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Buddy TV 1/24/08 Former 'Laguna Beach' Star Erases Tattoo of Former Lover

TMZ 1/16/08 Cavallari's Pajama Party ... at Hyde?

TMZ 1/14/08 "The Cavallari Kid" Pays Paps for Privacy

Buddy TV 1/8/08 'Laguna Beach' Alum Graces Teen Prom Cover

TMZ 1/7/08 Cavallari Hits 21 and the Bottle in Sin City

TMZ 12/29/07 Kristin Cavallari -- Reality Show Non-Wreck?

Reality TV World 12/19/07 Report: Former 'Laguna' star Kristin Cavallari may be joining 'The Hills'

TMZ 11/28/07 Kristin Cavallari Finally Surfaces

Reality TV World 11/19/07 Ex-'Laguna Beach' star Jason Wahler: Jail a "humbling experience"

Reality TV World 11/16/07 Ex-'Laguna Beach' star Jason Walher receives early prison release

MTV 11/14/07 ‘Laguna Beach’ Boy Talan Torriero Dreams Of Playing Aquaman

Reality TV World 10/26/07 'Laguna Beach' and 'The Hills' star Jason Wahler begins jail sentence

E!Online 10/26/07 Jason Wahler, Seattle's Best Inmate

Celebrity Spider 10/4/07 Laguna Beach Star Jason Wahler Looking Forward to Community Service

Celebrity Spider 9/13/07 Hayden Panettiere Splits From Laguna Beach Star Stephen Coletti

Buddy TV 9/8/07 'Laguna Beach' Alum Tells Ex-Girlfriend's Co-Star to Shut Up

Celebrity Spider 8/29/07 Laguna Beach Star Jason Wahler Engaged

Celebrity Spider 8/20/07 Laguna Beach Star and Pussycat Doll Split

TMZ 8/18/07 Lawsuit: Wahler's a Racist, Homophobe, Chubby Hater

NY Daily News 8/13/07 The 'Laguna' effect

TMZ 7/10/07 "Laguna Beach" Star Goes Down on Hayden

Celebrity Spider 7/8/07 Laguna Beach Star Pleads Guilty to Drunk Driving

TMZ 7/6/07 LC & Wahler? He's Out of Jail?!

E!Online 7/5/07 Laguna Beach Bunny Cops to DUI

NY Post 7/3/07 MTV Order 'Laguna 4'

Reality TV World 6/22/07 Ex-'Laguna Beach,' 'Hills' star Jason Wahler "embarrassed" by arrests

E!Online 6/8/07 Laguna Beach Boy Avoids the Slammer

TMZ 6/8/07 Judge to Wahler: You Can't Handle Your Liquor!

Buddy TV 5/18/07 What Are They Up To? Laguna Beach's Stephen Colletti

Buddy TV 5/18/07 What Are They Up To? Laguna Beach's Kristin Cavallari

ABC 5/14/07 Were teens drinking on MTV's 'Laguna Beach'?

Celebrity Spider 5/12/07 Laguna Beach Star Charged In Seattle Incident

Celebrity Spider 5/11/07 Laguna Beach Star Jason Wahler Enters Rehab

E!Online 5/11/07 Laguna Beach Boy Charged in Seattle Scuffle

TMZ 5/11/07 Wahler Charged in Seattle Assault Case

E!Online 5/10/07 Laguna Beach Bad Boy in Rehab

TMZ 4/25/07 Kristin Takes a Laser to the Face

TMZ 4/19/07 Sex Tape Shelved -- MTV Star Is "Severely Disappointing"

IGN 4/12/07 IGN Babes Interview: Tiffany Toth

TMZ 4/11/07 LC Boo Hoos, Pooh-Poohs Sex Tape Rumor

Celebrity Spider 4/10/07 Laguna Beach Star Hurled Racial and Homophobic Slurs at Police

Celebrity Spider 4/10/07 Jason Wahler Arrested for the Fourth Time in Nine Months

TMZ 4/9/07 Cop: Wahler Called Me "Nig**r," "Fag**t"

TMZ 4/9/07 MTV Babe Snags "American Idol" Hunk

TMZ 4/6/07 Is There an L.C. Sex Tape?

TMZ 3/29/07 "Laguna Beach" Star Charged with DUI

E!Online 3/28/07 Another Laguna Beach Bust

OC Register 3/27/07 Ex-reality-TV star arrested

TMZ 3/27/07 Another "Laguna Beach" Star Busted

Celebrity Spider 3/7/07 Troubled Laguna Beach Star Jailed

Celebrity Spider 3/6/07 Laguna Beach Star Arrested

TMZ 3/6/07 "Laguna Beach" Star Will Go to Jail

NY Post 3/6/07 'Laguna' Bust 3

TMZ 3/5/07 "Laguna Beach" Star Busted in Underage Drinking Sweep

Boston Globe 3/5/07 Ex-`Laguna Beach' star arrested in N.C.

TMZ 2/22/07 Cavallari in the Zone with Zano

Us 2/7/07 Laguna Beeyotches Bound for Brooklyn

Contra Costa Times 2/6/07 Film on driving under the influence mirrors reality TV

TMZ 2/6/07 Hayden and Kristin's Retail Romp

Celebrity Spider 2/1/07 The Hills & Laguna Beach Star Lauren Conrad Named Spokesperson for mark

Reality TV World 1/2/07 Ex-'Laguna Beach' star Kristin Cavallari aims to reduce her swearing

Sydney Morning Herald 12/19/06 Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

OC Register 11/27/06 The Orange Grove: Laguna cast as teen-sex central

Hollywood Reporter 11/20/06 Big Web audience for MTV's 'Laguna' 11/17/06 Graduation, Goodbyes & Aftershow

Reality TV Calendar 11/16/06 Absent Parents And Mansions Full Of Drama: Finale Recap

Entertainment Weekly 11/16/06 Grad Illusion

Celebrity Spider 11/14/06 Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad Split

Reality TV World 11/12/06 Laguna Beach residents accuse MTV show of focusing on negative

LA Times 11/12/06 'Laguna' cast as the villain in Laguna 11/9/06 Prom?

Entertainment Weekly 11/9/06 Deal With It

NY Times 11/8/06 Real ‘OC’ Starts Objecting to Its MTV Portrayal

Seattle Times 11/6/06 Drowning in drama on "Laguna Beach" 11/2/06 Free Game For Sluts

Entertainment Weekly 11/2/06 Bad Trip

Chart Attack 10/27/06 Laguna Beach Soundtrack Offers Eight Different Covers 10/26/06 3 Day Rule

Entertainment Weekly 10/26/06 And Now for Something Completely Indifferent

LA Times 10/26/06 The not-so-sunny side

NMC 10/26/06 Angels & Rejects Appear on "Laguna Beach" Soundtrack

Hollywood Reporter 10/25/06 Emulating 'Laguna' now virtually possible

Celebrity Spider 10/24/06 MTV and Interscope Records Team Up to Release Laguna Beach Soundtrack

Reality TV Calendar 10/19/06 It's Like Break Up Season Right Now: Episode 10 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 10/19/06 Bonfire and Ice 10/13/06 Flirt Fight

Reality TV Calendar 10/12/06 We Come, We Eat, We Conquer: Episode 9 Recap

TMZ 10/12/06 Brody Jenner and a Laguna Beach Star (Not Kristin!)

Reality TV Calendar 10/5/06 Valentine's Day - Is It Love Or Lust? Episode 8 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 10/5/06 Valentine's Day Massacre

andPop 9/29/06 Dashboard Confessional Singer to Help Laguna Beach

TMZ 9/29/06 Kristin Cavallari Goes Pi-Delt For "Nerds" Remake 9/28/06 Losing Morals.. Check. How about The Shoes?

Reality TV Calendar 9/28/06 "Hookups & Coverups" - Episode 7 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 9/28/06 Formal Charges

Us Online 9/25/06 Reality Star Enters "Arrested in the Company of a Porn Model" Phase of His Career

TMZ 9/24/06 "Laguna Beach" Star Arrested ... Again

Reality TV Calendar 9/21/06 "Headed for Heartbreak" Episode 6 Recap 9/21/06 Two-Timing

Entertainment Weekly 9/21/06 Kyndra Spirits

TMZ 9/20/06 Even Less Reality With Virtual "Laguna Beach"

NY Times 9/18/06 Not in the Real World Anymore

Variety 9/17/06 'Laguna' logging on

Reality TV Calendar 9/14/06 Kiss And Don't Tell: Episode 5 Recap 9/14/06 What Happens in San Diego...

Entertainment Weekly 9/14/06 Lights, Cameron, Action!

TMZ 9/13/06 You're Not in Laguna Beach Anymore, Dorothy

Celebrity Spider 9/11/06 The Beach is Back - Laguna Beach Season 2 DVD

Celebrity Spider 9/11/06 Laguna Beach Season One DVD Review 9/7/06 Petty Jealousy

Reality TV Calendar 9/7/06 "Why Do You Girls Do That?" Episode 4 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 9/7/06 Bringing Up Baby Sister 8/31/06 Party Crashers

Reality TV Calendar 8/31/06 Holiday Party Crashing: Episode 3 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 8/31/06 Snark Attack 8/25/06 Surprise!

Reality TV Calendar 8/24/06 "Almost Famous" Episode 2 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 8/24/06 Seventeen Candles

Entertainment Weekly 8/21/06 Laguna Beach: The Next Generation

TMZ 8/21/06 Jenner & Cavallari Back On? 8/19/06 More Mean Girls

TMZ 8/18/06 Brody Plays the Field

Reality TV Calendar 8/17/06 All's Fair in Love and High School: Episode 1 Recap

TMZ 8/17/06 "Laguna" Hotties Talk Crazy

Entertainment Weekly 8/17/06 Chicks With Cliques

TMZ 8/17/06 MTV's "Laguna" Trailer Is Latest YouTube Baby

Zap2It 8/16/06 'Laguna Beach' Tide Comes In

Star Telegram 8/16/06 MTV hits the 'Beach' again with sassy new rich kids

Entertainment Weekly 8/16/06 Class Clones

Newsday 8/16/06 'Laguna' rides waves of cliques

NY Times 8/16/06 That Narrator in the Third Season of ‘Laguna Beach’ Is, Like, So Lame

NY Post 8/16/06 Paradise lost

CT Now 8/16/06 `Laguna Beach' Restocks Its Stable Of Stars With Superficiality And Spite

Knox News 8/15/06 Morrow: Same cattiness carries new 'Laguna'

Buffalo News 8/14/06 Lives, loves collide in third round of 'Laguna Beach'

NY Daily News 8/14/06 For this teen, life's no day at the 'Beach'

Newsday 8/13/06 The natives are restless

TMZ 8/11/06 Brody Jenner Talks About Split with Kristin

USA Today 8/10/06 New teens, tension on 'Laguna Beach'

andPop 8/10/06 Break Ups For Laguna Stars

Celebrity Spider 8/9/06 Laguna Beach Star Kristin Cavallari Single Again

Zap2It 8/9/06 Bloom Is Off for MTV Couples

People 8/8/06 Kristin Cavallari & Brody Jenner Break Up

People 8/8/06 Laguna Beach Stars L.C. & Jason Split

Reality Reel 8/7/06 Laguna Beach Returns August 16th For Its Third Season

Laguna Beach The Complete Second Season Hits Stores Tomorrow

Zap2It 8/4/06 'Laguna Beach' Legend Books More Movies

TMZ 7/28/06 Cavallari's Rumor Control

NY Daily News 7/11/06 'Beach' is back

NY Post 7/3/06 Back To 'Beach'

TMZ 6/23/06 BYOP - Bring Your Own Paparazzi

TMZ 6/6/06 Hollywood's New 'It' Girl

Celebrity Spider 5/23/06 Laguna Beach's Lauren Heads to LA in New MTV Series "The Hills"

TMZ 5/11/06 Kristin Cavallari Is SO Over Nick Lachey

Jam! 4/28/06 Laguna Beach's Stephen Colletti says reality show helped him mature

Canada NewsWire 4/12/06 Laguna Beach - MTV's Number 1 Show - Makes Season 2 Debut April 21

Celebrity Spider 4/4/06 Laguna Beach Star Lands First Feature Film

Zap2It 4/4/06 'Laguna Beach' Star Has 'Fingerprints' on Movie Role

Celebrity Spider 3/8/06 Kristin Cavallari Slams Reports of Romance With Nick Lachey

People 3/7/06 Nick Lachey and Kristin Cavallari: 'Just Friends'

Detroit Free Press 3/6/06 Laguna Beach chafes at MTV's images of itself

National Ledger 3/6/06 Sans Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey Hooks Up With Kristin Cavalleri

Teen People 2/27/06 Kristin Cavallari & Brody Jenner Split

New Zealand Herald 2/4/06 Rich mean kids in SUVs

Reality Reel 1/16/06 Laguna Beach, Life Inside The Bubble

Celebrity Spider 12/15/05 Laguna Beach Residents Slam MTV Show

Telegraph 12/15/05 Reality TV series has destroyed our town

World Hum 12/2/05 Jessica Smith of MTV's "Laguna Beach" Named Let's Go Spokesperson

Student Life 12/2/05 Laguna Beach actors visit the University

Teen People 11/30/05 Kristin, the Party Girl

Celebrity Spider 11/28/05 Kimberly Stewart Ends 11 Day Engagement With Laguna Beach Star

Zap2It 11/28/05 No Wedding Bells for Stewart, 'Laguna Beach' Star

Sky News 11/28/05 Kimberly Changes Her Mind

E!Online 11/28/05 Stewart and "Beach" Boy: Dunzo

Reality TV Magazine 11/27/05 Kimberly Stewart & Talan Torriero Add To Thanksgiving Day Weekend Break-ups

Reality TV World 11/27/05 'Laguna Beach' teen Talan Torriero and Kimberly Stewart call off engagement, breakup

Milwaukee Journal 11/27/05 They're, like, totally into drama, dude

Herald Leader 11/24/05 MTV's 'Laguna Beach' affects town's reality

NY Daily News 11/20/05 Reality Bites

Courier-Journal 11/19/05 Why am I drawn to 'Laguna Beach'?

Zap2It 11/17/05 Hilton Pal Engaged to 'Laguna Beach' Star

Reality TV World 11/17/05 'Laguna Beach' star Talan Torriero gets engaged to Paris Hilton gal-pal Kimberly Stewart

People 11/17/05 Kimberly Stewart to Wed Laguna Beach Hunk

Reality Reel 11/16/05 Laguna Beach Gang Departs Into The Southern California Sun

NC Times 11/16/05 Laguna Beach: a different kind of reality

Reality Steve 11/15/05 Finale Summary - A Lot of Crying and A Lot of Nothing

Reality TV Calendar 11/15/05 How Quickly The Summer Went By: Finale Recap 11/15/05 - One Last Wave

Entertainment Weekly 11/15/05 The Long Goodbye

Reality Reel 11/14/05 Jason's Apology Does Nothing For LC

Reality Steve 11/14/05 Laguna Beach Summary - "The Worst Kept Secret in Reality TV"

Reality TV World 11/14/05 MTV gives 'Laguna Beach' star Lauren Conrad her own 'The Hills' spinoff

East Valley Tribune 11/14/05 On the ‘Beach’: Reality TV as a hybrid

Tufts Daily 11/14/05 Season Two of 'Laguna Beach' is dunzo

Boston Herald 11/14/05 Cast to make waves in final day at the ‘Beach’

Rockford Register Star 11/13/05 Hundreds show up for ‘Beach’ party

Rockford Register Star 11/12/05 Show’s under-21 cast OK at nightclub

Rockford Register Star 11/11/05 The big ‘Laguna’

Herald Leader 11/11/05 'Laguna Beach' finale to be commercial free

Reality TV World 11/9/05 Paris Hilton and 'Laguna Beach' kid Talan Torriero caught in car crash

Reality Steve 11/9/05 Episode Recap - "The Oddest Most Dysfunctional Couple Ever" 11/8/05 - Nothing More To Say

Reality TV Calendar 11/8/05 Good Bye Jason: 11/6 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 11/8/05 Whose Soiree Now?

NY Daily News 11/8/05 A big ending to 'Beach' season

Reality TV World 11/7/05 MTV's 'Laguna Beach' finale to air without commercial interruption

Newsday 11/7/05 It's like, sooooo 'Laguna'

Zap2it 11/7/05 MTV Goes Commercial-Free for 'Laguna' Finale

Chicago Tribune 11/6/05 Is the MTV version the real Laguna Beach?

Daily Targum 11/5/05 Rich Idiot High School: "Go RIHS!"

Daily Republic 11/4/05 True confessions of a ‘Laguna Beach' addict

Salon 11/2/05 Laguna biatch

Volante Online 11/2/05 Laguna Beach buff spills juicy insights

Reality TV Calendar 11/1/05 The Satisfaction Of Her Tears: 10/31 Episode Recap 11/1/05 I Saw You Kiss Her

WCNC 11/1/05 The mistakes of youth keep Laguna entertaining

Entertainment Weekly 11/1/05 Friends With Benefits 10/30/05 Take a big dip in the shallow end

Reality Steve 10/27/05 Laguna Beach Recap - "Best Friends Until We All Become Jealous of Each Other"

Reality Reel 10/26/05 Graduation Never Felt So Good 10/25/05 The End of The Beginning

Reality TV Calendar 10/25/05 The End Of The Beginning 10/24 Recap

Seattle Times 10/25/05 Running with the "Laguna" kids: Foam parties. Wow. Dun-zo.

Entertainment Weekly 10/25/05 The Next Level

Seattle PI 10/21/05 'Laguna Beach' stars to appear at Zebraclub 10/20/05 Money doesn't solve problems in 'reality' TV

Reality Steve 10/19/05 Episode Recap - "I Never Want To Be Called a 'Purse'"... 10/18/05 - 10.17.05: Boyfriends are Like Purses

Reality TV Calendar 10/18/05 Boyfriends Are Like A Purse: Oct. 17 Episode Recap

Entertainment Weekly 10/18/05 Grill Trouble

Reality TV Calendar 10/11/05 Our Last Prom: October 9th Episode Recap

Entertainment Weekly 10/11/05 Prom Messes, Prom Messes

Reality TV World 10/6/05 MTV renews 'Laguna Beach' for third season, adds '8th & Ocean' show

Zap2It 10/6/05 'Laguna Beach' Team Goes Bicoastal

Dallas Morning News 10/4/05 Trifles: Is 'Laguna' where it's at? (Yes!)

Reality TV Calendar 10/4/05 Don't Hate The Game: 10/3 Episode Recap

Entertainment Weekly 10/4/05 An Encore Episode

Reality TV Calendar 9/27/05 "Lies And Goodbyes" 9/26 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 9/27/05 Platonic Dialogues

MTV 9/22/05 'Laguna Beach' Star Talan Torriero Prepping An Album

Entertainment Weekly 9/20/05 Reality Love Bites

Newsweek 9/19/05 Swimming With Sharks

The Pilot 9/18/05 Are You Sure This Is Real Life?

Entertainment Weekly 9/13/05 Trick or Treaty

MSNBC 9/9/05 ‘Laguna Beach,’ like, talks the talk

WCNC 9/6/05 'Laguna Beach' gaining ground on season one

Entertainment Weekly 9/6/05 Snow Bored

Knox News 9/5/05 Love triangle shapes 'Laguna Beach'

Surfing Magazine 9/1/05 Laguna Beach Reality Show Causes Headaches For Local Surf Shop Laguna Surf And Sport

Reality TV Calendar 9/1/05 Cupid Takes Time Off: Episode 6 Recap

NY Daily News 9/1/05 Life with 'Laguna' (5th story)

Entertainment Weekly 8/30/05 Stupid Cupid

NY Times 8/29/05 An MTV Coming of Age That Went Far on Charm

Reality TV Calendar 8/25/05 Just Break Up Already! Episode 5 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 8/23/05 Playing Hard Ball

Rocky Mountain News 8/22/05 Real life's a beach

Knox News 8/22/05 MTV heads back to 'Laguna Beach'

Knox News 8/22/05 Who's who in 'Laguna Beach'

Reality TV Calendar 8/17/05 Two Love Triangles Too Many: Episode 4 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 8/16/05 California Gigolos

NY Times 8/12/05 Surf's Up! Teenage Hormones Are High

Media Life 8/12/05 Boost for the real O.C., 'Laguna Beach'

OC Register 8/11/05 'Laguna Beach' reaches out to community

Reality TV Calendar 8/10/05 Double the Celebration: Episode 3 Recap

WCNC 8/9/05 'Laguna Beach' brings joy to youth, nostalgia to others

Entertainment Weekly 8/9/05 Mexican Standoff

NY Post 8/5/05 Follow-up to Laguna Beach in the Works

Reality TV Calendar 8/4/05 Blood And Blonds: Episode 2 Recap 8/2/05 - Abusive Relationships

Entertainment Weekly 8/2/05 Jess, Say No!

Daily Pennsylvanian 7/28/05 Laguna Beach, Again?

Reality TV Calendar 7/27/05 Another Day, Another Party: Episode 1 Recap

Broadcasting & Cable 7/27/05 Laguna Beach Starts Strong

Entertainment Weekly 7/26/05 The Beach Is Back

Quad City Times 7/25/05 Expect more steam on MTV's ‘Laguna Beach'

Staten Island Advance 7/24/05 Laguna Beach, Calif.: Just like it is on MTV

OC Register 7/24/05 Straight outta Laguna

Entertainment Weekly 7/15/05 Laguna Beach: The Complete First Season

Reality TV Calendar 7/12/05 Meet The Real OC Newbies: Preview Episode Recap

MTV 12/14/04 New Found Glory, Blink-182 Join 'Laguna Beach' Star To Benefit Troubled Teens

Reality TV World 12/9/04 MTV orders a second 'Laguna Beach' season for Summer 2005

Zap2It 12/8/04 MTV Returns to 'Laguna Beach' 12/8/04 12/7/04 Laguna Beach Finale

North Texas Daily 11/9/04 Denton act scores MTV reality show

Brown and White 10/21/04 A little Laguna Beach in Bethlehem

NY Times 10/10/04 The County Formerly Known as Squaresville

Media Life 9/28/04 MTV introduces 'The Real World: O.C.'

Reality TV World 9/28/04 MTV's 'Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County' "reality soap" launching Tuesday, September 28

NY Times 9/28/04 Surfing on a Wave of Adolescent Angst

Zap2It 6/28/04 MTV Goes to 'The Real Orange County'

Sign On San Diego 2/5/04 SoCal school cancels MTV filming


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