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E!Online 10/24/13 Katharine McPhee's Smash Director Kissing Scandal: She and Husband Nick Cokas "Split Months Ago"

TV Guide 10/24/13 Report: Mary McCormack Kicks Husband Out After He Was Seen Kissing Katharine McPhee

US Magazine 10/23/13 Katharine McPhee, Smash Director Michael Morris Kiss, Make Out; Both Married to Other People

NY Daily News 10/22/13 Katharine McPhee of ‘Smash’ caught kissing show’s former director Michael Morris while both still..

Casper Star-Tribune Online 10/3/13 'American Idol' star Katherine McPhee performs Friday in Cheyenne

Hollywood Reporter 6/3/13 Katharine McPhee on Writing, Recording and Who She's Loving on 'The Voice'

People 5/13/13 Kellie Pickler Nominates Katharine McPhee for Dancing with the Stars

Hollywood Reporter 5/11/13 Katharine McPhee on 'Smash' Cancelation: 'We Had Two Great Seasons; I Loved Every Minute'

Hollywood Reporter 4/24/13 Katharine McPhee Starts Recording Columbia Debut

People 3/28/13 Katharine McPhee Chops Off Her Hair

Hollywood Reporter 3/25/13 'American Idol': Katharine McPhee, OneRepublic to Perform on Results Show (Exclusive)

Access Hollywood 3/18/13 Healthy Hollywood: Get Movin’ Monday – Katharine McPhee’s Bold Rules

Extra 3/8/13 Katharine McPhee: ‘I'm Mostly Daring on Things I’m Really Passionate About’

NY Daily News 2/5/13 Russell Brand comes on strong, makes married Katharine McPhee sit on his lap on 'Late Night'

Entertainment Weekly 1/28/13 'Smash': Watch Jeremy Jordan serenade Katharine McPhee -- Exclusive Video

Reality TV Magazine 1/14/13 Katharine McPhee Leaves Little To The Imagination At Golden Globes

Entertainment Weekly 12/10/12 'Smash': Behind the scenes of season 2 with Jennifer Hudson, Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty

Hollywood Reporter 8/8/12 'Smash' First Look: Jennifer Hudson Schools Katharine McPhee (Video)

Digital Spy 7/5/12 'Smash' Katharine McPhee on season two: Karen will undergo transition

E!Online 7/4/12 Katharine McPhee Sings a Smash-ing National Anthem in NYC

Parade 7/3/12 Katharine McPhee on 'Smash': Is Romance Brewing Between Derek and Karen in Season 2?

Digital Spy 5/23/12 'Smash' Katharine McPhee: 'I never thought my dogs would be famous'

Idolhead Ed 5/15/12 Katharine McPhee shines in the season of Smash. The best finale we could wish for.

Zap2It 5/9/12 'Smash' finale: Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty both dressed as Marilyn Monroe -- but who gets to play her?

Idolhead Ed 4/13/12 Katharine McPhee is about to break out big.

Hollywood Reporter 3/28/12 'Smash' Star Katharine McPhee Heads to Africa for Charity Project (Photos)

Daily Mail 3/6/12 Tropical delight! Katharine McPhee is cute and colourful in a palm tree skirt on set of Smash in New York

Digital Spy 3/3/12 'Smash' Katharine McPhee: 'I still struggle after eating disorder'

TV Guide 2/27/12 Smash's Katharine the Great

Digital Spy 2/23/12 'Smash' Katharine McPhee 'cried after getting lost on New York subway'

BuddyTV 2/17/12 'Smash' Video Preview: Katharine McPhee Performs 'Rumor Has It' from Episode 4

People 2/16/12 Smash Sneak Peek: Katharine McPhee Channels Her Inner 'Redneck'

Daily Mail 2/14/12 Smash star Katharine McPhee reveals how secret meeting with Whitney Houston spurred her to success

Reality TV Magazine 2/13/12 American Idol Alum Katharine McPhee Is A ‘Smash’ On New NBC Series

MSNBC 2/13/12 'Smash's' Katharine McPhee: 'American Idol' brought exposure, challenges

Daily Mail 2/10/12 Katharine McPhee reveals how daily five-hour dance rehearsals keep her in Smashing shape

E!Online 2/9/12 Smash First Look: Watch Katharine McPhee Transform Into Marilyn Monroe With a Sexy Mambo

Hollywood Reporter 2/9/12 'Smash's' Katharine McPhee: No 'Idol' In Sight

Reality TV Magazine 2/8/12 Katharine McPhee For The Hangover?

People 2/7/12 Katharine McPhee: Before Smash There Were Roles That Got Away

Daily Mail 2/7/12 A real Smash-er! Katharine McPhee shows off her curves in the bath as hotly-tipped musical TV series begins

Digital Spy 2/7/12 'Smash' Katharine McPhee: 'I never expected American Idol success'

Digital Spy 2/7/12 'Smash' Katharine McPhee: 'All actresses can relate to Karen'

Digital Spy 2/6/12 'Smash' creator: 'Katharine McPhee, Megan Hilty were first choices'

Star Telegram 2/5/12 Katharine McPhee hopes for real 'Smash'

NY Daily News 2/5/12 NBC’s ‘Smash,’ with Debra Messing, Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty, puts Broadway in the spotlight

MTV 2/3/12 'Smash' Star Katharine McPhee Talks Auditioning For Steven Spielberg

Idolhead Ed 2/1/11 Katharine McPhee is about to be a smash in NBC’s “Smash”. Watch it now.

Entertainment Weekly 1/24/12 Katharine McPhee talks NBC's new musical drama and life after 'Idol' 

AJC 1/24/12 Katharine starring in NBC’s ‘Smash,’ debuting Feb. 6, calling her journey packed with heartbreak & ‘frustration’

Idolhead Ed 1/21/11 Katharine McPhee is about to be a smash in NBC’s “Smash”. Watch it now.

MTV 1/16/12 'Smash' Vs. 'Glee': Katharine McPhee Breaks It Down

Daily Mail 1/5/12 Singer Katharine McPhee films scenes for show billed as the 'adult version of Glee'

Broadway.com 1/5/12 Casting Call! Meet the Stars of Smash: Katharine McPhee as Karen Cartwright

Zap2It 1/5/12 'Smash': Katharine McPhee 'grateful' for how post-'American Idol' career has gone

People 12/16/11 Katharine McPhee Makes a Star Turn in Smash

Zap2It 11/28/11 'Smash': Watch Katharine McPhee's 'Beautiful' music video

Entertainment Weekly 11/28/11 First look of Katherine McPhee in NBC's 'Smash' -- Video

Reality TV Magazine 6/29/11 Katherine McPhee Stops By The Voice To Promote Smash

Zap2It 6/29/11 'Smash': Katharine McPhee teases NBC's midseason series on 'The Voice'

NY Daily News 6/29/11 Katharine McPhee visits 'The Voice' to promote musical drama 'Smash,' which debuts in fall on NBC

Scripted TV Fans 6/10/11 Columbia Records Signs Solo Recording Deal With Katharine McPhee

Scripted TV Fans 6/8/11 American Idol Finalist Katharine Talks About Upcoming NBC Series “Smash”

Reality TV Magazine 2/14/11 American Idol: Katharine McPhee Cast In Musical Pilot “Smash”

Examiner 2/14/11 'American Idol' star Katharine McPhee heads towards NBC's 'Smash'

Zap2It 1/17/11 'American Idol' Season 5: Taylor Hicks vs. Katharine McPhee

Zap2It 12/10/10 'American Idol': Nigel Lythgoe promises no mean people, Katharine McPhee releases new video

Reality TV Magazine 12/2/10 American Idol: Katherine McPhee Wants You in Her Virtual Christmas Carol

Zap2It 11/30/10 Katharine McPhee sings at NASDAQ opening

Scripted TV Fans 10/26/10 “House” – Katherine McPhee Music Video

Zap2It 7/21/10 Katharine McPhee likes Michael Grimm, Crystal Bowersox on Capitol Hill
Daily Mail 7/15/10 American Idol runner-up  Katharine McPhee proudly shows off her figure in a stripey green bikini

OC Register 7/13/10 'Idol's' Katharine McPhee sings for Santa Ana kids

My Fox Atlanta 7/7/10 Katharine McPhee Fights Hunger in U.S.

MTV 5/20/10 Katharine McPhee Talks Reality Shows And Catfights On 'When I Was 17'

Gather 5/9/10 American Idol 2010 - New Music From Carly Smithson and Katharine McPhee - Listen Here [Audio & Video]

Zap2It 5/7/10 'American Idol': Katharine McPhee vs. 'Chuck's' Zachary Levi

TV Guide 5/7/10 Video: Chuck's Zachary Levi Duets with Katharine McPhee on "Terrified"

Reality TV Magazine 4/5/10 American Idol: Katharine McPhee Changes Hair Back To Brunette For NBC Pilot

TV Guide 4/3/10 Katharine McPhee No Longer Prefers Blond

Scripted TV Fans 3/11/10 Katharine McPhee Guest Stars Tonight on “Community”

E!Online 3/11/10 Community: Katharine McPhee and Joel McHale Make Out Like Crazy...and Tell

Digital Spy 3/10/10 McPhee: 'Idol changes are inevitable'

NY Daily News 3/8/10 Back to her roots: Former 'American Idol' Katharine McPhee returns to acting in NBC's 'Community'

Reality TV Magazine 3/3/10 American Idol: Katharine McPhee’s NBC TV Pilot

LA Times 3/2/10 Katharine McPhee: 'Acting is still a huge focus for me'

TV Guide 3/1/10 Katherine McPhee Moves into NBC's Pink House

US Magazine 1/20/10 Katharine McPhee Opens Up About Bulimia Battle, Depression

People 1/19/10 Katharine McPhee Reveals Her 'Rebellious' Move

Access Hollywood 1/15/10 Katharine McPhee Discusses Her ‘Rebellious’ New Look

Digital Spy 1/14/10 Katharine McPhee talks about new look

Zap2It 1/13/10 'American Idol': Katharine McPhee bares bikini bod in Shape

AJC 1/13/10 ‘Idol’ ratings hold up! Kat McPhee sells… 15,000 albums, Fantasia’s VH1 show opens strong

Idolhead Ed 1/11/10 Katharine McPhee’s second effort should have been her first

Zap2It 1/11/10 'American Idol's' Katharine McPhee having 'hysterical' time on 'Community'

Zap2It 1/10/10 'American Idol's' Katharine McPhee heads to 'Community,' Jon Hamm back to '30 Rock'

Zap2It 1/7/10 Katharine McPhee: Bye bye, blond?

Reality TV Magazine 1/6/10 American Idol: Katharine McPhee Releases Second Album ‘Unbroken’

Zap2It 12/15/09 'American Idol': Katharine McPhee concert preview

Zap2It 11/27/09 'American Idol': Katharine McPhee, David Archuleta perform for 'Kaleidoscope'

Gather.com 11/26/09 Katharine Mcphee - Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Performance

E!Online 9/30/09 Katharine McPhee: I Wouldn't Be Surprised If Simon Ditched American Idol, Too

TMZ 9/18/09 Katharine McPhee Leaves the Dark Side

Extra 8/20/09 Kat Not Doggin' for 'Idol' Chair

People 8/5/09 Exclusive First Look: Katharine McPhee Goes Blonde for Her New Album

Reality TV Fans 4/5/09 American Idol Finalist Katharine McPhee Guest Stars Wednesday on CSI: NY

FOX News 10/29/08 Scared to Sing: Katharine McPhee's Performance Paranoia 
Celebrity Spider 8/21/08 Anna Faris & Katharine McPhee Grew Up As Neighbors But Never Met

Los Angeles Times 8/21/08 Katharine McPhee's 'House' call

LA Times 8/21/08 Katharine McPhee's 'House' call
MTV 8/21/08 'House Bunny' Stars Katharine McPhee, Emma Stone, Rumer Willis Claim They're Awkward On The Inside
Ace Showbiz 8/19/08 Video Premiere: Katharine McPhee's 'I Know What Boys Like'

AskMen 8/15/08 13 Questions With Katharine McPhee
Newsweek 8/9/08 And Katharine McPhee Heads For Hollywood

The Olympian 8/7/08 Magazine scene: Kat McPhee offers her relationship rules
Idol Thoughts 7/25/08 Cook, Archuleta, Sparks and McPhee to Appear on Teen Choice Awards
FOX News 7/8/08 Katharine McPhee Opens Up About Weight Issues

Gossip Girls 7/8/08 Jet-Setting Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas

MTV 6/24/08 Katharine McPhee Goes Back To 'American Idol' Roots With 'House Bunny' Sing-Along
Promo 6/16/08 Neutrogena Dermatologics Taps Katharine McPhee for New Acne Products
Hollywood.com 6/13/08 Katharine McPhee Joins Mile High Club
Reality TV World 6/9/08 Jordin Sparks, Katharine McPhee to perform on NBC's 'Fourth of July'

Reality TV World 6/2/08 Katharine McPhee to co-star in 'The Storyteller' independent film

THR 6/2/08 Katharine McPhee to star in 'Storyteller'
MTV 5/21/08 Katharine McPhee Wants To Star In Janis Joplin Biopic

Celebrity Spider 3/27/08 Katharine McPhee is the New Neutrogena Face

E! Online 3/26/08 Neutrogena Catches McPheever

CNN 3/18/08 Katharine McPhee's wedding details

People 3/13/08 Katharine McPhee: Don't Get Carried Away at Wedding

TMZ 2/19/08 It's Kat McPhee

Extra 2/7/08 Simon Cowell Skewers Katharine McPhee

TMZ 2/5/08 Kat McPhee Gets Lei'd

Celebrity Spider 2/4/08 Katharine McPhee Weds

SofaChip 2/3/08 American Idol – McPhee Latest, Dumped But Married

E!Online 2/2/08 Katharine McPhee Made a Missus

People 2/2/08 Katharine McPhee Marries Producer Boyfriend

Celebrity Spider 1/11/08 Simon Cowell Addresses Failure of American Idol Contestants

Celebrity Spider 1/10/08 Katherine McPhee is Latest American Idol Star to Leave Record Company

South Asian Women's Forum 1/5/08 Celebrity Watch: Bride to be Katharine McPhee sings at FedEx Orange Bowl

TMZ 12/14/07 Paige-ing Kat McPhee

Celebrity Spider 11/16/07 Katharine McPhee Wedding Imminent?

Zap2It 11/16/07 Report: 'American Idol's' Katharine McPhee Engaged

Sky News 11/16/07 Kath's Wedding Goss

MTV 11/14/07 Katharine McPhee and Tyson Ritter ‘Know What Boys Like’

Reality TV World 10/25/07 Report: Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas to get married in February

TMZ 10/25/07 Kat and Dogs

TMZ 10/23/07 Katharine McPhee -- Real Doll

TMZ 10/8/07 Kat McPhee: Puppy = Yes, Ring = No

Celebrity Spider 9/28/07 Katherine McPhee Engaged

Reality TV World 9/21/07 Katharine McPhee aiming to be "the female version of John Mayer"

MTV 9/20/07 Katharine McPhee Eyes More Onscreen 'Success'; Considers Becoming 'Female Version Of John Mayer'

Sky News 8/16/07 Whose Odd Bump Pic?

TMZ 8/15/07 Katharine McPhee -- Knocked Up?

Celebrity Spider 8/10/07 Katharine McPhee to Wear Nicole Kidman's Fake Pregnant Belly

Extra 8/8/07 Katharine McPhee: 'I Won't Become the Rehab Type'

TMZ 8/8/07 American Eyeful

After Ellen 8/7/07 Kat McPhee, weather girl

MyFox Kansas City 8/3/07 Katherine McPhee Tries Weather, Traffic

MTV 8/2/07 Katharine McPhee Gets Knocked Up — In 'Bunny Ranch,' Her First Film

MSN Money 7/23/07 Salon City Inks Sexy Hair Ad Campaign Featuring American Idol Star Katharine McPhee

TMZ 7/22/07 Katharine McPhee Gambles on Vegas

Celebrity Spider 7/14/07 Katharine McPhee Lands Movie Role

TMZ 7/13/07 Kat McPhee's Mysterious McMarkings

Reality TV World 7/12/07 Report: Katharine McPhee to co-star in Adam Sandler-produced movie

Wild Bluff Media 7/12/07 Katharine McPhee Is Ready to Get 'Happy' With A New Movie

Buddy TV 7/12/07 Fifth 'American Idol' Runner- Up Talks About Her Image, Dating and Starting a Family

E! Online 7/12/07 Adam Sandler Catches McPheever

Hollywood Reporter 7/12/07 McPhee joins Col's sorority

Zap2It 7/12/07 Katharine McPhee Joins Sorority Romp

Entertainment Weekly 7/11/07 McPhee Doing Sandler-Produced Comedy

Reality TV World 7/10/07 Ex-'Idol' finalist Katharine McPhee: 'I've always wanted to be pregnant'

Courier Journal 7/9/07 McPhee muses, 'munches'

CBS 7/6/07 Katharine McPhee: "I'm So Blessed"

Orlando Sentinel 7/6/07 "American Idol" alumna Katharine McPhee sings Orlando's praises

Celebrity Spider 7/5/07 Katharine McPhee Dreams of a Big Family

People 7/4/07 Katharine McPhee: 'I Want, Like, 15 Babies'

Jam! 7/4/07 Katharine McPhee prefers older men

Idolhead Ed 6/11/07 Katharine McPhee: Bad Decisions, Bad Guidance or Bad Luck.

Celebrity Spider 6/6/07 Katharine McPhee Goes to the Movies

TMZ 6/6/07 Katharine McPhee Rolls Out -- Her Specs

Reality TV World 6/5/07 'American Idol 5' runner-up Katharine McPhee to star in feature film

Zap2It 6/5/07 'Idol' Vet McPhee Plans Film Debut

Maryland Gazette 6/5/07 Q&A with Katharine McPhee

Reality TV World 5/30/07 Report: Katharine McPhee "hurt" by 'American Idol' finale "snub"

Star Tribune 5/29/07 'Idol' runner-up McPhee projects a new image

The Republican 5/24/07 'Idol's' McPhee happy with her successes

Glam Scene 5/22/07 Chatty Katharine McPhee

Star Tribune 5/18/07 What's new, Pussy-Kat?

Spinner 5/18/07 Bee Gees Serenaded by Katharine McPhee at Awards Show

Newsday 5/17/07 Katharine is over her 'Rainbow'

Danbury News Times 5/14/07 Katharine McPhee shares her 'Love Story'

PR Web 5/11/07 UltraStar Entertainment and Katharine McPhee Announce Online Partnership

TMZ 4/25/07 Kat Walks

CTV 4/17/07 Stay true to your fans, McPhee advises potential Idols

Morning Call 4/16/07 “American Idol” 2006 runner-up performing at Mayfair

Malaysia Star 4/14/07 Album Review: Katharine McPhee

Jam! 4/14/07 Katharine McPhee a Sanjaya fan

Chart Attack 3/28/07 Katharine McPhee, Eva Avila And Canadian Idol Auditions To Hit Toronto

Idol Thoughts 3/13/07 Katharine McPhee Gets Silver Screen Treatment

Washington Post 3/13/07 Music Spotlight

Rolling Stone 3/13/07 An Ancient Gladiator Just Goosed Katherine McPhee

Talon Marks 3/6/07 Good songs can give anyone 'McPheever'

The Good 5 Cent Cigar 3/5/07 CD Review: Do you have the Katharine McFever?

The-Trades 3/2/07 Interview: Katharine McPhee: Pheeling Good About the Future

The-Trades 3/2/07 Music Review: Katharine McPhee, "Katharine McPhee"

Celebrity Spider 2/26/07 Tyra Banks Gropes Idol Katharine McPhee

TMZ 2/23/07 Kat McPhee: "Feel 'Em, Tyra, They're Real!"

Deseret News 2/23/07 'Idol' sweetheart undergoes makeover

Eastern Progress Online 2/21/07 Katharine McPhee's debut album: I'm 'Over It'

MTV 2/20/07 Is 'Idol' Growing Up? Hicks, Daughtry, McPhee Weigh In On Boosting Age Limit

The Lantern 2/15/07 'Idol' runner-up debut not worth the McPheever hype

MyFox WGHP 2/15/07 Katharine McPhee Performs 'Over It' on Rachael Ray

Ithacan Online 2/15/07 McPheever dies down

AOL 2/14/07 Babyface Makes Katharine McPhee Sweat

Celebrity Spider 2/8/07 Katharine McPhee Debuts at #2 on the Billboard Chart

Zap2It 2/8/07 McPhee-ver Tepid on Album Charts

MTV 2/7/07 Norah Jones Breaks McPheever, Beats 'Idol' Runner-Up To #1

TV Guide 2/7/07 Idol Alum Katharine McPhee: "I Have a Bit of a Wild Streak"

CNN 2/7/07 'Idol's' McPhee gets a sexy makeover

E!Online 2/7/07 McPhee Can't Keep Up with the Jones

Pantagraph 2/6/07 McPhee reveals her 'girly' pop side on CD

CBS 2/6/07 Katharine McPhee Goes From Classics To Pop

USA Today 2/6/07 McPhee reveals her 'daring' side

Star Telegram 2/4/07 Runner-up changes sound, look after stint on 'Idol'

Chicago Maroon 2/2/07 McPhee stays golden after Idol

Plain Dealer 2/2/07 McPhee hopes debut reveals more of her true spirit to fans

CBS2 Chicago 2/2/07 Katharine McPhee Guests On 'Ugly Betty'

Jam! 2/1/07 Unoriginal McPhee

Duke Chronicle 2/1/07 Music Review: Katharine McPhee

Austin 360 2/1/07 Katharine McPhee interview

LiveDaily.com 2/1/07 LiveDaily Interview: Katharine McPhee

Idol Head Ed 1/30/07 Katharine McPhee on Leno: The real journey begins

Access Hollywood 1/30/07 Katharine McPhee Talks New Album, Scientology & More

SB Sun 1/30/07 Q and A with Katharine McPhee

LA Times 1/30/07 An ingénue no longer

MTV 1/30/07 Katharine McPhee Says McPhans Are In Control Of 'Over It' Video

Press Telegram 1/30/07 Katharine McPhee reveals `girly,' pop side on new CD

Celebrity Spider 1/29/07 KT Tunstall Credits Fame to American Idol Star Katharine McPhee

SF Chronicle 1/28/07 Pop Quiz: Katherine McPhee 

NY Post 1/26/07 You Can't Avoid Kat McPhee

Us 1/24/07 Katharine McPhee Took Scientology Courses to Impress Some Guy

Celebrity Spider 1/19/07 Katharine McPhee's Debut Album Arrives in Stores January 30th

Entertainment Weekly 1/19/07 McPheever Rises Again

Reality TV World 1/18/07 'Idol 5' Katharine McPhee runner-up to appear on 'Lonelygirl15'

Reuters 1/14/07 "Idol" runner-up McPhee rushes to make album

Celebrity Spider 1/12/07 Katherine McPhee Makes Special Guest Appearance on Ugly Betty

Zap2It 1/11/07 'Idol' Runner-Up Gets 'Ugly'

PhillyBurbs.com 1/4/07 Exclusive review: Katharine McPhee's new single

Detroit News 12/28/06 A chat with Katharine McPhee

Entertainment Weekly 12/26/06 Snap judgment: Katharine McPhee's new music

LA Daily News 12/24/06 Kat sees green

Newsday 12/22/06 McPheever strikes again

Celebrity Spider 12/19/06 Katharine McPhee to Appear on Rose Parade Float

TMZ 12/15/06 Katharine McPhee's Near Crotch Shot

MediaFiends.com 12/9/06 Lyrics Could Have Killed the Kat

Reality TV World 12/6/06 'Idol 5' runner-up Katharine McPhee credits show for life change

MSNBC 12/6/06 McPhee's album date pushed back

Blender 12/2/06 Who Does Katharine McPhee Think She Is?

MTV 11/29/06 Katharine McPhee's LP: A Little Bit Pussycat Dolls, A Little Bit Mariah

Access Hollywood 11/22/06 'Idol' Runner Up Katharine McPhee Spices Up Album

TMZ 10/18/06 McPhee Hits the Kat-walk

BuddyTV 9/18/06 American Idol's Katherine McPhee No Wonder Woman

Reality TV World 9/18/06 'Idol 5' runner-up Katharine McPhee rules out 'Wonder Woman' role

Entertainment Weekly 9/15/06 Kat Calls

Celebrity Spider 9/12/06 Andrea Bocelli Releases CD, Includes Katharine McPhee Duet

TMZ 8/24/06 McPhee Wants Her MTV

MSNBC 8/23/06 McPhee says her diet is normal, if unhealthy

Playbill 8/12/06 Red Herring — Co-Produced By “American Idol” Finalist Katharine McPhee — Begins Fringe Run Aug. 12

Reality TV World 8/5/06 Katharine McPhee injury continues 'American Idol' runner-up "curse"

Foxes On Idol 8/5/06 ‘Idol’ Runner-Up Leg Injury Curse Claims Katharine

Celebrity Spider 8/4/06 Katharine McPhee Injures Her Foot

Zap2It 8/3/06 McPhee Injured on 'Idol' Tour

MTV 8/3/06 Katharine McPhee Becomes Third 'Idol' Runner-Up To Suffer Foot Injury On Tour

National Ledger 8/2/06 American Idol's Katharine McPhee Dedicates Song to Kellie Pickler

Foxes On Idol 8/1/06 Idol Thoughts, August 1: Ms. McPhee Goes to Washington

Inside Entertainment 8/1/06 Katharine McPhee now happy to eat grease

Indy Star 7/31/06 McPhee is resting her vocal chords

Celebrity Spider 7/30/06 Katharine McPhee Reveals True Horror of Bulimia Recovery

Celebrity Spider 7/28/06 Katharine McPhee Moves Into Theatre

Celebrity Spider 7/28/06 Katharine McPhee: "I Was Overworked"

Celebrity Spider 7/28/06 Katharine McPhee Returns to American Idol Stage

Reality TV Magazine 7/28/06 American Idol Finalists Visit President, Katharine McPhee Joins Tour

Reality TV Magazine 7/28/06 Katharine McPhee Misses Another American Idol Tour Stop

The Columbian 7/27/06 McPhee Proves Her Vocal Cords Are Better

TMZ 7/27/06 Katharine's Secret Struggle

Extra 7/27/06 Exclusive: Katharine McPhee on Her Battle with an Eating Disorder

Reality TV World 7/27/06 Katharine McPhee to finally join 'Idol' tour, denies rampant rumors

USA Today 7/26/06 'Crazy schedule' for Kat McPhee

Extra 7/26/06 Katharine McPhee to Rejoin ‘Idol' Tour

TMZ 7/26/06 Katharine McPhee: "I'm Happy I'm Healthy"

MediaFiends.com 7/25/06 Katharine McPhee set to rejoin Idols on Thursday the 27th in Pittsburgh

Foxes On Idol 7/24/06 Idol Thoughts, July 24: Kat Scratch Fever

Playbill 7/21/06 “American Idol” Finalist Katharine McPhee Co-Producing Fringe Play

National Ledger 7/17/06 American Idol Tour: Katharine McPhee's Absence Sparks Conspiracy

MSNBC 7/14/06 Katharine McPhee still absent from ‘Idol’ tour

Celebrity Spider 7/7/06 Katharine McPhee Forced to Cancel Concert Appearances

Extra 7/6/06 Katharine McPhee Forced to Take Time off from 'Idol' Tour

NBC13 7/6/06 'Idol' Tour Kicks Off, Minus McPhee

WritingUp 7/3/06 American Idol 6 – Katharine McPhee, A Different Type of Idol

Chancelucky 6/27/06 Katherine McPhee Tells All and Learning to Listen

Celebrity Spider 6/23/06 Katharine McPhee Cancels Public Appearances

San Bernardino Sun 6/23/06 "American Idol" runner-up Katharine McPhee talks about eating disorder

Celebrity Spider 6/22/06 American Idol Star Katharine Mcphee's Bulimia Hell

Chart Attack 6/22/06 American Idol Runner-Up Spews Information About Her Eating Disorder

Zap2It 6/22/06 McPhee Discusses Pre-'Idol' Bulimia

TMZ 6/22/06 "Deal or No Deal" Catches McPheever

Extra 6/21/06 Katharine McPhee's Shocking Confession

MediaFiends.com 6/20/06 Review of Katharine McPhee’s Single; “My Destiny”/ “Over the Rainbow”

People 6/19/06 Katharine: A Walking Mob Scene

Celebrity Spider 6/9/06 KT Tunstall Thrilled by Katharine McPhee's American Idol Performance

Celebrity Spider 6/7/06 American Idol Runner Up Katharine McPhee Signs Record Contract

MTV 6/7/06 Katharine McPhee Eyes Acting, Goes 'Over The Rainbow' With Debut

Sacramento Bee 6/6/06 Coming distractions: 'Idol's' McPhee to sing with Bocelli  (Tickets)

CBS 6/5/06 Katharine McPhee Is No Loser

Celebrity Spider 6/1/06 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Want Katharine McPhee to Sing at Their Wedding

Mercury News 6/1/06 American Idol: Katharine McPhee to perform in concert with Andrea Bocelli

Celebrity Spider 5/26/06 Katherine McPhee Gets Call From Steven Spielberg

Extra 5/25/06 Does Katharine McPhee Have A Secret Boyfriend?

Foxes on Idol 5/25/06 American Idol 5: Why Katharine Lost

Entertainment Weekly 5/25/06 Feeling McPhortunate

MTV 5/25/06 Katharine Congratulates '39-Year-Old' Taylor, Calls Meat Loaf Duet 'Interesting'

Desert Sun 5/25/06 McPhee still No. 1 with local fans who cheered every week

LA Daily News 5/25/06 She may have lost, but Kat's career still full of life

Belleville News Democrat 5/24/06 'McPheever' fans predict bright future

Beacon Journal 5/24/06 Soul Patrol will prevail over McPheever

Detroit News 5/24/06 Hicks outshines McPhee in final 'Idol' stretch

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