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Philly.com 9/17/07 ‘K-Ville’ blows ill for New Orleans

NY Post 9/17/07 The Big Easy-Off

Times Herald Record 9/17/07 Nothing Big Easy about it

Ventura County Star 9/17/07 'K-Ville' explores post-Katrina police of New Orleans

News Leader 9/17/07 'K-Ville' has great actor, city and bad storyline

Boston Globe 9/17/07 New Orleans provides turbulent backdrop for 'K-Ville'

Zap2It 9/17/07 'K-Ville' Captures New Orleans Today

Philly.com 9/17/07 Complications abound in 'K-Ville'

SF Gate 9/17/07 New Orleans deserves better than mediocre 'K-Ville'

LA Times 9/17/07 'K-Ville'? Try Not-OK-ville

Knox News 9/17/07 'K-Ville' can't keep head above water

Courier Journal 9/17/07 New Fox police drama set in flood-ravaged New Orleans

Detroit News 9/17/07 'K-Ville' is a stinky mess of a drama

USA Today 9/17/07 Tasteless 'K-Ville' is the big sleazy

NY Daily News 9/17/07 New Orleans-set 'K-Ville' will have fight to stay above water

Star Ledger 9/17/07 'K-ville' drowning in shootouts and car chases

Journal Sentinel 9/16/07 N'awlins cops just want to save their city

Chicago Tribune 9/16/07 'K-Ville' shines a compelling light on New Orleans

Toledo Blade 9/15/07 ‘K-Ville' has assets, but it's still another ordinary cop show

Deseret News 9/15/07 'K-Ville' — It's the Big Uneasy

Sun Sentinel 9/15/07 Acting fine in K-Ville, but time slot will blow it

Projo.com 9/15/07 Except for setting, K-Ville is standard-issue buddy cop show

Uncle Barky 9/14/07 Fall TV Preview: New series--K-Ville

IGN 9/14/07 K-Ville: "Pilot" Advance Review

Celebrity Spider 9/13/07 Preview Clips for The K-Ville Premiere

Entertainment Weekly 9/13/07 TV Review- K-Ville

Hollywood Reporter 9/13/07 K-Ville

NY Times 9/13/07 Cop Show Comes Calling in Battered New Orleans

Seattle PI 9/12/07 On TV: Two new Fox shows induce Southern discomfort

Variety 9/10/07 Review: K-Ville

Shreveport Times 9/3/07 Anthony Anderson stars in Fox's 'K-Ville'

Chicago Sun-Times 8/30/07 Big Easy a toxic mess for cops in 'K-Ville'

TBO 8/28/07 Fox Jump-Starts Season By Putting Debut Of Drama 'K-Ville' Online Before It Airs

Celebrity Spider 8/23/07 FOX Makes First Episode of K-Ville Available Online

Times Picayune 8/19/07 Countdown to 'K-Ville'

Digital Spy 8/1/07 Five checks in to 'K-Ville'

Zap2It 7/30/07 'Reunion,' 'O.C.' Vet Heads to 'K-Ville'

Mercury News 7/24/07 New drama set in New Orleans

Charlotte Observer 7/24/07 'K-ville' won't bring glory to N'awlins, either

MSNBC 7/23/07 'K-Ville' shows nothing's easy in the Big Easy

Star Telegram 7/23/07 There's more to 'K-Ville' than action scenes

Times Picayune 7/15/07 The cops of 'K-ville'

Variety 7/1/07 Dowling joins 'K-Ville' team

Celebrity Spider 5/17/07 FOX Announces New Fall Series K-Ville


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