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USA Today 12/11/07 'Kid Nation' faces an uncertain future after lackluster run

Fans of Reality TV 12/7/07 Take A Hike

BuddyTV 12/6/07 Kid Nation: A Parent’s Perspective, Episode 12

Reality News Online 12/6/07 Kid Nation, Episode 12: I Fought the Law and the Law Won

BuddyTV 12/5/07 Kid Nation: Episode 12 “Where’s Bonanza, Dude?”

Zap2It 12/5/07 'Kid Nation' funds a cure for cancer

Celebrity Spider 12/5/07 The Town Council Meets With Native Americans Tonight on "Kid Nation"

Miami Herald 12/4/07 'Kid Nation' reality: It failed to connect

Post Gazette 12/2/07 Controversy aside, 'Kid Nation' fails to connect

The Age 12/1/07 Kids' reality TV producers do the darndest things

Reality Shack 11/30/07 Kid Nation, Episode 11: Readin', 'Ritin', and 'Rithmetic

Fans Of Reality T.V. 11/30/07 Recap: Ya Got Trouble, Folks

LA Times 11/30/07 Lost chances in 'Kid Nation'

Reality News Online 11/29/07 Kid Nation, Episode 11: Would You Care to Play a Game?

New York Magazine 11/29/07 ‘Kid Nation’: Town Exacts Revenge on Taylor the Terrible

BuddyTV 11/28/07 Kid Nation: Episode 11 “I Just Like the Recess Part” Recap

Zap2It 11/28/07 Eugenics and air hockey come to 'Kid Nation'

Celebrity Spider 11/28/07 Taylor is Banned From Having Fun Tonight on "Kid Nation"  

Reality News Online 11/26/07 Kid Nation, Episode 10: Rage and Respect

Broadcasting & Cable 11/24/07 Tom Forman: Father of CBS’ Kid Nation

Fans of Reality TV 11/23/07 A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Reality TV Calendar 11/23/07 Bonanza City Is Going To Crash And Burn

Reality Shack 11/23/07 Kid Nation, Episode 10: Miss Manners Comes to Town - Sort Of

TV Robot 11/22/07 Still Politicking, Still Mimicking Kid Nation

Reality TV Magazine 11/21/07 Kid Nation - The Boys Are Back In Town

Zap2It 11/21/07 'Kid Nation' goes from democracy to fascism

Celebrity Spider 11/21/07 The Town Council Issues a Threat About the Gold Star Tonight on "Kid Nation"

Celebrity Spider 11/20/07 Season Finale of "Kid Nation" Announced for December 12

People's Weekly World 11/20/07 ‘Kid Nation’: harmless TV or capitalist propaganda?

Celebrity Spider 11/17/07 Ratings Report: Kids Continue to Love "Kid Nation"

Fans of Reality TV. 11/16/07 Kid Nation Recap 11/14 Scripted Buttery Goodness

Reality TV Calendar 11/16/07 Episode 9: Gold Stars And Sex Appeal

BuddyTV 11/15/07 Kid Nation: A Parent’s Perspective, Episode 9

Reality Shack 11/15/07 Kid Nation, Episode 9 - To Be Continued

Reality TV Calendar 11/15/07 Breaking Up The Greg And Blain Train

Celebrity Spider 11/26/07 Paulina Porizakova Joins America's Next Top Model as Panel Judge

Reality News Online 11/26/07 America’s Next Top Model 9, Episode 9: “I’m A Queen Because…”

Reality TV Calendar 11/26/07 Scoreboard: Shanghaied For Wire Work

Reality TV Calendar 11/26/07 Episode 10: Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting

Reality News Online 11/15/07 Kid Nation, Episode 9: Not Even Close To Fair

Reality TV Magazine 11/14/07 Kid Nation: There's Trouble in Them There Hills

Celebrity Spider 11/14/07 A Shocking Announcement at Town Hall Tonight on "Kid Nation"

Zap2It 11/14/07 Change breeds conflict on 'Kid Nation'

Reality Shack 11/10/07 Kid Nation, Episode 8 - That's Entertainment

Reality Shack 11/10/07 Kid Nation, Episode 7 - Thar's Gold in Them Hills

Reality TV Calendar 11/9/07 Amazing Grace In Bonanza City

Reality TV Calendar 11/8/07 Episode 8: Starved For Entertainment

Reality News Online 11/8/07 Kid Nation, Episode 8: Bonanza’s Got Talent

BuddyTV 11/7/07 Kid Nation: Episode 8 “Starving for Entertainment” Recap

Reality TV Magazine 11/7/07 Kid Nation - To Be or Not to Be

Zap2It 11/7/07 ABC gum art and hidden talents on 'Kid Nation'

Celebrity Spider 11/7/07 The Pioneers Hold a Talent Show Tonight on "Kid Nation"

Times Journal 11/6/07 What are we doing with reality TV?

Detroit News 11/6/07 Public turns its back on the controversial 'Kid Nation'

BuddyTV 11/5/07 Kid Nation Goes Broadway

Reality TV Calendar 11/3/07 "Kids Don't Hold Grudges"

Fans Of Reality T.V. 11/2/07 Recap: Holy Goose Eggs, Batman!

Huron Daily Tribune 11/2/07 ‘Kid Nation’ kid has ties to Thumb 11/2/07 Public turns its back on CBS’s Kid Nation

BuddyTV 11/1/07 Kid Nation: A Parent’s Perspective, Episode 7

Reality News Online 11/1/07 Kid Nation, Episode 7: The Root of All Evil

Reality TV Calendar 11/1/07 Episode 7: The Root Of All Evil

Celebrity Spider 10/31/07 Money Brings Out the Best and Worst of the Pioneers Tonight on "Kid Nation"

BuddyTV 10/31/07 Kid Nation: Episode 7 “The Root of All Evil” Recap

Reality TV Magazine 10/31/07 Kid Nation Discovers The Root Of All Evil

Zap2It 10/31/07 Anti-Trust fever spreads through 'Kid Nation'

Staten Island Advance 10/30/07 'Kid Nation' is not a good place for kids

BuddyTV 10/29/07 Kid Nation: Getting to Know Taylor

American Chronicle 10/29/07 After watching Kid Nation, this mom thinks CBS should grow up

The Daily Beacon 10/29/07 CBS pulls reality shows’ strings

Reality Shack 10/28/07 Kid Nation, Episode 6 - DK Struggles

Celebrity Spider 10/26/07 Ratings Report: Kid Nation Ratings Post Gains for Second Week

Reality TV Calendar 10/26/07 Beans, Pigs, Poo, And Taylor Too

Inside Pulse 10/25/07 Captain's Log: Kid Nation - Episode 6

BuddyTV 10/25/07 Kid Nation: A Parent’s Perspective, Episode 6

Reality TV Calendar 10/25/07 Episode 6: Bonanza is Disgusting

Reality News Online 10/25/07 Kid Nation, Episode 6: Bonanza is Disgusting

BuddyTV 10/24/07 Kid Nation: Episode 6 “Bonanza is Disgusting” Recap

Fans of Reality T.V. Kid Nation Recap 10/24/07: The Queen of Trashy Town

Reality TV Magazine 10/24/07 Kid Nation – DK Almost Goes Home But Stays And Gets The Gold Star

Zap2It 10/24/07 Everybody cries on 'Kid Nation'

Celebrity Spider 10/24/07 Pioneers Battle Pollution Tonight on "Kid Nation" 10/24/07 Nation, you don't watch, but kids are doing fine

BuddyTV 10/22/07 Getting to Know Kid Nation’s Zach

Chicago Sun Times 10/21/07 Stop acting like a child

Reality Shack 10/20/07 Kid Nation, Episode 5 - Deal With It

BuddyTV 10/18/07 Kid Nation: A Parent’s Perspective, Episode 5

Reality TV Calendar 10/18/07 The Reign of Taylor is Over

Reality News Online 10/18/07 Kid Nation, Episode 5: Viva La Revolución

Reality TV Calendar 10/18/07 Episode 5: Viva La Revolución

Inside Pulse 10/18/07 Captain's Log: Kid Nation - Episode 5

New York Magazine 10/18/07 ‘Kid Nation’: Viva la Revolución

Entertainment Weekly 10/18/07 ''Kid Nation'': Down for the Council

Fans of Reality T.V. 10/17/07 Kid Nation Recap: Talkin' Bout a Revolution

BuddyTV 10/17/07 Kid Nation: Episode 5 “Viva La Revolucion!” Recap

Reality TV Magazine 10/17/07 Kid Nation Election Turns Ugly

Celebrity Spider 10/17/07 A New Town Council Election is Held on Tonight's Episode of "Kid Nation"

Zap2It 10/17/07 Bonanza City becomes Upset City for 'Kid Nation'

Regina Leader Post 10/17/07 Kid Nation shows best, worst in kids

Waterloo Record 10/17/07 Kids say the most annoying things

BuddyTV 10/16/07 The Parents of ‘Kid Nation’ Speak Out

Reality News Online 10/15/07 Kid Nation, Episode 4: Bless Us & Keep Us Safe

Milwaukee Journal 10/15/07 Surprisingly, 'Kid Nation' a happy place for its citizens

Reality TV Calendar 10/13/07 Exploding Emotions & Soda Saloons

Reality TV Calendar 10/13/07 Have A Root Beer - Forget Your Troubles

Reality Shack 10/12/07 Kid Nation, Episode 4 - Holy Heck

BuddyTV 10/11/07 Kid Nation: A Parent’s Perspective, Episode 4

Inside Pulse 10/11/07 Captain's Log: Kid Nation - Episode 4

Daily Titan 10/11/07 One Nation, Under Child

Fans of Reality T.V. 10/10/07 Kid Nation Recap: Suffer the Children

Celebrity Spider 10/10/07 Religious Differences Cause Problems Tonight on "Kid Nation"

BuddyTV 10/10/07 Kid Nation: Episode 4 “Bless Us and Keep Us Safe” Recap

Reality TV Magazine 10/10/07 Kid Nation Gets Religion

Zap2It 10/10/07 'Kid Nation' finds your lack of faith disturbing

Deseret News 10/10/07 Get rid of 'Kid Nation'

Michigan Daily 10/9/07 You can't deny the 'Nation'

BuddyTV 10/8/07 Kid Nation: Gaining Ads While Losing Viewers

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 10/6/07 Kid Nation: A continuum of real life issues- clean family show

Reality TV Calendar 10/5/07 Curfews And Counting Terrified Sheep

Reality News Online 10/5/07 Kid Nation, Episode 3: Deal With It

BuddyTV 10/4/07 Kid Nation: A Parent’s Perspective, Episode 3

Fans Of Reality T.V. 10/4/07 Recap: Boilermaker Brouhaha

Reality TV Calendar 10/4/07 Episode 3: "Deal With It!"

Entertainment Weekly 10/4/07 Revolting Developments

NY Post 10/4/07 New 'Nation' Home

BuddyTV 10/3/07 Kid Nation: Episode 3 “Deal With It!” Recap

Reality TV Magazine 10/3/07 Kid Nation Party Leads To Curfew

Zap2It 10/3/07 'Kid Nation' versus Red Sox Nation

TMZ 10/2/07 "Kid Nation" to Go Overseas?

Worldwide Faith News 10/1/07 Commentary: A father's reflections on 'Kid Nation'

Reality TV Calendar 9/30/07 Why Did Kid Nation Ask Kids To Kill?

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 9/29/07 Kid Nation- A Continuum of Excellence- Protestors and Farmers

Celebrity Spider 9/28/07 Tough Law and Order Decisions Must Be Made Next Week on Kid Nation

Celebrity Spider 9/28/07 Ratings Report: Kid Nation Tops Dancing With the Stars Wednesday

Reality Shack 9/28/07 Kid Nation, Episode 2 - Beauty Queens Have Dishwashers

The Bona Venture 9/28/07 New reality show illustrates determination, not exploitation

Media Life 9/28/07 Among kids, 'Kid Nation' finds a place

BuddyTV 9/27/07 Kid Nation: A Parent's Perspective, Episode 2

Reality TV Calendar 9/27/07 Episode 2: "Maybe They'll Hang 'Em"

Reality News Online 9/27/07 Kid Nation, Episode 2: To Kill or Not To Kill

Entertainment Weekly 9/27/07 Ax and You Shan't Receive

The Cowl 9/27/07 Kids Run the Town on CBS Show 9/27/07 A Few More Advertisers Tiptoe Into 'Kid Nation'

Nashua Telegraph 9/27/07 'Kid Nation' shames Granite State youth

NY Magazine 9/27/07 ‘Kid Nation’: Fresh Meat

Northern Star 9/27/07 Kid Nation is CBS' unjust social experiment

Fans of Reality T.V. 9/26 Kid Nation Recap: Tastes Like Chicken

Reality TV Magazine 9/26/07 Kid Nation Chicken Killings

Buddy TV 9/26/07 Kid Nation: A More Honest Approach to Reality TV?

MSNBC 9/26/07 ‘Kid Nation’ shows real side of young relations

CBS 9/26/07 Jimmy: "Kid Nation" Was Really Cold

Zap2It 9/26/07 'Kid Nation': Killer of chickens

Buffalo News 9/26/07 Reality fails to match ‘Kid Nation’ hype

Borowitz 9/25/07 New CBS Reality Show Sends Kids to Guantanamo

USA Today 9/25/07 One 'Kid Nation,' under fire

The Justice 9/25/07 'Lord of The Flies' goes live

Loyola Greyhound 9/25/07 Kid Nation deserves gold stars and extra pancakes

Daily Colonial 9/24/07 Kid Nation? More Like Crazy Nation

Detroit News 9/24/07 'Kid nation' survivor

Truth Is Pagan Media That Bites 9/23/07 Kid Nation a show of excellence- Thumbs up

Courier Journal 9/22/07 Parents played key role in sending children to 'Kid Nation'

Celebrity Spider 9/21/07 Kid Nation Debuts With 9.38 Million Viewers; Episode 1 Encores Saturday

Inside Pulse 9/21/07 Fall Frenzy: Captain's Log - Kid Nation Initial Thoughts

Reality Shack 9/21/07 Kid Nation, Premiere - Learning the Class System

Fans Of Reality T.V. 9/21/07 Recap: Who needs George W?

Richmond Times Dispatch 9/21/07 Thumbs down: 'Kid Nation'

Union Tribune 9/21/07 'Kid Nation' makes reality TV play nice; nice and dull

Toronto Star 9/21/07 It's Survivor for kids in a ghost town

CNN 9/21/07 Could 'Kid Nation' Ever Win an Emmy?

Washington Post 9/21/07 'Kid Nation' and CBS's State of Denial

NY Post 9/21/07 'Kid Nation' Rules

Hollywood Reporter 9/21/07 Kids advocate: Show not a 'Nation' of laws

Hollywood Reporter 9/21/07 Kid Nation

Tufts Daily 9/21/07 'Kid Nation' struggles to earn gold stars from its audience

Hollywood Reporter 9/21/07 'Kid Nation' bow wins slot but disappoints

BuddyTV 9/20/07 Kid Nation: A Parent's Perspective 9/20/07 Kid Nation's Bonanza City , New Mexico - About Bonanza City , the Ghost Town

TV Robot 9/20/07 A is for ADORable

Reality TV Calendar 9/20/07 Episode 1: Building A Brave New World

JokersUpdates 9/20/07 Forty Kids Try to Conquer the Desert

I Love Reality 9/20/07 Kid Nation, Worth Watching?

Reality News Online 9/20/07 Kid Nation, Episode 1: Welcome to Bonanza City

E!Online 9/20/07 Much Ado About Kid Nation Premiere

Entertainment Weekly 9/20/07 Star Trek: The Next Generation

LA Times 9/20/07 'Kid Nation' is artificially arranged, but adorable

Arizona Republic 9/20/07 There's something unsettling about 'Kid Nation'

Orlando Sentinel 9/20/07 Winter Park's Sophia wins $20,000 on "Kid Nation," but the controversial series earns a brickbat

Boston Globe 9/20/07 There's not much fun in 'Kid Nation'

Press-Enterprise 9/20/07 Review: Too many youngsters in 'Kid Nation' show

Television Week 9/20/07 'Kid Nation': Heavy on Tears, Light on Ads

Zap2It 9/20/07 'Kid Nation,' 'Gossip Girl' Carve Up Audience

Toronto Star 9/20/07 Kid Nation manipulative and boring

TMZ 9/20/07 "Kid Nation" -- Like the Bomb and Stuff

The Times 9/20/07 Kid Nation debuts with tough choice for its stars: a TV or toilet

Jam! 9/20/07 'Kid Nation' proves itself after one week

Chicago Tribune 9/20/07 'Kid Nation' finally airs. So what happened?

Washington Post 9/20/07 'Kid Nation': Grow Up, CBS

NY Times 9/20/07 Just Like a Supervised ‘Real World,’ for Children

MSNBC 9/20/07 ‘Kid Nation’ shows real side of young relations

NY Daily News 9/20/07 'Kid Nation' is 'Survivor' Lite

USA Today 9/20/07 Anthem for 'Nation': All hype, no entertainment

NY Post 9/20/07 Fooled 'Nation'

MSNBC 9/20/07 ‘Kid Nation’ debuts amid criticism, speculation

Detroit Free Press 9/20/07 'Kid Nation' is the Mini-Me of 'Survivor,' minus the fun

BuddyTV 9/19/07 'Kid Nation' Review - As Bad as Bad Can Be

Reality TV Magazine 9/19/07 First Kid Quits Kid Nation

Uncle Barky 9/19/07 Fall TV Preview: New series -- Kid Nation (CBS)

Zap2It 9/19/07 Guess what? 'Kid Nation' isn't evil

Reality News Online 9/19/07 Kid Nation Preview: Sneak Peek at a Ghost Town

Post Gazette 9/19/07 'Kid Nation' review

TMZ 9/19/07 "Kid Nation" Mom: Stop Calling Me

BBC 9/19/07 'Flies' reality show due to start

Washington Post 9/19/07 CBS Snubs Critics in Favor of Kids in 'Kid Nation' Screening

Daily Mail 9/19/07 Mayhem as kids are abandoned to fend for themselves on US reality show

Detroit News 9/19/07 Child's Play?

Denver Post 9/19/07 CBS previews kids' reality show in news

Buffalo News 9/19/07 'Kid Nation' is a secret society so far

Zap2It 9/19/07 CBS' 'Nation' Sparks a World of Controversy

Charlotte Observer 9/19/07 Charlotte kid helped build 'Nation'

Entertainment Weekly 9/19/07 'Kid Nation' Isn't Child's Play 9/19/07 Lots of bugs, but it's no 'Lord of the Flies'

NY Times 9/19/07 CBS Screens ‘Kid Nation’ at Schools

NY Daily News 9/19/07 Controversial 'Kid Nation' set to air

USA Today 9/19/07 'Kid Nation' premieres amid controversy

I Love Reality 9/18/07 Kid Nation - Will It Be Worth The Watch?

Courier Journal 9/18/07 'Kid Nation' is raising concerns

Jam! 9/18/07 Controversial 'Kid Nation' to debut

TBO 9/18/07 Just Watch It First, Say Those Who Pledge Allegiance To Series

Forbes 9/18/07 Q&A: Kid Nation Executive Producer Tom Foreman

The Bergen Record 9/18/07 Kids of 'Kid Nation' support show

Contra Costa Times 9/18/07 Are the kids all right?

Chicago Tribune 9/17/07 'Kid Nation': Fun 'til it isn't?

Chicago Sun Times 9/17/07 It's 'Lord of the Flies' as big brother lurks

Deseret News 9/17/07 'Kid Nation'

Variety 9/17/07 CBS screening 'Nation' for schools

Hollywood Reporter 9/17/07 The critics aren't watching 'Kid Nation'...yet

Toronto Star 9/15/07 Kid Nation: Why the fuss?

Orlando Sentinel 9/14/07 Family rebuts 'Kid Nation' critics

The Daily Targum 9/13/07 Is This The End Of Reality TV?

Downers Grove Sun 9/13/07 Local teen finds reality TV to be learning experience

The Marietta Times 9/13/07 Fifth-grader on CBS TV show: Cody Mendenhall’s mom speaks up in favor of ‘Kid Nation’

Palm Beach Post 9/12/07 Mom defends model citizen of 'Kid Nation'

Daily Herald 9/11/07 Mt. Prospect boy says controversial reality show was fun, safe

Eagle Tribune 9/10/07 A citizen of 'Kid Nation'; Salem boy had role in controversial CBS reality show

Fox News 9/7/07 Reality Check: Family Values on 'Big Brother' and 'Kid Nation'

New York Magazine 9/6/07 Ten Questions Inexplicably Omitted From the ‘Kid Nation’ Season-Two Application

Pepperdine Graphic 9/6/07 “Kid Nation” goes wrong, exposes pitfalls of reality TV

Downers Grove Sun 9/6/07 Look out, 'Nation,' here she comes

Chicago Tribune 9/4/07 How CBS went wrong with 'Kid Nation' 9/3/07 Advertisers Don't Want to Live in a 'Kid Nation'

NY Times 9/3/07 CBS Backs ‘Kid Nation’ Despite Outcry

Mercury News 9/2/07 CBS feels bite of `Kid Nation' controversy

NY Post 9/2/07 You're Kid-ding

Daily Press 9/1/07 'Kid Nation' sounds fishy

LA Times 8/31/07 Children's advocates join 'Kid Nation' fray

NY Post 8/31/07 CBS' Advertisers Eye 'Kid Nation' 

Reality TV Links 8/30/07 Casting Call - Kid Nation 2

TV Week 8/30/07 CBS Screens ‘Nation’ Episode for Ad Buyers

Columbus Alive 8/30/07 Reality Check

Metro 8/30/07 Kid Nation feels the heat

Mercury News 8/30/07 'Kid Nation' stirring up controversy

LA Times 8/30/07 Children's advocates join 'Kid Nation' fray

NY Post 8/29/07 Trade calls for 'Nation' cancel

LA Times 8/29/07 'Kid Nation' puts Hollywood labor tension into sharp focus

NY Magazine 8/29/07 Please, CBS, Don't Cancel ‘Kid Nation’

Pop Matters 8/29/07 According to CBS, no kids were harmed during 'Kid Nation'

Hollywood Reporter 8/29/07 Verrone: 'Kids' a 'tragedy'

Celebrity Spider 8/27/07 New Mexico Officials Investigate Filming of Kid Nation

TV Guide 8/27/07 Did CBS Neglect the Kid Nation Kids?

Broadcasting & Cable 8/27/07 Why CBS Won’t Cry Over Kid Nation

Daily Breeze 8/27/07 Time-out for `Kid Nation'

Hollywood Reporter 8/27/07 CBS goes on the defensive over 'Kid'

LA Times 8/26/07 CBS puts kids in reality TV's tender care

Reality TV Magazine 8/25/07 Will Kid Nation Controversy Lead To Blockbuster Ratings Or Cancellation?

Denver Post 8/25/07 "Kid Nation" has CBS on defensive

Washington Post 8/25/07 'Kid Nation' Borders Open To a Flood Of Bad Publicity

NY Times 8/25/07 ‘Kid Nation’ Lesson: Be Careful What You Pitch

LA Times 8/24/07 New Mexico attorney general looking into possible 'Kid Nation' violations

Celebrity Spider 8/23/07 The First Town Council Convenes on the Sept 19 Season Premiere of Kid Nation

Uncle Barky 8/23/07 Kid Nation "controversy" -- if only some people would grow up

NY Times 8/23/07 ‘Kid Nation’ Parents Gave Show Free Rein

Extra 8/23/07 Is This One of the Most Controversial Shows on TV?

NY Post 8/22/07 'Kid Nation' No Child's Play

Rocky Mountain News 8/22/07 Complaints dog 'Kid Nation'

LA Times 8/22/07 CBS addresses 'Kid Nation' controversies

NY Times 8/22/07 CBS Was Warned on ‘Kid Nation,’ Documents Show

Zap2It 8/22/07 CBS Addresses 'Kid Nation' Controversies

Chicago Tribune 8/21/07 Reality check for CBS over 'Kid Nation'

Huffington Post 8/20/07 What Kind of Nation Supports Kid Nation?

NY Times 8/18/07 A CBS Reality Show Draws a Claim of Possible Child Abuse

LA Times 8/17/07 Is child exploitation legal in 'Kid Nation'?

NY Daily News 8/16/07 40 kids rough it for 40 nights

Celebrity Spider 8/15/07 CBS Announces the 40 Pioneers of "Kid Nation"

Entertainment Weekly 8/15/07 'Kid Nation' Isn't Child's Play

Westlake West Life 8/8/07 Area youth audition for reality TV series

La Crosse Tribune 8/2/07 ‘Kid Nation’ calling local kids at audition

Broadcasting and Cable 7/30/07 Former Child Actor Slams CBS' Kid Nation

Chicago Sun-Times 7/29/07 'Kid Nation': Fun and games?

Chicago Sun-Times 7/29/07 Don't you know how this ends?

Newsday 7/24/07 'Kid Nation' reality show follows 40 kids as they build a new world

San Jose Mercury News 7/23/07 CBS insists 'Kid Nation' is not `Lord of the Flies'

The Gazette 7/22/07 Are the kids all right, in reality?

Daily Record 7/21/07 Lord of the Cries 

Houston Chronicle 7/20/07 Is the sky getting dark over Kid Nation?

Post Gazette 7/20/07 Tuned In: Reality bites in 'Kid Nation'; 'Jericho' fans still nuts

Jam! 7/20/07 Kiddie reality show controversial

Kansas City Star 7/20/07 What in tarnation is "Kid Nation"?

Celebrity Spider 7/19/07 CBS Announces Early Premieres of Survivor: China and Kid Nation

MSNBC 7/19/07 New Show: In 'Kid Nation,' Kids Rule 

Entertainment Weekly 7/18/07 The Kids Were All Right

ABC News 7/18/07 'Lord of the Flies' Style Show Raises Ethical Concerns

TV Week 7/15/07 The Founding of ‘Kid Nation’

Variety 5/25/07 The kids aren't all right

BBC 5/18/07 Children 'to star in Flies show'

Guardian 5/18/07 Lord of the Flies goes live for reality TV

NY Post 5/17/07 Kids In Charge

Celebrity Spider 5/16/07 CBS Announces New Fall Reality Series "Kid Nation"

Reality TV World 5/16/07 CBS to air new 'Lord of the Flies'-like 'Kid Nation' reality series this fall

TV Week 5/16/07 CBS Picks Up 'Kid Nation' Reality Show

Variety 5/15/07 Kids to rule reality on CBS


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