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Reality TV Magazine 8/1/11 Kendra Wilkinson Talks About Having More Children, Her Exercise Routine And Slams Crystal Harris

Daily Mail 7/20/11 Water fight! Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett get playful on beach outing with son

Daily Mail 1/26/11 Hands-on mother Kendra Wilkinson shows son Hank how to use the playground slide

Daily Mail 1/18/11 Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett give split rumours the kiss-off on romantic dinner date

Growing Your Baby 1/10/11 Kendra Wilkinson Takes Her Men Out In Los Angeles

US Magazine 1/6/11 Kendra and Hank Not Splitting Up

Digital Spy 11/17/10 Kendra Wilkinson: 'LA move made sense'

E!Online 11/9/10 Kendra & Hank: "We're a Little Sexually Frustrated Right Now"

Daily Mail 11/9/10 Mums can still be sexy! Former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson shows she's still got what it takes

E!Online 11/9/10 Kendra Naked Again! Did She Lie About Playboy Cover?

Digital Spy 11/3/10 Kendra Wilkinson: 'It's time to find home'

Reality TV Magazine 11/2/10 Kendra: Kendra Wilkinson Calls Long-Distance Marriage a “Blessing”

Reality TV Fans 10/26/10 Kendra Returns for Season 3 Sunday, November 7 on E!

E!Online 10/21/10 Kendra Tweets Away Reports of Marriage Trouble With Hank

People 10/20/10 Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Are 'Just Fine,' Says Source

People 9/2/10 Kendra Wilkinson Focuses On Abs Before Baby No. 2

US Magazine 8/27/10 Mom Kendra Wilkinson Gets Back in a Bikini

US Magazine 8/23/10 Kendra Wilkinson Catches "Peeping Tom"

US Magazine 8/12/10 Kendra: Husband Hank Wants Me "Pregnant" Again

US Magazine 8/7/10 Kendra Wilkinson: Baby Hank Is Starting to Crawl

People 7/19/10 Kendra Wilkinson Reveals Jealousy Between Hank and Hef

TV Guide 7/15/10 Kendra Wilkinson: The Best-Selling Girl Next Door

Daily Mail 7/13/10 Kendra Wilkinson legs it around town in denim hot pants

Entertainment Weekly 7/12/10 Kendra Wilkinson's new memoir: I read it so you don't have to

Daily Mail 7/7/10 Quick, pose! Kendra Wilkinson and husband put on a happy face after spotting a camera

People 7/3/10 Kendra Wilkinson: Baby Hank Keeps Me Busy

E!Online 6/30/10 Kendra Wants Her Pre-Baby Body Back for Hank

US Magazine 6/27/10 Kendra: I "Can't Believe" I've Been Married a Year
Digital Spy 6/18/10 Kendra "flattered" by body praise

US Magazine 6/14/10 Birthday Girl Kendra: "25 Feels So Good"

Access Hollywood 6/9/10 Kendra Wilkinson On Sex Tape: ‘It Hurts, But I Know It’s Going To Make Me & Hank Better Parents’

Daily Mail 5/28/10 Kendra Wilkinson: Did Playboy star plan release of sex tape to cash in on sales?

TMZ 5/21/10 Kendra Wilkinson Beats Kim Kardashian

Access Hollywood 5/18/10 Kendra Wilkinson Lands A Cover – Of A Sex Tape

TMZ 5/5/10 Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape -- Soooo 2005

US Magazine 4/30/10 Video: Kendra Wilkinson Talks About Getting Her Tubes Tied

US Magazine 4/22/10 Kendra Makes Her "Booty Clap"

US Magazine 3/29/10 New Mom Kendra Wilkinson Steps Out in a Swimsuit

E!Online 3/29/10 Kendra Wilkinson: My Son Will Love My Stripper Pole

Reality TV Fans 3/27/10 Hank Heads to the Superbowl on Sunday’s Episode of Kendra

Reality TV Fans 3/26/10 Highlights from Last Week’s Episode of Kendra

US Magazine 3/25/10 Video: Kendra Sucks "It In" at Bikini Shoot With Newborn Son

US Magazine 3/24/10 Kendra Wilkinson: "I'm So Happy" With My New Booty

US Magazine 3/22/10 Kendra Wilkinson: "I Love Fat So Much!!"

US Magazine 3/18/10 Video: Kendra Wilkinson: "I Didn't Mean to Bash Kate" for DWTS

E!Online 3/17/10 Why Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Can't Stop Crying

E!Online 3/17/10 Kendra's a Baby Lover, Not a Kate Gosselin Hater

E!Online 3/16/10 Kendra Not Pregnant Again, Just "Enjoying Time" With Her Family

Digital Spy 3/16/10 Kendra Wilkinson admits "suicidal" past

E!Online 3/16/10 Kendra's E! True Hollywood Story: "I Just Wanted to Die"

TMZ 3/16/10 Kendra Wilkinson -- Pay Phone Playmate

E!Online 3/14/10 Pinches, Pizza and Other Kendra Secrets Revealed

E!Online 3/13/10 Kendra: I Was Never Diagnosed With Postpartum Depression

Reality TV Fans 3/11/10 Kendra Season 2 Clip

Reality TV Fans 3/9/10 Season 2 of Kendra Premieres Sunday on E!

People 3/5/10 Kendra Wilkinson: I Use My Boobs to Get Privacy

Access Hollywood 3/4/10 Kendra Wilkinson Admits She Was ‘Depressed’ After Son’s Birth

Digital Spy 3/4/10 Wilkinson, Baskett broke doc's sex rules

E!Online 3/3/10 Kendra Loves Her New Booty and Sex (Duh)

US Magazine 3/1/10 Kendra Takes Son to Playboy Mansion to Meet Hef

People 3/1/10 Kendra Wilkinson Taking Baby Hank to Meet Hugh Hefner

Reality TV Fans 2/24/10 Kendra Season 2 Promo

US Magazine 2/22/10 Kendra Cheats on Diet With "Hot Dogs and Chocolate"

Digital Spy 2/18/10 Kendra: 'When baby sleeps, we have sex'

E!Online 2/12/10 Kim vs. Kendra: It's a Valentine's Party Showdown

US Magazine 2/9/10 Kendra: I Was "Very Happy" the Saints Won the Super Bowl

Zap2It 2/8/10 Kendra Wilkinson: Husband Hank Baskett didn't make her cry, paparazzi did

TMZ 2/8/10 The Kendra Wilkinson Upset

E!Online 2/6/10 Kendra Wilkinson Plans to Celebrate Super Bowl With "a Lot of Sex"

E!Online 2/5/10 Kim Kardashian vs. Kendra Wilkinson: The Real Super Bowl Battle

Digital Spy 2/4/10 Kendra 'to bring baby to Super Bowl'

E!Online 1/20/10 Kendra Tweets Pic of Sleeping Baby Hank

US Magazine 1/7/10 Kendra Wilkinson: Baby Hank Is "Talkin Sh**"

Extra 12/28/09 Photo! Kendra Wilkinson's Christmas Baby

E!Online 12/23/09 Kendra: Hanks for the Memories This Christmas

E!Online 12/21/09 Kendra Tweetly Gushes Over Baby Hank

US Magazine 12/21/09 Kendra Wilkinson: Baby Hank "Almost Peed in My Face!"

Access Hollywood 12/21/09 Kendra Wilkinson: Newborn Son Is ‘100 Percent Healthy’

Reality TV Magazine 12/16/09 The Girls Next Door: Kendra Wilkinson Is In Heaven!

Extra 12/11/09 Bridget 'So Excited' About Kendra's Baby

E!Online 12/11/09 Kendra and Hank Welcome a Baby Boy

Zap2It 12/11/09 Kendra Wilkinson has baby boy after prolonged p.r. labor

Digital Spy 12/7/09 Kendra preparing for baby's first Xmas

Digital Spy 12/6/09 Madison: 'Kendra's excited and happy'

Digital Spy 12/2/09 Kendra Wilkinson talks pregnancy weight

E!Online 10/21/09 Kendra Wilkinson: Baby Bumpin' in a Bikini

Digital Spy 9/30/09 Kendra, Hank 'making everything stronger'

Access Hollywood 9/17/09 Kendra Wilkinson’s Husband Finds New NFL Home

E!Online 9/17/09 Kendra and Hank Racing to Indy

E!Online 9/15/09 Kendra's Hubby Gets Cut Loose

Reality TV Magazine 9/10/09 Hugh Hefner And Girlfriends Attend Kendra Wilkinson’s Baby Shower

TMZ 9/10/09 Kendra Shows Off the Twins, Baby Bump

E!Online 9/9/09 Kendra's Baby Showered With Love by Playboy's Finest

Digital Spy 9/4/09 Wilkinson: 'Pregnancy has made me hornier'

Digital Spy 9/4/09 Wilkinson 'will bring baby to Playboy mansion'

Reality TV Magazine 8/31/09 Kendra Wilkinson And Hank Baskett’s Maternity Photo Shoot

Reality TV Magazine 8/27/09 Kendra Wilkinson And Kourtney Kardashian’s Maternity Photo Shoot

Sky News 8/27/09 Kendra's Breasty Fear

E!Online 8/26/09 Kendra & Kourtney Show Off Baby Bumps, Talk Sex

Reality TV Magazine 8/16/09 Kendra Wilkinson Chooses A Baby Name

People 8/15/09 Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Pick a Baby Name

Digital Spy 8/13/09 Former 'Playboy' star expecting baby boy

E!Online 8/12/09 Kendra Wilkinson: "We're Having a Boy!"

E!Online 8/10/09 Kendra Harasses Bewildered Senior—Fun
Reality TV Magazine 8/3/09 Kendra Wilkinson Goes Baby Shopping With Her Hubby

NY Daily News 7/25/09 Kendra Wilkinson adds author to her resume: former Playmate and reality TV star penning memoir
Reality TV Magazine 7/23/09 Kendra Wilkinson Refuses To Watch ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8′

Boston Globe 7/23/09 Kendra Wilkinson retires strip pole

Zap2It 7/22/09 'Wipeout,' 'Kendra' and 'Deadliest Warrior' renewed

Reality TV Magazine 7/16/09 Kendra Wilkinson’s Baby Is On The Move 

E!Online 7/15/09 Kendra Wilkinson Gets a Kick From Being Pregnant

E!Online 7/14/09 Kendra Wilkinson's Wild Date

E!Online 7/8/09 Kendra Wilkinson Puts Her Confidence On Display

Digital Spy 7/7/09 Wilkinson to raise child as Christian

People 7/2/09 Video: Kendra Wilkinson from the Bridal Suite to 'I Do'

Reality TV Magazine 6/30/09 Kendra Wilkinson And Hank Baskett Leave For Honeymoon

E!Online 6/29/09 Kendra and Hank's Wedding Day in Pictures 6/28/09 Kendra: Episode 5 Recap

NY Daily News 6/28/09 Playboy Playmate-turned-reality TV star Kendra Wilkinson weds boyfriend, NFL player Hank Baskett

Jam! 6/28/09 'Girl Next Door' gets hitched

E!Online 6/25/09 Kendra Wilkinson's Pre-Wedding Spa Party

Reality TV Fans 6/24/09 Sneak Peek at Sunday’s Episode of Kendra

Reality TV Fans 6/23/09 Clip From Last Week’s Episode of Kendra 6/21/09 Kendra: Episode 4 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 6/21/09 Kendra Wilkinson on her laugh, cheesesteaks, and not raising her kids like Jon & Kate

Reality TV Magazine 6/19/09 Kendra Wilkinson Celebrates Bachelorette Party Tonight

Reality TV Fans 6/17/09 Kendra Sunday Episode Sneak Peak

Reality TV Fans 6/12/09 More Highlights from the Kendra Premiere
Reality TV Fans 6/11/09 Highlights from the Kendra Premiere

Reality TV Fans 6/10/09 Preview for Sunday’s Episode of Kendra

Reality TV Fans 6/4/09 Preview Clips From Kendra Show on E!

Reality TV Fans 6/2/09 New Series Kendra Premieres Sunday on E!

Reality TV Fans 5/19/09 E! Announces New Reality Series Starring Kendra Wilkinson of The Girls Next Door

Reality TV Magazine 2/9/09 Kendra Wilkinson Is Getting Her Own Reality Show

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