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WIVB 5/7/04 Local Idol Back Home and at School

Newsday 5/7/04 Back to school for ``American Idol'' crooner

WIVB 5/4/04 John Stevens Doesn't Slow Down After Idol 5/4/04 Dear John, We Hardly Knew You!!!

Access Hollywood 5/3/04 Billy's Prom Pointers For John Stevens

Fans of Reality TV 5/3/04 Conference Call Interview with John Stevens

USA Today 5/3/04 Stevens croons an optimistic tune

ET Online 5/3/04 John Stevens Speaks Out

Zap2It 5/1/04 'Idol' Bootee Stevens Can Finally Relax

TVRules 4/30/04 American Idol: Conference Call Interview With John Stevens

WGRZ 4/30/04 John Stevens - Our Idol!

MTV 4/30/04 John Stevens On His Sweetness: 'I Don't Talk Back — That's Just Me'

Foxes On Idol 4/30/04 “Simon Kept Me in My Place”: An Interview with John Stevens

Buffalo News 4/30/04 A rollicking 'Idol' ride for Stevens

CNN 4/30/04 Stevens' fans still support their 'Idol'

E!Online 4/30/04 The Fall of "Idol" John Stevens

Access Hollywood 4/29/04 'Idol:' So Long To Stevens

Newsday 4/29/04 Stevens' fans still support their ``American Idol''

Reality TV World 4/29/04 John Stevens becomes the seventh 'American Idol' finalist to be eliminated

Foxes On Idol 4/29/04 American Idol 3: Seriously, It’s About Time

Foxes On Idol 4/29/04 American Idol 3: Why John Lost

Buffalo News 4/29/04 Stevens' 'Idol' run leads to the exit

Fox News 4/29/04 John Stevens Finally Axed on 'Idol' 4/29/04 'Idol' judges say Stevens' makes sense

St Petersburg Times 4/29/04 'Idol' voters eject crooner after uproar

Calgary Sun 4/29/04 John gone

ET Online 4/29/04 John Stevens Crooned His Last 'Idol' Tune

Zap2It 4/29/04 Even Stevens Can't Survive Record 'Idol' Vote

Rugged Elegance 4/28/04 American Idol III Bids A Fond Farewell to John Stevens 4/28/04 - John Stevens Voted Off American Idol

Reality TV Calendar 4/28/04 American Idol - It's Not John's Fault

ET Online 4/28/04 John Stevens: 'Idol' Reax & Controversy

Buffalo News 4/28/04 Stevens, on hot seat, keeps cool

Buffalo News 4/28/04 'Idol' worship

TBO 4/27/04 Jennifer Hudson Ousting Pops Question: What If 1-Style Wonder Wins?

Buffalo News 4/27/04 Stevens typifies underdog spirit

USA Today 4/27/04 Could this guy kill 'American Idol'?

Foxes On Idol 4/26/04 Stop the Presses! Call in the Troops! We Are in a Crisis!

Buffalo News 4/20/04 Stevens must add showmanship for Manilow night on the 'Idol'

Newsday 4/18/04 He's 16, he's terrible and he's ours

Cheektowaga Times 4/15/04 Local coaches praise Stevens ‘Idol’ efforts

Cheektowaga Times 4/15/04 Coaches cheer for "Idol"

Buffalo News 4/14/04 Nothing scientific about 'Idol' voting

MTV 4/14/04 How Has John Stevens Survived On 'Idol'? Must Be The Hair

Buffalo News 4/7/04 'Idol' judges pan Stevens' 'valiant effort'

Foxes On Idol 4/1/04 John Stevens: The Face of Defeat 3/23/04 Matt Rodgers, John Stevens See Eviction Support

Buffalo News 3/17/04 Hometown 'Idol'

Digital Spy 3/15/04 Cowell picks his 'American Idol' faves

TV Guide 3/10/04 Is Shy John Idol Material?

Toronto Star 3/6/04 Geeky Idol redhead revives Dino-mania

Newsday 3/4/04 High school crooner advances on ``American Idol''

Reality TV World 3/4/04 Jasmine Trias and John Stevens advance to 'American Idol' Top 12...

Buffalo News 3/4/04 Williamsville East student croons way into Top 10 on 'American Idol'

Zap2It 3/4/04 Youth Is Served in 'Idol' Group Four

ET Online 3/4/04 'Idol's Final Two -- 'Til Next Week!

Fans Of Reality TV 3/4/04 American Idol 3 3/3/04: You Could've Knocked Me Over With A Feather

Boston Globe 3/4/04 High school crooner advances on "American Idol"

Buffalo News 3/3/04 Williamsville student pins 'Idol' hopes on Sinatra melodies


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