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News Articles about King Kong 2/10/06 Watts goes ape

Stuff 2/2/06 Kong and Narnia nominated for 7 Oscars

Stuff 2/1/06 Jackson deserved nomination for Kong, says Weta chief

TVNZ 1/27/06 King size rebate for Jackson's movie

New Zealand Herald 1/17/06 King Kong hits $US200m mark

USA Today 1/13/06 A $500 million film ain't what it used to be

Zap2It 1/10/06 'Sith,' 'Kong' and 'Potter' Sound Off For Oscar

Hollywood Reporter 1/10/06 'Kong,' 'Sith,' 'Narnia' among VES noms

BBC 1/10/06 Kong recaptures box office crown

Celebrity Spider 1/9/06 Peter Jackson Promotes Gorilla Plight With King Kong DVD Release

Celebrity Spider 1/6/06 King Kong Star Serkis Upsets Gorilla Girlfriend

Hollywood Reporter 1/6/06 Round 4 for 'Narnia' vs. 'Kong'

E!Online 1/4/06 Writers, Producers Like Capote, Diss Kong

USA Today 1/4/06 Love looms large, and forbidden, on big screen

NY Post 1/3/06 'Kong' Phooey, Say Film-Flub Counters

BBC 1/3/06 Narnia movie topples Kong in US

NY Daily News 1/2/06 'Narnia' roar shakes 'Kong' from top spot

NY Daily News 12/30/05 A 'King' without a crown

USA Today 12/30/05 'King Kong' has style stature

BBC 12/27/05 Kong captures festive box office

Zap2It 12/26/05 'Kong' Reigns as King of Christmas Box Office

Metro 12/26/05 'King Kong' holds slim lead at holiday box office

Celebrity Spider 12/23/05 Jack Black Blames King Kong Lost Weekend for Smoking Habit

Chicago Sun-Times 12/22/05 Brody hopes to update skinny, kissy image

Daily Mail 12/22/05 Gardener wrestles with King Kong for award

Metro 12/21/05 'King Kong' book already needs update

Seattle PI 12/21/05 Gollum/Kong actor gives the computer life

BBC 12/20/05 King Kong UK debut beats Narnia

Metro 12/20/05 "Kong" is king at the British box office

Hollywood Reporter 12/20/05 'Kong' king of b.o. jungle as 'Narnia' holds sway in 2nd

Toronto Star 12/20/05 Guide to King Kong for the fidgety

E!Online 12/19/05 Monkey Business for "King Kong"

Zap2It 12/19/05 'Kong,' 'Sith' Lead Battle For FX Oscar

NY Times 12/19/05 A Good but Not Great Start for 'King Kong'

USA Today 12/19/05 The footprint of 'Kong' looms smaller

BBC 12/19/05 'Slow start' in US for Kong film

USA Today 12/19/05 Some fans exhausted by manic 'Kong'

Hollywood Reporter 12/19/05 'Kong' scales boxoffice ranks

USA Today 12/19/05 Keeping the big ape film in the family

NY Daily News 12/19/05 Monkey shines!

Hollywood Reporter 12/19/05 King Kong: Peter Jackson's Production Diaries

Rolling Stone 12/16/05 The Wrath of Kong

BBC 12/16/05 King Kong takes $18m in first day

Dallas Morning News 12/16/05 Big furry lug just needs a hug

NY Daily News 12/16/05 'Kong' conks out on Day 1

Chicago Tribune 12/16/05 `King Kong' violence a bit hairy for kiddies

New Zealand Herald 12/16/05 Kong T-shirts come with Hollywood price-tag

Knox News 12/16/05 Action! Jackson

E!Online 12/16/05 "Kong" Opens--But How Will It Close?

NY Daily News 12/16/05 Marketers link booty and the beast

Zap2It 12/15/05 Monkey Business: 'Kong' Has Lackluster Wednesday

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/15/05 Crown 'Kong' king of the world

E!Online 12/15/05 "Kong" Opens--But How Will It Close?

Newsday 12/15/05 'King Kong' Takes in $9.8M in First Day

Dallas Morning News 12/15/05 Big furry lug just needs a hug 12/15/05 Monkey business

Stuff 12/15/05 Kong tipped to top Rings

Daily Mail 12/15/05 Your monster guide to King Kong

Teen Hollywood 12/14/05 Movie Review: King Kong

NBC13 12/14/05 Review: 'King Kong' Is Breathtaking Cinematic Wonder

CBS 12/14/05 'Kong' Comes To Screens Nationwide

MTV 12/14/05 'Kong': Return Of The King

Extra 12/14/05 'Extra' Gets Up Close and Personal with 'Kong'

Globe and Mail 12/14/05 King Kong **

Seattle PI 12/14/05 A bigger, better 'Kong'

AJC 12/14/05 'King Kong' reaches top of film thrills

Jam! 12/14/05 'Kong' remake a king-size hit

Seattle PI 12/14/05 Hoping to make out with making-of 'Kong' DVD

Toronto Star 12/14/05 The greatest ape

Stuff 12/14/05 Jackson shows off original Kong model 12/14/05 'Kong': What an animal!

Jam! 12/14/05 Kong king of the world

NY Daily News 12/14/05 From the beginning, this gorilla's been 'King' of the concrete jungle

Stuff 12/14/05 Kong sixth most expensive film ever made

NY Daily News 12/14/05 Beneath the planet of the ape

Stuff 12/14/05 Kong overlooked for Golden Globes

BBC 12/14/05 Monster launch for King Kong film

The Trades 12/13/05 King Kong

Chicago Sun-Times 12/13/05 King Kong - A Roger Ebert review 12/13/05 All of the sudden, Titanic looks puny

Detroit News 12/13/05 Return of the king

Zap2It 12/13/05 'King Kong' Features Rampaging Creatures

Stuff 12/13/05 Thousands expected at Kong premiere

NY Times 12/13/05 'You Beast,' She Said, and Meant It

Newsday 12/13/05 He still has that blonde ambition

TVNZ 12/13/05 Jasckson to take break post-Kong

USA Today 12/12/05 A mighty heart beats within 'Kong'

The Trades 12/12/05 King Kong Movie Review

Toronto Star 12/12/05 Black is the new Black

USA Today 12/12/05 Kongquest 12/12/05 King hit

USA Today 12/12/05 The human touch: Hand it to them

Jam! 12/12/05 King Kong background diaries come to DVD

USA Today 12/12/05 Welcome to the stomping grounds

E!Online 12/12/05 "Kong" Crowned by AFI

NY Daily News 12/12/05 Long live this 'King'!

Seattle Times 12/12/05 "Kong" actress climbs to top

TVNZ 12/11/05 New technology for new Kong

Chicago Tribune 12/11/05 'King Kong's' secret weapon

Toronto Star 12/11/05 Kong on even keel after '70s blowout

Jam! 12/11/05 Serkis goes ape for his biggest role

Chicago Tribune 12/11/05 Black runs his way into the '30s for `King Kong'

Chicago Sun-Times 12/11/05 Kong is 'the ultimate man'

Jam! 12/11/05 Return of the King

Chicago Sun-Times 12/11/05 Monkeying around with 'Kong'

Jam! 12/11/05 Kong is King!

NY Daily News 12/11/05 King of emotion

Coming Soon 12/10/05 King Kong Site Updated & 8th TV Spot

NY Post 12/10/05 The Hot Seat

Zap2It 12/9/05 Will the Real 'Kong' Please Stand Up? 12/9/05 Gorilla warfare

USA Today 12/9/05 Can 'King Kong' pull off the ultimate comeback?

BBC 12/9/05 King Kong delivers killer punch

Sky News 12/9/05 Ding Dong! King Kong

USA Today 12/9/05 Kong then and now

BBC 12/9/05 Rave reviews for King Kong remake

USA Today 12/9/05 Screen success: It's all in how you act

Ananova 12/9/05 Naomi reveals decision behind King Kong

Coming Soon 12/8/05 Exclusive: Andy Serkis IS King Kong

BBC 12/8/05 In pictures: King Kong premiere

Zap2It 12/8/05 Watts Falls for 'King Kong'

This is London 12/8/05 King Kong hit with 12a rating

BBC 12/8/05 Jackson fulfils Kong remake dream

Entertainment Weekly 12/7/05 King Kong

Coming Soon 12/7/05 More King Kong TV Spots Online!

USA Today 12/7/05 'King Kong' premiere swings into Times Square

Hollywood Reporter 12/7/05 King Kong

Detroit News 12/7/05 Monkey business inspired a career

NY Daily News 12/7/05 Climbing to the top?

USA Today 12/7/05 Box-office beasts of burden?

TVNZ 12/7/05 Early reviews for King Kong strong 12/6/05 A Konglomeration of meanings

Extra 12/6/05 'King Kong' Takes over New York City

Access Hollywood 12/6/05 'Kong' Takes Over NYC

BBC 12/6/05 The men behind the monster ape

Stuff 12/6/05 It's a first viewing for Jackson too

Daily Record 12/6/05 The Man Who Would Be King Kong

BBC 12/6/05 In pictures: King Kong premiere

NY Daily News 12/6/05 Jami goes ape over 'Kong'...

NY Daily News 12/6/05 ...and so does Jack

Ananova 12/6/05 King Kong hits New York

NY Daily News 12/6/05 'Kong' is king at premiere

NZ Herald 12/6/05 Jackson leaves Kong in fate's hands

NZ Herald 12/6/05 Reviewers go ape over movie

Jam! 12/5/05 NY mayor declares King Kong day

BBC 12/5/05 World premiere for Jackson's Kong

Herald Sun 12/4/05 Kong is the king

Denver Post 12/4/05 Selling the 800-pound gorilla

NY Post 12/4/05 King of Kongedy

Celebrity Spider 12/2/05 Peter Jackson: I've Had Enough Success

Cinescape 12/2/05 Early Kong Review

Daily Mail 12/2/05 This gorilla of a film is blockbuster of the year

Newsweek 12/2/05 Capturing Kong

Coming Soon 12/1/05 New Narnia and King Kong Images

Extra 12/1/05 Jackson Is 'Exhausted' From Making Big Budget 'King Kong'


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