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BuddyTV 4/17/08 American Idol 7: Kristy Lee Cook Elimination Interview

Reality TV World 4/17/08 Kristy Lee Cook 'upset' by 'Idol' ouster, felt she was getting 'stronger'

Reality TV World 4/17/08 Ousted 'Idol' finalist Kristy Lee Cook reveals she secretly got engaged

Foxes On Idol 4/17/08 American Idol 7: Why Kristy Lost

MTV 4/17/08 'American Idol' Dropped Kristy Lee Cook A Little Too Soon, She Thinks: 'I Had At Least Another Week In Me'

Entertainment Weekly 4/17/08 'American Idol' Exit Q&A: Kristy Lee Cook

CBS 4/17/08 "Worst" Couldn't Keep Cook On "Idol"

Tampa Bay Online 4/17/08 Chill-Worthy Performance Can't Save Cook On 'Idol'

E! Online 4/17/08 Kristy Lee Cook's Idol Secret

Zap2It 4/17/08 'American Idol' Exit Interview: Kristy Lee Cook

Seattlist 4/17/08 Eulogizing Kristy Lee Cook

The Oregonian 4/17/08 Oregon cowgirl gets the boot from TV's "American Idol"

Tulsa World 4/17/08 C’est la vie, Kristy Lee

USA Today 4/17/08 Kristy Lee Cook: 'I was a little disappointed to go'

LA Times 4/17/08 'American Idol': The last dance of Kristy Lee Cook

Portsmouth Herald News 4/17/08 'American Idol': God bless the USA for dumping Kristy Lee Cook

Star Telegram 4/17/08 'American Idol' voters bid farewell to Kristy Lee Cook

NY Post 4/17/08 Kristy Is Cook(ed) 

The Oregonian 4/17/08 Cook's 'Idol' days come to an end

Charlotte Observer 4/17/08 Kristy Lee gone from 'Idol'

Access Hollywood 4/17/08 Kristy Lee Cook Voted Off ‘Idol’

Reality TV Magazine 4/16/08 American Idol Results: Kristy Lee Cook Eliminated 4/16/08 Careyed Away

The Oregonian 4/15/08 Oregon singer thrills Mariah Carey, splits judges on "Idol"

The Oregonian 4/10/08 Kristy Lee Cook Sails Through to Next Week

Knox News 4/9/08 Restaurant goes 'Idol' on Thursdays

Oregonian 4/9/08 Oregon's "American Idol" Kristy Lee Cook wins praise from judges

Oregonian 4/3/08 Tuesdays another 'Idol' night in Selma

Oregonian 4/3/08 "American Idol": Kristy Lee Cook in Bottom Three, But Survives

MSNBC 3/31/08 Friends in the kitchen help Cook on ‘Idol’ 3/29/08 AFL QB has rooting interest in 'American Idol'

Oregonian 3/26/08 Oregon singer earns higher notes from judges, survives another week on "American Idol"

Oregonian 3/25/08 "American Idol": Kristy Lee Lives! We Think!

Read Express 3/25/08 Idol Chatter: The Indestructible Kristy Lee

TMZ 3/23/08 Take a Bite of Kristy Lee

Oregonian 3/19/08 Oregon singer makes it to final 10 on 'American Idol'

Oregonian 3/18/08 "American Idol": Kristy Lee Cook vs. The Beatles, Round 2

TMZ 3/17/08 Kristy Lee Cook: A Drinkin' Son of a Gun?

TMZ 3/15/08 Tanya Tucker: On Kristy Lee Cook's Side

TMZ 3/15/08 Kristy Lee Cook's Twang Out in Dallas

TMZ 3/14/08 What's Between Kristy Lee Cook's Legs?

TMZ 3/13/08 Kristy Lee Cook: Home Run on Prom Night?

Oregonian 3/12/08 Oregon singer narrowly escapes the boot on "American Idol"

NY Post 3/11/08 'I'm lucky to be here'

Equestrian News 3/8/08 Paint Horse Owner in American Idol Top 24
Oregonian 3/6/08 Oregon singer avoids elimination on 'Idol'

Oregonian 3/5/08 "American Idol": Simon tells Kristy Lee Cook "You're forgettable"
Oregonian 2/28/08 Oregon singer survives another week on 'American Idol'

Oregonian 2/27/08 Selma singer scores with 'American Idol' judges, awaits verdict from viewers

Oregonian 2/21/07 Fans keep Oregon singer in the running on 'American Idol'

Oregonian 2/21/08 Will Oregon "Idol" get the boot tonight?

KTVZ 2/21/08 'American Idol' singer from Southern Oregon gets mixed reviews

Mail Tribune 2/20/08 'Idol' Curiosity

Fort Worth Star Telegram 2/19/08 The latest 'Idol' boasts North Texas ties

USA Today 2/17/08 'Idol' offers second shot for these 5 singers

Oregonian 2/14/08 Oregon's "Idol" contender makes it to Top 24

Celebrity Spider 2/14/08 FOX Announces American Idol Schedule & Bios for Final 24 Contestants

Seattlest 2/13/08 American Idol: Kristy Lee Cook Sings On

Buddy TV 1/30/08 American Idol's Giant Ruse: The Ringers of Season 7

ABC 1/17/08 'Idol' Talent Not as Amateur as Fans Thought

Seattlest 1/17/08 American Idol Hopeful Kristy Lee Cook Sold a Horse to Pay for Her Plane Ticket to the Audition

Oregonian 1/17/08 Southern Oregon singer makes it to next round of "American Idol"


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