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News Articles about Survivor Contestant Keith Famie


Oakland Press 6/22/01 Oakland 'Survivor II' contestant shows off his rice cooking skills

Gist 6/12/01 Food Network Cooks Up Show for Keith

Click on Detroit 6/11/01 Chef Famie Cooking On Cable

Zap2It 6/11/01 'Survivor's' Keith Has a Taste for 'Adventure'

Detroit 6/11/01 Famie has TV career on the boil

Detroit Free Press 6/1/01 Famie's party for charity a flashback to the outback

Detroit News 5/29/01 'Survivor' fame lingers for Famie

Detroit News 5/5/01 Famie's last 'Survivor' challenge: making it through media madness

Detroit Free Press 5/5/01 West Bloomfield's 'Survivor' loser is rueful but philosophical

Detroit News 5/5/01 Can Famie parlay his fame?

Detroit Free Press 5/4/01 Famie's goose is cooked

Detroit News 5/4/01 Famie foiled as Tina survives

Reality News Online 5/3/01 Why Keith Lost

Detroit News 5/3/01 D-Day for Famie

Detroit News 5/3/01 Odds are against Keith Famie being picked as sole survivor

Detroit Free Press 5/3/01 Bets are against local chef's survival

Detroit Free Press 4/27/01 'Survivor' pares to 3

Detroit News 4/25/01 'Survivor' chef cooks up proposal

Zap2It 4/19/01 Rodger Out of 'Survivor'; Keith Engaged

Detroit Free Press 4/19/01 Keith Famie applies middle-age grit in his quest to win

Zap2It 4/12/01 'Survivor's' Keith Had Business Dealings with Convicted Felon

Smoking Gun 4/12/01 Keith Famie Bankruptcy Documents

Detroit Free Press 4/12/01 Youngsters tune in for outback antics

Zap2It 4/9/01 'Survivors' Help Out Real Survivors

Detroit News 4/8/01 'Survivors' grant wishes

Michigan Live 4/5/01 A look at how Michigan's 'Survivor' contestant fared

Michigan Live 3/29/01 A look at how Michigan's 'Survivor' contestants fared

Detroit Free Press 3/20/01 Meet chef Famie at book fete

Detroit News 3/17/01 'Survivor' Famie tells all -- about benefit kickoff for cookbook

Detroit News 3/15/01 Famie survives again

Detroit News 3/14/01 'Survivor' leaks: Are they a web of tricks, again?

WDIV 3/8/01 Immunity Challenge Win Helps Famie Survive

Michigan Live 2/8/01 A look at how Michigan's `Survivor' contestants fared

National Enquirer 2/8/01 From Long Lost Son to Survivor 2 Star

Detroit News 2/7/01 Survivors knock chef's grub

Detroit Free Press 2/1/01 From Oakland to the Outback

Detroit News 1/30/01 'Survivors' help ill Michigan kids

Detroit News 1/29/01 Detroit's Keith Famie flames out as a fire maker

Detroit News 1/27/01 'Survivor's' battle of the bulge

Detroit Free Press 1/26/01 Michigan Men

Detroit Free Press 1/11/01 Famie might add spice to 'Survivor II'

Bergen Record 12/29/00 'Survivor' players identified

Oakland Press 12/28/00 Oakland "Survivors" mum about show

Detroit Free Press 12/28/00 2 Michiganders join cast of 'Survivor II'

Milwaukee Journal 12/28/00 TV secrets can't survive Internet

wdiv 12/27/00 Chef Famie Will Be An Australian 'Survivor'

Detroit News 12/27/00 'Survivor II' stars 2 from Metro area

Detroit Free Press 12/27/00 Two metro Detroiters in cast of 'Survivor II'

Detroit News 12/27/00 Did Metro men survive the cut?

Zap2It 12/26/00 Identities Of 'Survivor II' Contestants Revealed

TV Guide 12/22/00 Ultimate Survivor II Guide

Detroit Free Press 8/23/00 TV shows Australian outback dining

Detroit News 6/21/00 Rats! Please pass the iguana

Detroit News 5/10/00 Film documents trip home to Mexico

Metro Times 8/25/99 Snake wine?


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