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News Articles about Survivor Contestant Kathy Vavrick O'Brien


Reality News Online 5/29/02 There's Something About Kathy

WCAX 5/22/02 Q&A with Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien
WCAX 5/22/02 What's Next For Vermont's Survivor?
WCAX 5/20/02 Survivor :Marquesas Ends in New York

Reality News Online 5/19/02 Why Kathy Lost

Reality News Online 5/19/02 Point/Counterpoint with Susan and Brian - Can Kathy Win?

WCAX 5/16/02 Kathy Makes the Cut

WCAX 5/9/02 Survivor Becomes a Family Affair

WCAX 5/2/02 Is Kathy Enough of a Shark to Hold On?

WCAX 4/25/02 Quiet Week for Survivor Kathy

WCAX 4/18/02 Kathy Takes a Dive on Survivor

Zap2It 4/16/02 Kathy's Paranoia Increases (4/18 Preview)

WCAX 4/11/02 Vermont Survivor Update

WCAX 4/4/02 Close Call for Survivor Kathy

Survivor Fire 4/1/02 No One Expects Kathy to Win

WCAX 3/28/02 Survivor Attracts Vermont Following

WCAX 3/20/02 Close Call for Vermont Survivor

WCAX 3/13/02 Can Vermont "Survivor" Kathy Hang-on?

WCAX 3/7/02 Can Vermont's "Survivor" Hang-on?

WCAX 2/28/02 Vermonter Survives Survivor

Zap2It 2/6/02 'Early Show' Reveals New 'Survivor' Cast


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