal 3/4/07 She's ours

Flint Journal 3/4/07 Ya gotta do more than vote for LaKisha 3/4/07 What should LaKisha sing?

Detroit Free Press 3/2/07 Viewers keep Flint's Jones on 'Idol' stage

Detroit Free Press 3/1/07 'Idol' contestant from Flint safe for another week

Flint Journal 3/1/07 Local fans gather to cheer LaKisha

Detroit News 3/1/07 Jones may ride past tonight

Flint Journal 2/28/07 Central High remembers famous alum

Detroit Free Press 2/28/07 Flint fans pull for "Idol" entry Jones in council chambers

Detroit Free Press 2/28/07 Flint to get together tonight to root for LaKisha on 'Idol'

Baltimore Sun 2/28/07 Banking on Lakisha

Flint Journal 2/28/07 City sets rallies to support LaKisha

Reality TV Magazine 2/27/07 Ryan Seacrest More Touchy With American Idol Male Contestants but Rubs Lakisha The Most

Flint Journal 2/27/07 LaKisha puts church in spotlight

Flint Journal 2/24/07 Running on 'Idol': Crim wants LaKisha

Annapolis Capital 2/23/07 Jones survives first 'Idol' viewer vote

Flint Journal 2/23/07 Jones survives semifinal round; casualties won't be missed 2/23/07 'You sing it! You go, girl!

Flint Journal 2/23/07 Flint's 'Idol' becomes hot item in a hurry

Detroit Free Press 2/23/07 In like Flint: Jones makes cut as 'Idol' pares field to 20

Associated Content 2/23/07 LaKisha Jones: The Next American Idol?

Reality TV Magazine 2/22/07 Is Lakisha Jones American Idol's New Frontrunner?

Detroit News 2/22/07 Flint mom impresses judges on 'Idol'

Michigan Live 2/20/07 "American Idol" semifinalist honed voice at Flint, Mich., church

Detroit Free Press 2/19/07 The 'Idols' to watch: Flint hopeful, five others already stand out 2/18/07 'I'm ready for the journey'

Annapolis Capital 2/17/07 Local 'Idol' contestant among final 24

Detroit News 2/17/07 It just could be Lakisha Jones' time to shine

Flint Journal 2/16/07 Locals not surprised Flint Central grad makes 'Idol'

Detroit Free Press 2/15/07 Flint residents sing praises of their 'American Idol' contestant

Flint Journal 2/15/07 Flint has 'Idol' voice

Wood TV 2/15/07 Flint native makes final 24 on `American Idol'

Celebrity Spider 2/15/07 Top 24 American Idol Contestants Revealed; American Begins Voting Next Week


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