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News Articles about Big Brother 11 and The Amazing Race contestant Jordan Lloyd


Zap2It 9/9/11 'Big Brother 13's' Jordan: 'In the beginning, it was just for fun'

Digital Spy 9/9/11 Big Brother 13 Jordan Lloyd on Jeff, the veteran alliance and coming up short

Big Brother 247 9/1/11 Big Brother 13 Episode 24 Highlight – Jordan Talks Business

BuddyTV 8/30/11 Why Jordan Doesn't Deserve to Win 'Big Brother 13'

Big Brother 8/29/11 Big Brother 13 Episode 23 Highlight – Jordan Lets Shelly Have It

Big Brother 247 8/25/11 Big Brother Episode 21 Highlight – Jordan Strips

Pagan Media That Bites 8/22/11 Live Feeds Jeff Bullying Jordan

Big Brother 247 8/18/11 Big Brother 13 Episode 18 Highlight – Jordan’s Heart of Gold

Big Brother 247 8/8/11 Big Brother 13 Episode 14 Highlight – Jordan Pukes

Big Brother 247 8/1/11 Big Brother 13 Episode 11 Highlight – Jeff and Jordan Make a Deal with Daniele

Big Brother 247 7/28/11 Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlight – Jordan’s Jersey Accent

Zap2It 7/21/11 'Big Brother 13's' Jordan's HOH blog: 'Rachel isn't as bad as she seems'

Big Brother 247 7/18/11 Big Brother 13 Episode 5 Highlight – Jordan Nominates Dominic and Adam for Eviction

Reality TV Calendar 7/18/11 Spoiler: Sweet Little Jordan Rips Rachel A New One - Live Feed Report

Big Brother 247 7/16/11 Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlight – Jordan Learns a New Walk

Big Brother 247 7/15/11 Big Brother 13 Episode 4 Highlight – Jordan Win the Big Brother Open HoH Competition

Big Brother 247 8/12/10 Big Brother 12 Episode 15 Clip – Jeff & Jordan Return to the House

Zap2It 8/12/10 'Big Brother 12': Jeff and Jordan > Brendon and Rachel

Big Brother 247 8/10/10 Jordan and Jeff from Big Brother 11 Appear Tomorrow on Big Brother 12 PoV Competition

Digital Spy 7/15/10 'BB' Jordan Lloyd likes saboteur twist

Reality News Online 3/25/10 Exclusive Interview with The Amazing Race 16's Jeff & Jordan

People 3/25/10 Reality Sweethearts Jeff and Jordan: The Amazing Race Made Us Stronger

Reality TV Fans 3/24/10 The Amazing Race 16 – Jordan and Jeff Say Farewell

Reality TV Fans 3/23/10 The Amazing Race 16 – Jeff and Jordan Check into the Elimination Station

Reality TV Magazine 3/23/10 Amazing Race: Jeff & Jordan Talk About Being Eliminated

Reality TV Calendar 3/23/10 Jeff And Jordan's Tower Comes Crashing Down - Commentary and Recap

Reality TV Fans 3/22/10 The Amazing Race 16 – Jeff and Jordan Lessons Learned 3/22/10 The Amazing Race 16: Exclusive Interview with Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd

TV Guide 3/22/10 Amazing Race's Jeff and Jordan: We Like to Make Mistakes

Reality TV Fans 3/15/10 Amazing Race – Jeff and Jordan Talk Argue about this Leg of the Race

Reality TV Fans 3/8/10 The Amazing Race 16 – Jordan’s Competitive Spark

Reality TV Fans 2/22/10 The Amazing Race 16 – Jeff Tries to Cheer Up Jordan

Digital Spy 2/17/10 'Amazing Race' star praises 'BB' Jordan

Reality TV Fans 2/15/10 The Amazing Race 16 – Jordan Says a Little Prayer

People 2/12/10 Big Brother’s Jeff and Jordan Take On The Amazing Race

TV Guide 2/8/10 Amazing Race's Jeff and Jordan: We Fought A Lot

Reality TV Calendar 2/4/10 Jeff and Jordan - Bio's - Kathleen's Take - Interview

Reality TV Fans 1/21/10 The Amazing Race 16 – Meet Jordan and Jeff

People 1/21/10 Big Brother Sweethearts Jeff & Jordan to Compete on The Amazine Race

Zap2It 1/21/10 'Amazing Race 16': Meet 'Big Brother's' Jordan and Jeff and 10 other teams

Reality TV Calendar 11/30/09 It's True: Jeff And Jordan Are In The Amazing Race 16

Zap2It 11/30/09 'Big Brother's' Jeff and Jordan on 'Amazing Race'? Photo says yes

Digital Spy 11/30/09 'Big Brother' duo linked to 'Amazing Race'

Zap2It 10/27/09 'Big Brother': Jeff and Jordan's soap opera debut

People 10/26/09 Big Brother’s Jeff & Jordan Go on The Bold and the Beautiful

Entertainment Weekly 10/23/09 Big Brother 11's Jeff and Jordan: 'We are dating'

People 10/20/09 Big Brother’s Jeff & Jordan: Officially Together

Reality News Online 9/18/09 Big Brother 11: Why Jordan Won

Reality TV Fans 9/17/09 Big Brother Finale: Backyard Interview with Jordan

Reality TV Magazine 9/17/09 Big Brother 11: Houseguests React To Jordan’s Win 9/17/09 Big Brother 11: Why Jordan Won

BuddyTV 9/16/09 Interview with 'Big Brother 11' Winner Jordan: "It Was Meant to Be"

BuddyTV 9/16/09 Jeff and Jordan: Will They or Won't They?

Reality TV Fans 9/16/09 Big Brother 11 - Jordan Lloyd Interview

Reality TV Fans 9/16/09 Big Brother 11 - Final Four Interview

Reality News Online 9/16/09 RealityNewsOnline’s Exclusive Interview with Big Brother 11’s Winner, Jordan

People 9/16/09 Big Brother: Do Nice Girls Finish First?

Zap2It 9/16/09 'Big Brother': Interview with winner Jordan Lloyd

Entertainment Weekly 9/16/09 'Big Brother 11's' Jordan and Jeff: thanks for the cash, America!

Reality TV Calendar 9/13/09 Fabulous Kevin And A Clean Rat-Nat Are Working Jordan - Live Feed Spoiler Report

Reality TV Fans 9/8/09 Big Brother 11 Feed Highlight - Jordan Vents

Reality TV Fans 9/5/09 Big Brother Feed Highlight - Jordan Teaming Up With Michele

People 9/2/09 Big Brother: Jeff & Jordan Up For Eviction

Reality TV Fans 9/1/09 Big Brother 11 Feed Highlight - Jordan is willing to let Jeff win

Reality TV Fans 8/29/09 Big Brother 11 Feed Highlight - Jordan’s Regret

Reality TV Calendar 8/28/09 Why Jeff And Jordan Are No Longer America's Favorites

Truth is Pagan Media That Bites 8/26/09 Spoiler Alert- Shorty Punk'd Again-Takes On Jordan And Fails

Reality TV Fans 8/25/09 Big Brother 11 Feed Highlight - Jeff, Buy Me Somethin’ Nice

Reality TV Calendar 8/24/09 Jeff & Jordan's Big Mistake & Natalie's "Make Russell Go Berserk" Plan - Live Feed Spoiler Report

Entertainment Weekly 8/24/09 'Big Brother 11': Are Jeff and Jordan getting too close?
Reality TV Calendar 8/20/09 The Big Lie Is Working And Jeff And Jordan Are So Played - Live Feed Spoiler Report

Reality TV Calendar 8/19/09 Paranoia, The New Plan And Jeff And Jordan In Love - Live Feed Spoiler Report

Reality TV Calendar 8/11/09 Jordan Stuffs A Bear, Russ Kisses Butt, Spiders Do It

Reality TV Fans 8/6/09 Big Brother 11 Feed Highlight - Does Russell Secretly Like Jordan?

Reality TV Fans 7/30/09 Big Brother 11 Feed Highlight - Jordan Warns Michelle About Ronnie

The-Trades 7/27/09 Big Brother 11 - July 26: Ronnie Pardoned, Jordan, Michele Nominated

Reality TV Fans 7/21/09 Big Brother Feed Highlight - Jeff and Jordan’s Pillow Talk

Reality TV Fans 7/11/09 Big Brother 11 - Meet Jordan

Reality TV Fans 7/9/09 Big Brother 11 - You Ask They Tell: Jordan 7/7/09 Interview with Jordan Lloyd of CBS's Big Brother 11

Reality TV Fans 7/7/09 Big Brother 11 Jordan Lloyd with Diane Henry

Big Brother Updates 7/6/09 Exclusive Scoop on Big Brother 11 House Guest Jordan Lloyd

Charlotte Observer 7/1/09 Matthews woman on ‘Big Brother'

Reality TV Fans 7/1/09 CBS Announces 12 New Houseguests and Surprise Twist for Big Brother 11


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