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News Articles about Kelly Clarkson


Celebrity Spider 6/28/05 Kelly Clarkson: "Marriage is Forever"

Celebrity Spider 6/26/05 Kelly Clarkson: "I Only Date Marriage Material"

Pop Politics 6/20/05 Breaking Up Is Not BreakingAway: The Pseudo-Empowerment of Kelly Clarkson

Celebrity Spider 6/7/05 Kelly Clarkson Joins NBA Legends on USO Tour in Persian Gulf Region

Undercover 6/7/05 Kelly Clarkson To Perform from the Persian Gulf

Celebrity Spider 6/6/05 Kelly Clarkson to Perform at the 2005 NBA Finals

Celebrity Spider 6/6/05 Kelly Clarkson: "My Movie Was Destined for Failure"

MSNBC 6/4/05 Don't underestimate Kelly Clarkson

Orlando Sentinel 6/3/05 A must-see for 'Idol' worshippers

Canton Repository 6/3/05 From ‘American Idol’ to bonafide pop idol

Billings Gazette 6/3/05 'Idol' winner to play Bozeman

Purdue Exponent 6/1/05 'American Idol' winner will serenade students next fall

Courier Press 5/31/05 Kelly Clarkson far from idle with two singles on Top 40

Billboard 5/31/05 Clarkson Hitting The Road This Summer

Pollstar 5/30/05 Kelly's Breakaway

Seattle Times 5/28/05 No idling career for original "Idol" belter

Seattle PI 5/27/05 Crowd goes wild for clichéd Clarkson

NMC 5/26/05 Summer Tour Is On For Kelly Clarkson

The Olympian 5/26/05 Clarkson sheds 'Idol' chains with new sound

DIT Online 5/26/05 Breakaway with Kelly Clarkson

News Press 5/24/05 2002 'Idol' Kelly Clarkson to appear at Germain

NMC 5/24/05 Got Milk? -- Kelly Clarkson Does

Daily Press 5/24/05 Kelly Clarkson beats the odds with post "Idol" hits

MTV 5/24/05 Kelly Clarkson Unveils More Tour Dates, Says 'Who's Bo Bice?'

Celebrity Spider 5/23/05 Kelly Clarkson Sang at Sony Trying to Get Noticed

NMC 5/20/05 Today Show with Kelly Clarkson

Seattle PI 5/20/05 Kelly Clarkson finds more ways to refresh her act

Celebrity Spider 5/19/05 Kelly Clarkson Headlines Allure Magazine's Beauty Live! Concert in Central Park

Arizona Republic 5/18/05 Clarkson sheds 'Idol' chains with rock-out performance

East Valley Tribune 5/17/05 The Cult of Clarkson: She came, she crooned, she conquered

Dallas Morning News 5/11/05 Review: Clarkson brilliant on rockers, ballads at Nokia Theatre

Celebrity Spider 5/4/05 Kelly Clarkson Says She Was on Ghetto Idol 5/4/05 - Kelly Clarkson at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom

Fox21 5/4/05 Kelly Clarkson Performs In Clemson

Anderson Independent Mail 5/3/05 Crowd cheers former 'Idol's' departure from sweet image

Celebrity Spider 5/2/05 Kelly Clarkson Bruised After Grueling Video Shoot 5/2/05 Clarkson overwhelmingly good

MTV 5/1/05 Kelly Clarkson Gets Real Wounds Acting Out Emotional Ones For New Video

NMC 4/29/05 Kelly Clarkson To Extend Tour

Newsday 4/28/05 Kelly Clarkson becomes princess of pop

Live Daily 4/28/05 Kelly Clarkson begins plotting summer shows

MTV 4/28/05 Kelly Clarkson Turns 23; Fans' Tour Wishes Come True

Anderson Independent Mail 4/27/05 Kelly Clarkson pops in tuesday

The Republican 4/27/05 'Idol' champ embraces edgy sound

Star Ledger 4/27/05 'Idol' basks in fervent fans' glow

Boston Globe 4/23/05 Clarkson proves she's no empty 'Idol'

Beavers On Idol 4/23/05 Clarkson Grows as an Artist: The Breakaway Tour

NMC 4/22/05 Kelly Clarkson Weekend TV

London Free Press 4/20/05 Clarkson carries crowd away

Jam! 4/20/05 Live Review: Kelly Clarkson in London, Ont.

Houston Chronicle 4/19/05 Kelly Clarkson DVD anything but entertaining

NMC 4/18/05 Kelly Clarkson Heads to Canada

Chart Attack 4/18/05 Live: Kelly Clarkson Moves From R&B Idol To Rock ‘N’ Roll Icon

Toronto Star 4/18/05 Idol lives up to the title

Jam! 4/18/05 Live Review: Kelly Clarkson in T.O.

London Free Press 4/14/05 Idol Forever never idle

MTV 4/12/05 Studdard, Clarkson Say They Had It Tougher On 'Idol'

The Trades 4/12/05 Kelly Clarkson Breakaway Tour Review

Celebrity Spider 4/8/05 Kelly Clarkson's DNA For Sale Online

Star Tribune 4/8/05 Music review: 'Idol' Clarkson still searching for her own sound

Plain Dealer 4/8/05 No false idol

Celebrity Spider 4/7/05 Kelly Clarkson Compares Marilyn Monroe to Paris Hilton

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 4/6/05 Clarkson too nice to rock

Detroit Metro Times 4/6/05 Kelly Clarkson vs. Bob Dylan

RealityShack 4/1/05 CD Review: Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway"

Foxes On Idol 3/31/05 A Look Behind Kelly's 'Behind Hazel Eyes' DVD

Kansas City Star 3/31/05 Kelly Clarkson At The Midland

Wireless Flash News Service 3/30/05 Kelly Clarkson: Driven To Get Out On Road

NMC 3/28/05 Kelly Clarkson Remixed

Celebrity Spider 3/26/05 Kelly Clarkson Dumps Manager Fuller

KGET 17 3/16/05 Kelly Clarkson's New DVD

Beavers On Idol 3/16/05 Kelly Clarkson: On the Edge of Superstardom

Reality Shack 3/15/05 DVD Review - Kelly Clarkson's "Behind Hazel Eyes" 3/14/05 - 3.14.05: Kelly Clarkson on 'Today' 3/12/05 American Idol's Kelly Clarkson TV & Tour Information

Asbury Park Press 3/12/05 "Idol" winner to perform at festival

NMC 3/11/05 TV Time with Kelly Clarkson 3/8/05 - Win Kelly Clarkson's DVD

NMC 3/8/05 Kelly Clarkson Has New Single On the Way 3/7/05 - Review of Kelly Clarkson’s Behind Hazel Eyes

NMC 3/4/05 Kelly Clarkson To Final Four Fest

Philippine Star 3/3/05 A new album from the 1st American Idol

Post-Dispatch 3/3/05 Kelly Clarkson headlines Final Four festival

Beavers On Idol 3/1/05 Breakaway vs. Thankful

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/26/05 Columbus on 1st 'Idol's tour

NMC 2/25/05 Kelly Clarkson Announces New Tour

Tucson Citizen 2/24/05 Clarkson breaking for tour

Reality TV World 2/24/05 Original 'American Idol' winner Kelly Clarkson to open first solo tour

MTV 2/23/05 Kelly Clarkson Lines Up 35-Show Tour

Rolling Stone 2/23/05 Kelly Clarkson Breaks Out

North County Times 2/23/05 'Idol' Winner Clarkson Going on Tour

Live Daily 2/22/05 Kelly Clarkson mounts inaugural headlining tour

AZ Central 2/22/05 Clarkson breaks away for theater tour

Sign on San Diego 2/21/05 Surprise! Clarkson does pop-idol role justice

Jerusalem Post 2/16/05 'American Idol' star proves herself again

Foxes On Idol 2/16/05 Kelly Clarkson's 'Behind Hazel Eyes' DVD Coming in March

London Free Press 2/15/05 American Idol coming to JLC

Malaysia Star 2/14/05 No fuss Clarkson

Teen Music 2/11/05 Kelly Clarkson: Behind Hazel Eyes

Greeley Tribune 2/11/05 Kelly Clarkson to perform at July 4 show

NMC 2/11/05 Clarkson Heads To Saturday Night Live 2/9/05 - Fans Will Get Exclusive Access to Kelly This Spring in Her DVD 'Kelly Clarkson: Behind Hazel Eyes' 2/9/05 Anticipation at Fever Pitch for 'Breakaway', Second Album from Kelly Clarkson

Foxes On Idol 2/1/05 Kelly Clarkson - Now That's Singing!

TVRules 2/1/05 Kelly Clarkson To Perform At Super Bowl

Dawgnet 1/31/05 'Breakaway' enchants

Village Voice 1/28/05 Identity Crisis

NMC 1/27/05 Kelly Clarkson Joins Ellen Tomorrow

NMC 1/26/05 Peas, Clarkson and Keys To Super Bowl

MTV Asia 1/21/05 Kelly Clarkson Signs On For MTV Asia Aid Benefit

The Trades 1/17/05 Kelly Clarkson, "Breakaway" Review

Contact Music 1/13/05 Clarkson Low Maintenance With Her Hair

Beavers On Idol 1/11/05 So Now Kelly Is an Avril Wannabe?

Daily Herald 1/6/05 Kelly Clarkson still top American Idol

NMC 1/4/05 Simpson, Clarkson Play The Orange Bowl

Beacon Journal 1/2/05 Kelly Clarkson lost on second album

Baltimore Sun 12/30/04 Clarkson breaks from 'Idol' spotlight

NMC 12/23/04 Clarkson Sings at Disney World Parade

Times Dispatch 12/23/04 Original 'Idol' is on right path

Beavers On Idol 12/12/04 Kelly Breaks Away with "Breakaway"

Detroit News 12/10/04 Kelly Clarkson, "Breakaway" (RCA) 12/10/04 - Clay Aiken on Leno, Diana on The Early Show, and Kelly on The View

Zap2It 12/9/04 First 'Idol' Clarkson Shows Legs

NMC 12/7/04 Kelly Clarkson on ABC

Beavers On Idol 12/5/04 Kelly Clarkson: Breakaway - Prelude to Greatness

Foxes on Idol 12/3/04 So You Think You Know Kelly Clarkson? A Look at Breakaway

Contact Music 12/2/04 Idol Kelly Upset About Missing Albums 12/2/04 - Kelly Clarkson’s Second effort………….First rate!

Beavers On Idol 11/30/04 Breakaway: A First Impression

MTV 11/30/04 New Releases: Kelly Clarkson, Nas, Jay-Z/ Linkin Park, T.I. & More

TVRules 11/30/04 Kelly Clarkson To Release Second CD Breakaway Tuesday, November 30

Chart Attack 11/29/04 New Releases: Kelly Clarkson Drops The Pop And Gets Ready To Rock 11/26/04 - Kelly, Ruben, and Fantasia special: A Review

Reality News Online 11/25/04 Kelly, Ruben, and Fantasia: Home For the Holidays

MTV 11/22/04 Kelly Clarkson: Just Listen

NMC 11/19/04 American Dreams With Kelly Clarkson

The Age 11/17/04 Clarkson to tour Australia

Beavers On Idol 11/15/04 Kelly Clarkson: Something for Everyone 11/12/04 Kelly Clarkson Admits She's Not Metallica, But She Does Like To Destroy Things

Beavers On Idol 11/10/04 Kelly Clarkson: Outside the Box

TVRules 11/9/04 American Idol Winner Kelly Clarkson Returns To American Dreams 11/21/04

ET Online 11/4/04 Kelly Clarkson's 'Been Gone'

MTV 11/3/04 Kelly Clarkson Shreds Clothing, Sweetheart Image In New Video

MTV 10/29/04 Kelly Clarkson Tries For Another 'Breakaway' Hit

Beavers On Idol 10/24/04 Unconditional Surrender

MLB 10/22/04 Kelly Clarkson to perform at Fenway Park

Big News 10/20/04 Kelly Clarkson to release second album

Beavers On Idol 10/19/04 My Wish List for Kelly Clarkson

Rolling Stone 10/18/04 Kelly Clarkson Rocks Out

Beavers On Idol 10/12/04 Kelly Clarkson: The Star Who Never Forgets Where She Came From

Zap2It 10/11/04 Two 'Idol' Winners Lead 'Dreams' Guest List

Beavers On Idol 10/10/04 Anticipating Kelly Clarkson's Sophomore CD

NMC 10/8/04 Nelly Digs Kelly and Toes

NBCMV 10/8/04 'American Dreams' Takes a Spin into the Past with Fantasia Barrino & Kelly Clarkson as Guest Stars in Season 3

NMC 10/7/04 Clarkson Sings For Cancer Awareness

Contact Music 10/3/04 Idol Star Kelly Loves to Get Naked

PR Newswire 9/28/04 Kelly Clarkson, etc Perform at Lifetime TV's Fifth Breast Cancer Awareness Concert, 'WomenRock!'

NY Times 9/19/04 The American Idol Diaries

NMC 9/16/04 New Clarkson Album in October

Beavers On Idol 9/9/04 Kelly Clarkson: Two Years of Dreams

Contact Music 9/7/04 Clarkson Struggles to Train Her Pooch

Teen Hollywood 9/7/04 Clarkson Struggles To Train Her Pooch

Contact Music 9/6/04 American Idol Turns Nurse to Allergic Tour Pal

Houston Chronicle 9/2/04 Texas 'Idol' Kelly Clarkson promises harder rock edge

Press Enterprise 8/25/04 Young girl sings way to stardom

CBS 8/18/04 Kelly Clarkson: Breakaway

Chart Attack 8/3/04 Avril Lavigne Donates Song To Kelly Clarkson

Beavers On Idol 7/27/04 Kelly Clarkson: The Woman Behind the Artist

MTV 7/2/04 Kelly Clarkson, Lindsay Lohan Provide Entries To Princess Diaries 2 LP

Billboard 6/30/04 Avril, Clarkson Sing For 'Diaries'

Pioneer Press 6/12/04 America's favorite 'Idol'? It's Kelly

Billboard 6/11/04 Poll: Clarkson Is Most Talented 'Idol'

Beavers On Idol 6/9/04 The Independent Tour Experience (Part 3: Kelly Fans in the Flesh)

Teen Music 6/8/04 Idol Winners Plan To Get Together

Foxes On Idol 6/8/04 Kelly Clarkson Looking to Merge and Diversify

VH1 6/5/04 Kelly Clarkson Hopes To Record With Fantasia, Expects 'Idol' Tag On Her Headstone

Reality TV Hall of Fame 5/26/04 Kelly Clarkson: Setting a Standard of Excellence

Beacon Journal 4/30/04 Kelly Clarkson to be part of show Sunday

TVRules 4/28/04 American Idol Kelly Clarkson Lends Voice To King Of The Hill

Kansas City Star 4/17/04 Empty (but sincere) ‘Idols'

Pioneer Press 4/17/04 Clay finding way; Kelly may go another

Kansas City Star 4/16/04 Review: Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken

Rocky Mountain News 4/14/04 Live singing at concert? Who would have thunk it

Rocky Mountain News 4/12/04 Just 'Thankful'

Seattle Times 4/10/04 'Idol' duo gets crowd's vote at KeyArena

Seattle PI 4/9/04 'Idol' stars Clarkson, Aiken light up KeyArena

Times Star 4/8/04 Clarkson appeases Clay-mates

The Lumberjack 4/8/04 Idols Clarkson and Aiken step into spotlight

Mercury News 4/7/04 Clarkson is just fine, but Aiken shines at `Idol' show

North County Times 4/7/04 Clay and Kelly, a study in contrasts

MTV 4/7/04 Cutielicious: Kelly And Clay's Live Show Heavy On The Sugar

Foxes On Idol 4/6/04 Clay Wows His Fans; Kelly Also There

Beavers On Idol 4/5/04 Kelly Clarkson, a Christina Clone? I Think Not

Live Daily 4/5/04 Live Review: Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson in Glendale, AZ

AZ 4/3/04 Fans in a frenzy for 'AI' duo

Arizona Republic 4/2/04 YES talks to Kelly Clarkson

Arizona Republic 4/1/04 Dream team

Beavers On Idol 3/29/04 The Independent Tour Experience (Part 1: The Actual Show)

Salt Lake Tribune 3/26/04 Clarkson and Aiken take charge of careers with Independent Tour

Chicago Sun-Times 3/24/04 The Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken concert

Post-Dispatch 3/22/04 American Idols

Star Telegram 3/20/04 Clarkson eclipsed by feats of Clay

Post-Dispatch 3/17/04 Kelly and Clay - together

Dallas Morning News 3/17/04 Idol curiosity? Catch up with Kelly

Houston Chronicle 3/17/04 Clarkson shines brighter than `newlywed' Simpson

ET Online 3/16/04 Carlos Welcomes Kelly & Clay Miami-Style

Boston Globe 3/10/04 'Idol' singers fill arena with exuberance

Kansas City Star 3/10/04 ‘Idol' pair goes live

Washington Post 3/8/04 At MCI, American Idolatry For the Feats of Clay and Kelly

Scranton Times 3/8/04 Clarkson, Aiken: Two idols who just might turn out OK

Newsday 3/6/04 Still more like puppets than idols

WCNC 3/4/04 Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken perform on NBC's Today Show

Beavers On Idol 3/3/04 Triumphant Homecoming: Kelly/Clay Tour Hits Raleigh

Foxes On Idol 3/3/04 Clarkson and Aiken Take the Show on the Road

MTV 3/3/04 Kelly Clarkson's Rockin', Soulful Side To Show On New LP

ET Online 3/2/04 Carlos Welcomes Kelly & Clay Miami-Style

Foxes On Idol 3/1/04 ‘From Justin to Kelly’ Given a Golden Raspberry

Sun Sentinel 3/1/04 Aiken and Clarkson show off Idol mettle at concert

Miami Herald 3/1/04 'American Idol' stars show strong signs of development

Palm Beach Post 3/1/04 'American Idols' lack independence

St Petersburg Times 2/28/04 Clay soars, Kelly rushes

ET Online 2/27/04 On the Road with Clay & Kelly!

Newsday 2/26/04 Clarkson and Aiken are keeping it simple

ET Online 2/25/04 Rub-a-Dub-Dub! Kelly & Jenny Hit the Tub

AJC 2/20/04 Clarkson, Aiken crooning at Gwinnett arena Wednesday

MTV 2/18/04 Ben Moody Bringing Kelly Clarkson's Music To Life

ET Online 2/17/04 Kelly & Clay Co-Host ET!

Dallas Morning News 2/15/04 Clarkson's honored, really, but ...

Teen Music 2/14/04 Aguilera Thrilled With Clarkson's Miss Independent

Foxes On Idol 2/10/04 A Tale of Two Idols

Foxes On Idol 2/7/04 Can Kelly or Ruben Take Home a Grammy?

Las Vegas Review Journal 1/23/04 Aiken, Clarkson to perform at Thomas & Mack Center

WCNC 1/23/04 Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson coming to Charlotte

Miami Herald 1/23/04 Idolatry's coming to the arena

Rolling Stone 1/21/04 Clay, Kelly Set Dates

Flint Journal 1/21/04 Idol' stars set Joe Louis date

Digital Spy 1/21/04 Clay, Kelly announce joint tour dates

MTV 1/20/04 Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson Announce Dates For Joint Tour

Launch 1/20/04 Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson to Go on Tour

Beavers On Idol 1/19/04 An Effort to Clarify Assumptions in Honor of the Impending Kelly/Clay Tour

Reality TV World 1/18/04 Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken announce thirty city concert tour

Teen Music 1/17/04 'American Idol' Vets Team For Tour

Gwinnett Daily Post 1/17/04 Idol’ alumni to play Arena

Live Daily 1/16/04 'American Idol' vets Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson team for arena tour

Billboard 1/14/04 Clarkson, Aiken Ready To Hit Road

MTV 1/14/04 Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson Plan Joint Headlining Tour 1/13/04 The Clay Aiken-Kelly Clarkson Tour

Foxes On Idol 1/9/04 World Idol: In Defense of Kelly Clarkson

The Province 1/6/04 Ignoring Kurt dicey for Kelly's career

Reality TV World 1/2/04 Norway's Kurt Nilsen wins 'World Idol' as Kelly Clarkson places second

Billboard 1/2/04 Norway's Nilsen Nabs 'World Idol' Title

Beavers On Idol 1/1/04 Are Kelly and Ryan World Class?

Beavers On Idol 12/31/03 Perspective of a Post-AI Kelly Fan: Why She Has Staying Power

Reality TV World 12/29/03 Kelly Clarkson's 'Thankful' certified double platinum in U.S.

Reality TV World 12/29/03 Ruben's 'Soulful' drops to #8 in US while Clay's CD sales surpass Kelly

Foxes On Idol 12/26/03 Clay Shows Chart Staying Power, Kelly Dropping Down

Launch 12/25/03 Kelly Clarkson Not A Fan Of New Year's Resolutions

Foxes On Idol 12/23/03 World Idol Rules Set – How Will Kelly Do?

Ananova 12/23/03 Kelly ahead of Will in running for World Idol

Chicago Sun-Times 12/23/03 Kelly vs. the world

Dallas Morning News 12/20/03 'Idol' retuns to la-la-la land with world competition

Extra 12/18/03 Kelly Clarkson

Teen Music 12/17/03 Clarkson's Mature New Album

VH1 12/15/03 Kelly Clarkson Says You'll Hear A Lot More Passion On Next LP

TVRules 12/10/03 American Idol's Kelly & Ruben Both Nominated For Grammy

Newsday 12/6/03 Kelly Clarkson Screams Over Grammy Nod

Zap2It 12/5/03 'American Idol' Winners Score Grammy Nods

Foxes On Idol 12/5/03 Both American Idols Nominated for Grammys

Detroit News 11/25/03 'American Idol' gets global competition

Louisville Channel 11/24/03 Teens Name Thanksgiving Fantasy Guests

Ananova 11/17/03 Kelly Clarkson tips Roxanne to win Pop Idol

E!Online 11/14/03 "Idol" in for Global Smackdown

Chicago Sun-Times 11/14/03 Miss Independent: Should she be idolized?

Digital Spy 11/14/03 Clarkson favourite for 'World Idol' win

MTV 11/14/03 Kelly Clarkson To Vie For Title Of 'World Idol'

Foxes On Idol 11/14/03 ‘World Idol’ Is Definitely a Go

Zap2It 11/13/03 Clarkson Competes for 'World Idol' Crown

BBC 11/13/03 Pop Idols tackle global showdown

MTV 11/7/03 Kelly Clarkson Hits The Roof For New Clip, Plans DVD

Reality TV World 11/3/03 Ryan Malcolm and Kelly Clarkson remain 1-2 in Canada single sales

ET Online 10/30/03 An 'Idol' Reunion! Kelly, Clay & Ruben

Foxes On Idol 10/28/03 Kelly Clarkson’s Performance on Radio Music Awards a “Low” Point

Reality TV World 10/24/03 'CI' Ryan Malcolm holds off Kelly Clarkson for top single in Canada

Knox News 9/26/03 'Idol' winner kicks off 'American Dreams' as Brenda Lee

Daily Telegraph 9/25/03 Idol jetsetter missing mum

Channel News Asia 9/19/03 American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson is in control of her career

Straits Times 9/19/03 Fangs for the memories

Teen Music 9/9/03 Clarkson Defends Cowell

Louisville Channel 9/6/03 New On Video: 'From Justin to Kelly,' 'Stitch!'

WNBC 9/5/03 New On Video: 'From Justin to Kelly,' 'Stitch!'

MTV 9/3/03 Kelly Clarkson In Singapore

Extra TV 8/29/03 Kelly Clarkson

The Guardian 8/29/03 Kelly Clarkson: Thankful

E!Online 8/29/03 Kelly Clarkson vs. the World

Foxes On Idol 8/28/03 Kelly Clarkson: Just When You Thought She Couldn’t Get Any Better

ET Online 8/27/03 Kelly Clarkson Gets Sweet on Candie's

Teen Music 8/26/03 Clarkson's Angry Rants Serve Her Well

Houston Chronicle 8/20/03 Martin, Clarkson, Thalia, Molotov to play Latin Grammys

Salt Lake Tribune 8/19/03 First 'Idol' continues to win over America

Launch 8/13/03 Kelly Clarkson Surprised By Christina Aguilera Credit On 'Miss Independent'

MTV 8/11/03 Kelly Clarkson Beats Out Helicopter Rides, Commodores Tunes At State Fair

Quad Cities Online 8/11/03 `American Idol' Clarkson is stuff of dreams

Milwaukee Journal 8/11/03 Idolizing Kelly 8/9/03 Talent punctuates no-frills performance by 'Idol'

MTV 8/8/03 Kelly Clarkson's Next Single May Be Reunion With Tamyra Gray

MTV 8/6/03 50 Cent, Good Charlotte To Perform; Diddy, Kelly Clarkson To Present At VMAs

Milwaukee Journal 8/6/03 Clarkson having a fair old time 8/3/03 Fairest of them all

MegaStar 8/1/03 Idol Kelly's UK challenge

Beacon Journal 7/31/03 'Idol' star hardly idle

Teen Music 7/30/03 Mariah Carey Overwhelms Kelly Clarkson

Reality TV World 7/29/03 'AI' winner Kelly Clarkson to appear on NBC series 'American Dreams' 7/28/03 'American Idol' Clarkson living 'American Dream'

Washington Post 7/26/03 Clarkson to Appear on 'American Dreams'

Dallas Morning News 7/26/03 From Kelly to Peggy for Clarkson

Launch 7/25/03 Kelly Clarkson Puts Her Best Foot Forward For Candie's

Billboard 7/25/03 Top Stars Have 'American Dreams'

TVRules 7/24/03 NBC Plays American Idol On American Dreams

E!Online 7/24/03 The Shoe Fits Kelly Clarkson

Foxes On Idol 7/21/03 Idol Chartwatch, July 21, 2003

MTV 7/16/03 A New 'Low' For Kelly Clarkson

Launch 7/14/03 Kelly Clarkson Wears Disguises When Visiting Hometown

Foxes On Idol 7/14/03 Catching Up With Season One’s ‘American Idol’ Group

Reality TV World 7/10/03 Kelly Clarkson to perform on August 6th '2003 Teen Choice Awards'

Foxes On Idol 7/7/03 Idol Chartwatch, July 7, 2003

Teen Music 7/2/03 American Idols In Trouble

Television Without Pity 6/27/03 From Justin To Kelly

Salon 6/25/03 "From Justin to Kelly"

Milwaukee Journal 6/25/03 Bad timing leads to big flop for 'Idol' movie

Rocky Mountain News 6/25/03 Bad writing beaches Justin-Kelly vehicle

County Record 6/24/03 Midland County Fair welcomes AI winner Kelly Clarkson

MSNBC 6/23/03 ‘From Justin to Kelly’ to teen girls

Reality TV World 6/23/03 'AI' movie 'From Justin to Kelly' flops on opening weekend

Foxes On Idol 6/23/03 From Justin and Kelly

Toronto Star 6/22/03 Idols may want to bury their heads in the sand

Washington Post 6/21/03 'Justin to Kelly': The 'Idol' Kids' Losing Number 6/21/03 An 'Idol' effort

NY Daily News 6/21/03 Beach Blanket Stinko

Jam! 6/21/03 Idol candy just dandy

Launch 6/20/03 Kelly Clarkson Isn't Afraid Of The 'Hulk' 6/20/03 Harmless bouncing on the beach

Times Star 6/20/03 It's like 'Grease' on the beach with music and choreography

Miami Herald 6/20/03 Guarini Talks About Kissing Clarkson

Foxes On Idol 6/20/03 Idol Chartwatch, June 20, 2003 6/19/03 Interview: Clarkson Adjusts To Role Of Movie 'Idol'

Reality TV World 6/19/03 'AI' movie 'From Justin to Kelly' described as only 'for fans'

CBS 6/19/03 'American Idols' Beach Party 6/18/03 From Justin to Kelly to video rental

USA Today 6/18/03 Matinee 'Idols' hit the beach 6/17/03 From Justin and Kelly to you

Launch 6/17/03 Kelly Clarkson To Kick Off Macy's Fireworks Spectacular

WXXA 6/17/03 Kelly Clarkson: Critics Will Hate My Movie

NY Daily News 6/17/03 Justin & Kelly do Frankie & Annette

Time 6/16/03 The Singin', Dancin' American Idyll

Milwaukee Journal 6/15/03 'Idol' moments

Knox News 6/12/03 'American Idol' star vows to stay for the long run

Extra TV 6/11/03 'From Justin to Kelly'

Foxes On Idol 6/10/03 Idol Chartwatch, June 10, 2003 6/9/03 Kelly, Justin say movie a breeze next to Idol

Reality TV World 6/6/03 FOX cancels full theatrical trailer for 'AI' movie 'From Justin to Kelly'

Reality TV World 6/4/03 'AI' movie 'From Justin to Kelly' cancels press screenings..

Washington Post 6/4/03 'Thankful' for Sales Over 1 Million

Foxes On Idol 6/4/03 ‘From Justin to Kelly’ Postponed to June 20!

Boston Herald 5/29/03 No `Idol' chatter: Kelly's the reel deal

MSNBC 5/27/03 Fans ‘Thankful’ for Clarkson bonus content

Teen Music 5/24/03 Kelly Clarkson's High School Memories

Foxes On Idol 5/23/03 Why America Still Loves Kelly Clarkson

NY Daily News 5/21/03 Kelly has hit it big

MSNBC 5/20/03 Searching for Kelly Clarkson

KXAS 5/19/03 'American Idol' Winner Returns To N. Texas For KISS Party

Film Jerk 5/16/03 Minimizing the Damage: Fox Declines to Make Trailers for ''From Justin To Kelly'

CBS 5/15/03 Kelly Clarkson: Thankful

Foxes On Idol 5/6/03 From Justin to Kelly – Inside Information 5/5/03 Kelly Clarkson Distances Herself From 'Idol,' Throws House Party For New Video 5/4/03 American pop

Toronto Star 5/1/03 American Idol isn't into `fame thing'

Foxes On Idol 4/30/03 Kelly Clarkson’s Fans Reach Out to the Troops

Beacon Journal 4/27/03 `American Idol' winner proves she can sing but fails to wow

NY Times 4/24/03 'American Idol' Fulfills Its Premise

USA Today 4/24/03 A welcome boost for album sales

Zap2It 4/23/03 'Idol' Indeed: Clarkson Tops Charts

Foxes On Idol 4/23/03 Reports on Kelly Clarkson in ‘Starship Trooper’ Sequel Incorrect

NY Daily News 4/23/03 We're not fallin' for 'Idol' debut

Hollywood Reporter 4/23/03 Gilded 'Idol': Clarkson is No. 1 in bow

Foxes On Idol 4/22/03 Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Thankful’ – A Full Review

Times Star 4/22/03 'American Idol' Clarkson's album debuts 4/22/03 Reasons to be 'Thankful'

Dallas Morning News 4/19/03 Kelly Clarkson: A voice only carries so far

Foxes On Idol 4/16/03 America, Your CD Has Arrived

Dallas Morning News 4/16/03 Idol's Clarkson too busy to sing?

Washington Post 4/16/03 'Idol' Winner Gets Off on A Good Note

Foxes On Idol 4/15/03 A First Look at Kelly Clarkson’s New Album

Star Telegram 4/15/03 What's next for Burleson 'Idol'?

MTV 4/15/03 As Kelly Clarkson Drops LP, She's Thankful For Simon's Barbs

USA Today 4/15/03 Clarkson's 'Thankful' much obliged to many

USA Today 4/15/03 Kelly: An 'Idol' curiosity in a culture of fame

Foxes On Idol 4/13/03 Miss Independent Returns to Her Stage 4/9/03 Kelly Clarkson Says Thanks On Debut Album

Foxes On Idol 4/8/03 At Last! Information about Kelly’s Album

MTV 4/8/03 Kelly Clarkson Single Co-Written By Christina Aguilera

Indy Star 3/30/03 'Idol' risks all to do as she likes in music

Houston Chronicle 3/26/03 'Idol' winner Clarkson tries to keep from being idle

Foxes On Idol 3/19/03 “Young Profiles” Book Shows Why K Clarkson is an American Idol

Zap2It 3/13/03 Clarkson and Movie Themes Top Next 'American Idol'

MTV 2/27/03 Kelly Clarkson Dispels Dating Rumors, Clears Up Movie Plot

MTV 2/19/03 Kelly Clarkson Promises Blues, Ballads, Hip-Hop On Debut LP

Miami Herald 2/10/03 Bad reviews for 'J2K' sob story

Out in America 2/5/03 American Idol Kelly Clarkson in Gay Film

Houston Chronicle 2/4/03 Idols become sweethearts in love story for big screen

Teen Hollywood 1/31/03 American Idol Winner Set To Wed Runner-up?

Launch 1/31/03 'American Idol' Kelly Clarkson In Gay Film

Foxes On Idol 1/22/03 The Original ‘AI’ Top 10: Where Are They Now?

Foxes On Idol 1/16/03 “Hey, Fox, Where’s My Album?”

USA Today 1/10/03 'From Justin to Kelly,' a movie made in Miami

Foxes On Idol 1/9/03 Kelly, Stardom, and Those Who Would Tarnish Her Name

Foxes On Idol 12/26/02 Kelly Clarkson: She Can’t Believe It’s Happening to Her

Zap2It 12/22/02 'American Idol' Single 2002 Best Seller

Hawaii Channel 12/17/02 'Idol' May Have To Pass The Tiara

Omaha Channel 12/16/02 Network Denies 'American Idol' Winner Cheated

Washington Post 12/13/02 Fox: Kelly Clarkson Still Our Idol

Foxes On Idol 12/13/02 Additional Information on Ineligibility Accusations Against Kelly

Foxes On Idol 12/12/02 New Facts Revealed Regarding Accusations Leveled at Kelly

Foxes On Idol 12/12/02 Kelly Accused of Being Ineligible to Win ‘American Idol’

Dallas Morning News 12/8/02 'Idol' siren Clarkson (almost) reveals all

Houston Chronicle 12/6/02 Problems mar Jingle Jam's star fest

Cleburne Times Review 11/27/02 An American Idol comes home

Salon 11/22/02 Rear admirable

Cleburne Times Review 11/21/02 Burleson to hold celebration for Kelly Clarkson

Press Release 11/20/02 Kelly Clarkson Scores Favorite New Artist Nomination at AMAs

Times Star 11/19/02 'American Idol' tour good; Gray, Clarkson even better

Foxes on Idol 11/18/02 The American Idol Tour Wraps Up. and Off They Go!

Mercury News 11/18/02 Idols keeping busy being pop stars

NY Times 11/11/02 Tour of 'Idol' Finalists Forgoes an `Idol' Hit

Washington Post 11/5/02 Worshipful Fans Flock to Hear Synthetic Sounds of 'American Idols Live'

St. Petersburg Times 10/24/02 Idol fantasy

Film Jerk 10/23/02 With Love, "From Justin To Kelly"

Detroit Free Press 10/18/02 It's 'Idol' worship at the Fox

Detroit News 10/18/02 'Idols' rise, fall in performances at Fox Theatre

NY Times 10/14/02 An 'American Idol' Tops the CD Charts

Foxes on Idol 10/10/02 How I Came to Love Kelly Clarkson

Foxes on Idol 10/9/02 San Diego “American Idol” Concert Review, October 8, 2002

BBC 10/8/02 US Idols begin tour

Foxes on Idol 10/4/02 American Idol’s Greatest Moments CD – A Foxes On Idol Review 

St. Petersburg Times 10/3/02 Kelly Clarkson is bigger than the Beatles

Detroit News 10/1/02 Clarkson's single tops sales, for the moment

Foxes on Idol 10/1/02 Kelly Silenced for Now Due to Vocal Chord Nodes

Ananova 10/1/02 Will Young plans duet with Kelly Clarkson

Foxes on Idol 9/26/02 Vegas Show Proves Kelly Is Worthy

BBC 9/26/02 US Idol winner storms charts

St. Petersburg Times 9/26/02 Voting With Your Money

E!Online 9/25/02 Worshipping "Idol": Kelly's No. 1

Zap2It 9/25/02 'Idol' Winner Clarkson's Single Hits No. 1

VH1 9/25/02 'American Idol' Kelly Clarkson Crushes Singles Chart Competition

Rolling Stone 9/20/02 Kelly, Idols Collect "Moments"

USA Today 9/18/02 Kelly the 'American Idol' now must sing for her supper

Salon 9/18/02 Slaves of celebrity

Foxes on Idol 9/18/02 American Idol’s Vegas Special: Get Ready to Dial for Kelly Again

Contra Costa Times 9/18/02 Clarkson's CD is idle endeavor

BBC 9/17/02 US Idol's big moment

Dallas Morning News 9/17/02 Kelly's win was only the beginning

BBC 9/17/02 US Idol's passé pop

San Francisco Chronicle 9/17/02 'American Idol' winner in tune with marketing

Foxes on Idol 9/13/02 American Idol's Debut Album Delayed

Calgary Sun 9/13/02 Celebrity stylists have plans for newfound American star

Billboard 9/13/02 Billboard Bits: Kelly Clarkson

Fox News 9/12/02 "American Idol" sings

IGN 9/11/02 Celeb of the Day: Kelly Clarkson

Rolling Stone 9/11/02 Will "Idol" Winner Be a Star?

Foxes On Idol 9/10/02 The American Idol Hits Her First Notes of Discord

Reality News Online 9/9/02 American Idol: Where Do We Go from Here? 9/9/02 Fans expect big things from 'Idol' star

Extra TV 9/9/02 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 9/9/02 American Idol, Week 13, Part 1: The Final Two Perform

Zap2It 9/9/02 'MAD TV' Debuts With 'Idol' Guests

Extra TV 9/9/02 Paula Abdul

Telegraph 9/8/02 Copy of 'Pop Idol' leaves US hungry for British TV ideas

NY Times 9/8/02 The Fleeting Fame of TV

Houston Chronicle 9/8/02 Being an idol `cool beans' to her

USA Today 9/8/02 Real winner of 'American Idol': Coke

Television Without Pity 9/7/02 The Winner Takes It All

Foxes on Idol 9/7/02 He's Still Our Justin, and He Deserved Better

St. Petersburg Times 9/7/02 'American Idol' finale popular in Tampa Bay area

Guardian 9/6/02 Fox licks its lips as 23m feast on American Idol

NY Times 9/6/02 'American Idol' Star Wants to Withdraw From Sept. 11 Event

Louisville Channel 9/6/02 'Idol' Singers Justin, Kelly Recording Duet

Extra TV 9/6/02 Tamyra Gray

BBC 9/6/02 Viewers flock to Idol finale

Globe and Mail 9/6/02 Finally, the end of Idol turbo-hype

Hello 9/6/02 Kelly Clarkson on the Road to Pop Stardom After Winning American Idol 9/6/02 'Idol' judge: It pays to be rude

Reality News Online 9/6/02 American Idol – What Reality TV Should Be About

Foxes on Idol 9/6/02 Why America Loves Kelly Clarkson – An Average Viewer’s Opinion

NY Times 9/6/02 Success of 'American Idol' to Spawn Many Copycats

New York Daily News 9/6/02 Big 'Idol' winner: Fox

Hollywood Reporter 9/6/02 'Idol' sweet music to RCA

Phillyburbs 9/6/02 Justin still an idol to many

Time 9/5/02 Person of the Week: Kelly Clarkson

Extra TV 9/5/02 'American Idol' Finale

Zap2It 9/5/02 'Idol' Finale Sets FOX Ratings Records

Extra TV 9/5/02 The World According to Simon

Media Life 9/5/02 Sniff! A critic's heart melts for Kelly

Ananova 9/5/02 Pop mogul Fuller to manage American Idols

Reality News Online 9/5/02 Thoughts and Impressions from American Idol, the Final Week

Extra TV 9/5/02 Kelly Clarkson

Dallas Morning News 9/5/02 Burleson celebrates 'American Idol' champ

TV Guide 9/5/02 Idol's Paula Abdul: Forever Your Girl?

Media Fiends 9/5/02 American Idol Finale Kelly Wins!

Beacon Journal 9/5/02 Clarkson shines brightest on `Idol'

Zap2It 9/5/02 Kelly's 'Moment' Makes Her the 'American Idol'

BBC 9/5/02 US picks its Idol 9/5/02 Kelly idles Justin case you didn't know

Toronto Star 9/5/02 Kelly Clarkson America's idol

Washington Post 9/5/02 The Pop Vote

Hartford Courant 9/5/02 Summer's Big Hit Show Makes `American Idol' Of Kelly Clarkson

St. Petersburg Times 9/5/02 An idol is born

Hollywood Reporter 9/5/02 Clarkson America's 'Idol'

Teletext 9/5/02 New Us Idol deal for 'Nasty' Simon

Digital Spy 9/5/02 Kelly Clarkson wins "American Idol"

Ananova 9/5/02 Texan girl wins US version of Pop Idol

Globe and Mail 9/5/02 Superstar search is over as American Idol chosen

Chicago Sun Times 9/5/02 Title belt goes to Kelly

Indianapolis Star 9/5/02 America's newest idol: Kelly Clarkson

Detroit News 9/5/02 American viewers crown Kelly Clarkson as 'Idol'

USA Today 9/4/02 America has its 'Idol': Kelly Clarkson

Foxes on Idol 9/4/02 American Idol Winner Deserved It

E!Online 9/4/02 Kelly Named "American Idol"

Digital Spy 9/4/02 'American Idol' winner to appear on 'Tonight'

Extra TV 9/4/02 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 9/4/02 American Idol: The Case for Kelly

Foxes on Idol 9/4/02 A Nikki Fan Voting for Kelly

York Daily Record 9/4/02 York’s aspiring idols love Kelly

Cleburne Times Review 9/3/02 Burleson grad Clarkson competes for 'American Idol' title tonight

Foxes on Idol 9/3/02 Why People Should Vote for Kelly

Milwaukee Journal 9/3/02 ...And then there were two

Houston Chronicle 8/30/02 Two contestants left singing on 'American Idol'

New York Daily News 8/30/02 It's Kelly vs. Justin for 'Idol' title

Extra TV 8/29/02 'American Idol'

Zap2It 8/29/02 Texas Twosome Cut to One on 'American Idol'

Phillyburbs 8/29/02 Whew! Justin survives 'Idol' cut

BBC 8/29/02 And then there were two...

Houston Chronicle 8/29/02 Two contestants left singing on 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 8/29/02 Thoughts and Impressions from American Idol, Week 12 8/29/02 If you have some 'Idol' curiosity, it has come down to Justin and Kelly

Media Fiends 8/29/02 American Idol - Episode 23 The Loooooong Show

Reality News Online 8/29/02 American Idol: The Perfect Package

Extra TV 8/28/02 Justin, Nikki, and Kelly are celebs in their own hometowns

Cleburne Times Review 8/27/02 Clarkson among last three to sing tonight on 'American Idol'

Lubbock Online 8/26/02 Two 'Idol' finalists hail from Texas

Cleburne Times Review 8/23/02 And Kelly Makes Three

Cleburne Times Review 8/21/02 Clarkson: Final Three?

Reality News Online 8/10/02 American Idol: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Kelly Clarkson?

Gainesville Sun 8/10/02 UF 'Idol' contestant in good spirits despite loss

Cleburne Times Review 8/9/02 Clarkson nets top spot in final five

Cleburne Times Review 8/2/02 Clarkson survives another round

Cleburne Times Review 7/30/02 Clarkson vies for next round tonight on FOX

Dallas Morning News 7/23/02 Talent scourge feels heat

Times Review 7/16/02 Is Joshua's Clarkson an American Idol?

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