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IGN 11/6/07 Journeyman: "Double Down" Review

Star Ledger 11/6/07 Journeyman: Dan vs. Dan

IGN 11/5/07 TV Babe of the Day: Moon Bloodgood

Zap2It 11/5/07 'Journeyman': Man vs. self

Celebrity Spider 10/30/07 Dan Travels Back in Time to Protect a Witness Next Week on "Journeyman"

BuddyTV 10/30/07 Journeyman: “Keepers” is a Keeper

IGN 10/30/07 Journeyman: "Keepers" Review

Zap2It 10/29/07 Journeyman: He ain't heavy, he's my brother

Celebrity Spider 10/23/07 Dan Tracks Two Brothers Scarred by Abuse Next Week on "Journeyman"

IGN 10/23/07 Journeyman: "The Legend of Dylan McCleen" Review

BuddyTV 10/22/07 Saving ‘Journeyman – Can It Hang On?

Zap2It 10/22/07 'Journeyman' ratchets up the pressure

Celebrity Spider 10/16/07 Dan Tracks an Ex-Army Ranger Taking Money Next Week on "Journeyman"

IGN 10/16/07 Journeyman: "The Year of the Rabbit" Review

Zap2It 10/15/07 'Journeyman': Top hat, white tie and time travel

Celebrity Spider 10/9/07 Dan Goes Helps a Woman in 1995 With a Blind Date Next Week on Journeyman

IGN 10/9/07 Journeyman: "Game Three" Review

Zap2It 10/8/07 The earth moves on 'Journeyman'

BuddyTV 10/5/07 ‘Journeyman’ Creators Talk Time Travel

Celebrity Spider 10/2/07 Dan Tries to Warn San Francisco About a Disaster Next Week on Journeyman

Zap2It 10/2/07 'Journeyman': Helpful hints for involuntary time travelers

Rocky Mountain News 10/1/07 'Journeyman' worth rooting for

IGN 9/28/07 Journeyman "Friendly Skies" Advance Review

Inside Pulse 9/26/07 Fall Frenzy: Cable For One - Journeyman Review

Celebrity Spider 9/25/07 Dan Disappears While on a Plane Next Week on Journeyman

Inside Pulse 9/25/07 Fall Frenzy: Serial Watcher - Journeyman - Pilot Review

Inside Pulse 9/25/07 Fall Frenzy: Remote Destination - Journeyman Review

Uncle Barky 9/24/07 Fall TV Preview: New series -- Journeyman (NBC)

Buddy TV 9/24/07 'Journeyman' Could be Monday's Biggest Hit

Zap2It 9/24/07 'Journeyman' is making my head hurt

Boston Globe 9/24/07 Logically, 'Journeyman' can't quite go the distance

Zap2It 9/24/07 'Journeyman' Is a Time Traveler on Deadline

TV Guide 9/24/07 Has Journeyman Kevin McKidd's Time Finally Come?

USA Today 9/24/07 'Journeyman': An hour of your life you won't get back

Chicago Sun Times 9/24/07 'Journeyman' is fun but needs a sidekick

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 9/24/07 TV Review: 'Journeyman' goes on perplexing ride

NY Post 9/24/07 Time Bandit

NY Daily News 9/24/07 In 'Journeyman,' time-travel act is hard to follow

San Francisco Chronicle 9/24/07 Reviews: 'Journeyman,' 'Chuck' and 'Bionic Woman'

Newsday 9/23/07 Review: 'Journeyman' on NBC

The-Trades 9/22/07 Journeyman - Pilot

Toledo Blade 9/22/07 Prediction: Not many will take this journey on NBC series

Chicago Tribune 9/21/07 'Journeyman': Time-traveling adventure or network time-waster?

Deseret News 9/20/07 'Journeyman' not worth trip

BuddyTV 9/17/07 'Journeyman' Early Release Gathering Buzz

Coming Soon 9/7/07 McKidd and Falls on NBC's Journeyman

Celebrity Spider 9/4/07 NBC & Blockbuster Announce Advance Screening of Chuck, Journeyman & Life

Celebrity Spider 5/16/07 NBC Announces New Fall Drama Series "Journeyman"


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